ddd15 Many world disasters immediately ahead.

October 4, 2012

Friday, October 5th, 2,012.

Many world disasters immediately ahead!
1. There is the possibility that Israel may attack Iran – perhaps leading into World War 3.(Possible catastrophe.)

2. There is the closeness of Nibiru(Which might not be Planet X.)Nor The Annunaki Flagship.) and Huberculosis, the brown dwarf star.(Which may be the parent of Nibiru.) Plus Eris,etc.

3. Galactic Alignment. Of December 21/22, 2,012.

4. There is also(PROOF found by me) the cataclysm of 2,012.(Which should occur around 2,012 to 2,013.(I have a mathematical proof of this!)

5. The world re-action to The Age of Aquarius.

6. The Particle Accelerator/s at Cerne, near Geneva, Switzerland.(Which may lead to a Time Machine,etc.) – Which is producing(daily) hundreds of small growing black holes.(If any of those fail to stop growing…)

7. Entry into The Proton Belt.
8. Entry into The Hot Spot in space.
9. The Chemtrails being dropped(for years now) to reduce global warming. But MAYBE to reduce the human population.(It needs bringing down to about 500,000, to survive world famine.)
10. Lack of POTABLE water may wipe us out.
11. Flares,etc. from the sun around Feb.14., 2,012.
12. An EMP attack dislocating electric and electronic appliances.
13. Viruses,etc. overcoming anti-biotics.
14. Mass landing of aliens at any time.(To evacuate us from Nibiru.)
15. World economic collapse.(Rising gold and silver may indicate this.)
16. World financial collapse.(Rising gold and silver may indicate this.)


17. Possibility of(Fourth Reich) a Nazi attack.(Perhaps from North Pole.)

Any one even of these things would be catastrophic.(Some involve a cataclysm.)


All are possible if not probable within the next few months!


I do not rate the future of Mankind!!

Death may become preferable to life in many of the above.




DDD5. A foot-note to DDD4. Ghosts and poltergeists,etc.

September 16, 2012

Sunday, 16th September, 2,012.


Note added to DDD4.

         Please note, I believe that if you have an electricity conducting substrate under the ground,like copper for example, then lightning strikes will create an electro-magnetic field – which can provide spirits with additional power. Thus you could have a haunted town, or whatever area is covered by the substrate. I think this is why some areas have a higher percentage of hauntings than others. Spirits are everywhere that mortals have died, but they cannot manifest unless they have access to an electro-magnetic field. The difference THEN – is that you can see them more often – and better. Check on what conducting metal lies beneath you! You MAY be on potentially manifestation ground!

        If you create an electro-magnetic field. Via a generator – or however – then I believe you have created a POTENTIAL for super-natural activity!  Reason being that gravity is caused by downfall of gravitons.  And when you create an electro-magnetic field – then magnetons can block the down falling gravitons – and thus make objects lighter – even weightless. It is then easier for spirits, and even mortals, to MOVE OBJECTS around WITHOUT TOUCHING THEM!!  Poltergeist activity!  Not so mysterious after all!

          Another thing you can do via powerful EM fields – is BY THOUGHT and WILL from WISH – TRAVEL into the past or future(As happened during The Philadelphia Experiment.). And also travel through space!  Dangerous, as you might not be able to get back to your own time, or space; generating equipment not being sufficiently available at your destination!!

         Note that you don’t have to be dead physically to utilize force-fields. And to manifest!  It being sufficient to be out of your body. Phantoms of the living!


BBB18-2 What time is it??

July 26, 2012

Friday, 27th July, 2,012.

What time is it??
No. DON’T look at your time-piece! Look at where sun,moon and stars,etc. are setting and rising!!

We are not being told the truth!!(The time we are being given is being VERY SLOWLY altered(U.S.Navy, and via NAASA and Jet Propulsion,etc.) – to CONCEAL Earth’s slowing rotation – due to Nibiru! As well as North Pole being pulled over!! And tides raised. Conspiracy ON to keep us FOOLED!! So to keep control of us. As well as avoid mass panic.)
It is more than later than ANYONE thinks!
It is time to OBSERVE that sun,moon,stars,etc. are not rising and setting in the usual places!!

Watch tide levels AND where sun rises and sets!!!! Compare against previous and USUAL places!!!!
KEEP RECORDS!! Plot graphs, charts, lists,etc!!!!

DISCREETLY inform TRUSTED others!!


Nibiru is approaching. Very slowly just now. Orbital trajectories of Earth and Nibiru are almost parallel. Latest best estimate of passing is September 15th or 21st. 2,012.(Official date of 21.12.2,012 is only a MAYAN and INCAN REFERENCE date!!)(I estimate 28.10.2012. But date is uncertain!!)(Take NO chances. It is going to VERY SUDDENLY appear. And get VERY close eventually. I hope not hit us. I don’t THINK so!!…)(But one of its MOONS might!! And certainly asteroids and dust, especially red dust, and ALIENS!!) Keep your eyes wide NOW!!)


Nibiru is heaving on The North PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHICAL POLE. Eventually it will start a polar shift.

I believe that the TRUE North Geographical Physical Pole is the one we are calling The Magnetic Pole! And vice-versa!!
Earth is hollow with over one thousand mile wide tapering tubular holes at each end! Get down there to within The Earth. To get 400 mile crust over your heads!! SafER.

Nibiru is heaving atmosphere and tides up. So measure both daily!!


This rogue planet, Planet X, Nibiru, THE DESTROYER, is also slowing down the rotation of The Earth!

I understand we are about ONE SECOND off USUAL time.(Though we are told OFFICIALLY only a MICRO-SECOND’S FRACTION(a fraction of a micro-second) Though U.S. Navy is trying to conceal this. By inserting(daily) tiny adjustments – TO COUNTER!! They are getting ALL time systems to change accordingly. So to fool us ALL that time is normal. But it isn’t!!)

Will you all please get a TALLY on THE TIME!

Atomic clocks MAY help. Not sure. But these are being hidden,too.

Nor can you trust constellations above. Apparently falsified data there too. (But this NEEDS CONFIRMING!!) They are increasingly OUT,too! But true data being concealed! A TINY fraction each day or time.


Will everyone PLEASE check for THE CORRECT TIME. And do NOT go by the time given to us!

