TT8 Money is just paper,now!!

Wednesday, 28th December, 2,011.

Money is just paper,now!


Money, Fiat by Government Decree, is just paper – because there is no promise to redeem in gold or silver,etc. (Non-promissory bank notes are WORTHLESS!!!!) Especially since U.S. came off gold standard in 1971! They threw away the ship’s ANCHOR!! To free up money(To get out of an impasse created by human GREED!!). Yes, it got freed, and now after 40 years it has no value. Whilst the savvy traders turn to gold and silver!! Which is WHY U.S. Dollar, world number one fiat money – has fallen(10% so far)!!

And whole world is keyed to U.S. Dollar. U.S. Oligarthy saw to that.

Government/s can do what they like! But bank notes now worthless paper! Which the people will gradually see through. Why now into debt and deficit,etc. You CANNOT ENFORCE value into what is now WORTHLESS!! Bank notes!(Fiat money)
The idea was to hoodwink and browbeat the public into thinking that the NON PROMISSORY fiat bank note(and coin) money was valuable!! But, of course,without the PROMISE (AND the gold and silver to back it)(Banks have loaned out and invested to other banks,ETC. Such that only about 10% of what they have is available back to the public!!)

It can only works SO LONG AS THE PUBLIC trust it! But people are VERY distrustful!!

So it won’t work!!


Psychology! People been walking on clouds and air, and NOW – beginning to realize that it is ONLY clouds and air, and OF COURSE – MUST fall!!

Of course world economic and financial system will collapse!!
They need to replace the system. Put us on Silver Standard!!(At least get back to GOLD!!)

Government CANNOT FORCE the people to see value in what is now WORTHLESS. The Bank notes.(And the coins, long since watered down!)


Pay off your debts and deficits!!

Live WITHIN your means!!


However much you hide the situation through confusing issues,etc.(And artificially producing wealth that is not real NOR THERE,ETC.) THE FACT remains!!
Money is supposed to be a convenient Purchasing Token!!(But you NEED to make the TOKEN of VALUE – to prevent the public losing faith in it!!)

And you NEED to make the notes PROMISSORY notes, with a PROMISE to redeem in gold(or silver, or whatever OF VALUE)!!

But they have LONG since given away most of the gold!
There is NOTHING left now to back up the fiat money!
Artificiality has drained the current bad system of its wealth!!
Powerful humans tried to make paper into value.

And electronics trusting blind faith of gullible public.
But savvy traders and investors seeing through this.
So gold, and silver, should rocket.

And Dollar PLUNGE!!


Markets will COLLAPSE!!!!

Otherwise(Unless on silver(or at least gold)standard. But they have given away the gold and silver!!)(Because it threatened their ARTIFICIAL PAPER!!) the fiat money, bank notes and coins becomes(as now) WORTHLESS!!

As more and more see this, gold and silver goes up(China has much of it!)(US. gave most of theirs away!)(To curry favour with RED China!!)


The idea was to very slowly and stealthily switch people’s faith in gold TO FIAT MONEY, bank-notes and coins. It has worked DECREASINGLY for 40 years! And will collapse altogether soon!!


And MANY other huge FLAWS in this current make the Feds and Banks rich BAD SYSTEM!!


You SIMPLY cannot escape the fact of DEBT and DEFICIT!! Even by fiat!(No matter how much you try to disguise the fact!)(Prices are going to rise first,then fall about 25% in this ON GOING correction, the first of many. Taking us to the rocks!!

The U.S. dollar falls.

There is nothing to BACK the world’s debts and deficits!!


IF we all believed in blind faith, yes, it would work.
But we don’t!
The Big Experiment has failed.


And NOW The U.S. Government is left hanging from the edge of a precipice!!
The U.S.(deliberately) got rid of its gold and silver,etc. To enhance the fiat DOLLAR!


Printing(cannot borrow much more!)(No one has wealth to provide!) and electronic printing is no good – because prices will rocket and then COLLAPSE!!


Debt is DEBT. Banks and Fed have done this by The Oligarthy(The ruling few already money BLOATED!!)!!(And next they will fleece the public for ALL that they have left!)

By Government Decree.
Of COURSE the people will rebel!!
And overthrow their governments!!



The people are being robbed, and will get robbed MUCH more soon!!

Too many are on the make. Zombies sinking the ship(A zombie is one employed in NON-PRODUCTIVE work!!)
Unemployment must rise!

Welfare,etc.schemes to hangers on is sinking THE SHIP!!


Bureacracy via too many in government, red tape and blue paper do the rest. Sink the ship!!
You NEED capitalism!!


Even Socialist and Communist,etc.etc. countries ARE capitalistic!(Via PHONEY ideas installed into the VERY gullible public!!)

Get on to Silver Standard.(Or at least back on gold!!)




Non-promissory bank notes are worthless PAPER!!


Fine if we ALL had blind faith you see!
Not ready for FAITH yet!
We simply are not IDEALISTIC ENOUGH!!







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