August 30, 2008

 Tuesday, 30th September,  2,008.


Authorities NOT telling us the truth! Only part truth, part falsehood, and much silence.

       Mind you, there is a lot to be said for not telling the public the truth. They simply could not bear it!!

      Huge falsehoods are being rammed down our throats.


      (IF you cannot bear the truth(at least my view of it), then you are WARNED NOT to read on ANY FARTHER!!))

      I hold that the truth holds up worlds, it is not something created by INSISTENCE or belief!!

      It is also better to HEED The Truth, no matter HOW UNPLEASANT!!!!(It is not something WE create.  But something The Infinite HAS created.   We CANNOT change that truth!!   Though of course we can kid ourselves!!!!)

      1.  Jesus saves.   


      CHRIST saves.  Jesus GUIDES.

      If you let him, of course.

      Christ is God’s MANIFEST highest spirit.  Jesus was A MAN.

      Jesus not coming back.  CHRIST is!!

      The Bible is not literally true.(The Bible was written by Man.  God’s book is Nature!!)

      2.  Man is the cause of Global Warming.

      I am listing the LIES…

      The Sun ELECTRONICALLY is the cause of Global Warming.

      We shall soon have an Ice ERA.  Para passu with the warming!!(Such warming as there is now.)

      Temps(world wide) have fallen 0.7% since 1998.

      So the world has been cooling for ten years!

      The Troposphere is warming(it was). The Stratosphere is cooling!!

      3.  Doom and Gloom??  We hear much about the increasing horrors and terrors facing Mankind.  Little if anything about good things…(Because good news is generally considered DULL. And not attractive!!)(You have to look VERY closely to see the appeal!!)

      IS the world going to end soon. Apocalypse??

      The WORLD is not going to end.(The Omniverse had no beginning, and will have no end. Nor will ANY creature!!)  This CURRENT solar quarter cycle of 6,5 thousand years, is!

      What is about to happen is GOOD, not bad!!

      And The Rapture is coming.


      Two awful events are shortly to occur: a.  The Earth will PHYSICALLY invert.(Expect this in about 6.5 years.)  b.  The rogue planet Nibiru(which is NOT Planet X) will whizz past The Earth(about a million miles distant)(It is about the size and consistency of Mars.).  Its gravity tides will cause great havoc.(Expect this in about 4 years.)

     Yes, many will die.  Few will survive. Many animals and plants will perish too.

     Move as near as you can to just off Rapa Island in The Pacific south of New Zealand.

    Safest place? Inside of The Great Pyramid.  But not practicable!!

    Expect Ice Era to start any time.

    3.  Death is the end of you.

         What men call death is actually a birth. Like waking from a dream, a nightmare.  

         Your body and ITS persona die, of course.

         YOU do not. Not personality, nor soul!!

         Your conciousness gets driven by the pain of dying into a higher finer vehicle(body). Which then exits the physical.

         This happens not only to all humans, but to ALL creatures.

         You enter The Spirit World. A much finer, lighter, better MATERIAL world!!  For an average 50 years. And then you get reborn.

        NO ONE has died!! ONLY their physical bodies OF COURSE!!  Which lie rotting away in the graves.

       THEY are dead.  OF COURSE!!

       When you wake up in the morning, you pass from(often) a dream. And enter Physical Waking life.

      When you “die”, you WAKE UP from this physical existence into a much better and finer,etc. MATERIAL world.

     Yes, you CAN contact departed loved ones(They LIVE ON!!). But this is not advised.  They have gone to their rest. And wish to enjoy it. Do not disturb them.  God we all need, not people!! So do NOT trouble them.  As THEY FEEL it!!!!

     4.  Ghosts exist.

    5.   Aliens exist.

    6.  There is no expansion, only a LINEAR growth.

    7.  There was no big bang. Only an infinitely small little pop!!

    8.  Store up good deeds and friends, not money,etc!!  You cannot take it with you!!

    9.  Death is a wonderful release from pain and fear. Not their opposites!!(Though you may feel pain and fear unto the maximum UNTIL your conciousness moves out of the physical brain and into the astral brain!!)

    10.   IF you hurt others un-necessarily you will increase the weight of your soul, and go to a LOWER PLACE.(AND you will create bad karma which will manifest in a future life).(Via an inferior body,etc.  Plus inferior circumstances and conditions.)

