AAA40 Doomsday is IMMINENT!!

June 24, 2012

Monday, 25th June, 2,012.


Nibiru is at the gates!



PLEASE go to “2,012-Signs in Sun,Moon, and Stars-Just The First 3 Months” . Then follow the series,etc.

Also “Zeta Talk”. And “Earth Changes and The Pole Shift”. Etc.

On U-Tube videos,etc.


Men of Planet Earth! I know that I have touched upon this subject before. And MORE THAN once!!
I need your fullest ATTENTION.

AND co-operation!!
ARE YOU ready to be transported onto alien Mothercraft space ships??(As the better half of Humanity has this to look forward to. Unless you care to be be destroyed?!)
Yes, Caviar won by a nose. Should have been two lengths. But THE TRACK(so sticky) let her down!! The jockey did his best(But he under-estimated the track), but was FAR too complacent on the home stretch.(As it was she tore two muscles.)(And the trip de-conditioned her.)

The Stables,etc. should have studied track,etc.conditions better!
With that out the way, I DO hope you understand JUST HOW serious things are!
TWO groups of UFO’s are being prepared. Annunaki aliens on board. Two VAST armadas!! DO I make myself CLEAR??
Group one is VERY SOON to land and choose the best half of humanity.
Group two hovers far above waiting for the best half of us to be beamed aboard. But it will not be Scottie waiting at the other end!(I don’t think I need enlarge…)

We are talking TWO vast fleets(of many thousands in each) of UFO’s, ALMOST READY to spring into action. Little greys will perhaps, if not probably, precede them!!
You get my drift? But are you DIGGING?? If not, WHY NOT??!!


PEACE be with you, all.
Resistance will be futile!!
I understand that step one will be floating(FLOATING) the best half of Humanity into TENT camps. And then BEAMED UP from them!!(Better pack!!)(Yes. Bring your own toothbrush. AND tooth-paste!!)
Which one is your leader? Which lamp-post??


Bring him to me, please. You can leave the light bulbs in.(The brains??)


Disasters,etc. continue apace upon Earth. As Nibiru draws near.

Some of you may have noticed…


Comrades(IF any), I am DEADLY serious. But using a LITTLE humour to lighten you a bit for the trying ordeals ahead…


We are to be ABDUCTED en masse, – for our own good!!(The better half of humans,that is.)


Some of you may be met by your children. Hybrid children. Products of a merger being arranged by The Annunaki.
And now, men of Earth(and women), I shall conclude by hooking you on to some sets of data. For your edification.(Please see fuschia(this colour) above – under heading.)




Vic.(I seem to be relaying to you.)

O.K. you guys??
All right, chaps??



V. For Vic.








AAA24. A VERY important foot-note to AAA23. PLEASE READ!!

June 5, 2012

Wednesday, 6th June, 2,012.
Foot-note to AAA23(On date that Nibiru is DUE to arrive!)
I realized after sending out AAA23, that the woman who took that photograph might not have had(probably not) a telephoto lens. In which case, my calculation of July 20th, 2,012 is only one day previous(out) from data sent by one or two of NASA’s scientists! Not bad. Probably THEIR date is the correct one.

So, as you were.
This is so important that I am following up AAA23 with this AAA24 article IMMEDIATELY!!

45 days to go. Just over 6 weeks. To Nibiru’s forecast arrival.





AAA23 Working it out. Date of Nibiru’s arrival!!

June 5, 2012

Wednesday, 6th June, 2,012.
AAA23-2(Nibiru SPECIAL!!)

World MAY end within a few months.
And hardly ANYONE is interested??!!
The Bible(Of Christendom) and NASA(one or two of their scientists), BOTH, say that The Earth gets STRUCK!! Around THIS time(2,012.A.D!)!!

