QQ20b. Coloured skins. Survival shells’ allegory!!

November 29, 2011

Wednesday, 30th November, 2,011.
QQ20b. Coloured skins.

Survival shells allegory!!

Many people think that we ARE our bodies, and that physical death is TOTAL death.

People who think that way naturally believe that they will come to an end at physical death.But this is NOT so!!

(2012’s Doom in The Terrible Day of The Lord(Basically 21.12.12.), will lead to the death of most of us. So it is good that you learn all the key things that hang upon death!)

Some time in 2,012 a gigantic cataclysmic disaster(four of them actually!) is slated to occur! I see April as 21.12.12 ITSELF is merely the end of The Mayan Long Count Calendar. Possibly February. Maybe May. I don’t know, but PROBABLY some time in the year 2,012.A.D!
When I say gigantic I mean something that could split the very Earth in TWO!!(Via the passage(at one million miles)of Planet Nibiru, The Tenth(now ninth)Planet,Planet X. Per the gravity, magnetic, electric,etc.tides that Nibiru’s proximity will cause.)(Planet Phaeton should whizz by Mars.)(Might not come too close to us. Evidently The Nibiru Complex picked up Phaeton, as both now come around every 3,600 years(PERHAPS every 3,580 years.).(Phaeton was our 5th planet and Nibiru our tenth(Now ninth because of the demotion of Pluto(with Charon)as a planet.)(The CURRENT woes are not due to Nibiru,nor Phaeton, but to the sun rounding its spiral arm in the closed stellar cluster it is in(found by me). This creates centrifugal force – which is heaving the upper regions of The Earth UPWARDS and ALONG. THIS is what is causing the growing heat and disasters we have been noticing for many decades now. NOT Nibiru, NOR Phaeton. Though The Nibiru Complex should soon cut in AS WELL!!(The horrid red planet Nibiru(and its six satellites) should soon become visible to the naked eye!)(It has been TELESCOPICALLY visible since about 1984. Phaeton has been TELESCOPICALLY visible for many years,too.)(The extra heat we are experiencing is due 1. To the rising higher of the magma, ex the c.f. centrifugla force. And 2. To Nibiru, which apparently has a VERY fiery surface of erupting volcanoes.(The extra heat is NOT due to Man’s fossil fuel burning! Hardly AT ALL!!: The amount of heat contributed that way by Man is about 00.004% of our total heat.(And about 00.016% is due to Nature. Via forest fires and volcanic eruptions(including under-sea).)

What I am saying is NOT the raving fantasy of some lunatic – but is IN FACT the TERRIBLE TRUTH – soon to hit us all with AWFUL SEVERITY. No doubt there is some SUPERFICIAL resemblance to the rants of a madman, but there all falsehood ENDS!!(We are currently set up for the collapse of the EU, which is most probable,soon!)(THAT is due to coming off The Gold Standard combined with EXCESSIVE SPENDING. We need to return to The Gold Standard(Preferably The Silver Standard as Silver has industrial value whereas gold has not.) And to SLASH SPENDING to the utmost!!)(THIS time the WOLF really will APPEAR!!(Vide the boy who cried wolf.)

Some people are saying “We shall be glad when 2,013 comes around – to end this idiocy!”. I take exception to that: 1. DON’T count your chickens BEFORE they are HATCHED!! 2. How CAN you declare that this 2,012 business will not occur?! HOW do you KNOW that it won’t?!(Hmmm?)(The fact that SO MANY reputable sources are crying Beware of 2,012, PLUS the fact that disasters ARE INCREASING – SHOULD give one pause!)(Oh,yes, 2,013,etc. WILL come around, but over the next few years FOUR SUPER CATACLYSMS are SLATED to OCCUR!!)(So if 22.12.12 comes around with no big bad event DON’T start crowing! Give it a few years. It is(I believe) only CENTRED on 22.12.12! However, I am rather sure that something AWFUL will occur next year, 2,012, and I see April, but anyway SOMETIME during 2,012 or NEARLY in that year.(Maybe late 2,011 or early 2,013!!)

When our outermost shell or sin(vehicle)(our physical body)dies,we THINK that it is the end of us (our personality)! It is VERY convincing! And awfully TRAUMATIC. Even if painless.
In my allegory, which I am giving, I am using eight vehicles, each with a different colour. Red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo,violet and purple.(Say eight vehicles altogether.)

Picture these one inside of the next other, both 5d(vibrationally)wise AND 3d wise. Currently, we are in our RED skins viewing a RED world. Only(usually)RED creatures can see us,etc.
At PHYSICAL death the red skin drops off! But ONLY the red skin!

Our other vehicles REMAIN!!

We go unconcious for 2 or 3 days. Sometimes we can pass on conciously. With accidents,etc.
But with slow gentle deaths, we sleep VERY deeply for 2 or 3 days. The red skin drops away. And our etheric double(energy field which gave us energy during life) comes out within about 24 hours.(This slowly dissipates.)(Keep well away from it, it is our ghost and can fog you up, perhaps for a long time! So DON’T let it get near to you. You do this by staying WELL away from your corpse(the discarded at physical death red skin).)

When you view again you will be in your orange skin viewing an orange world. And only orange creatures can see(etc.)you!(Don’t take me LITERALLY. This is only an ALLEGORY. To PARALLEL what ACTUALLY happens!! You will then be in The Spirit World. We average about 55 years(now) in the physical(red), and 50 in the other skins.