    11.   If you help others, your soul will get lighter.  AND you will create good karma.  Which will bring benefits in a future life!!(Via a superior body.  And better circumstances and conditions.)

    12.  Birth was our death!!

    13.  I know what I am talking about.  I am NOT building up false hopes!!

    14.  Though I have NO HUMAN qualifications of authority.

    15.  We can all change our past. And alter our future.(Simply go BACK in your mind to WHERE you went wrong!)

    16.  We can rise to higher parallel time tracks.

    17.  Just do it mentally and emotionally intensely in your conciousness.

    18.  SOME dreams are temporary visits to the beyond. Up OR DOWN!!!!

    19.  If you do wrong NO WAY can you escape the retribution. By God.(Though many dodge Man’s punishment.)

    20.  Yes, some will be evacuated by aliens.

    Victor Conway.

DD5 SOMETHING is wrong!!

August 20, 2008

Wednesday, 20,  August,  2,008.


SOMETHING is wrong!!

          SOMETHING is very VERY wrong!!

                Humans dwell under certain DELUSIONS.

               I will try to list(some of) them:-

               I will list(some of) the big truths:-

               Which too many refuse to accept:-

          1.  There is no Supreme Being.  But there are gods!  And demons!!

          There is no highest god simply because it is impossible to reach a top!  OR a bottom!!

          There simply is no end. To anything!!

         2.  Our god IS THE SUN!!  Not the physical component that we see, but the spiritual component!!

         3.  The sun is behind about EVERYTHING.  And what it is  not behind, the stars,etc.ARE!!

         4.  Earthmen are extremely unevolved! And so backward.  Spiritually!!

         5.  The whole universe is ALIVE.  There is life everywhere.  Sometimes unrecognized.

         6.  Other humans exist. And humanoid,etc.aliens,too!!

         7.  Nothing exists by virtue of its non-existence!!

        8.   At a lesser level, no thing, like all things, is impossible!!!!

        9.  Most humans REFUSE point blank to recognize these great truths I am spelling out to you all now.

        10.  This divides Earth humans into two main camps. The good honest,etc.folk.  And those who HATE them.

         11.  These haters get extremely angry, and make the life of the good, the true, the noble, and the high,etc. almost unbearable.

        12.   The sheep and the goats. Which are YOU, dear reader??

        13.   This is extremely important, as very soon now – comes the Great Division. And rejection!! Of the goats. Those who refuse to TRULY advance.  And who hold back the rest!!!!

        14.  Of COURSE there is no life after death.   BECAUSE,…   THERE IS NO DEATH AFTER LIFE!!!!

        15.  The body dies, yes. And STAYS dead. At any meaningful level.   But at the moment of death(all levels!), the very pain of dying FORCES conciousness to vacate its current body(and it is always moving up), and enter THE BRAIN of the next 5d wise vehice up!!

        16.   There most definitely IS a heaven, and a hell!!

        17.   And those who go to their place are those via vibration lowering(or raising) whose vehicles become too heavy or too light!! Some rise to Paradise,etc.  Others sink to HELL,ETC!!!!

        18.   Do you understand,  READER??  ??

        19.   Every good act that we do(even in thought, or by non-commission), lightens us. And every bad act increases our weight!!  THIS is how we get rewarded and punished!!!!

       20.    Yes! Ghosts EXIST!!   But it is WE mortals who are THE GHOSTS!!!!

      21.     SOMETHING is very wrong with the world.  Yet all is as it should be!!

     22.     What is wrong is that all things go in cycles and seasons, tides and sub-cycles,etc.etc.

     23.    The sun spots stopped about two years ago! And the anti sun spots began!!

     24.     Periodically the sun DOES stop creating(for a time) sun spots.  The last time this happened, we had a mini ice age!!(So expect one NOW!! Very soon.)

     25.    Global Warming ended in 1998!  But a certain group among us is FORCING us to accept ways that will not only destroy us industrially, but will INCREASE global cooling!!!!

     26.   The world has also gone Leftist, Socialist, Communist, Labour,etc.etc.

     27.    Flying Saucers,ETC. are REAL!!!!

     28.   We are ALMOST at the end of a great 6,500 year long quarter cycle of THE SUN!!

     29.  Energy flows from explosions at the centres of galaxies, and ALL else, DOWN spiral arms, and then via the planetary and satellitic,etc.chains!!!!

