DD12-1 Financial fiasco Situation desperate

September 25, 2008
Thursday, 25th September,  2,008.


Financial fiasco.  Situation desperate!!

     The boy who cried wolf!

                There was once a little boy who cried wolf.(When there was no wolf there.  Because he loved to see everyone panic.   How he laughed in greatest glee.   Until his sides ached.  What fun!!)

        Then one day a real live wolf appeared. He cried wolf again.

        This time everyone laughed AT HIM!!  He was completely IGNORED.

        So the wolf had a fine time.

        And really had the chickens running.

        Then a lion arrived, and ate the wolf.

        Next a monster swallowed the lion.

        Finally Tyranosaurus Rex came along. And devoured the monster.

        The little boy who cried wolf was in the wolf’s jaws, looking rather uncomfortable.

        Then the lion got the wolf in its jaws. And spat out both boy and wolf!!!!

        In the last scene we see hordes of Tyrannosaurus Rexes.  Steadily devouring Humanity, and ALL life upon the(THIS!!) planet!!!!

        It’s an allegory of course.  Of the world situation.  Currently spear-headed by a global economic and financial crisis.

       Many cried wolf. And now are being ignored.

      Or were until quite recently!!

      Over 800 billion(800,000,000,000) U.S. dollars has been ordered into the breach.  All sigh with relief.  And the markets recover.  A BIT…

      Bush has ordered U.S. Congress to rush a bill through authorizing this.

      Bush(Actually it is Cheney!)(Bush has difficulty reading,ETC. The news!!(It has to be summarized for him!!))(So Cheney uses him as a puppet.  Bush is a tame brain addled goof.  Due to alcohol and drugs in youth.  But he is the best we have got!   Cheney is nasty type.  Rice is diplomatic pawn.  This is the Republican nice guys’ side.

      What is the good news?   THIS IS the good news!!!!

      However, The Democrats rule Congress.  And were delaying passing the bill.

      I THINK now that they have decided not to pass it AT ALL!!!!

      Now here is the rub:  If a bill is not passed authorizing the 800 plus U.S. billion plug is not passed, then the markets and The Dow will collapse!!

      The Democrat argument is that it won’t work.  And that all we are doing is dodging a crash now, at the expense of a super crash a little further down the track.  I THINK this is their case.   I believe they are right!!

      You have to draw the line SOMEWHERE.  Better now!!

      Otherwise, by simply printing more and more money, you will eventually get HYPER inflation.(Like as in Zimbabwe!)

      Better The Dow,etc. crash only 50%,now, than 100% a little later.  I THINK that is The Democrat case.   And I think they are right!!

      The U.S. is world power number three.(Only weeks ago it was top!) Russia is top. Iran second. (Sorry, put North Korea AHEAD of Iran!!) THEN The U.S.(Correction: Move all down another one.  China  is second.  Iran third.(Unless Pakistan has taken that position now!!))

      If this reads a bit like Comic Cuts, get your laugh in NOW. VERY quickly.  As soon it will be TEARS, and TEARS.(Weeping, then lacerations to death. Well, ALMOST death!!   Death will come later.)

     I think that it will take a week or two for this to seep through the general public.

     When they finally WAKE UP, then panic will  follow.

     Finally PANDEMONIUM!!!!

     Then I see a big rush for gold and silver.

     While OIL too rockets!!!!

      No, I am not drunk. And YOU had better not be either!!

     You folks!!  You GUYS out there!!!!

      I need hardly tell you what all this will do to the markets!!!!(In 1929 many jumped out of windows!   SOON, many will not have jobs, nor homes…)

      U.S. though now world power four, STILL holds up(supports) the world. Thanks to China. But Russia is changing all that.

      Now Cheney is not stupid.(Though he did mistake his friend for an animal, and shot it!!)  With Obama looking like winning(He currently has the edge.), for The Democrats.  AND a TOTAL ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL MELT-DOWN perhaps only DAYS away, he(Cheney) has to pull those Bushie strings hard and fast!!

