BB82 Keep on searching

May 31, 2008

 Saturday, 31st May,  2,008.


World situation now.

     Keep on searching me!!

     Vic Conway.

World situation now

May 31, 2008


World situation now.

     Search me!!

     Victor Conway

BB80 Titanic and Super Titanic!!

May 23, 2008
Friday, 23rd May,  2,008.


Titanic and Super Titanic!!

             Correction to my Titanic articles:-

             The IMMEDIATE cause of the sinking of The Titanic, April 14th, 1912, was the bow rivets.

         They were made of wrought iron and slag. Weaker than steel. (The slage creating growing holes!!)The pressure of the ice on impact shattered the rivets, opening up the seems along the bows, and letting the water in immediately along FIVE COMPARTMENTS.  The minimum needed to sink her.

 And in just over 3 hours – she was gone.

        The machine that instilled the steel rivets could not be got into the bow section.

       It seems the coal fire weakened the steel plates of one of the compartments, leading to the collapse of that bulkhead.

      Two engines had not been operating(in the breaking in process).

      The Californian was so close that when it went to pass on yet another ice warning, the noise blasted the operator’s ears leading to him telling The Californian to get off the air.(So he could faintly perhaps hear the Cape’s(Cod’s?) ice messages. )  This was a grave mistake on the part of the wireless op.

      Later operator Evans failed to pass on YET ANOTHER ice warning, and switched off instead,  AND WENT TO BED!!!!

      The press, bamboozled everyone into thinking that the ship was unsinkable.  Consequently only half the complement of life-boats was installed!!

      It seems all the conspiracy theories were wrong!  Imaginative bad minded garbage.

     The officer in charge of the binoculars locked them up, and went off for the week end WITH the only key.

     Maybe the binocs was no great loss. Hard to see blue ice against a black(moonless night)sky.  And need to focus(even if you knew where!) on one spot, instead of the entire horizon(which they were told to watch).

    The captain proceeded at top speed(but less than the maximum obtainable from having ALL the engines installed and running), in the absurd belief that the faster you got through the dangerous patch, the better.(Rather like running through a minefield to escape being blown up!!)

      Whether or not the owner got the captain to go at top speed, I don’t know. I doubt it. Captains are in charge on ships.(Hollywoodization, possibly.)

      There was no long GASH in the ship along the bottom, just a series of small holes at intervals low down on the starboard side.(The strong steel plates resisting the ice pressure, repeatedly throwing the ship away from the ice!)

      Why didn’t the close by mystery ship not answer. (Only a few miles away.)   Unknown.

      The Carpethia was four hours away, but finally got there, and rescued the survivors.

      All the lights failed near to the end.

      Many hundreds of passengers were trapped below in the labrynth of corridors. Must have been horrifc when the lights failed.(The screaming of the rivets coming out drowned out much of the on deck screaming of the passengers.)

     Three hours and just over 5 minutes, I believe, from strike to GONE.

     Thanks to the pumps perhaps doubling the ship’s survival time.

      Evans was the big let down.

      And Phillip the head operator.  He should have listened to the Californian ice warning, and NOT proceeded with the main telegrams, which were about non ice warning matters,  mere extraneous gossip.

     The weakened steel plates leading to the collapse of the fifth bulkhead(THUS DOOMING THE SHIP) was another key factor.

     The ship was fated.

     A combination of causes.

     Stupid fast speed maintained, and repeatedly increased, by captain.
     The coal fire, which should have been put out BEFORE sailing.
     Not installing the two engines(to break the ship in), ironically might have saved – THROUGH SPEEDILY nipping ahead of the iceberg, and probably would have, saved the day.
    Wireless operator Phillip foolishly telling Californian to get off the air, thus not hearing the ice warning;
    Op Evans idiotically shutting off and going to bed and sleep, NOT PASSING ON THE ICE WARNING!!!!
    A full complement of life-boats might have saved many.
    Not filling the few life boats was another contributing factor to the appalling disaster.  TOO Obsessed with getting the women and children away and off first.
    The mystery ship only a few miles away not replying. Even to flares, and light signals. As well as radio calls.
    All this despite the new S.O.S. system.
    Many went down NOT knowing what had happened. Especially in Steerage.  Two pounds odd single fare.
    The mild preceding winter melted more ice, sending more and further south. But of course Man had no control over the weather!!
    Any one of these things LESS would have made a vast difference.
    But all of them together conspired to produce the tragedy.  The biggest(at the time)ship afloat, in about the worst shipping(certainly the most popular)disaster in history!!!!

