00009 Doom!

April 25, 2013

‎Thursday, ‎25 ‎April ‎2013.


Some of our history:-

Humanity, and the current animal kingdom began on Planet Phaeton.(Where the asteroid belt now is.) But blew the surface off in a thermo-nuclear war. We emigrated to Mars. Then when Mars got devastated by Nibiru and a world civil war, we moved to Earth. Moves of best(Or what was considered the best.) by space ship and re-incarnation. Our ancestors moved to Phaeton from The Pleiades. But The Annunaki from Orion appropriated us, and changed our genes.(Creating a hybrid race to preserve our genes.)(We were created a SLAVE race, but rebelled.) They created homo-sapiens to mine gold for them to particulate – and shoot into space – to reflect more light and heat to Planet Nibiru(Planet X). Planet X was shot off Herbuculosis. Nibiru is currently near to Earth, and APPROACHING. Herbuculosis is in the outer solar system. (Planet Herbuculosis is a giant green planet. Nibiru is much smaller, but still much bigger than Earth. It is red, with a red iron oxide halo and a gigantic tail of debris.)
(Earth is going to pass THROUGH this tail. The coming comet is one of the first entities in that tail to pass us. Tails precede their objects, remember.)Herbuculosis is in The Outer Solar System. And Planet Nibiru is near to Earth, and approaching. It will pass Earth later this year causing a cataclysm via a Pole Shift, and end this current civilization of Arya. Billions will die. Many straight off. Most of the rest gradually through starvation, thirst, cold and world civil war. Earth will suffer a Nibiru caused cataclysm plus a global world war, preceded by financial and economic collapse. First, of The U.S. Dollar. This happens every 3,600 years, which is the period of Herbuculosis and Nibiru. Australia will end up on the new equator. So it will be terribly hot in Australia.(And in New Zealand.) Both huge green planet AND smaller red planet are called Nibiru. Though actually the smaller one(the child) is Nibiru. The larger one is Herbuculosis. Red dust, full of alien microbes is what is turning Earth waters red. Nibiru is slowly approaching us. Should pass us by early 2,014. The new pole shift will create a new axial tilt, crustal displacements and an ice age. This ice age is already starting to cut in. It will soon be full-blown. Disasters on Earth and Mars and the entire solar system should increase, also from the sun, this year. Possibly emping the entire planet.

This is what I see coming up. PREPARE! Billions will die. When you arrive in The Spirit World head for the blue-white light! 2,013 is the year it all STARTS. Some time this year. Going to get VERY rough.(ONLY your physical body will die. This of about half of humanity. And many animals. Meanwhile METHANE, heavy and light(heavy if water laden, light if not), plus hydrogen sulphide are two deadly gases now escaping from below the permafrost(which is melting, releasing the methane)killing all life. Fish and crustacea frantic for oxygen are beaching their selves to get at the oxygen in our atmosphere, but their gills,etc. Cannot handle oxygen neat. Much of Earth life will die.(Methane is replacing the oxygen!)Birds are falling from the sky because they enter the hydrogen sulphide belt in the atmosphere. You ARE being warned, to PREPARE!! Yes, stock up. Keep away from humans and animals. Risk of being murdered – for FOOD!! Cannibalism. Notice the grass going yellow and brown as it starts to die. World wide. The NOISE is from the rocks being STRETCHED as Nibiru pulls The Earth’s ground UP!! Something like a trumpet sound. Hence, the last trump! The strange noise is thus from BELOW, but reflecting into the air. EVERYTHING is dying. Right NOW.

It cannot be stopped. THIS is why huge zones are being hollowed out underground and why police and military world-wide are being prepared to control the masses, as they panic and riot. Pandemonium. The Authorities are not telling us, purposely to avoid losing control of us, AND to avoid panic. Now you know!! Authorities trying to hide all this by chemtrails. They don’t want us to know – so to keep control of us.

