P11. Doomsday. Nibiru,etc. Latest.

Saturday, Augusst 10th, 2,013.

The sun will go black and the moon red. And the stars will fall from heaven, at the end times,which is now. When Nibiru comes. Probably some time this year!(Next at latest. Comet Ison is harbinger.)(It is clear enough that disasters,etc. Are BUILDING UP towards some COLLOSAL BAD EVENT!!)

Who would have thought that the sun would go OUT?! Which means cold and dark too – probably starting the next ice age. THAT is the Biblical prophecy. And THAT is what is coming, probably this year. Hopefully the sun won’t STAY out!!

This is why leaders meet!

Are you all READY??

Prepare to meet The Maker!!

Death, and the life after death!!

Not much chance of diverting Planet Nibiru from its orbit. Some say it will collide with The Earth.

What little food and water available will be poisoned by the red dust coming off the planet Nibiru. I don’t rate our chances. Stock WATER as well as everything else essential BEFORE too much red dust gets into it. The “red dust” is ALIEN MICROBES!!!! THIS is what is reddening so many of Earth’s waters!! Get a garden going! But protect it from the red dust.

The whole sun and solar system is being affected by the alien system captured from near Sirius by our sun. The alien system is the small dark star Herbuculosis and its retinue of planets INCLUDING PLANET NIBIRU(Its seventh planet.). Expect this(our) civilization to be destroyed, billions of humans die – half or more, plus animals and plants, and just about all buildings demolished. Expect The Annunaki aliens to land too en masse. It was THEY who created us. To mine gold for them!(To particulate – and shoot into space to increase the light of the sun. They want our genes, their own defective. They need slaves. AND they are creating a hybrid, (crossing humans with aliens) race. Nibiru is hot, so expect heat to increase. I think Herbuculosis is cold. It should start the next ice age. We need the aliens to transport us to safety. Hence their large numbers.

The Earth’s rotation will be stopped – and reversed. A slow-down already detected. The Authorities are expected to delay announcing what I am telling you AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Fearing rebellion, panic,and mass movements from coasts and rivers,etc. For highest safety get inland AT LEAST 140 miles, AND at least 3,000 feet high. Best get underground, but danger there is burial alive!! Yes, magnetic shift speeding up, but geographical pole shift to follow. Biggest danger will be from ocean temporarily leaving the ocean basins and flooding the continents. Nowhere will be safe. Good place will be on alien Mothercraft high above – OR on another planet. We are seeking a new planet temporarily – until The Earth becomes safe enough again.(After up to 20 years.)(Global EMP should also occur. So they are making anti-EMP proof electric appliances.) The Authorities know – but are delaying telling us. To avoid the obvious re-actionary UPHEAVAL that would follow. Do NOT commit suicide!! 50 to 70 or more percent of humans should be killed.

Get READY for the ALMOST SIX days of STOPPED ROTATION. When The Earth starts rotating again, it will be in the opposite direction! Thus sun THEN rises in The West. This should occur SOON. Probably THIS YEAR. Maybe next.

The sun has BLOWN ITS TOP. Meaning that there is a huge black hole in the sun. This is NOT nonsense. It IS coming and VERY SOON. With disasters increasing until then. Consider the woresening disasters, sink holes, cracks in ground and ice, AND the disturbances to The Entire Solar System, AND the sun and the moon.

The Basic Cause is The Galactic Alignment, The Earth Wobble, plus the proximity of the planets Herbuculosis and Nibiru. (The planet CURRENTLY being called Nibiru is in fact Herbuculosis. Planet Nibiru is ITS SEVENTH planet, which is expected to hit or pass us VERY CLOSELY VERY SOON. Probably some time this year. Or next.(The most likely times seem to be August and November THIS YEAR, 2,013.) Ending this civilization, so-called civilization. It CANNOT be stopped. Nibiru and Herbuculosis are PLANETS, not asteroids!! Alien planets. THIS is why the UFO’s and aliens are so numerous now. And why the leaders keep meeting!! It is NOT a false flag. This is why deep underground shelters are being built! For the elite of course. And why China is building new empty cities!! We actually have TWO periodic cyclic series occurring. 1. Is 3,600 years(approx.). The other is 6,500 years. And there is a third. Plus the danger of world war(WW3), AND World Civil War. So it is going to get VERY ROUGH!! Of course SINK HOLES are numerous and increasing(as the ground is getting pulled up by Nibiru). The aliens may land en masse and evacuate many. These will be The Annunaki, plus maybe others. You are advised to get details from Internet, U-Tube, but DISCRIMINATE – as many different parties are posting up. Read everything with a grain of salt. But SOMETHING BIG and AWFUL is undoubtedly IMMINENT. DO NOT PANIC!! But DO STOCK UP WITH ESSENTIALS. AND get a garden going!! Food and water are going to get VERY scarce!! The red dust is poison. It is alien microbes. Essential you do not get this red dust imbibed or breathed. It is POISON!! THIS is why waters are turning red. A LITTLE is due to algae. But is mostly alien microbes!!

The Earth has a Wobble. But this is being accentuated by proximity of Nibiru. Do NOT ignore what I am telling you!! NASA proclaimed Nibiru back in 1983, but when they saw its size – hastily denied it, claiming a mistake had been made.

No mistake made. They spoke true. But were afraid to tell admit it. Policy now is to deny it. But they are speaking false now. Herbuculosis planet is about size of Saturn. Planet Nibiru is 4 to 5 times size of Earth. Reporters of the truth are being murdered. I could be next! The Authorities are VERY AFRAID!!

Best you prepare by STOCKING UP ALL ESSENTIALS. AND by reading U-tube videos!

Yes, it is true.

EXPECT false flag alien invasion first. Then the mass landing TO SAVE US!! But we are fighting the aliens instead of co-operating with them. On the edge of space!

There is no alien invasion going on. Simply a build up towards a mass landing of aliens(little greys,etc.) to save as many humans as possible!! So PLEASE get ready!! Last thing we need is WW3 and World Civil War – but looks like they are coming TOO!!

Keep CALM!!

No good worrying. Gets you NOWHERE!!

These aliens are friendly. NOT enemies!! They could have wiped us out LONG AGO had they been enemies!! FAR more advanced than us. But they need our genes AND are creating HYBRID RACE. Also need gold miners to get gold for them!! They need our SPIRITUAL qualities. WE need their technology. GET IT RIGHT!!


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