    Thus the ill-fated Titanic. Human nature’s complacency and smugness contributing HIGHLY.

     It was NOT the slightly small sister ship carbon copy Olympic!!(Known from Titanic’s different ship number on the stern).

    Super Titanic?

    Yes.  We on Planet Earth are a doomed world.

    With many parallels to The Titanic disaster!

    Fire AND Ice led to the loss of The Titanic(On her maiden voyage!).

    Fire in the coal(which had been burning for 23 days), was THE key factor.(Causing steel plate of that compartment to weaken and finally collapse under pressure.)

    And ice of course from the mild preceding winter.

    In planet Earth’s case, the parallel is this:  Fire is from The Sun, ELECTRONICALLY.(Why is sun getting charge up?  From the main electric current ALONG the ionic casing in the spiral arms of the LOCAL OPEN STELLAR CLUSTER(proved and confirmed, even empirically, by me!)(I mean the cluster’s EXISTENCE!!)(Electric current ex explosions at the centres of all fields, ex white not black holes causing SEPARATIONS, not collisions!!!!)

   Ice is from the polar cap’s ice build up over thousands of years!

     Despite being the driest continent on Earth, Antarctica’s snow piles up eventually. Leading to ice layers.

     Fresh water ice.

     In the Arctic,too.

     This DOES NOT cause imbalance through uneven weight distribution!!(As many commonly suppose!)

     No!  What happens is that the weight of the ice, combined with the heat from the magma and lava below(thin or no (tectonic) plates near to the poles!!  Causes MELT, creating a LUBRICANT at the base of the ice.(This happens every 6,500 years. Each time the sun QUARTER circles the CLOSED STELLAR CLUSTER’S spiral arm!!(Full circle equals One Zodiac and Precession Period of 26,000 years.)

    You see, a small axial tilt is going to be caused by a combination of the close approach of the rogue planet Nibiru(due in about three years), via gravity tides,   AND   a speed up in the rotation of The Shell of The Earth.(The Earth is Shell and Core, like with all, or most, heavenly bodies and fields.(Which ARE hollow!)(Via Centrfugal Force, silly!!)(NECESSARILY hollow!!) Not hollow like table tennis balls, but more hollow than not.(In any case hollow from the core being so tenuous(But IN FACT, is mostly SPACE, a vacuum!(some air, not much)).

      The speed up will be caused by The Solar Wind, ETC. Electronically ex The Sun, which is charging up The Earth electrically, via Core and Magnetosphere,  the two electric anode and cathode poles!!(Rotating electro-magnets!!).  Of The Electro Magnets(spinning, of course).

      This produces increasing(exponentially)heat below, but increasing cold above(stratosphere)!!

      As the charge increases, the shell of The Earth SPEEDS UP. Causing the Lithosphere to leave The Asthenosphere.(Upper and Lower crusts)

     The upwelling(from the increasing heat)lava through the cracks and crevices provides the lubricant for the top crust to slide over the low(Lith over Asthen)!!

     As the lavic lubricant increases, the growing WHIRL detaches the top crust from the bottom, and the sudden SHOCK causes a small axial tilt INCREASE!!   The JOLT from this impacts upon THE ICE(which currently is acting as a BRAKE upon The Fire(caused) Force. Which will give way as the MELT due to the ice piling up more and more, will cause the polar caps to SLIDE INTO THE SEA.

    Thus SUDDENLY removing the BRAKE, –  which then releases the small axial tilt caused upper crustal displacement!!

    First, the crust moves about 1,500 miles northwards, and then four to five thousand miles southwards.(As the fire force overcomes the ice force!!)(As with The Titanic, the fire in the coal caused the steel plate to weaken, the key factor, ALBEIT AFTER  the main collision!!)

    This is not fantasy, nor an overnight pipe dream.  I worked it out in small detail scientifically!!!!

    First a small crustal displacement north, then a big one south!!

    The big one south leads to a second  but BIG  axial tilt INCREASE.

     Via the fact that The Earth is hollow!!

      Expect this in about seven years time!!

     So life will not continue merrily along! Earth and some other planets and satellites being affected.

     Global warming on Mars, as well as Earth, and on some other planets and satellites.(Just what are those Martians up to??  Burning such carbon!!(MAN caused Global Warming – is A LOAD OF SHIT.  Inaugurated by Thatcher, who provided massive funds!!  Well meant, but COMPLETELY mistaken!!)(Note: 
Warming AND COOLING occurs periodically through PRE-HISTORY!!!!)