Also use MANUALLY BASED time-pieces!!
Use clockwork clocks and BATTERY OPERATED time-pieces!! THEY will be the most trustworthy. But NOT the OFFICIAL ELECTRIC times being given!!

We CANNOT TRUST the GENERAL electric times given to us! As controlled by those(NASA and U.S.Navy and Jet Lab,etc.) DELIBERATELY concealing Nibiru’s approach!!
Now the crust of The Earth is moving variantly LOCALLY!!

The variations are also IN the crust itself.
We need to check sun rise and sun set times, also moon times, and star times(setting and rising,ETC.)!!!

Against the degree of compass!!

Very confusing indeed. And authorities who shouldn’t be are hiding behind these facts.

Animals falling dead because dis-orientated by 1. Changing Magnetic North. And 2. U.S. Navy SONAR.

Not by fireworks, INDIVIDUAL starvation,etc.
Now I am putting all this badly, I know.

Hopefully, giving you AN IDEA of what is going on!!
By Nibiru AND The Wobble of The Earth(I mean the big LONG wobble, precessional!!)(Plus the wobble induced by Nibiru!)(So TWO wobbles now!!)


The world SO URGENTLY needs to WAKE UP!!

Things are NOT normal!

In addition we have NWO,Annunaki aliens massing above(TREMENDOUS ARMADA NOW ABOVE, UFO’S – including Mother Craft(preparing to evacuate us to save us from Nibiru). In addition to HYBRID RACE programming and orifice,etc.study of humans. Plus mutilation of cows. For some reason COW’S BLOOD is useful to them!!(Annunaki aliens are blending their genes with ours. Making a HYBRID race! Forcing sex to produce hybrid children!! But mostly by other methods!!))

Alien abductions proceed. Apparently we are ALL being examined IN TURN!! So watch out!!(THEY do it, by coming in their semi-materialized spirit vehicle forms, passing through our walls at night, and beaming us on to ufo’s via TENTS!!)
Some say Reptilians are behind The Annunaki.
The friendliest(our true ancestors) are The Pleiadeans. Not the negatively manipulating Orion lot!!(Where The Annunaki are from. We are evil and low because so unevolved, plus manipulated by Annunaki aliens, and maybe Reptileans. Also because from Phaeton, originally! Some of us were sent to Mars. Remnants THERE NOW!!!!(Huge cities in some Martian craters!! It’s right!! Not just faces! But pyramids and sphinxes,too!! And VERY MANY other things!!!!)(The Martians are us!!)(Related)

Humans originated on Phaeton, the planet which orbitted sun between Jupiter and Mars.(Tiamat, original Earth, got struck by a moon of Nibiru – knocking what has become Earth – its ORBIT – AWAY from its usual path.(I cannot remember now whether away from sun – or towards it. Needs checking.)(Tiamat’s moon became our moon.)

Phaeton had its crust blown off in some alleged war between two cities. Nuclear. Deuterium in ocean nuclear (ignited)exploded. Igniting the surface of the entire planet. And/or got hit by a moon of Nibiru. I am unclear as to which of two or three causes true.
However, The Phaetons got wiped out – bar a few who escaped in space ships TO MARS and THE EARTH!!!!(Some left Earth and went to Mars. Some are HUMAN DESCENDENTS. Some are our ancestors.
Then Mars got hit.(Evil apparently comes from Orion lot who changed our genes, and from Phaeton VIA MARS.)

Mars is inhabited by THE REMNANTS of some dreadful war or battle and/or a close passage by Nibiru.(Probably both.)

They look exactly like us!(And The Phaetons behaviour was negative and Earth human like.)
Incidentally we are not part of The Milky-Way Galaxy, but of a minor galaxy(Sagittarius A?) which is IN THE PROCESS of colliding with The Milky-Way. So that we shall become PART OF The Milky Way Galaxy.

One lot of humans ex Phaeton, the MAIN lot, re-incarnated upon The Earth. Via Cro-Mags and Neanderthals – which are not originally us!! Or maybe separately from them!!
There are MANY species of aliens. Variants and sometimes negative, like us.
Crop circles, most of them, are done by aliens. Mainly to try to warn us to improve our ways. And also to guard against Nibiru.(We are threat to solar system.)(So they keep us in check.)
We THINK that we are our physical bodies. But,no, we only OCCUPY those, via a whole descending chain of variantly vibrating vehicles(bodies).
It seems we had no beginning, and will have no end. Via Pre-existence and Re-incarnation.
Each individual lives endlessly.
We simply spend an average 50 years in The Spirit World re-cuperating from the hard physical plane. And then dive into some new chosen(perhaps for us) FOEUTUS!!
For an average 55 years incarnate.
Ghosts most CERTAINLY DO exist! They are simply creatures on an adjoing vibratory plane – viewed dimly and grotesquely.(Grotesquely on account of THE GAP between physical and super physical(and sub-physical!) planes.(They see US as ghosts!!))

Many dimensions from Dimension GROUPS exist!

And numerous strange creatures from other universes and planes.
I have personally seen about FOUR(Ghosts)(One materialized. I have even seen A PHANTOM of the LIVING!!.(No doubt about them!)(Seen MANY wierd and wonderful things like this.)
They CAN sometimes materialize. But are usually merely APPARITIONAL.

They CAN(and apparently do) kill via electric shock from touch.(I think many an otherwise unexplained death is due to ghosts!)(By SHOCK(TERROR) and/or ELECTRICITY transmitted!!)(Perhaps feared for THIS reason, as well as horror feeling born of THE GAP in vibration rate.)(Otherwise they are simply us again(the human ones) who have MERELY PASSED ON.(Death and birth are but INCIDENTS.)(Many now alive purposely to EXPERIENCE a Nibiru passing CATASTROPHE!!)
Physical death is actually a BIRTH.(Birth was our death!!)


Oh,yes. It IS so!!


Of course, many cannot bear this. Many wish NOT to live again. But we need to remember that as with dreams in waking life, that we do get a break in The Spirit World.(The After-life is a SUPER DREAM following Life. NOT a dream! Living is the dream! A NIGHTMARE so often!!) Though WHERE we go THERE – depends upon our behaviour here in the physical!!(Hence the VITAL importance of doing maximum good at all times!!)
Low and evil spirits, as well as mortals(humans in general are negative) drag us down, getting many to do evil and low things. Some possess us. At least OBSESS us with wrong thoughts!!