In the physical we normally walk about(when not using machines). In The Spirit World we can FLY(but walk if we wish).(Which is handy to say the least!)
(Please note that my L7,LM2,Ratings and Astronomy are the MOST IMPORTANT ones. I urge you to concentrate on those.(L7 contains the proof and confirmation of 2,012!!)(My Astronomy articles cover my best find!)

We CAN then proceed through the other skins(orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo,violet and purple)(going up through the main colours)
When we have gone up through all the vehicles we can get through, we then descend back through them – purple,violet,indigo,green,yellow,orange…
Our old physical vehicle is dead, and rotting away. So we don’t re-enter that one!
However, we can,if we wish(and we do sooner or later,as a rule, in order to evolve the faster) – dive down into some foetus, and live a fresh physical life.(Wise to only enter HUMAN foetuses!)(As you will be stuck in there for a life-time!)(Imagine getting stuck in a cockroach. So WATCH what you are doing, as you may not be able to get OUT again!1)
You can even enter plants. Trees for example. And also rocks!

And some do!!
Some of the very intelligent animals that we meet have HUMANS in them!!
It is NOT recommended!! As animals are a lower life-form to the human!!
Humans are NOT animals! Though some humans are animals!!

So if you feel some DEFINITE spirit occupying a tree or a rock – or even an animal, there PROBABLY IS!!
I for one would not care to live the life of a horse,even.
There are SOME humans who get caught up with that idea. But remember you are stuck with it(trapped within) for its LIFE-TIME!!

The PHYSICAL vehicle is the only skin or shell that disintegrates(discounting the etheric double)(Which is not really a vehicle.). I believe that the others can be re-entered if and when we choose to descend back through our vehicles(skins or shells).
Note that there are planes below the physical too. The sub-physical and the sub-sub physical,etc.
We are familiar with the first three physical dimensions. Length, breadth and thickness or height. But there is a fourth. And also the GROUP dimensions of time(space group being first), vibration and density(not ORDINARY density).(I think basically we have 8 GROUP DIMENSIONS, each of 4 dimensions. Plus a SECOND SET of such via higher density or fine-ness. Via higher PROTON levels.)(Making 32 + 32, 64 altogether.)(64 dimensions.)
Vibrations are really variations of the ORBITALS(of the sub-particles)(Of the electrons).
Density or Fine-ness is concerned with protons.

Some people commit suicide in order to enter The Spirit World. They hear that it is a finer(less dense)world, and would like to pre-empt death, and just go there.

But! Though it IS a finer(less dense) PLANE, it has a higher half and a lower half VIBRATIONALLY.(It is less what you do, than your MOTIVE for what you do – that counts!!)(Also contrary to popular belief, INTENTION is what counts!!)(Man goes by WHAT. God goes by WHY!!)(Man goes by WHAT you do, regardless of why you did it. But GOD goes by WHY you did what you did. Your INTENTION scoring most!!)

The UPPER vibrational half is pleasant. The lower,is not.(Of The Octave or Spectrum, VIBRATIONALLY of The Spirit World!!
We go to that VIBRATION level that we have cultivated most in life!(We may AT FIRST go that vibratory level we are on at physical death,but we then slowly gravite to our average vibration.)
And suicide ITSELF is a sin. The sin of self-murder!

So though it is finer, it is not necessarily PLEASANTER!!

I understand that we do not HAVE TO leave The Spirit World, but that we do so IN ORDER TO EVOLVE THE FASTER!!

Once we reach the highest(vibration) we can go in the spirit world octave or spectrum, then when we have taken our fill we descend back down through our vehicles.

I think that we ascend to our highest vibratory level(reached during life), but after that we gradually fall back down.

The normal thing to do THEN is to find a fresh foeutus to enter. Thus to have a new physical life.
I think it is like waking up from sleep and dreams. We find it hard to return to sleep and dreams. We want to up and way. And re-entering the physical is usually the only way to go. Right up(vibrationally),then right down. And finally(probably)re-enter the physical – via a new foetus.

And that is PRECISELY what it is like!

We are currently in a SUPER dream! But shall eventually awaken a HIGHER waking life!!

It isn’t “what dreams may come”, but “what a nightmare we are leaving”!!

There are TWO realms: 1. There is our aura within our psychic component.(We plunge down there into a world of images we call dreams. And 2. There is the vast realm of The Spirit World. SUPER dreams if you like. But ACTUALLY the dream IS this present life. The Spirit World IS Reality! The reverse of a dream! The aura is WITHIN us. The Spirit World is BEYOND us, outside!!(It is like comparing what it is like below The Earth’s surface – with what it is like above it. Out as far as you like!)(Very interesting down below. But NO THING compared to what lies ABOVE, OUTSIDE!!!!)

We are able to travel back in our personal time,and re-live(but varying if we wish)our present life) After that a new personality descends from our soul. Our conciousness then enters that new personality.
However, until such time, we may find ourselves back at our OLD birth time and place!! Hopefully to live a BETTER life!! We may do this as often as we like. Re-living our past(chosen episodes), varying it if we wish.
We improve our present personality unto the maximum. And then move on to the next(personality)(that descends from our soul).
And so we proceed – for EVER!!
Passing through lives and interegnumms(after life lives in The Spirit World), gradually evolving, for ever.

Most people hate the thought of life coming to an end(at physical death). Don’t worry, it DOESN’T!!

However, there is the worse prospect of living for ever unpleasantly. – Which you can do IF you do not improve yourself!

