jjj8 Resurrection Mary and Space Time Portals.

December 23, 2012

jjj8 Resurrection Mary.

This is a true ghost story. There was a taxi driver who whilst driving out of town one day, noticed a beautiful girl walking outwards on the right hand side of the road. So he, being a gentleman and hopeful of a fare(and a beautiful woman), pulled up alongside of her – and asked if she needed a lift – no charge. Being poor she stopped – and hopped into the back seat. The taxi driver drove off. Where to? Just to the local cemetry. Strange place for a young woman to go at midnight thought the taxi driver, but dutifully he drew up alongside the cemetery gates, and the woman got out. “Wait for me!” She cried, and shot off towards the cemetery gate. To the taxi driver’s horror and surprise she went THROUGH the metal railings(matter through matter) – and soon vanished from sight into the gloomy distance. “My goodness, I picked up a ghost – and now she is returning home!”. Terrified he spun the taxi around – and shot off back towards town. NO WAY he thought, am I waiting for A GHOST!!

Resurrection Mary arrived at her tombstone, dived down into her grave, and merged with her corpse. She then willed the atoms of her corpse to fill up her ghost form. Soon she was full, and shot back up through the sod(De-materializing first.). She walked back down to the cemetery gate, de-materialized her materialized form again, and passed back through the railings. However, the taxi was not there. So she went back to “bed” for the night.(She wanted to get driven home, so she could resume normal life! But would her mother have appreciated it?)

Death, is simply the shedding of the physical envelope, the outermost skin or shell.(We have seven.)(Including the original physical.) While it is much lighter walking around in one’s etheric or astral form, for normal living purposes, one needs a physical body. All that Mary had done was re-absorb her physical components back into her astral form.(Which the taxi driver had mistaken for her physical body.)

Many humans are angry at God for not letting them live on. Not realizing that it is possible to re-absorb the corpse back into the astral,etc.(Besides one simply re-incarnates indefinitely after each interregnum(in-between-life in the spirit world) So it is Man’s oversight, not God’s lack of provision – that is to blame.(Anyway, WHO wants to live on in a decrepit probably diseased physical body?!))
We live for ever, and already have, growing and improving as we go along.(The Ancient Egyptians used to pickle the vital organs and wrap up the corpse(mummifying it) – to preserve it for the spirit to re-possess! As we pass up throught the mineral, plant,animal and human kingdoms.(I don’t know how the spirit managed to absorb the pickled vital organs too. But maybe they broke open the jars – and absorbed each organ back in turn.)

Modern humans are smart, and having observed that corpses simply rot slowly, decided to speed things up – via cremation and another process(I forget its name), where you put the corpse into a tank of acid – for it to be dissolved.

Earlier cultures were wiser than us, not more foolish. So. Do not destroy the corpse! Bury it – or keep it accessible to the departed spirit – for it to re-absorb! NO cremation. NO dissolving in a tank of acid!!

Burial(in a box)(e.g. in a coffin), a proper one, is thus VERY important. That the physical body may be easily accessed AND RE-ABSORBED.(Though it cannot again walk around,at least not normally, it CAN get RE-ABSORBED!!)(Do you follow reader? PRESERVE the dead physical body! DON’T destroy it! So that the spirit may re-possess it!!(If it wants to.)(Not to re-animate the corpse, but to RE-ABSORB it(the physical body) into The Astral form!)

Not everyone does this(re-possess their corpses), but they have the option IF the living humans don’t destroy the corpse!

Apparently few humans avail themselves of THEIR corpse re-possession, judging by the number of corpses that remain in their coffins!

Now I understand why the departed get angry when they have not had a proper burial.(It seems that the old garment has its uses after all!!)

Please inform all and sundry of this VERY important fact. DO NOT DESTROY THE CORPSE. Nor damage it AT ALL!!!!

Now WHY would one, or anyone, want to re-possess their corpse? That they might CONTINUE their PHYSICAL life!(Evidently few pull this off. Otherwise we would hear more about the strange return of the dead!)(In their old physical bodies!)(Does anyone have the answer to this??)(Let me know please:

The reason WHY one leaves one’s physical body – is because it is no longer habitable! So I fail to see the advantage of getting it to stand upright again!(Even if one could do so!)(Apparently the matter of one’s corpse is the matter most easily absorbed back into the astral. Otherwise one could use ANY physical matter.(The departed spirit can revert to any age. So perhaps it can – get young again AND THEN re-absorb matter. But how often do we hear of someone dying, and then see them again physically alive AS THEY WERE in the prime of life?! Or younger than they were when they died.)(Answers, anyone??)

