hhh2 Red tides and Nibiru,etc.

November 29, 2012

Thursday, November 30th, 2,012.

hhh2  Red Tides and Nibiru,etc.(Continued.)


        Hullo you few I can reach(I hope!).

        Do you all realize the GRAVITY of the situation now confronting us? We are looking at not just the probable  death of the recipient here, but the wiping out of this civilization! Via Nibiru getting close, causing first a magnetic pole shift,etc. then a physical geographical pole shift involving full PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHICAL inversion of The Earth. This will change the face of The Earth, a sea-rise of hundreds of feet, U.S. splitting in half, Australia splitting North to South. To occur WITHIN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS!! 4,5 to 6 BILLION people are expected to die terribly and horribly. UNLESS they can get into A RELIABLE SHELTER DEEP UNDERGROUND, OR get rescued by aliens!!(How many are taking me seriously??)

       We have just had RED TIDES off Sydney, first Clovelly Beach,then Bondi and THEN TEN more beaches – all getting RED TIDES! (A red tide USUALLY is when RED ALGAE(or some other colour, or even no colour)washes up on beach(ocean or lake or sea – or maybe RIVER BANK)

     Yes, I am VERY concerned. As 4 to 6 BILLION humans and corresponding animals,etc. are about to die terrible horrible deaths!(I am not talking about a thunderstorm, but the HORRIFIC SUDDEN end of this society(all on Earth!!)!!)(With most buildings and trees levelled! “Not one stone or brick shall be left standing upon another!”.(Holy Bible!!)(The Reference is to THE EVENT about to occur. WITHIN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS!!)(Two to three months at most!)  Due to the VERY close pass of Nibiru!

         Now The Red Tides (a sample was analyzed by two Indian scientists – and found to be ALIEN MICROBES, lacking a nucleus and also lacking DNA! I cannot think that ALL of the red particles we are now passing through(field thereof) are alien microbes, so I GUESS iron oxides AND alien microbes!!

         These RED TIDES occur from time to time(they are very rare), and are attributed to RED,ETC.ALGAE!!(I think they are MISinforming us, and that EVERY TIME, they are red alien microbes!!)(It is not red algae – that is WHAT they are TELLING us!!, but red alien MICROBES. Which are POISONOUS. Killing fish and shell fish, and could kill humans.

          We are also getting RED SKIES(I don’t mean sunrise and sunset type.).

          Now Nibiru is a red planet, iron oxides. It has a HUGE halo of red particles surrounding it. Gold-red coloured haze.  And we are getting reports of red tides, first in Texas, Sea of Azov,etc. And then Red China. And now off Sydney, Australia!!

            The Annunaki aliens(Up to FIFTEEN FEET tall.) make slaves of us to mine gold for them. They want our genes. And The Earth women!!

           There have been prophecies for thousands of years of doom. DIFFERENT cultures all point to 2,012.

            We have the huge planet Hercolubus now off Jupiter. AND we have Nibiru – now close to The Earth.(Yes, TWO objects. Mother and son. I believe that Eris,etc. are SATELLITES of Nibiru! Though many are comets etc. pulled out of The Oort Cloud – by Hercolubus.)

            Along with STRANGE SOUNDS coming from below(not above)(stretching rocks as Earth’s surface rises from Wobble(increased due to Nibiru near), and we have FOREBODINGS of SOMETHING BIG to happen soon!!

           All this smoke without fire??

           All signs and indications are pointing to some colossal event or SET OF events due to occur within 2 to 3 months. More specifically within 2 WEEKS!!

           A Galactic Alignment is expected December 21st, 2,012. The Aquarian Age also starts then. All cycles,etc. seem to end on that date. Disasters worsen.

           P.A.T. claims 4 BILLION humans about to die.(As Nibiru causes Earth Inversion!)

           The Magnetic Pole behaves more and more strangely. And moves from Canada towards Siberia faster and faster.

            Anomalies are occurring, and the sun is playing up increasingly.(Bad flares,etc. Feb.14.2,013. May knock out Global Power Grid!!)

            Things DO seem to be climaxing.

             Even NASA warns of bad times ahead. Jesus, Nostradamus,etc.Einstein,Cayce, Mother Shipton and others all warn of dire blows SOON.

             How many are going to say: “They have said it before. Go back to sleep!”. Yes, it has been proclaimed for the last 2,000 years. Remember Y2K? But I say that Y2K, 2,000 A.D. was intended ONLY as a ROUGH APPROXIMATION for 2,012!!


