eee9 Doom in 36 days!!

October 16, 2012

Tuesday, October 16th, 2,012.


36 days to DOOM!!

Doom has begun. It peaks in just 36 days. I expect very nearly all life upon this planet,Earth, Mars(There are 300,000,000 HUMANS on Mars!) and our Moon(Millions on The Moon!) – to be WIPED OUT – ALMOST completely. People, animals,plants,buildings,etc. And for the survivors – it will be better had they too been killled. SO bad will it be.

The Great Day(Of The Passing(Of The Planet Nibiru, Planet X)) is – as near as I can get it – November 21st, 2,012. THAT is when woes climax. Biggest killer, apparently, will be the rising sea. One estimate I have is of well over a THOUSAND feet RISE. Over a short space of time. Maybe two inches an hour. Or something like that. Like a rising tide – that just goes on and on. For weeks, months,…So MAKE SURE you don’t get TRAPPED!! And ISOLATED!! Study CONTOURS on maps of land around you!! Helicopters will only be able to reach A FEW!!

I have studied this subject closely for 10 to 12 years. Tried all out to warn as many as I can. With VERY little success. And those tiny few who are taking(I am not the only one doing this.)me seriously – are hopefully PREPARING. Stocking up,etc.

There are too many negatives, who are too strong. Who kill out as much as they can of these warnings.

I feel extremely sad about this.

Either I am disbelieved, or thought to be exaggerating, perhaps distorting things.
I am ASTONISHED at the LACK of INTEREST! I am talking about the END of THIS CIVILIZATION!! Something that happens on some planet in our solar system every few thousand years!!(Lemuria or Mu, Atlantis, Poseidon, for example. Now US, Arya!!)

My warnings should end soon. Because of my physical demise. Likewise of other warners.

Doom is NOW in progress. It should get steadily worse and worse – until WIPE- OUT is completed(bar a tiny few – who pathetically struggle to start civilization again).

Yes, we ALL face a terrible, horrible, painful end – over the next few WEEKS!! Or months. Crushed by falling masonry, drowned by rising sea,etc. death by heat, cold, starvation, thirst, or at the hands of fellow man, or animals. Do NOT commit suicide!(Nasty penalty on that in Spirit World after death.)
This is NO laughing matter. I see Humanity continuing as before. VERY LITTLE warning reaching most. It is SO sad!!

No, it cannot be avoided, nor stopped.

What we have – is up to six CATACLYSMS – all happening SIMULTANEOUSLY over the coming weeks and months.

Are you stocked with tins of food, bottles of water, batteries, medical supplies, radios, and the essential electric and electronic APPLIANCES?? Also money,bank-notes and coins, or gold or silver.

Failing getting into a SHELTER or BUNKER, then seek out a good cave or some-such. You will need heat and LIGHT!! So many good torches, and PLENTY of batteries!!!!

How CAN 7 BILLION people be gotten into shelters made for more like 7 THOUSAND??!!

Little chance of surviving otherwise!

One hope is rescue by ALIENS. Taken aboard a Mothercraft up aloft.

All this sounds so bizarre – doesn’t it. YET IT IS TRUE!!

Try to have a vegetable garden going!

The tragedy is that people don’t REALLY believe. They APPEAR to believe you, but deep down – they do not.

It is simply too much for almost anyone to TAKE IN!!
PREPARE for physical death. PREPARE to meet your gene modifiers.
I believe they(the aliens)communicate by TELEPATHY. Be ready for that.
The PLANET will probably survive. But this civilization(so called), – NO!!

My advice: Get a TENT. And park it, with essentials, right next to a SUPER-MARKET!!

But not TOO CLOSE!!

Arrange with the manager for permitted access AFTER the building becomes non-operative!(He shouldn’t mind THEN.)(This gives you access, free access, to WHATEVER is on sale WITHIN.)(So have PLENTY of money or some-such – and put it into their TILLS!!)
The building will probably be damaged,at least. And access obtained.

I repeat: Do NOT drink the RED water! It is poisonous. Iron oxides. DISTIL it, maybe. Or CONDENSE it, and drink the condensation.

Detailed advice may be found on The Internet. I suggest you learn ALL that you can NOW, RIGHT NOW!! While the going is good!!

We are going to need FOOD,POTABLE WATER,BATTERIES and APPLIANCES, MEDICAL SUPPLIES, sleeping bags and tents,trenches,in the open,to lie in(!!)(to lie in).

Enough to last months, even YEARS. Possibly DECADES!!

Be READY for the VERY BIG come-down in your standard of LIVING.
The problems are the close-passing Planet Nibiru, World War 3, World Civil War, TERRIBLE social UNREST, Rebellion at the higher vibrations of The Aquarian Age, The Galactic Alignment(of 21.12.2,012), and MANY OTHER horrors and terrors.(It is best to KNOW what to expect!)

General Emergency and Martial Law will exist.

Obey – or get shot(dead) sort of thing.
Keep CALM. Do NOT panic!!
The Authorities are not warning about it – YET. Because wanting CONTROL over us, AND to avoid MASS PANIC – and MASS PANDEMONIUM!!!!

What is IMMINENT is the WORST EVENT Mankind on this Earth has EVER KNOWN!!(Or ever will know.)

It is called THE EVENT.

Not just ONE cataclysm, but about SIX – all rolled into ONE!!
You handle it – or die!!

This is NOT a joke!!
From time to time, these cataclysms come!!
NOW is one such time! Be WARNED. Get READY!!!!


VERY few know. But I am ONE – who DOES KNOW!!

Get USED to the idea of its coming.
The line being taken by The Powers that be – is SAY NOTHING, and hope that the General Populace can die quietly – and without protest!!

This is IDIOCY. They SHOULD have started warning us YEARS back!!
As it is – it is going to be TOO LATE to DO much – if anything! Roads will be CLOGGED. There will be hysterical madness. And many shootings. DEAD!!

