DDD4 Death, ghosts,etc.(I continue.)(Plus more on Nibiru,etc.)

September 14, 2012

Saturday, 15th September, 2,012.


How can the dead walk and talk,etc?(Continued)

                Let us look at the point of view of a ghost(or ghosts):-

    When we die, we may be Earthbound,and/or we may not know that we have died.(The only thing that dies – is the physical body!)(There is much more to us than that!)

         If Earthbound, we shall find ourselves in a replica(actually THE ORIGINAL) plane of the physical.(We may need to raise our material vibrations to live in the replica. Or lower them TO LIVE in the original physical.)(You CAN live(after death) at the OLD physical level(if you lower your vibrations enough). But it is not recommended.  Besides the living TAKE FRIGHT!!)

         This may lead us to believe that we are still alive!(We ARE still alive, but now indwell the spirit body NOT the physical. The spirit body is almost identical in appearance to the physical vehicle(now dead).

          I promulgate these things as it is SO IMPORTANT. And to HELP both dead and living.  How many of us are educated on these matters.  Yet how many things are more important??!!

          Some people live quite a while in the replica plane of the physical CONVINCED that they are PHYSICALLY alive! And CONTINUE to live there AS IF still alive in the physical!

          Let us assume(for a moment) that you have died, and are at home – or will soon return there. You may continue to live at your home – though in the REPLICA world.(In order to live in the ACTUAL physical world you formerly lived in – you would have to lower your material vibrations.)(CHECK to see WHICH world you are in!  Look in a MIRROR. Yes, a spirit mirror even.  Do you see A SILVER CORD coming from your back or neck or head?  If so, you are in the replica. If no silver cord visible, then you are either still physically alive – or have lowered your vibrations THAT FAR. So that you are MATERIALIZED in the old physical! NOT recommended.(The living are not keen.)  DID YOU lower your vibrations GREATLY?? You should know.

          Time passes, but eventually, probably or perhaps, new occupant/s(tenant/s) move in.  You will be able to see THEM. But they won’t be able to see(ETC.) you.(Unless clairvoyant and/or you have lowered your vibrations.)

          Only a small percentage of people become Earthbound. And A FEW of these may have low vibrations in their new bodies – and thus appear to the new tenant or occupant.  What a shock the new arrival at what WAS your house  will have!!(Most likely they will either have you removed – or flee.  But AS A RULE it is THE GHOST who should move on, not the new resident depart.(Some times even so hastily – that they leave EVERYTHING of theirs BEHIND!! Plus maybe door,etc.open.

          Are the former occupants so repulsive or what?   No. It is not that.  But because(if they have died!) dead, or diaphanous(translucent or transparent) or observed walking through walls,etc. And looking so peculiar!

         Now WHO should leave? The former resident – or the new arrival??

         Usually if not invariably the former occupant. The new resident arrival should stay.

         However! If it were YOU, and you did not realize that you had died, wouldn’t YOU be a little RESENTFUL at the invasion by stranger or strangers??!! Who proceed to LIVE in what you may STILL consider to be YOUR home!!

         So you try to scare them off – or somehow get rid of them.(Maybe even kill them.)(Ghosts CAN kill. By shock, electric shock, physical attack,etc.)

         Now it is not hard for a ghost to scare off new arrivals!(Which is very drastic.)(As leaving all one’s belongings, PLUS HOUSE, in SUCH a hurry – is quite a sacrifice – as is losing the house you may have just bought!)

         However, it is YOU who should move on, as living in the replica of the physical is not where you should be.  But UP(vibrationally) in the Spirit World Proper.(Which is VERY different to the Replica of the physical.)

         For various reasons, even when you know you are “dead”,you may not wish to move on, especially as it is WAS your home, OR BE UNABLE TO MOVE ON!!(You are not dead, but your old physical body IS, – indeed you may be MORE alive and have MUCH more power – than the physicals(mortals) have!)

         The secret of moving on is to raise your spiritual vibrations! You can do this by prayer, wish, will, receiving help from mortals and/or other spirits, – but SOME TIMES you will fail.  And be STUCK in the REPLICA of the physical.  They call this The Earthbound state.

         Many actually LIKE this state.

         It is very handy being able to float or fly in the air, even ROCKET about INSTANTANEOUSLY.  (You can go ANYWHERE(pretty much) IN A FLASH!!) pass through walls,etc. And have IMMENSE powers.(All creatures have electro-magnetic FORCE FIELDS(created by the flow of their blood,etc?). But when you pass to The Spirit World, you usually find that the EM fields there are MUCH stronger than the physical ones. You can USE this force to do(pretty much)whatever you like! Move stuff around, almost regardless of weight. Even transport it(in a flash)great distances! OR, get stuff from afar moved in!(If you are thinking of bank-notes,etc. – FORGET IT!  Because they are no longer needed or used!!  They are worthless!!)(And soon will be here too!!)

       Your EM field will draw energy from the old physical world, – causing cold spots. OR vice-versa you can pass energy TO the physical world – and cause warm spots.

       You will have supernatural powers.

       When not materialized, you will appear as ORBS(if more than one of you) – to the living.

       The Spirit World is MUCH MORE INTENSE than is the physical. Hence these extreme abilities.

      You COULD take a pen and write, OR you can USE by WILL from wish – USE the FORCE-FIELD to pick up the pen – and write. Or do just about anything – instantly or very nearly – and so on.(If you use a computer, you might be able to use the spirit copy. But though the replica physical can copy the physical computer happenings, the reverse MAY not apply! So remember that!!   You probably won’t be able to tweet or facebook,etc.that you are now a ghost.

       Yes, you can COMMUNICATE – with the living.

       You can do everything that the living do(ALMOST) – plus VERY much more. But only if you know or believe that you can – and WILL it.

       NORMALLY you won’t be able to affect physical matter.

       You sometimes look grotesque due to the more fluidic nature of Spirit.

       Another thing – is that you may FLOAT a few inches above the ground – or higher if you choose.

       The living may exorcize you or force you to move on.(Which moving on IS what you SHOULD do!)(It would be akin to refusing to move to the next higher class in school AFTER you had qualified to do so!)