             Play safe. PREPARE!! Stock up. Form a club. Invest in a submarine or submersible.(Safest place will be deep in the sea(or some-such)!! Those on submarines best off!!)

              How many more wake-up calls do we need??

              Get a shipping container and an electric generator(plus diesel to run it).Plenty of batteries,etc. AND electric and electronic devices!!   Stock up on drinkable water too – because this red “dust” will get everywhere!! It is from NIBIRU. And it is poisonous!!


              Yes, many deny Nibiru,etc. Many died in Noah’s Flood,too. But Noah and his family built an ark – and SURVIVED!!

               Is your ark ready??

               It is not safe to ignore ALL wolf cries!!


               EVERY 3,600 years Nibiru comes around. When it does some huge continent and civilization vanishes!! (We have an asteroid belt where erstwhile planet Phaeton once orbitted the sun.)

               LESS THAN 3 months left!!

                I am not crying Wolf. I am crying 2,000 Tyrannosaurus Rexes!!(Make that 2,000 TRILLION, or more(!!)!!


                Please yourselves!!

                Built a shelter? Good cave near you??

                Hoping to Ascend vibrationally?(And escape.)

                Got your name down with the local Annunaki alien? Just asking!!

                It is all going to co-incide with Christmas and The New Year!! The Festive Season. Or come days BEFORE!! (December 12th slated for THE EVENT. )(December 21st, 2,012 is MERELY Mayan,etc.Long Count Calendar date. It is not likely the set of catastrophes will occur ON that date EXACTLY!!(You have heard it all before? And you don’t like to be reminded?!)


          Moans next??!!






hhh1 The Red Tide,etc.

November 28, 2012


Thursday, 29

30th November, 2,012.




Nibiru,etc. situation.




        A red tide is in evidence at Bondi,etc.Sydney.


I think this is a mixture of red oxides and red alien microbes that have no nucleus and no DNA.


         Nibiru should appear – like a large full red moon – at any time within the next fortnight. Red tides and red skies indicate that Earth is in the gold-red halo of dust around Nibiru.


         It would start a magnetic pole shift followed by a physical GEOGRAPHICAL POLE SHIFT, leading to a full Earth inversion. This is expected to kill 4,5 to 6 BILLION people, and a corresponding number of animals, with a gigantic earthquake, days of darkness, followed by auraura, global grid failure, a MASSIVE electric storm, colossal winds and torrential rain,etc. Strange noises from underground(stretching rocks),etc. As well as red tide – which is not algae.(They are only SAYING that.)


      Many buildings and trees should be levelled. Volcanic eruptions. Boulders falling from the sky. Massive hail stones. World wide economic and financial collapse. MASS panic and pandemonium. So stock up. Also with potable(drinkable)WATER.(The red dust from Nibiru will permeate everywhere. The red tides are first indications of this.


       I do not know where Nibiru is. I GUESS on the other side of the sun. (Herbuculosis is out near Saturn,and is Saturn-sized.)


       World grid expected to go down.


       The red tide is poisonous. It is killing fish and shell fish,and can kill humans and animals. It is not algae.


       Prepare to die terribly and horribly.


       Fires will be everywhere. Especially with arsonists at work. Chaos will reign. And complete confusion. Gangs will go around torching buildings and vehicles. Invading homes. Every imaginable crime and sin being committed on a MASSIVE scale.


       Do not commit suicide. Though better off dead under these circumstances.


       Expect giant Annunaki aliens(Up to fifteen feet tall)to land. To evacuate best of us.


       They are after our gold, and possibly genes.


       Like our women.


       Our true originating stock is in The Pleiades. But Orion stole Earth from them. Mostly Sirius and Sirius B.


       Forces out to stop me getting this out to you all.


       I can only reach a pitiful TINY few.


       Look after yourselves now.


       Every man for his self.


       Many will transition(die).


       But some will ASCEND(vibrationally) with The Earth.


        Aliens not invading, despite MASS landing of UFO’s. But to save and evacuate best half of Humanity.







ggg8 Pep talk,etc.

November 25, 2012


Monday, 26

th November, 2,012.










State of the world.Etc.








       The state of the world is SO bad, that wipe out and start again – is becoming the best way forward. There is SO much wrong – that it is hard to know WHERE to begin!! Man AND Nature are poised for  wipe out.


       It isn’t just death we have to fear. It is what follows. Best described as Hell. For those who did more harm than good!


       We live in a very, even hopelessly divided world. UNO is a joke. As is The Security Council.


       There is a desperate need to BAN alcohol. AND drugs. Also illicit sex. Crime IS banned, and punished. But there is little justice. The courts are often too lenient, sometimes ridiculously so. If Man does not kerb his waywardness soon, then Nature will do it for him.


