DDD26 Swine Fever

April 30, 2009

Thursday, 30th April, 2,009.





Swine Fever



I think Swine fever is a hyped up crafty stupid farce. Playing on general fear. Done to give the authorities,etc.an excuse to pump money,etc. out of us!(I think it will die out this trip. But COULD mutate into something far more dangerous. However, I think that may be too far off, if at all, to worry about.)

In Mexico it may have killed many. But in U.S.etc. it has killed none(bar a Mexican baby)(Which I refuse to count as a U.S. death.).

The reason for no deaths outside Mexico is I believe due to the fact that as it passes from person to person it gets weaker. Becoming not much more than a severe dose of the flu. Not I think cause for all this disturbance!(It needs to be noted that the virus does not want the host to die!(As this defeats its factory production purpose!). I think that this is the main reason(or one of them) for its “weakening’.)

There is a danger that it could mutate into a deadly form of Bird Flu,etc.(Much like The Spanish Flu.)


However, I believe the world will succumb to other horrors before that becomes possible.


Obama is acting against the best interests of U.S. and the rest of the world.(Either conciously or sub-conciously.)(He is promoting his self at the expense of the rest of us.)(Extremely intelligent, – God help us all!!!!)

He doesn’t seem to have a clue!

Horribly poor judgement!!(Though more likely deliberate!!!!)


Good at rhetoric and personable. But this is not enough!(The Media put him in.)(Who swung round the idiotic MOB!!!!(As with Rudd for Labour in Australia.))


He is an Arab, a Muslim, a dark skinned man and a Socialist.


Also so inexperienced and so poor at Foreign Affairs.

However, he may be playing a VERY deep game!



Hardly fit for President of The U.S!!(He could get assassinated. Civil war must surely arise. He could be a wilful opponent of U.S.etc.too!!)

So things should get increasingly confused and chaotic.







Victor Conway.




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