Our actions CHANGE our vibratory rates, including spiritual vibrations. And these determine WHERE we will go in The Spirit Word. Up or down in 5d. That is VIBRATIONALLY. As well as materially.
Sometimes we get born again on another planet. Perhaps around another star(but rarely).


Big danger that Israel will attack Iran, or get U.S. to do so.(Need to make sacrifice for world peace by NOT attacking Iran, however wrong they are(Nuclear development and threatening to block straits of Homuz(Horuz?)).)
The next world war would just about wipe out all life on Earth – via thermo-nuclear, nuclear, chemical, biological – as well as conventional and cyber and terror,etc. warfare.
We NEED to UNITE to defend against Nibiru!!

Human Nature still too far unevolved!!

Apparently some humans re-incarnated into dolphins. Very long ago.


So look after the dolphins. Maybe turtles,too.(Need to be given SPECIAL protection.)


Yes, what time is it? Not chocolate time! But time to choose THE POSITIVE. And ASCEND spiritually, divinely. MEDITATE!!!!

Not merely transit(pass on via SO CALLED death(no such thing!)) into Astral and Etheric planes.
There is MUCH, VERY MUCH, that humans do not know!

Do not sit in judgement! Avenging spirits often to blame!!
Nuclear radiation is a big danger.


Man, so many are, is OBSESSED with sex and drugs, dope,etc. But these things are DEADLY to spiritual, divine,etc. GROWTH!!

I include HETERO sex, not just the new peversion fashions.


They may alleviate our physical ills. But do much harm spiritually,etc.
Drugs are the cheap way to gain the joys of Meditation and Prayer and GOOD living(I mean SAINTLY living!) – and end up throwing us back thousands if not millions of years in evolution!! We CANNOT cheat!

Do NOT sin against GOD.

Nor do wrong against Man. I mean specifically CAESER(Man rule.).

The cost is a lower plane after so called death. And an inferior body and circumstances IN FUTURE LIVES!! AS WELL AS greater suffering in the here and now EVENTUALLY!!!!


It is SO VERY important that we do ALL the good that we can, at ALL times. Including IN THE SPIRIT WORLD!!!!(That high joys may result.)
So many are having a whale of a time now. Not that I am against that PER SE. But young SOULS, perhaps new up from The ANIMAL KINGDOM(!!) are going for PHYSICAL PLEASURES instead of the HIGHER JOYS(spiritual and divine and above)!!!! YES.

To AVOID suffering.

Many NOW in what is best described as HELL, in THE BEYOND, who are crying out to me RIGHT NOW, – to WARN the rest of you!!

We make our own hells.

Worst hell is the hell of REGRET!!(For wrongs done, or good things not done)
It IS possible to go back and RELIVE what you have done! Via Personal Time Travel!

Just go back in your mind, NOW. VISUALIZE yourself doing what you should have done, and NOT doing – what you shouldn’t have!! Do it – and KEEP ON repeating it, every time you think of it. IT WORKS!!(You will feel the joy!)(But you need to keep RE-APPLYING it!!)

Our vibratory state ALTERS the physical material worlds, you see!

REPENT of any evils done. BURN it out of your SOUL!!

Do NO MORE evil or low things.

But AS HIGH as possible!!


I know that some, perhaps many will call me superstitious and backward, but I am PAINFULLY AWARE of the COST of the hilarious time SO MANY are having RIGHT NOW!!!! Please, folks, DO NOT be FOOLED!!!!(Old Nick(The DEVIL) is VERY active!!!!)
Religion has exaggerated a lot.(And some times UNDER-STATED!!) But the BASIC facts REMAIN – and APPLY!!!!
Be warned!!


Nibiru will take VERY MANY off!
Mostly the wicked I understand. Those who take UNFAIR advantage of others…
PLEASE listen to me. To what I am saying.


I speak VERY true. And I KNOW it!!

It is SO EASY to slide down hill!
So TERRIBLY HARD – to climb back up!!
REMEMBER THAT – won’t you!!

We live for ever, and have already done so. So it is SO VERY important!!!!






PEACE be with you!

I address myself,too.(Particularly THAT fellow!!)

Be WISE, comrades, heed the higher wisdom! Of The Great Teachers.
GOD is good. But is NOT a fool!!(God is the spiritual sun. Working through our HIGHER SELVES. Too many making mistake of indulging their lower selves. No! It is the HIGHER SELF we need to LIVE FROM!! Live from GOD and CHRIST SPIRIT!!!!)


Our MAIN purpose AT ALL TIMES, is to evolve spiritually, divinely and above, TO THE VERY MAXIMUM!!





To ALL, not just the good.








ZZ29b Continuing on Nibiru.

May 1, 2012


Tuesday, 1st May, 2,012.










Ascension best answer to Nibiru!










I mean by Ascension the raising of one’s soul’s VIBRATIONS high enough. It is claimed that that will save you from Nibiru! Though would like to know HOW!!




Meditation and Prayer are good ways to raise your vibrations. Stop doing all evil, bad and low things,(No sinning or doing wrong!!) – as they lower your vibrations immensely. Do MAXIMUM good!!




As Planet X Nibiru gets nearer, we may expect to increasingly feel its effects. Of course.


Now we know that the gravity of the sun and the moon raises the sea level around the world. We call this TIDES. We are familiar with changing tide levels as sun and moon approach and recede.


ANY object near to Earth would do this. And Nibiru is approaching. Its MASS is 22 times that of The Earth. I don’t know HOW close it is going to get, but I understand very close. Naturally this must raise tide levels immensely. So it will be interesting, nay, IMPERATIVE to watch tide levels from now on, very closely!


Some of the changes we can EXPECT as Nibiru closes in(This is an object the size of SATURN!)(We have ONLY MONTHS left!!): Growing HEAT. Increasing LIGHT.(We will see it grow larger in the sky, like a yellow-red full moon.Or a sun.) Rising TIDES(as said). Increasing natural disasters, like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Increasing(because of the growing heat)precipitation. EMPING should occur. Knocking out almost all electronic appliances. And maybe electric appliances,too.(Probably)Tremendous increase in lightning and electric discharges. Power failures.(This is THE END Jesus spoke of!)(It could hit us. But I do not think so. We have survived NUMEROUS previous passings, why not this one?!)(

THE EVENT will be THE GREATEST EVENT and THE WORST DISASTER ever to hit Man on Earth!!)(Past and Future.))