     The plot is simple:  Bush declares a General Emergency, imposes instant Martial Law, AND STAYS IN POWER.  (I know, the worst event possible.)(Only one thing better: A win for McCain. Worst event: A win for Obama!!   Many in U.S. do not want a dark skinned president! (Especially one more Arab than African, and with Muslim friends!!) Nor did many want a woman ruling them.)

     Using his emergency powers to rule on – INDEFINITELY!!

     Plot two:  Israel attacks Iran.  Iran counter attacks.   Then U.S. attacks Iran.

    AND maybe North Korea at the same time.

    Iran is BLUFFING!  MASTER bluffers!!!!(U.S. is weak. But Iran is weaker!!  Would you prefer they get nuclear weapons(within a year, or six months)??  And close The Straits of Horuz,ETC…

    AND(U.S.) perhaps occupy Pakistan. And maybe Venezuela!!

    Yes, there is always Euthanasia.

    Or quick outright SUICIDE!!!!

    The Great Depression of 1929 is going to look like a FLEA-BITE!!!!

    Depressions follow Recessions which follow inflations.  Then come the wars, AND WORSE!!!!

    Back in the good old happy colonial days,  many an island chieftain would cry out from his island  Big whales come!!  (When white men came in their ships to exploit all they came across.)(But they did bring good law and order.  Let us be fair now!!  MANY a coloured man wishes to GOD that Whitey STILL ruled!!  But I leave it to the vivid imaginations of my readers as to what whitey can expect once darkie rules!!!!)(Zimbabwe was just the beginning!!)(Or,rather, South Africa was first, via Mandela, and his wife. Apartheid?   LOOK AT IT NOW!!!!

     An analogy.  FOR, –  Reptilean and Humanoid aliens come in their UFO’s.  Not big birds!

     Economic and financial WIPE OUT could be just days away!!

     When I advise get into gold and silver, I MEAN GET INTO GOLD AND SILVER!!!!

     But many are still listening to the liars.   Well, those that speak false!!

         Russia, via Putin, via the new president eyes the whole world, via oil and gas CONTROL(and increasing pipe lines). And growing wealth. Under new Communism Soviet Marxist rule.  Starting with Europa!!

        Europe is a struggling quarrelling WEAK mass of conflicting countries!!

       Expect Civil War in U.S!!(Democrats versus Republicans.  What else?!)

       Global Cooling is descending, NOT global warming.  THAT started to fall back TEN YEARS ago. In 1998!!   A New Maunder (mini ice age) Minimum may be starting up!!

       However, the nig nogs rule via Thatcher’s mistake. And grow rich RUINING the rest of us!!

       Carbon dioxide is GOOD for the plants!! They can bear 3 to 4 times as much, and THRIVE!!!!

      Fossil fuels AND nuclear power is GOOD for Mankind!!

      Alas Mankind made The Devil, God!!(Actually he replaced Peter Pan with Pan!!)(Pan is The Earth god.)(He who gets us to indulge our low appetites!!)

     Need I go on. Shall I enlarge??

     We have HAD it!!

     6.5 years to WIPE OUT!!!!

     Scare-mongering? You RECKON??

     Flee to the hills,now.

     Rather, the mountain tops!!

     What do you think the MIGHTY Political East are going to do while U.S. descends into civil war and CHAOS??!! Cyber,too!!

     And WMD’s of ALL kinds!!

     CHINA is holding up The U.S. CURRENTLY.

     And The U.S. is holding up the world(supporting it).

     All this began via lending money to too many who would not likely repay!!(Greed by the banks.)

     The sub prime crisis.

     And crashing house prices!!

     READ The Uncensored magazine!!(Check Internet!!)

     The current issue, especially.

     They will fill you in on the details all right!!

     I would be A FIEND not to warn you. Or,rather, TRY to warn you all.(I can only reach A TINY FEW, if that!!)

     Old Nick won’t let me!!

       Bush?  It was the fundamentalist churches of Christendom, using Bush, that have wrought this.

      But fundamentalist Islam is far FAR worse!!

      Bush MAY have(sorry, I mean Cheney)engineered this to STAY IN POWER.

