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August 1, 2012

Thursday, August 2nd, 2,012.



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Great confusion exists regarding Nibiru. NASA,etc. in denial of their OWN find.


       There is an hypothetical object called Nemesis, supposed about one light-year out. THAT is not Nibiru.


In a sense Nibiru does not exist. Deliberate confusion is being foisted to conceal Nibiru.


        There is a lot of stuff up there in the sky. So it is easy for THEM to confuse us.(Nibiru’s TAIL is swishing all about. So we get red dust from time to time.)


         It boils down to just a few objects: Nemesis, Herboculusis, Sedna, Eris, and one other object, UGB-4(some name like this).


         Nemesis does not exist, I do not think. Herboculusis is The Dark Star, Brown or Red Dwarf. This is the one understood by Nibiru(Planet X).


         THEY are trying to blind us from Nibiru(Which is Herbuculosis), purposely confusing it with Eris, which like Sedna,another confusion, is a small dwarf planet of the solar system.  As was Pluto-Charon.


         In the sense that Nibiru is Eris, Sedna or UGB4(some name like that), Nibiru does not exist. But SOMETHING HUGE most certainly DOES exist, and is approaching us very slowly(The NAME you give it is SECONDARY!!)(So while arguing over just WHAT it is, if anything, just remember that it VERILY EXISTS, will loom large in sky SOON(Around September 15th, 2,012.), and will either hit Earth or FLATTEN it!!(About November 21st; 2,012.)) on a parallel orbital trajectory.  That SOMETHING is Huberculosis, four times the size of Jupiter. It has seven moons. Only Homeward is about Earth-sized. Plus a LOT of junk in the huge long TAIL.(This is The Dark Star, Brown or Red Dwarf.). THIS is the object we need to be concerned about. VERY!!(Nibiru under intelligent control by Annunaki aliens.)


            Huberculosis, better known as Nibiru(Planet X). One of a number of names given to Planet X. Is pulling much stuff, comets, asteroids, meteors, ETC. out of The Oort Belt. Giving MORE material for the powers that be to CONFUSE us with. So to keep Nibiru a secret!


           Beware of the DELIBERATE attempt to try to palm off Eris(or even Sedna) or UGB4(The official name for it.)  As they BEGIN to disclose. Obliged to as it will APPEAR to world naked eye SOON!!) AS Nibiru.  And also an object way out in space that is red inside a bubble of light. These objects are small. Comparatively.(Small dwarf planets. Like Pluto-Charon.)


          The object understood to be Nibiru(Planet X)(Also known as Marduk and Wormwood,etc. Also Tyche. – IS Herbuculosis. A MONSTER planet, a captured alien planet – either a WIMP, a wandering intergalactic planetoid or planetismal.   OR a captured planet from Sirius B.



          So Nibiru EXISTS – but has fallen between two stools. Herbuculosis and Eris. Both objects being called Nibiru. With Sedna and UGB4 ALSO thrown in to confuse us further.(Three lines of mental view: 1. Nibiru is Huberculosis. 2. Nibiru is Eris.  3. Nibiru does not exist.(Not as Eris, no!!) 4. Also as BOTH Herbuculosis AND Eris. 5. UGB4 is the disclosed official name for H.



          H(for short) is 4 times the size of Jupiter, and has 7 orbitting satellites plus a huge tail with much junk. (It is a captured alien planet.)



           Eris, which THEY are trying to kid us is Nibiru – is a small planet.(It is from The Oort Belt. It does not come near to us.


          H, DOES come near to us. The great question IS: Will it HIT us or FLY BY??


          Due to appear like a large red moon in our sky around September 15th. 2,012.


          And to hit or narrowly miss The Earth November 21st, 2,012. (Either way, good-bye Earth(if former), and good bye Aryan civilization  if latter!!)



          We need as much shelter AS POSSIBLE.(Down North Geographical Pole into The Great Within – BEST. As I keep plugging.(HOPING The Authorities will ACT.(They ARE. Denying Nibiru officially.  But unofficially pulling back towards THEIR bunkers  and shelters.) But few take notice!!)



         The Annunaki and Elohim aliens are massing in a vast armada of UFO’s over our heads.(UFO’s can easily be made invisible by the aliens. And also hidden by CHEMTRAILS deliberately put up for that purpose.


         Perhaps just as well as if populace thought Nibiru REAL, there could be world PANIC. PANDEMONIUM.


         There simply isn’t ROOM in the underground,etc. SHELTERS and bunkers for over 7 BILLION people!!  A good reason to keep it SECRET!!(That WIPE- OUT is IMMINENT!!)


         Bible and SOME in NASA say that Nibiru(H) is going to HIT us.(November 21st., 2,012.)(We may not even REACH December 21st, 2,012!!)


         Nibiru expected some time THIS 2,012 year on first deadly pass. And then again in 2,014 on second harmless pass. As Nibiru heads back out. It IS PART of our solar system! The outermost planet! It is not an interloper from WITHOUT. EXCEPT in the sense of being a captured alien planet!!(But is NOW PART of our Solar System!!)



                 Dig shelters in back(or front!) gardens, and stock up. Yes, PREPARE!! Prepare to DIE!!



                 Earth to be completely CHANGED by Nibiru(which is Huberculosis!!)(The GIANT MONSTER planet, NOT Eris!!)(Nor Sedina, nor UGB4.)



                 Sceptics are in denial.(Russia is telling ITS people.) But West is STILL trying to conceal Nibiru!(Along with much else, including aliens and ufo’s.)(SOON they will be obliged to DISCLOSE – because Nibiru(H) to APPEAR SUDDENLY to naked eye to ALL – around September 15th, THIS YEAR, 2,012.)


           Expect MASSIVE civil unrest, Police State, Martial Law, – and Nibiru hanging closer and closer, even in daylight sky – eventually!!


           TWO reasons why authorities  getting hard via FEMA and FEMA camps,etc.  1. Is Nibiru(Herbuculosis is Nibiru, NOT Eris!)  and 2.  World War – West is TRYING to start – to escape massive debt and deficit.(And to get Obama to stay in power.)



           There is NOWHERE to run! Just HOPE for rescue by aliens, now MASSING(NOT to invade. But to RESCUE the best!!)



           Got the picture? Nibiru is REAL. And coming!  If Nibiru does not get us, its entourage well could.


          But many cannot bear the thought – and have gone into DENIAL.


          TRYING to fool us that Nibiru is Eris!(Or Sedna.)(Nibiru now given name of UGB4(Something like that).  Dwarf planets from The Oort Cloud.


           So we have TWO Nibiru’s. One is Huberculosis. The other is Eris. Nibiru does not exist BUT ONLY IN THE SENSE that Eris is not Nibiru!



          Let us pray! Though a bit late for that.


          Try to ASCEND!!(Spiritually by prayer and meditation.)




  1. 1.         Get DOWN The North Geographical Pole(Entrance to Great Within. Where it will be safer.)


  1. 2.         Build SHELTER/S and STOCK UP. YES, PREPARE!!


  1. 3.         Failing North Geographical Pole, then only hope is rescue by The Annunaki and Elohim aliens. Hoping not The Reptileans,etc.


Best aliens are The Pleidians.  Where we are from.(The Pleiades.)(The Seven Sisters.)



           We need to stop the powers that be IMPRISONING or KILLING us!!



            With it better now??



            CHRIST may come first to save God’s people.


             This(The Rescuers.) MAY BE some of the aliens. Perhaps The Elohim.














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