December 21, 2012

eee9 Doom in 36 days!!

October 16, 2012

Tuesday, October 16th, 2,012.


36 days to DOOM!!

Doom has begun. It peaks in just 36 days. I expect very nearly all life upon this planet,Earth, Mars(There are 300,000,000 HUMANS on Mars!) and our Moon(Millions on The Moon!) – to be WIPED OUT – ALMOST completely. People, animals,plants,buildings,etc. And for the survivors – it will be better had they too been killled. SO bad will it be.

The Great Day(Of The Passing(Of The Planet Nibiru, Planet X)) is – as near as I can get it – November 21st, 2,012. THAT is when woes climax. Biggest killer, apparently, will be the rising sea. One estimate I have is of well over a THOUSAND feet RISE. Over a short space of time. Maybe two inches an hour. Or something like that. Like a rising tide – that just goes on and on. For weeks, months,…So MAKE SURE you don’t get TRAPPED!! And ISOLATED!! Study CONTOURS on maps of land around you!! Helicopters will only be able to reach A FEW!!

I have studied this subject closely for 10 to 12 years. Tried all out to warn as many as I can. With VERY little success. And those tiny few who are taking(I am not the only one doing this.)me seriously – are hopefully PREPARING. Stocking up,etc.

There are too many negatives, who are too strong. Who kill out as much as they can of these warnings.

I feel extremely sad about this.

Either I am disbelieved, or thought to be exaggerating, perhaps distorting things.
I am ASTONISHED at the LACK of INTEREST! I am talking about the END of THIS CIVILIZATION!! Something that happens on some planet in our solar system every few thousand years!!(Lemuria or Mu, Atlantis, Poseidon, for example. Now US, Arya!!)

My warnings should end soon. Because of my physical demise. Likewise of other warners.

Doom is NOW in progress. It should get steadily worse and worse – until WIPE- OUT is completed(bar a tiny few – who pathetically struggle to start civilization again).

Yes, we ALL face a terrible, horrible, painful end – over the next few WEEKS!! Or months. Crushed by falling masonry, drowned by rising sea,etc. death by heat, cold, starvation, thirst, or at the hands of fellow man, or animals. Do NOT commit suicide!(Nasty penalty on that in Spirit World after death.)
This is NO laughing matter. I see Humanity continuing as before. VERY LITTLE warning reaching most. It is SO sad!!

No, it cannot be avoided, nor stopped.

What we have – is up to six CATACLYSMS – all happening SIMULTANEOUSLY over the coming weeks and months.

Are you stocked with tins of food, bottles of water, batteries, medical supplies, radios, and the essential electric and electronic APPLIANCES?? Also money,bank-notes and coins, or gold or silver.

Failing getting into a SHELTER or BUNKER, then seek out a good cave or some-such. You will need heat and LIGHT!! So many good torches, and PLENTY of batteries!!!!

How CAN 7 BILLION people be gotten into shelters made for more like 7 THOUSAND??!!

Little chance of surviving otherwise!

One hope is rescue by ALIENS. Taken aboard a Mothercraft up aloft.

All this sounds so bizarre – doesn’t it. YET IT IS TRUE!!

Try to have a vegetable garden going!

The tragedy is that people don’t REALLY believe. They APPEAR to believe you, but deep down – they do not.

It is simply too much for almost anyone to TAKE IN!!
PREPARE for physical death. PREPARE to meet your gene modifiers.
I believe they(the aliens)communicate by TELEPATHY. Be ready for that.
The PLANET will probably survive. But this civilization(so called), – NO!!

My advice: Get a TENT. And park it, with essentials, right next to a SUPER-MARKET!!

But not TOO CLOSE!!

Arrange with the manager for permitted access AFTER the building becomes non-operative!(He shouldn’t mind THEN.)(This gives you access, free access, to WHATEVER is on sale WITHIN.)(So have PLENTY of money or some-such – and put it into their TILLS!!)
The building will probably be damaged,at least. And access obtained.

I repeat: Do NOT drink the RED water! It is poisonous. Iron oxides. DISTIL it, maybe. Or CONDENSE it, and drink the condensation.

Detailed advice may be found on The Internet. I suggest you learn ALL that you can NOW, RIGHT NOW!! While the going is good!!

We are going to need FOOD,POTABLE WATER,BATTERIES and APPLIANCES, MEDICAL SUPPLIES, sleeping bags and tents,trenches,in the open,to lie in(!!)(to lie in).

Enough to last months, even YEARS. Possibly DECADES!!

Be READY for the VERY BIG come-down in your standard of LIVING.
The problems are the close-passing Planet Nibiru, World War 3, World Civil War, TERRIBLE social UNREST, Rebellion at the higher vibrations of The Aquarian Age, The Galactic Alignment(of 21.12.2,012), and MANY OTHER horrors and terrors.(It is best to KNOW what to expect!)

