Monday, 9th January, 2,012.




















There are two, possibly three, large objects in the sky approaching us. Nibiru, The Red Planet – and Phaeton. Also VERY many smaller objects.




There is Planet X(Nibiru, also known by MANY other names. Like Wormwood, for example.(Mentioned in Christian Bible.)) This is a gas giant ALMOST four times the size of Jupiter. This is the alleged Brown or Red Dwarf NEAR star which didn’t properly ignite. It is a planet which ALMOST became a star. PARTIALLY it apparently did. It has a number of satellites orbitting it.(I have seen a photograph of this in the sky.)




There is this Red Planet, which I think is a planet captured by our sun from Sirius B – which we in the solar system go around. It is about four times the size of The Earth.(I have seen photographs of this in the sky. And many videos.)(En route to going around Alycone. On The STELLAR spiral arm.)








There is Phaeton. Now minus its original surface.(Unless it COMPLETELY blew up.) Orbital period 3,600 years. Phaeton, or its remains, could be anywhere out there SOMEWHERE. Or now non-existent.






In fact, Planet X(Nibiru) may not be approaching us. But simply be on its orbital path around the sun. Or if on a very elongated orbit, it might be approaching us IN ADDITION TO THE RED PLANET!!






So we have a very confused picture of Nibiru(Planet X) AND The Red










All four are headed straight for Earth.








The Red Planet has been called The Destroyer. Because it has destroyed three of our sun’s planets as it plays SKITTLES with The Solar System EACH time it comes through.




In addition to all this there is The WOBBLE of The Solar System. (At least of The Earth). Which occurs every 6,500 years.




It is a fortuitous confluence of all these objects(or groups of objects), that brings them all together now.








The picture is complex and overlain with complications. It is very confusing.








It is also possible that Planet X(Nibiru) and The Red Planet – are the same object!


I suspect that this may be the case.








The difficulty with Planet X(Nibiru) and The Red Planet being the same object – is that Planet X is a gas giant(with satellites around it), whilst The Red Planet(with seven satellites) is not a gas giant, nor has it ANY characteristic of the outer planets!






Whatever the case, SOMETHING HUGE AND DEADLY is approaching The Earth! And can be expected to cause 30% to 90% damage. POSSIBLY hitting us, but I don’t think so.






There is also The Comet Elenin, alleged to have vanished, but which I think is a gigantic UFO, hexagonal shaped, which has dimmed its lights. This was orbitting Nibiru.(The BLUE Kachina.)(Nibiru is The Red Kachina.)(Unless it is The Red Planet. Which is then being wrongly called Nibiru.)








You begin to see perhaps the complexity,complication and confusion here.






I have tried to put to you some sort of picture as best I can.










All stars,ETC. are binary! Sol is no exception. Our twin star(identical twin binaries!) is Nemesis. Which is about 2 light years away.






It is not any of these objects(which may be one) approaching us.










There are also some minor planets, like Sedna, approaching us.






NASA is trying to blind us into thinking that Sedna,ETC. IS Nibiru!










There is an awful lot of stuff up there.










Especially now with all sorts of things being dragged down from the asteroid belts(3 belts).








In addition to all this there are the gravity waves, gravitons, increasingly impinging on the sun, as we get closer to The Great Alignment with The Centre of The Milky Way Galaxy.


These will IN ADDITION TO THE PERIODIC flare up from the sun at the end of Cycle 24.


So it should be a SUPER flare-up.




This will not only EMP us, but could FRY us.(The sea is predicted to BOIL!!)








A Pole Shift(Geographical, Physical!!) would ensue even without Nibiru, but The Red Planet will certainly cause a Polar Shift!!






Now all these cycles and events are centred upon the date of December 22nd, 2,012.A.D. Which CO-INCIDENTALLY is also the start of the next Mayan, Incan, etc. and most(if not all) OTHER many cycles!!








