CCC1-2 Tectonic plates and Nibiru. Are YOU ready?? ??

July 30, 2012

Monday, July 30th, 2012


Tectonic plates and Nibiru!!

        The name of the game is not so much axial tilt change and crustal displacement, as INDIVIDUAL tectonic plates! How Nibiru affects these!



The best authority seems to be Nancy Leider and Zeta Talks.(Nancy claims to have had an electronic chip planted in her by Zeta Reticuli aliens. So that they can relay information to the world through Nancy.)


What these do varies greatly!


So while some quarters of the world report strangely different risings and settings of sun,moon and stars, other parts may register no change. Or something quite different again!


Not that there won’t be an axial tilt and/or crustal displacement.


I had been thinking in terms of axial tilt changes and crustal displacements. But the key, at present anyway, seems to be INDIVIDUAL TECTONIC PLATES.


Now Zeta Talks and Nancy Leider seem to be by far the best authority on these(individual tectonic plates). So I urge you, if interested, to go there. Hear what Nancy and The Zetans have to say on the matter!!



The Establishment is, in The West at least, denying the existence of Nibiru(a name for Planet X), and the skeptics are going by what the authorities say. Which is a TERRIBLE mistake!! Nibiru VERY DEFINITELY exists, is REAL, and coming nearer to us. Currently on a parallel orbital trajectory.



It should pass The Earth at 14 million miles distance by about October 28th,. 2,012.A.D.(Though the best CURRENT estimate on The Internet is now September 15th, 2,012.(The July 21st date we now know was wrong.)


I understand that though INITIALLY Nibiru is 14 million miles from us, that Earth and Nibiru draw MUCH closer together after that!(Due to gravity I suppose.)(In which case it will be a VERY worrying time indeed! It is claimed that it will not hit us. But that worry will exist on many minds!)(Though Nibiru may not hit us, the contents of its TAIL will, though not its moons(because too far out from Nibiru).)


Not a very clear picture I’m afraid. Owing to this tussle between The Authorities and those who KNOW Nibiru exists and is real, AND is approaching us.


The Authorities(Western, at least) are trying to make out that Nibiru is a MYTH. And many, most, are buying it(that)(myth line)!  However, they are DEFINITELY wrong. Are speaking falsely!!


From now on, for about past week now, things have been getting very slowly worse, but speeding up.(Disasters and heat should increase.)(All of the weathers(including seismic,etc.) should worsen.)(We are in for a VERY rough(worst ever) 12 months ahead.(Worsening for 6 months, then disasters fading away for 6 months.)


You WILL need VERY strong SHELTER! As just about everything will be brought down. LEVELLED. Need to get away from coasts and water courses. Get UP HIGH!!

Definitely OUT of buildings, especially high rise ones!


Petro-carbons from Nibiru will fall into our atmosphere – and ignite. So the air will seem on fire.(Fire IN the air.)  Trees will be down – as well as just about all buildings. Fires and explosions everywhere. Plus humans and animals in packs – stark staring raving MAD.


The sea is going to BOIL!!


And the landscape TOTALLY altered – world wide.


Due to a sea rise of 675 feet.


Get to AT LEAST about 3,000 feet, as via tsunamis all over, the sea will invade the land! And tidal waves. Hundreds of feet high tsunamis AND tidal waves.(VERY much like as in that film 2,012!)


Obviously well over 7 BILLION humans cannot be housed in the available shelters!(Reserved, no doubt, for the elite, anyway. I mean the ruling people.)



Another strange fact has emerged. METHANE – coming out of the ground – could be, at least IN PART, what is killing many animals. Perhaps in addition to haywire electro-magnetic compasses. Methane is inflammable. As is the OIL which will be falling from the tail of Nibiru.


Cannibalism will be RIFE. And EVERY form of sin and crime!! Yes, some will be eating their OWN children.  And drinking their blood!! And no doubt strangers will!!


There will initially be a period of 3 days of darkness. A week of it in Australia,etc.later.  And finally dark gloom for 25 years!!


Winds should be up to about 300 m.p.h, non-stop, everywhere(during the Polar Shift).


And incessant rain, hail, snow and SLEET.(First it gets VERY hot. Then very cold. As first Ice Era comes.  And then an ICE AGE!!!! Crops will not grow  – and be sparse.(Hydroponics best.)(We shall need seeds,ETC!!)(And some animals to breed.)(Get details on Internet!!)


We have about 2 months of bearable conditions left.(Imagine a world war(or wars),etc. conjoint. Plus a world civil war. Along with many other horrors. All look like coming.)



Economic and financial collapse. Money,etc. – Worthless. Thrown into the street!!