General Emergency and Martial Law will exist.

Obey – or get shot(dead) sort of thing.
Keep CALM. Do NOT panic!!
The Authorities are not warning about it – YET. Because wanting CONTROL over us, AND to avoid MASS PANIC – and MASS PANDEMONIUM!!!!

What is IMMINENT is the WORST EVENT Mankind on this Earth has EVER KNOWN!!(Or ever will know.)

It is called THE EVENT.

Not just ONE cataclysm, but about SIX – all rolled into ONE!!
You handle it – or die!!

This is NOT a joke!!
From time to time, these cataclysms come!!
NOW is one such time! Be WARNED. Get READY!!!!


VERY few know. But I am ONE – who DOES KNOW!!

Get USED to the idea of its coming.
The line being taken by The Powers that be – is SAY NOTHING, and hope that the General Populace can die quietly – and without protest!!

This is IDIOCY. They SHOULD have started warning us YEARS back!!
As it is – it is going to be TOO LATE to DO much – if anything! Roads will be CLOGGED. There will be hysterical madness. And many shootings. DEAD!!

Often having to dig own grave first!
It is no good MINCING WORDS – is it??!!


BASICALLY the problem is the CLOSE APPROACH of Planet Nibiru. Which is Planet X. A huge planet with DREADFUL influences upon ALL it comes near.

It is not called THE DESTROYER for nothing!!

I know what is coming, a good idea. So would be remiss not to warn you!! As many as I can reach. A MOST pitiful FEW.
I am not doing this to pass the time away!!

I am doing it because I, for one, KNOW what is coming, what to expect. But I care, so TRY to warn AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!!
I am aware that some would prefer not to know. But I do not know who THOSE are. So I tell ALL I can reach!!

Why tell if there is NOTHING we can do to stop it coming?! It IS a good question!
I THINK most people would rather KNOW what is coming – so they can at least prepare mentally. Physical death is NOT a small thing!!

SOME will survive! The people of Stanthorpe, where I am, are BEST placed!!

Biggest danger there is the creek. Depends how much rain falls. But the town could flood.
So be READY to vacate your premises AT A MOMENT’S NOTICE!!


It is NOT a joke. And I am NOT dreaming all this up!!
Wakee,WAKEE!! NOW!!!!


It is no good having a little(or big)snigger – and forgetting about it!!

It IS coming. VERY soon!!
In any case, we have the solar FLARES,etc. due Feb.14, 2,013.

OIL is next best thing. So,THEN, BACK TO the OIL LAMPS!!(Oil, candles, matches and lighters.)


Oil will be a big come-down from electricity. But GET USED TO THE IDEA!! We shall PROBABLY need it.

IF we survive!!
Overnight, expect to get thrown back 200 years!!


The PREPPERS are NOT wasting their time!!


Carry on as best you can. EVERYONE else will be in THE SAME BOAT!! And TRYING to do the same thing. Yes, love one another!! But above all, – GOD!!!!


Now WHICH would you prefer? I say NOTHING, or I tell you what I can??!!



Been doing this 10 to 12 years now. As long as I have known the threat! Not a threat, a CERTAINTY!!


Am I coming across clearly enough??



Vicon!! /NIBIRU IS COMING!!(Putting it BASICALLY.)(In The U.S. they used to cry Sherman is coming. Now,world wide, it is INCREASINGLY The PLANET NIBIRU is coming!!

We could not find Planet X! NOW, it is FINDING US!!
EXPECT your peace to be increasingly shattered – FROM NOW, ON!!


GOD help us all!!








ddd9 Key information for you. Please SPREAD(Share!!).

September 25, 2012

Wednesday, September 26th, 2,012.

Key information for you!!
PLEASE pass on what I am telling you. TO AS MANY OTHERS AS POSSIBLE!!(Negatives(evil-doers)OPPOSE.)(I regret I cannot answer every individual singly. But do my best to cover all knowledge in the articles. So read my articles!)(I may answer one or two here and there, but that is all.)



