CCC8 Morality and ethics,etc.

August 30, 2012

Monday, 20th August, 2,012.


Morality and Ethics??

           I am VERY DEEPLY concerned – at the behaviour of my supposedly FELLOW man! I get the impression that it is ALL RIGHT – provided that you keep in with the crowd, do what the pack does, and – JUST let the LOWER rip! Well I DO NOT THINK SO!!

          The Media, as well as the dominant humans, are UNFORTUNATELY our morality and ethics’ guides. (I live in Queensland, AUSTRALIA. And watch TV Channel 7 a bit. So I get my picture of so much wrong living  from THEM.)(Of course, Queensland, Australia is MUCH more sedate(in general)  than is say the average life in The U.S!)(There is LITTLE comparison!)(With the VERY SHELTERED LIFE here!! In Queensland.)

          Now let’s get this straight. I am not(as I FULLY REALIZE that this makes me HIGHLY unpopular – to say the least) OUT to kill joy, and make others as miserable as possible – frowning upon ALL enjoyment. No!!

        MY mind is ON the CONSEQUENCES of “the loose LET IT ALL HANG OUT” style of living NOW BECOMING so increasingly PREVALENT!!(In The West, anyway.)(In Iran for example THEY are MUCH more TOE THE MORALITY LINE!!)(Thieves paying with their right hand,ETC.)(Chopped off!!)

      I am NOT for depriving people of joy. ONLY for INCREASING it. But I take a big picture LONG TERM view.(I am VERY concious that LOWERED SPIRITUAL VIBRATIONS take you to THAT CORRESPONDING degree of suffering  AFTER DEATH. I am thinking of THAT. And wish ALL to avoid THAT!!)

     It would mean loss of CURRENT pleasure and joy – TO the extent involved, of course.

     I am NOT saying don’t find Happiness, I am saying GO FOR the BIG IN THE LONG RUN picture!! Which used to be called WISDOM!!

    People tend to go by what OTHER people do. However MOST other people go for indulgence!! And so this is FOLLY!!!!

   DO YOU see what I mean?


   Yes, one COULD go out and get sozzled,  knock off a car or something – and engage a prostitute. Then go home, take drugs – and go to sleep.

   THAT is true, and SOME do that sort of thing.

   How TRULY happy are they? And WHERE in The Hereafter does a life time or lengthy period of THAT  take one??

   So WHERE is the GAIN?? I see ONLY loss.  And it is this LOSS I am so concerned to save all from!!

   Spiritually INVEST in a better future!! Going to Paradise AND NOT HADES after death!!

   Get me? GET IT??

   Of  course I have to be right about the penalty. But I believe that I am!!

   So which is better? Get sozzled now.  And very often in the future.  And go to a place less high than you thought of  or hoped for when you die.)

   I see so many going for loose living.

   But it DOES MATTER!!


   So THOUGH it WOULD involve the loss some low pleasure and LOW joy NOW., it would mean gaining a happier after-life!!

  HOWEVER, judging by what TV shows, and what a dissolute few do, then I see SO MANY literally GOING TO HELL!!

   THAT is what I DON’T want for you!!

  Therefore, painfully aware of the better alternative, I am VERY deeply concerned.

  I am NOT interested in praise for this. I simply am happier SEEING you,ETC. not suffering after death, but,rather,gaining REAL TRUE joy!!

 Am I making any sense to you? Am I coming across sensibly?

 Yes, I hear cries of SPOIL SPORT, KILL-JOY,and so on. But only from those taking the SHORT TERM view!!(Who be SO LOUDLY dominant!!)

  POT my popularity(I     have NONE. ONLY the REVERSE!!). WHERE is the INDULGER’S long term GAIN??!!

          Humans, in general, choose the WORLDLY WAY, not the way that leads to happiness after death, AND EVEN NOW!!


         AM I wasting my time?(I am not the ONLY ONE so concerned of course.)

        I cannot think that ALL are foolish OUT THERE!!

       I have often FALLEN. But WHY do it?? ??(My fall does NOT raise YOU up. Or it shouldn’t do!!)

      And there we have it.  

      Am I, and MANY others – WASTING OUR TIME??!!!

     Actually I am putting this very badly. As MOST people DO NOT go in for the dissolute life, but there are MANY who do!

    What I am trying to say – is, that those who live a LOOSER life than the average – GO to a lower place after death – than those who don’t!!


ZZ25 A panacea. Kerosene. Can cure cancer,diabetes and many other diseases.

April 25, 2012

Wednesday, 25th April, 2,012.





A panacae, – Kerosene!(Can cure cancer and diabetes,etc. Makes and keeps you young too(it can do)!!)(Well known cure in Eastern Europe.)(Do NOT expect support from ANY medics!! Say NOTHING to THEM!! Big Pharma, Big Medicine thrive on our diseases!)(So EXPECT very angry DENIAL from THEM!!)(Don’t mention to Doc!!)




Who would have thought that KEROSENE was a PANACAE? It certainly seems to be. It can cure Cancer, fast. And most, if not all, other diseases, like Diabetes for instance. (I disclaim ALL responsibility and accountability for what I am saying here. PLEASE note!!)(ACCORDING TO a Walter Last…(More anon))

Called Paraffin in The U.K.And a few other countries.

There are certain caveats though(warnings). Of which PLEASE take NOTE!!(DON’T get it into your lungs. Like via vomiting, taking down the wrong way,etc.etc! – Or it can kill you.)(It is fatal in the lungs.)(Do or die sort of thing!!)


I obtained this information from Nexus Magazine(April-May(In Australia.) 2,012.) From an article therein called”Iodine, – The Perfect Panacae.)(Kerosene is ONE of a number of panacaes based on hydro-carbons and connected to Iodine.)(Don’t go by what I say about it here, but in that article!) Written by a Walter Last(January 2,012.).)(Anti-oxidants too figure n panacaes. As many diseases cannot stand OXYGEN!!)

I am ONLY referring you to the article!


If you go onto The Internet, punch in(web-site), you should turn up the article. Otherwise get Australian Nexus Magazine(an excellent magazine) April-May, 2,012 for it. If you wish to learn more about this.(I understand it cures cancer(SOME cancers,at least)fast.)

Remember! Dangerous(it kills) IF got into the lungs! So you MUST NOT vomit, take it down the wrong way, and so on! Keep it OUT of the lungs!!(Or it gives you a kind of pneumonia – which kills – or can kill(kills,I think)). SO be VERY careful IF you do take it!!

I suppose not many people drink kerosene – but there it is.(If you have a serious disease like cancer, then you may be glad to take that risk. But REMEMBER THAT risk DOES exist!!) I know nothing about it. Just going by what I read In Walter Last’s interesting article. It also makes (and keeps) you young(er)!! Good, EXTERNALLY too(like on the skin) I understand.


Lots of people have cancer, diabetes or other serious disease/s. I am thinking of them.(But PLEASE remember, I know NOTHING about it. Only going by Walter Last’s article!!)(JUST a referral!!)

All the best!
















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