Often having to dig own grave first!
It is no good MINCING WORDS – is it??!!


BASICALLY the problem is the CLOSE APPROACH of Planet Nibiru. Which is Planet X. A huge planet with DREADFUL influences upon ALL it comes near.

It is not called THE DESTROYER for nothing!!

I know what is coming, a good idea. So would be remiss not to warn you!! As many as I can reach. A MOST pitiful FEW.
I am not doing this to pass the time away!!

I am doing it because I, for one, KNOW what is coming, what to expect. But I care, so TRY to warn AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!!
I am aware that some would prefer not to know. But I do not know who THOSE are. So I tell ALL I can reach!!

Why tell if there is NOTHING we can do to stop it coming?! It IS a good question!
I THINK most people would rather KNOW what is coming – so they can at least prepare mentally. Physical death is NOT a small thing!!

SOME will survive! The people of Stanthorpe, where I am, are BEST placed!!

Biggest danger there is the creek. Depends how much rain falls. But the town could flood.
So be READY to vacate your premises AT A MOMENT’S NOTICE!!


It is NOT a joke. And I am NOT dreaming all this up!!
Wakee,WAKEE!! NOW!!!!


It is no good having a little(or big)snigger – and forgetting about it!!

It IS coming. VERY soon!!
In any case, we have the solar FLARES,etc. due Feb.14, 2,013.

OIL is next best thing. So,THEN, BACK TO the OIL LAMPS!!(Oil, candles, matches and lighters.)


Oil will be a big come-down from electricity. But GET USED TO THE IDEA!! We shall PROBABLY need it.

IF we survive!!
Overnight, expect to get thrown back 200 years!!


The PREPPERS are NOT wasting their time!!


Carry on as best you can. EVERYONE else will be in THE SAME BOAT!! And TRYING to do the same thing. Yes, love one another!! But above all, – GOD!!!!


Now WHICH would you prefer? I say NOTHING, or I tell you what I can??!!



Been doing this 10 to 12 years now. As long as I have known the threat! Not a threat, a CERTAINTY!!


Am I coming across clearly enough??



Vicon!! /NIBIRU IS COMING!!(Putting it BASICALLY.)(In The U.S. they used to cry Sherman is coming. Now,world wide, it is INCREASINGLY The PLANET NIBIRU is coming!!

We could not find Planet X! NOW, it is FINDING US!!
EXPECT your peace to be increasingly shattered – FROM NOW, ON!!


GOD help us all!!








CCC4 More on Nibiru. 14.08.12.

August 14, 2012

Tuesday, 14th August, 2,012.


Nibiru, some more!

        It should START to get unbearable in a couple of months.  3 to 4 at the most.

        World needs WARNING! Please spread the news.

        So one can at least PRAY!

       Not for life, but for a good death!!

      INCREASING red light in sky should confirm that Nibiru is nearing.

     As will the increasing RED DUST, and red rain,etc. INDICATE!!

    Authorities will naturally ascribe to RARE alternative causes!

    This IS The End of The Age. It will seem like the end of the world!!

    Nibiru should not hit us.

    It is not likely to.

     But some of its tail probably will. Asteroids,etc.

     Second moon, big, soon. Red.

     Nibiru is composed of iron oxides. Hence the RED.

     Polar shift.

     The Earth will probably invert.

     Tectonic plates affected.  So different views of sky seen from different places on Earth.  Which should cause much confusion. And mix-up.

   SOME days of darkness. Even by day!

   25 years of dim light – due to dust in the air – from many volcanic eruptions.

   6 days of total darkness – in Australia – due to Earth’s rotation getting stopped(more and more). Sun to rise in The West soon, after The Inversion.

   VERY FEW will survive.

    Most buildings flattened.

    TERRIBLE carnage of humans, animals and plants,etc.

    Fish in sea should fare best. Because surrounded by water.

   But a lack of oxygen expected to kill a lot.

   Afterwards, there will be(except for some Manna,etc.) VERY LITTLE food to eat.

   Very little water to drink.

   And very little air to breathe.

   Earth soil blackened.

   Distil ALL water!!

   Get Anderson(dig in garden) Shelters.  And Morrison shelters(for indoors).  Like in Britain in World War Two!!

    Strongly advised NOT to stay indoors. Many buildings will come crashing down.  Danger of being buried alive!!


    Especially BATTERIES. Try to have a BATTERY CHARGER!! And the usual ELECTRIC and ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT!!!!

   Unless opposed to violence, stock up with arms and ammunition. To fight off marauders.(There should be many!)

     Need electric GENERATORS!!

     As Normal Power Grid will go down.

     PREPARE to die!!(You may be better off dead!!)

    Ice-up for a long time.

   (Ice Era followed by ICE AGE.)

       Nibiru expected seen by world about September 15th, 2,012.

       Nibiru to pass us about November 21st, 2,012.

       Official Doom date: December 21st, 2,012.

      Terrible solar flares may hit Earth around February 14th, 2,013.

      MANY humans should die.(UP TO 7 billion?!)

      Whole world, most of it, should be flattened.

      Face of The Earth completely changed.

      Red dust is increasing from TAIL of Nibiru. Watch out for it, and red rain,etc.

     Petroleum product/s should fall into our atmosphere – and burn. Making it SEEM as if the AIR is on fire.

    It might be better to die!

    Humans, in gangs, will be roaming about, raving mad.

    Packs of animals,  wandering about, too. Will be BESERK.

    In search of air,food and water, – which will be VERY scarce.

   Many insects,etc. to come out of the ground. As in Exodus in Old Testament of Christian Holy Bible.

   All normals services will be gone.

(I believe in warning the people. Not lulling them to sleep.)

  300 m.p.h. wind, globally, – for many hours.

  Tremendous rains,etc.

  Terrible heat.