We improve ourselves the first time, by re-living our past life. Just the chosen episodes. Living them better. Doing the things we should have, but didn’t. And NOT doing the things we shouldn’t have done – BUT DID!!

No. It is not possible to undo what we did. But we can move onto a parallel time track where we live better!! – The second best thing!!

And thus we ALL win. By changing our lives via personal time travel back into our past!!(Because time tracks are separate from each other!!)(We cannot change the old time track. But we can take a new one!)(By branching off from the time-places we went wrong.)

Then proceeding incarnation(and interregnum) after incarnation(and interregnum) ad infinitum!!(Which we have already done!!)

Back to the seven skins! Basically, we have seven vehicles. I call them SKINS in my ALLEGORY. We shed these skins one at a time. Let me enlarge:-
Our PHYSICAL bodies are only the OUTERMOST LOWEST vehicles!

With the death of nearly all of us(and animals and plants,etc.), it is good to learn about salvation and what happens after physical death.
Let us return to the seven skins.
We personalities are NOT our physical bodies! Our physical bodies are merely garments that we wear whilst in the physical world!

Best to make ourselves as good as possible. If only to avoid an unpleasant after-life!!


QQ19 Let us pray!

November 29, 2011

Tuesday, 29th November, 2,011.

Let us pray!

We are living ridiculously far above our means! Both materially AND SPIRITUALLY!!

The PENALTY is Hell now, and Hades after death!

PLEASE take me SERIOUSLY!!(I am SO concerned about OUR future!!)

We ARE in control of our ACTIONS, right?…? RIGHT??
For a moment THERE I thought perhaps SOMEONE ELSE was!…

We ACT as though we had it MADE!

Fact is we are all facing destruction,death, Hell, and then Hades AFTER death.
You hate me for telling you?!

So what shall I do? Tell you LIES like the world does? No??
So STAY with what I am telling you then!

The truth as near as I can get it!


Is Jesus the answer? He went in the right direction!(He asked us to follow him!)(Yesterday, I was trying to say that FOLLOWING JESUS is the way to go! But that we also needed to do good, all out, constantly IN GOD’S SPIRIT, not our own!!(CHRIST SPIRIT saves. Jesus GUIDES!! It is not enough to harp on JESUS, but to do GOOD as well! AND do it in THE SPIRIT OF GOD. (What IS God? God is your higher self. We link to everything good THROUGH THAT.)(Too many of us live from our lower selves.)(VIBRATION is the key.)(We NEED to keep THAT as high as possible!!)
Turn to GOD??

Pray? Perspire BLOOD – like Jesus did?!(I doubt EVEN THAT would save us,now! About too late,now.)

Buy gold? Sell silver?? Get CASH. Buy seeds?!


It is nearly Christmas, and The New Year. And we all know WHAT year that is don’t we?!

2,012.A.D. The year all key indicators are POINTING to!!

21.12.12. That is the last day of The Mayan Long Count Calendar. And just about ALL other cycles,too!

World events sort of support the predictions,as well!
Just saying!


Now is NOT the time to be stupid!

We are on the verge of THE SILLY SEASON. And the frenetic drive to 25.12.11 and the holiday.

Vacation? Try MARS. It might be safer!(I am amused. They are sending Curiosity, the latest and biggest(car sized) Rover to The Red Planet, our nearest neighbouring planet in space – to see if they can find any signs of life existing in the past. NOT KNOWING(the orthodox scientists) that the REMNANTS of some battle AND also what survived Planet Phaeton’s last whizz- by, ARE CURRENTLY living a most austere and dangerous life amid wild animals,etc. Are trying to stop our rovers. – Which have killed some of the smaller inhabitants!(We are peering hard down microscopes looking for bacterial traces. When the current LIVING SUPER HUMANS are BREATHING DOWN OUR NECKS!!(And we know it NOT! (Correction: Don’t WANT to know it!))(So many vain egoes who THINK they know the answers just could not bear to accept the fact that life is EVERYWHERE throughout the universe/s! There is NO THING but life. The whole omniverse IS alive!(UFO’s galore. And crop circles,etc.)(But we are blinkered by our wish NOT to see!))


Is ANYTHING looking good? Nope, no, NO THING!!


Good time to abandon ship! But WHERE to go??

Europe is torturing us. Will they turn it around?(What do YOU think?!)(Got any more silly questions?!)(They are so much at odds with each other!)


And the aliens are on their launching pads.


Planet Nibiru should appear at any time!


Meanwhile the surface of The Earth HEAVES upwards more and more.(From centrifugal force due to the solar system rounding its spiral arm of the stellar cluster it is in.)(Causing sink holes and cracks more and more.)

That disturbance we had early in the year was due to some PRE-CURSOR of a polar shift, not polar shift ITSELF – YET!!

Forget a will! WHO is left to inherit?


Prepare to meet The Maker? The Annunaki humanoid aliens genetic modifiers anyway!


Glad you came now?


Quite a number came to WATCH The biggest disaster EVER(future,too!) to hit Man on Planet Earth.


THE EVENT. But you can watch it better from The Spirit World. That place you go after you PHYSICALLY die…

I could be wrong? I could be RIGHT,too!!(Or VERY nearly!)



Heat will take many off.



Death is one thing. But WHY go to Hades AS WELL??!!(After physical death)

For the sake of The Physical’s feeble pleasures!!
A MESS of pottage!!


Like failing to sacrifice a PENNY – for The Crown Jewels!!

One of the worst hells – is the Hell of REGRET.







QQ18a The DOOR IS closing!!