       Too many are pulling down, and too hard. FAR too many!!


        The result can only be WORLD WAR. Which would wipe out so many.


        There are FAR too many people on the planet! Resources, including WATER, are too drained.


         Wars and conflicts continue. Expect WORLD CIVIL WAR,too.


         And economic and financial collapse. Of The West anyway.


         We lack GOOD leaders. Ethically good, and efficiency-wise.


         The Police do a good job – against difficult and even




impossible odds. The Military will back if necessary.


         Any society which murders Jesus Christ and The Saints and Angels – MUST face destruction. At the hand of Man AND Nature.


         We need to repent TO THE LAST DREGS. And CEASE from doing evil. Patience and tolerance are needed. Repentance is not just a matter of saying “I’m sorry” to God!! It(the evil we have done, so much, by so many of us) NEEDS BURNING OUT of our souls! By the fire of not just regret, but of repentance!! We either repent – or die of shame.


          The young people, especially, NEED teaching. By instruction AND example.


           Our leaders are FAR too lax.


           I get the impression that to break The Ten Commandments IS the way to go. But of course it isn’t. The very opposite is!!


           We either succeed in improving SUFFICIENTLY, – or get wiped out. By Man AND Nature.


           We don’t die eventually – and go into oblivion. That is NOT the case! We die PHYSICALLY, and then find our selves in a finer world. In a finer MATERIAL body!


            Animals put us to shame. Yes! ANIMALS care more than we do. FAR more!! Including for HUMANS!!  They have an astonishing amount of SENSE. But humans, so many of them – have lost the plot. LONG since. Pleasure via indulgence is NOT the way to go! JOY, HEALTHY JOY, through DOING GOOD – is the way!! Yes, the world will HATE you if you do good,(many will)  and rejoice if you do harm. That is the way it is. Because SO MANY humans are unevolved!! But you should SEE the LOT of the wicked AFTER DEATH!! Where, in HELL, they gnash their teeth. When I say Hell, I don’t necessarily mean fire and brimstone!! Regret is the first Hell. And boredom from not having adequate outlets.


     Yes, MANY will go to Paradisical conditions in The Spirit World. Eventually,anyway.




     But some will go to UNPLEASANT levels. If YOU have done more evil than good, then you risk going not just into a regret and sorrow state, but UNPLEASANT conditions corresponding to those mental states!!


    The Hell CORRESPONDS with the LEVEL of evil done! It does not stop there, but you get re-born into worse conditions than you now have! You might get born with a deformity for example. Therefore it is MOST important WHAT you do! As our actions DO incur what is called Bad Karma(which is debt, spiritual debt).(Good deeds create GOOD KARMA, and good things and influences result.) And THAT debt eats into our soul vehicles. AS WELL AS EVENTUALLY bringing harder conditions in this current life. Disease, perhaps.


             Yes, after a sojourn in The Spirit World(That finer world we all go to after physical death.), most of us re-incarnate – or re-engage with THE PHYSICAL a lot more.


             God does NOT judge us. We judge ourselves – sooner or later. But there is A SPIRITUAL LAW – which comes into play in response to our EVERY act(thought,word,deed or omission).


             Why does God allow evil? God has given us FREE WILL. Unfortunately so many of us choose to do harm. This is LARGELY due to so many people(mortals and immortals) influencing us and pressuring us – to do harm. Thus it becomes that much harder to do good. And many of us fail to overcome that resistance and opposition(by evil-doers)! Hence “Fight the good fight – with ALL OF your might!”. So to end up in a better place, not a worse one!!


      Mankind in general is UNEVOLVED. And THIS is WHY Man does so much evil.


      The greater evil is what your soul and mind does, rather than the body. Though material sins are bad enough.(Like drugs, alcohol, smoking and even psychedelics,etc.)


       It is not GOD that is paying us back, but THE GREAT SPIRITUAL LAW – called The Lord. For a similar reason as if you walked on fire,when you had no need to!


       The world, in general, HATES being preached to. Because of course it loves PLEASURE. It loves INDULGING low tastes! However!!  When LATER ON we suffer from doing the indulgent thing, then HOW MUCH BETTER had we been WARNED in advance!


        If I say Don’t put your hand in the fire, or it will get burnt, you would laugh and say. “I KNOW that!!”. But when anyone says Don’t sin, don’t do wrong, don’t touch vice, don’t do evil – and so on, so many will censure them, and claim that they are denying them pleasure. Yes, but we need to extend our vision. When un-necessary and wrong pleasure incur pain,suffering,misery,REGRET and REMORSE,etc. -The wise KNOW THIS in advance – and OUT OF CARE – warn us!!