Myself, I would have thought that it did not matter once you had vacated your physical body! You have shed the dense heavy stuff. And are now on a plane of lighter matter. Hence ghosts. Even if one could revert to a younger healthier time IN THE PHYSICAL, I do not see why it would be preferable to life in the astral!

It is Christmas Eve as I write this. Memories of Scrooge, as in A Christmas Carol, so appropriate.

It is like wearing a great heavy coat WHEN ONE NEED NOT!!
Given a choice of reverting to an earlier PHYSICAL condition, – or living in The Astral, – WHICH would YOU choose??!!

It is also possible to pass out through the apex of the great pyramid – and shoot for Sirius or Orion. OR, dive through A (space and time)PORTAL or vortex – and enter some different time period and/or place, by diving through one of the great rings we can see sometimes in space! Maybe this was only the latest pharoah’s option. There are no pharoahs today, but if we can dive through a space vortex portal(presumably alien) – then we can perhaps travel instantly ANYWHERE in the cosmos.(I don’t know. Just surmising.)

I would like to inform THE ENTIRE WORLD, but can only reach a handful or two. So ASK YOU to pass this one – to as many as possible, that MORE may know!!









DDD3-2 How can the dead walk(and talk)????

September 14, 2012

Friday, September 14th, 2,012.


HOW CAN the dead walk?(And talk!)

        But they CAN, – and DO!!

        Jesus did. And SO does EVERY one. Even every CREATURE!!

        It is very SIMPLE:  We live in a space time universe. Yes. But there is ONE other dimension – seldom thought about! – VIBRATION!!(AND there are STILL OTHER dimensions. – Even up to about 64, or more!!)

        Things are not what they seem. Things are MORE than what they seem!!

        Mankind THINKS it knows, and SO MUCH. But, they DO NOT!!  And what they THINK – is so often wrong. Particularly with the important things!

        I FOUND OUT!  And am TRYING to tell the world.   But against  maximum resistance – and opposition.   Because NEGATIVE people(evil people)  do not like that(the world learning the truth) – and PREVENT me – only too successfully – from TELLING!!

        Let me TRY to explain:-

        Humans THINK many things.(They have created a WORLD PICTURE – which they THINK is so, IS THE TRUTH.) And then blame GOD – for the PICTURE THEY have created! Assuming that what they THINK – IS – in fact – SO!!   But it ISN’T!!

        Yes. much of what Man thinks IS true!  But NOT the MOST important things!

        I found out! AND am TRYING to tell.  But the world HATES ME. And VERY successfully prevents me informing people!!

        In the first place, the truth is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to explain. In the second place, just about EVERYONE – will PREVENT you from TELLING it to OTHERS!!

       Yes. It IS heart-breaking, as the truth WOULD save us. It is the king of head-aches!!

       I have spent a long life-time TRYING. AND FAILING!!

       I can barely EVEN BEGIN to succeed!

       I found out by DELVING. (I was told NOT to.)(I was told it was impossible.)And very gradually built up a picture of the TRUTH.

       Yes. The truth IS strange.  And hard to come by!

       And EVEN HARDER – to tell others!

       Because the world HATES the truth.

       I worked it all out. And what a beautiful picture IT IS!!(No. You won’t believe it, me, of course!!  But I DID IT.  I succeeded(at finding out).  But failed(almost totally) to tell others!!

       Mankind THINKS that when your physical body dies, – that that is THE END of YOU.

       No, it is NOT!  The physical vehicle is ONLY the lowest and most outer of the vehicles we indwell!!

       HOW can you be rotting, or just bones, in the grave.  AND yet walk around, and even talk??!!

       It IS a good question. One I know the answer to. It also seems to be the most important question going. HOW do we survive death!

       I will spell it out to you – right here AND NOW:  But of course, only a tiny handful will even read it(if they do!)!!

       The answer lies in the dimension of VIBRATION.  All matter(and energy) VIBRATES. In fact physical matter is ONE, and only one,  of the spectra(spectrums) of vibrating energy! A vast, if not infinite, field of VIBRATING ENERGY.

       What dies physically is MERELY the LOWEST spectrum of matter. There are a number, even many. Though our physical body finally stops, and drops, the OTHER spectra CONTINUE!!  Basically, there are SEVEN.  When the physical body becomes uninhabitable – for whatever reason – our conciousness moves into the brain of the next vehicle up(in vibration). And this astral or spirit vehicle – is a duplicate in appearance of the physical. And lives in a duplicate world! But the duplicate(actually it is THE ORIGINAL) of our physical world, is only the lowest rung of a whole series of planes of vibration. When we “die” we – AT FIRST – may find ourselves in THE ORIGINAL of the physical plane. And some get stuck there – for various reasons.(Maybe to get their physical body buried. Reveal a will, or treasure. Expose a murderer. Inform the world that they are STILL ALIVE – though not in a physical body.  Or it may be SIMPLY that they do not know HOW to rise to a higher vibration. And thus are EARTHBOUND – as that state is called.