November 28, 2011

Monday, 28th November, 2,011.

The DOOR is closing!!
I am referring to the door to Heaven, Paradise(beyond the grave),a better planet,avoid Hell(And Hades after death)!!
Meanwhile I wonder whether to get out of Silver BEFORE commodities(I am in Australia, Queensland.) crash about 25% RATHER SHARPLY!!(The EU is ON The Edge(Of a high precipice.)!(I THINK Silver will come back up(as will gold)LATER. But a temporary PULL OUT might be wise!!)(I have silver Pamp(I THINK it is, or equivalent.)BARS.)

And a LITTLE gold(Which is worth keeping I THINK.)

If The EU crashes.(I think we should say WHEN!!) Then commodity prices should fall about 25% IMMEDIATELY!!
Christmas,etc.(The Festive Season) – preceded by The Silly Season and The Hectic approach to Chrismas – COMPLICATES things.

And so does Doom Year, 2,012!!(I EXPECT a build up to CATACLYSMIC levels by April, 2,012!!)
Ascension began 11.11.11. But that door is still open, I UNDERSTAND…(Ascension to The Higher Earth!!)
So there is a LOT to think about!!(I speak OUT to ALERT you!)

The bottom line is this: It is all a matter of VIBRATIONS.

If you go in for sex(ANYTHING resulting in ORGASM!!) and drugs,ETC.(I feel sorry for “Schoolies” and The Young – who have LITTLE WARNING!!) Anything resulting in CHEAP highs.(I mean spiritually cheap!!)
ALCOHOL is a bad drug! Leave it STRICTLY alone(This is ADVICE, NOT an ORDER!!).

You stop COLD TURKEY(IF you see wisdom in stopping.(I see INSANITY in NOT stopping DEAD!!)(Because you cannot fool with it. Stop DEAD(IF you decide to. It’s YOUR life and soul!!…), or it will almost certainly DRAG you back in to full consumption AGAIN,soon enough!!)!!

Do NOT listen to they who say “Have ONE more!”/ Go on have a drink! ETC!!(IF you are wise…)
Nicotonic smoking(or anything) is bad enough, TOO!!(Do NOT listen to those who urge you to have a smoke,etc!!)

These things LOWER your vibrations! And lowered vibrations lets in all manner of nasties! In THIS life.(But FAR WORSE after death!)

Lowered vibrations takes you down Hell and Hades after death!
IS it worth it? Do you THINK??
KNOWING these things, I feel deepest CONCERN for others…
Another worry is: Does SALVATION via ACCEPTANCE of CHRIST save you from Hell and Hades(After death)??(Hell is SEPARATION from GOD.)(Before and after death. Before death you have A CHANCE…)(THINK about it WILL YOU!!!!)(After death, too hard!!)
The door is closing on escaping the horrid FATE of those who SHUT OUT ANYTHING which lowers your vibrations.

But ESPECIALLY Ascension.

2012 closes the door on Ascension!!
DON’T be a FOOL and heed those who urge you to INDULGE in low vibration reducing things!
Bad company is a no no. IF you have any sense!!

And going to places of low repute, especially at bad times, is OPENING DOOR to things, people and pursuits that LOWER your vibrations. Do you understand?

Do NOT fool with Ouija boards. As this opens the door to LOW and EVIL spirits!! Who can possess you. And NOT go away! Or make you do low and evil things which lower your vibrations!!

SUICIDE and EUTHANASIA are two more DEADLY things. This is SELF murder!! Sends you to Hell and Hades!!!! Do NOT do it!!

Sex with your own gender is low SQUARED!!(QUADRUPLED in fact!)(As it takes you into other orifices,etc.)(Sin and Wrong DESTROYS souls!! So DON’T be an IDIOT!!)
Do NOT touch bestiality(animals), corpses, filth, or ALIENS!!!!

NO adultery and no fornication!!
Adultery is sex with one NOT your spouse WHEN you are married!!

Fornication is sex with one who is not your spouse!(When you are single.)(If you are married then it is fornication AND adultery!!)
No Idolatory.

NO messing with Black Magic or Dark Arts!!(Or even low magic or low arts!!!!)
No sin. No wrong.
Repent and accept CHRIST.
SHUN the ways of the WORLD!!
Get AWAY from bad company AND the world’s ways!!
Become a hermit IF NECESSARY!!

Masturbation,etc.(Anything which gives you an orgasm WITHOUT human,animal,alien OR artificial ASSISTANCE!!) is SELF SEX.
ANY degree of sex that leads to orgasm IS full sex!! Orifice is immaterial. It is STILL full intercourse!!

Worship GOD EVERY day of week, not just Sabbath OR SUNDAY!!!!
NO fun or play!!!!
NO jokes or hoaxes!!
KEEP The Ten Commandments of Moses. At LEAST those!!
And DO what Jesus has bid: Love GOD.

And love ye ONE ANOTHER!!!!

Note: Sex is NOT love!!(Sex is LUST!!)
Romance LEADS to sex!!
Marry if you cannot contain!
I am NOT interested in popularity. I AM interested in GOD APPROVAL!!

Fear GOD more than Humans!!
Be clean INSIDE.(As well as out.)

Not just inside your body, but inside of your HEART and MIND,ETC.ETCS!!!!
Yes, BECOME enuchs, if necessary, in order to enter Heaven and Paradise!!!!
I see no necessity for circumcision.(Leave it as Nature left it to you!)
Removal of clitoris is EVIL!!(Leave it as Nature left it to you!)
Though I find The Bible of Christendom to be of Man, it is HIGH Man!!