1. Within about four months the world should be in chaos. I expect Nibiru,World War 3(To START), Galactic Alignment, World Civil War. Rebellion against The Aquarian Age, and many other nasties. (Each one a CATACLYSM!!!!)Yes, stock up essentials. But be prepared to have it taken off you by those who didn’t prepare!(A matter of life or death. But I think that death will be preferable!)(However, do NOT commit suicide!!) We have had it good for a long time now. Ever since May 8th, 1945(When The Second World War ended.), in fact. We should EXPECT problems from about now on!! VERY few should survive. But it is important to remember(or learn) that when our physical bodies die – that we simply move out of them, and are then(have been all along)in our next finer body up(in vibration). At FIRST in a world that is a replica of this phyical world, but IS NOT IT!! You will have become a SPIRIT. A GHOST to any mortals who observe you.(But FEW should be left.)
2. When you find yourself in The Spirit World(What the world calls dead.), – head for the blue-white light! Don’t let any spirits take you DOWN! You might find some trying to help you UP,though.(But make SURE it is UP!!) Go along with them!! Otherwise raise your spiritual vibrations as high as possible, as fast as you can.(PRAY intensely, and keep ON praying – until safely with friends ABOVE!!)(Just keep on repeating THE LORD’S PRAYER if you don’t know anything better.) And you should ascend(VIBRATIONALLY). AND materially.(I say materially, as it will no longer be the physical that you are in!)(Though it may LOOK like it!) Do NOT hang about down here. But get as HIGH as possible into the Spirit World.(High,VIBRATIONALLY!!)(You can know that you are in The Spirit World – in case you don’t remember dying – by checking in a mirror. Can you see your silver cord(attached to back of head or thererabout)? If not, then you are dead IF you are able to float about in the air!(So, SEE if you can FLOAT in the air FIRST. If can’t then you are probably still alive PHYSICALLY. If you can, confirm that you have died – by seeing if your silver cord is visible. If not – then you have passed(on).(The silver cord is what ties your physical body to your spirit vehicle.)(If it has gone, THEN SO HAVE YOU!!(Out of the physical.))(This NEEDS saying as The FIRST compartment of The Spirit World looks exactly like the physical. Or ALMOST.)(Are you thinking “I won’t die yet!”, then THINK AGAIN!! Because VERY FEW will be alive after the next few months!! SO bad will it be.)


You will be able to explore UNDER THE SEA,too!(I gather you won’t need to breathe.)


I am telling you things I have learnt over a long life-time.



3. Some who have lost their physical bodies – are glad. Others are not.

Eventually you will re-incarnate. But enjoy a long vacation in The Spirit World FIRST. Get as high as you can(VIBRATIONALLY) as fast as you can! THEN set up home! You are then in your Interregnum.(The period(for you) BETWEEN lives.)

You may not want to wait until you re-incarnate. But may try to possess some living body – and try to live through them.(Whether you drive the true owner out, or not.)(Or you may find yourself SHARING that body with the true owner. Ask yourself whether you welcomed such when you were alive! It is not recommended.(This is why some people go SCHITZO(Schitzophrenic)!! Split Personality.)(Two of you in one body!)(A clash naturally occurs. Also: Supposing you can’t GET OUT??!! You could be stuck then in another body – not your own – until THAT person dies. However, I think getting out is no problem. Getting in IS!!)(It goes on!)(And many in mental hospitals can attest!!)

It must be VERY tempting for SOME OF the newly dead to do that, or TRY to do that.(Occupy another body.)


4. You probably will be able to float in the spirit air. Even fly about.

5. Another temptation will be sleeping humans. Those spirits who do this(enjoy sleeping humans) are called succubi and incubbi. Again ask yourself: Would YOU like that?

So we have these TWO temptations.(But I say, there are better pleasures and joys PROPERLY obtained(no theft!) higher up in The Spirit World. So DON’T waste time trying to do improper things!)
There is the temptation to POSSESS another human(their mind), so to LIVE THROUGH them. Thus to carry on some sort of a physical life.(Perhaps to eat. Or get sozzled.(Alcohol.)Or stoned(Drugs.).

And there is the temptation to “get fruity”,etc. with another human. Enjoying their bodies.

These things have karmic penalties of course.(They cost you DEAR!!)
Bad karma will lower your vibrations, and carry you down into HELL – to THAT extent!! So DON’T do it!!

Lowered vibrations will take you down to a plane lower than where you SHOULD be!!


There is no karma attached to floating in the air, or flying about!! You will be able to explore the entire Earth. FAR better than with Google Earth!!(But with even that innocent pleasure, I still advise – DON’T be tempted. But INSTEAD climb UP VIBRATIONALLY – as HIGH AS YOU CAN GET!! Then make a home. And start a new career – and enjoying yourself PROPERLY!!)(But don’t bother to make your OWN home. Instead, – go to the nearest Reception Centre(for the newly physically dead). They will look after you there. And soon have a home arranged for you. Relatives and friends who preceded you – may come and visit you in your temporary hotel(The Reception Centre.). THEY will perhaps let you live with THEM. Until you can get your OWN home built(or whatever)(Built by THOUGHT!!).
6. I find it interesting – that you can re-incarnate – and look the same as you did(or similar) in the life just ended!
7. We have a set of seven vehicles. Each one VIBRATIONALLY and MATERIALLY WITHIN the one higher than it(vibrationally).