Total Civil Disorder – as the masses just won’t be able to handle it – and will go BESERK.


So MAKE THE MOST of our remaining TWO bearable MONTHS!!



Everything will grind to a halt. Martial Law amid General Emergency will begin it – once Nibiru looms like a full red moon in the sky, with two wings(or horns)(Origin of DEVIL!!) – RED, with a huge red hazy cloud of iron oxides particles.


It is not called THE DESTROYER for nothing!


Will end this SO CALLED civilization.


MANY animals, and plants will die. As well as many humans. No traffic. Roads impassable. Hardly any trade or business or commerce.  It will be hard to even find your own home. Ruins and corpses and blood plus the red water(resembling blood)(Difference undetectable!!) – EVERYWHERE.


The dead will be the best off!!


Many will commit suicide. Please don’t! Because of PENALTY in Spirit World.


The Great Tribulation is ALMOST upon us.


ALL HELL will be let loose.


Total darkness for many.


TWO MORE MONTHS – before it gets unbearable…



Noah’s ARK will be The Annunaki giant aliens in their ufo’s – who will rescue the best.


Get out of the cities!


Wilderness will be on fire.


Final debacle will be water(land inundated), then ICE.(Deep,THICK ice!!)


I have been pumping this out now for about 12 years. To the very few I can reach. Thanks to the absurd opposition and resistance!!


Which has made saving as many as possible – just about impossible!!


What an idiotic world. This world is MAD.


So unevolved.


Caves, best bet!(But you won’t be alone!)


Not much of a Christmas THIS year.


So many seem so deliriously happy. I don’t know why. Or is this a deliberate advertising effect. As if being hysterically joyful was THE GREAT THING!!(Judging especially by Australia’s TV Channel 7, anyway).



Depressing of me, I know. But wouldn’t you rather know what to expect, than NOT??!!



I am TRYING to get people to get The Authorities to organize a flight down The North Geographical Pole!(But very few take me seriously.  The ONLY other hope(as The Establishment will be looking after its OWN) – will be The Annunaki GIANT aliens!! 14 footers!!)




THINK about it, will you?!



Yes, Russia is not hiding the truth from its people!!



A battery re-charger(yes, it can be done) – and plenty of batteries!!


The end of the world as we know it all right!!(GRIMLY amusing!!)


BACK to The STONE Age!


YOU ready for it?!





PLEASE warn those of 3,600 and 6,500 years HENCE!! (We were warned. But few take notice.)(THIS is what Jesus was on about!!)




Are YOU ready to die, horribly and terribly???? As VERY FEW will survive this!!


ARE you HEARING me??


Transition, Ascension, Repentance, becoming Good.


As The Spirit World is very different to the physical plane!!


Your vibrations determine your place THERE. Spiritual vibrations especially.


The higher, the pleasanter.


The lower, the more unpleasant.





Do MAXIMUM good, folks, for our OWN sakes!!


Going to become VERY hard to do that!!












BBB18-2 What time is it??

July 26, 2012

Friday, 27th July, 2,012.

What time is it??
No. DON’T look at your time-piece! Look at where sun,moon and stars,etc. are setting and rising!!

We are not being told the truth!!(The time we are being given is being VERY SLOWLY altered(U.S.Navy, and via NAASA and Jet Propulsion,etc.) – to CONCEAL Earth’s slowing rotation – due to Nibiru! As well as North Pole being pulled over!! And tides raised. Conspiracy ON to keep us FOOLED!! So to keep control of us. As well as avoid mass panic.)
It is more than later than ANYONE thinks!
It is time to OBSERVE that sun,moon,stars,etc. are not rising and setting in the usual places!!

Watch tide levels AND where sun rises and sets!!!! Compare against previous and USUAL places!!!!
KEEP RECORDS!! Plot graphs, charts, lists,etc!!!!

DISCREETLY inform TRUSTED others!!


Nibiru is approaching. Very slowly just now. Orbital trajectories of Earth and Nibiru are almost parallel. Latest best estimate of passing is September 15th or 21st. 2,012.(Official date of 21.12.2,012 is only a MAYAN and INCAN REFERENCE date!!)(I estimate 28.10.2012. But date is uncertain!!)(Take NO chances. It is going to VERY SUDDENLY appear. And get VERY close eventually. I hope not hit us. I don’t THINK so!!…)(But one of its MOONS might!! And certainly asteroids and dust, especially red dust, and ALIENS!!) Keep your eyes wide NOW!!)


Nibiru is heaving on The North PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHICAL POLE. Eventually it will start a polar shift.