  Two suns(seemingly). So much more heat AND LIGHT.

  Two moons, later, a fresh big red one.

  Whole world will BURN.

 (My computer has been OUT for 6 days, so am having to condense – to catch up!)

  Need 20 feet of best steel  all around you!

  Many boulders,etc.  to fall from sky.

   HUGE tsunamis and tidal waves, – world-wide.  Up to 700 feet high.

   Everyone, and the animals, the survivors of the gigantic QUAKE, – will be OUT OF THEIR MINDS!!

      Lands will rise and fall tremendously.

     COLOSSAL electric storms.

    Volcanic eruptions everywhere.

    HUGE areas of land go under the sea.

    Australia splits in two, I think.  From top to bottom.

    Safest places: Rapa Island of south of New Zealand.

   And on top of The Great Dividing Range, Queensland, Australia.

   It will get TERRIBLY hot.

  Then,later, AWFULLY cold.

  Dust, everywhere.

   I think lack of oxygen in sea, kill fish. Due to magma break-outs through sea floor. Mostly in polar regions.  Where the crust is thinnest.

  Belted out fast. Poorly done, I know.

  To catch up now that my computer is working again!!

  Chin up!!




BBB18-2 What time is it??

July 26, 2012

Friday, 27th July, 2,012.

What time is it??
No. DON’T look at your time-piece! Look at where sun,moon and stars,etc. are setting and rising!!

We are not being told the truth!!(The time we are being given is being VERY SLOWLY altered(U.S.Navy, and via NAASA and Jet Propulsion,etc.) – to CONCEAL Earth’s slowing rotation – due to Nibiru! As well as North Pole being pulled over!! And tides raised. Conspiracy ON to keep us FOOLED!! So to keep control of us. As well as avoid mass panic.)
It is more than later than ANYONE thinks!
It is time to OBSERVE that sun,moon,stars,etc. are not rising and setting in the usual places!!

Watch tide levels AND where sun rises and sets!!!! Compare against previous and USUAL places!!!!
KEEP RECORDS!! Plot graphs, charts, lists,etc!!!!

DISCREETLY inform TRUSTED others!!


Nibiru is approaching. Very slowly just now. Orbital trajectories of Earth and Nibiru are almost parallel. Latest best estimate of passing is September 15th or 21st. 2,012.(Official date of 21.12.2,012 is only a MAYAN and INCAN REFERENCE date!!)(I estimate 28.10.2012. But date is uncertain!!)(Take NO chances. It is going to VERY SUDDENLY appear. And get VERY close eventually. I hope not hit us. I don’t THINK so!!…)(But one of its MOONS might!! And certainly asteroids and dust, especially red dust, and ALIENS!!) Keep your eyes wide NOW!!)


Nibiru is heaving on The North PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHICAL POLE. Eventually it will start a polar shift.

I believe that the TRUE North Geographical Physical Pole is the one we are calling The Magnetic Pole! And vice-versa!!
Earth is hollow with over one thousand mile wide tapering tubular holes at each end! Get down there to within The Earth. To get 400 mile crust over your heads!! SafER.

Nibiru is heaving atmosphere and tides up. So measure both daily!!


This rogue planet, Planet X, Nibiru, THE DESTROYER, is also slowing down the rotation of The Earth!

I understand we are about ONE SECOND off USUAL time.(Though we are told OFFICIALLY only a MICRO-SECOND’S FRACTION(a fraction of a micro-second) Though U.S. Navy is trying to conceal this. By inserting(daily) tiny adjustments – TO COUNTER!! They are getting ALL time systems to change accordingly. So to fool us ALL that time is normal. But it isn’t!!)

Will you all please get a TALLY on THE TIME!

Atomic clocks MAY help. Not sure. But these are being hidden,too.

Nor can you trust constellations above. Apparently falsified data there too. (But this NEEDS CONFIRMING!!) They are increasingly OUT,too! But true data being concealed! A TINY fraction each day or time.


Will everyone PLEASE check for THE CORRECT TIME. And do NOT go by the time given to us!

Also use MANUALLY BASED time-pieces!!
Use clockwork clocks and BATTERY OPERATED time-pieces!! THEY will be the most trustworthy. But NOT the OFFICIAL ELECTRIC times being given!!

We CANNOT TRUST the GENERAL electric times given to us! As controlled by those(NASA and U.S.Navy and Jet Lab,etc.) DELIBERATELY concealing Nibiru’s approach!!
Now the crust of The Earth is moving variantly LOCALLY!!

The variations are also IN the crust itself.
We need to check sun rise and sun set times, also moon times, and star times(setting and rising,ETC.)!!!

Against the degree of compass!!

Very confusing indeed. And authorities who shouldn’t be are hiding behind these facts.

Animals falling dead because dis-orientated by 1. Changing Magnetic North. And 2. U.S. Navy SONAR.

Not by fireworks, INDIVIDUAL starvation,etc.
Now I am putting all this badly, I know.

Hopefully, giving you AN IDEA of what is going on!!
By Nibiru AND The Wobble of The Earth(I mean the big LONG wobble, precessional!!)(Plus the wobble induced by Nibiru!)(So TWO wobbles now!!)


The world SO URGENTLY needs to WAKE UP!!

Things are NOT normal!

In addition we have NWO,Annunaki aliens massing above(TREMENDOUS ARMADA NOW ABOVE, UFO’S – including Mother Craft(preparing to evacuate us to save us from Nibiru). In addition to HYBRID RACE programming and orifice, of humans. Plus mutilation of cows. For some reason COW’S BLOOD is useful to them!!(Annunaki aliens are blending their genes with ours. Making a HYBRID race! Forcing sex to produce hybrid children!! But mostly by other methods!!))

