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March 26, 2014

Wednesday, March 26th, 2,014. What men call death is actually a birth, and birth is the death! Life is a dream from which we awaken at SO CALLED death. Some are Earthbound for a while. A few ,may move tp another planet. Meanwhile bored Man teeters on the brink of The Spirit World, entered at that birth called death. We enter into our reward, good or evil according to our behavior. It matters everything HOW we live! At so-called death we may sleep a few days first. We also drift dangerously close to a third world war. And/or world civil war. We need to be concerned about the death of our souls, less than about the death of our bodies;. Yes, believe in dear GOD. And accept CHRIST into the heart. Do best to follow in the footstep[s of Jesus CHRIST. Let us live the highest life that we can. Avoiding the lowest. If we go wrong then repent and get back on track!! Advisory, not a command. Pray for the world!! Give all to life, and death will give all to you. All the best, Vic.

W4 What happens after death

March 4, 2014

Article W4. What is it all about. So far as I can deduce.


     We human beings live a life time of an (if we are male Westerners)  average 55 years, transit at so-called death(which is only of the physical body)(Our six or more other vehicles remain, and we THEN live in the new outermost shell which is THEN the spirit vehicle in The Spirit World, shedding our outermost vehicle

or body, the physical body.  We then live an average 50 years in The Spirit,etc.realms, before usually re-incarnating to start the cycle again. This goes on ad infinitum. As we pass up through The Mineral, The Animal and The Human kingdoms, living hundreds of lives as a human being.     The current AVERAGE  age of death(at death) of male Westerners is 85. Beyond this such a one is in extra time, and can expect to die at any time. Far from having only about 55 years of life, we, in fact, have an infinite time, back and forwards combined. The problem, I think, is not that we shall come to an end, but that we shall NEVER come to an end!!(So which is worse, the horror of dying at any time OR going on for EVER!!!!(Though not only in the physical world.) We have already ALWAYS lived, and SHALL ALWAYS live!! At some point in The Spirit World, we seek to make the best karma, which can only be made in the physical currently.  So it is Hobson’s choice. Get bored rigid in The Spirit World(eventually), or endure the hardships of the physical. We eventually choose the physical, though FINALLY we stay for ever in The Spirit World. When we have nothing further to learn in the physical!! Higher kingdoms await us beyond the human. And kingdoms before  the animal existed.


      The attraction of The Spirit World  is that it is so much easier there, but then the karmic reward is far less. It is easier in The Spirit World because the SPIRIT matter is so FINE.


     In order to re-incanate we simply dive down into a new foeutus. Choosing male or female. And also, presumably, what species. Though who would choose to be less than human. And higher than human is not possible for us. I suppose we can choose other planets. But this is risky. Earth humans,etc. only know Earth.


    Most of us are hoping to live longer, though some,if suffering too much, hope to exit as soon as possible – in order to experience the much easier Spirit World.


   We retain our present form in our next life, though it gradually improves.(Unless we are determinedly evil, where it might deteriorate).


   After much study of after life and re-incarnations, this is my conclusion.


   Take ALL care as to what kind of a foeutus you dive into next time!!(You will be stuck with it until it dies!!!!)



   After death, which is like a big sleep, we awaken into The Spirit World. Some plane thereof, which accords with how we have behaved in life.  Some times we, after death, find ourselves still on Earth but in an astral copy of the physical, FOR A WHILE.  This is The Earthbound State.




   We can never go out of existence.


   We either awaken into The Earthbound state, OR we awaken into The Spirit World PROPER – which is  PARTLY like physical Earth.(Time is quite different there.}


    Once in that foeutus(WE choose it!!), we are stuck with it until it dies. We cannot get out(permanently)until it dies!!


   We CAN choose to enter the animal kingdom or some other kingdom. But how many are going to choose to be less than human. We CANNOT enter a higher kingdom!


   What I am saying is not set in stone, but I think it is correct enough.


  Higher spirits usually greet us after death, and guide us before our next birth. We decide when we get re-born.



  Friends and relatives who have died before us may greet us(wen we cross over) in The Spirit World.(Unless you resist that particular person.)


 In The Physical Realm, we can walk about. In The Spirit World we can FLY about. Everything is controlled by our THOUGHTS!!(Where we go – and what(anything!) we can create.



 Space,Time,Vibration,etc. are wholesale, not bit by bit(or partial).



  We do not go out of existence at physical death, though it might for a while SEEM so.


   Apparently one can come back as more than one person. Or live in The Spirit World and The Spirit World simultaneously!!



  Remember! We cannot go out of existence.




  I hope this answers a few questions for you.


  Yes, I may be a bit wrong here and there. But not much, I do not think.



   I hope it keeps fine for us all!!


  Sorry. I am unable to guarantee my statements.


  Alll the best!!


 The moral is: Be NICE to ALL. Even to ALL CREATURES!!!!(From a fly to an elephant!!)



 Some times we, after death, find ourselves still on Earth but in an astral copy of the physical, FOR A WHILE. This is The Earthbound State.








  Vic Conway.





September 10, 2013

Q2: Continuing on Death.