ALSO, there will be the SUPER-IMPOSITION of THE CROSSES of The Milky Way Galaxy AND of Sagittarious A Galaxy(Which WE are a member of, but BECOMING a member of The Milky-Way Galaxy as it crashed into The Centre(Of The Milky-Way Galaxy)!!(The sharp angle of The Milky-Way Galaxy to our view(you look!) is BECAUSE WE, in The Sagittarius A Galaxy crash towards its centre!)








PLUS the completion(WERE we in The Milky-Way Galaxy)(Understand, though we are part of Sagittarius A Dwarf Galaxy, we are going AROUND The Milky-Way Galaxy AS WE COLLIDE with it!)(Big galaxies naturally devour lesser galaxies around them!)






We go around The Milky-Way Galaxy once every about 30 MILLION years.(30,000,000 years)






All these events, AND others, big KEY events, are occurring RIGHT NOW!!










We are about to rise into the 5th Dimension The Whole Earth is. Those unable to bear that will transfer to lower planets.




During The MASS Ascension, Rapture, Revival and Transition to occur. Plus Evacuation.




We are already IN the 4th and 5th dimensions, and will pass into the SIXTH!!(As well as The fifth.)




As well as the SIXTH SUNS.










Apparently aliens used the Mayans and The Incas etc. And taught them much.










Oh,yes, these things are true, and so!!








THIS(2,012.A.D.) is The TERRIBLE year of THE LORD!!








I do not understand how all the other prophecies forecast are going to occur, but I think they may only START this year(or by about May 21st, 2,013.A.D.), and then go on for years.










I believe that May 20th/21st, 2,012 is when The Red Planet is DUE to pass The Earth. Though it MAY not be until December 22nd, or even early in 2,013. A.D.












HUGE changes will at least START this year. Not only CLIMATIC!






Many will think that they are going MAD!!










So please DO prepare.










It is the end of civilization as we know it. And even TOTALLY!!














The Sun will go black for three days and nights.




The Moon will go BLOOD RED.








And all the stars will fall(Because The Earth will turn upside-down.).










Expect The Red Planet to APPEAR to NAKED EYE view by all some time in April this year.(Though PERHAPS up to a within a year later.)


















And there is a whole host of lesser objects. These are being dragged down from the three belts of asteroids.













It may be asked WHY we cannot SEE The Red Planet,etc. And why The Media is so silent on these issues.

That is understandable,of course.




The answer is that we CAN see The Red Planet,etc!




(The Media,etc. are silent because TOLD TO BE SO!!)






NASA,ETC. will not permit news items of astronomical discoveries,etc. to be published EXCEPT through THEM.(Which they deny and cover up. They are holding a Conspiracy of Silence.)








A relative few CAN see The Red Planet. But it is being ignored, explained away,etc!!








The fact is, just about EVERYONE does not want to know about what is coming!


Bad news is hated.




People are being assassinated!




You see, we are only being told what THEY WANT US TO BELIEVE!!






We are NOT being told the truth. Only THE OPPOSITE of the truth!!










If you look at the general news you will NOT see anything about this, only the opposite!






You NEED to STUDY the videos, photos, reports,etc. FOR YOURSELVES!!









Instead of uniting the lower vehicles with humans, unite the HIGHER VEHICLES, and the heart,throat,head and crown chakras and vehicles with GOD.



Get your minds and hearts upon THE ASCENTIONS,ETC!!








We need to unite HEARTS, not bodies!




And with GOD, not other humans!!
















CHRIST is coming back.




And GOD is returning to The Earth!!






A New GOLDEN AGE should dawn(December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.)








Right on the heels of the FOUR CATACLYSMS!!
















Some will go up. Others down.








The Cleansing will effect The Great Separation!!














Blessed he whom The Lord finds DOING!!














It is about our SOULS not our bodies!








Much will APPEAR normal, but NOT BE!!


















Though there will be key figures and FIGURE!!












The Heavenly Hosts are NOW massed above READY to descend!










The Thief in The Night!










Suddenly, unexpectedly.








The Last Judgement. THE FINAL JUDGEMENT!!































































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