        You can eat, drink, etc. But you don’t HAVE TO!(Except that with breathing – you MAY have to.(I don’t know.)(You may not be able to. I do not know.))

        You can eat a spirit COPY of a physical meal. Though not the ACTUAL physical meal – UNLESS you lowered your spirit body vibrations.

        The living will not(unless clairvoyant or psychic)be aware of your continued existence UNLESS you lower your vibrations enough.

        As a rule this disturbs the living. Even to the extent of having them bolt OUT OF THE HOUSE. Often permanently!!  So TAKE CARE. Go easy!!(YOU can see them.  But they don’t USUALLY see you.)(So if and when they might – it could well really frighten them…)

        Animals and children are more likely to see you.(When I say SEE, I automatically include HEAR,FEEL,SMELL,TASTE, and SENSE.(Though not to the degree physically normal.)(Not as a rule.)

        YOU should move on, not the new arrivals(residents)!!

        They should stay.(But ghosts need to understand that they have PHYSICALLY died, NEED(as a rule) to MOVE ON, are usually SCARY, have immense powers, and abilities, and so on and ON…)

        Seeing others in your old home might indicate to you – that you have “died” – as the world puts it.(Keep WELL away from your corpse!(Because YOUR ghost, which is the sort of energy field the physical body ITSELF has, will rush you – and envelop you. Preventing you from seeing at all well. Like finding yourself in a THICK FOG!  In addition to that – there is a region in The Spirit World you have to pass through – that is very MISTY!!(So watch for these two things. Also a tunnel you travel through, maybe two. And spirits. Loved ones who have passed on before you. Helpers. And so on.  But CHECK them ALL out, in case of any enemies!!

        We must ALL(all creatures)die one day.(Especially these days, with the WORST SIX MONTHS FOR THE EARTH EVER – IMMEDIATELY AHEAD!!)(I expect 6 or 7 BILLION humans to die, plus nearly all animals and plants,etc. And fish in the sea, birds in the air, insects – and so on AND SO ON.  – DUE TO THE COMING SET OF CATACLYSMS – by Nibiru plus attachments, AND The Galactic Alignment of 21.12.12.(Which I UNDERSTAND will be far worse than Nibiru,etc!) After that we can expect SOLAR FLARES,etc. to knock out all our electronic and electric appliances around February 14th, 2,013.(Saint Valentine’s Day)(I expect Nibiru plus field and tail AND RED DUST)(Along with ALIENS!!) to APPEAR large to the naked eye ANY DAY NOW. – And to pass us about October 31st(Around Halloween time.2,012.)!! It is this coming CLOSE PASS that does the TERRIBLE damage.(Ending this so-called civilization.)(ALSO World War 3,etc.  And MOB UPRISINGS!! Marauding mobs and gangs will be about the worst danger!  Remember that food and drink will be scarce!  And YOU have flesh – and blood.  Yes, they will kill you for these!! NO PROBLEM!!!!)

       The point I am making is that MOST can expect to die. And THEREFORE what I am saying  about death,etc. Ghosts, and so on, SHOULD make life VERY  much easier for you. So LISTEN WELL!!

       Unfortunately, it is going to be(for many, if not most) a MOST unpleasant death. Terrible and horrible.

        I hope you got all that…

        Yes, you can stock up. And take refuge in a cave,etc…

        However!  What is coming(expected) is SO savage – that being buried alive – is much more likely.(In a super-market we can hope!) – Where between LOSING(buried or some-such) your preps. Or having them STOLEN by others who may not have stocked up. So I do not rate stocking up TOO highly.(But it MAY pay off.)

      Batteries is a MUST. And the various electric and electronic appliances.  Small batteries can be(many of them) got out of breaking open the 6Vbig rectangular torch batteries.

      As for finding a nice cave – well, many others(including animals) may have that thought too!

     So shelter  will be at a premium!!

     And, if you DON’T find shelter, you can give the ceiling a loving kiss – and get into an outside trench(I don’t fancy THAT either!!). As buildings are going to crash down on top of us.

    Death is not the end.

    And there is the possibility of re-incarnation.(If you want to come back!)

    I forgot to say, that there is the likelihood of world war, world civil war, GLOBAL economic collapse, financial collapse.(Yes, silver and gold great! Especially NOW. They are both ROCKETTING.  And likely to continue so for about a year. As Bernanke is now implementing QE3!  (Quantitative Easing 3.)(That is U.S. will continue printing(AND electronical balances!) bank notes(plus coins maybe)!)(Trouble is, if you do that HYPER-inflation eventually cuts in…) And Martial Law via Declared Emergencies. Police everywhere – enforcing EVERYTHING.   And THE MOB will be busy torching everything or blowing it up. Including humans – and animals.  As they think it unfair that they should die – but no one else!!

        Have fun??


        Ah,yes, the RED DUST. That red dust.

        Nibiru is composed largely of two iron oxides. It is emitting TWO columns of ferrous oxides(both kinds) high above itself, and into its IMMENSE TAIL.(It has 6 moons, plus MUCH junk,also.)

        Yes. This is what turned parts of The Yangstze River in China red recently. MOST likely.  And also in other places earlier. Like India(twice), A lake in U.S.  The Sea of Amoz, and so on. Mostly if not wholly due to the red dust ex Nibiru.

        We entered its TAIL many years back.

        So the red dust is now INCREASINGLY falling into our atmosphere.(As Nibiru gets closer. (It should appear large…SOON….)

        It(Nibiru’s red dust.) will get everywhere. It is poisonous. Getting into water and crops AND EVERYTHING.

       We can boil, condense water.(Merely boiling it is not enough!)(I MEAN condense it – BY BOILING it – somehow.  Or I suppose you could DISTILL it.(Might take a long time as it is like distilling TOMATO SAUCE!!)

      So it will  be tricky…

     This is why The Christendom Bible calls Nibiru WORMWOOD.   Its red dust mixed with water goes yellow, orange, red – vermillion red.(Blood is CRIMSON red. But it MAY go through crimson on the way…)

      We may have to duct up or otherwise SEAL our buildings, especially homes. To reduce the red dust inside.(I imagine breathing it in will eventually kill you too!)(Gas masks??!!)