     30.  This energy is over-flowing from the sun, and down the planets, including Earth.

     31.   And the moon,etc.

     32.   TWO great cataclysms are ABOUT to occur!!

     33.   Tropospheric global warming is creating global cooling. But a variation in solar output, ELECTRONICALLY, and soon photonically, is bringing on the next ICE AGE!!!!  There are about 15 causes of the global COOLING!!!!

     34.  The first great cataclysm is the double passing of the rogue(NOT planet X!) planet Nibiru! About three years hence.(About when(for a different reason) the next ice age begins!!

     35.  The second great cataclysm is the PHYSICAL(not just magnetic poles!!) INVERSION of The Earth.

     36.   About six years hence.

     37.   Our creator(via genetic fusins with theirs) aliens will en masse visit us then.

     38.   We shall be FORCED to accept their rule!(In order to save us materially!!). As well as the solar system.  From our intrepidations, via atomic energy and lasers,etc.etc!!!!

     39.   We will NOT be allowed to destroy The Solar System, nor even our selves!!!!

     40.   A huge white offensive is now starting up.

     41.  GOD is returning to rule.  Earth,etc.

     42.  All the good gods!!!!

    43.  The demons and devils will get booted OUT. And WITH them, those who refuse to mend their ways!!

    44.   Did not these AWFUL cataclysms(which will about wipe out all life on Earth)not occur, then life could NOT replenish itself. THAT would be a catastrophe. So these cataclysms will be allowed.  To PREVENT THAT!!!!

    45.   Have you UNDERSTOOD, Earthman??

    46.   We were never born, and will never die!!

    47.   There is neither beginning, NOR end!!!!

    48.   We live in a VERY materialistic secular age.  Which swallows WHOLESALE the crap coming out of THE SO-CALLED scientific throne!!   Which is no thing but FALSEHOOD.  Via government and media,etc. this is BEING FORCED down our throats!!!!

       49.     The rewards and punishments of Man are a mockery and an Insult!!

      50.      After death, God sorts it all out!!

      51.      In the meantime, the FARCE on Earth races to a climax IN SIX MORE YEARS!!!!

      52.      What is occurring is The FALSE Dawn!!!!

      53.      The REAL dawn does not occur until a few thousand years hence!!

      54.     It is not sex union  with another human we should seek(in marriage or without), but SPIRITUAL, indeed DIVINE union  –  with GOD!!!!

     55.     Our offspring should be good high THOUGHTS, not more brats for a long since overcrowded world!!!!

       56.   Let us understand quite clearly:  Global warming still exists.   When I said that it ended in 1998, I meant that global cooling began then.  Though global warming(which is SUN caused, ELECTRONICALLY, NOT Man caused!!(Not even Surface Earth caused!!)) is in decline, it is   not ended – YET.

        The heat is NOT coming from above, it is coming from BELOW!!  Up from the Earth’s core. Warming from the core.  Cooling from The Magnetosphere, via The Stratosphere,ETC!!!!

        Via an Earth’s Surface Force field, which is creating HEATimmediately above and below The Earth’s Surface.

         (Also, via electron,etc. MASSES, is causing BRAIN storms in animals AND humans. Excacerbating Man and Animal’s already low nature.(Animals are bad because man is. I am referring to wild animals.)

         57.  Materialistic Science has fooled us.

         58.  There was no big bang, just a sort of pop.

         59.  Take the VERY OPPOSITE of what you are being told!!

        60.    Mars was inhabited a million years ago.

        61.    Life(in the main) terminated there by The Reptilians and their humanoid stooges.(The little greys,etc.)

        62.   Earth is next.

       63.   The Rapture cometh.

      64.    The Great Tribulation and The Reign of Terror is only a few years off. Within five, it starts.

      65.     The truth is Mentalism, SUPER materialism!  NOT materialism!!

      66.     We live in a COMPLEX universe, with a complicated overlay. NOT a simplistic one!!

      67.     Those who teach us now, are LIARS!!

      68.      AND SUPER fools.

      69.     We live in a world of villains.  No!  WE(the God aspiring folk) are the fools. For LETTING these BASTARDS rule us!!

      70.     The true year is 2,005, not 2,008!  An error from The Julian Age has been brought forward, An  error of three years too advanced!!

      71.     The year of doom is 2,011.A.D. The PROPER 2,011, which is the incorrect 2,014!!  A.D.

     72.      Beware of November, 2,014.A.D!!  Just over six years hence!!

    73.      Safest  place is Rapa Island, just off southern New Zealand.   Safest Practical place is on top of The Great Dividing Range in Australia, Queensland!!