     That IDIOT Gore then took it up.  And today we have growing limits being placed upon our burning of fossil fuels.  Thus unbearably hurting the so called Third World!!!!

     Carbon FOLLOWS, by an average 800 years, NOT precedes the temperature rise.  Via The Sea’s absorption. And VERY LONG storage!!

     Simplistic fools to the contrary!!

     So, though Man is rising up against Man, more and more, he gets rather stymied when Nature and Earth, as well as first The Devil, and then God, turn against him too!!!!  (Rapture to save many.)

     Weak human nature is being aggravated by brain storms caused by the harmonically increasing Earth’s Surface Force Field’s ELECTRON masses!! Hitting animals,too.

      THIS is why troubles now increase so rapidly!!

     (Note that Global Cooling(ironically ex globally heating) will stop or slow down The Gulf Stream(Northern Oscillator), starting the next Ice Age(conjoint with about 13 other factors!), via the sudden cooling of Northern Europe!!))

    An increasingly rotating Shell causes core’s pressure to temporarily block up the gap!  Making the Earth stop rotating briefly.   It then gets released suddenly, as Earth slows down, reversing the centrifuge!

    And it is THIS sudden renewed surge – that will make the NEW poles rock back into position!!

       I know it sounds absurd, but there it is!!

      You are recommended to read my earlier reports.

     AND my AMAZING Cosmology,etc. and Astronomy and Astro-physics FINDS.(Study my Astronomy School CLOSELY.   And my ASTONISHING four independent ways proofs of The Quasars data!!)

        The world THINKS that we are in a new dawn, and that our future is rosy.

        (Humanoid aliens on Nibiru, our genetic creators, will land, and check us out!!)

        UFO take over IF we do not improve dramatically.(But of course, we don’t!!)

       The fact is, we are in a FALSE dawn.

       And that survivors of the TWIN cataclysms about to occur, will follow The Neanderthals, AND some DINOSAURS WITHIN The Earth, via the OLD poles!!

     The Arctic was created about 6,500 years ago.  Greenland is simply the rock-back point!!

     Down south we have Antarctica and Little Antarctica, similarly.


     But get the main picture.

    About 8,000,000,000 humans are about to die.  Also many animals.   AND plants.  ETC.

    Aliens will rescue many. And take them to Mother Ships, and in some cases, their home planets!!

       “Some will be taken, some will be left”(Scripture. Some from the field,etc.)

      The West is at bay, and sinking fast.

      U.S. about to collapse economically, via a dollar crashing to the rocks!!

     Then political collapse follows.

     But a fast rising Political East does not much survive The West!!

     Moving in behind North Korea and Iran(Truman should have let McArthur atomically bomb The Chinese!!)

    Instead he sacked him. Replacing him.

       RED China is controlling North Korea.

       Russia is over-stated, but is recovering!!

      China is rocketting upwards.

      As is India.

      And Iran is going to, too!!

     Japan is joining the NEW BIG four.  Russia, China, India and Persia(Currently called Iran.).

    Taiwan will be swallowed up.

    AND Outer Mongolia, maybe.

    South Korea will be isolated.

    Bush is promoting his self.

    Similarly with Cheney.

    Israel is trapped.

    Australia, and New Zealand, are going in with China.

    Let us hope Indonesia remains tolerant ENOUGH!!!!

       A whole new world is springing up fast.

      Soon to go under, though.

      Catholicism will retake The Protestants,etc.

      But in turn get DEVOURED by Islam(Actually RABID Wahabism)(A fanatical travesty!).

     Mohammed was a criminal. A murderer.

     The Koran teaches kill ALL infidels.

     Forced conversion. Or death. Often by be-heading!!

    Strange RELIGION!!

       Suicide will become very fashionable!!

      But be in vain, as we survive SO CALLED death!!!!(Only to incur EVEN WORSE in The Spirit World.)

      Mars is inhabited.(Partially.)

     And Moon is an alien base!!

    Phaebos an artificial(re-molded, as is Moon) satellite.

    The other satellite of Mars is a CAPTURE.

    Read my other articles!!

     Victor Conway.

BB79 Where does oil come from?

May 7, 2008

Wednesday, May 7th, 2,008.


Where does oil come from?

Oil is commonly believed to come from decaying vegetable and other organic matter.

A new voice says it comes from METHANE. Apparently Methane, when super hot, and under immense pressure, as it would be far below(and deeper than known old vegetation,etc.), becomes molecularly re-structured. – Into OIL.

(Am now putting last articles first(from here on).)

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