       That is called Wisdom. And foolish is the person who opposes that!! Idiocy, in fact!!!!


       Any more than one would just blunder out onto a busy road. Because of risk of death or injury!!


       I do not know WHAT has happened to Planet Nibiru.(Planet Hercolubus, Nibiru’s mother, is in evidence, or was, though. As a small second sun! Been so for YEARS.)


        Life is hard, but don’t make your AFTER-LIFE even harder!! Be wise, and remember the fire(metaphorically speaking AT LEAST)(Materially too in SOME cases!!)


        It is SO important to do maximum good. To save you from suffering, especially after death. Where you will have a finer body – to suffer with!!


        Many avoid the unpleasant conditions(Hell) – because the good that they do outweighs it! Hence the importance of doing MAXIMUM good.(On account of the harm that we cannot help but do – as we go through life!!)(THAT NEEDS out-weighing!!)


        There is a LAW, SPIRITUAL, which even GOD has to observe!  Things are arranged this way FOR THE BEST. Otherwise people would not learn! And we would put our hand in the fire – and LOSE it!!


          God made everything, and therefore The Law? Yes. A HIGHER GOD did!! But it is the lesser god that will permit(not send) harsher conditions to come upon us. Not to hurt us, but to drive us AWAY from even worse!!


          It is a case of being wise enough NOT to walk deeper into a swamp or quicksand!! Having the SENSE to do that.  And so it is SPIRITUALLY.




          The trick is not to reason superficially or foolishly.




           Supposing I walked too close to the edge of a precipice,and someone cried out to me to TAKE CARE.  How foolish I would be to get angry with the warner!


           Similarly with spiritual things. Warning against Hell!!


           No, not kill-joys, but save AGAINST pain and suffering!! By realizing that the initial pleasure – will get outweighed by the later pain!!




            I make myself unpopular with many for speaking thus. But better I suffer that anger – for the sake of those who would be saved from un-necessary pain!


             There is GOD,and there is Devil. The two great Principles. Forces. Powers. IF we cleave to God, we shall lose much pleasure NOW. But escape the outweighing pain LATER!! Two voices may speak to us. God, saying don’t(take drugs for example)(or alcohol(which is also a drug). And The Devil, who ENJOYS our suffering and loss, saying Yes, indulge.(And to to Hell!!)


              There is NO religious Hell. As such, no.  But there might be a WORSE one! Or one almost as bad!!


              Many cannot credit this. Arguing God would not allow it. Or Death is the end, therefore no Hell!! But that would be taking phoney refuge in FALSEHOODS!! Death is NOT the end(of any creature, let alone humans). We all kid ourselves to some extent or other – to justify some much needed indulgence!




            Death is NOT the end. There is no end. Ever!! Nor beginning!!!! All creatures go on. And ON!!


            Birth was our death! YES!!  We were alive in The Spirit World, but perhaps bored, chose to re-incarnate or some-such. And,yes,here we are again.


            We die. Our physical body returns to dust.(Even the bones,eventually,I suppose.)


            Many are fooled, you see!  Like with a spider or lobster or some crustacean! Which after shedding its outer shell or skin, may fool fellow creatures. But what has died IS ONLY the outer vehicle!! The physical body in the case of humans and animals,etc.


            Some families move into a house,only to find it haunted – by the spirit vehicles of those who have physically died! It is an akward situation. Those who have died, after occupying the premises think it is theirs, perhaps not being aware that they have died!(Or even if they are aware!!)


            Whose house is it? Is it the property of the departed? Or of the new arrivals??


            The new arrivals have just moved in. Purchased,rented,or whatever. So they regard it as theirs to occupy.(It is more theirs than the departed – who should(better for them)be moving higher!)


            The departed, if dead, might still regard the property as theirs, especially if they are unaware of having died!(And some are. At first, at least, for a while.)(This is because,AT FIRST, the world we find ourselves in after physical death is A REPLICA of this current physical world!!)(Likewise with our spirit bodies! Thus we may get fooled into thinking that we did not die.(We didn’t.(In the sense that we are still alive in our SPIRIT bodies.)But we did PHYSICALLY.)


        Now if the departed family,or whatever, hang about(instead of moving higher in The Spirit World), AND if they lower their vibrations enough, they will materialize to THAT extent. And get spotted by the new arrivals!


         Most people who die, climb as high as they can in The Spirit World. Way up BEYOND this physical level. And are no longer in their old homes. No problem then.