      I repeat: The red dust is poisonous.

     So the red water will either be Nibiru solution or blood(which will also get rather plentiful – in the coming days…).

      Getting it out of the crops will be difficult. So I suggest plenty of TINNED or CANNED foods!!

    I don’t think there will be a Christmas this year…


    Bill.(Vic was my web name.)





DDD3 How can the dead walk, and talk?

September 13, 2012

Friday, September 14th, 2,012.


HOW CAN the dead walk?(And talk!)

        But they CAN, – and DO!!

        Jesus did. And SO does EVERY one. Even every CREATURE!!

        It is very SIMPLE:  We live in a space time universe. Yes. But there is ONE other dimension – seldom thought about! – VIBRATION!!(AND there are STILL OTHER dimensions. – Even up to about 64, or more!!)

        Things are not what they seem. Things are MORE than what they seem!!

        Mankind THINKS it knows, and SO MUCH. But, they DO NOT!!  And what they THINK – is so often wrong. Particularly with the important things!

        I FOUND OUT!  And am TRYING to tell the world.   But against  maximum resistance – and opposition.   Because NEGATIVE people(evil people)  do not like that(the world learning the truth) – and PREVENT me – only too successfully – from TELLING!!

        Let me TRY to explain:-

        Humans THINK many things.(They have created a WORLD PICTURE – which they THINK is so, IS THE TRUTH.) And then blame GOD – for the PICTURE THEY have created! Assuming that what they THINK – IS – in fact – SO!!   But it ISN’T!!

        Yes. much of what Man thinks IS true!  But NOT the MOST important things!

        I found out! AND am TRYING to tell.  But the world HATES ME. And VERY successfully prevents me informing people!!

        In the first place, the truth is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to explain. In the second place, just about EVERYONE – will PREVENT you from TELLING it to OTHERS!!

       Yes. It IS heart-breaking, as the truth WOULD save us. It is the king of head-aches!!

       I have spent a long life-time TRYING. AND FAILING!!

       I can barely EVEN BEGIN to succeed!

       I found out by DELVING. (I was told NOT to.)(I was told it was impossible.)And very gradually built up a picture of the TRUTH.

       Yes. The truth IS strange.  And hard to come by!

       And EVEN HARDER – to tell others!

       Because the world HATES the truth.

       I worked it all out. And what a beautiful picture IT IS!!(No. You won’t believe it, me, of course!! But I DID IT.  I succeeded(at finding out).  But failed(almost totally) to tell others!!

       Mankind THINKS that when your physical body dies, – that that is THE END of YOU.

       No, it is NOT!  The physical vehicle is ONLY the lowest and most outer of the vehicles we indwell!!

       HOW can you be rotting, or just bones, in the grave.  AND yet walk around, and even talk??!!

       It IS a good question. One I know the answer to. It also seems to be the most important question going. HOW do we survive death!

       I will spell it out to you – right here AND NOW:  But of course, only a tiny handful will even read it(if they do!)!!

       The answer lies in the dimension of VIBRATION.  All matter(and energy) VIBRATES. In fact matter is ONE, and only one,  of the spectra(spectrums) of vibrating energy! A vast, if not infinite, field of VIBRATING ENERGY.

       What dies physically is MERELY the LOWEST spectrum of matter. There are a number, even many. Though our physical body finally stops, and drops, the OTHER spectra CONTINUE!!  Basically, there are SEVEN.  When the physical body becomes uninhabitable – for whatever reason – our conciousness moves into the brain of the next vehicle up(in vibration). And this astral or spirit vehicle – is a duplicate in appearance of the physical. And lives in a duplicate world! But the duplicate(actually it is THE ORIGINAL) of our physical world, is only the lowest rung of a whole series of planes of vibration. When we “die” we – AT FIRST – may find ourselves in THE ORIGINAL of the physical plane. And some get stuck there – for various reasons.(Maybe to get their physical body buried. Reveal a will, or treasure. Expose a murderer. Inform the world that they are STILL ALIVE – though not in a physical body. Or it may be SIMPLY that they do not know HOW to rise to a higher vibration. And thus are EARTHBOUND – as that state is called.

       Our physical world is ONLY a carbon copy of THE ORIGINAL plane. So when some of those who pass on – find themselves IN that world, they THINK that they are STILL in the physical.  When actually they are not, but are in a REPLICA world! They often find that they can see the living.(They may even think that they did not die!)  But that the living CANNOT see them! They are able to walk THROUGH the ACTUAL physical walls,and so on. BECAUSE they are NOT really ON that plane, but a REPLICA of it!  They sometimes are able to densify their spirit bodies – and APPEAR.  PLUS we have the fact that some(clairvoyants) of the living have the ability to SEE those spirit vehicles of those who have died.(A FEW of those who have died.)(Just those in he vicinity.)

      We call them GHOSTS. But that is ONLY how they APPEAR TO US.(And vice versa to THEM.(They see US too – as ghosts!)

      HOWEVER, this replica world of the physical is NOT our final destination. But is merely the first stage.  We NEED to rise up(in vibration) to that SPIRIT PLANE which is our TRUE home plane after death! This can be achieved by prayer, beautiful music, and so on.(Or friendly spirits may help us do so.)  Suddenly we then find ourselves in the TRUE spirit world!! Where we may stay, climbing higher if possible – until we choose to re-incarnate(if we do), when we dive into a foeutus – and start again!  As living is one series of incarnations.(In part) We live an average 55 years in the physical, and 50 in the spirit world. Alternating.  Also alternating usually between male and female.

      And thus it is, that when we physically die, it is NOT the end of us! But merely the next stage. (In)The Interregnum. Where we stay until we re-incarnate(if we do). We then rise up through the spirit planes(as high as we can) and finally fall back down(vibrationally) again – over the next average 50 years.

      Actually the physical body is a carbon copy of the spirit vehicle. So though we have physically died(The world often wrongly thinks TOTALLY!) – we actually CONTINUE.