      Or perhaps it was The Second Government. Or maybe BOTH!!

      I don’t know.

     I only know that I expect gold and silver, AND oil,etc. to ROCKET!!!!

     People MUST put their wealth somewhere.  Only safe place is gold!!(Actually it should be GOD.)(No! God isn’t dead.  Man hasn’t been born yet!!)

    Oil is too risky.

    Silver too dodgy. Just yet!!

    U.S. may issue a new currency. The Americano!!

    AND unite with Mexico and Canada to form a North American Alliance.

    HUGE changes IMMEDIATELY ahead!

       Grey September.


       November wipe out.

       December non-existent!!

       NO Christmas,etc!!

       THIS is the scenario I see and FULLY expect!!

       Get in to gold and silver!!  Pronto.  As much as you can!!!!

       U.S. debts are multiplying three and four times, now!!!!

      WHO do you think is going to foot the final bill????   You and I, the suckers. And the general public. The tax payers,etc!!!!

      Under BANK rule!!!!

      WHAT ELSE can anyone EXPECT??!!

      COME ON!!!!

      I wish I could be optimistic!

      But I find it rather HARD!!!!

      The Government and The Medias,etc.etc. will white wash it as much as they can, of course.

      But they lied to us from the beginning!!



      The beginning – OF THE END


      It is better to drink water and REJOICE.

      Than to SWIM in blood!!!!

        Vic Conway.  BAH!!

        PLEASE wake up…  ALL of you!!

       U.S. should have attacked Iran(AND North Korea)(And Pakistan and Khan!!), not Iraq. And Bin Laden, not Saddam Hussein!!!!

       And Al Queda and The Taliban!!

       But that was too sensible.

       So men heeded The Devil, INSTEAD OF GOD!!!!

       We sowed the wind.



D10 World situation now

September 22, 2008


World situation now.

A further sequel.

     The bottom line is that too many people are living beyond their means. And debts are getting too big to even pay off the interest!

      The U.S. made the dreadful mistake of lending to those not likely to pay back.  The housing crisis,etc.(prime) was simply too much.   Yes, greed by the banks!!!!

      What they are doing now is embracing bad debts, etc. The lot.  In a desperate bid to stop the rot.

      Printing more and more money is NOT the way to go!!

      Probably THEY(The top U.S.etc.financiers.)(Especially Paulson now still trying to kid us all that everything will be all right!!) don’t know that the end of this big solar cycle is only 6.5 years ahead.

      They also must SURELY(??) know that  printing more and more money only worsens and postpones the evil day.

      THEY are hoping that this latest massive effort will stop the rot, and save the day.

      Via the many derivatives, THE WHOLE WORLD is being hit!!

      IF they have caught it in time, there is A CHANCE.

      I don’t think that they have.

      Nor do many experts.

      Public and business confidence has been hit too hard now.

      People are beginning to SEE that they have been conned. (Lied to.) And people are rather unforgiving.

      To compound things we will have a change of U.S. leadership soon. But neither Obama nor McCain will stand a chance against(both know next to nothing about the economy!) either the economy nor the MANY and rapidly accelerating other world problems!!

     The result can only be TOTAL DISASTER – within a few years.  For the U.S.  AND the entire globe!!!!

     Bush was hopeless.  McCain would be much better, but lead us into a rapid disaster.  And Obama will lead us into a slow disaster.  Doom, coming up slowly.

     The West has not got a chance.  The political East started to take over about 30 years ago. While The West watched AND DID NO THING!!!!(Main culprit: Political Correctness. Etc.  The various negative activisms!!!!)

     Simply too many horrors and terrors multiplying and growing LIKE RABBITS!!!!

     The whole world, including the so aggressive Political East will also suffer WIPE OUT.

     No other term for it.

     Man made global warming is A PHONEY!! It is THE SUN, ELECTRONICALLY!!!!

     It is global cooling we shall need to prepare for!!!!

     Our alien creators will be inspecting us soon.

     Then the aliens will take over the great evacuation.

     Man, in general, has no idea what is going on.

     Only a most tiny few do!!

