AAA41 Nibiru,etc.continued.

June 25, 2012

Tuesday, 26th June, 2,012.


Nibiru, continuing.


I wish to extract this from Pakalert – and answer it:-(The EXTRACT is NOT mine.)

“Is Prepping Worth it? What if Nothing Happens? Is it all a Waste?

Posted: 24 Jun 2012 11:34 PM PDT
Earlier this year, I ran across an blog post on the Directive 21 site that asked the question: What if Nothing Happens? The context was that of prepping. You know what I mean: the time, the expense, the worry, the whole shebang. Is it worth it, and, more to the point, will all of this effort be wasted? Now I happen to know that a lot of naysayers out there will point to the year 2K brouhaha as an example of why prepping is folly.”
Some people who do not want to believe 2012 is a threat, point out that there was a big scare over Y2K(The Year 2,000.A.D.), but no thing happened.(Or very little)
Very short-sighted thinking! Prepping(Preparing(for 2012 Doom) IS a lot of bother to go to. How AWFUL. To go to all that trouble – and then NO THING happen! (What a LET-DOWN!!))

Yes, WHAT IF NO THING HAPPENS?! (But,…)What if SOMETHING does?!(And you HAVEN’T prepared.)(It is a case of being PRECAUTIONARY!!)(NOT of arrogant CERTITUDE!!)

The REASON for The Y2K scare was IN CASE something DID happen.
FORTUNATELY, nothing did. IN 2,000, or 1999. Nothing much happened on the computers,etc.


However, those who argue that Y2K was a fizzer(and 1999), therefore ALL scares are fizzers, and so 2012 must be too!!

That is IDIOTIC!!

The IDEA is to be PREPARED just IN CASE the warning is sound.

I think silly criticism put on Pakalert. Should not have asked so OBVIOUS a question!
I suppose many do look for an EXCUSE to reject preparing(PREPPING).

Which is better? To prepare and nothing happen. Or NOT to prepare and SOMETHING happen!
The point is this: The idea is to handle(deal with) the POSSIBILITY that SOMETHING(BAD) MIGHT(happen)!!

The ship may sink. The plane MAY crash. So have a life-jacket on!!

How many are DISAPPOINTED when nothing happens?? This is silly!!


I point out two obvious things:-

1. 1999 and 2,000 were APPROXIMATE dates issued for the TRUE date – which is 2,012!!

The ERROR was to assume that The APPROXIMATE date was the ACTUAL date! No,no!!(Saying 2,000 is just a lazy way of saying 2,012. Rough!!)(2,000 is ROUGHLY 2,012!!)
2. The people(skeptics) who harp on I WISH IT WAS 2,013 so that the matter is settled are ASSUMING that The 2,012 warning is erroneous.

Hey! 2,012 has come. Aye. But NOT gone!! Wise I think to WAIT for 2,013 to come AND go TOO – before rejoicing that nothing happened.(Or, in the words of the prophet: DON’T count your chickens BEFORE they are hatched!!(Some of you may have HEARD of the saying!!(LOL))

It should be OBVIOUS that it is UNWISE(FOOLISH!!) to count your chickens BEFORE they are hatched.(And most people don’t!)(But there are those who do.)


There IS a prediction or prophecy that Doom will occur(or perhaps ONLY start) in the year 2,012 A.D. Yes, it MAY be phoney. True. But on the OTHER HAND, it MAY be SOUND!!

Of all prophecies, 2,012 is VERY sound!!(But wise not to be TOO cocksure until 2012 has GONE.(AND well into 2,013,too!!))
How do you skeptics KNOW(beyond ALL doubt??) that this 2012 prophecy WON’T come to pass????
WISE to wait until 2,012(and 2,013) has GONE before CROWING!! I THINK!!

Because if it HAPPENS(Doom) – WHO will have the most EGG on their faces later??(However we can all expect MUCH MORE than egg on their faces!!)


This is VERY foolish!!


(Let us)
WAIT, and SEE!! – As the saying goes!! OBVIOUSLY!!!!

Shall I break my heart over some AWFUL event that did not happen?(Which I had prepared for.)

Or shall I be THANKFUL, despite my work, THAT IT DIDN’T??!!

All SORTS of predictions get made all the time, everywhere. SOME eventuate. Others don’t!!

But I don’t think it is wise to be SURE IN ADVANCE that it won’t happen!!


In any case, how MARVELLOUS that it didn’t(IF that is so)!!

Psychological compensation!!


At least The Preppers have THEN got a good supply of things – for any future calamities!!



I do not KNOW(for certain) what TOMORROW will bring.(In fact I don’t(for CERTAIN) know AT ALL!! Do I? DO YOU??
I also do not know(for CERTAIN) what tomorrow WON’T bring!


Therefore wise to hedge bets!!

I COULD say “The sun will rise tomorrow”. Yet there is a day coming SOON, VERY SOON, when the sun WON’T rise tomorrow!!

One CANNOT avoid ALL suffering.