PROVIDED we focus on what Jesus teaches in The Gospels,ETC. In Proverbs. In Psalms. ETC.
The PROPHECIES are good.
Get BACK from The Pit!!
Which is greater(Think NOW!!): LOW Gratification in THIS world. OR HIGH, in ETERNITY!!

CHRIST is The Manifest SPIRIT of GOD.
Whether via Jesus or not.

My POINT is this: Repentance is step ONE. Acceptance of CHRIST SPIRIT is step two.

Those two steps are ONLY The Beginning!!
THEN you need to endure until DEAD!!(Step three)
Step FOUR. Proceed thus FOR EVER, – and FOR EVER!!!!

DO these things, and YOU WILL LIVE!!
Salvation is not from death(As ALL die. And all rise again!)(In The Spirit World. AND to re-incarnate.)
Salvation is from SPIRITUAL death!

AND, above ALL,

– from the death of YOUR SOUL!!!!
WHAT IS THE USE OF SURVIVING physical,etc. death
IF you go to HELL and Hades??!!

Price too high for you? – THINK, AGAIN!!!! And KEEP ON thinking!!!!

Be WISE!! Learn from INSTRUCTION not HARD experience!!
THESE are hard things, I know.
But HELL is harder!!

And so is Hades after death!!

Have you UNDERSTOOD dear reader??
For WHAT shall a man give

In EXCHANGE for his VERY SOUL????!!!!!

MANY now in HELL(Hades) SCREAM out to me TO WARN YOU ALL, lest their fate BECOME YOURS!!!!

With me??…

The time is NOW!!…


QQ17 Still more secrets!

November 25, 2011

Saturday, 26th November, 2,011.

Still more secrets!! Series B.

World in awful mess.

My Solution!!



B1.(Numbers up to now will be A series. Series.A.)(Now switching to B series.)
Regarding the worsening financial and economic crisis:-


There can be NO HOPE unless you do two things immediately:-
a. Everyone live within their means! Cut spending right back to as low as you can!!

b. Buy silver!!(Gold has no REAL value!!)(And will probably get confiscated anyway!)

Briefly, what has happened is that THE BANKS,ETC. via The Government have switched(In 1971, in U.S.) from gold to PAPER!! AND withdrawn THE PROMISE TO REDEEM IN GOLD ON DEMAND on that paper!!

Given The Nation’s(The People’s) gold to RED China.(In return for HOPED-FOR perks!)(Which did not arise!)

But China has tied The Yuan(Its currency) to The U.S. Dollar!! Thus ENSURING China keeps up. Permitting its cheap exports!
So,now, all the people have is worthless PAPER!!(ONLY currently STILL of any value by Order of Government FIAT!! (Regard our NON-promissory bits of pretty printed paper as purchasing tokens of VALUE. Or, we will PUNISH you!!))
Fortunately the bullion companies STILL recognize that paper!(The Fiat Bank notes.) And will exchange gold and silver for it.
Make SILVER your Value Standard!
And buy all the silver that you can!!


A Great Correction is on.(Deflation.) This is because the surge to The U.S. dollar is about over.

So expect a very rapid fall to 1971 prices AND PRIOR!! Immediately. Started now, I think!!(Throwing out all the gains since 1971 and even earlier!!)


Dow and Dollar(U.S.) should FOLD!!

Silver and gold should collapse along with all other commodities – quite a way.(As much as 25%!)(By this Christmas.)(Expect this WHATEVER measures get taken.)
Silver and gold should recover a lot later. And perhaps keep rising.


We can expect a QE3. Dollar and Dow should fall – after a brief rise.


The Financial System based on The U.S. $ should collapse.


To be replaced by Yuan, I would think. IF you do not make SILVER the VALUE STANDARD!!
Note that when The Gross National Product(The GNP) gets over-taken by the deficit’s interest on the debt through loan, then you go bankrupt and default, get penalized, and may get booted out of the group that country is in.

Rapidly followed by demise of U.S. and West.
While RED China bounds up.
Political East taking rule of world over from West!!

Needless to say TERRIBLE suffering will result.

A social nightmare will arise. Rebellions, riots, general mayhem – with all the nasty emergency measures of Martial Law, Police State, even Military Junta possible, and CURFEWS!!!! Arrests for the slightest reasons. Ill-treatment.
Many governments should topple.

End of EU and many countries exiting The Eurozone.


U.S. in Pandemonium.
Germany takes over what is left of Eurozone.
Britain drops out. Goes it alone again.

Chaos, confusion, many old scores settled and general anarchy.
After that, in The New Year of 2012(!!) – it gets worse. MUCH worse. As Nature takes over!!
I believe Polar Shift, Nibiru and maybe Phaeton along with increasing sink holes and cracks should spread world wide. And VERY many other so appalling things.


Aliens to descend en masse – to evacuate the best half of humanity.


Earth to be torn just about in half by gravity tides,etc.


Ice era. Followed by ICE AGE.
After terrible heat and humidity. Which should kill many.
Much debris(boulders,etc.) should fall from sky.
Strikes by asteroids, comets and meteorites.
Plus red dusts, one very poisonous and suffocating.


AGAIN I urge immediate withdrawal down the North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole(Huge over a thousand mile wide tubular entrance there.) into The Inner Surface in The Hollow Earth!!


Ascension, Rapture, Huge World-wide REVIVALS, and Mass Transitions may be expected.