     And Bird Flu IS coming, sooner or later. (Could kill hundreds of millions.) It will kill the YOUNG, and spare the old!! Because the stronger the immune system, the worse it is for you, via the virus MAKING the immune system kill you in its effort to save you!!

    So I see an accelerating deterioration over the next 6.5 years.

    Not just financial.

    They are planning to kill about two thirds of humanity, because our top problem is OVER POPULATION!! Via viruses,etc. And starvation!!!!  (THEY are the overlords ruled by humanoid aliens and The Reptileans via The Second Government. FACELESS ones, and really nasty.)

    However, they have left it far too late!!

    I very much doubt that the latest moves by Bush,etc.to try to save The Economy will succeed.  Only for a while. Exactly how long I don’t know.

    So what we will have, is increasing variances in Stock Market and Dow.  As first currency(the extra print-outs!!) and then commodities,etc. shoot upwards.

    I see gold and silver SKY ROCKETTING.

   I expect oil too to SKY ROCKET.

   It will become really awful, with more and more committing suicide.

   As first panic, and then PANDEMONIUM set in.

   No doubt about it, these latest moves by Bush and the U.S. Financiers WILL stop the rot for a TIME.  But will it be for long enough??   THAT is the question.

    I think not.

    The rot has gone too far.

    We need to spend less and save.

    OR PERISH!!!!

     I cannot see a collosal debt ridden U.S. under Obama or McCain surviving against the rapidly growing onslaught of woes.  Led by Islamic Jihad!!!!  And Al Quaeda and The Taliban!!!!   Nuclear,etc.TOO!!!!

     Obama just won’t last. Yes it certainly looks like he will get in.

    And even McCain would fail badly.

    I have been studying world affairs,etc. hard and long.

    WE HAVE BEEN CONNED by our leaders.

    The main culprit though is THE MOB.

    The many unpleasant people. Who spoil it for the rest of us.

    Watch for an increasing number of UFO landings!!!!

   And alien take over!!

      Vic Conway.(Better to know the truth, HOWEVER BAD, than to go on in ignorance!!!!)

More on world situation.

September 21, 2008


More on world situation.

A sequel to D81.

            I would like to say a little more on the current very involved world situation. More specifically – on the global credit crisis.

       In an ideal society, everyone would be glad to give to whoever asked of them. This is clearly not the case!(I mean without material reward.)

       So originally we traded. Barter.  Where if you wanted a cow, you might find someone who would let you have one in exchange, say,  for your six sheep.  This method of trade was very irksome.  Came gold,etc.which could be exchanged for about anything.  Being so desired by many.

      Promissory bank notes came next.  Where the bank would let you have so much gold in exchange for one.

      However, they REMOVED the promise!(After coming off the gold standard. Step two DOWN THE DRAIN.

      It is what you get used to.  And the money method continued.

      Originally, U.S. had gold  to the value of the promissory bank notes they issued.

      Is that so today?

     I understand most U.S. gold has gone to China!

     Paper tokens rapidly become worthless as soon as people REALIZE that there is no gold or anything BACKING them!!

     The only thing that keeps trade alive is HABIT!!

     Shops,etc. do not refuse to accept bank notes.  – YET!!!!

     However, when you just print any amount you like, people, including business people increasingly become aware that the tokens(bank notes) are depreciating in value in direct proportion to the amount of bank notes printed!!

    Because they KNOW that all that you are increasing is the number of tokens in circulation.  If they no longer represent anything(promise gone), then they rapidly become worthless paper!

     Of course, as long as people REGARD banknotes as having some intrinsic value of their own, all is well and good!(I wonder what THAT could be!!)

     However, this state can only continue for so long! 1. The value of the currency concerned depreciates against other currencies. Even if it doesn’t internally(within the nation).  Without world trade countries collapse.

     2.  As people realize that the tokens are becoming increasingly worthless, because more of them, and little if anything to back them.,(U.S. has SOME gold.) they turn more and more to other currencies and commodities.(The tokens are simply representations of the nations wealth, which all inhabitants share in.)

     This is Hyper Inflation.(Zimbabwe is a superb example today.)