But one CAN rejoice despite the work,etc. of PREPPING, when disaster does not occur!!(A sort of good insurance investment!!)


The name of the game is to REDUCE suffering(probably), NOT (TRY TO) ELIMINATE it!!(Elimination is good, but who can expect to be THAT successful??!!)

How many of you think that because I tried to be a bit humourus in my last article, that the whole thing is PHONEY? Bit hopeful weren’t those of you who thought THUS!!

The idea of a little humour, despite the APPALLING GRAVITY of the prediction, was to relieve THE TENSION, not to make a joke of it, or TO SUGGEST that the whole thing was PHONEY!!(Come ON!!)


Fukushima is VERY worrying!!


A REALLY BAD radiation CLOUD could cover the WHOLE world!!(If there was a collapse there.)(And HOW LIKELY given that disasters PROLIFERATE!!)

Let us NOT BANK upon our assumptions!!(Positive OR negative)




Whilst not IGNORING the POSSIBLE!!

Or even the MERELY improbable.







AAA40 Doomsday is IMMINENT!!

June 24, 2012

Monday, 25th June, 2,012.


Nibiru is at the gates!



PLEASE go to “2,012-Signs in Sun,Moon, and Stars-Just The First 3 Months” . Then follow the series,etc.

Also “Zeta Talk”. And “Earth Changes and The Pole Shift”. Etc.

On U-Tube videos,etc.


Men of Planet Earth! I know that I have touched upon this subject before. And MORE THAN once!!
I need your fullest ATTENTION.

AND co-operation!!
ARE YOU ready to be transported onto alien Mothercraft space ships??(As the better half of Humanity has this to look forward to. Unless you care to be be destroyed?!)
Yes, Caviar won by a nose. Should have been two lengths. But THE TRACK(so sticky) let her down!! The jockey did his best(But he under-estimated the track), but was FAR too complacent on the home stretch.(As it was she tore two muscles.)(And the trip de-conditioned her.)

The Stables,etc. should have studied track,etc.conditions better!
With that out the way, I DO hope you understand JUST HOW serious things are!
TWO groups of UFO’s are being prepared. Annunaki aliens on board. Two VAST armadas!! DO I make myself CLEAR??
Group one is VERY SOON to land and choose the best half of humanity.
Group two hovers far above waiting for the best half of us to be beamed aboard. But it will not be Scottie waiting at the other end!(I don’t think I need enlarge…)

We are talking TWO vast fleets(of many thousands in each) of UFO’s, ALMOST READY to spring into action. Little greys will perhaps, if not probably, precede them!!
You get my drift? But are you DIGGING?? If not, WHY NOT??!!


PEACE be with you, all.
Resistance will be futile!!
I understand that step one will be floating(FLOATING) the best half of Humanity into TENT camps. And then BEAMED UP from them!!(Better pack!!)(Yes. Bring your own toothbrush. AND tooth-paste!!)
Which one is your leader? Which lamp-post??


Bring him to me, please. You can leave the light bulbs in.(The brains??)


Disasters,etc. continue apace upon Earth. As Nibiru draws near.

Some of you may have noticed…


Comrades(IF any), I am DEADLY serious. But using a LITTLE humour to lighten you a bit for the trying ordeals ahead…


We are to be ABDUCTED en masse, – for our own good!!(The better half of humans,that is.)


Some of you may be met by your children. Hybrid children. Products of a merger being arranged by The Annunaki.
And now, men of Earth(and women), I shall conclude by hooking you on to some sets of data. For your edification.(Please see fuschia(this colour) above – under heading.)




Vic.(I seem to be relaying to you.)

O.K. you guys??
All right, chaps??



V. For Vic.








AAA39 Nibiru,more. Don’t miss!!

June 20, 2012

Thursday, 21st June, 2,012.



Nibiru: More details.

These earth movements that Victoria, Australia (and the one in New Zealand)is(are) having – are, I believe, due to Nibiru approaching.(Hauling the upper Earth higher!!)

Keep CALM, absolutely calm, because this is NOTHING compared to what is coming!

These incidents are part of THE VERY START of The Pole Shift. This is almost CERTAIN!! (As Nibiru HEAVES upon The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole! Nibiru will win,…)(Terrible JERK. And GIGANTIC GLOBAL earthquake. And then Earth swivels over…some say 90 degrees in one hour…That is over 6,000 miles per hour.(I would have thought that The Earth Inversion takes one day, maybe several.)(Sun and moon stand still in the sky. My guess is 27 hours. Maybe days. Anything up to about a week!!))
What is coming, starting now, but spread over the next few months – to a couple of years, WILL BE THE WORST DISASTER MAN ON THIS EARTH WILL EVER EXPERIENCE!!(Past AND FUTURE!!)(I resented putting that word FUTURE in!!)
Called THE EVENT, many now living GOT BORN purposely TO EXPERIENCE!!
Yes, how nice to be able to claim that you experienced THE WORST CATASTROPHE EVER – to hit Man on Earth!!
What will it be like? You know that film 2012? That BASICALLY is what we can expect!! When I say HELL ON THIS EARTH, I MEAN just THAT!!
Tsunami, world wide, of about 700 feet high! Picture one of THEM racing up your beach!