Alien abductions proceed. Apparently we are ALL being examined IN TURN!! So watch out!!(THEY do it, by coming in their semi-materialized spirit vehicle forms, passing through our walls at night, and beaming us on to ufo’s via TENTS!!)
Some say Reptilians are behind The Annunaki.
The friendliest(our true ancestors) are The Pleiadeans. Not the negatively manipulating Orion lot!!(Where The Annunaki are from. We are evil and low because so unevolved, plus manipulated by Annunaki aliens, and maybe Reptileans. Also because from Phaeton, originally! Some of us were sent to Mars. Remnants THERE NOW!!!!(Huge cities in some Martian craters!! It’s right!! Not just faces! But pyramids and sphinxes,too!! And VERY MANY other things!!!!)(The Martians are us!!)(Related)

Humans originated on Phaeton, the planet which orbitted sun between Jupiter and Mars.(Tiamat, original Earth, got struck by a moon of Nibiru – knocking what has become Earth – its ORBIT – AWAY from its usual path.(I cannot remember now whether away from sun – or towards it. Needs checking.)(Tiamat’s moon became our moon.)

Phaeton had its crust blown off in some alleged war between two cities. Nuclear. Deuterium in ocean nuclear (ignited)exploded. Igniting the surface of the entire planet. And/or got hit by a moon of Nibiru. I am unclear as to which of two or three causes true.
However, The Phaetons got wiped out – bar a few who escaped in space ships TO MARS and THE EARTH!!!!(Some left Earth and went to Mars. Some are HUMAN DESCENDENTS. Some are our ancestors.
Then Mars got hit.(Evil apparently comes from Orion lot who changed our genes, and from Phaeton VIA MARS.)

Mars is inhabited by THE REMNANTS of some dreadful war or battle and/or a close passage by Nibiru.(Probably both.)

They look exactly like us!(And The Phaetons behaviour was negative and Earth human like.)
Incidentally we are not part of The Milky-Way Galaxy, but of a minor galaxy(Sagittarius A?) which is IN THE PROCESS of colliding with The Milky-Way. So that we shall become PART OF The Milky Way Galaxy.

One lot of humans ex Phaeton, the MAIN lot, re-incarnated upon The Earth. Via Cro-Mags and Neanderthals – which are not originally us!! Or maybe separately from them!!
There are MANY species of aliens. Variants and sometimes negative, like us.
Crop circles, most of them, are done by aliens. Mainly to try to warn us to improve our ways. And also to guard against Nibiru.(We are threat to solar system.)(So they keep us in check.)
We THINK that we are our physical bodies. But,no, we only OCCUPY those, via a whole descending chain of variantly vibrating vehicles(bodies).
It seems we had no beginning, and will have no end. Via Pre-existence and Re-incarnation.
Each individual lives endlessly.
We simply spend an average 50 years in The Spirit World re-cuperating from the hard physical plane. And then dive into some new chosen(perhaps for us) FOEUTUS!!
For an average 55 years incarnate.
Ghosts most CERTAINLY DO exist! They are simply creatures on an adjoing vibratory plane – viewed dimly and grotesquely.(Grotesquely on account of THE GAP between physical and super physical(and sub-physical!) planes.(They see US as ghosts!!))

Many dimensions from Dimension GROUPS exist!

And numerous strange creatures from other universes and planes.
I have personally seen about FOUR(Ghosts)(One materialized. I have even seen A PHANTOM of the LIVING!!.(No doubt about them!)(Seen MANY wierd and wonderful things like this.)
They CAN sometimes materialize. But are usually merely APPARITIONAL.

They CAN(and apparently do) kill via electric shock from touch.(I think many an otherwise unexplained death is due to ghosts!)(By SHOCK(TERROR) and/or ELECTRICITY transmitted!!)(Perhaps feared for THIS reason, as well as horror feeling born of THE GAP in vibration rate.)(Otherwise they are simply us again(the human ones) who have MERELY PASSED ON.(Death and birth are but INCIDENTS.)(Many now alive purposely to EXPERIENCE a Nibiru passing CATASTROPHE!!)
Physical death is actually a BIRTH.(Birth was our death!!)


Oh,yes. It IS so!!


Of course, many cannot bear this. Many wish NOT to live again. But we need to remember that as with dreams in waking life, that we do get a break in The Spirit World.(The After-life is a SUPER DREAM following Life. NOT a dream! Living is the dream! A NIGHTMARE so often!!) Though WHERE we go THERE – depends upon our behaviour here in the physical!!(Hence the VITAL importance of doing maximum good at all times!!)
Low and evil spirits, as well as mortals(humans in general are negative) drag us down, getting many to do evil and low things. Some possess us. At least OBSESS us with wrong thoughts!!


Our actions CHANGE our vibratory rates, including spiritual vibrations. And these determine WHERE we will go in The Spirit Word. Up or down in 5d. That is VIBRATIONALLY. As well as materially.
Sometimes we get born again on another planet. Perhaps around another star(but rarely).


Big danger that Israel will attack Iran, or get U.S. to do so.(Need to make sacrifice for world peace by NOT attacking Iran, however wrong they are(Nuclear development and threatening to block straits of Homuz(Horuz?)).)
The next world war would just about wipe out all life on Earth – via thermo-nuclear, nuclear, chemical, biological – as well as conventional and cyber and terror,etc. warfare.
We NEED to UNITE to defend against Nibiru!!

Human Nature still too far unevolved!!

Apparently some humans re-incarnated into dolphins. Very long ago.


So look after the dolphins. Maybe turtles,too.(Need to be given SPECIAL protection.)


Yes, what time is it? Not chocolate time! But time to choose THE POSITIVE. And ASCEND spiritually, divinely. MEDITATE!!!!

Not merely transit(pass on via SO CALLED death(no such thing!)) into Astral and Etheric planes.
There is MUCH, VERY MUCH, that humans do not know!

Do not sit in judgement! Avenging spirits often to blame!!
Nuclear radiation is a big danger.