     YOU CANNOT INCREASE THE NUMBER OF TOKENS(bank notes) WITHOUT decreasing the individual value of each one!  Per the amount of gold BACKING them!!(It is far more convenient to carry a token on you, that a sheep swung around your shoulders!!)

     There is only a certain psychological value in the bank note tokens THEMSELVES.  As that fades trading and business confidence evaporates!!

     The final result is disaster. And HAS TO be!!

     Gaining a few months or years this way is poor solace.(But for reasons I cannot fathom, the perception is that SOMEHOW, we can go on for ever doing this!!)(Printing more and more money!!)

     Bank notes HAVE NO INTRINSIC VALUE!! Just PAPER.(Mere tokens of DECREASING psychological ACCEPTANCE value.)

     That is decreasingly recognized by all and sundry as of any value!!

     Bank notes are not wealth!!

     Nor is gold,etc. But gold is far more popular with the people than PAPER!!(Its weight and value drive one towards silver. BULLION COINS I am talking about.

     How long do you think it is going to be before most people grasp this?! And what then happens to trade and business??

    Issuing a new currency simply postpones the day of doom. As does increasing the denominational values of the old currency.

   You either ensure that you have items of REAL value, or gold(tokens that people see more value in than PAPER!!!!

   In a good society, it might be possible to accept BANKNOTE TOKENS as PASSPORTS to trade and business.  But how good is society??

   As it would be increasingly pointed out that the tokens themselves have no value!!

     Money is only of token value.

    We would slide back to barter. Unless gold was re-introduced as standard.(There simply is no better token value alternative. Unless it be silver.)

    If you destroy people’s confidence in paper tokens, they will increasingly turn to gold and silver!!(What else except material goods – which leads back to barter.)

   You CANNOT consume WITHOUT eventually exhausting the supply. THAT is the dilemma facing our leaders.

    The only interim hope is to STOP printing more bank notes, and LET things take a NATURAL course. THEN, if caught in time, things would return to normal! But NO WAY can you AVOID the PAIN of that transition!!!!

     Surely our leaders are not that mad?!

     OR is it that somehow they know that the end of this cycle of existence IS NEAR!!!!(In which case – it will be an increasing race between wealth vanishment and DOOMSDAY!!!!)


      Vic Conway

DD7 Death does not exist

September 9, 2008


Death does not exist!

              Is there life after death? 

              Not for the body(vehicle, coat) of the entity!  But for the departing entity, – yes.

              The answer is MULTI.

              There is no simple straight answer!!

             Death is simply a disbanding. From a group to individuals.  But not non-existence!!

        Death is a false idea in the minds of men.  Created by men.

        Born of phoney logic. Via wrong associations of ideas.

        It is impossible to be aware of NOTHING.

        Is there life after death – is the wrong question!  The proper question is: Is there death after life?  The answer is NO!!

       Is there life after death?? The answer is two-fold: 1. If you are referring to the body and ITS persona that dies, the answer is a reasonable no.

      2. If you are referring to the personality that exits the body when it dies, the answer is YES.

        Does conciousness survive the death of the body?  And the answer is YES!!!!(And so do all the other vehicles of the self!!!!) And even all creatures.

        When Christendom says ‘The wages of sin is death, a different(not physical)death is referred to.

        When The Serpent(In The Garden) said: “Thou shalt not surely die.”  He was  referring to the physical body. But the soul which cannot perish starts to die!!

        Where does the idea of death come from?  From the corpse, of course.

        Men reason foolishly:  The body persona is inert, therefore that person is no longer existent!

        In any reasonable sense of the word, no doubt about it, a corpse is defunct, and usually stays that way.(Note: I am not saying that corpses are not dead.  Only that their occupying personalities survive death!!(The body has its OWN persona, which DOES die – with the corpse.  But THAT is the lower personality component, and NOT the higher component – WHICH GOES ON, and FOR EVER(as it already has!)!!!!))

        (I am not saying that corpses rise again, only that the person does.(It is possible for a spirit(any spirit) to raise a corpse. Even make it dance.  But that is hardly survival!!))