But Tsunami will be ONLY ONE of the very many horrendous weather events!(Weather of all EIGHT element levels!! Fire,Earth,Water,Air,Electricity, Magnetism, and two more!!)

I say again: You(and every creature on Earth!) are MORE LIKELY to die – than to live! Terribly and horribly.
I am spelling it out AS I SEE IT.


What is happening, you see, is that TWO great cycles of disasters are occurring SIMULTANEOUSLY!!

We have the 6,500 year quarter solar cycle – which is due to THE WOBBLE of The Earth.(When The Earth reaches extreme tilt.)(Four equal tilts every 26,000 years.)

AND we have the 3,600 year cycle of Nibiru’s passing us.

BOTH of these cycles are OCCURRING SIMULTANEOUSLY this time!!

In fact, what is happening(about to happen) is an event that happens about once in every 26 MILLION YEARS!!


Normally each one of either produces a CATACLYSM. But THIS time, we have the BOTH together!! So a DOUBLE CATACLYSM!!

PLUS the completion of one revolution of the galaxy(Milky Way)(Do NOT confuse solar system with galaxy! Our solar system is simply Sol, our sun PLUS the planets and their moons,ETC. circling them.)

PLUS the completion of all other astronomical cycles relevant to us. PLUS the alignment with the centre of the galaxy. PLUS The New Age of Aquarius advent!(When Pisces Age ENDS.)
(The GALAXY is a system of MANY BILLIONS of stars!(About half of them solar systems!)(Hundreds of billions of stars,perhaps, in a galaxy. Maybe 300,000,000,000. And there are as many galaxies in a universe… I think the TOTALITY is INFINITE…))

Supposing you lived in a village of 7,000 people. Then the world contains ONE MILLION(1,000,000) such villages in population(equivalent), as yours.(Over 7,000,000,000 people on Earth.)
But an average galaxy contains 300,000 such EARTHS of people!

The number is way too far beyond that of the AVERAGE individual to grasp!

So please do not say GALAXY – when you ONLY MEAN solar system!

Our solar system is the PROPORTIONATE correspondence to


A different and MUCH bigger thing!! Than our solar system!(It is LIKE confusing your village comparison to that of The Earth of the hypothetical equivalent in villages with 300,000 Earths(OF VILLAGES!!)!!!!))

Your(hypothetical)village is ONLY 1,000,000 x short of The Earth number.

But The Milky Way GALAXY is 300,000 TIMES LARGER than
than is the disparity between a village of 7,000 against an Earth of one million(1,000,000) such villages!

The coming SUPER CATACLYSM(Because TWO cycles of cataclysms involved!) will be(my estimate) About 4x(Because Wobble, Nibiru, Galactic Alignment AND rebellion against end of Pisces Age, – comes to FOUR TIMES the USUAL cataclysm(every 3,600 years) – MEANS
…THAT we are ABOUT TO SUFFER One ATLANTIS type event.
One Atlantis type event equals ABOUT 1000(roughly) World Wars. Of World War two size.

Or 4,000 world wars. Now THAT’S devastation…

So we are looking at something “rather nasty”…

THAT is ABOUT the size of it.


Can YOU imagine 4,000 WW2’s compressed into one?

THAT is what we can EXPECT over the next 8 months to two years.



Which is WHY I POUND you FEW with my pitiful warnings…

It will be(I am estimating) UTTERLY unimaginable!!

ALL words fail UTTERLY. And beyond all comprehension…

However, two points, 1. It will BUILD UP to this.(The earth trembling,etc. in Victoria and the earthquake in New Zealand are among only THE VERY FIRST fleas in an ARMY of tyranosaurus rexes NOW bearing down UPON US…

And 2, You can only die.(And death will be preferable(in my opinion) to surviving to live in the most extreme devastation IMAGINABLE…With Ice Era and then ICE AGE following,…)

Folks, comrads,…PLEASE fasten your SEAT BELTS!!

Turbulence ahead!(As The Captain swallows his false teeth AT THE VERY THOUGHT!!))



I am TRYING frantically, desperately, to give you all SOME IDEA of what to expect.

An AWFUL number of humans will of course die in their tracks. Like The Dinosaurs did in perhaps some earlier EVENT!!(Of like nature.)


I struggle to render an accurate picture, as to nature AND magnitude.
I am having a job…



Get as high as possible. Get away from the coasts. And, I DO advise, from people. AND from animals.(Because BOTH will be STARK STARING RAVING MAD… In mindless packs – COMPLETELY OUT OF THEIR MINDS.)
We have never had it so good. This generation. And VERY SOON, will never have had it so bad!


Yet SOME will survive. Even millions. Don’t know how many millions. POSSIBLY billions. But WHERE are they going to HIDE??!! From the destruction LASHING everything???? In ALL forms, from EVERY DIRECTION!!!!

