Q2: Continuing on Death.

Conciousness is, for us here in the physical Earth, currently in the physical body. When the physical vehicle gets uninhabitable – through disease or accident or whatever, then the physical body gets discarded and conciousness moves into the spirit brain. The physical body drops away dead, but that is not the end of you. Conciousness moves into the spirit brain, and you find yourself in the spirit world. You may not even notice it. Usually all pain and fear ends. And you are free of most if not all of the afflictions that beset your physical body. The only ones now suffering are those that loved you. So naturally(LATER) you may try to tell them that you are all right, just in a finer vehicle(body) but not detectable by THEM body. Your immediate task is to ascend as high and as fast as possible in the spirit world. Two types of spirit may accost you. Those who want to take you DOWN into Hell.(To hurt you to the maximum.) And those who want to take you up into Paradise.(To please you to the maximum.) The choice is yours. The Spirit World life closely resembles a glorified dream. A finer world is involved. But it has many PLANES, vibrational planes. You will go to that plane you qualified for by your actions whilst alive. These planes are 5d. To describe them is nearly impossible. So do all the good that you possibly can! As your next 50 years(average) depends upon it! If you have been good, you will go to a good plane. If bad, then a bad one. During life we can either live to enjoy THIS PHYSICAL world, or, we can aim for happiness hereafter. By our good deeds exceeding our bad ones. When you do err, then repent. Try to burn the low action out! It is a spectdrum of vibrational planes which include material places. God will encourage us to do good. The Devil will try ALL OUT to get us to do wrong! And no good! Whichever pre-dominates decides where we go to. We do not need to STAY where we arrive, but can strive to climb higher. Climb up as high as you possibly can. Where-ever you arrive, you can still go higher or lower. Terminate your affairs – and climb up VIBRATIONALLY(and spatially). Doing good is not as easy as you might THINK!!



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  1. Slarson says:

    Any updates?

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