8. Physical death is not the big deal it is made out to be.(The difference is this: In the physical world(On the physical plane – where we are now.) – you can advance spiritually better than you can in the Spirit World. (Which(The PHYSICAL) is hard physically, but easy spiritually.)(In The Spirit World, this reverses. It is easy materially, but hard spiritually. Now since spiritual progress is preferable to physical progress, it is more profitable for us here now IN THE PHYSICAL!!)(Though more enjoyable in The Spirit World.)

9. With SO MANY expected to die over the coming months, it is VERY important to learn these facts I am telling you!
10. Any Hell you go to will be the hell of regret(largely). Having done things you wished you hadn’t. And not doing things – you wished you had.

You CAN remedy this once you are as high as you can get in The Spirit World, by travelling back in time to each occasion you would like improved – AND IMPROVE IT. By going onto a NEW TIME TRACK!! Another parallel time track. Yes, you can do it. And it WORKS!!(I believe we spend some of our after-life correcting our errors.)

So yes, if you wish you had married Kate instead of Anne – well, BE MY GUEST. – Go BACK in time, – and do the necessary and/or undo what you did. Yes, it can be done. So do it!! THAT WAY you will be improving THE WORLD SITUATION at the same time!! So it is for The General Good.

This is NOT kidology – but an actual fact!! So you can do it!!


There are many time tracks. You don’t have to stay on this one you are on now!(Note: You won’t be able to ERASE what you did from existence. But you will be able to drop the errant time track AND SWITCH TO ANOTHER ONE!! Go for it.(Once high as you can go in spirit world. Not now. But best in The Spirit World!!)
Imagine you are an engine driver approaching multiple rail tracks. You took a few wrong turnings. Shunt back, – and get onto one of the other sets of rails!! And THERE do the better thing. AND not do the thing you regretted!!
Simple?! GO for it!!
Now THAT is worth a BIT – isn’t it?!
You didn’t think you could do that – did you. But you CAN!!
You can even do it NOW. But I advise not wasting your time. Because the forces that made you go wrong – will probably only make you go even worse – IF you do it now! So WAIT!!

You simply go back in your mind to the wrong turn you made. And then MENTALLY VISUALIZE doing the better thing.(But you may need to keep on repeating the improvement, as in time it will dissolve!)(Then MAKE SURE when high as possible in The Spirit World – by checking and ENSURING you have taken a better route AT EACH POINT YOU TOOK A LESSER TURNING!!)


Still friends? Well, there you are!

Please note, dear reader, that what you are reading, is being read by about a hundred others!
WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW I CAN MAKE THIS AS MANY MORE AS POSSIBLE!!(I want to reach AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE. But find I cannot do more than about a 100.)(Anyone help me??)

11. You may think I am kidding myself. But,no. You CAN ACTUALLY do these things I am mentioning!!

Only you are liable to go even worse if you try NOW – because the forces that sent you wrong, will send you even MORE wrong – or are likely to. So, WAIT!!

12. Chin up! The worst days EVER lie immediately ahead. MOST will die. But THEN you can REALLY start to enjoy things.

UNLESS you are wicked!(Those who harm others(more than they help them).) And then you will go to a low plane – and suffer there accordingly.










CCC13 The Unterland!!

September 10, 2012

Monday, September 10th, 2,012.


The Unterland.

      That is German for the vast area below ground, of natural passages. Below The Great Within world,too. Both of which are world wide. The Germans occupied some of it.

      The Fourth Reich(Hitler may have survived too!) may spring up from The Unterland beneath Antarctica.

      This is about my 500th article onto Word Press. About 1,000th onto Computers.

      And the equivalent of about 2,000 all told.



CCC5-2 Thunderstorms can produce poltergeists!

August 14, 2012

Tuesday, 14th August, 2,012.

Heat is producing poltergeists!

       Heat causes water to evaporate. This builds up clouds. Much produces thunder-storms. Friction between the water molecules creates electricity. Which often discharges to Earth(As lightning.). Plus rain, or some-such precipitation, of course.

       Where the ground has a sub-strate, copper for example, or silver or gold or any good conductor of electricity, then I BELIEVE circuits of electric current, flowing electrons, get set up. This creates an electro-magnetic FORCE FIELD.

       Magnetons get given off perpendicularly to the flow of electrons. The magnetons drive down-coming gravitons(which cause gravity) UP. Result is that objects below get reduced in weight.  Spirits can then move these objects more easily. VIA the force-field.  And we get POLTERGEIST activity.(Humans can levitate this way.)