The UFO’s are massing to LAND and rescue the best of humans. Take them to another planet. Venus is next in line. Later, ordinary humans will be evacuated. But first the good folk. The aliens will decide. NOT a UFO invasion! Simply a mass landing to evacuate us. Take us into their ships, thence to mother craft high above, and to other planet/s. At least until Earth recovers. Authorities are funking informing the masses. DISCLOSURE. Obama may OR MAY NOT make a dramatic announcement – at any time. I repeat: Many will die. Perhaps about 50%. But not the end of you. Only the end of your physical body. You will continue to live in your inner vehicles(bodies) in The Spirit World. The half that survive(humans and animals), it were BETTER that you die!! It will be SO awful. THE EVENT is IMMINENT. Best near to NEW EQUATOR.(Through Australia and New Zealand.)(Comet, a harbinger of doom.) You will eventually re-incarnate into a fresh foetus in some woman’s womb. According to your deeds, so will you gravitate to the upper or lower Spirit World accordingly. Like a glorified Earth. Nothing to fear, provided you do as much good AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!

Do NOT ignore what I am telling you!! Get well away from coasts and river banks. And to high ground!!(Get up to AT LEAST 3,000 FEET!!) Huge Earth changes will occur, due to start THIS YEAR, 2,013. PLEASE heed warning!! Get well away from URBAN areas. And from rural areas. Live on outskirts of towns,etc. Smaller, the better. The sea will rise up to 700 feet as the ices melt. And much sea will SLOSH about the continents!! Remember with little food or water, both humans and animals will regard ALL humans and animals as FOOD. AND drink, because water will get short. If you stock up, expect to have it FORCIBLY taken off you. Crime and sin will rocket. Own children at risk. Have gun and ammo, tent, sleeping bag,ETC. And get WELL away from ALL living creatures!!!! Money will become WORTHLESS. Best coins will be gold,silver,copper and iron. All forms of these metals will be valuable. Military will back police. Martial Law will rule. Disobedience will mean instant death!! Bullet in the back of the head. Buildings and trees will fall, and burn. Methane is inflammable and explosive. Silver, most practicable. Silver coins, especially. Need to keep at HOME as banks,etc.close. Keep absolutely calm. Unruly crowds act foolishly. AVOID them!! Coming comet to be VERY bright. 15 times brighter than full moon. He with least WILL BE BEST OFF!!!! As murder, rape, robbery and assault will be COMMON!!!! Old scores settled. Not a time to be unpopular!!

As Nibiru passes will pull south pole(its north will)around. This will start crustal displacements as well as pole shift. Crust will slide to and fro over The Earth. Collosal tsunamis(on seas), tidal waves(on rivers). Do NOT commit suicide! Or you are likely to go to a bad place in The Spirit World!! Just play it all out as calmly as you can. It will be many years, even decades, before Earth returns to normal. Aliens massing TO SAVE US, not to take us over!! A gigantic nuclear winter will occur. Crops will be few. Get near to super-markets!! Help self. Leave money by till. Food shops are going to be broken into!

Did you get all that? I HOPE so!!

And the best of luck to you all. WE are going to NEED it!!

Toodle pip!!

I HOPE it keeps fine for you. ALL of you.

Please SPREAD this news to AS MANY AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!! World-wide!!

Bill Thomas(Vicon2000@gmail.com).


April 20, 2013

OOOO8 Last days of this civilization!

Hullo, folks. In case you did not know it, these are the last days of this civilization(if that is the right word!). Better prepare!

Nature is currently destroying us via Methane seeping up from below ground. In air, and under sea. THIS is why EVERYTHING(including us) is dying, AND why fish,etc. beaching their selves. It will take about two years. Notice the grass going yellow? Birds falling from sky,ETC. Light Methane floats up.(Heavy methane stays at groundlevel.) And hydrogen sulphide(deadly gas) floats higher(killing flying birds). (We have heavy methane(water laden) at ground level. Dry methane higher up. And Hydrogen Sulphide high up in the air!) See now why fish and crustacea beaching their selves? And why birds dropping dead from the sky.(Nibiru is pulling the ground up via gravitation(As Herbuclosis and Nibiru pass by NOW!), causing pole shift(geographical, not just magnetic…). Doom will START some time in this year, 2,013 and to 2,014. And go on for years.) Cracks in ground start off numerous SINK HOLES.(All over globe.)

