CCC1-2. The tectonic plates and Nibiru. Are you ready??

Monday, July 30th, 2012


Tectonic plates and Nibiru!!

        The name of the game is not so much axial tilt change and crustal displacement, as INDIVIDUAL tectonic plates! How Nibiru affects these!

The best authority seems to be Nancy Leider and Zeta Talks.(Nancy claims to have had an electronic chip planted in her by Zeta Reticuli aliens. So that they can relay information to the world through Nancy.)

What these do varies greatly!

So while some quarters of the world report strangely different risings and settings of sun,moon and stars, other parts may register no change. Or something quite different again!

Not that there won’t be an axial tilt and/or crustal displacement.

I had been thinking in terms of axial tilt changes and crustal displacements. But the key, at present anyway, seems to be INDIVIDUAL TECTONIC PLATES.

Now Zeta Talks and Nancy Leider seem to be by far the best authority on these(individual tectonic plates). So I urge you, if interested, to go there. Hear what Nancy and The Zetans have to say on the matter!!

The Establishment is, in The West at least, denying the existence of Nibiru(a name for Planet X), and the skeptics are going by what the authorities say. Which is a TERRIBLE mistake!! Nibiru VERY DEFINITELY exists, is REAL, and coming nearer to us. Currently on a parallel orbital trajectory.

It should pass The Earth at 14 million miles distance by about October 28th,. 2,012.A.D.(Though the best CURRENT estimate on The Internet is now September 15th, 2,012.(The July 21st date we now know was wrong.)

I understand that though INITIALLY Nibiru is 14 million miles from us, that Earth and Nibiru draw MUCH closer together after that!(Due to gravity I suppose.)(In which case it will be a VERY worrying time indeed! It is claimed that it will not hit us. But that worry will exist on many minds!)(Though Nibiru may not hit us, the contents of its TAIL will, though not its moons(because too far out from Nibiru).)

Not a very clear picture I’m afraid. Owing to this tussle between The Authorities and those who KNOW Nibiru exists and is real, AND is approaching us.

The Authorities(Western, at least) are trying to make out that Nibiru is a MYTH. And many, most, are buying it(that)(myth line)!  However, they are DEFINITELY wrong. Are speaking falsely!!

From now on, for about past week now, things have been getting very slowly worse, but speeding up.(Disasters and heat should increase.)(All of the weathers(including seismic,etc.) should worsen.)(We are in for a VERY rough(worst ever) 12 months ahead.(Worsening for 6 months, then disasters fading away for 6 months.)

You WILL need VERY strong SHELTER! As just about everything will be brought down. LEVELLED. Need to get away from coasts and water courses. Get UP HIGH!!

Definitely OUT of buildings, especially high rise ones!

Petro-carbons from Nibiru will fall into our atmosphere – and ignite. So the air will seem on fire.(Fire IN the air.)  Trees will be down – as well as just about all buildings. Fires and explosions everywhere. Plus humans and animals in packs – stark staring raving MAD.

The sea is going to BOIL!!

And the landscape TOTALLY altered – world wide.

Due to a sea rise of 675 feet.

Get to AT LEAST about 3,000 feet, as via tsunamis all over, the sea will invade the land! And tidal waves. Hundreds of feet high tsunamis AND tidal waves.(VERY much like as in that film 2,012!)

Obviously well over 7 BILLION humans cannot be housed in the available shelters!(Reserved, no doubt, for the elite, anyway. I mean the ruling people.)

Another strange fact has emerged. METHANE – coming out of the ground – could be, at least IN PART, what is killing many animals. Perhaps in addition to haywire electro-magnetic compasses. Methane is inflammable. As is the OIL which will be falling from the tail of Nibiru.

Cannibalism will be RIFE. And EVERY form of sin and crime!! Yes, some will be eating their OWN children.  And drinking their blood!! And no doubt strangers will!!

There will initially be a period of 3 days of darkness. A week of it in Australia,etc.later.  And finally dark gloom for 25 years!!

Winds should be up to about 300 m.p.h, non-stop, everywhere(during the Polar Shift).

And incessant rain, hail, snow and SLEET.(First it gets VERY hot. Then very cold. As first Ice Era comes.  And then an ICE AGE!!!! Crops will not grow  – and be sparse.(Hydroponics best.)(We shall need seeds,ETC!!)(And some animals to breed.)(Get details on Internet!!)

We have about 2 months of bearable conditions left.(Imagine a world war(or wars),etc. conjoint. Plus a world civil war. Along with many other horrors. All look like coming.)

Economic and financial collapse. Money,etc. – Worthless. Thrown into the street!!

Total Civil Disorder – as the masses just won’t be able to handle it – and will go BESERK.

So MAKE THE MOST of our remaining TWO bearable MONTHS!!

Everything will grind to a halt. Martial Law amid General Emergency will begin it – once Nibiru looms like a full red moon in the sky, with two wings(or horns)(Origin of DEVIL!!) – RED, with a huge red hazy cloud of iron oxides particles.

It is not called THE DESTROYER for nothing!

Will end this SO CALLED civilization.

MANY animals, and plants will die. As well as many humans. No traffic. Roads impassable. Hardly any trade or business or commerce.  It will be hard to even find your own home. Ruins and corpses and blood plus the red water(resembling blood)(Difference undetectable!!) – EVERYWHERE.

The dead will be the best off!!

Many will commit suicide. Please don’t! Because of PENALTY in Spirit World.

The Great Tribulation is ALMOST upon us.

ALL HELL will be let loose.

Total darkness for many.

TWO MORE MONTHS – before it gets unbearable…

Noah’s ARK will be The Annunaki giant aliens in their ufo’s – who will rescue the best.

Get out of the cities!

Wilderness will be on fire.

Final debacle will be water(land inundated), then ICE.(Deep,THICK ice!!)

I have been pumping this out now for about 12 years. To the very few I can reach. Thanks to the absurd opposition and resistance!!

Which has made saving as many as possible – just about impossible!!

What an idiotic world. This world is MAD.

So unevolved.

Caves, best bet!(But you won’t be alone!)

Not much of a Christmas THIS year.

So many seem so deliriously happy. I don’t know why. Or is this a deliberate advertising effect. As if being hysterically joyful was THE GREAT THING!!(Judging especially by Australia’s TV Channel 7, anyway).

Depressing of me, I know. But wouldn’t you rather know what to expect, than NOT??!!

I am TRYING to get people to get The Authorities to organize a flight down The North Geographical Pole!(But very few take me seriously.  The ONLY other hope(as The Establishment will be looking after its OWN) – will be The Annunaki GIANT aliens!! 14 footers!!)

THINK about it, will you?!

Yes, Russia is not hiding the truth from its people!!

A battery re-charger(yes, it can be done) – and plenty of batteries!!

The end of the world as we know it all right!!(GRIMLY amusing!!)

BACK to The STONE Age!

YOU ready for it?!

PLEASE warn those of 3,600 and 6,500 years HENCE!! (We were warned. But few take notice.)(THIS is what Jesus was on about!!)

Are YOU ready to die, horribly and terribly???? As VERY FEW will survive this!!

ARE you HEARING me??

Transition, Ascension, Repentance, becoming Good.

As The Spirit World is very different to the physical plane!!

Your vibrations determine your place THERE. Spiritual vibrations especially.

The higher, the pleasanter.

The lower, the more unpleasant.

Do MAXIMUM good, folks, for our OWN sakes!!

Going to become VERY hard to do that!!


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