Y1 Our future

Wednesday, March 26th, 2,014. What men call death is actually a birth, and birth is the death! Life is a dream from which we awaken at SO CALLED death. Some are Earthbound for a while. A few ,may move tp another planet. Meanwhile bored Man teeters on the brink of The Spirit World, entered at that birth called death. We enter into our reward, good or evil according to our behavior. It matters everything HOW we live! At so-called death we may sleep a few days first. We also drift dangerously close to a third world war. And/or world civil war. We need to be concerned about the death of our souls, less than about the death of our bodies;. Yes, believe in dear GOD. And accept CHRIST into the heart. Do best to follow in the footstep[s of Jesus CHRIST. Let us live the highest life that we can. Avoiding the lowest. If we go wrong then repent and get back on track!! Advisory, not a command. Pray for the world!! Give all to life, and death will give all to you. All the best, Vic.

3 Responses to Y1 Our future

  1. SLarson says:

    Vicon2000 – what is your take on ebola?

  2. Slarson says:

    Bill, Vic, Vicon – anything new? Do leave me hanging

  3. Slarson says:

    Vicon – it’s been almost a year, do have any more to write. I hope you are well.

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