Intense terror and horror by all is almost certain. And a terrible re-action of anti-social behaviour by just about everyone! Which will be almost worse than THE EVENT itself!!



All this is foolish. All that was necessary to do was to warn all and get as many people as possible down The North Geographical Pole. I suggest Cruise Ships preceded by Ice-breakers. Just head due North – and KEEP ON GOING. You will eventually find yourself upon The INNER SURFACE of The Earth!! Inside The Great WITHIN!!!! Safe at least from the outer bombardment from space(out of The Tail of Nibiru). Use Gyroscopes,as compasses fail increasingly as you approach The North Pole.


If you had told the people early enough they would have had TIME to adjust and adapt to the idea! And whilst there would have been some mass panic, we might have avoided THE MASS PANDEMONIUM which I see coming, as everyone sees UNESCAPABLE AWFUL death immediately ahead!!




Boulders will be scudding down all over the place, and tremendous electric discharges occurring all over.(SUPER lightning strikes.)(Some will commit suicide, but don’t do this!! Terrible penalty on suicides in The Spirit World!!)


Now as soon as you find yourself in The Spirit World(Dead you will be called by the world, as your physical body will have died. Been killed.) –

HEAD FOR THE BLUE-WHITE LIGHT!!(As even dead, your problems are not over!)(Get AWAY from your corpse! And do NOT let your ghost capture you! Shun any spirits trying to take you down into Hell!(Though FRIENDLY spirits may,and probably will, assist you to climb up through the air.)(Raise your soul’s vibrations as HIGH AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!)




Food and water will run out. The AIR will be almost unbreathable.(And will catch fire I am told, though I do not understand HOW.)



I see about 1/1,000 chance of survival. One chance in a thousand.


Forget about wills and a decent burial. It will be a case of NEARLY ALL will be corpses, and just a few(one in a thousand at worst)alive, out of their minds.


Get away from the coasts. Get to HIGH GROUND. Get OUT of the cities. Into the wilderness.(As humans will be stark staring RAVING MAD.)




The animals won’t be much better. Scurrying hither and thither, not knowing which way to go.




The EVENT is real and about as certain as can be.




I cannot help but think of THE TERRIBLE SHOCK people in general will be getting!!(As at PRESENT, very few SERIOUSLY believe that anything much is going to happen! It DOES take some absorbing! The END of this civilization. The END of this AGE!!)(Yes, it WILL be VERY TEMPTING to commit suicide.But better not to!)




Yes, it will be the end of life as we know it.(That must be about the biggest understatement of all time!!)






Disasters will BUILD up to a crescendo, while continents will sink below the waves, and ocean floors burst through the surface of the sea. World wide. Nearly all structures are going to crash.






THIS is why I have been pounding away ceaselessly for MANY YEARS now. TRYING to get as many of you as possible TO GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!








VERY close to The North Geographical Pole is a thousand,plus, mile wide TUBEWAY leading to WITHIN The Earth. Yes! The Earth IS hollow!! There is an upside down INNER surface, that will SEEM upright(Because Gravity will be upwards THERE!!), where you can survive better than upon the outer surface of The Earth!!(THIS is WHERE wise humans and animals go EVERY time that this Planet Nibiru passes!)(It is LUSH down there. Better than on the outer surface!)






It will be interesting to watch the EFFECTS of Nibiru(Via its gravity,magnetism and electric tides)(Along with electric discharges from the sun.) steadily increase as the months pass. Becoming more and more DEADLY.






The poorer you are, the safer you will be! Because of beserk angry humans, who will be making the recent riots look like a picnic!






Yes, stock up. Prepare! But others who haven’t prepared will be STEALING from those who have!


I would say: Have nothing. And flee into the wilderness. Get AWAY from all humans. And animals. You can live off vegetation and rain water there.(Should be plenty of rain!)(I advise tents and sleeping bags ON YOUR OWN. Go bush as they say out here. High up as possible. And as far from the coast and cities as possible. Keep away from buildings(which will fall). (Little should remain standing!) Trees will be falling too, so be careful! Your best chance of surviving. But need a cave!(A good DEEP one!)(Though other humans and animals may have same idea. So go where few go!!) As stuff will be falling from the sky. And the ground should be shaking continually.




I expect THE HEAT to kill many. Nibiru is VERY hot. A planet seething with erupting volcanoes.




Nibiru will cause a Pole Shift. Leading to an inversion of The Earth. The sun will rise in The West afterwards.


The Earth is going to turn upside-down. Physically. Geographically.






You may be lucky, and get evacuated by aliens. This is WHY they are massing above RIGHT NOW!! It is why UFO’s have been increasing in numbers and sightings.


Lucky ones will get housed in Mother Craft high above. And some may be taken to other planets.






THE EVENT now only months ahead will be the biggest EVER(including future) experienced by Man on Earth.






The few survivors(a few million people) will start civilization again. Back to The Stone Age,etc. In a new ICE AGE.


There will be a period of darkness(for some). As The Earth stops rotating. For two or three days. Then starts to spin again, upside down, going the OTHER way!!




This is what we can EXPECT!










WATCH the positions of the stars,etc. And where moon and sun rise and set. When The Earth inverts, all the stars will seem to fall, of course. North Pole will become South Pole.






This happens every few thousand years. Because Planet X, Nibiru, HAPPENS to pass so close to The Earth in its trajectory!(It has(or had) an orbital period of 3,600 years. But some say that this is now 2,118 years or something like that. But WHY? After going billions of years in 3,600 year orbits.)




You should find what I am saying to be very accurate.




Nibiru LITERALLY plays SKITTLES with our Solar System every 3,600 years! I think it has already destroyed FOUR planets, and those it only passes by – suffer severe damage.






We shall very anxiously watch it appear larger and larger in the sky as it gets closer. Hoping that it won’t hit us. It shouldn’t do.(IF it does, it will be the first(and last)time!!)






Watch to the south. Near to Orion.








It is ALREADY visible to the naked eye. As a small red spot. The Russians are tracking it.(That small red spot will grow…AND GROW…)






NASA dropped it like a hot potato!








It was THEY who found it!!











Now here are two novel ways to improve your life. They occurred to me this morning. I wish to share them with you.


If you had amnesia and could not remember what happened yesterday, wouldn’t you wish to recall it?