      It is rather like with a DIVER. Who has donned the old type diving suit.  Currently we are walking about the sea bed in a diving suit(Those with the heavy boots.). Death is simply the getting OUT of this diving suit! Whereupon we find ourselves in the surrounding water.

      What is dead is the diving suit, we have exited it!  It never was alive. We simply inhabited it!

       Some people can SEE these departed Earthbound spirits. These seers are called CLAIRVOYANTS.

       And sometimes the departed Earthbound spirits can materialize and APPEAR to mortals. We call them GHOSTS!

       And they see us – as ghosts!

       The departed(some of) sometimes attend spiritualist seances – to demonstrate to the living that they have survived – and that so called death IS NOT the end! But to do this they need a MEDIUM.  That is someone who is able to exude ectoplasm – with which the spirits(those who have died) can clothe their spirit vehicles – and APPEAR to the living!

        We thus have the common situation(among ghosts) where someone dies, but because the lowest rung of the spirit world is a replica of the physical, do not KNOW that they have died! And resent the new tenants –  and OBJECT to the new occupants of their homes! However, it is the spirits who should MOVE ON, not the new legitimate occupants of what was their home!(It is wise to determine WHO occupied your home PRIOR to you. And if they have died there!)

         This only occurs in rare instances. As most who die climb up in the spirit world – to where they belong.

        HELL does exist. But so does HEAVEN.

        Heaven and Hell are states of mind, conditions of soul. Where material conditions may materialize. Hell is born of regret. The doing of things we should not have done! Or the not doing of things that we should have!

        The Heaven, or Hell, after death, is when our state of mind MATERIALIZES. If of regret, – then Hell manifests!

         The religious heavens and hells are distortions of this fact.

         Hell is not automatic. It results from doing wrong!

         Likewise for Heaven. Paradise appears to those who have done right – and to the degree that they have.

        So if and when you see a ghost – try to communicate with it – and tell ghosts that they(their physical bodies)have died, that their home is now legitimately in the hands of new tenants, and that they need to MOVE ON! Higher in The Spirit World.

        It is THEY who should move on. NOT the new tenants!

        Because the new tenants have LEGITIMATELY moved into a vacant property. Vacated by the physical body of the one who has died!

       The new tenants SHOULD NOT run away, but assist the previous now dead occupants(if they died there, prior to your moving in) to MOVE ON. Seek the blue-white light.

       Vic.(I hope that this assists the dead, – and the living!!)





DDD2 Red dust,etc.

September 11, 2012

Wednesday, 12th September, 2,012.


Nibiru should appear up close,soon!

       A number of striking events are imminent. Right on the heels of The Yangstze turning red.

       1.  Nibiru expected to appear like a large red full moon on 15.09.12.

       2.  Increasing red dust falls. Causing red water,etc.

       3.  Jerk 2 of The Pole Shift.(Jerk 1 occurred 31.12.10.)

      4.   Mass alien landing.(Annunaki aliens are up to 15 feet tall.)

      5.   5.  Mass evacuation of humans from Earth. To Mother Craft above.  And to alien planets.

      6.   Faked mass alien landing.

      7.   Israel attacking Iran.

      8.   Note that The Yangstze turning red in a few places is only the latest red water or red dust incident in recent years.



DDD1 Red Yangtze! Don’t miss this one!!

September 10, 2012

Tuesday, 11th September, 2,012.


Dust and water increasingly red!

COUNTER the red dust!!

     As some of you may have learnt, The Yangtze River in China, has turned RED. A section of it has. Near Chongquing. Cause SAID to be unknown.  Orange 2 days ago. Red one day ago. Originally yellow.

     Now this is VERY significant!

     Reason being, that Nibiru is near and closing. AND is emitting red dust in two huge columns, one on either side, in a sort of V formation. (Which description was given,originating in Ancient Sumeria, 3,600 years ago!) Whilst red dust is increasingly falling from the sky.  Conclusion is clear enough: The red dust is from Nibiru’s tail! Dropping down from the air.)

    What is needed to be done – is to analyze the contaminating agent in the water. See if it is composed of iron oxides!(Which is what the red dust issuing from Nibiru is composed of!)(To CONFIRM that it is red dust from Nibiru.)

    Sort of RUSTY water!!

    Water turned red in Egypt 3,600 years ago in time of Moses.(The last time Nibiru came around. And caused ENORMOUS devastation and plagues,etc.)

     Nibiru’s orbital period is 3,600 years. Yet nobody seems to know what is causing the current red.  (Or so they SAY!!)  No prizes for the plain CONNECTION. It is rather clearly caused by red dust falling from the tail of Nibiru  into our air from the sky(space)!

     Red dust has been falling increasingly from the sky. The Yangtze is too fast flowing for it to be caused by algae.

     This red water was tasted and drunk 3,600 years ago. It is very bitter and  poisonous to drink. It killed many. Hence a name in The Bible for Planet X, Nibiru, is WORMWOOD!!

     The question is: What do you do when the ONLY water available IS this red water?! Usually fatal to drink! We had better find a way to filter out the red poison! As VERY SOON, the ONLY water available WILL BE THIS RED WATER!!

     I expect the price of bottled water to ROCKET!!

     The red dust from Nibiru is increasingly falling everywhere. Therefore it is going to VERY rapidly pollute our water supplies! STOCK UP, NOW, on bottled water!! Or die quickly of THIRST!!  In the very near future!!

     Even if NOTHING else occurred, it would kill MANY. But VERY MUCH else WILL occur too.

    Apparently it kills slowly. We HAVE TO drink, and with very little else left to drink, we will be drinking this red water.(As if we don’t we will die of thirst! In a few days!!) And then gradually die in many – if not most – cases. WATCH the colour of your tap water. See if it is slowly turning red! As it is going to fall into reservoirs!

    My advice is: GET a filter and/or distillation set-up! Get these now – while prices are low!! So you can remove the red contaminant – or most of it!

    Nibiru should APPEAR soon. And loom like a large full red moon in the sky – with two great horns!!

    Yes, it is puzzling as to HOW Nibiru could get so close WITHOUT being noticed by many.