Man, so many are, is OBSESSED with sex and drugs, dope,etc. But these things are DEADLY to spiritual, divine,etc. GROWTH!!

I include HETERO sex, not just the new peversion fashions.


They may alleviate our physical ills. But do much harm spiritually,etc.
Drugs are the cheap way to gain the joys of Meditation and Prayer and GOOD living(I mean SAINTLY living!) – and end up throwing us back thousands if not millions of years in evolution!! We CANNOT cheat!

Do NOT sin against GOD.

Nor do wrong against Man. I mean specifically CAESER(Man rule.).

The cost is a lower plane after so called death. And an inferior body and circumstances IN FUTURE LIVES!! AS WELL AS greater suffering in the here and now EVENTUALLY!!!!


It is SO VERY important that we do ALL the good that we can, at ALL times. Including IN THE SPIRIT WORLD!!!!(That high joys may result.)
So many are having a whale of a time now. Not that I am against that PER SE. But young SOULS, perhaps new up from The ANIMAL KINGDOM(!!) are going for PHYSICAL PLEASURES instead of the HIGHER JOYS(spiritual and divine and above)!!!! YES.

To AVOID suffering.

Many NOW in what is best described as HELL, in THE BEYOND, who are crying out to me RIGHT NOW, – to WARN the rest of you!!

We make our own hells.

Worst hell is the hell of REGRET!!(For wrongs done, or good things not done)
It IS possible to go back and RELIVE what you have done! Via Personal Time Travel!

Just go back in your mind, NOW. VISUALIZE yourself doing what you should have done, and NOT doing – what you shouldn’t have!! Do it – and KEEP ON repeating it, every time you think of it. IT WORKS!!(You will feel the joy!)(But you need to keep RE-APPLYING it!!)

Our vibratory state ALTERS the physical material worlds, you see!

REPENT of any evils done. BURN it out of your SOUL!!

Do NO MORE evil or low things.

But AS HIGH as possible!!


I know that some, perhaps many will call me superstitious and backward, but I am PAINFULLY AWARE of the COST of the hilarious time SO MANY are having RIGHT NOW!!!! Please, folks, DO NOT be FOOLED!!!!(Old Nick(The DEVIL) is VERY active!!!!)
Religion has exaggerated a lot.(And some times UNDER-STATED!!) But the BASIC facts REMAIN – and APPLY!!!!
Be warned!!


Nibiru will take VERY MANY off!
Mostly the wicked I understand. Those who take UNFAIR advantage of others…
PLEASE listen to me. To what I am saying.


I speak VERY true. And I KNOW it!!

It is SO EASY to slide down hill!
So TERRIBLY HARD – to climb back up!!
REMEMBER THAT – won’t you!!

We live for ever, and have already done so. So it is SO VERY important!!!!






PEACE be with you!

I address myself,too.(Particularly THAT fellow!!)

Be WISE, comrades, heed the higher wisdom! Of The Great Teachers.
GOD is good. But is NOT a fool!!(God is the spiritual sun. Working through our HIGHER SELVES. Too many making mistake of indulging their lower selves. No! It is the HIGHER SELF we need to LIVE FROM!! Live from GOD and CHRIST SPIRIT!!!!)


Our MAIN purpose AT ALL TIMES, is to evolve spiritually, divinely and above, TO THE VERY MAXIMUM!!





To ALL, not just the good.








AAA36 A supplement. To Nibiru.

June 18, 2012

Monday, 18th June, 2,012.

More upon Nibiru.


It is coming towards us. But not DIRECTLY towards us. It is on ITS orbital trajectory. Earth is on its. The two orbital trajectories cross each other. Twice.
Did any of you SEE Nibiru? It was at about 11.00 against the sun.

It MAY not arrive to pass until early next year. Or some time in between.
A Pole Shift should start at ANY time.(Up until early next year.)







AAA37-2 The Four Great Objects. And to guide you on your way!!

June 18, 2012

Tuesday, 19th June, 2,012.

The Four Objects. Nibiru,etc.

Nibiru is due in 32 days. But that is best estimate I can see. It COULD be UP TO 8 or 9 months away, yet. But IT IS coming!!

Four objects are coming: Nemesis,Herbucolosis,Nibiru and Homeward.

They are moving closer PARALLEL to Earth’s orbit. As the two orbital trajectories close to a distance I ESTIMATE as about 30 million miles. Was 40.

Nemesis is a failed star, Herbucolosis is a giant VERY cold dim dark object, about size of Jupiter, Nibiru is about size of Saturn, and Homeward is an Earth-sized planet circling Nibiru along with 5 minor planets. The Annunanki aliens(Nephelim??) reside on Homeward.(They are POSSIBLY Reptilians. They modified our genes by blending with theirs! From Orion. Sirius. We NEED to be with The Pleiadians! Especially from Central Sun, Alycone!! Orion lot has hijacked us!! Hence, evil. Also from Phaeton – where we are from. Mars is inhabited by HUMANS originally from Earth, survivors of a previous Nibiru pass AND marauding aliens!! LOTS of real estate on Mars!! Some on Moon,etc.too!!!!)
Nibiru has an ENORMOUS tail of junk. Boulders, junk, dust, deadly poisonous red dust and TRILLIONS of comets and asteroids,etc.etc. The tail is being blown(by the our sun’s cosmic wind) into our faces. So it is PRECEDING Nibiru, not following it!

Red dust has been falling for a decade or two. When mixed with water it looks like blood.(I believe that THIS is the blood(looks like blood but is NOT blood)that Revelation refers to!)

A red rain fell in India some years back. I think it was this red dust mixed with water.
Notice the increase in the amount of asteroids,etc. just missing Earth? It is because we are going deeper into Nibiru’s TAIL!!

This is not so much stuff from OUR Asteroid Belt, as material from Nibiru’s TAIL!!