Well, shouldn’t we be interested in knowing what happened in PREVIOUS LIVES(Super-days)?!




It is possible to find out, via a GOOD hypnotist(into age regression,etc.).




Learn what happened, what you did, in previous lives(and interregnums(the periods between lives in the spirit world))




And, if you are interested in what you will do in FUTURE lives, it MAY be possible to go view the lives to come – via age PROGRESSION! And in future interregnums.(Incidentally also in past and future DAYS, including nights(what you do when asleep)(Spirit sometimes leaves body during sleep.)(And goes a-wandering!)(Knowing what you will do in future DAYS should be VERY interesting!!)(Including on the day of your death!!)








Though it should always be possible to switch to a parallel time track!!








If you see yourself dying in a plane crash, then you could avoid flying. At least on that fateful day!






These are only suggestions. The details need working out.








The point is this: If Parallel Time tracks exist, then we can change to another one.




This raises the question: If I see myself in an unpleasant situation, can I avoid it? Like with the plane crash. Can I switch to another time track even though I have seen myself get onto that plane!






Yes. It is not set in stone. I can change the future.




I can even change the past! Go back – and take a better route!! Get onto a better time track!!








Now that is HANDY. But you will need a GOOD hypnotist who is into age regression,etc. And the money and time to invest!!




You will see yourself taking Route A. On one map. That is the route you originally took.


So you take Route B, a better route. On a second map.




Lay a second map on top of the first one. It is a case of using the second map. Where you take the better route, Route B.






Time is not linear. It is a field. I can go back and go a different route!(Though I cannot change the fact that I went the route I did first time.)(The LATER route is the route that scores.)


Similarly with The Future.


Picture the second map overlying the first one. Both maps exist. Go back and take the top map!


You haven’t (you can’t) alter the fact of the first map, the route you originally went. But you can on a second map take Route B, the better route.


You cannot alter the fact that you have taken the route you did, but you can on a second map – take a different route.






It is the route you take LAST that counts the most.












Find a good hypnotist into age regression,etc.






















YY13 Save the world this way!

March 12, 2012


Tuesday, 13th March, 2,012.










Change your past,etc! Improve it!!










It IS possible to go back into your past and change it, improve it!(I cannot imagine anyone wanting to make it worse!!)


It is very simple. Go back in your mind – to where you did something you wished you hadn’t, OR, did not do something you wished you had!! And VISUALIZE yourself mentally DOING the other thing!!(GOING the better route!!) It works! You can tell by the uplift of JOY you will get when you do this!!(As THE BENEFITS will WORK THROUGH to you IMMEDIATELY!!!!) So DO it!!(Do the biggest things FIRST!!)(Just work chronologically through your life. Forwards AND backwards. Any way you wish!!)(The IMPORTANT thing is to DO it!!)




Yes, it is REAL!! And it DOES work!!




What you do you see,is, you get on to other PARALLEL TIME TRACKS!!!!




Consolidate all this and do it properly and better when you arrive in The Spirit World, at some suitable juncture.(Note: KEEP ON doing it. It may need a number of repeat actions! So KEEP ON doing it!!)




Now YOU can improve this unhappy world.(Via improving YOUR OWN life!!) By passing this e mail on to AS MANY recipients – by e mail – AS POSSIBLE. As quickly as you can!! Can you do that?




Because, the more people going back into their pasts and improving on what they did, – the better!! It will result in a better world!!




Two things,then: 1. Go back into your past, and improve on what you did. 2. Pass this e mail on to AS MANY recipients as possible BY E MAIL!! So that as many other people AS POSSIBLE – can do this too!!(Do both things together! Send off this e mail to your ENTIRE MAILING LIST,PLUS as MANY MORE AS POSSIBLE!! AND go back in your mind – improving your life. Which must THEN improve the world!!)


You will then thus improve your situation. And as many others as you can reach WITH THIS E MAIL – can do likewise!!(The more peope we reach, the BETTER we make this world!!)




It MUST result in a better world!!




The world is in a TERRIBLE MESS. This is a simple way out!






No big deal. Just improve YOUR past! And get THE MAXIMUM number of others TO DO LIKEWISE!!






3. Also, avoid annihilation by going for ASCENSION!!(That is the raising of your vibrations! Aided by the coming great uplift, THIS year!!)(Terrible things are slated to happen THIS YEAR, 2,012. You can avoid these by ASCENDING through 5d(The Fifth Dimension) OUT of it!!)






4. AND, if you wish, you can travel to anywhere in space and time, via meditation, by going into HYPER-SPACE. At first it will be in YOUR MIND!! Just raise your vibrations and wish and will yourself THERE!!






Many on Earth are doing nasty things. No, the way to go is to do as many nice things as possible. And THEN you will get a BETTER world!!






Jesus said: “Greater things than these shall YE do!!”(Greater than what Jesus did(Show the way to Salvation!!)!)


Now that is IMMENSE!




And YOU can do it(Improve the world!!) – by simply passing on this e mail TO AS MANY RECIPIENTS AS POSSIBLE!!






Worth it, don’t you think – to get a BETTER WORLD!!






YOUR chance to become an Altruistic Hero!






Currently we have so many people doing negative things, and producing a very unhappy place indeed.


Now we can change all this.








PLEASE do it!!








All the BEST!!






Nil desperandum!!








Humans have gotten into the wrong competition, you see! It SHOULD be a Human Race, not a RAT race!!




Their idea is that by hurting others, they get elevated.


However, this only results in others hurting YOU!! – Of course!!






So, INSTEAD of doing nasty things, DO nice things!!


THEN, in time, we shall get The Utopia and Paradise we have dreamed of!(Jesus pointed THE WAY!!!!)




Not hard, just MAKE YOURSELF do it.




And thus avoid going to Hell after death, and go to Heaven and paradise INSTEAD!!




Don’t tell me you DON’T want that!!!!




The spiritual law is this: If your evil deeds exceed your good, you will go to Hell after death! If your good deeds exceed your evil, then you will go to Heaven, after death!!




Just pass THIS e mail ON to as MANY OTHERS as you POSSIBLY can, as QUICKLY as possible.(‘Lest The Evil One frustrate you SOMEHOW!!)




GO for it!!


















Yip, yip!!





























March 11, 2012


Sunday, 11th March, 2,012.












Important Announcement.