    The answer is simple: It is being DELIBERATELY HIDDEN by The World Second Governments, The Illuminati, and all mention and discussion of it BANNED by NASA! (Astronomers world wide forbidden to speak about it! Whilst it is being hidden via smudging out,etc. in all or nearly all photographs, whilst being poo-pooed. The General Media prevented from speaking about it!)(In various ways.)

     It is a VERY GOOD question: WHY is Nibiru not in more evidence if it is so close?! It is the OBVIOUS objection. A planet the size of Saturn or thereabouts is going to be HARD to CONCEAL for long – as it approaches The Earth!!

     The answer to that is: It IS in evidence!! If you or anyone examines even a few of the many videos on Nibiru, you will find that pictures of it gradually getting closer DO exist. Quite a few of them.(You take a look!)(Try U-Tube videos!)

     This object only recently became visible to the naked eye. Very small dot, then spot.

     People WITHOUT telescopes(and most are) could not see it. On the other hand those WITH telescopes, astonomers,etc.  are being forbidden(by NASA) to discuss the matter. As is The General Media. Prevented in various ways.

     At first visible ONLY in The Infra Red, and ONLY telescopically, coming up at a sharp angle to the ecliptic(where few people look), and in Orion,  from the far south, not many would be aware of it. Most of the few that are interested were being shunted off.(The DOMINANT element in Humanity is VIOLENTLY opposed to ANYTHING wonderful,weird,marvellous,strange,ETC. – AND MANY will ostracize you if you even mention THE WAY- OUT.  In GENERAL Western Society,anyway. Particularly by Anglo-Saxons. This negative attitude is VERY strong in Britain,and in countries begat by Britain. United States might be more free now. I don’t know. I think people in GENERAL are very opposed.(Humans are largely unevolved and those showing interest in the marvellous are HATED,and SHUNNED. As if somehow mentally deficient!!(Whilst the very reverse is true!)

      Nibiru MOST CERTAINLY exists! It IS Planet X, often known as Nibiru.(However, it is The Galactic Alignment and the re-action to the onset of The Aquarian Age that will present bigger problems! Despite Nibiru being so horrific.)

      Drinking water is so very important! With red poison in it – it is going to be ESSENTIAL you get filtering and distillation equipment(or slowly die)!(You will have the choice: Slowly die painfully from drinking the red water, OR, die of THIRST in a few days. It IS a hard choice! (One you NEED to be thinking about  RIGHT NOW!!)(THEREFORE get the necessary equipment  to remove the red matter!! NOW!!)

      Filter OR distil.  Or condense.(E.g: Boil it, and then catch the condensation!)

      SOON, EVERYTHING will be coloured red.(Are they Laborites on Nibiru?!)(Apt for Communist(RED) China of course!)

      Price of water will rocket as this news gets out. So act NOW!!

      You can only live a few days without water!!

      Naturally the price of water is going to ROCKET!!

     So keep an eye on YOUR TAP WATER!! As this red dust from Nibiru is FALLING INCREASINGLY RIGHT NOW!!

     It(the red dust) will get into EVERYTHING. Including the crops of course. How do you get it out of the food??

    So it is going to be TINNED foods ONLY,  soon!

    The red dust fall has been slowly increasing for years.(Ever since Nibiru’s TAIL enveloped us.)(Nibiru is surrounded by a huge ball(cloud) of this red dust.)

    We will be BREATHING it in,too! Also slowly fatal, I imagine. So WE HAVE PROBLEMS!!

    Red dust proof your home!(Via duct tape,etc.)(Filtering water is one thing. Filtering food and AIR – is quite ANOTHER!!)

    Yes, it will get into the air-conditioning TOO!  We are going to have to stop air-conditioned air coming in. And it is going to get VERY HOT!!(And cold AT TIMES.)

    The good news: The building you are in is likely to collapse and kill you first!

    Solar flares should soon knock out electric and electro-magnetic appliances. So whilst waiting for the house to fall on you, it is going to get VERY uncomfortable!!

    There IS NO best remedy. It is going to be a slow death – FOR MOST.

    People are stocking up food and water.  But how do you stock up AIR??(Unless you can get into a sealed off underground chamber!!)

   Folks, it is going to get VERY unpleasant – very slowly.

   Let us hope those aliens whisk us up and onto their Mothercraft overhead SOON!!(Or onto another planet.)

   Unbelievable, isn’t it!  Yet THIS IS the overwhelming LIKELIHOOD!!

   VERY FEW will live out the next six months!!

   One answer to the AIR problem – is gas masks – that filter the air!

   Buildings EVERYWHERE will be reduced to RUBBLE.

   How can we live long AT ALL, let alone normally??!!

   Gas masks anti red dust laden air. Treated water to remove the red contaminate.  TINNED foods. Get OUT of all buildings and into trenches in the ground.  Get underground(with adequate supplies).  But consider how difficult life will be!

   Prepping is good, of course. But HOW LONG does anyone expect to live – EVEN PREPARED??!!

   How many are going to be able TO WORK? Or do anything but huddle indoors!!

   So I don’t rate our future!!

   It will get too dangerous to go out.

   And if you stay in – prepare to be crushed to death!

   Lying outside in a trench doesn’t appeal too much.

   We need underground chambers.(Try Unterland?!)  With air, soil and mushrooms,etc!!

    PLEASE relay on the news I am giving you. As I am being blocked from reaching more than a few people!!

    Shall we pray??!!

   Yes, this and worse is coming up over the next SIX MONTHS!! After that it will be back to yet another STONE AGE!!(Quite a come-down from our present(Western) way of life!!)

   Suicide WILL BECOME VERY APPEALING!! But DON’T do it!!(As penalty in Spirit World after death!)

   Suicide ONLY kills the physical body. But you THEN awaken in your etheric or astral vehicle.

   VERY FEW are going to find adequate SHELTERS!!

   Nibiru ITSELF is not the threat(so much)(Apart from the appalling gravity and gravity-magnetic influences – which will be devastating) – as the accompanying debris! 6 or 7 moons, a VERY dust laden tail.

   Under the sea’s surface will be best. Preferably in a submarine! But you will need to stay down for years!

    We shall need those aliens! DON’T try to kill them. Stupid anyway. They are FAR more advanced than we are!!