Nibiru is as big as Saturn!
IT won’t hit us(very unlikely to). BUT, some of THE STUFF accompanying it – PROBABLY will.(Moons, rocks, dust, the deadly red dust, and much very much more.)
I STILL say GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE! Aim for it and KEEP ON GOING for at least 600 miles – and you SHOULD find yourself upon THE INNER SURFACE of this HOLLOW EARTH!!

Just about every settlement on Earth turned into an HIROSHIMA!!

Not from Radiation though. Though we can expect some of that,too.(Just about ALL of the nuclear plants on Earth are going to broken WIDE OPEN!!)


People have NO IDEA!!


We have had a flea bite or two so far. But VAST PACKS of Tyranosaurus Rexes are coming,…
Death will be best,…But do NOT commit suicide!

What makes it worse THIS TIME is the number of people on Earth, and the degree of technology reached!!

Electric arcs will leave hardly ANY electronic and electric devices working!
It will come gradually…(Until The Pole Shift STARTS, – and then – WHAM…)


Nibiru is the cause. Pole Shift the mechanism.(PHYSICAL Inversion of The Earth.)

ANYTHING bad that you can think of…And worse. All over the place. Will BE so manifest…

Watch out for that huge red moon in the sky….soon…

Go to “Earth Changes and The Pole Shift” site.(VERY interesting.)

AND to “Zeta Talks”(ALSO GOOD).

AND others like those.

The two named are the best I have found so far.

Earthquakes in Victoria??
Just an early BREEZE in the coming SUPER HURRICANE!!!!

And MAN, am I falling SHORT by way of DESCRIPTION!!

There are no words,…






Best hope? Get buried(with plenty of water,etc(medical supplies,radio,batteries,AND SO ON…AND SO ON….)) IN a Super-Market!

And JUST HOPE NO ONE can reach you!!



I repeat DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE.(Awful penalty in Spirit World. So don’t do it!!)



Did you remember to add smelling salts to your list??!! GOOD IDEA!!!!


Heat, cold, fright and TERROR will take many off BEFORE they realize it!!















AAA38 Nibiru, continuing.

June 20, 2012

Wednesday, 20th June, 2,012.

Continuing on Nibiru.

Cause of the coming Pole Shift.

Nibiru IS approaching, and its gravity is pulling on The North Geographical Pole, straining to pull it over. Because Nibiru is 22x as massive as Earth(Though only 4 to 5 times as big), it will succeed. Eventually.
VERY little time is left for us all to PREPARE. MANY of Earth’s life-forms will die. Including BILLIONS of humans. Anywhere from 3 to 6 BILLION humans. Prepare to die – unless aliens evacuate you.

Nibiru IS in sight. NOT a lens flare! Close examination of many videos,photos,etc. renders this clear enough!!

This Pole Shift is physical, geographical. Will mean the switching of the poles.(The physical geographical ones!)(Including The Magnetic.) Yes, I know that the physical or geographical pole is unrelated to the MAGNETIC pole. BOTH will switch ends.(The Earth is going to TURN RIGHT UPSIDE-DOWN!!)(Or, POSSIBLY, AT LEAST, lie upon its side, but TOTAL PHYSICAL INVERSION is the most probable result!)

This occurs EVERY 3,600 years! And is due to Nibiru passing(on ITS orbital trajectory) close to The Earth! THIS is WHY the great continent civilizations of the past got destroyed!!

We are urged to PREPARE. But SO LITTLE can be done. Why bother??!! We are looking at Nemesis, Herboculosis, Nibiru AND Homeward passing near. (Actually ONLY Nibiru passes close by.)(But that is ENOUGH!!)(To end this civilization.)All heavenly bodies as large OR LARGER than The Earth.(Nibiru is Planet X.)

It is for sure. And it will be SOON!!

VERY little will survive.

Not likely to hit us.


It is possible that Nibiru is a captured wandering planet, and not a planet of Sirius B. Apparently these are common, and when caught – wreck havoc in whatever solar system they get trapped by.


We are NOT looking at another fantasy notion here. This is real. The Nibiru report IS true!!


It is true that many humans fantasize some weird things. But THIS Nibiru,ETC. is NOT one of them!!


It is a planet FAR out beyond Neptune(Pluto-Charon no longer qualifies as a planet. Too small. Perhaps just an Oort object.)
Neptune is the only planet that does not fit Titius Bode’s Law. I suggest that the reason for this is that Neptune got struck by Nibiru – and knocked way back off from its original orbit.(Leaving(possibly) a double satellit Pluto-Charon behind.)
Nibiru does not fit the usual Gas Giant,etc. category – and is therefore likely a capture by Sol, our sun. Perhaps an outer planet of Sirius B – or maybe one of the planetoids or planetary space wanderers that happened to get too close to the sun.
These captured alien objects wreak havoc because NOT fitting the original solar lay-out concerned.


Our accelerating wandering magnetic pole is one of the first signs of a pole shift.