        All through history, and by many corpses!(I do not mean dancing corpses now.)

       The error is to think that the person is the body!


        No matter how many corpses one sees, that view is necessarily EXTERNAL.(Shall I go by my view of what the occupant is doing WITHIN from OUTSIDE the house, or inside??!!)

        What counts is the inner view of the person concerned, NOT any number of EXTERNAL viewers!!

         DO you see what I mean??

        Like with a sleeper. The sleeper looks not concious, yet may be dreaming!

        Any number LOOKING at a sleeping body NECESSARILY CANNOT see the view of the person concerned!!(What matters is the INTERNAL VIEW of the PERSON WITHIN, NOT ANY NUMBER OF PEOPLE OUTSIDE!!!! Looking at THE OUTSIDE of the building!!)

        It matters not at all how many corpses have been seen,NOR BY HOW MANY,   the views of them ARE EXTERNAL!!!!

       OTHERS looking at the OUTER CASING from the OUTSIDE!!

       But what matters is the view of THE PERSON concerned FROM THE INSIDE!!!!(As with sleepers!!)

     THE error is to ASSUME that an outsider’s view is  the view of the person concerned!!

     Although OF COURSE it is true that the body is dead, if conciousness has moved up to a higher vehicle, then that PERSON is NOT dead!!(The HIGHER personality survives bodily death.)

     If a driver gets out of his car, and leaves it at the side of the road, then gets into a better car and drives off, how sensible would it be to claim that the driver was dead  BECAUSE HIS OLD CAR WAS NOW STATIONARY??!!

     It would be madness of course. And so it is with persons and their bodies!

     Bodies are vehicles for the occupying persons!

     The old vehicle, like a discarded coat, is now stationary because the driver has abandoned it. AS IT WAS NO LONGER OPERABLE!!(Main drive no longer functioning.)

     What men call death is in fact birth!! It was our birth that was our death!!

     The corpse is dead,  is no longer functioning as A UNIT of course.  It now functions as a group of individuals.  Atoms!

     Much like a disbanded regiment.

     Or a group of dismissed people.

     As a GROUP, they no longer exist, but as INDIVIDUALS, they certainly do!!

      Life is simply the presence of life.  More precisely – it is the presence of the indwelling
entity!! In-telligence.

      We live in a complex universe, NOT a simplistic one!!

      Man’s main mistake has been to ASSUME that the universe is simplistic!!

      But the universe is NOT just 3d. It is MULTI-DIMENSIONAL!!  And has MANY planes!(A plane is a 5d LEVEL.)

      I am claiming that this is how it is.

      Either that it is simplistic, OR it is complex.

      Many men claim that death is the end BECAUSE they do not WANT to continue. Due to their wrongdoings and their FEAR of retribution. So they DESIRE and assert EXTINCTION to escape that. However they only escape it in their deluded MINDS!!!!   Not IN FACT!!

      The terrible error of MANY.

       The evidence is overwhelming through psychic research.(That creatures survive the death of their bodies!! All creatures.)

       And, I hope, my logic is sound!

       How shall we KNOW?

       Supposing the universe is simple after all?

       Did we live in a simple universe, then the complex results we get COULD NOT EVENTUATE!!!! They are too complex!!

       Thus, the universe is complex. And we do survive SO CALLED death!!!!

        We cannot FINALLY know until we awaken after WHAT MEN CALL DEATH, to find ourselves still alive, in a better body, in The Spirit World.  THEN we shall know!!

        We may then wave goodbye to the group of people gathered around the abandoned old wreck, muttering POOR CHAP.  And drive off happily enough.!

       The body is a shell that we discard at death. As with crustacea and arichnids.   Do lobsters weep over their old shell cases?

       But men weep over corpses!

       And bestow upon CORPSES what they DID NOT give the person concerned in life!!

       Such are humans!!

        So why is death taught? Because the nig-nogs rule the world. And THEY do NOT want to survive.  So they have ENFORCED a LIE!!!!(They do not want others to survive either. And most violently oppose ALL arguments(sound or not)!!!!)