         Once you know that you are dead, then you may be wise enough to ascend OUT of it. Out of this world.


          TWO steps with dying, two major steps.  First you need to realize that your physical body is dead. One usually does, via floating out of it, or perhaps SEEING it lying dead on the bed – or where-ever.


            Step two requires that you CLIMB UP HIGHER IN THE SPIRIT WORLD, up ABOVE this physical realm! Until you reach a suitable plane, OR you reach a level or plane THAT YOU LIKE.


            If you fail to do this, then you are Earthbound. And CAN get trapped thus(Perhaps in mist or fog,etc.) for ANY length of time! Even centuries and millenia. So it is VERY IMPORTANT you ascend VIBRATIONALLY and MATERIALLY up OUT OF IT!!!!


             Head IMMEDIATELY for the blue white spiritual light!






I hit key a bit hard and got that bit-map. Which I do not want. Please ignore it.


          Don’t possess another human. This is tempting. In order to eat,etc. By using their bodies! Aside from it being unpleasant for THEM, you might get TRAPPED, and have to live WITH THEM, until they die!! Creating a Schitzophrenic. Two souls or minds in the one body!(Yes, you can have two spirits in one body, and some-times, one spirit in two or more bodies. As with identical twins and triplets,etc.)


          You don’t need to eat and drink once you have passed on. Though you might WANT to, and even CAN!! So don’t do ANYTHING physical. You may not even need to breathe. I mean your spirit body doesn’t.


          The problem is, after physical death, you have lost your physical body(dead,rotting in the grave or somewhere) – but lacking a physical vehicle are at a loss re eating,drinking,etc. But you don’t NEED to!




           In any case, IF you climb UP,vibrationally AND materially, IN THE SPIRIT WORLD, you can eat spirit food!(In The Spirit World you can do ALL that you could in the physical AND SOME!!)(Including fly about and pass through walls,etc.)(So get up OUT of the physical asap. As you will AT FIRST find yourself in A REPLICA of the physical.)



















ggg6 Nibiru,etc. Continued.

November 23, 2012


ggg6  Nibiru,etc. Continued.


WHERE is Nibiru? King Question.



ggg5 Nibiru,etc. continuing.

November 23, 2012


Nibiru or Hercubulosis??


We need to be very careful: There is Planet Nibiru, and there is Hercolubus, Nibiru’s Mother!! Hercolubus is that small second sun. Out around Saturn. Nibiru is much smaller and closer! Nibiru is the threat to us. Not Hercolubus, Nibiru’s Mother. Nibiru approaching us from near to Venus orbit. But MY question is: Has Nibiru gone by, perhaps in July,2.012 it still to come? Mother and son – and a number of other objects have been called Nibiru – so it is very confusing.

NASA found Nibiru back in 1983 when looking for Planet X. They found something, and then hastily denied it!! Saying a mistake had been made. I don’t believe them. They found Hercolubus and/or Nibiru – but are not confirming, only denying it. So they are hiding something. Plus we have the chemtrails up – which are hiding Hercolubus/Nibiru!!

The Authorities want to keep control of us, AND avoid mass panic and pandemonium, so they are covering up the find of Hercolubus/Nibiru(two objects).

Hercolubus is Planet X. Planet Nibiru is simply a satellite of Hercolubus! Used as a home for several alien races. AND is Annunaki Flag Ship of The Fleet!!

Those ALLEGEDLY in the know DENY Hercolubu/Nibiru.

Those ACTUALLY in the know KNOW that Nibiru exists. As does Hercolubus. But they would lose control of the people if they admitted it, and have mass panic and mass pandemonium. So now they deny having found what they originally claimed!! Thus we have confusion.We have claims of having found Planet X, and denials of this.( Claimed finding A mistake, they say.)

Denied or not, IF it has not passed by(perhaps in July, 2,012)then Nibiru will probably approach Earth – though not hit us. And wipe out this civilization. Killing about 4 BILLION humans. It could come to about 50,000 miles distant. And be like in the film When Worlds collide, but no collision in this real case. Though the current civilization will be wiped out, and 4 BILLION humans(estimated) will die.

For about 4 months now Nibiru(though not Hercolubus)has been conspicuous by its absence.

There is VERY DEFINITELY a conspiracy of silence on. By NASA,etc.(Including by JPl.)

NASA searched for Planet X, and found Hercolubus AND Nibiru, plus much else. SHOCKED, they dropped it like a hot potato – denying it immediately!!(Once they realized it would closely approach The Earth – and wipe out this civilization.)(Mainly to KEEP control of the people, and also to avoid mass panic and mass pandemonium.)