This is a free service. I am not after your money. I have information to OFFER. IF you are interested.)(All I ask is that you pass this e mail on to as MANY OTHERS as you can, – by e mail., to give them a chance to learn these things,too.)


After a long life time of study and personal experience, I have garnered important information on the biggest mysteries of the universe. I wish to share my finds with you. That you may advance your knowledge.(Unfortunately we are not being told much if anything of the great truths of life, so I have undertaken as best I can. I hope what I offer will be of help to you.)(Please spread this by passing it on by e mail to as many others as you possibly can!)(People NEED warning!)




First, let me mention a few bald facts: 1. The Wobble of The Earth is creating sink holes, cracks in ground and Antarctica’s ice. Also is the cause of the moaning sound now issuing from The Earth(as the lithosphere’s rocks get stretched). Via centrifugal force which is heaving the INNARDS of The Earth upwards. A Cataclysm will ensue.


2. We are being approached by a big red planet about five times the size of The Earth.

It is being called Nibiru, but Nibiru is the name of Planet X, which is being used as a Rescue Ship for The Galactic Federation. We face great danger, but many will be rescued.(By Nibiru, The Rescue Ship. Which is carrying Annunaki aliens, giants up to 14 feet tall.)


I shall call The Big Red Planet, Big Red. Big Red is bearing down upon us – and should pass us 22.12.2,012. – Causing immense damage. Such, that we need to be either deep within The Earth – or OFF the planet. As death will be probable, otherwise.(From its gravity,etc.tides.)(Ending this Aryan Civilization.) Big Red is already visible(as a red dot) to the naked eye. But will become more like a red moon in appearance by around October this year(2,012.) Last time it came(it comes around every 3,600 years), we suffered a cataclysm which sank the great island of Poseidon in The North Atlantic.(Wrongly called Atlantis.)(Atlantis was Antarctica.)(Lemuria(Mu), Atlantis(Now Antarctica) and Poseidon all perished. Now it is our turn.)(About half of humanity will be saved.)(Think of me as Noah 2 if you like.)(Your first re-action may be too smile indulgently and ignore me. I DO urge you not to.(I have been studying Big Red for some 12 years now. I THINK I know a thing or two about it!)(PLEASE listen to me! You won’t hear much if anything about this from The Government or in The Media, because they wish to keep CONTROL of us, and to avoid panic. We can expect mass pandemonium as this THING gets close. I hold that this can be avoided if the people are informed IN GOOD TIME! Given TIME they can BRACE themselves. What is important is that we get the best specimens of everything down the North Geographical Pole. (Where there is a thousand mile wide funnel entrance to THE GREAT WITHIN! Aim dead due North so as not to miss it. A lush pleasant 74 degree Fahrenheit land lies within.Yes!)(WITHIN The Earth’s Shell, not INSIDE the shell!!)(Take bearings whilst still WELL south of The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole, by GYROSCOPE. Take ARMS!!)(So we can re-start life on this planet.)(Also inform by time capsule those of 3,600 years(or less now?)HENCE.)Take NOTE whatever you do!!)(You can learn a lot by looking at videos and reading reports(all sorts). Punch in on your browser “Nibiru” and/or “Second Sun”. You will get buried in all sorts of reports and videos,etc. To get to the truth(or near it)quickly, read what I have to say about it after 12 years of close study of the subject. A second cataclysm will ensue.)))


3. The Alignment of Earth,Sun and The Centre of The Milky-Way Galaxy will produce unknown results. Possibly a third cataclysm.


4. The Age of Aquarius should by its higher vibrations cause a re-action(negative) by Nature and Man. This may cause World Civil War.




Now all four events are CENTRERED upon 22.12.2,012. That is this year!


You need to PREPARE, – or risk death.




5. I expect the 14 foot tall Annunaki aliens to land and evacuate the best half of humanity(Why UFO sighting are increasing – and why we are getting these crop circle messages.).






Now whatever you do DON’T STOP YOUR EARS!!




This is NOT some overnight hare-brained notion!


SUPERFICIALLY it might appear so, but it is SOUND!!






6. I worked out how to get the PROPER and CORRECT distances to the stars, closed stellar clusters, galactic clusters and quasars,etc. And did MAP the cosmos!


The map revealed MUCH to me.


For example, Arcturus is Sol’s twin, and The Andromeda Galaxy is The Milky-Way Galaxy’s twin.(Everything goes in identical pairs. Two lots: Close and Distant.)




I found out NUMEROUS great secrets.




6. I believe a great economic and financial collapse is coming. Starting perhaps in Europe. Then in The U.S. And finally world-wide.




7. It is VITALLY important to get SAVED. By accepting CHRIST SPIRIT into your heart.(Repent first). Then do all the good that you can(henceforth) by this spirit. If the evil that we do outweighs the good, we shall go to Hell after death in the degree of the imbalance!




8. Yes. We DO survive physical death. The physical body is NOT us! It is but a garment that we wear. A shell. A coat. Which we discard at death.


9. We can INDEED see our passed on loved ones again.




10. We re-incarnate. In a seemingly endless series of lives. Evolving as we go.


11. GOD certainly does exist! Best described as LOVE, and DIVINE WILL. And The Infinite. God is also The Spiritual Sun. And our Higher Self!!


12. Evolution is the great thing. We best evolve by descending back down into The Physical periodically. Because much faster progress(evolving) is made here in the physical!


13. It IS possible to change our past! We can do this by going back IN TIME – to where we went wrong, and(since we cannot undo what we have done), we may go onto an alternative parallel time track – and INSTEAD OF doing again what we did before, we can do something better.(Thus all the things that we did, but wish we hadn’t, and all the things we didn’t do BUT WISH WE HAD, we CAN correct!!)(We need to wait until we enter The Spirit World after we shed our physical vehicle before we can best do this!)(Can you follow me (this) all right? Imagine being on a train travelling along a rail track, but ran into an oil container, getting oil over the train. – You spent the night at a motel or hotel, then next morning board a fresh train on an adjoining(parallel)track – and away you go again – no oil to worry about.(But the fact of having got covered in oil on the first train REMAINS unaltered. Fortunately there are plenty of these parallel time tracks.)






14. When we wake up from a dream into our waking reality, we notice the difference!




When we pass from this physical world into a higher material plane, a jump from this current(in physical life) life that we call Reality can occur. How much – depends upon the level of our minds. But in The Spirit World there is much more scope to expand our present material reality – such that we can pass from this super dream we call reality – to a SUPER REALITY. It depends upon our elevation of conciousness.