        THAT is how it is.

        All that matters is that one goes to a nice place after leaving the physical body!

        The best way to ensure that is to be kind to all other creatures.  For the great law is: That as we treat others, so shall WE be treated, later!!

        Little use surviving IF IN AN UNPLEASANT PLACE!!

        We must also endure bad karma in future lives!! Etc. ETC.

         I, along with many who hold this view, am HATED, as is my view. But wish DOES NOT change the fact, THE REALITY!!!!(I don’t believe in Hell said the wit.  But Hell might believe in us!!)

        Death is but a foolish dream, DEAD though the house of it seems.

        Even the corpse is not dead COMPLETELY!!

        And its components shall rise again.

        As also do re-incarnating souls!!

         There are MANY foolish myths held by men. But this is about the most disturbing one.(That we die with our bodies at death, and stay dead FOR EVER!!!!)(As it is natural to want to live.)

         All the anger and wrath in the world WILL NOT CHANGE TRUTH one iota!!

         The foolish ones will of course be VERY angry.

         Better they learn the truth, than that I bow to a stupid LIE!!!!

         They want to ESCAPE from the pain of living. And from the pain of punishment!!

         However there is NO such escape!!


         Am I qualified to speak?(Is ANYONE??)  I say let the logic speak.

        Am I mistaken?  Can YOU refute the logic?(Of my argument.)

       Even if you can deny the massive evidence of Psychic Research.

       Men rather they believe their WISHES, than the truth!!!!


           Victor Conway.

DD6 Enter Russia

September 3, 2008


Enter Russia!!

        Pot Pourri with Russia back to Cold War.  All these non Russian ships in The Black Sea.  EU and Nato all anger, no muscle to use!!

        U.S. was(I think)preparing to bomb Iran(perhaps using Israel to pave the way). However, with Russia now about to supply Iran with anti-missiles, this may stymie things, OR speed them up!!

       Japan preparing to re-arm via exiting P.M. And new one in offing.

       Israel’s hand is forced. Hence U.S. preparing to bomb. If it has to be someone, better be them, they reason.  Also to give McCain a better chance.

       Gustav not exactly a fizzer, but certainly not the storm of fhe century!

       Oil drops far again.

       Gold and silver slipping back.

       All eyes on U.S.Election.

       Bush is out to stop Obama.

       RED China behind North Korea.

       Russia behind Iran.

       West reels from bad to worse. And has for the past 30 years and more.

       We are sliding faster and faster towards WW3.(No holds barred.)

       U.S. is horribly in debt. Forces stretched thin. Always threatening, never doing anything. Loser Bush with Fundamental Christendom to ensure he keeps that way!!(This is where The Truth becomes the ONLY way forward!!)

       Super Crash in offing.

       World is back in 1938 and pre 1929!!

       Only far FAR worse.

       Lies continue to go forth. And the people swallow them.

       West either bombs Iran, and worsens things immensely, or Political East simply plays with West increasingly before finally destroying it.  Not even Hobson’s Choice!!!!

       Prospects: MOST GRIM.  Never looked so bad!!

       Any progress in Iraq is largely due to Iran. Only partly due to The Surge.  Obama does not recognize any surge, nor the dreadful consequences of U.S.Etc. pulling out now!! West foolish to go in. Even more foolish to leave now!!(Long since too late to pull out NOW!!!!)

       Taliban increasingly active in Afghanistan.

       Pakistan very dangerous. Who controls the nuclear weapons??

       Somalia, Sudan, Pirates, and worsening Mafia type gangs.  What price peace? Of ANY kind??!!

       Next U.S. President left an appalling legacy.

      Political East playing for time waiting to see who gets in. BEFORE attacking!!!!

       Anyone for Mar’s????

       Vic Conway.

D11 Twin towers’ demolition solved, and other solutions.

September 2, 2008


Twin towers’ demolition solved, and other solutions.

      I said earlier that the collapse of the twin towers was due to  thermite, which via extreme heat melted the steel beam and column connections.

     A military expert has suggested a solution which I think is plausible. Do thermo-nuclear explosions create thermite?