This should acceleratingly increase as Nibiru and retinue gets closer.

There is a growing vague feeling that something BIG is about to happen. Big and TERRIBLE.

We have been warned by key religious and spiritual groups for up to 2,000 years,now!

Jesus warned us. So has Einstein(Pole Shift), Nostradamus – and Cayce – to name a few.
I expect Nibiru(AND retinue) to SUDDENLY APPEAR at ANY time!!(Taking Earthmen by surprise. Like a THIEF in the night.)

It will look like a large red moon.

Yes, it could all co-incide with the start of The London OLYMPICS, July 27th, 2,012.(Or sooner!)
Many seem to be deliriously happy at this time.

That doesn’t happen on Planet Earth! Suspicions SHOULD be being aroused! When the world rejoices, – BEWARE!! Something VERY nasty and big – is ABOUT to HAPPEN!!

You are too COMPLACENT, Earth-men!
And some are too SMUG.

This is EARTH. NOT Paradise!!


The CLEANSING is about to occur. And the wicked DESPATCHED!!

Through death. And dying.

Lust is NOT love!! Neither is NEED. Many humans CALL sex and need – love. NOWHERE near!! Love is the GIVING of God’s SPIRIT, not the TAKING of human desire and need foully implanted by Pan!! Not EVEN Romance is True Love!!
The Earth is about to have its vibrations raised.

I urge you all to escape through ASCENSION. SPIRITUAL ASCENSION.

To embrace the four HIGHER unions. Heart, Throat, Head and Crown Chakras.(Which parallel The Endoctrine Glands.)
And to avoid like THE PLAGUE – the lower lusts. Of sex. ESPECIALLY homo and gay. (Give and receive)
I am referring to the four lower chakras. That Man is OBSESSED with. Dump THEM. Embrace the four HIGHER!!

Private, excretory,spleen and body functions. THEM!!

AND drugs, dope, alcohol and smoke,etc!!!!

Or NOT be saved from THE HELL and HORROR, TERROR and WIPE-OUT about to occur!!
A VERY HARD ask – but you HAVE the CHOICE!!

Abstain, or perish!!

Whatever happened to PURITY and DECENCY?? CLEANLINESS and THE HIGHER??

Man is sacrificing the HIGHER unions to the lower! And the higher self to the lower self.

The penalty for this is WIPE OUT!! Followed by HELL!!!!
YOUR choice. YOUR call, EARTH men!!

Think you that Jesus perspired BLOOD – for NOTHING?? – Think AGAIN!!

It is NOT Utopia that lies immediately ahead – but UTTER DESOLATION AND CARNAGE!!!! WAKE UP!!!!

You are BEING FOOLED and CONNED by Old Nick!! And The Horned god, Pan!! Low pleasures. Of body.
Do you HONESTLY believe happiness is so cheaply bought??!!


PREPARE to die! And PREPARE for HELL!!!!
Physical death is actually BIRTH. The physical body gets vacated. Conciousness moves from physical brain to etheric brain, then to astral brain – before finally moving up into the lower mental. Prepatory to going higher.(For those that QUALIFY!!)
Religion and The Churches,ETC. have failed!

So I am telling you what THEY should have!!

Save your SOULS – your INNERMOST SELVES, by OBEYING GOD.(Ten commandments plus two Jesus added.), repenting of any(ha ha) evil done, and ACCEPTING CHRIST!! Then FOLLOWING Jesus(Christ)!!

Not ONE of us is TOTALLY innocent!!

The harvest is about to be reaped!!
After death head STRAIGHT for the blue white light! IMMEDIATELY. Have NOTHING to do with spirits who try to get you to go DOWN!!

Climb as high as you can in 3d, and in 5D(Vibration). As fast as you can. As many will be trying to drag you down(as in life)into HELL!!
Tempting you with body pleasures!!(sex,etc.)

And MIND joys(via drugs and dope,etc.)

SPURN them!! Have NO truk with them WHATSOEVER!!!!

So called death is ONLY the death of the physical vehicle, your body, that carcass you NOW wear!! Which so many THINK is them!!
It is but a GARMENT that we wear to make contact with this physical realm.(To speed up our spiritual and divine evolution!!) At death we lay it DOWN!! AND it ROTS away – to dust(and bones). But WE do not!!
Picture an endless scale of a spectrum of octaves of VIBRATIONS. Currently we are in this physical.
Look! There are TWO great Kingdoms: The Inner one WITHIN our auras, and the OUTER one outside of even our physical bodies!!

When we fall asleep we enter, periodically, The Inner Kingdom. And our conciousness spreads out among the images of our aura. We call them dreams. At the borders of falling asleep and awakening we often encounter incredibly beautiful detailed imagery. At the doorway to The Outer Kingdom.
When we DIE, we enter The Great OUTER Kingdom!!
We do NOT go out of existence. Our physical body does though!!

In The Outer Kingdom, many are lost. Not knowing WHAT is going on!!

I would spare you all from THAT!!
After physical death, a SERIES of obstacles lies ahead!

According to how high you have raised your spiritual vibrations!

FORGET the physical body. That never was you!
It was a temporary MOULD, created by our truer vehicle, the spirit body.
First is the danger of THE FOG. A fog which surrounds the etheric vehicle. This is the fog of the energy field we called life during our living.

Get THROUGH that.
Next, get through the fog surrounding The Etheric Plane. It is a MIST. Much finer.
After that we enter The Etheric Plane. This is the ORIGINAL of The Physical Plane. The PHYSICAL is the carbon copy, NOT the duplicate we enter after so called death.

This is The EARTHBOUND state. In it we are trapped at The Physical Earth level. It has its luring attractions. But we need to climb higher!!(Avoiding the temptations – to reach THE REAL MEAT!!!!)