Note that a pole shift is not a matter of a few inches – but of TOTAL INVERSION!!
The Southern Stars will interchange with The Northern Stars. The Southern Cross will hang over London, perhaps. And The Plough,etc.(A Northern Constellation) will hang over Austalasia!!


All SORTS of weird things will happen!!


The increasing disasters and high temperatures are due to Nibiru’s approach.
I am not fool-proof. But am giving my best estimates judging from the picture I get – as I go along.
We stand more chance of dying than of surviving this. Every creature on Earth does!!


I have warned for ten years now. As I have watched Nibiru get closer and closer.

The Authorities are trying to hide it.(To keep CONTROL of us.)

And the sceptics fear it.

A Conspiracy of Silence exists to TRY to hide it from The Public.
It MAY resemble(at face value) an unlikely notion. BUT IS NOT IN FACT so!

Unusual things DO SOME TIMES occur!!
It is not a case of LOOK DEEP, but LOOK DEEPER!!


Do NOT make the facile mistake of assuming that ALL coins not conforming to the usual parameters – are in fact duds!! That is the lazy man’s rule to save him looking more deeply!! Thus he takes the easy route of ASSUMING ALL coins not EXACTLY conforming have to be duds!!(And therein lies your mistake at times. And, I suggest, THIS time!!)
The line between dud and UNUSUAL genuine can some times be too narrow to distinguish easily!!


Though all duds are not genuine, not all dud looking coins(ETC.) are in fact duds!!

DESPITE the some-times genuine looking duds!!
I hope you know what I mean!!
The Nibiru notion – though it SUPERFICIALLY may have a number of fake properties – is, in fact, genuine DESPITE the APPARENTLY fake areas!!
In your eagerness to have Nibiru booted out, take CARE you do not eject a GENUINE ARTICLE!!!! Simply because of phoney FAKE superficia!!!!


Phoney fake equalling GENUINE!!!!


Not all dud coins are INFALLIBLY dud!!


The weakness here may be YOUR erroneous(in this case!) wish to classify Nibiru as a foolish notion!!
A case of DOUBLE bluff!!(If you see what I mean!!)

Dud coins can look genunine.

And sometimes genuine coins can LOOK dud, – when they are NOT!!

Even though genuine coins USUALLY look genuine!!

Those calling Nibiru phoney, are betraying their wish that it NOT be genuine – rather than that they have exposed yet one more phoney!!

Upon the altar of their wish that Nibiru BE a fake!!

Simply because fakes USUALLY bear tell-tale non-genuine SIGNS!!!!
Don’t let the SIMILARITY in appearances fool you here!!!!


I would ask these questions of the sceptics:-
1. Why MUST Nibiru BE phoney?

IS it phoney because you WANT it to be(so)?(In order to preserve YOUR error!!)

OR, is it genuine, but YOU cannot BEAR that??!!

Are YOU not being fooled by Orthodox DRIVEL?!
Which SO MANY have swallowed HOOK, LINE AND SINKER!!!!


2. WHEN you so viciously attack any who disagree with you(who have been fooled by orthodoxy).
3. Is it not possible that Orthodoxy ITSELF is fooled??


4. And even if you are correct(IF you are!!), WHY such INTENSE anger and HATRED??

Is no one else allowed to make a mistake? But you CANNOT??!!(CANNOT make a mistake.) – and DO NOT??!!

Are YOU so infallible??
WHY are you so ABJECT to Orthodoxy??!!









AAA36 A supplement. To Nibiru.

June 18, 2012

Monday, 18th June, 2,012.

More upon Nibiru.


It is coming towards us. But not DIRECTLY towards us. It is on ITS orbital trajectory. Earth is on its. The two orbital trajectories cross each other. Twice.
Did any of you SEE Nibiru? It was at about 11.00 against the sun.

It MAY not arrive to pass until early next year. Or some time in between.
A Pole Shift should start at ANY time.(Up until early next year.)







AAA37-2 The Four Great Objects. And to guide you on your way!!

June 18, 2012

Tuesday, 19th June, 2,012.

The Four Objects. Nibiru,etc.

Nibiru is due in 32 days. But that is best estimate I can see. It COULD be UP TO 8 or 9 months away, yet. But IT IS coming!!

Four objects are coming: Nemesis,Herbucolosis,Nibiru and Homeward.

They are moving closer PARALLEL to Earth’s orbit. As the two orbital trajectories close to a distance I ESTIMATE as about 30 million miles. Was 40.

Nemesis is a failed star, Herbucolosis is a giant VERY cold dim dark object, about size of Jupiter, Nibiru is about size of Saturn, and Homeward is an Earth-sized planet circling Nibiru along with 5 minor planets. The Annunanki aliens(Nephelim??) reside on Homeward.(They are POSSIBLY Reptilians. They modified our genes by blending with theirs! From Orion. Sirius. We NEED to be with The Pleiadians! Especially from Central Sun, Alycone!! Orion lot has hijacked us!! Hence, evil. Also from Phaeton – where we are from. Mars is inhabited by HUMANS originally from Earth, survivors of a previous Nibiru pass AND marauding aliens!! LOTS of real estate on Mars!! Some on Moon,etc.too!!!!)
Nibiru has an ENORMOUS tail of junk. Boulders, junk, dust, deadly poisonous red dust and TRILLIONS of comets and asteroids,etc.etc. The tail is being blown(by the our sun’s cosmic wind) into our faces. So it is PRECEDING Nibiru, not following it!