I believe that the TRUE North Geographical Physical Pole is the one we are calling The Magnetic Pole! And vice-versa!!
Earth is hollow with over one thousand mile wide tapering tubular holes at each end! Get down there to within The Earth. To get 400 mile crust over your heads!! SafER.

Nibiru is heaving atmosphere and tides up. So measure both daily!!


This rogue planet, Planet X, Nibiru, THE DESTROYER, is also slowing down the rotation of The Earth!

I understand we are about ONE SECOND off USUAL time.(Though we are told OFFICIALLY only a MICRO-SECOND’S FRACTION(a fraction of a micro-second) Though U.S. Navy is trying to conceal this. By inserting(daily) tiny adjustments – TO COUNTER!! They are getting ALL time systems to change accordingly. So to fool us ALL that time is normal. But it isn’t!!)

Will you all please get a TALLY on THE TIME!

Atomic clocks MAY help. Not sure. But these are being hidden,too.

Nor can you trust constellations above. Apparently falsified data there too. (But this NEEDS CONFIRMING!!) They are increasingly OUT,too! But true data being concealed! A TINY fraction each day or time.


Will everyone PLEASE check for THE CORRECT TIME. And do NOT go by the time given to us!

Also use MANUALLY BASED time-pieces!!
Use clockwork clocks and BATTERY OPERATED time-pieces!! THEY will be the most trustworthy. But NOT the OFFICIAL ELECTRIC times being given!!

We CANNOT TRUST the GENERAL electric times given to us! As controlled by those(NASA and U.S.Navy and Jet Lab,etc.) DELIBERATELY concealing Nibiru’s approach!!
Now the crust of The Earth is moving variantly LOCALLY!!

The variations are also IN the crust itself.
We need to check sun rise and sun set times, also moon times, and star times(setting and rising,ETC.)!!!

Against the degree of compass!!

Very confusing indeed. And authorities who shouldn’t be are hiding behind these facts.

Animals falling dead because dis-orientated by 1. Changing Magnetic North. And 2. U.S. Navy SONAR.

Not by fireworks, INDIVIDUAL starvation,etc.
Now I am putting all this badly, I know.

Hopefully, giving you AN IDEA of what is going on!!
By Nibiru AND The Wobble of The Earth(I mean the big LONG wobble, precessional!!)(Plus the wobble induced by Nibiru!)(So TWO wobbles now!!)


The world SO URGENTLY needs to WAKE UP!!

Things are NOT normal!

In addition we have NWO,Annunaki aliens massing above(TREMENDOUS ARMADA NOW ABOVE, UFO’S – including Mother Craft(preparing to evacuate us to save us from Nibiru). In addition to HYBRID RACE programming and orifice, of humans. Plus mutilation of cows. For some reason COW’S BLOOD is useful to them!!(Annunaki aliens are blending their genes with ours. Making a HYBRID race! Forcing sex to produce hybrid children!! But mostly by other methods!!))

Alien abductions proceed. Apparently we are ALL being examined IN TURN!! So watch out!!(THEY do it, by coming in their semi-materialized spirit vehicle forms, passing through our walls at night, and beaming us on to ufo’s via TENTS!!)
Some say Reptilians are behind The Annunaki.
The friendliest(our true ancestors) are The Pleiadeans. Not the negatively manipulating Orion lot!!(Where The Annunaki are from. We are evil and low because so unevolved, plus manipulated by Annunaki aliens, and maybe Reptileans. Also because from Phaeton, originally! Some of us were sent to Mars. Remnants THERE NOW!!!!(Huge cities in some Martian craters!! It’s right!! Not just faces! But pyramids and sphinxes,too!! And VERY MANY other things!!!!)(The Martians are us!!)(Related)

Humans originated on Phaeton, the planet which orbitted sun between Jupiter and Mars.(Tiamat, original Earth, got struck by a moon of Nibiru – knocking what has become Earth – its ORBIT – AWAY from its usual path.(I cannot remember now whether away from sun – or towards it. Needs checking.)(Tiamat’s moon became our moon.)

Phaeton had its crust blown off in some alleged war between two cities. Nuclear. Deuterium in ocean nuclear (ignited)exploded. Igniting the surface of the entire planet. And/or got hit by a moon of Nibiru. I am unclear as to which of two or three causes true.
However, The Phaetons got wiped out – bar a few who escaped in space ships TO MARS and THE EARTH!!!!(Some left Earth and went to Mars. Some are HUMAN DESCENDENTS. Some are our ancestors.
Then Mars got hit.(Evil apparently comes from Orion lot who changed our genes, and from Phaeton VIA MARS.)

Mars is inhabited by THE REMNANTS of some dreadful war or battle and/or a close passage by Nibiru.(Probably both.)