       If you, or anyone creates an electro-magnetic field, you make poltergeist activity easier. Also, since 5D WITHIN The Force-field, is Hyper-space. If any party(One or more persons WITHIN such hub thinks, even sub-conciously of a distant space or time, then they may GO there! Via hyper-space’s higher vibrations ex the force-field.)

      This happened in The Philadelphia Experiment.  A ship, The Eldridge, was within a force field created by a powerful electric generator, causing it to have its molecular vibrations raised, such that the crew aboard the vessel could PERMEATE matter!! Arms and legs penetrating this changed vibrations got TRAPPED inside such matter, when the generator got turned off!! Many went mad as PARTS of humans broken up by the EM field moved around a bit, some getting PERMANENTLY trapped in matter!!  It was hushed up as much as possible.

      The ship, The Eldridge VANISHED not just from sight – but from existence in THE PRESENT and PLACE, travelling INSTANTANEOUSLY hundreds of miles – to where the crew were wishing to be!  Some were transported about 40 years into the future. One got back and switched off the generator – solving the problem!  Via a second generator IN THE FUTURE.(See film The Philadelphia Experiment)(Which is BASICALLY true.)

     The universe, and all its component fields, are globes or disks, with space-time surfaces, and vibration and higher density radius dimensions. In which lies HYPER-SPACE.

     It is not only POSSIBLE, but actually happened. Various experments have been conducted demonstrating this. Other ways too exist for travelling in space and time via HYPER-SPACE.  Other ways that create EM fields of some sort. One is called a Jacob’s Ladder I believe. Providing a PHYSICAL portal through which one can JUMP into a different place in space and time!!

     The trouble is you cannot come back, not easily, as you need to set up a fresh lot of apparatus! – Which takes money and time,etc. Perhaps years. So then people get trapped in the future, for example,  usually at another place concommitant with the distance travelled into the future.(The TWO usually go together!!)

     The principle is VERY simple. The higher your molecular vibration(which a force-field raises)(increases), the further up the vibration dimension in HYPER-SPACE you go(that is down its radial(radius)!

     I believe Criss Angel is a walking force-field. (A VERY powerful one.)(Permitting LEVITATION via his resultant lighter weight!)(When he OPERATES such field.)(Plus MANY other abilities.)All of us are encompassed with an electro-magnetic field to some extent OR OTHER.

     I THINK you can travel into The Past too.(Which could raise problems!)(Like having TWO of you,etc.)

     It DOES work. So please TAKE CARE!!

     Spirits can utilize the electro-magnetic field created. If a MEDIUM is present who can exude ectoplasm, then the spirits can appear, even MATERIALIZE. But this is difficult.

     Via Teleplasm.

     Spirts create the telesplasm. Mortals, mediums, can SOMETIMES create the ectoplasm.  Spirits do the rest, and operate through the medium!

      The Force-field provides ENORMOUS POWER, or it can do. Especially when you have many sitters.(Spirits do something similar on THEIR SIDE – that is in The Spirit World.)(Especially via raising their SPIRITUAL vibrations, perhaps by prayer, meditation, singing, music, incence,etc.)

      So, thus, thunderstorms can create ghosts!

      Which is why you get more of them then!

      HEAT is the basic ingredient!

      You just need that SUBSTRATE of some GOOD ELECTRIC CONDUCTOR, OR ley-lines, especially ley-line NODES(junctures).

      Or Pyramids!

     Standing stones, as at Carnac in France, and Stone-henge, can also provide POWER.  Sometimes power gets relayed from a pyramid in Orion(for example)(Best to contact The Pleiades or Higher Pleiades!!) to one say in Egypt, or some-where! Yes, ALL that distance. Via(used to do) the GOLD CAPS on top of the pyramids. Gold is an excellent conductor of electricity.

     Grids of power nodes cover the surfaces of astronomical globes. Some of them, at least.

     UFO’S employ this method for power(some do). An electric generator or some-such within the craft CREATES the field – which provides the POWER. Which is utilized to drive the craft.

    It is then easy for the ufo’s to travel anywhere in space and time!! – Via HYPER-SPACE.

   We could do the same. But there are dangers, of course!

   Curiosity is on Mars. Looking for Martians?  There IS life upon Mars.  (But this is covered up by NASA,JPL,etc!(So we are not likely to hear about it!))

   HUMAN life!  Sent to Mars about a million years ago FROM THE EARTH!!  Survivors from a close passing by Nibiru exist to THIS DAY in HUGE CITIES in SOME of the craters of Mars!!

   Take care! As aliens DO sometimes knock off our craft!

   The Martians do not always welcome us!(If ever.)





BBB18-2 What time is it??

July 26, 2012

Friday, 27th July, 2,012.

What time is it??
No. DON’T look at your time-piece! Look at where sun,moon and stars,etc. are setting and rising!!