A second Earth will be created(“A New Heaven and a New Earth!!” – due to a rise in VIBRATIONS.(Note not a physical split. A vibrational one.) The better half of humanity will vanish into the higher Earth, while those who resist the rising vibrations will stay on the old Earth.)


The Great Tribulation will come to The Lower Earth.


Life is everywhere.


There is super human life on Mars. Life even on other planets of solar system, as well as Moon.


All this and much MUCH more. Coming soon, VERY soon.


B2. Now regarding Man’s high ranking pastime, Sex:-


The great downfall of Mankind chiefly(BY SO VERY FAR) is due to SEX.(Though Sin, Sport, Entertainment, Skiffle, Drugs, and letting it ALL hang out rate more than sex with many!)

Mankind, in general, just hasn’t made the grade! A VERY long way short!!

Sex is uniting of two physical bodies. However, because the physical body is the LOWEST vehicle that humans have, doing it TOO MUCH(Don’t do it AT ALL!!) results in the INABILITY to unite The Higher Vehicles(in couples). And ESPECIALLY with GOD!!

So, in other words, if you have too many orgasms, then you will be UNABLE to obtain the much higher ECSTACIES resulting from uniting of the HIGHER vehicles. And with GOD!!!!
THAT is the price, you see. Which is WHY Jesus bade us to DENY OUR SELVES DAILY!!
Not only of sex, but of drugs, including pharmaceutical I might add(!), but of sin, ALL the deadly sins(and very many more!)(There are FAR FAR more than seven deadly sins!), wrong-doing, low pursuits, bad company, revelry, DEFINITELY alcohol and nicotine, violence, physical combat, going to war, skiffle, laughter, social activities, games and sports, and so on and so on!(I KNOW this will grieve MANY!!)(But that is HOW it is!!)Also tattooing, blasphemy, idolatory, bad language, cursing, damning, swearing,foul language, vile language all the worldly ways and pursuits!!(Homo(give),gay(receive) is bad AND QUADRUPLY so!! At LEAST!!(Because sex with own gender, other orifices, often when not married, or with one not married to you! Etc.ETC!! – is SO BAD!!!!)
B3. When you take drugs, you raise your vibrations through joy via pleasure.(Note that joy is not happiness, and pleasure is not joy.) By ARTIFICIAL induction!! Cheating!!

Consequently you lose the ability to gain normal and natural joys,etc. Plus you need more and more drugs to produce the same false joy each time!!
You end up miserable. So low that people often commit suicide.


Hardly the way to go!!(It is not for nothing that drugs are illegal.)

B4 Once the evil that you do outweighs the good, you go down into Hell(AND Hades(after death) to THAT EXTENT)!!


The pleasures and joys from drugs,as with sex, decreases with use!!

You end up BEREFT!!



B5 Driving vehicles fast and or dangerously is another no no.

There are many others.

B6. Alcohol is particularly bad.
Apart from leading to cirhossis of the liver, alcohol diminishes the INHIBITIONS, and releases urges you would normally control! Urges to sex, drugs, violence,kill,etc!!

Alcohol causes UNTOLD LOSS and MISERY throughout the world. Plus its expense.


Yet it remains unbanned.
Whilst other drugs are not!!



B7. Nicotine, especially from smoking, can lead to lung cancer, emphysema(slow suffocation), ruined stomach, discomfort to others, and to any unborn carried, eye-sight diminishment, nicotine poisoning, loss of appetite, reduced ability to enjoy things, dirty hands and mouth, bad breath, body odour, people avoiding you, and expense.
Leads you to bad company. And to pubs and bars,drinking clubs,etc. As does alcohol.

WHY indulge??!!


MY SOLUTION is simply STOP doing these bad and low things!! And KEEP OUT OF DEBT!!


































QQ16. A MUCH better rendering of our DEBT and deficit crisis situation AND SOLUTION!!

November 24, 2011

Thursday, 24th November, 2,011.

The Deflation.(Financial Crisis.)

I should add on – Point 11, Deflation!(Continuing my exposition of my solution to the financial crisis!)

One of the consequences of going off The Gold Standard has been Deflation(The huge correction now on.). It was FIRST, – the booms that EVENTUALLY came.

And NOW the deflation CORRECTION which I think will take us back to 1971 levels – and possibly earlier!!
Going off The Gold Standard was a bad move. (Though I suppose it fixed the tightness that existed around 1971.) Because it has led to the appalling crisis that we are all now in!
Having bank-notes was much easier than carrying gold and silver coins around. Coming off The Gold Standard was like a ship on a river near a waterfall cutting itself loose from a bouy! Especially when after withdrawing THE REDEEM IN GOLD PROMISE, the paper of the bank notes had NO VALUE whatsoever!!

Bank notes were PURCHASING TOKENS with a value to the equivalent in GOLD. But with the promise gone and NO TIE to the value of gold, the bank-notes became WORTHLESS PAPER!!(Only as strong as THE WHIP(Of Governments decreeing fiat!))

You HAVE TO HAVE a standard of VALUE! Because when the authorities decreeing the fiat money fail, then we are all left with ONLY the purchasing token! As promissory notes – good. But WITHOUT the promise, – WORTHLESS!!(It only needing the goverment to fail!) And there is NO promise to redeem in gold NOW!!