They look exactly like us!(And The Phaetons behaviour was negative and Earth human like.)
Incidentally we are not part of The Milky-Way Galaxy, but of a minor galaxy(Sagittarius A?) which is IN THE PROCESS of colliding with The Milky-Way. So that we shall become PART OF The Milky Way Galaxy.

One lot of humans ex Phaeton, the MAIN lot, re-incarnated upon The Earth. Via Cro-Mags and Neanderthals – which are not originally us!! Or maybe separately from them!!
There are MANY species of aliens. Variants and sometimes negative, like us.
Crop circles, most of them, are done by aliens. Mainly to try to warn us to improve our ways. And also to guard against Nibiru.(We are threat to solar system.)(So they keep us in check.)
We THINK that we are our physical bodies. But,no, we only OCCUPY those, via a whole descending chain of variantly vibrating vehicles(bodies).
It seems we had no beginning, and will have no end. Via Pre-existence and Re-incarnation.
Each individual lives endlessly.
We simply spend an average 50 years in The Spirit World re-cuperating from the hard physical plane. And then dive into some new chosen(perhaps for us) FOEUTUS!!
For an average 55 years incarnate.
Ghosts most CERTAINLY DO exist! They are simply creatures on an adjoing vibratory plane – viewed dimly and grotesquely.(Grotesquely on account of THE GAP between physical and super physical(and sub-physical!) planes.(They see US as ghosts!!))

Many dimensions from Dimension GROUPS exist!

And numerous strange creatures from other universes and planes.
I have personally seen about FOUR(Ghosts)(One materialized. I have even seen A PHANTOM of the LIVING!!.(No doubt about them!)(Seen MANY wierd and wonderful things like this.)
They CAN sometimes materialize. But are usually merely APPARITIONAL.

They CAN(and apparently do) kill via electric shock from touch.(I think many an otherwise unexplained death is due to ghosts!)(By SHOCK(TERROR) and/or ELECTRICITY transmitted!!)(Perhaps feared for THIS reason, as well as horror feeling born of THE GAP in vibration rate.)(Otherwise they are simply us again(the human ones) who have MERELY PASSED ON.(Death and birth are but INCIDENTS.)(Many now alive purposely to EXPERIENCE a Nibiru passing CATASTROPHE!!)
Physical death is actually a BIRTH.(Birth was our death!!)


Oh,yes. It IS so!!


Of course, many cannot bear this. Many wish NOT to live again. But we need to remember that as with dreams in waking life, that we do get a break in The Spirit World.(The After-life is a SUPER DREAM following Life. NOT a dream! Living is the dream! A NIGHTMARE so often!!) Though WHERE we go THERE – depends upon our behaviour here in the physical!!(Hence the VITAL importance of doing maximum good at all times!!)
Low and evil spirits, as well as mortals(humans in general are negative) drag us down, getting many to do evil and low things. Some possess us. At least OBSESS us with wrong thoughts!!


Our actions CHANGE our vibratory rates, including spiritual vibrations. And these determine WHERE we will go in The Spirit Word. Up or down in 5d. That is VIBRATIONALLY. As well as materially.
Sometimes we get born again on another planet. Perhaps around another star(but rarely).


Big danger that Israel will attack Iran, or get U.S. to do so.(Need to make sacrifice for world peace by NOT attacking Iran, however wrong they are(Nuclear development and threatening to block straits of Homuz(Horuz?)).)
The next world war would just about wipe out all life on Earth – via thermo-nuclear, nuclear, chemical, biological – as well as conventional and cyber and terror,etc. warfare.
We NEED to UNITE to defend against Nibiru!!

Human Nature still too far unevolved!!

Apparently some humans re-incarnated into dolphins. Very long ago.


So look after the dolphins. Maybe turtles,too.(Need to be given SPECIAL protection.)


Yes, what time is it? Not chocolate time! But time to choose THE POSITIVE. And ASCEND spiritually, divinely. MEDITATE!!!!

Not merely transit(pass on via SO CALLED death(no such thing!)) into Astral and Etheric planes.
There is MUCH, VERY MUCH, that humans do not know!

Do not sit in judgement! Avenging spirits often to blame!!
Nuclear radiation is a big danger.


Man, so many are, is OBSESSED with sex and drugs, dope,etc. But these things are DEADLY to spiritual, divine,etc. GROWTH!!

I include HETERO sex, not just the new peversion fashions.


They may alleviate our physical ills. But do much harm spiritually,etc.
Drugs are the cheap way to gain the joys of Meditation and Prayer and GOOD living(I mean SAINTLY living!) – and end up throwing us back thousands if not millions of years in evolution!! We CANNOT cheat!