Get into The Astral Plane to start with. Many go there immediately. It depends how we have lived. Which governs our vibrations – which determine how fast we ascend. Whatever you do DON’T go down!!(Hell is down there!)(Hades)(Hell is condition or state of mind(emotions)(soul). Hades is the MATERIAL environment HELL creates. Likewise with Heaven creating Paradise.)
Spirits of LIGHT will help you ascend(3d and 5d) if necessary. And it often is!!
Get through The Astral Planes – and into The Mental.
But the true heights do not begin until in The Higher Mental.
These are Theosophical terms.

Be ASSURED, physical death is NOT the end of you!!
But what IS important is not your VEHICLE, but your SOUL!!

At the end of this life, we enter the next vibratory level up.Materially!!
But what happens to THE SOUL is another matter. THAT depends upon the level of SPIRITUAL VIBRATION you(we) have reached.

And your behaviour in life determines that.

Two great principalities try to capture our souls in life. God and Devil. God through the delights of the HIGHER mind and emotions.

And The Devil, by using Pan to drag us down via the pleasures of sex and drugs, dope,alcohol and nicotonic smoking. Also sin and crime, the seven(and MANY more) deadly sins,ETC…

We live FOR EVER. And already HAVE!!

Hopefully EVOLVING.

Our home is in The Spirit World.

Which we leave to evolve faster in the hard physical!

We re-incarnate periodically to do this.

We have lived before, and will live again. Endlessly.

Nemesis,Herbuculosis,Nibiru and Homeward are coming – ending this civilization Arya. And removing the wicked from Earth.

To a lower planet and a lower plane perhaps.

The higher onto a higher planet and plane.
Usually just a different plane is involved.


ZZ35 Flee to Arcturus. Spokesman needed.

May 12, 2012


Sunday, 13th May, 2,012










Flee to Arcturus?








Because Nibiru comes around every 3,600 years, and destroys The Solar System some more, it may be wise to move to Arcturus(A star, our identical twin, therefore it would probably have an Earth, also identical(or near) to ours!)(When I discovered how to get the proper(as well as accurate)distances to the stars,ETC.(note the two different meanings there), – and mapped the cosmos CORRECTLY, I found identical twin pairs close to us, and almost identical separated pairs. Therefore, I more or less know that Arcturus, our IDENTICAL TWIN solar system should have an identical Earth. Hopefully a solar system which has no Nibiru like planet buzzing around its Earth, and all the other inner planets periodically.


We shall need to ask the aliens to confirm that Arcturus has an Earth very similar to ours, and would they mind transporting us, and(I suggest) The HUMAN Martians, the remnants of a war there, to Arcturus’ Earth,too!!




Now this is not fantasy. We just need to ask the aliens if they will take us, and the HUMAN Martians to Arcturus’ Earth, IF that solar system does not have more serious problems than what we have.




It would be a VERY long time before we were ready to space ship the best Earth and Mars’ humans to Arcturus’ Earth. But the aliens could ship the best half of Earth and Mars’s humanities,etc. there!


The aliens might have another planet in mind for us, anyway. Because Earth won’t be worth living on for about a thousand years(after Nibiru has buzzed us again, demolishing our current Aryan civilization)!


The dust thrown up will blot out the sun for a very long time – and cause an Ice Age.(Preceded by an Ice Era due to paucity of sun-spots a few years back!)




Alternatively, we could seed Venus’s atmosphere, So as to create an oxygen rich atmosphere.(No hope of us surviving upon Venus as it is at present!)




On the other hand, the aliens might have an even better proposition than Arcturus’ Earth! We could ask them!






Now all of this may sound mad, but isn’t.




Within MONTHS now, Nibiru should buzz us, causing TERRIBLE damage. Destroying our current Aryan civilization.






The aliens may be expected to take only the best people. The best behaved,too!




The planet Nibiru(I say again) is an ALIEN planet CAPTURED from Sirius B system(most likely). In any case, it is not one of ours! And THAT is the trouble. Were it one of ours it would go around the sun neatly. But being foreign to our system, just collides with various planets, and/or its(Nibiru’s) moons(as big as planets!) do!!






Life in our solar system has no future to speak of BECAUSE of Nibiru coming around and spoiling things(everything,eventually) every 3,600 years.(Maybe less now.)








So we Earthmen of Sun Sol need to discuss these matters IMMEDIATELY. As the aliens will only be here a short while. The Annunaki.






No, this is not the plot of and for some movie, but an ACTUAL FACT








Are you all with it?








Though Venus is another planet closely approached by Nibiru. So no evolutionary future there either.








Something for us ALL to think about!!(I mean emigrating to The Earth of The Arcturus(solar) system!)










Please contact me if you have any constructive ideas!






We shall need a spokesman of course.(The Annunaki aliens probably can converse with us TELEPATHICALLY. In any case they probably know English,etc!!)(Very likely taught English,etc. as they are readied to save the best of their cattle(us) from The Earth!!)










I REPEAT: ONLY months left!!








Men of Planet Earth, lend me your MOUTHS. To speak to The Annunaki aliens.(Bearded human like giants.)










I am too old,now.








Aw, shucks.








Arcturus is red or orange because though it is YELLOW like our sun, its light gets moved down the colour spectrum by the intervening dust,etc.




You would prefer to see YOUR statue in The Hall of Fame at Arcturus, rather than mine, – er wouldn’t you?!






Choose The Spokesman wisely now!!




























ZZ34 Nibiru, The Destroyer.

May 11, 2012


Friday, 11th May, 2,012.








Nibiru is destroying The Solar System!! Mostly planet by planet!!










My belief, theory if you like, is that there were originally 16 planets. And this might apply to all G class yellow dwarf stars like our sun that have planetary systems. I think most, if not all, do.


16 planets – in 8 pairs.


Four inner pairs and four outer pairs.


Though the outer gas giant pairs might lose their gases in due course leaving ordinary sized planets as with the inner pairs, behind.