Red dust has been falling for a decade or two. When mixed with water it looks like blood.(I believe that THIS is the blood(looks like blood but is NOT blood)that Revelation refers to!)

A red rain fell in India some years back. I think it was this red dust mixed with water.
Notice the increase in the amount of asteroids,etc. just missing Earth? It is because we are going deeper into Nibiru’s TAIL!!

This is not so much stuff from OUR Asteroid Belt, as material from Nibiru’s TAIL!!

This should acceleratingly increase as Nibiru and retinue gets closer.

There is a growing vague feeling that something BIG is about to happen. Big and TERRIBLE.

We have been warned by key religious and spiritual groups for up to 2,000 years,now!

Jesus warned us. So has Einstein(Pole Shift), Nostradamus – and Cayce – to name a few.
I expect Nibiru(AND retinue) to SUDDENLY APPEAR at ANY time!!(Taking Earthmen by surprise. Like a THIEF in the night.)

It will look like a large red moon.

Yes, it could all co-incide with the start of The London OLYMPICS, July 27th, 2,012.(Or sooner!)
Many seem to be deliriously happy at this time.

That doesn’t happen on Planet Earth! Suspicions SHOULD be being aroused! When the world rejoices, – BEWARE!! Something VERY nasty and big – is ABOUT to HAPPEN!!

You are too COMPLACENT, Earth-men!
And some are too SMUG.

This is EARTH. NOT Paradise!!


The CLEANSING is about to occur. And the wicked DESPATCHED!!

Through death. And dying.

Lust is NOT love!! Neither is NEED. Many humans CALL sex and need – love. NOWHERE near!! Love is the GIVING of God’s SPIRIT, not the TAKING of human desire and need foully implanted by Pan!! Not EVEN Romance is True Love!!
The Earth is about to have its vibrations raised.

I urge you all to escape through ASCENSION. SPIRITUAL ASCENSION.

To embrace the four HIGHER unions. Heart, Throat, Head and Crown Chakras.(Which parallel The Endoctrine Glands.)
And to avoid like THE PLAGUE – the lower lusts. Of sex. ESPECIALLY homo and gay. (Give and receive)
I am referring to the four lower chakras. That Man is OBSESSED with. Dump THEM. Embrace the four HIGHER!!

Private, excretory,spleen and body functions. THEM!!

AND drugs, dope, alcohol and smoke,etc!!!!

Or NOT be saved from THE HELL and HORROR, TERROR and WIPE-OUT about to occur!!
A VERY HARD ask – but you HAVE the CHOICE!!

Abstain, or perish!!

Whatever happened to PURITY and DECENCY?? CLEANLINESS and THE HIGHER??

Man is sacrificing the HIGHER unions to the lower! And the higher self to the lower self.

The penalty for this is WIPE OUT!! Followed by HELL!!!!
YOUR choice. YOUR call, EARTH men!!

Think you that Jesus perspired BLOOD – for NOTHING?? – Think AGAIN!!

It is NOT Utopia that lies immediately ahead – but UTTER DESOLATION AND CARNAGE!!!! WAKE UP!!!!

You are BEING FOOLED and CONNED by Old Nick!! And The Horned god, Pan!! Low pleasures. Of body.
Do you HONESTLY believe happiness is so cheaply bought??!!


PREPARE to die! And PREPARE for HELL!!!!
Physical death is actually BIRTH. The physical body gets vacated. Conciousness moves from physical brain to etheric brain, then to astral brain – before finally moving up into the lower mental. Prepatory to going higher.(For those that QUALIFY!!)
Religion and The Churches,ETC. have failed!

So I am telling you what THEY should have!!

Save your SOULS – your INNERMOST SELVES, by OBEYING GOD.(Ten commandments plus two Jesus added.), repenting of any(ha ha) evil done, and ACCEPTING CHRIST!! Then FOLLOWING Jesus(Christ)!!

Not ONE of us is TOTALLY innocent!!

The harvest is about to be reaped!!
After death head STRAIGHT for the blue white light! IMMEDIATELY. Have NOTHING to do with spirits who try to get you to go DOWN!!

Climb as high as you can in 3d, and in 5D(Vibration). As fast as you can. As many will be trying to drag you down(as in life)into HELL!!
Tempting you with body pleasures!!(sex,etc.)

And MIND joys(via drugs and dope,etc.)

SPURN them!! Have NO truk with them WHATSOEVER!!!!

