TT9 The Many Faces of Nibiru!!

Wednesday, 28th December, 2,011.

Not just Nibiru.Many faces!!


Nibiru is a name given to many things. Stop doing that. Give things different names!!
The object that once circled the sun where the asteroids now are was called Malduk or Phaeton – and other names.
Tiamat was the proto Earth. I believe now that it was surfaceless Marlduk, Phaeton that slammed into Timiat – creating our present Earth. And its moon!!


The Dark Star, really is the one being called a brown dwarf! THIS is Planet X.(Use Bode’s Law to find Planet X(Now 1X). And to locate where Phaeton was. And where Vulcan, the innermost planet which fell into the sun!)(Nibiru is only about four times size of Earth. (Linear or Voluminar??!!)


Nemesis is Sol’s twin – about 2 light-years out!


Comet Elenin was a space ship, similarly as Comets Lee,etc. And Harvey. were!!


RED, the ALLEGED Nibiru is an alien space ship. This is the object now approaching us. Coming to evacuate many from the coming cataclysms!(Including itself?)


Nibiru might wait until human conciousness gets raised enough! I think A LONG WAIT!

Look up “Galactic Federation” and “Jelalia” via browser – on The Internet.


An interesting situation!
Comet Elenin, an alien ship has, dimmed its lights. The Blue Kachina.(Nibiru is the Read Katchina.(Ref. Hopi Indians,etc.))


We are wrongly blaming theincoming ship, for what the sun rounding its closed cluster’s stellar arm! But Nibiru will take over INCREASINGLY now!!


Expect to be EMPED.
Then destroyed!!













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