Do NOT sin against GOD.

Nor do wrong against Man. I mean specifically CAESER(Man rule.).

The cost is a lower plane after so called death. And an inferior body and circumstances IN FUTURE LIVES!! AS WELL AS greater suffering in the here and now EVENTUALLY!!!!


It is SO VERY important that we do ALL the good that we can, at ALL times. Including IN THE SPIRIT WORLD!!!!(That high joys may result.)
So many are having a whale of a time now. Not that I am against that PER SE. But young SOULS, perhaps new up from The ANIMAL KINGDOM(!!) are going for PHYSICAL PLEASURES instead of the HIGHER JOYS(spiritual and divine and above)!!!! YES.

To AVOID suffering.

Many NOW in what is best described as HELL, in THE BEYOND, who are crying out to me RIGHT NOW, – to WARN the rest of you!!

We make our own hells.

Worst hell is the hell of REGRET!!(For wrongs done, or good things not done)
It IS possible to go back and RELIVE what you have done! Via Personal Time Travel!

Just go back in your mind, NOW. VISUALIZE yourself doing what you should have done, and NOT doing – what you shouldn’t have!! Do it – and KEEP ON repeating it, every time you think of it. IT WORKS!!(You will feel the joy!)(But you need to keep RE-APPLYING it!!)

Our vibratory state ALTERS the physical material worlds, you see!

REPENT of any evils done. BURN it out of your SOUL!!

Do NO MORE evil or low things.

But AS HIGH as possible!!


I know that some, perhaps many will call me superstitious and backward, but I am PAINFULLY AWARE of the COST of the hilarious time SO MANY are having RIGHT NOW!!!! Please, folks, DO NOT be FOOLED!!!!(Old Nick(The DEVIL) is VERY active!!!!)
Religion has exaggerated a lot.(And some times UNDER-STATED!!) But the BASIC facts REMAIN – and APPLY!!!!
Be warned!!


Nibiru will take VERY MANY off!
Mostly the wicked I understand. Those who take UNFAIR advantage of others…
PLEASE listen to me. To what I am saying.


I speak VERY true. And I KNOW it!!

It is SO EASY to slide down hill!
So TERRIBLY HARD – to climb back up!!
REMEMBER THAT – won’t you!!

We live for ever, and have already done so. So it is SO VERY important!!!!






PEACE be with you!

I address myself,too.(Particularly THAT fellow!!)

Be WISE, comrades, heed the higher wisdom! Of The Great Teachers.
GOD is good. But is NOT a fool!!(God is the spiritual sun. Working through our HIGHER SELVES. Too many making mistake of indulging their lower selves. No! It is the HIGHER SELF we need to LIVE FROM!! Live from GOD and CHRIST SPIRIT!!!!)


Our MAIN purpose AT ALL TIMES, is to evolve spiritually, divinely and above, TO THE VERY MAXIMUM!!





To ALL, not just the good.








BBB17 WATCH Nibiru slow down Earth’s rotation!!

July 25, 2012

Wednesday, 25th July, 2,012.
Check slowing down of Earth’s rotation – by Nibiru!
Don’t let others try to fool you this is not so!
As Nibiru gets closer, it will warm us up, cause all sorts of disasters, AND slow The Earth’s ROTATION down! – Increasingly until The Earth stops rotating – for about ONE WEEK(!!). Then re-starts again – spinning in the opposite direction. Causing the sun to rise in The West – and set in The East. Positions of rising and setting sun are increasingly to the right. Askew from normal.(DON’T let them fool you with HALF TRUTHS!! U.S. Navy setting wrong time figures to fool us!!)

Use MANUAL time-pieces. As U.S.Navy, NASA,etc. will deliberately try to fool the observant that this is not so. Trying to CONCEAL the fact that Nibiru is approaching. In order to have CONTROL over us. And to avoid panic.

However, The Public DO need warning of Doom, Doomsday! So I am asking you all to(using MANUAL time pieces – to prevent those concealing Nibiru’s approach from getting you to alter your time wrongly!)observe(making daily notes)the SLOWING DOWN OF THE EARTH’S ROTATION! Thus permitting those who DO – to prepare for TOTAL STOPPAGE(in Earth’s rotation, for about a week)!

The semi-wise will try to persuade you that your time-piece is at fault. The WISE will know that The Earth’s rotation IS slowing. – Due to Nibiru hauling on the rotating Earth – as well as The North Pole, dragging on the ice caps and The Earth’s Crust – and eventually starting the terrible POLAR SHIFT!! So just BE READY, folks!! Also NOTE where sun and moon,etc.rise and set now. Also measuring the angle between rises and settings!