Because official policy has been to deny Hercolubus and Nibiru, many deniers have piled on the band-wagon DENYING its existence BECAUSE they believe Orthodox Science denies it.(Which it does.)

I think that the July, 2,012 passage, four months ago, of Nibiru is a falsehood. It is simply the story put out by NASA.

The trouble is: Once Nibiru, and probably Hercolubus become too clear to viewers, they will HAVE TO admit to both. And that will cause MASSIVE ANGER by the public – because then informed TOO LATE to do anything about it!!(Whilst the official people behind this conspiracy of silence will have their underground shelters and bunkers to flee into. Leaving the rest of us to fume in vain!)(Inside The Earth may not be a good place to go – considering what could be coming!!)(The unfortunate ones left the aliens to pick over – may be the lucky ones! Safe on Mothercraft high above!!)

OFFICIAL policy is to deny Nibiru’s existence. So the deniers go that way.(Whether the existence of Herbulocus is admitted or not.)

It is extremely confusing. Because we have Nemesis postulated(And Hercolubus may be Nemesis!)(But Nibiru is a child of Hercolubus. A satellite of it. One of six.)(Great confusion exists. With Nasa,JPL,etc. doing nothing to remove the confusion – since the confusion acts as as a screen to hide the truth behind.(The truth being that Nibiru DOES exist. And is A child of Hercolubus – which may be Nemesis.(Nibiru being Planet X.)

It is clear enough to any who have studied the matter closely and long that Nibiru REALLY DOES EXIST. My only problem is: Has it gone by. Or is it still approaching The Earth, when will it be seen by THE WORLD, and how close will it come to The Earth??!!

With no Authority prepared to confirm Nibiru’s existence – it has been toted as a myth, and denied. But is IT NOT A MYTH. And will destroy this civilization via a CLOSE PASS of The Earth VERY SOON. About 3 weeks after it first appears LARGE(Like a big full red moon), it should pass the Earth.

Because official science will not confirm Nibiru’s existence – the deniers cannot be confuted.

However! Once Nibiru appears, even in daylight, like a large full red moon TO THE WHOLE WORLD – we can expact massive anger. But by then those who should have informed us – will be safely ensconsed in their shelters VERY DEEP underground!!

Nibiru is hard to see. Was, and perhaps still is to some extent in the infra red, and at a sharp angle to the ecliptic, is going to be missed EVEN by astronomers. Who have been ORDERED not to speak of it!(Hercolubus is also hard to see. Other than as a small second son, which is DEFINITELY NOT a lens flare!! Nor a mock sun.)

This is my understanding. I shall be happy to hear of better understandings(Not slavish denial simply because orthodox science denies it, as it does many wonderful and marvellous things).

You can contact me via e mail vicon2000@gmail.com

MANY people THINK that Orthodox Science is true. But it is anything but!!

It knows very littel about important matters. And what it does “know” – is often wrong.

The truth is strange AND HARD TO COME BY!!

It is NOT badied about in ortodox science circles!! Though many lies are.


We are in for A VERY hard time on Earth, with or without Nibiru. Because even if Nibiru did not exist(but it DOES), then we have The Galactic Alignment of December 21st, 2,012. AND The Start of The Aquarian Age – on December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.

So there you have something. A great and growing fear of Nibiru,ETC. Threatening to wipe out this civilization.(This WHAT??)

If NASA is right, then Nibiru went by four months ago in July,2,012. Doing no damage to Earth, or anywhere else.

But maybe NASA is lying!(They are very good at dodging truths!!)



If Nibiru passes close by, then expect a physical geographical pole shift, via a magnetic shift. Stage one occurred December 31st, 2,010. I suspect Stage 2 is just beinning – or about to begin!!

SOMETHING(And there are a number of possible causes for a Pole Shift)BIG and nasty IS IMMINENT. And we can expect a Pole Shift – especially observing how haywire Earth’s magnetosphere has gone, PLUS the rapid and increasingly rapid travel of the magnetic pole towards Russia.


The trouble is that there is SO MUCH STUFF up there. A lot of it coming from The Oort Belt. And a lot from Nibiru’s TAIL. including this “red dust”.

Meanwhile it is still 29 days to the end of the Mayan Calendar. The alleged end of time. But is it MERELY the end of The Mayan Long Count Calendar – OR – is it the end of a CALM EARTH!!

We shall see, and SOON, VERY SOON!!(With, or without Nibiru!!)