Heat is dissolving the water in the methane hydrate, leaving methane – which is seeping up to ground surface, and killing ALL life on this planet, including us. Making fish and crustacea beach their selves – trying to get oxygen. Because METHANE is replacing the oxygen in the air!(On land and in the sea!) This is what is killing the honey bees, AND all else.(Yes, BEGINNING the end of this civilization!)

Of course this may not be fast enough for some, so we have The North Korean Leader now with an EMP satellite readying to launch(so he can EMP the United States). THEN he can emp South Korea – and hurl his much vaunted military against The South(Korea)once again! He can do this with ease. Russia supplied him with the satellite!

Normally he would probably lose against the South, but after emping US AND South Korea,etc. – he would almost certain win.

So both Nature and Man are going ALL OUT to end this SO CALLED civilization!

You all got that? Please SPREAD the news to ALL, as I am VERY restricted. World does not want to know! Would rather die puzzled!!


Russia is about THREE times as strong as U.S. – ETC. (U.S. President is Communist and Muslim. Secretly destroying U.S! Does not want U.S. to stay on top! This is how I see it.)(Wake up U.S. WAKE UP,WORLD!!)

Unfortunately world and West,etc. have been living on brink of World Wars,etc. for SO LONG, that we are NUMB. And few taking much notice!

If ONE nuke can do SO MUCH destruction, WHAT will many hundreds do. Get PREPARED, folks!!

The world just has NO IDEA!

But it will if U.S. gets EMPED!!(Which North Korean leader should have no problem arranging!)(He just sends his special satellite over Nebraska and detonates nuclear war head. THEN does likewise with South Kora,etc. Got the picture??…

World has FORGOTTEN what world war is like! But details should SOON spring to mind once emp attack(which could come from solar flares anyway)occurs!!

You all awake??


All the BEST!!

Please SPREAD this news around. Both about METHANE AND about WORLD WAR/S – ALREADY STARTED!!

Unfortunately President Truman STOPPED General Macarthur finishing off North Korea and China(its menace) at end of Second World War. In 1945. And,so,we have the TRAGIC situation we NOW HAVE


I HOPE you ALL got that all right!!!!


OOO7 Continuing Methane killing life on Earth!!

April 3, 2013

Wednesday, April 3rd; 2,012. COO7 Continuing Methane emission killing Earth life.

Heat dissolves the H2O component of Methane Hydrate in the ground, releasing methane which the permafrost blocks until it gets melted. Then the methane escapes, some as methane hydrate – which is heavy and is killing life on the surface of The Earth. DRY Methane rises some way into the atmosphere.

Hydrogen sulphide goes high. And this is why birds drop from on high – if they enter the hydrogen sulphide band.

Planet Nibiru is the basic cause – being hot, and increasing Earth’s heat. This process – that I have delineated – should go on for a couple of years – by which time all life on Earth could perish. The aliens in the Mother ships and flying saucers are here to evacuate ut. Note, not to invade us.

So birds dropping from the sky dead. And various fish and crustacea beaching themselves is explained by the METHANE GAS displacing the oxygen increasingly. The oxygen in the air, AND in the sea,etc.

Hydrogen sulphide is another poisonous gas.

Until we get evacuated, perhaps to another planet, like in the film Cocoon, temporarily – or even permanently, we really need methane and hydrogen sulphide absorbing filtered gas masks.

Watch the three gases,then: Methane hydrate, (pure)methane and hydrogen sulphide, seeping into the world’s oxygen world wide. No way to stop it. So suitable gas masks will be necessary until we can evacuate to another planet. Perhaps Mars.

The underground shelters and bunkers seem to have been built in vain, because the three killer poisonous gases should get down there via the air-conditioning,etc!(The air below can only last so long.)

And there you have it.

Explaining the disappearance of the honey bees, and of the birds falling from the sky dead, and the beaching fish and crustacea.(As they FRANTICALLY prefer to beach themselves to reach land air, rather than suffocate under water. But gills don’t work in air. So they die.

Fracking and drilling,etc. mining operations no doubt are LOCAL causes world wide. Also producing sink holes via cracks.

Man’s future on Planet Earth is very bleak.

Comments welcome.


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