W4 What happens after death

Article W4. What is it all about. So far as I can deduce.


     We human beings live a life time of an (if we are male Westerners)  average 55 years, transit at so-called death(which is only of the physical body)(Our six or more other vehicles remain, and we THEN live in the new outermost shell which is THEN the spirit vehicle in The Spirit World, shedding our outermost vehicle

or body, the physical body.  We then live an average 50 years in The Spirit,etc.realms, before usually re-incarnating to start the cycle again. This goes on ad infinitum. As we pass up through The Mineral, The Animal and The Human kingdoms, living hundreds of lives as a human being.     The current AVERAGE  age of death(at death) of male Westerners is 85. Beyond this such a one is in extra time, and can expect to die at any time. Far from having only about 55 years of life, we, in fact, have an infinite time, back and forwards combined. The problem, I think, is not that we shall come to an end, but that we shall NEVER come to an end!!(So which is worse, the horror of dying at any time OR going on for EVER!!!!(Though not only in the physical world.) We have already ALWAYS lived, and SHALL ALWAYS live!! At some point in The Spirit World, we seek to make the best karma, which can only be made in the physical currently.  So it is Hobson’s choice. Get bored rigid in The Spirit World(eventually), or endure the hardships of the physical. We eventually choose the physical, though FINALLY we stay for ever in The Spirit World. When we have nothing further to learn in the physical!! Higher kingdoms await us beyond the human. And kingdoms before  the animal existed.


      The attraction of The Spirit World  is that it is so much easier there, but then the karmic reward is far less. It is easier in The Spirit World because the SPIRIT matter is so FINE.


     In order to re-incanate we simply dive down into a new foeutus. Choosing male or female. And also, presumably, what species. Though who would choose to be less than human. And higher than human is not possible for us. I suppose we can choose other planets. But this is risky. Earth humans,etc. only know Earth.


    Most of us are hoping to live longer, though some,if suffering too much, hope to exit as soon as possible – in order to experience the much easier Spirit World.


   We retain our present form in our next life, though it gradually improves.(Unless we are determinedly evil, where it might deteriorate).


   After much study of after life and re-incarnations, this is my conclusion.


   Take ALL care as to what kind of a foeutus you dive into next time!!(You will be stuck with it until it dies!!!!)



   After death, which is like a big sleep, we awaken into The Spirit World. Some plane thereof, which accords with how we have behaved in life.  Some times we, after death, find ourselves still on Earth but in an astral copy of the physical, FOR A WHILE.  This is The Earthbound State.




   We can never go out of existence.


   We either awaken into The Earthbound state, OR we awaken into The Spirit World PROPER – which is  PARTLY like physical Earth.(Time is quite different there.}


    Once in that foeutus(WE choose it!!), we are stuck with it until it dies. We cannot get out(permanently)until it dies!!


   We CAN choose to enter the animal kingdom or some other kingdom. But how many are going to choose to be less than human. We CANNOT enter a higher kingdom!


   What I am saying is not set in stone, but I think it is correct enough.


  Higher spirits usually greet us after death, and guide us before our next birth. We decide when we get re-born.



  Friends and relatives who have died before us may greet us(wen we cross over) in The Spirit World.(Unless you resist that particular person.)


 In The Physical Realm, we can walk about. In The Spirit World we can FLY about. Everything is controlled by our THOUGHTS!!(Where we go – and what(anything!) we can create.



 Space,Time,Vibration,etc. are wholesale, not bit by bit(or partial).



  We do not go out of existence at physical death, though it might for a while SEEM so.


   Apparently one can come back as more than one person. Or live in The Spirit World and The Spirit World simultaneously!!



  Remember! We cannot go out of existence.




  I hope this answers a few questions for you.


  Yes, I may be a bit wrong here and there. But not much, I do not think.



   I hope it keeps fine for us all!!


  Sorry. I am unable to guarantee my statements.


  Alll the best!!


 The moral is: Be NICE to ALL. Even to ALL CREATURES!!!!(From a fly to an elephant!!)



 Some times we, after death, find ourselves still on Earth but in an astral copy of the physical, FOR A WHILE. This is The Earthbound State.








  Vic Conway.




2 Responses to W4 What happens after death

  1. Slarson says:

    Welcome back Vic. Thank you for posting, I have missed your writings.

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