SOMETHING VERY SIGNIFICANT evidently happened – for The Mayans to base their calendar ending on Decembe 21st, 2,012.

The calendar is atttached to THE EVENT, not the event to The Mayan Calandar!!


There are FAR, FAR too many indications to simply go into denial. SOMETHING is afoot. SOMETHING awfully BIG!!


The fearful will naturally try to hide behind the MANY follies uttered by various people in the past.

You know the story of the wolf being called. Only to find no wolf.

THIS time i think it will be a case of wolf being called, and Tyrannosaurus Rex LEAPING onto our pitch!! After a number of alleged but false starts.


Men of Planet Earth!! DON’T be TOO SURE that Doom is not around the corner!! Too many reliable sources have cried it for far too long – TO JUST IGNORE IT!!


It MAY be that Nibiru is a fizzer, meaning that it passed too far away to be any real threat. – But I don’t think so!!

I think MANY are hiding foolishly behind HASTY denials – in the vain belief that what they don’t believe in won’t hurt them. Which is crasses FOLLY!!!!


Not long to go now – to THE RESULTS. Though it MAY be that we shall have to wait until some time in 2,013 before anything REALLY DRAMATIC happens!!

WERE i a betting man, I would lay a 60cents postage stamp to your CASTLE(in the sky) – that we are FOR THE SHOP, AND SOON, VERY SOON!!!!

iF I am wrong I would lose 60 cents(Australian ones), but I AM NOT a betting man – so it is not on. Remember that.

If I am right, I would win a castle – but it would be IN RUINS!!!!



EARTH-MEN, PREPARE to meet the makers! The Annunaki aliens. They modified our genes.(Not the BASIC makers. Just the modifiers!)

You all get my drift!


Prepare then for THE CRUST of The Earth to SLIDE thousands of miles. First south, then north!!

For Nibiru will pull the crust around, AND topple The Earth. TWO crustal displacements. And one or two AXIAL TILTS.




This is IT, chaps. And don’t kid yourselves otherwise!!!!

I leave you with this thought: NOT ALL WHO CRY WOLF ARE PHONIES!!

Play safe. Invest in a castle in the sky NOW!! I mean by that: Doom is around the corner, by Nibiru, Galactic Alignment,ETC. DIFFERENT woes coming up VERY SOON.

Suffer death(as it can hardly be avoided!!), and go to your castle IN THE SKY. It is NOT pie in the sky!!








ggg4 WHERE are we going?

November 18, 2012

Monday, 19th November, 2,012.


Spiritual COLLAPSE!!

I am VERY deeply concerned at the increasing laxity of humans.The leaning towards the flesh – and away from SPIRIT!!(And Man’s weakness towards wrong-doing and negativity.) NOTHING could be MORE important. ESPECIALLY with about EIGHT cataclysms(or equivalents) IMMINENT!! And the danger of going to HELL!! So death, – AND Hell.

EIGHT CATACLYSMS IMMINENT!! But hardly a murmur!!

AND all-out efforts to stop me informing people! It is unbelievable!!

WE ALL FACE Death, Hell, End of this civilization,DOOM – and in the IMMEDIATE FUTURE!!!!

Is it REALLY worth losing Heaven, entering Hell, death and mass destruction – for the sake of more ease and pleasure??!! Either WE are stupid, calloused,disbelieving – and/or past caring; OR are just not WITH IT!!!!


The DESTRUCTION of this civilization(this WHAT??)(We are all sliding downhill. Nice until you HIT the BOTTOM!!) is IMMINENT!!!!
Death is nothing. It is WHAT FOLLOWS that matters so much!! Heaven or Hell?? Paradise or Hades??

WHERE we go after death DEPENDS upon HOW we treat others!! If unkindly – then to a bad place(in the quantity and degree of that unkindness). If pleasantly, then to a nice place. In the degree we dished it out!!

It IS a fact!!

It is true that none of us can be better than they are. However, we do need to TRY. Unless pleasure and pain avoidance NOW – outweigh misery hereafter!!

Love God – and love one another!! But so many humans seem to have confused LOVE with SENSUALITY!!(And Need and Desire)Love is uplifting. Sensuality,though coarsely pleasurable – takes us DOWN in vibrations!!

We NEED to get back to The TEN COMMANDMENTS!!(Because LOVE has become so confused with OTHER THINGS!!)

The basic trouble is we put the things of the flesh before the things of the spirit.

It is SO important NOT to sin(wrong against God) AND not to do wrong, even Caeser(Government and Man.)(Or even animals and plants,etc. Nor people’s RIGHT emotions.).
I am fully aware that this makes me unpopular, even highly unpopular – with the world. Because, IN GENERAL, it(spirituality and religion)(this is the way to go) are SO hated by the world.