We are not being told the truth!!(The time we are being given is being VERY SLOWLY altered(U.S.Navy, and via NAASA and Jet Propulsion,etc.) – to CONCEAL Earth’s slowing rotation – due to Nibiru! As well as North Pole being pulled over!! And tides raised. Conspiracy ON to keep us FOOLED!! So to keep control of us. As well as avoid mass panic.)
It is more than later than ANYONE thinks!
It is time to OBSERVE that sun,moon,stars,etc. are not rising and setting in the usual places!!

Watch tide levels AND where sun rises and sets!!!! Compare against previous and USUAL places!!!!
KEEP RECORDS!! Plot graphs, charts, lists,etc!!!!

DISCREETLY inform TRUSTED others!!


Nibiru is approaching. Very slowly just now. Orbital trajectories of Earth and Nibiru are almost parallel. Latest best estimate of passing is September 15th or 21st. 2,012.(Official date of 21.12.2,012 is only a MAYAN and INCAN REFERENCE date!!)(I estimate 28.10.2012. But date is uncertain!!)(Take NO chances. It is going to VERY SUDDENLY appear. And get VERY close eventually. I hope not hit us. I don’t THINK so!!…)(But one of its MOONS might!! And certainly asteroids and dust, especially red dust, and ALIENS!!) Keep your eyes wide NOW!!)


Nibiru is heaving on The North PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHICAL POLE. Eventually it will start a polar shift.

I believe that the TRUE North Geographical Physical Pole is the one we are calling The Magnetic Pole! And vice-versa!!
Earth is hollow with over one thousand mile wide tapering tubular holes at each end! Get down there to within The Earth. To get 400 mile crust over your heads!! SafER.

Nibiru is heaving atmosphere and tides up. So measure both daily!!


This rogue planet, Planet X, Nibiru, THE DESTROYER, is also slowing down the rotation of The Earth!

I understand we are about ONE SECOND off USUAL time.(Though we are told OFFICIALLY only a MICRO-SECOND’S FRACTION(a fraction of a micro-second) Though U.S. Navy is trying to conceal this. By inserting(daily) tiny adjustments – TO COUNTER!! They are getting ALL time systems to change accordingly. So to fool us ALL that time is normal. But it isn’t!!)

Will you all please get a TALLY on THE TIME!

Atomic clocks MAY help. Not sure. But these are being hidden,too.

Nor can you trust constellations above. Apparently falsified data there too. (But this NEEDS CONFIRMING!!) They are increasingly OUT,too! But true data being concealed! A TINY fraction each day or time.


Will everyone PLEASE check for THE CORRECT TIME. And do NOT go by the time given to us!

Also use MANUALLY BASED time-pieces!!
Use clockwork clocks and BATTERY OPERATED time-pieces!! THEY will be the most trustworthy. But NOT the OFFICIAL ELECTRIC times being given!!

We CANNOT TRUST the GENERAL electric times given to us! As controlled by those(NASA and U.S.Navy and Jet Lab,etc.) DELIBERATELY concealing Nibiru’s approach!!
Now the crust of The Earth is moving variantly LOCALLY!!

The variations are also IN the crust itself.
We need to check sun rise and sun set times, also moon times, and star times(setting and rising,ETC.)!!!

Against the degree of compass!!

Very confusing indeed. And authorities who shouldn’t be are hiding behind these facts.

Animals falling dead because dis-orientated by 1. Changing Magnetic North. And 2. U.S. Navy SONAR.

Not by fireworks, INDIVIDUAL starvation,etc.
Now I am putting all this badly, I know.

Hopefully, giving you AN IDEA of what is going on!!
By Nibiru AND The Wobble of The Earth(I mean the big LONG wobble, precessional!!)(Plus the wobble induced by Nibiru!)(So TWO wobbles now!!)


The world SO URGENTLY needs to WAKE UP!!

Things are NOT normal!

In addition we have NWO,Annunaki aliens massing above(TREMENDOUS ARMADA NOW ABOVE, UFO’S – including Mother Craft(preparing to evacuate us to save us from Nibiru). In addition to HYBRID RACE programming and orifice,etc.study of humans. Plus mutilation of cows. For some reason COW’S BLOOD is useful to them!!(Annunaki aliens are blending their genes with ours. Making a HYBRID race! Forcing sex to produce hybrid children!! But mostly by other methods!!))