     Anyway, he suggests that thermo-nuclear explosion, or explosions,  brought down the twin towers. Via thermite or not. I  think not. Nor would thermite be necessary.

     This is the best explanation I have seen so far. And is, I think, THE explanation.

     Originally, it was alleged that the twin towers,etc. were demolished by hi-jacked loaded(with passengers and fuel) jet air-liners. One into The Pentagon.  And a fourth intended for The White House,originally, perhaps,   simply crashed.  I think that was all of the alleged hi-jackings.

     Seven years of scrutiny has revealed much.

     The general consensus is Cause Inconclusive.

     (Building seven was also demolished.  And a number of other buildings demolished or attempted to be.)(About seven altogether, I understand.)

     Any interested readers are referred to the latest issue of “The Uncensored” magazine, September to December, 2,008.  A New Zealand publication.   For the gist of this explanation.  The view of a military expert.

     I offer it for what it is worth.(A lot, I conclude.) I think the thermo-nuclear explosion’s solution is correct.(I withdraw my earlier explanation, thermite, as being incorrect.  Hydrogen Device/s is far more apt! (I do not necessarily agree with what The Uncensored says.  However, much of what they say seems sound.(And much, I think(BUT DO NOT KNOW), is not!!)(Just my opinion.)

     For any readers wishing to follow this up on The Twin Towers(and other write-ups of The Uncensored’s articles),  I would direct you to http://www.uncensored.co.nz. I find their views fascinating, way out, extreme and imaginative. They MAY be right. I do not know.  I think they are right re SOME of their views.

     Let me warn you in advance that their views pull no punches!!  Are, I think, possibly dangerous.  And PERHAPS not always wholesome!!

    However, for every nugget THERE IS A PRICE!!!!

     Go in with eyes wide open, VERY critical, full armour, and face risks for which I must absolve myself of ALL responsibility!!   YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED…

     Not all can bear the truth(IF it is.).  Nor may all therein BE the truth. I simply do not know. CARE!!!!

     Basically, as far as I can discern, this military expert(quoted by The Uncensored), offers a solution.  It could be.  It could WELL be.   I think it contains some truth. Perhaps all of it.

     He(a military expert) says that a thermo-nuclear device/s was detonated. With or without many other explosives, TIMED to go off simultaneously and at key points(also kept well secret).  I think IT WOULD account for what REALLY happened, which is NOT the main-stream explanation.(It is claimed, and I agree, that impact and fuel alone could not account for such NEAT(in space and time) devastation.   ONLY two explanations can account: 1. Thermite. 2. Thermo-nuclear device(plus other explosives)/s.(Small and controlled.)(Mind you, thermite COULD have been used ADDITIONALLY!!)

     The official explanation is that Middle Eastern hi-jackers stole the four planes involved(But quite different ones to the official version.). Arabs, or mostly Arabs.(PERHAPS there was some collusion. However, I personally do not think President Bush,etc. knew ANYTHING about it.(Though it is strange that there was a TEST run on the very day of the attack!!)(Which via everyone THINKING it was a test, prevented ALL defensive measures!!!!)(Building seven was concerned with defences,too.)

     Maybe done by The Secret Government.(A SECOND hidden faceless, possibly alien, group.) With or without Middle Eastern hi-jackers.

     Did Israel do it?    Zionists??   I DO NOT KNOW!!!!

     A SORT OF inside job.  PERHAPS.

     Conspiracy Theory.

    The official explanation just doesn’t cut ice, in view of the evidence.

    Too glib.

    Most inadequate.

    I can only say that the military expert seems to have the best explanation so far.  I do not think it can be bettered. Much, anyway.

   If interested you are urged to read the  military expert’s opinion. He goes into much detail I am not mentioning.

  In addition to this explanation for the demolition of The Twin Towers, The Uncensored goes into a number of other solutions to mysteries.  I find those of the first half good.  The second half, mostly bad.

      That is my view.

      They MAY be right.

      I have no connection with The Uncensored.

     I hope they do not mind my mentioning and commenting on what they say.


      Vic Conway

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