   74.        Man shall rise against Man. And the animals attack him,too.

   75.        Devil IS against Man. Man has made The Devil, God!! This is our root trouble!!

   76.       In practice, Pan, The Earth god rules us.

   77.       It should, IN PRACTICE, be Peter Pan!!

   78.       U.S. will collapse within a few years.

   79.       China would take over, did not this age end.

  80.        And Russia goes back to BASTARDRY!!

  81.        Iran, with Syria and Lebanon and North Korea, and Sudan,ETC. will lead the charge. Just as soon as we know the next U.S. President.

    82.      If Obama, we face a slow lingering death.

   83.       If McCain, – a quick one!!

   84.       Yes, world wars are imminent!!

   85.       First against the evil monsters now in the ascendency!

   86.      Later, against Germany, and Europa!!

   87.     The King of The South is Iran,etc.(Via The Great Islamic Uprising.)

   88.     The King of The North is the COMING ruler of Europa, – Germany!!

              In The Fourth and Fifth Reichs.  Hitler escaped, and now lives with Eva Braun up in The Arctic. And have their own flying saucers!!

  89.      The next ten years will be the worst EVER on Earth.

  90.       The following ten will be ice and waste!!

  91.       Economic collapse will occur within the next five years.

   92.      Money is become but pretty paper!!

   93.      Islam will be annihilated. Via Europa led by Germany.

   94.     U.S. and U.K. on way out. As Israel enters eclipse.

   95.    And with them, U.N.  And The Security Council.

   96.    You can only kill body, not soul.

   97.     Back to the ice bound caves!!

   98.     Evacuation by aliens to mothercraft cigars overhead, and some of their planets.

   99.     Gold and silver,etc.etc. stage a MASSIVE comeback.

   100.    Man has taken a VERY wrong turning!!

   101.   Jesus is not coming back, CHRIST SPIRIT is!!

   102.   We re-incarnate after many re-births!!

   103.   I shall lead you all out, and home.

    104.  Yet not I, but GOD!!

    105.   Why is ocean becoming increasingly oxygen depleted?   Because of increasing(harmonically!!j) lava oozing to surface. Pouring into ocean via vents. Using up more and more oxygen!!

     106.    Yes, we began(THIS beginning) about 4,500 B.C.  One of many re-generations!

      107.    Darwin’s evolution is RUBBISH.

      108.   It is Intelligent Design, but at a MUCH higher level than most have dreamed possible!!

      109.   World War 3 will be NO HOLDS BARRED.

      110.   Bird Flu begins soon.

      111.   Hitler Diaries true.

      112.   The truth told AS A LIE!!

     113.    The way forward lies BACK.  Go BACK into your past, and change it.  Yes, it can be done!!  From The Spirit World.  When you get there, later!!!!

     114.    The U.S. is selling out The West.

     115.     Bush wants to leave presenting us with a PHONEY peace!!

     116.     Have pity upon the successor!!

     117.     Yet, bad as he is, no one is better than Bush!!

     118.     Cllnton should rule. Hilary, ex Bill!!!!

     119.      Obama is half Arab!!

     120.      He will(if he got in) betray us to Islam!! Which is Wahabism!!

     121.     Mohammed was a MURDERER!!!!

     122.    Koran teaches evil and forced conversion!!

     123.   Christendom is bad enough!!

     124.   And Hinduism.

     125.    Orion is being invaded(Sol, our sun, is part of Orion. I plotted cosmos. And found out many great truths, via breaking all eight of the great cosmic codes!!!!)

     126.     The sea will rise about 440 feet, an inch a day. Flee to on top of The Great Dividing Range!!

     127.      Flee to the hills now.

     128.     Evil is taking over!!

     129.     Mars,etc. are inhabited!!

     130.     Venus is up and coming. Seed it!! For a century!!!!

     131.      Sixth Root Race coming in.

     132.      TRY to understand dear reader!!!!

     133.      Earthmen have believed A LIE!!!!

     134.      Prepare NOW!!

     Vic Conway.


DD4 Global Cooling coming.

August 2, 2008

 Global Cooling coming.


                 Popular talk concerns Global Warming. Due, it is claimed to Man via Carbon emissions(chiefly).

           I wish any readers to observe my long and studious findings(My knowledge and I.Q. is high.).

