September 30, 2011

Sunday, 5th December,  2,010.


The events to watch for, given here in sequence!(Between now and Earth Inversion!!)

The de-stabilizing sun is expected(by me) to cause the following events:-

Be ready for them!

Watch for them!!

1!      The ice sheet upon Antarctica to slide into the sea!  Because the de-stabilizing sun is providing increasing heat and energy. Which via Earth’s core will cause more magma to well up within The Earth.  Melting the base ice more, aided by melt caused by the growing weight of the ice.

This will be aided by ferocious winds, and also by gravity – since it is downhill all the way.

Only rock outcrops stopping it currently(snagging it).

The snagged(prevented from moving) ice is IN TURN stopping the land(upper crust, lithosphere) from moving!  But when ice gone –  Whoosh, PLOP(into sea), – then Earth’s core is free to cause event two:-

2.   Once that ice starts to slide – it should drag The Earth’s crust – via the pressure upon the rocky snags – northwards – for over a thousand miles.(Because the magma pushing up to the surface will provide a lubricant for the upper crust(the lithosphere)to slide over the lower  crust(the asthenosphere).(We shall know when crustal displacement has begun when we see the stars EN MASSE slide away(“And the stars shall fall from The Heavens!!”).

3.  Then when all the ice has slidden off, the top crust will no longer be resisted by the ice pressure northwards against the rock out-crops. And permit The Earth’s crust to get pulled(By the gravity and magnetic tides of the increasingly charged(by sun’s electrons)Earth’s core)  to drag the entire Earth;s crust(lithosphere and asthenosphere) SOUTHWARDS for four to five thousand miles!)

4.   The JERK of this after the ice has slidden off – letting The entire Earth’s crust move southwards – can be expected to suddenly increase the axial tilt of The Earth, precipitating an inversion(geographical) of The Earth.

5.    Meanwhile, with the entire crust moving southwards, we can expect the huge tubeway entrances at the north and south poles to clog up!  Stopping the crustal displacement.  Another jerk (from this) will assist the axial tilt more. Causing the inversion to resume – after a temporary stoppage due to the blocked tube-ways!!

This should blow the two tube-ways clear.

6..  Once Earth inversion(geographical!) is complete, a ROCK- BACK should occur – before finally settling down into the new polar positions.(Evidence of rock- back is demonstrated by two poles up north, and two poles down south.  Arctic and Greenland up north.   Antarctica and Little Antarctica(Or West Antarctica) down south.

If only a fall onto Earth’s side occurs, then this may be worse than a full inversion, as the poles will shift to the tropics, PERHAPS India and Peru(or something like that), – which will cause havoc via melting the polar ices, but freezing the tropics!!

7.  The sun will go black – due to dust blotting it out.(I HOPE not from it going OUT!!)

And the moon RED.  Due to dust in the atmosphere.(From volcanic eruptions,etc.)(Vide Scripure in Holy Bible.)

8.     The Earth will stop rotating.(After taking 27 hours to go over.)  For 2 or 3 days I understand.

(Please note that anyone is free to use the astounding facts I am releasing. (NEARLY ll my own work.)I permit copyright PROVIDED the doer quotes me as source, and gives my e mail address(vicon2000@gmail.com)out to all. So that anyone may contact me for more details.

Remember that I am the ONLY person on the planet to know about the de-stablizing of the sun  AND the way of escape(life forms flee this way EVERY TIME this occurs(every 6,500 years)). – Which is down The North Geographical Pole!(Note that you need to aim for The North Pole(NOT the magnetic pole!)(South too hard.).  The MARKED poles are false. Ignore them.  And push on in a bee line for another 500 miles(about). Then over 800 more miles to get you through the gigantic thousand mile wide funnel-tunnel entrances!!  – Into a tropical interior with a new red sun!(The region WITHIN is not too greatly less than that of the outer surface.  I do not know the geographical lay out down there.  But I think we can expect ocean/s and land/s – much like on the outer!!

CARE!!   Down there are prehistoric monsters, dinosaurs, Cro-Mags, Neanderthals, Satanku and his warriors(hordes), wild natives, wild animals, a Nazi base, – and I don’t know what – altogether!!   So DO take arms!!

I expect to become world famous very quickly.(Please arrange for a second in command and so on…)

Becoming the richest man on Earth. – Most easily.(Get back girls!)(And all the rest of ye.)

Nearly all outer surface life will probably perish. Along with animals, plants and structures.

I REPEAT: BEST HOPE is WITHIN The Earth!! NOT UNDERGROUND.(I mean that The Great Within is NOT underground!!  A double helix lads.   A surface BENT BACK upon itself! (It will FEEL flat. But LOOK curved.    Remember that!!)

So don’t try to get to Shamballah or Shangri-la, etc. nor into any underground cities, nor inside mountains(Too vulnerable I think.).

WITHIN The Earth you will have an 800 mile SHELL of ROCK over your head.

Help keep me alive and well, supplied,etc. so I can continue trying to warn the world!!

My articles were not designed for posting onto forum/s.  So make allowance there, please.

Going WITHIN may protect against Nibiru,too.

Please note those of you who argue that because I haven’t been WITHIN, that how I can be so sure it exists…

Well, I haven’t been to China either.  But I THINK China exists!!

Replies in the forum/s are too numerous for me to answer each one personally. Sorry about that.

I will endeavour to reply in my articles and general post-ups.



Ya.  Boo.

All the best, all!!

Now please note!   I like a bit of a joke now and again.(By me, I mean.)

But that does not mean that my MAIN THESIS is a joke or a hoax. Note that well, please!!


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