So called death is ONLY the death of the physical vehicle, your body, that carcass you NOW wear!! Which so many THINK is them!!
It is but a GARMENT that we wear to make contact with this physical realm.(To speed up our spiritual and divine evolution!!) At death we lay it DOWN!! AND it ROTS away – to dust(and bones). But WE do not!!
Picture an endless scale of a spectrum of octaves of VIBRATIONS. Currently we are in this physical.
Look! There are TWO great Kingdoms: The Inner one WITHIN our auras, and the OUTER one outside of even our physical bodies!!

When we fall asleep we enter, periodically, The Inner Kingdom. And our conciousness spreads out among the images of our aura. We call them dreams. At the borders of falling asleep and awakening we often encounter incredibly beautiful detailed imagery. At the doorway to The Outer Kingdom.
When we DIE, we enter The Great OUTER Kingdom!!
We do NOT go out of existence. Our physical body does though!!

In The Outer Kingdom, many are lost. Not knowing WHAT is going on!!

I would spare you all from THAT!!
After physical death, a SERIES of obstacles lies ahead!

According to how high you have raised your spiritual vibrations!

FORGET the physical body. That never was you!
It was a temporary MOULD, created by our truer vehicle, the spirit body.
First is the danger of THE FOG. A fog which surrounds the etheric vehicle. This is the fog of the energy field we called life during our living.

Get THROUGH that.
Next, get through the fog surrounding The Etheric Plane. It is a MIST. Much finer.
After that we enter The Etheric Plane. This is the ORIGINAL of The Physical Plane. The PHYSICAL is the carbon copy, NOT the duplicate we enter after so called death.

This is The EARTHBOUND state. In it we are trapped at The Physical Earth level. It has its luring attractions. But we need to climb higher!!(Avoiding the temptations – to reach THE REAL MEAT!!!!)

Get into The Astral Plane to start with. Many go there immediately. It depends how we have lived. Which governs our vibrations – which determine how fast we ascend. Whatever you do DON’T go down!!(Hell is down there!)(Hades)(Hell is condition or state of mind(emotions)(soul). Hades is the MATERIAL environment HELL creates. Likewise with Heaven creating Paradise.)
Spirits of LIGHT will help you ascend(3d and 5d) if necessary. And it often is!!
Get through The Astral Planes – and into The Mental.
But the true heights do not begin until in The Higher Mental.
These are Theosophical terms.

Be ASSURED, physical death is NOT the end of you!!
But what IS important is not your VEHICLE, but your SOUL!!

At the end of this life, we enter the next vibratory level up.Materially!!
But what happens to THE SOUL is another matter. THAT depends upon the level of SPIRITUAL VIBRATION you(we) have reached.

And your behaviour in life determines that.

Two great principalities try to capture our souls in life. God and Devil. God through the delights of the HIGHER mind and emotions.

And The Devil, by using Pan to drag us down via the pleasures of sex and drugs, dope,alcohol and nicotonic smoking. Also sin and crime, the seven(and MANY more) deadly sins,ETC…

We live FOR EVER. And already HAVE!!

Hopefully EVOLVING.

Our home is in The Spirit World.

Which we leave to evolve faster in the hard physical!

We re-incarnate periodically to do this.

We have lived before, and will live again. Endlessly.

Nemesis,Herbuculosis,Nibiru and Homeward are coming – ending this civilization Arya. And removing the wicked from Earth.

To a lower planet and a lower plane perhaps.

The higher onto a higher planet and plane.
Usually just a different plane is involved.


AAA35-2 A Pole Shift is IMMINENT!!!! PLEASE read. Do NOT miss this!!

June 17, 2012

Monday, 18th June 2,012.

A Pole Shift is IMMINENT!!


Attention, attention, could I have your attention, please!!


It is now 33 days to the best estimated date when Rogue Planet Nibiru,ETC. passes Earth!

When they pass they will cause HORRIFIC damage. Killing BILLIONS of humans – and animals, vegetable plants, structures, everything. BUT NOT ALL AT ONCE. It will build up GRADUALLY. Starting VERY small!!
I am given to understand(why UFO’s massing above!) that BEFORE things get too bad, that aliens will land and evacuate BEST half of Humanity – to safety. To Motherships high above,etc.

I have URGED that we get as many of best AS POSSIBLE down The North Geographical Pole. As we should be safer WITHIN The Hollow Earth. Just head due north by GYROSCOPE dead reckoning for The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole, and after about 600 miles you should find yourself upon THE INNER SURFACE of The Earth. The Earth is HOLLOW. But with a 400 mile thick SHELL. We are on the top surface. But by going down through funnel tunnel entrance near North Geographical Pole, we will, IF you aim STRAIGHT for North Geographical Pole, end up on THE INNER SURFACE – and at least be safe from BOMBARDMENT by boulders,etc.from ABOVE!!

Maybe LAVIC SPRINGS there too, shooting up all over.

Hail stones on OUTER surface will weigh 70 pounds EACH.

EVERY imaginable bad thing will be happening at once.(Building up to this!)