Conciousness is, for us here in the physical Earth, currently in the physical body. When the physical vehicle gets uninhabitable – through disease or accident or whatever, then the physical body gets discarded and conciousness moves into the spirit brain. The physical body drops away dead, but that is not the end of you. Conciousness moves into the spirit brain, and you find yourself in the spirit world. You may not even notice it. Usually all pain and fear ends. And you are free of most if not all of the afflictions that beset your physical body. The only ones now suffering are those that loved you. So naturally(LATER) you may try to tell them that you are all right, just in a finer vehicle(body) but not detectable by THEM body. Your immediate task is to ascend as high and as fast as possible in the spirit world. Two types of spirit may accost you. Those who want to take you DOWN into Hell.(To hurt you to the maximum.) And those who want to take you up into Paradise.(To please you to the maximum.) The choice is yours. The Spirit World life closely resembles a glorified dream. A finer world is involved. But it has many PLANES, vibrational planes. You will go to that plane you qualified for by your actions whilst alive. These planes are 5d. To describe them is nearly impossible. So do all the good that you possibly can! As your next 50 years(average) depends upon it! If you have been good, you will go to a good plane. If bad, then a bad one. During life we can either live to enjoy THIS PHYSICAL world, or, we can aim for happiness hereafter. By our good deeds exceeding our bad ones. When you do err, then repent. Try to burn the low action out! It is a spectdrum of vibrational planes which include material places. God will encourage us to do good. The Devil will try ALL OUT to get us to do wrong! And no good! Whichever pre-dominates decides where we go to. We do not need to STAY where we arrive, but can strive to climb higher. Climb up as high as you possibly can. Where-ever you arrive, you can still go higher or lower. Terminate your affairs – and climb up VIBRATIONALLY(and spatially). Doing good is not as easy as you might THINK!!



Q1 Death, cracks in the ground,sink-holes and artesian wells.

September 10, 2013

Tuesday, September 9th, 2,013. Greetings, folks: Death, Sink-holes, Cracks in the ground and artesian wells.

When we die, what dies is the outermost skin or shell, the physical body. And ONLY that. We have seven bodies or vehicles,concentrically one within the other vibrationally and spatially. We then move into the environment of the spirit (Note spirit world not SPIRITUAL world, a MUCH deeper world.)world, which is the world viewed by the physical vehicle.) We are then left with SIX other vehicles. At death, our environment usually changes. Because the spirit world contains a carbon copy of the physical world. So check to see if it is the spirit world or another plane of the spirit world!)(You will know you are dead when you can no longer see your silver cord, have seen your tomb-stone, or read your orbituary notice. With the Planet Nibiru around, we stand an evens chacne of being dead soon. Along with much of the rest of this civilization.(If that is the correct term for it.)(Take a look in a mirror, see if you can see your silver cord attached to near back of your head. If you can’t check orbituary notices, and the latest burial sites at your cemetery. Also see what activity is occurring at your home! If dead, you will still be in a vehicle,(body) but it might not be your physical one any longer!(If you are with long-passed-loved ones, that will be a sign. I mean WITH them, not just visiting you! Your spirit vehicle(body)will closely resemble your physical one, but gradually get younger. Or it might be young or younger straight away. Your environment should change,too.(If uncertain go home, see if you can see your physical body, which will be a corpse if you have died. Are visitors to your home acting as though you have died? Try to find your physical body. Look in a mirror! DO you see a silver cord? Running into the back of your head? If you are alive and IN your physical body you won’t, of course. But I mean if you are not in your physical body. If physically dead, prepare for about 50 years in The Spirit World.(That is the average term. Have a good vacation. After that you can re-incarnate. IF you want to. It is usually pleasanter in The Spirit World, but you make much less good karma there.(The physical is the place to be to make good karma fast. Simply do your best for ALL other creatures. When you know that you are physically dead, you may wish to tell others. You can only do this TELEPATHICALLY. Otherwise they will not hear you.(Also they won’t be able to see you, unless they are clairvoyant.) So remember that! Physical creatures will no longer be able to see you. NOR hear you,etc. But you CAN communicate TELEPATHICALLY with anyone. Remember that. Try to ascend(once you know that you are physically dead. Spatially AND vibrationally. Keep WELL away from your corpse! Or your ghost may trap you, putting you into a fog. Don’t try to materialize using its matter. GET WELL AWAY from it. And STAY away from it!! Two kinds of fog. One is the mists of the etheric plane. The other is the fog that surrounds your ghost.(THAT will try to merge with your spirit body. Avoid this! And do not go off with strange spirits. Who may be trying to take you down into Hell. You MAY find friendly spirits who will try to help you UP. Head for the blue white LIGHT!! And UPWARDS, vibrationally AND spatially!!!! Humans and animals will be able to see(etc.) you IF you densify your spirit body. But avoid this. Get UP and OUT of the Earthbound State in The Spirit World. It is the spirit world ORIGINAL of this physical world. NOT this physical world itself. Just a carbon copy(the physical is)!!(If dead, and you get seen, people can claim that they have seen a ghost!)

Watch for cracks in the ground. A sink-hole may be starting to form. Main cause now is the planet Nibiru, a red planet a little larger than The Earth.

Artesian wells are wells that are pushed up NATURALLY(Up to a height of 32 feet above the ground, by pressure downward on water below.

Adios, for now.

Bill.(Or Vic.)


August 18, 2013

P.14.Yes. Human and animal. A VERY variegated life array. Ordinary humans and tiny humans. Plus possibly a third kind. Earth humans. Even of many thousands. Vic.

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