15. Death need not be painful. The pain is inherent in the CAUSE of death, not in death itself! Death is a SUPER AWAKENING.


Birth was our death! Death is actually birth!!


We have a good long holiday vacation in The Spirit World. And then usually wishing to evolve, to descend YET AGAIN into this physical world(where I currently am). We feel obliged to do this once we have exhausted The Spirit World.


16. Many planes, possibly without end, lie beyond The Spirit World. We go as high as we can, and then descend back down the planes.




17. It is VITALLY important to realize that The Spirit World has an Upstairs and a Down. Up is increasing degrees of Paradise. Down is increasing degrees of Hell. We gravitate to that level that we have earned during physical life.


If your good doings exceed your bad – you will go to Paradise. If your evil exceeds your good – you will go to Hell.


You will go to each place according to what you have created for yourself!


Eventually you will return to the physical(re-incarnate).




Living has neither beginning nor end for any creature. All entities are evolving.




18. It is VERY important to do minimum evil, and maximum good. Though one may escape jail, we CANNOT escape The Law of Karma(Or retribution)(For good and evil.)


Our deeds(actions, thoughts, words AND omissions) raise or lower our spiritual vibrations – according to whether good or ill. The consequences are immediate. Good or ill will happen to you commencing immediately in life. It will alter where you go after physical death. AND it will affect your future lives. You might get re-born a cripple for example – if you did something really nasty in life.


THEREFORE, do all the good that you can. And as little evil AS POSSIBLE!! As YOU are going to carry the lash back – which will be MULTIPLIED!!


If you have done wrong(sin against God and wrong against Man(including YOUR SELF), then REPENT.


Repentance is not just saying “Sorry” to God.(Speak in YOUR HEART.) But of BURNING out whatever wrong that you did! OUT of your heart. And keep at it – until it dissolves.(It is like staining your clothing – with whatever – and scrubbing and rubbing away until it is less noticeable(and feelable).)




So do NOT mess with your soul!








Now, reader, if you like this sort of thing, and would like more details, then go to my websites!






I do hope you are edified!






All good wishes!!












Vic.(My Web-name.)








P.S. Details can be found on my web sites.




Best place to go is:-






Don’t MISS!!






All the best,




















UU10 Improve your life!

January 27, 2012


Saturday, 28th January, 2,012.






The Truth News.(A New Letter.)
















The people are not being told the truth! Powerful factions are preventing the truth from getting out – other than very slowly. Their purpose is CONTROL. Plus to avoid panic. (Some of)Those revealing key important truths are being bumped off – or otherwise prevented from telling the world the truth!!






1. We will survive physical death. FOR EVER!!

The lie being put out is that we do not survive physical death, ever!



2. The universe, the omni-verse is TEEMING with life. Including human. And human-like – usually far more advanced than us spiritually and technologically. Teeming with human, humanoid, animal, plant, sea, insect,reptilean,etc. life!


The lie being put out is that there is no life anywhere – except on The Earth.




Unfortunately some of Christendom’s believers are largely responsible for that lie.(In Christendom countries.)





3. God EXISTS. Is loving and will do ALMOST anything and everything we ask PROVIDED we work for IT(all out)(I mean work for GOD AND our goal.)!!(GOD is infinite. Is male,female, both and neither, as well as other.)

The lie is that there is no god.




Which is stupid. Because if there was no god, then NO THING could exist – since one of God’s functions it Creator. God in the sense of Supreme Being.(Of course God exists. Such a beautiful, lovely, wonderful, marvellous,etc. universe could not exist did GOD not exist!)(We could not even breathe did God not be.)



God created us, and sustains us. Gave us all free will. Allows us to do what we like. Bad things happen to us ONLY when we MISUSE that free will. That is OUR fault, NOT God’s. Which should be obvious.(We thus punish ourselves!)(And should learn NOT to be foolish again!)(The punishment will fit the act, being neither more nor less than fitting.)


The idea of punishment is that we can learn from its suffering to be and do better, which surely is a good thing!




4. Man is very unevolved.

(The taught lie will be the opposite in every case.)






5. The EARTH is very beautiful, but the world is a mixture of good and evil. Much more evil than good.

6. We ALL(ALL creatures!) survive death, and live on in The Spirit World.(A MUCH finer material plane of existence.)


7. We live for ever. And have already.


8. Every good deed we do will be re-compensed many times over. in KIND. And so will our evil deeds, IN KIND.(Many times over.)(THEREFORE do NO evil!)




9. Many people make the mistake of preventing others from doing good, doing only good themselves. This is a ploy to gain POWER. It does not pay, because the bottom line is that though you may force your victim into a position where he does least good, but you maximal, THE FACT REMAINS – that you(by your superior strength and/or position, perhaps aided by others) obliged your victim to do less good than you. Which cancels out the lot. All the actions YOU do from such a FORCED position count for nothing. And you remain guilty.(We often encounter this. Where one person is weak, another strong. So that the weak person fails. Whilst the FORCER usually if not always wins. But though others, plus self may be fooled, THE LAW of recompense IS NOT! IT knows that the whole thing has been FORCED!! CONTRIVED!!)






10. We CAN change the past! We can go back in time and do the better thing!(This is very hard to do in the physical. But in The Spirit World it is much easier.)(Just go back IN YOUR MIND to that point in time, and VISUALIZE yourself doing the better act! Then BELIEVE that you have done it(you may need to do this a few times)(Keep AT IT!!). Until finally it is accomplished, you have CHANGED your route through time. You are now on a DIFFERENT time track. Take care not to MERELY KID YOURSELF that you have change time-tracks. You will know by THE FEEL(and JOY). Keep on doing it UNTIL you have ESTABLISHED the new desired route through!!


For a while, even perhaps a long time, you will be KIDDING YOURSELF that you are on a new and better time track when in fact you aren’t! You have to REALLY BELIEVE it! And you may need many repetitions.


We cannot alter the fact that we have done the bad thing(I will call it bad for convenience.).


But we can by our new decision create a new time track, and ON that time track, the old wrong action will NOT exist!


Our victim will still suffer.


But WE shall be freed from it.


If we murdered someone, on our new time track we shall have a past where we did not murder.


But on the victim’s time track he remains dead.