          1.  Global Warming does not exist!  The Troposphere is warming.  The Stratosphere is cooling. These two about cancel out. Overall there is little or no change.

          2.  The cause of about 99%, plus of Tropospheric Global Warming is due to The Sun, electronically.

          3.  A small fraction of A PERCENT(!!) Is due to Surface Nature(Volcanic eruptions and lightning strikes, plus arson(I include underwater volcanic eruptions!), and carelessness.

         Gore and company, the majority,  are following an agenda. It is political. Started inadvertently by one Margaret Thatcher, who did not bargain for this. Her big funding pulled them in!  This view is not scientific at all.  It is a stupid wish posed as a fact.  If we listen to these very foolish people, we shall not burn fossil,etc.fuels, and have no money to spare to save ourselves!!

         NO THING can be done to stop global warming, NOR global cooling!(Therefore WASTE NO THING in that direction. Useless because HOPELESS!!!!)

         Unfortunately a lot can be done to exacerbate global cooling! Which will be FATAL,

         Some of the causes of global cooling:-

         a.  The alignment of our sun star with the galactic centre now very active due to explosions at centre sending energy down the galactic,ETC. spiral arms.(Our sun star is on one spiral arm of a closed stellar cluster(sic).)(Proved by my 3d perspective maps and charts!!)

         b.  The fact that the sun stopped(two years ago) producing significant sun spots!(The last time that happened we had the mini ice age!)

         c.   The alignment of our sun with the planets,etc.(A total solar eclipse is currently on.)

         d.    The Gulf Stream is slowing down, almost stopped.

         e.     Aerosols.

        f.      The increase of volcanic dust,etc.to come. Due to Nature.  Ex increasing energy from the sun ELECTRONICALLY.

       g.      The increase of dust(Nuclear Winter) to come from Wars. Nuclear,etc.

       h.      The sun is entering a more elliptical orbit.

       i.       The Precession peak soon due.

      j.         Various minor reasons which add up significantly.

          Apparently Bird Flu has been added to the list of biological warfare weapons.  It is estimated that this will eventually be unleashed and kill about 67% of the human race, plus most animals.

         I expect the U.S. to collapse within a few years, OR months!!

        Reason:  Creating paper money with no real wealth to back it!   MUST, sooner or later, lead to HYPER inflation.

       Oil is the result of condensing methane under pressure. This slowly rises to the surface.  Apart from new drilling off shore,etc.  Fresh oil is continually arising.  Plenty of oil in The Arctic.  And from the new techniques, of course.  Much hype and deliberate misleading is to blame for much.

       War with Iran is almost inevitable, I would say.

       I expect Israel to be driven to start it.  U.S. will then protect them from the terrible back lash.

      I expect Iran to crumble like a pack of cards. THEY are bluffing!!  AND martyrs(remember that!).  THEY want war. Take them to Heaven(SO they believe!!)

     North Korea is a bit of a menace.

     Growing threats are China and Russia.

     Pakistan is a far bigger menace than Iran!

     Growing crisis in Afghanistan.

     NO, WE SHOULD NOT PULL OUT OF IRAQ!!(Wrong to go in!  And will be NOW be wrong to pull out!!)

      I do not see how we can possibly avoid slaughtering each other!!

     Such is human nature. Weak. AND aggravated by brain storms caused in humans and animals ex electron masses being discharge from The Earth’s surface force field, created via friction from lithosphere and asthenosphere(upper and lower crusts increasingly rubbing against each other, due to increasing pull by Earth’s core ex harmonically growing energy being pumped in by Sun via Solar Wind,ETC.

     Two collosal cataclysms are to be expected: The first is due to the coming close passes of rogue planet Nibiru(not Planet X!). In about three years.

     And the coming INVERSION(geographical, not just magnetic!j) of The Earth!!  Due to electric charge build up ex sun!!!! In about six years.

      Indeed the UFO’s(many) are real.  Humanoid aliens mostly.  But some human!!  SOME even from our OWN future!!

      I am a realist.

      Read my earlier articles.

      Buy silver and gold.  As paper currencies will collapse.

      Safest PRACTICAL place on Earth,- on top of The Great Dividing Range in Queensland, Australia!!

      Yes, there is life after death. Or, to be more precise:  There is no death after life!!  Extinction of conciousness is impossible.  Not possible to be aware of no thing!!  

       God is now retaking over the planet. But may use humanoid aliens to control us!!

      Victor Conway

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