    Sounds like a NIGHTMARE doesn’t it.  ..IT IS!!

   What a COME-DOWN from our present(for many, if not most)way of living – to fighting desperately TO SURVIVE at all!!










CCC12 Prepare for Doom!

September 6, 2012

Friday, 7th September, 2,012.


Nibiru is STILL coming,we NEED authorities to ACT!!

     The only way to safeguard against the coming cataclysm of close pass by Nibiru – is to get down The North Geographical Pole!(South too difficult.) Unless you can find a good shelter. If you just ignore this threat, then you are likely to die!(November 21st, 2,012 expected passing.) OR HOPE the aliens will save you.

     There is a SECOND cataclysm possible. From The Galactic Alignment!(December 21st, 2,012.)

     Let us not go to sleep!

     HOWEVER, we face catastrophe in other ways,too,SOON: 1.  Civil slaughter following almost certain economic and financial collapse.(The mob will go beserk. Martial Law may counter this – to some extent.) 2. Failing anti-biotics. 3. World War 3(And possibly more.). 4. Radiation from a collapse of Fukoshima site(very likely). 5. World civil war.  6.  Hot spot in space. 7. Proton  cloud. 8. World civil war. 9. Black holes by The Particle accelerators. 10. Epidemic/s and Pandemic/s. 11. Asteroids,etc. 12. Deadly(poisoned water) red dust from Nibiru’s tail.  13. Die in aftermath of Nibiru,etc. 14. A deliberate world population reduction programme.(Eliminate many – to save some.)

      That is 16 perils. Straight out of the top of my head.





CCC10-3 A warning to the world.

September 1, 2012

Sunday, September 2nd, 2,012.


A WARNING to the world!

Knock it off!! And do more good!!!!

         Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die?  But physical death is not the end!

      NOW is the time to be perspiring BLOOD in our efforts to do good!

      NOW is the time to cleave to GOD and CHRIST!!!!

      People(in general) are confused you see. They think because the wicked have it good now, that they will have it good in any hereafter too! But this is not so!

     We see in a glass dimly now all right!

     Those who have it good now, will have it bad later(after death). Those who have it bad now, will have it good after death!

     Because everything is felt MORE keenly in The Spirit World, it is better to suffer now, not later! Although our stay in the spirit world is an average 50 years – as against 55 in the physical.

     Nibiru and The Galactic Alignment are near. Though it is 2,013 rather than 2,012, that is the year we should dread.

    We may also expect bad solar flares(around Feb 14th, 2,013)then,too!(Saint Valentine’s Day.(I personally see Halloween(2,012.A.D.)  as when Nibiru passes.) Which will probably knock out most electric  and electronic appliances.)

    The dissolute are having a whale of a time now. But all this will change once Nibiru gets seen. Expected to put in a general appearance around September 15th, 2,012. THEN people will begin to gnash their teeth! And wish they had applied Bible wisdom more!!

    Remember the three terrible dates: November 21st,2,012;(Nibiru due to pass Earth.) December 21st, 2,012;(Galactic Alignment!) February 14th, 2,013.(Mass discharge of solar flares,etc!)  Unknown date: Mass alien landing on Earth.

   Meanwhile there is the threat of U.S. attack on Syria. Via NATO probably.  Israel attack on Iran(Supported by U.S. once Iran counter-strikes).(Then Russia and China join in. On the side of Iran and Syria, of course.)

   Also Radiation from Fukushima – as the collapse continues. World wide.

   And the viruses over-powering most anti-biotics.

   Russia and China prepare to counter attack The West.(As The West gets tempted to attack Syria and Iran!!)

  A West in terrible debt and deficit, AND facing economic and financial collapse!!

  We can expect a MASS Annunaki aliens landing,too. Though this may save us.

  The next six months or so – should be rather trying!!

  I doubt there will be a Christmas this year.

 Man is very unevolved spiritually. Though very advanced technologically.

He does not know it, but his knowledge about the universe is about the opposite to the truth!!

Man has it all WRONG!!(On the important matters.)

God is too big to notice!!(BOTH senses!!)  We frolic beneath ITS big toe-nail, unawares!!

The Devil is too small to be seen. And lies in statements like “One more for the road!”.(Usually before a terrible accident!!)

Man is SO foolish.

Our spiritual vibrations are what matter. These are ruled by our behaviour.  These determine WHERE we will go in The Spirit World.

 Yet that last drink matters FAR less than whether or not we helped that unfortunate stranger!

 Men fear death so. Yet, it is possible to die – and NOT KNOW it!!(I mean that we MAY find ourselves in the same environment as when alive!)(We live in a physical universe – that is surrounded by an etheric universe looking exactly like it!!)(Which we enter at SO-CALLED death!!)

     Like the woman who committed suicide – only to find herself STILL THERE.(But in the etheric replica ORIGINAL!!)(Worse than ever now in bed!)

    Don’t commit suicide! It makes no difference. Except that you NO LONGER have a physical body wherewith to do the things you still want to do!! So DON’T be foolish!!

    We do NOT control our existence!  We can only decide to end our PHYSICAL BODY’S life! Which is IDIOCY!!  Seeing that we only find ourselves in the Etheric Original with the same problems. PLUS no physical body!!

    Many men(and women) are angry at God for terminating life at death. But the truth is we go on from life to life without end. (With breaks in The Spirit World sand-wiched in between.) How unbearable it would be to live for ever in THIS physical body!  God knows what it IT is doing. We(so many of us) DO NOT!!

   Yes, it is tempting to TRY TO escape our current pain, if only mental. But it is a DEAD END!!

   We either SUFFER it – or WORSE!!

    We CANNOT escape our phoney prisons. Which are SELF made!!

    The trick is NOT to make our prisons UNBEARABLE HELLS!!

    So WISE is the man(or woman) who raises their vibrations(spiritual).

    Best way is meditation.

    Our troubles are not made by our fellow-man, but by US allowing our fellow man to get into a position where they can hurt us!!  The trick IS – not to give them the opportunity!!(AND to develop a VERY thick skin!!)(Yes. How easy to talk!!)