All we need do then is forgive ourselves, and there will be no come-back.






11. It is possible to switch to a parallel universe – where natural laws may be different. Weaker gravity for example!






12. We naturally miss loved ones who have died. And may think that we can never see them again.(We may visualize their corpse rotting in its grave.)(The old body rots away. But their being goes on!)(It is merely the discarding of an overcoat. Nothing more!)


They have died PHYSICALLY. Since the physical body is only the lowest of a string of vehicles, the loved one lives on in The Spirit World. In a finer vehicle.


You can see them again, if you wish(and they do) AFTER YOU have passed on. Since you will THEN both be on the same plane!(PROVIDED they have not re-incarnated. AND that you are able to reach them.)






13. You can even see them again BEFORE you pass on. IF they will materialize to you. AND you go to the rendez-vous.(Which might be a seance.)(They sometimes do APPEAR, though seldom materialize.)






14. The way to Heaven(And Paradise.) is through doing good deeds. The converse is true, also.




15. If we have done evil, then we can get forgiven by repentance. And it be as if we had not done that evil deed.(Repentance is burning the wrong act out of our conscience.)(Note! It is not just saying or even being sorry.)








16. The great thing to do is to OBEY GOD. And do MAXIMUM good. MINIMUM evil.


DENY our self the lower joys and pleasures(like sex and drugs). In order that we may(especially in The Spirit World) enjoy merging our HIGHER vehicles with those we like and love.


The more we indulge the lower unions, the harder we make it to enjoy the higher later!!






17. We can stay in The Spirit World for as long as we like. But comes a time,perhaps,when we want to evolve. And evolving is best accomplished in the physical, where it is harder. So then we RE-INCARNATE. We do this by entering some foeutus we may choose.(But once in we can’t get out!)(So be SURE you have chosen WELL!!)(As it will be your physical body for its whole life-time!)(If we choose to occupy TWO(or more) foetuses, then it will be IDENTICAL TWINS(or whatever).)(Or if two or more of us enter one foetus – then we have SHIZOPHRENIA!!)(Multiple Personalities. Tricky, as we may not always agree on some act!)






18. It does not have to be a foeutus, or even a human. But wise not to choose anything less than a human!


We can permanently enter an adult.(It will be necessary for them to agree to this. That is then called a WALK-IN.)




Of course people, or animals,etc. can be possessed WITHOUT their having vacated. In which case we have the sharing of the same body. Which can be disconcerting!


Many shizophrenics are in fact these!








19. The converse is also true. Other entities can possess us. At any level of being. From physical to soul. This is the key to mediumship.








20. The End of The World IS coming! It is coming THIS year!(By next at the latest. And will take a few years to start up.)


Actually it is The End of The AGE.


This planet, or this civilization, may end.






The agent for this ending is multiple this time. But The Red Planet is the MAIN agent. Due some time THIS year, 2012. Or by early,next. That is the START of the end.(THAT Preacher said May 21st 2,011. It MAY be that he was wrongly a year too early!)




The Earth MAY get destroyed(by impact).


Or the surface of The Earth be re-arranged, and many or nearly all life-forms be extinguished.








20. Aliens will land en masse – and save many.








21. Though The Earth was created about five billion years ago, there is a re-creation of life upon its surface every few thousand years!






22. Our present personality will go for a few rounds(eight,perhaps), returning to the year of your birth each time. Until you live a satisfactory life.


Then a new personality gets put down from the soul.






23. The soul lives for ever. And already has!!(Like, to a lesser extent, the personality, you, the soul, goes on without end, or beginning.)








24. After you die physically, you may not immediately enter The Spirit World PROPER, but spend a time in the spirit original of the physical plane!(A condition called Earthbound.)(You do eventually come out of it. If not into The Spirit World PROPER, then into a new physical vehicle(re-incarnation).)








25. The important currency is LOVE(and Divine Will)(I mean your divine will.), not money.








26. And your highest assets friends, not shares!








27. I have lived a long time and am very intelligent. After long close study I reached these conclusions. It is very likely then that they are correct.








28. Dreams are penetrations by our conciousness into our auras.(Going deeper into our etheric bodies.)




But when we pass on,we come out of our bodies.


Permanently at SO CALLED death.






Or temporarily – as in projections and excursions.










29. The After-life is thus no dream! Being the very REVERSE of what a dream is. An expansion beyond our self, not an interiorization INTO our auras!








30. Ghosts exist. A ghost is actually the energy double of the physical body.


But we call apparitions ghosts.








31. A Materialization is an appartion that is FILLED OUT with matter.






32. God is not just good, but PERFECT.






And ITS vehicle(!), the universe, the OMNI-verse, is God’s Playground.


We are simply extensions of God, for God to use or occupy.








33. I simply wished to share with you, as many as I can reach, some of the wonderful things(some are terrible) that I have found out.










34. Peace be with you.


And LOVE and Good Will to ALL!!!!






35. Why does God allow evil?




Why do you?




God does not allow evil. Evil exists ONLY to the person who creates it!


We all look out upon the world, but not all see evil in it!




There is no evil, but thinking it MAKES it so!




You see the trick catch is this: God does not allow evil. But IN THE WORLD OF THE PERSON who chooses to see it, then it exists. But only to that person.


The error is – to assume that what WE see, all see!




We all see the same PICTURE of course. But the evaluation of that picture differs from person to person.




One party may be hurting another. But that action may be a punishment that the victim deserves. And the doing of it is a cleansing from some guilt that warranted that action.


Thus it is good!






Things are not simple, you see.




But get seen differently per the viewer. Not in terms of PICTURE, but in terms of evaluation.




We all see a horse leaping a fence. But the tiny creatures trodden on by the horse may have qualified for release from the physical! Too sudden to have hurt more than they can bear, they find themselves in a better world.








I just hope that our doom will be sudden and swift. So that we find ourselves in a better world so fast that any pain gets quickly blotted out!!




God does not allow evil. We do!(If and when, but only in our own views – or worlds!!)






There is no evil! – But THINKING – makes it so!!








The worlds we live in are exactly the same.




But our ANGLES of view differ!!








My aim is to try to let others have a better chance at improving their lives!!




Via knowledge of the truth.(So far as I can get to it.)(Hopefully I am near enough to warrant the expression I give!)






I am TRYING to leave the world a better place than I have found it.




That is what I am striving for.(I hope no one objects.)


































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