       Our physical world is ONLY a carbon copy of THE ORIGINAL plane. So when some of those who pass on – find themselves IN that world, they THINK that they are STILL in the physical.  When actually they are not, but are in a REPLICA world! They often find that they can see the living.(They may even think that they did not die!)  But the living CANNOT see them! They are able to walk THROUGH the ACTUAL physical walls,and so on. BECAUSE they are NOT really ON that plane, but a REPLICA of it!  They sometimes are able to densify their spirit bodies – and APPEAR.  PLUS we have the fact that some(called clairvoyants) of the living have the ability to SEE those spirit vehicles of those who have died.(A FEW of those who have died.)(Just those in the vicinity.)

      We call them GHOSTS. But that is ONLY how they APPEAR TO US.(And vice versa to THEM.(They see US too – as ghosts!))

      HOWEVER, this replica world of the physical is NOT our final destination. But is merely the first stage.  We NEED to rise up(in vibration) to that SPIRIT PLANE which is our TRUE home plane after death! This can be achieved by prayer, beautiful music, and so on.(Or friendly spirits may help us do so.)  Suddenly we then find ourselves in the TRUE spirit world!! Where we may stay, climbing higher if possible – until we choose to re-incarnate(if we do), when we dive into a foeutus – and start again!  As living is one series of incarnations.(In part).  We live an average 55 years in the physical, and 50 in the spirit world. Alternating.  Also alternating usually between male and female.

      And thus it is, that when we physically die, it is NOT the end of us! But merely the next stage. (In)The Interregnum. Where we stay until we re-incarnate(if we do). We then rise up through the spirit planes(as high as we can) and finally fall back down(vibrationally) again – over the next average 50 years.

      Actually the physical body is a carbon copy of the spirit vehicle. So though we have physically died(The world often wrongly thinks TOTALLY!) – we actually CONTINUE.

      It is rather like with a DIVER. Who has donned the old type diving suit.  Currently we are walking about the sea bed in a diving suit(Those with the heavy boots.). Death is simply the getting OUT of this diving suit! Whereupon we find ourselves swimming in the surrounding water.

      What is dead is the diving suit, we have exited it!  It never was alive. We simply inhabited it!

       Some people can SEE these departed Earthbound spirits. These seers are called CLAIRVOYANTS.

       And sometimes the departed Earthbound spirits can materialize and APPEAR to mortals. We call them GHOSTS!

       And they see us – as ghosts!

      The departed(some of) sometimes attend spiritualist seances – to demonstrate to the living that they have survived – and that so called death IS NOT the end! But to do this they need a MEDIUM.  That is someone who is able to exude ectoplasm – with which the spirits(those who have died) can clothe their spirit vehicles – and APPEAR to the living!

        We thus have the common situation(among ghosts) where someone dies, but because the lowest rung of the spirit world is a replica of the physical, do not KNOW that they have died! And resent the new tenants –  and OBJECT to the new occupants of their homes! However, it is the spirits who should MOVE ON, not the new legitimate occupants of what was their home!(It is wise to determine WHO occupied your home PRIOR to you. And if they have died there!)

         This only occurs in rare instances. As most who die climb up in the spirit world – to where they belong.

        HELL does exist. But so does HEAVEN.

        Heaven and Hell are states of mind, conditions of soul. Where material conditions may materialize. Hell is born of regret. The doing of things we should not have done! Or the not doing of things that we should have!

        The Heaven, or Hell, after death, is when our state of mind MATERIALIZES. If of regret, – then Hell manifests!

         The religious heavens and hells are distortions of this fact.

         Hell is not automatic. It results from doing wrong!

         Likewise for Heaven. Paradise appears to those who have done right – and to the degree that they have.

        So if and when you see a ghost – try to communicate with it – and tell ghosts that they(their physical bodies)have died, that their home is now legitimately in the hands of new tenants, and that they need to MOVE ON! Higher in The Spirit World.

       As a rule –  It is THEY who should move on. NOT the new tenants!

        Because the new tenants have LEGITIMATELY moved into a vacant property. Vacated by the physical body of the one who has died!

       The new tenants SHOULD NOT run away, but assist the previous now dead occupants(if they died there, prior to your moving in) to MOVE ON. Seek the blue-white light.

       Vic.(I hope that this assists the dead, – and the living!!)





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