Alien abductions proceed. Apparently we are ALL being examined IN TURN!! So watch out!!(THEY do it, by coming in their semi-materialized spirit vehicle forms, passing through our walls at night, and beaming us on to ufo’s via TENTS!!)
Some say Reptilians are behind The Annunaki.
The friendliest(our true ancestors) are The Pleiadeans. Not the negatively manipulating Orion lot!!(Where The Annunaki are from. We are evil and low because so unevolved, plus manipulated by Annunaki aliens, and maybe Reptileans. Also because from Phaeton, originally! Some of us were sent to Mars. Remnants THERE NOW!!!!(Huge cities in some Martian craters!! It’s right!! Not just faces! But pyramids and sphinxes,too!! And VERY MANY other things!!!!)(The Martians are us!!)(Related)

Humans originated on Phaeton, the planet which orbitted sun between Jupiter and Mars.(Tiamat, original Earth, got struck by a moon of Nibiru – knocking what has become Earth – its ORBIT – AWAY from its usual path.(I cannot remember now whether away from sun – or towards it. Needs checking.)(Tiamat’s moon became our moon.)

Phaeton had its crust blown off in some alleged war between two cities. Nuclear. Deuterium in ocean nuclear (ignited)exploded. Igniting the surface of the entire planet. And/or got hit by a moon of Nibiru. I am unclear as to which of two or three causes true.
However, The Phaetons got wiped out – bar a few who escaped in space ships TO MARS and THE EARTH!!!!(Some left Earth and went to Mars. Some are HUMAN DESCENDENTS. Some are our ancestors.
Then Mars got hit.(Evil apparently comes from Orion lot who changed our genes, and from Phaeton VIA MARS.)

Mars is inhabited by THE REMNANTS of some dreadful war or battle and/or a close passage by Nibiru.(Probably both.)

They look exactly like us!(And The Phaetons behaviour was negative and Earth human like.)
Incidentally we are not part of The Milky-Way Galaxy, but of a minor galaxy(Sagittarius A?) which is IN THE PROCESS of colliding with The Milky-Way. So that we shall become PART OF The Milky Way Galaxy.

One lot of humans ex Phaeton, the MAIN lot, re-incarnated upon The Earth. Via Cro-Mags and Neanderthals – which are not originally us!! Or maybe separately from them!!
There are MANY species of aliens. Variants and sometimes negative, like us.
Crop circles, most of them, are done by aliens. Mainly to try to warn us to improve our ways. And also to guard against Nibiru.(We are threat to solar system.)(So they keep us in check.)
We THINK that we are our physical bodies. But,no, we only OCCUPY those, via a whole descending chain of variantly vibrating vehicles(bodies).
It seems we had no beginning, and will have no end. Via Pre-existence and Re-incarnation.
Each individual lives endlessly.
We simply spend an average 50 years in The Spirit World re-cuperating from the hard physical plane. And then dive into some new chosen(perhaps for us) FOEUTUS!!
For an average 55 years incarnate.
Ghosts most CERTAINLY DO exist! They are simply creatures on an adjoing vibratory plane – viewed dimly and grotesquely.(Grotesquely on account of THE GAP between physical and super physical(and sub-physical!) planes.(They see US as ghosts!!))

Many dimensions from Dimension GROUPS exist!

And numerous strange creatures from other universes and planes.
I have personally seen about FOUR(Ghosts)(One materialized. I have even seen A PHANTOM of the LIVING!!.(No doubt about them!)(Seen MANY wierd and wonderful things like this.)
They CAN sometimes materialize. But are usually merely APPARITIONAL.

They CAN(and apparently do) kill via electric shock from touch.(I think many an otherwise unexplained death is due to ghosts!)(By SHOCK(TERROR) and/or ELECTRICITY transmitted!!)(Perhaps feared for THIS reason, as well as horror feeling born of THE GAP in vibration rate.)(Otherwise they are simply us again(the human ones) who have MERELY PASSED ON.(Death and birth are but INCIDENTS.)(Many now alive purposely to EXPERIENCE a Nibiru passing CATASTROPHE!!)
Physical death is actually a BIRTH.(Birth was our death!!)


Oh,yes. It IS so!!


Of course, many cannot bear this. Many wish NOT to live again. But we need to remember that as with dreams in waking life, that we do get a break in The Spirit World.(The After-life is a SUPER DREAM following Life. NOT a dream! Living is the dream! A NIGHTMARE so often!!) Though WHERE we go THERE – depends upon our behaviour here in the physical!!(Hence the VITAL importance of doing maximum good at all times!!)
Low and evil spirits, as well as mortals(humans in general are negative) drag us down, getting many to do evil and low things. Some possess us. At least OBSESS us with wrong thoughts!!


Our actions CHANGE our vibratory rates, including spiritual vibrations. And these determine WHERE we will go in The Spirit Word. Up or down in 5d. That is VIBRATIONALLY. As well as materially.
Sometimes we get born again on another planet. Perhaps around another star(but rarely).