November 18, 2012

Monday, 19th November, 2,012.


32 days to the end.


The end of what? I am not sure. World or Age?! I am finding it VERY difficult to give an accurate assessment of the world situation.(Some say universe, some say galaxy, some say solar system, some say Earth,…)(The Mayans locked on to the date of December 21st; 2,012. Must have been a very important date to them. But it is to many other sources too.)

People are quick to say End of AGE,not End of world. But how to define WORLD? Universe? Galaxy(Milky-Way)? Solar System? Earth? SOMETHING IMMENSE is about to happen, ending this civilization. It may not wait until December 21st, 2,012!

This(My difficulty making an accurate assessment of the current situation.) is due to an annoying lack of news. Due to Chemtrails hiding what is going on up there. And to the strange disappearance of Nibiru!(Are The Authorities terrified to inform the people – that civilization about to be WIPED OUT??!!)

Nibiru has been awaited some time now. But it has VANISHED. Hercolubus AND Nibiru are close to us. Hercolubus is Mother of Nibiru.

Has Nibiru passed us – and is now heading for Mars? Around mid July, 2,012.

Hercolubus is out around Saturn, and is Saturn sized. A cold green monster. Shouldn’t hurt us. But Nibiru was expected to whizz by close to Earth destroying this civilization. But for months now no sign. Nibiru is more Earth-sized and red. With a million mile wide tail of JUNK. It is Annunaki aliens’ Flagship of The(their)Fleet. I incline to think no longer seen because already has gone by. Anyone got any ideas? Please contact me: vicon2000@gmail.com WHERE IS NIBIRU??
Or is there a news blackout by The Authorities? Cutting us off from ALL news reports re Nibiru. And for 3 to 4 months now!

I have just copied this out from my Google G-mail:-(What IS PAT? Stankov’s Universal. Stankov’s Printing Press. Ascension Law. Printing. – Make sense to anyone??)
PAT Comments on the Latest Post -November 17, 2012.
Posted: 17 Nov 2012 09:42 AM PST
On “”Four Billions Will Die in December…” November 17, 2012 George, It will take me time for all the information both my HS and yours have given us these past two days. It is a grievous situation indeed and I … Continue reading →



Four Billion Humans Will Die In December. Magnetic Pole Reversal, ID Split and Mass Ascension Will Occur Simultaneously Around the Last Portal 12.12.12
Posted: 17 Nov 2012 04:24 AM PST
by Jerry Richard James and Georgi Stankov, November 17, 2012 http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com George, Thanks for your latest article and also the posting from Brenda Hoffman. I admire your ability to put together an article after this last wave. I started to … Continue reading →
I, Vic, cannot make any sense of this organization. Screwball? Or have they some legitimacy?? Are they OVER THE TOP. Or have the got something??)

However, they say FOUR BILLION humans will die in December, 2,012. 12.12.12. Due to Magnetic Pole Reversal,ETC.(Things ARE happening in relation to The Magnetic Pole. Is it going to take The Geographical Poles with it??)

Can anyone help, please? I cannot make sense of it. Attention had been rivetted on Nibiru. But now THIS from PAT(whatever PAT is(anyone know?)) is now dominating. To occur December 12th, 2,012. Then on December 21st, 2,012, Galactic Alignment occurs. With unknown results. A monster plasma wave has blown from the sun. 2 days ago. 17.12.2,012.

Powers that be have gone very silent. Though the chemtrails may be saying something? They HAVE BEEN trying to hide Nibiru. But Nibiru seems to have gone by – 3 to 4 months ago.

ANYONE got any answers? I am very puzzled.


The situation is very ugly. Between Nibiru(as was?), Magnetic Pole changes AND The Galactic Alignment of December 21st, 2,012. Especially with Israel attacking Gaza AND the dangerous Iran situation. All marked by a strange silence.

Also there is The Pisces Age ending December 21st, 2,012. And Aquarian Age starting up next day. 22.12.2,012. Higher spiritual vibrations will start then. World expected to rebel.(As they prefer lower vibrations.)

The sun is playing up.(Due to Nibiru? And/or The approaching Galactic Alignment.)

I have delayed comment – because trying to get A PICTURE, – but in vain! Hard to get a picture AT ALL, – let alone an accurate one!! SOMETHING GIGANTIC is imminent!!!! Get INSIDE of Shipping Containers, folks,asap!!
What caused the bad thunderstorms over S.E.Queensland,Australia??








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