The Oort Cloud and The Kuiper Belts are asteroids and comets,etc. Which I believe were once planets. Until Nibiru hit them.(Nibiru is, I believe, an alien outsider, a planet captured by our sun from Sirius B’s solar system.)




Because it is not one of our natural planets it has no trajectory that fits proper orbits. It therefore does a lot of damage. Its orbit is extremely elongated – due to it being a capture.


Nibiru is about the size of Saturn, and with a density 22 times that of The Earth. 5 times Earth’s linear size. Thus it is very dense, composed of iron oxides. Rather like a huge cannon ball playing skittles with our solar system.


It is I think(Hence one of its names: The Destroyer.) knocking off our planets from the outermost inwards. Planets Oort and Kuiper have now gone.(Smashed to pieces.) It is like a conquer in that game of Conquers with chestnuts. Because of its density it survives its collisions to destroy again.


One of its moons struck Tiamat – creating our Earth.






Next to be destroyed may be Neptune, then it should work its way inwards, until it destroys Mercury.(Vulcan fell into the sun some time back.)




Our solar system is therefore doomed, and the planets it(Nibiru) closely passes, the inner planets, cannot get into stride – because their civilizations get destroyed every 3,600 years.




All because Sol, our sun, captured Nibiru from Sirius B.






We could land men on Mars, link up with The Martians(who are an early edition of ourselves), the remaining few, and try to set them up again. In return for our help we could obtain property rights.(As they have many enormous deserted cities.)


There was a war upon Mars, possibly internal.


They have some highways and railway tube tracks, so perhaps we could get those going again.




The problem is their carbon dioxide atmosphere and the cold. Along with the many red dust and sand storms.




I don’t know if any of the plastic(or whatever) BUBBLES are intact. If so, perhaps we could fill those with oxygen,etc.


We could teach The Martians English.




What we need is a solar system that has NO alien planet like Nibiru – periodically smashing the place up!(It destroys planetary systems.)


Maybe if we befriend some kindly aliens, they could transport selected humans there!






Some sundry matters:-




1. It is possible to travel in space and time, and possibly in vibration. To do this you need to enter Hyperspace. This is the region within our space time surface, down the vibration radial.(That is down the fifth dimension.)


In order to enter Hyperspace you have to create an Electro-magnetic Force Field. This can be done via a Generator.(Like in The Philadelphia Experiment!)


If you descend The Vibration Radial to The Hyperspace Centre- by raising your vibratory rate to the equivalent of “c”, you can go anywhere in space and time(Past and Future), merely by thinking of where you want to go(in space and time), and then willing yourself there.(You have to be INSIDE of The Force Field to do this.)




The trouble is surviving the conditions at the target end and getting back. As you would need to set up a fresh lot of equipment!








2. What men call death is actually BIRTH onto a higher plane, a higher vibratory rate wave-length.


3. Therefore loved ones can be met again.


4. They can also visit us. If they know how to reduce their vibration rate, and materialize.(Ectoplasm might be needed.)(When you so-called die, you merely lose the outermost vehicle of your being. Your conciousness then moves into your next vehicle,which is finer.)




5. Humans are nurtured unfortunately upon many unpleasant false ideas. We need to isolate these – and remove them from our minds and societies.








6. God necessarily exists – because of the need for a prime creator.








7. Ghosts, apparitions,etc. exist, and are mostly the dimly perceived entities who have “died”. Or perhaps have temporarily projected out of their physical bodies.(As in Astral Projection.)






8. By taking the appropriate medicines,we can improve our health and delay ageing immensely.








9. Communication with The Spirit World is easy enough. But is dangerous, because the spirits you contact will be low types. Who, seeking a physical body they can possess(to live again), may try to take YOU over! Or haunt you.


You need a weak force field. Some ectoplasm(need a medium), perhaps.


And good music,etc. to raise your vibratory rate.




Plus a communication device.








10. An interesting point re: the seeing of apparitions: Because ground level is rising, those who lived in The Past – are progressively that much lower down.


If they lower their vibrations and/or you raise yours, you might see,etc. their current forms if they are Earth-bound. Especially if they have cloaked themselves in ectoplasm.


Death is merely simply of the physical vehicle(body). That dies and rots away. But the rest of the entity lives on. It continues its life,but in a finer environment.




Physical death is a small incident – which is sometimes not noticed! You move to a higher bracket of material vibrations. You can no longer operate in the physical world. But you gain a better world – where you can continue living! Eventually you can re-incarnate, by entering the foeutus of a developing baby. But you need to take a break and have a good holiday vacation in the finer world – which is The Spirit World.


Beware of entities who would try to drag you down into Hell.




Once across(passed on), – head for the blue-white light IMMEDIATELY. And take it from there.


It is like wearing 7 sets of clothing. What men call death is SIMPLY the discarding of the outermost set of your clothes!


It is tempting to try to possess others still alive, in order to live through them. But this is taboo. Don’t do it. It has a price.




It is MOST important to do ALL the good that you can. Because if the bad deeds that you do exceed the good, then you will sink into Hell! ONLY if the good deeds that you do exceed the bad will you rise into Heaven and Paradise!! Now PLEASE remember this!!(Doing good RAISES your vibrations. Doing evil lowers them! At the end of your life you will either be in credit or debit in that respect. THAT decides WHERE you will go in The Spirit World!!)




Things are complicated now because of the approach of Nibiru which is Planet X. It should pass us in a few months time. And do IMMENSE damage,ending this Aryan civilization!(Much like as it has already destroyed Lemuria, Atlantis and Poseidon!!!)(It was Nibiru, Planet X, passing close by that sent their continents sinking deep into the sea.)




VERY definitely Nibiru exists!


The current heat, Australia is experiencing, anyway, COULD be due to Nibiru – which is VERY hot, and radiating temperature raising radiation!!








































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