At first buying of U.S. dollars, and of commodities(eventually)went up. But though The Greatest Confidence Trick of all time may have fooled MOST, it has not fooled that critical number of buyers – who switched to buying gold and silver!! Thus sending the value of The U.S. dollar down! And the price of gold and silver UP!!(They are falling now because COMMODITY prices in general are falling! But I expect gold and silver to rise again. Especially silver!!)
Many years were to pass after 1971 before business trusted The U.S. Dollar and The Markets!!
Finally buying peaked(the ship no longer anchored to VALUE(of gold), drifted slowly to the edge of the waterfall!), and now an increasing number of buyers SEE that gold and silver is worth far more than non-promissory bank-notes, so are buying gold and silver – even with the now worthless(in terms of REAL VALUE)pieces of paper(THAT is a good deal!!)!!
It is so important to see all this! Then perhaps we can soon see a return to the gold(or better still, go to silver)standard!
Because, if we don’t, then the slide and plunge to THE ROCKS – will continue. And ACCELERATE – as it SPREADS too!!

We have a choice: We can either SLASH SPENDING, raising taxes,etc. and interest rates, bonds,etc. and print away via Q.E’s(along with electronic printing and borrowing,etc.) OR, we can go back onto gold(or into silver)standard!(IF we are in time to reverse the rot!)(Perhaps not!!)

I do not know how long it would take to halt the slide, but eventually that would happen – because buyers would SEE that with a standard of VALUE(gold or silver), again(AND purchasing tokens of VALUE!), then no need to buy gold and silver – and thus depress the dollar,etc!

So we have NO time to lose!!

Failing to live within our means ALONG WITH the resulting rising debt and deficit MUST mean Market CRASH, via deflation and inflation!! And THAT will cause CHAOS and DESTRUCTION!!!!
So get back onto gold and or silver standard – af fast as possible,
That IS our best, and indeed, our ONLY, hope!!
Because too many of the people will not bear the austerity measures implemented and riots and rebellion,etc. which WILL follow!! Which is WHY we have for some time now been seeing the falling governments of North Africa and The Middle East!!(As the weaker countries fell first.) As riots pushed leaders out.(Thanks to The Fed Q.E’s! (The banks cry out to The Government for more money, and The Bernankes of the world just print away!!))
A tough choice and call, but THERE IT MOST CERTAINLY IS!!
The small critical relative factor of NO VALUE TO THE PURCHASING TOKENS(promise gone PLUS PAPER purchasing tokens(bank-notes)(and watered down coins(brass)!) has been HIDDEN, being BURIED under the much bigger EXCESS SPENDING factor!!

Now can you all SEE this?? ??

It will make the difference between perishing horribly and terribly – and recovering!!
IF we can recover in time!!(After doing the necessary.)
But one thing is for sure: Printing more and more of the fiat money is going to do ever briefer less and less good. Only to be followed by even worse debt and deficit!!(On the OTHER HAND, since we face WIPE OUT from Nature from now on(!), just spend away – as no future ANYWAY!!)(But I suppose better to die trying to survive THAN NOT TO!!)
OTHERWISE it MUST be just a matter of time before we hit the rocks IN THE BIGGEST WAY THAT WE HAVE EVER KNOWN!! Surpassing even The Great Slump of 1929 and The Depression which followed!

A disaster we are all contributing to to some extent or other.(Because so many WILL NOT exercise that bit of self-control and discipline denial,etc.)(NORMALLY, THRIFT(saving – to have enough later) IS the way to go. But our monetary system is such that we have to spend(like blood flowing through the body)to survive.(Which is right!) It is not SPENDING that is bad, but EXCESSIVE spending. We need to moderate. In other words we need to get the flow of blood(money)flowing fast or faster, but not to the extent where we freeze our extremities!! Blood flow(money in the economy)is good, but not if we drain the body of blood to get it flowing through the tubes!!(It is no good going into DEBT and DEFICIT to keep the economy going!!)

The PURCHASING TOKEN ITSELF(Bank-notes and coins) is MEANINGLESS in ITSELF.,PER SE! It is only a REPRESENTATION of THE TRUE MONEY, for CONVENIENCE!! Which WAS gold.(But in future best(I say)to be SILVER!!)(Because of its INDUSTRIAL value, as well as its rare-ity!) WHICH (GOLD and/or SILVER) was ITSELF a TOKEN(But of VALUE!), REALLY, to provide CONVENIENCE in place of BARTER!!

Spiritually, divine will and love are the top coins. Materially, BARTER was, but for CONVENIENCE gold and silver became its TOKEN REPRESENTATION!!

But when they uncoupled the SECOND purchasing token(bank notes)from the INITIAL purchasing token(gold)then it was decreed that PAPER was of value, but GOLD not!!)(In order to be able to EASILY make ANY AMOUNT THEY WANTED!)(Through the banks, The Fed took nearly all the GOLD, and GAVE it to RED China(in the HOPE of certain favours!) AND WITHDREW The PROMISE on The Bank-Notes(The Bank PROMISES to REDEEM(in GOLD)on demand!)(!!), then(In The Greatest Con Job in HISTORY!!) returned(working slowly,slyly, en masse and SAYING NOTHING), THEY(The Banks,really, via The Government, as The FED!!) gave away(To RED China of all nations!)nearly all the country’s GOLD. But RETURNED NON-PROMISSORY PAPER to the people!!!!(Bank notes. By FIAT Government ORDER!!)(Enforceable by LAW!!)(Thus changing what were ONCE gold and silver COINS into PAPER and BRASS(Cheap metals!)!!!!)(Bank-notes and WATERED DOWN coins(WORTHLESS PAPER and SCRAP METAL!!!!).) (With not a word said about it!!)(What a CRAZY world!!)