Big danger that Israel will attack Iran, or get U.S. to do so.(Need to make sacrifice for world peace by NOT attacking Iran, however wrong they are(Nuclear development and threatening to block straits of Homuz(Horuz?)).)
The next world war would just about wipe out all life on Earth – via thermo-nuclear, nuclear, chemical, biological – as well as conventional and cyber and terror,etc. warfare.
We NEED to UNITE to defend against Nibiru!!

Human Nature still too far unevolved!!

Apparently some humans re-incarnated into dolphins. Very long ago.


So look after the dolphins. Maybe turtles,too.(Need to be given SPECIAL protection.)


Yes, what time is it? Not chocolate time! But time to choose THE POSITIVE. And ASCEND spiritually, divinely. MEDITATE!!!!

Not merely transit(pass on via SO CALLED death(no such thing!)) into Astral and Etheric planes.
There is MUCH, VERY MUCH, that humans do not know!

Do not sit in judgement! Avenging spirits often to blame!!
Nuclear radiation is a big danger.


Man, so many are, is OBSESSED with sex and drugs, dope,etc. But these things are DEADLY to spiritual, divine,etc. GROWTH!!

I include HETERO sex, not just the new peversion fashions.


They may alleviate our physical ills. But do much harm spiritually,etc.
Drugs are the cheap way to gain the joys of Meditation and Prayer and GOOD living(I mean SAINTLY living!) – and end up throwing us back thousands if not millions of years in evolution!! We CANNOT cheat!

Do NOT sin against GOD.

Nor do wrong against Man. I mean specifically CAESER(Man rule.).

The cost is a lower plane after so called death. And an inferior body and circumstances IN FUTURE LIVES!! AS WELL AS greater suffering in the here and now EVENTUALLY!!!!


It is SO VERY important that we do ALL the good that we can, at ALL times. Including IN THE SPIRIT WORLD!!!!(That high joys may result.)
So many are having a whale of a time now. Not that I am against that PER SE. But young SOULS, perhaps new up from The ANIMAL KINGDOM(!!) are going for PHYSICAL PLEASURES instead of the HIGHER JOYS(spiritual and divine and above)!!!! YES.

To AVOID suffering.

Many NOW in what is best described as HELL, in THE BEYOND, who are crying out to me RIGHT NOW, – to WARN the rest of you!!

We make our own hells.

Worst hell is the hell of REGRET!!(For wrongs done, or good things not done)
It IS possible to go back and RELIVE what you have done! Via Personal Time Travel!

Just go back in your mind, NOW. VISUALIZE yourself doing what you should have done, and NOT doing – what you shouldn’t have!! Do it – and KEEP ON repeating it, every time you think of it. IT WORKS!!(You will feel the joy!)(But you need to keep RE-APPLYING it!!)

Our vibratory state ALTERS the physical material worlds, you see!

REPENT of any evils done. BURN it out of your SOUL!!

Do NO MORE evil or low things.

But AS HIGH as possible!!


I know that some, perhaps many will call me superstitious and backward, but I am PAINFULLY AWARE of the COST of the hilarious time SO MANY are having RIGHT NOW!!!! Please, folks, DO NOT be FOOLED!!!!(Old Nick(The DEVIL) is VERY active!!!!)
Religion has exaggerated a lot.(And some times UNDER-STATED!!) But the BASIC facts REMAIN – and APPLY!!!!
Be warned!!


Nibiru will take VERY MANY off!
Mostly the wicked I understand. Those who take UNFAIR advantage of others…
PLEASE listen to me. To what I am saying.


I speak VERY true. And I KNOW it!!

It is SO EASY to slide down hill!
So TERRIBLY HARD – to climb back up!!
REMEMBER THAT – won’t you!!

We live for ever, and have already done so. So it is SO VERY important!!!!






PEACE be with you!

I address myself,too.(Particularly THAT fellow!!)

Be WISE, comrades, heed the higher wisdom! Of The Great Teachers.
GOD is good. But is NOT a fool!!(God is the spiritual sun. Working through our HIGHER SELVES. Too many making mistake of indulging their lower selves. No! It is the HIGHER SELF we need to LIVE FROM!! Live from GOD and CHRIST SPIRIT!!!!)


Our MAIN purpose AT ALL TIMES, is to evolve spiritually, divinely and above, TO THE VERY MAXIMUM!!





To ALL, not just the good.








Special Entry.2. MANY THANKS!!

July 23, 2012

Special Entry 2.

Thank you ALL for your kind remarks. I am making a GENERAL reply to all. THANK YOU!!

So long as you UNDERSTAND that things will get VERY bad. Go to Zeta talks, from where I extracted this. Gives you an IDEA!!

Batten down ALL hatches!!
I am greatly encouraged, but too much for me to respond to each one individually.

Hope you will accept this simple THANK YOU.





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