Observing what IS happening, you may THEN act accordingly – to save your lives.(Survivors starting a new Stone Age – or getting evacuated by The giant Annunaki aliens in UFO’s above!)

In 39 days, Nibiru should appear in DAYLIGHT!!

Warning you ALL!!
WATCH!!(And don’t get fooled by those PURPOSELY keeping Nibiru a secret!!)(Please pass this information on. By e mail and otherwise!!)


BBB16. Prepare NOW for Near WIPE-OUT!!

July 24, 2012

Wednesday, 25th July, 2,012.
An idea of what Nibiru passing will be like.

For about the next 3 months, as the orbital trajectories of Nibiru and Earth, now almost parallel, slowly draw closer together.
It is easy to give an opinion. What IS hard – is to be RIGHT!!

Basically,what is happening, so far as I can gather, is that Planet X,next planet out past Neptune,(Pluto-Charon discounted now,probably a satellite of Neptune, a captured alien planet(a planet of Sirius B OR a space wandering planet)about the size of Saturn,with a 3,600 year orbital period – is ONCE MORE about to pass us very closely. Immense gravitation, magnetism,heat and electricity from this planet, PLUS that engendered from the sun at this time will cause TERRIBLE damage to The Earth via a Pole Shift – probably involving a complete INVERSION of The Earth, or at least a fall on its side(which might be WORSE than it turning upside-down)(All the stars are going to CHANGE ENDS!!)(Drat it! I LIKE The beautiful Southern Sky!!)(As you would have both poles melting their ices COMPLETELY, in the region NOW occupied by India and Peru.(Imagine poles going there! I don’t know why Nancy Leider says that. As invariably the poles change ends via an inversion of The Earth.(The Earth usually INVERTS each time, not HALF inverts.)(The stars,etc. APPEAR to slide of course)(Another point: A Polar Shift requires The Earth to turn upside down, not the crust slide right around, though ice and crust slides might occur TOO.(Nibiru’s immense gravity pulls The Earth upside down.(By pulling The North Pole OVER and DOWN.) It could CONCEIVABLY pull on the polar ices and The Earth’s CRUST FIRST, INITIATING an Earth INVERSION(180 degrees)(But all this is my speculation!)(EXACTLY what Nibiru does and how, I do not know. However judging from past CATACLYSMS(like Lemuria,Atlantis and Poseidon) and noting that there is a COMPLETE INVERSION of the magnetic poles, it can only be from The Earth turning upside down GEOGRAPHICALLY, PHYSICALLY – and not any MERE polar or CRUSTAL SLIDES(Though THAT might occur too.)!!(A note TO those trying to figure crustal and ice SLIDES: The Earth is HOLLOW, and has a huge hole at EACH end!! Earth’s HUGE WITHIN being reached by travelling down these GIGANTIC holes(a thousand miles in diameter)(So please REMEMBER that The Earth is NOT solid, BUT HOLLOW. Therefore IF the crust and polar ices SLIDE, they have to slide THROUGH these giant holes!!)(Rock can bend though!)
The CURRENT heat and disasters,stretching rocks noise,cracks and sinks holes,bubbles in the ocean,etc. are caused by EARTH’S WOBBLE, not Nibiru(so much)(as yet), via CENTRIFUGAL FORCE heaving up the surface and the magma!

But from about NOW on, in ADDITION to Earth’s Wobble’s effects VIA centrifugal force, we shall ALSO GET Nibiru’s influence PLUS the effects from The Galactic Alignment(due 21.12.2012), AND The Start of The Aquarian Age(Taking over from The Pisces Age) on 22.12.2012. Thus we have TRIPLE or QUADRUPLE CATACLYSMS occurring more or less simulaneously. A once in about 26 MILLION YEARS’s event!(So THIS COMING CATACLYSM is NOT just due to Nibiru passing very closely but what I just mentioned ALSO!)

People are VERY Nibiru concious(among those that are cataclysm,etc. minded), not realizing that the heat, disasters, strange noises, cracks, sink-holes,etc. are more due to Earth’s WOBBLE – as yet. But from NOW ON, Nibiru, Galactic Alignment AND Aquarian Age effects WILL ADD ON to EARTH’S WOBBLE – thus creating THREE or FOUR cataclysms ALL IN ONE!!(So the CURRENT growing woes(ONLY JUST STARTING UP!) will be due to FOUR GIANT Astronomical events happening SIMULTANEOUSLY!!!!(All centred on 22.12.2012.A.D.)(I say A.D. in deference to the MAGNITUDE of THE FOUR FOLD cataclysm that is about to occur, START to occur, WITHIN the next six months or so! And proceed for months. Though its after effects, including ice era and ICE AGE, with dense dust, red dust(poisonous, polluting crops and water!) and almost constant RAIN, will proceed for ages!
The whole surface(and inner surface) of The Earth will be changed completely out of all recognition. Due almost entirely to SEA RISE.(Remember too, that estimated February 14th, 2,013 – Earth will suffer FIRE initiated by our sun!)(Due to Nibiru lining up with sun and Earth.)