Plus those who are wisely buying gold and silver RISK having gold(aye, and silver!) CONFISCATED!!

(The Banks,etc. have REALLY bought The Governments!!)(And now rule them!!)

What is AMAZING is that SO FEW seem to have NOTICED – this INCREDIBLE sleight-of-hand!!

And nothing SAID, until now, by me!!
I do NOT condone violence,etc. But it is not surprising that we have the rebellions and RIOTS that are now growing and spreading throughout the nations of the world!

This is devolving into a war between The Big Corporations (Who rob the people(in subtle legal ways)) and The Trade Unions!!(Who TELL businesses how to run them!!) via THE MOB who destroy buildings and people,ETC.ETC!!!! who need little excuse for violence,etc!! Two HORRID groups.(The Masters versus The Slaves.)

Centre Right and Centre Left are the least evil ways to go now!!

Now, dear READER, are you getting THE PICTURE??!!
We are FACING hideous wipe out via financial and economic failures!(Companies collapsing. Banks closing their doors. Money becoming inaccessible(in any case really worthless!). Governments falling. Rebellions. Mass rioting. Civil War. Wars. WORLD WAR 3,even. Etc. (The People ARE ASLEEP!!) Even BY Christmas THIS YEAR!!

We have made The U.S. Dollar supreme. We have organized everything so well. And NOW the WHOLE pack of cards is starting to COLLAPSE. Beginning in U.S. Now developing in The Eurozone, and soon domino fashion to go like wild-fire THROUGH THE WHOLE WORLD!!!! Via Japan and then even China. Finally hitting Australia and New Zealand!!!!

Because of MASSIVE DEBTS and deficits.
And NOW all of us are VERY SOON to be HIT with a DOW CRASH exceeding The Great Slump of 1926!
In a world of PLENTY, certainly plenty of people!, we shall have immense unemployment, homelessness, food,etc.shorages plus the grand-daddy of ALL backlashes amid General Emergencies, Police States, Martial Law and Curfews the likes of which have never before been seen!!

All eyes are on Europe now(The Eurozone, The EU, NATO,ETC.) as it teeters and totters ON THE BRINK!!
I think Europe is about to DISINTEGRATE.
Countries are going to pull out of The Eurozone. As well as DEFAULT. And that will be FATAL – for the WHOLE WORLD!!

I am trying as hard as I can to reach as many as I can with THE SIMPLE OBVIOUS SOLUTION(but am of course resisted and opposed ALL OUT because trying TO DO GOOD!!) – Get BACK IMMEDIATELY on The Gold Standard. The ROOT of our financial and economic WOES!!
Are you listening?? Are you WITH me??!!(In both senses!!)

The Politicians and The Economists need DRIVING to get back onto The Gold (But Silver better!!) Standard PRONTO!! Because THAT is the root caause of our financial and economic WOES!! YES, I aver!! !!!!

I mean that is at The National and International Levels.

Though in general SPENDING TOO MUCH is the root cause!!
Whilst Excessive Spending IS the root financial and economic cause, THE SOLUTION is to remove the BASIC FLAW!(By RESTORING the GOLD STANDARD! As quickly as you POSSIBLY CAN!!!!)(But better still – The Silver Standard!!)

In 1971 you got rid of the financial tightness by ensuring financial and economic GLOBAL DESTRUCTION – later on!!

It should also save us from being driven to go to war(to get money via arms etc.buying!)!
I offer you all THE GOLDEN KEY – OUT of this mess!!

I call this “Dropping the other shoe!!”.(The first shoe was the boom UP. Now we BEGIN to see the CRASH DOWN!!!!)
It has taken 40 years for THE DRAG(that slow, subtle, stealthy dead weight few noticed!) on The U.S. Dollar to work its way through to fall far enough(being the world’s leading currency) – to produce the rapidly worsening dilemma THAT WE ARE NOW IN!!

Go my simple,easy way!!
Time is of the ESSENCE though!!

So we shall need to PUBLICIZE the return to gold, or onto silver, to the HILT, so to reduce the time taken to recover!!

Massive Deflation(The Correction) will result now(Anyway! Stop or slow this by re-coupling to GOLD AND SILVER, AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!!). As prices return to 1971 or earlier levels!!

See what happened? U.S. came off Gold Standard in 1971. (This is LIKE pushing the jack from under a car WHEN YOU ARE UNDER IT!!)
(Joy is not Happiness and Licence is not Liberty!!)

It relieved the tight situation prevailing – but at the expense of greater problems LATER!
So more bought the U.S. dollar, and it went up.
Eventually, market booms came.

They TRIED to make PAPER(bank notes) take the place of gold. But ENOUGH people are SEEING THROUGH IT!!
MOST people bought it!(So many REALLY think NOW that those paper banknotes and watered down coins, REALLY are valuable like their predecessors!!)(Originally gold and silver!!)

BUT,no, they are not!!

ONLY so long as Government stays put to decree it!!
Money! But it is ARTIFICIAL MONEY!!

Do you understand??

Have you GOT it??
Well, if so, whatever you do, DON’T keep it to yourself!!

How about THAT,then??!!

Those with temporal influence NEED to learn about it!

Will you TELL THEM, please!!!!


Or starve to death!!

Your call!

BETTER STILL, go onto SILVER STANDARD!!!!(Gold has little value,bar pretty. SILVER has INDUSTRIAL VALUES, and is RARE!!)


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