From Gravity, Magnetic, Electric,ETC. TIDES from Nibiru!(Gravity from Nibiru is RIGHT NOW starting to pull the North GEOGRAPHICAL(and Magnetic) Pole OVER!!(Sun and Moon will rise and set in changed places!!) When Flip Inversion(or POSSIBLY semi-inversion of Earth) starts, this should trigger A CRUSTAL DISPLACEMENT,too!! Global. I reckon over a thousand miles south(MAYBE north) at first, THEN 4 to 5 THOUSAND miles south immediately after.

Mass of sea water at Earth Bulge will SLOSH over the continents.

And winds of 200 miles per hour rage globally.

Tsunami (One reports says 700 feet high)everywhere!!


You either get WITHIN HOLLOW EARTH(I do NOT mean Underground!!)(Though Underground MAY be better than staying out on open surface!) – OR, if not evacuated to safety by The Annunaki aliens, then(because ORTHODOX shelters and bunkers will PROBABLY be forbidden you,) – you will be left to your own devices. Which means likely die. Horribly. And terribly.


Nibiru is VERY close now. And Huberculosis,ETC. is right behind it. Much bigger than Nibiru,even!!
Your best hope,THEN, failing my suggested routes, is Hole in The Ground, VERY deep, OR Deep CAVE!!!!

Your home no good!(You NEED to be surrounded by 20 feet of STEEL!!)

And out in the open is almost certain death, most horribly and terribly.


Safest place is as far out to sea as you can get! So tsunami at lowest height!!(Maybe all right with means to convert sea water to fresh!!)
Concern for YOU, drives me.

We cannot see Nibiru much – for a number of reasons. Half in Infra Red. Coming up at 30 degrees to The Ecliptic.(Nibiru is STILL NOW visible right close to sun. You can see if you look. But DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT SUN!!(Or you risk going BLIND!!)(Use GOOD FILTER. Smoked glass or SOMETHING!!)
Is far to South!(Or was.)
I KNOW you are probably fed up with my articles. But the MAGNITUDE of what is to come IMPELS me on!!
SPREAD the word!!

Authorities lying to us!

And sceptics in denial – are AFRAID, so wrongly THINK that if they believe it is false that it won’t exist – and go away. Which is STUPID!!

I have TOLD you repeatedly WHAT to expect.


It is real and true all right. Have little doubt about THAT!!

It is true Mass Panic leading to Mass PANDEMONIUM would bring world to a halt, and be even worse(riots,etc.)(Mobs wrecking entire cities. Burning down ANY building they target. Smashing IN to your home for supplies, AND SO ON!!) than the thing(Nibiru,etc.)ITSELF!! But I think it best you know what is coming.

Maybe because I need a LITTLE excitement!
It is not(JUST) End of World AS WE KNOW IT. It is End of THIS AGE. Both the 3,600 year cycle AND The 6,500 year one!!


Electronic and electric devices are going to FAIL. Due to electric arcs!
MANY horrors now imminent.


Do NOT commit suicide!(Heavy penalty in Spirit World on that!!)
HELP ME get the news out. I THINK it is better that the people be informed!!

Huberculosis, though huge, is VERY cold, green, dim – so it is VERY hard to see!!

This current civilization(if that is the right word!), Arya – IS ABOUT TO END!!
It is not a judgement, just the periodic fulfillment of Nibiru’s 3,600 year orbit around the sun.

It is not likely to hit us. But it should(Unless you are good at ASCENSION(Meditation,etc!)!!) pass near enough to cause TERRIBLE damage to The Earth!!


This is not just a violent thunderstorm! This is DOOMSDAY!
The SMASHING of this civilization.
It is not(JUST) the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT. It is the end of this AGE.(BOTH ages, 3,600 year cycle AND 6,500 year cycle!!)(Plus all other main cycles. Like the Galactic Alignment of 21.12.2,012. AND The End of Pisces Age, with the beginning of The Age of Aquarius!!
Ice Era and ICE AGE will follow on!!

Back to caves and Stone Age. For the few survivors.
The Pole Shift is TRYING to start. (It will succeed, and invert The Earth(at least turning it on its side)(South Pole will probably move to Australia. North, -expected to go to Britain,area.)
Humans and animals to break up into gangs and packs, and go RAVING MAD!!
I THINK it is better to tell you!!


Nibiru is best visible(Orion,Leo) from South Pole.

All the best. We are all going to need THE BEST!!

The North Magnetic Pole is fleeing faster and faster towards Siberia,Russia, from Canada.

Now 1 m.p.h.

About 20 miles per day!


This is the predecessor of GEOGRAPHICAL Poles getting LOOSENED UP prepatory to moving.
Expect huge global earthquake to accomany JERK move starting The Pole Shift!!(Are you LISTENING??)
It is NOT fantasy!!
Expect to start at ANY TIME!!

Will be accompanied by earthquakes, and EVERY IMAGINABLE horror. But building up gradually. RAPIDLY increasing!!


But best of all, turn to GOD and CHRIST, repent and do ALL the good that you can now.

That our Afterlife be bearable!!





Your friendly advisor,









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