I am putting this badly I know. But best I can do trying to juggle the FOUR ASTRONOMICAL EVENTS.(Normally we have ONE or ANOTHER EVENT. But THIS TIME,NOW, we have FOUR!! Rembember that!!!! All coming VERY CLOSE together.(The next Halloween and Saint Valentine’s Day should be QUITE memorable!!)

Earth’s Wobble, Nibiru passing very close by, Galactic Alignment AND end of Pisces Age – to start The Aquarian Age – along with OTHER IMPORTANT CYCLES – all centred on 22.12.2,012.A.D!!!!
So this EVENT(It is called THE EVENT)(Many got born at this time ESPECIALLY to EXPERIENCE the INCREDIBLE FOURSOME!!(The WORST disaster to Man on Earth(Future included!)!!!!)will be a once in 26,000,000 years event!
Even ONE cataclysm is DEVASTATING, but to have three or four occurring SIMULTANEOUSLY will “regale” us with THE WORST DISASTER, CATACLYSM EVER for Man to experience on the Earth!!!!(Past AND Future.)


What a SHOCK the creatures of our ENTIRE SOLAR SYSTEM – ARE in for!(Especially those of Australia’s T.V. Channel 7 – who are always laughing!!)(WHY Main Media so silent if it is true? Because of the policy of silence to keep CONTROL of us, AND to avoid panic. Especially THE FORMER!!)

The come-down from SUCH hilarity – can only be EPIC!!(SO MANY Earth folk are shortly in FOR SUCH A SHOCK!!)

Remember!(But DO go to Zeta Talks on The Internet for good details. Though I note Nancy Leider is 9 or 10 years PREVIOUS in the dates she gives(Written before 1995!). Which I think is DELIBERATE.(In OTHER WORDS, ADD 9 or 10 YEARS, PERHAPS, to the dates she gives THERE!!)(And we arrive at 2,012-2,013 time)(Which IN HINDSIGHT and RETROSPECT IS when the QUADRUPLE CATACLYSM is to occur!)(Done DELIBERATELY apparently!! For some important reason I forget now.)
What a pity, because it means that the people of this solar system KEEP getting knocked back(FLATTENED)(Though many solar systems get these alien interloping planets!) every few thousand years.(PLEASE warn those of 3,600 years hence,ETC!)(Even as WE have been WARNED of what is now IMMINENT!!)
Thus we get a fresh Genesis every 3,600 years.(Nibiru cataclysms occur every 3,600 years. EARTH WOBBLE cataclsyms occur ever 6,500 years. Galactic alignments effects occur every(something different)(26 or 260 MILLION??)years. And a new Astronomical Period, like Aquarius, every 2,000(Is it?) years!)

In addition to Man’s usual hostility to Man,etc.

AND Nature’s harshness!!


For FIREWORKS this is the time to be in!! The WORST EVER TIME for disasters.(For Man on Earth.)

Richter 15 earthquakes to be expected. Up to the TREMENDOUS JERK JOLT as The Pole Shift STARTS!!(Which should LEVEL just about EVERYTHING on Earth!!!!)(THAT earthquake should be OFF THE MAP!!)

This disaster, coming up, imminent(watch for RED DUST and RED GLOW in sky), can be expected to END this Aryan civilization(Have I got the RIGHT word there?!). Throwing us all back to Stone Age.(How will Spirit World fare?)

Man’s history is one long series of Creations!

Stock up?(For many who have not stocked to plunder?)
Why are so many UFO’s getting seen? To rescue the best of us – from World ANNIHILATION!!(Contact your local friendly giant Annunaki ALIEN(JOKE!!))

Prepare to POSSIBLY get whisked up into a Mothercraft above. – To RIDE OUT the storm!!(Or even to another planet!!)

Most of the information on Nibiru,etc. is from Ancient Sumeria!(Originally.)


I do advise(amongst MANY other things) you get BATTERIES. And a battery charger!(Torch batteries,etc.)(Grid electricity may be expected to be DOWN, PRETTY PERMANENTLY!!)(Plus all important electric,etc. APPLIANCES. So WE folk who MAY be initiating The NEXT Stone Age – can get a head start!!)
The Internet has many organizations telling us WHAT to gather together – for AFTER FOUR-FOLD CATACLYSM.

