P5 Nibiru,etc.the very latest.

Saturday, August 3rd, 2,013.
A number of grave threats exist to this civilization of Arya. Herbuculosis, the dark star, Nibiru, a planet 4 to 5 times the mass of The Earth now approaching us, arrival date difficult to ascertain, maybe this month August, 2,013. Perhaps not until November 2,013, or later, 2,014 or beyond, the threat of WW3 over Iran and/or Syria, Danger of World Civil War – perhaps beginning in U.S. And/or EU. Danger of being EMPTED, which would render all electric appliances and devices useless(EU proof devices now being made)world-wide. Most wise to stock up all ESSENTIALS – to last up to 20 years! Electric torches,with batteries in, and bulbs, ready to go. I suggest at least 20 of them, plus tent, plus sleeping bag(for each person) – as all structures or most demolished by Planet Nibiru SOON. GET AWAY from coasts, at least 100 miles, AND at least 3,000 feet UP. Not safe near river banks either – due to flooding, so get far enough away from them! Have seeds of essential foods,etc.ready for planting. Get full proper lists from Internet. But include what I am mentioning. Remember Southern Hemisphere will be pitch dark for nearly six days!(6 days of daylight in Northern Hemisphere). Due to rotation of Earth being stopped by Planet Nibiru,now approaching us. Have tin can openers – at least four. Or can open on rough ground,rubbing vigorously. Rotation will resume but in the opposite direction. So then sun will rise in West.(Polar Shift coming, GEOGRAPHICAL as well as magnetic.)(This reversal happens every 3,600 years – which is the orbital period of Planet Nibiru. Now closing in on us.)(This small dark star, Herbuculosis and Nibiru,etc. Is a minor star system captured by Sol, our sun, from near to Sirius. Apparently there is no Planet X. (Nibiru,etc.is not it.) Perturbations of Neptune and Uranus accounted for WITHOUT Planet X! ) TWO CATACLYSMS are about to occur, as is World War 3 AND World Civil War. UFO’s are going land EN MASSE soon – to evacuate humans willing to move to a mother ship above(alien) or even another planet. At least until our Earth is habitable again. One cataclysm is due to Planet Nibiru. The other is due to the beginning of a new solar cycle. Began, I believe 22 or 23.12.2,012. These imminent cataclysms will occur one on top of the other!! Both are civilization destroying events!! Our increasing disasters, like sink holes and cracks – are due to the onsets of the two cataclysms. Magnetic Pole reversal will occur before geographical pole inversion. You may be tempted to disregard what I am saying, because said for so long, and so often. DON’T!! If you reject aliens’ offer – then better get UNDERGROUND!! The reason for the tremendous increase in UFO’s is because of the TWO IMMINENT cataclysms!!(As they prepare to ship the ENTIRE Earth population ELSEWHERE. Probably to come back later. The film CONTACT had the basic idea. A move to alien mother-ship and even another planet being preferable to death. I believe it will not be compulsory. The Authorities are TRYING to prevent Earthlings from seeing out into space – by using CHEMTRAILS. To try to stop us from seeing Nibiru,etc. Colossal underground shelters are being built for what is called THE EVENT. Actually there are TWO civilization destroying events IMMINENT. So DO get ready!! National leaders are NOW meeting to discuss the coming IMMENSE DOUBLE DISASTER. Saying Nibiru should label it! But it not solely due to Nibiru. The other imminent cataclysm is due to Earth’s wobble.(Sink holes,cracks and increasing disasters due to the two IMMINENT cataclysms.)(The strange sounds are due to rocks being stretched – as ground is heaved up. Increasing METHANE and HYDROGEN SULPHIDE too. Methane driving fish,etc. To beach their selves, and HS causing birds,etc.to fall from the sky.)(This civilization is literally right at its end!) PLEASE HEED!! Study U-tube videos to learn much!! Candles no good!! Just about all buildings will be levelled WORLD WIDE. We don’t need a world war as well, NOR a world civil war!!)(Bank notes will be worthless. Silver and copper best now. Emergency and Martial Law, plus The Fema camps, world wide.)(Have no doubt that this will occur and is imminent. Comet Ison is harbinger of our doom.)
The planet Pluto is not the true ninth planet! Nibiru is(briefly as it crosses over from Sirius system to ours). Pluto is a satellite of Neptune. There is no Planet X. Unless you count Planet Nibiru of dark star Herbuculosis system, which joins our solar system very briefly, but not really Planet X.
The Great Biblical Flood was due to an earlier coming of Nibiru. All the great catastrophes were, including Poseidon(wrongly called Atlantis)(True Atlantis followed Lemuria and was on what is now Antarctica) erstwhile big island in The North Atlantic(gone,now,as it went beneath the ocean waves). Expect increasing disaster now!! Up to DOUBLE CATACLYSM very soon!!
Hear me well, now!!!!

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