    Escapism and denial are RIFE.

    But BOTH are futile!!

    Escape from your own SELF-MADE mental hell.

    Or from some truth you refuse to contemplate!!

    ONLY we  have power over our own actions!

    Blame our weakness, NOT their evil!(You cannot change their evil! But you CAN change your weakness!)

    Am I getting stupid in my conceit(vanity)??

    Have a good day!!

    It is odd but I see the U.S. people(who lead a much tougher life) as needing what I am saying far less than my fellow Queenslanders and Australians.







CCC9-4 The Etheric,etc. DON’T miss this one!

August 30, 2012

Friday, August 31st, 2,012.


The Etheric,etc.

       Until we physically die, we are in the physical. At PHYSICAL death, we come out of our physical bodies and dwell in our etheric vehicles  in The Etheric. That is all physical death is!

      We then feel as if air is water, and we can float in it. This realm is electric. Electric sparks every where.

      Some leave their physical bodies temporarily in life. But we ALL(ALL creatures!) leave our physical bodies PERMANENTLY at so called death – which is ONLY of the physical vehicle(currently)! Our physical body then rots away.(As materialists are so fond of telling us. And telling us that we ARE THAT!!) But WE GO ON – in our etheric vehicles. Living AT FIRST in a world which is a replica of our present physical world. The only difference is – is that our etheric bodies being that much finer – are able to float,etc. Then being able to do magical things – and quite easily. Flying about is one.

        We entered a foeutus at birth. Then lived our life-time  All (physical) death is – is PERMANENT exit FROM the physical body we made our own in life.

        As I say  SOME manage to TEMPORARILY exit their physical vehicles in life. And do magical things.  All what we call death is – is our FINAL and PERMANENT exit from our physical vehicles.

       At first most of us continue to live in our homes – but at the etheric level. Often not knowing that we have died! Because the immediate etheric plane is the ORIGINAL exact copy of this physical world. The COPY is THE PHYSICAL PLANE. We are CURRENTLY living in THE PHYSICAL DUPLICATE, NOT the original plane!

      Some become Earthbound at physical death – due to attachment to various interests and fears, (like wanting a particular kind of disposal for their physical vehicle, nameing of a murderer(if murdered), saying where our WILL or some treasure is, wanting to tell the world that they survive,and so on)which then tie us to The Etheric ORIGINAL of the PHYSICAL plane. Since most do not know this, they often, at first, do not realize that they have died(physically). They seem to have survived death! But knowing,perhaps,that they HAVE died, they may be at a loss to grasp whether they are dead or alive!!  So we continue to live as before we died.  Much to the discomfort of people who take up residence in what we had made our home. This often leads to a clash of ownership, but as a rule it is the departed who now NO LONGER own what has been their home. They sometimes drive out, or TRY to drive out, the new people who have moved in.  Sometimes, if not often, they succeed in driving out the new tenant/s!

         So on occasions we have this battle between the living new tentants – and those who have just died. Each claiming, or trying to, ownership!  The new tenants not enjoying, as a rule, ghosts of the departed in what they rightly think is THEIR home!!

        Each side TRIES to drive out the other. Often successfully.

        The legal and moral right  is with the new tenant. But naturally it is hard to have to vacate what you regarded as YOUR home – perhaps for SO long!!

       This is a very important matter – which we would do well to learn full cognizance of!

       When you pay for and move into your home, you naturally think that it IS yours.(Which IT IS.)  But if the previous tentant/s happen to have physically DIED, then a battle may ensue as to who actually occupies the place!!  Such places are usually much cheaper than the normal prices. BECAUSE haunted!(This may be fine PROVIDED THAT you can bear GHOSTS!!)

      It is a bit akward, as who can successfuly RULE as to correctness(or otherwise) of OWNERSHIP or right to tenancy?? Physical lawyers may have a problem with etheric ones!!

     IF you can bear ghosts or a ghost, then it is a good opportunity to get a cheap place! With perhaps an added attraction thrown in.(The novelty of being in a haunted premises.)

     Ghost or ghosts are not likely to be friendly – because being the previous occupants  – they incline to think that they are THE RIGHTFUL occupiers. Do you see what I mean?!(Until it is pointed out to them(the ghosts or ghost) that they SHOULD move on  –  into The Spirit World PROPER.)

     Now THIS is a VERY serious matter, – and NOT  a joke!

     It is the new occupant/s who are the rightful new possessors.

     The problem is, how to INFORM the ghost/s that they SHOULD move on, and not try to frighten out the new occupant/s!

     One does not USUALLY think about ghost/s of the previous occupant/s after having MOVED IN to a fresh place.

     A frequent route is to have the ghost/s exorcized(that is banished from occupancy).

    Supposing YOU had just died, and were now a ghost living in your former home. Naturally, as A RULE, you would think that the place STILL RIGHTFULLY belonged to YOU. Wouldn’t you?(ESPECIALLY if you were UNAWARE of having died!) THINK about it, as this occurs to ALL of us- when we die!

    They are not, AS A RULE, demons – or anything like that! But simply ordinary folk – who happen to HAVE DIED!!

    THEY need to be informed that they HAVE died, and need to MOVE ON – into The Spirit World PROPER!!

    The new occupant/s need(s) be informed that their latest home is not demon possessed, but that the PREVIOUS occupant has died, is now a ghost, and needs informing!!

    To do this informing you simply need a SPIRITUALIST MEDIUM  to come in, and contact, or TRY to contact, the ghost(or ghosts). Explaining to them(the ghost or ghosts)that they  HAVE died – and need to MOVE ON!!

    They are HUMANS, not demons. Who have unfortunately DIED!!  And MAY NOT know that fact!  So please TELL THEM!!

    As I say, how would YOU feel having just died, but PERHAPS not knowing that fact, if mortals were now STRIVING HARD to drive you OUT(of your HOME, or what WAS your home). Perhaps via exorcism.

    This is a VERY SERIOUS matter. And NEEDS to be promulgated more!!

   Both sides, parties, feel IN THE RIGHT. So this is not easy!

   We ALL physically die at some point in time! And ALL(Or NEARLY ALL!) have SOME HOME that they are living in at the time!