Now 3 months away(start thereof). Heat and disasters will BUILD UP to it…
Last Trumpet all right!!

LAST TRUMP(Of THIS cluster of cataclysms) ABOUT TO BE PLAYED!!!!
Last time any event like this happened there was The Exodus. Moses,etc. How The Red Sea parted!(The Raed Sea anyway, a tribituary OF The Red Sea.)
Be a lot of bugs around,too. But at least they will be EDIBLE!!


Peace be with you all,







Remember! It is not JUST Nibiru!





Will be NO JOKE, as all are VERY SOON – to REALIZE!!

Go to Zeta Talks, folks.

Much detail there, including on our best defensive posture!!

Note: Best off will be those who die!(But STICK AROUND – IF YOU CAN!!)









BBB15 The Fourth Reich,etc.

July 23, 2012


Tuesday, 24th July, 2,012.


Thank you for the kind comments,/ RED Nibiru, red dust,red rain and GLOW/Hitler in Antarctica,ufo’s and The Fourth Reich./My web-site addresses are in BBB14.

There is a rumour that Hitler fled(Around 1945.) with some U-boats into Antarctica, though he may first have gone to Argentina.

He built a number of superb secret weapons. Including UFO’s.(I am not saying that ALL ufo’s are German!)(He met aliens who taught him, apparently.)(He also got Atomic bomb first. And passed it on to Japan(or they got secret too).)

I doubt he is still alive. But COULD be, as down below Antarctica conditions are conducive to longevity!In hollow Earth.)


A Fourth Reich may be being prepared – in U.S!

I am well pleased with the comments on my articles(some of my articles). Have read the kind comments. THANK YOU!!

I shall certainly continue writing IF I think of something worth-while to write up!

Don’t expect many more, now. If ANY!!

Note: Red dust and red glow!! Can be expected from Nibiru.(I urge any readers to go into Zeta Talks! Much detail in there. Though was written about 15 years ago!)

Four events to “look forward to”: 1. Red dust in profusion. (Falling to Earth from tail of Nibiru.)

2. Red rain(in profusion).

3. The sudden appearance of a second(but red) moon.

4. A RED GLOW in the sky. Southern sky. Getting bigger and brighter.

These four things should occur(strongly) JUST BEFORE Nibiru is to pass us!(Earth)

It is hard to determine when Nibiru will pass Earth, but my estimate(from some orbital trajectories) is October 31st, 2,012.(Halloween)

Expect electric arc from sun or Nibiru Saint Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2,013.

9 out of 10 humans expected to die.

Richter 15 earthquakes predicted!

And moving walls of water HUNDREDS OF FEET high.

Will need GOOD shelter!!

And be at least about 3,000 feet up!!

N.W. Europe goes under. And British Isles.

The Earth will stop rotating for a WEEK. Then re-start in the OPPOSITE direction!!

Check on Internet for details!

Don’t leave it to last minute!

Australia will be in the DARK NIGHT part of The Earth, freezing.

U.S. in LIGHT, sizzling.

Giant Annunaki aliens to inspect us.

Get details in Zeta Talks,ETC!!(You will need to know how to survive! IF you can!!)(Water poisoned by red dust. Air much deprived of oxygen. Crazed packs of cannabalistic humans AND animals. So little food around!!)(Best defence: Lie in a shallow narrow trench! Or be far out(or under) sea!!)(Underground, – VERY dangerous. Burial alive, awful risk!!)

25 years before skies clear of dust and almost constant rain.

Some say poles will move to India(and opposite). Apparently The CRUST is going to SLIDE – hundreds, even thousands of miles, south west, I think.(South west in West.)(So Australia and New Zealand,etc. should move North East that distance!!)




BBB14 My four web-sites!

July 23, 2012

Tuesday, 24th July, 2,012.
My Web-sites,etc.(There is a DOMAIN site too, but don’t worry about it. Other entry/ies shown below:-)) For my Science and Esoterica articles(Green site.). For Archives.
vicon2000.wordpress Current
wordpress.vicon2000 Current(Different(Though maybe some overlap.) lot!)(To get the lot: Need to visit BOTH Currents!)
These addresses(FOUR), and ONLY these, will take you into the sites named in BLACK.




Special Entry.2. MANY THANKS!!

July 23, 2012

Special Entry 2.

Thank you ALL for your kind remarks. I am making a GENERAL reply to all. THANK YOU!!

So long as you UNDERSTAND that things will get VERY bad. Go to Zeta talks, from where I extracted this. Gives you an IDEA!!

Batten down ALL hatches!!
I am greatly encouraged, but too much for me to respond to each one individually.

Hope you will accept this simple THANK YOU.





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