   Whether you know you have physically died OR NOT, you do need to know what you should do NEXT!!

   When we (physically) die, AT FIRST we are in the etheric ORIGINAL of this physical world. Which you MAY mistake for the physical world ITSELF!!(Which is ONLY its DUPLICATE!!)

   HOWEVER! THAT is not where you need to go or stay.(It being a sort of HALF-WAY house.)  You need to MOVE ON – into The Spirit World PROPER!!(The Etheric Plane is only the first RUNG of a LADDER going upwards in vibration spectrums – without end(down below the physical too, and to the sides, all sides).)

   This is a VERY important area – which both  incarnate AND discarnate – NEED informing about!!

    Likewise with BIRTH. Physical birth.

    Both the living AND the newly arrived – NEED informing that the new arrival has just come FROM The Spirit World – in order to live a fresh physical life! The new arrival may have memories of The Spirit World. They need ENCOURAGEMENT to talk about it, NOT accused of lying or SEEING THINGS! That ALL may learn the fuller truth BETTER!!  

     Of COURSE children often see things!(Things that are ACTUALLY THERE!!)being more psychic than adults. Likewise of animals!

    Please SPREAD this information – to the MAXIMUM!

    It is NOT of the Devil! And the humans and animals concerned ARE NOT demons!

    Most humans are negative. So they will try to get others to see all this sort of thing as EVIL!(When it is GOOD!!)  And try to CONCEAL it! When they SHOULD be SPREADING the knowledge!!  As widely as possible!!

    Life is very simple. The unevolved aspire to the negative. While the good are positive. A constant warfare exists. Between the two sides.  Good versus evil!  Some cleave to The Devil. And some to GOD!!

   The negatives will strive to do maximum harm. The positives to do maximum good.

   Evil wins a lot now. But it is the good that FINALLY win!!

   Aliens exist too. These are entities from other planets and planes. Currently, The Annunaki aliens will work to save us from the coming CATACLYSMS. But the foolish misinterpret this as an invasion, when that is not so.

   A TERRIBLY hard time lies IMMEDIATELY ahead – for every creature(human and animal) on Earth. Due to various calamities and disasters.(The next 6 months finds us entering it.)

   I know about these things, and try to inform as many as possible. Unfortunately I can only reach a pitiful FEW. Thanks to the negatives. So will you PLEASE spread this information unto the VERY MAXIMUM!! In order that we ALL might live BETTER lives. And not just technologically and scientifically!!

     The negatives do negative things in order to(as THEY think) live more pleasurable lives. But doing negative ONLY brings negative things to such doers!!(ONLY doing good will eventually bring good!)

     Leaving the physical body temporarily – is called Astral projection.

     You may think you are in water, under water, when in the etheric. As its air feels thick around you.  You can float, and even fly, in it!

     HOW can one fly in The Etheric? Very simple: The Universe or Omni-verse is not just a spatial and timeal affair, but has too the dimension of VIBRATION.  Our physical molecules are differentially heavier than the surrounding air – consequently we cannot float or fly in PHYSICAL air.  But when we enter the next plane up(which all creatures do at death), we find ourselves on a plane(etheric,astral) where the differential between our ETHERIC vehicles(which we wear after physical death) is far less.  Consequently we can, at will, move about in the astral air much as if we were in water, except that we can move about MUCH easier than as if in water. Etheric molecules are light and MUCH more easily moved than the physical molecules.(In water you could not travel fast. But in the etheric you can shoot along about as fast as you like. This enables easy flight. It is as if rockets were attached to the molecules. And fired at will. And at ANY chosen direction.    Very handy, of course.)(Pictures of humans flying about NON-MECHANICALLY in the spirit world get seen from time to time. There needs to be a basis for that!   As one doesn’t NORMALLY fly about in the air non-mechanically!!  The answer is that the etheric molecules are so light that by mere thought and will WE CAN(In The Spirit World.)over-power gravity – and fly about!)(Not by “magic” – but by the simple fact that light-weight molecules can move around EASILY(In The Spirit World air,atmosphere.) – far more easily than you could under water!(The Spirit World AIR becoming like very light water!)(Simple “physics”.))(I hope you can follow that alright!)(I am trying to say that this gets done LAWFULLY, and not by some absurdity!!)(Planes fly aloft by upward pressure of the wings, the pressure of the air from below being greater than that above, – and not by any method beyond law! And so it is in The Etheric, though the principle used there is very different. Being pressure of WILL pushing the molecules along!)(Against the dead nil resistance of the etheric air.)

        Many people baulk at having to die at the end of their life. But the prospect of having to live FOR EVER – can be daunting too! – Never,ever coming to an end.  WHICH would YOU choose(had you the choice). Die permanently at physical death, or go on FOR EVER!!) (Let us hope we forget the unpleasant times!)(Or maybe live so that there aren’t any!)

     We oscillate  indefinitely, between The Spirit World and The Physical Realm. As we climb, or strive to climb, the planes.

    What is important, is to EVOLVE. And GROW!!

    We do this by LIVING, and DEVELOPING ourselves, and others. Including animals,etc.

    Unfortunately some people want it ALL their OWN way.

    I hope you have learned some important facts here!

   Vic.(The AGE is ending. And I expect to be leaving you soon. I have TRIED to teach you some very important things. Against tremendous opposition and resistance.)(I support GOD, Jesus CHRIST, Saint Germaine, and LOVING and ADVANCING all creatures.  However, the negatives oppose all this. And instead advance THEIR horrors!!)(GOD and THE GOOD win in the end!! Remember that!!)

        We need to learn these truths. Two great ways are Astral Projection, and attending PHYSICAL SEANCES, where the SO CALLED dead manifest!!  By Astral Projection we learn that our physical bodies are simply GARMENTS that we are CURRENTLY wearing.  And by attending physical seances, we can meet those  WHO HAVE PASSED ON, again.

      These things are not wrong, but VERY right.

      Naturally the wicked strive all out to prevent this sort of thing.

      Each to his own, of course.

      We can only be what we are.

      But should STRIVE ALL OUT to be better than what we are!!





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