A NEAR-MISS I can tolerate! But not a DIRECT HIT!! BANG! End of The World. In a flash. Just like that!! And most of Earth’s creatures,dead, will be out with ASTEROIDS and COMETS,ETC. in a NEW Asteroid Belt!! Asteroids, comets – AND CORPSES!! Circling the sun where Earth once stood!(THAT is the immediate prospect IF Christendom Bible and the one or two scientists at NASA are right!! YOU ready for THAT??!!)(NOTE that The General Consensus of opinion by NASA, and ALL bar a small FEW of its scientists not only deny collision, but even deny the VERY EXISTENCE of Nibiru!(Though NASA found it! In 1983.)(Do I smell DODGING footwork??!!))
Has someone made a MISTAKE????


Now Nibiru has been doing this Earth buzzing trip ONE MILLION TIMES!!(Literally!) WHY, THIS PASSAGE, is it going to HIT us?? ??(I see NO reason.)

They may be right, of course. But I THINK a close pass within months(about six).

THAT would destroy about 30 to 90% of ALL life forms and structures upon The Earth over the course of THE NEXT few months of THE MOST APPALLING disasters. Rising to a crescendo – and then reducing again. Are YOU ready for THAT?? ??
Then Nibiru passes us again in 2,014.A.D. But no or little damage on its journey out of The Solar System.(It is ITSELF a member of The Solar System. But an alien one!)(On a VERY elongated orbit.)


The world does not end every day, does it?! No. But Bible and ONE OR TWO scientists(NOTE, NOT the majority, NOR the OFFICIAL verdict of NASA!!) DECLARE END within a FEW MONTHS!!(I beg to differ and say ALMOST wipe-out, not total.)(Via a close PASS.)(Via Gravity,Hyperforce(Gravity-Magnetism),Electro-magnetism and direct hits – by itself or one of its 34 MOONS!!)

It passes CLOSE by because ORBITAL TRAJECTORIES of Earth and Nibiru(Planet X) pass – according to The Ancient Sumerians – so close to each other.(To STRIKE us – it would NEED a CAUSE to go from close to VERY CLOSE, but I hear of none.(Though OF COURSE, one MIGHT exist!!)(When BIBLE AND NASA speak of STRIKE – my ears prick up!!))
Are people going to sit up and take notice? Of course not(IN GENERAL, though no doubt A FEW might!). The VAST majority is more interested in Sport, Skiffle – and so on… But I keep trying…

I am ASTONISHED at the opposition and resistance I encounter – when I try to SAVE THE WORLD!!(IS the world BONKERS??…)(They CRUCIFIED Jesus – who was world champion(and by so VERY far…) at trying to save the world,…)

I am TRYING to get as many as possible TO GO DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!! THAT way,we would at least escape THE BOMBARDMENT of BOULDERS from space out of THE TAIL of Nibiru!(Which, by the way, PRECEDES Nibiru, NOT follows it!!)(Being blown IN FRONT by The Solar Wind…)
Now PLEASE bear with me: I am TRYING to work out just how far away Nibiru is! That woman on The Passenger jet took a photograph of the strange object she saw out(of) the port hole. The plane was over Melbourne. Telephoto lens?? (To those of you suggesting that the woman might have seen SOMETHING(reflection in the glass?) and then took a photograph of it(telephoto lens?)(Was it a lens flare??) I note your(some of you) efforts to cover ALL possibilities. But! was she so(this was in broad daylight)fooled by A REFLECTION in the glass – THAT TOOK THE EXACT SHAPE OF NIBIRU, per the shape in the crops four years earlier! (Yes, I am considering the POSSIBILITY of it being a lens flare(OR SOME-SUCH.) that took the EXACT SHAPE OF NIBIRU – as depicted in that crop circle of four years earlier.(Now REFLECTIONS are common AT NIGHT. But THIS was in BROAD DAYLIGHT!! (The blinding light of day over-powers all reflections!)(Regarding possible lens flare OR SOME-SUCH – yes, lens flares,ETC. DO occur SOMETIMES. But one that SO CLOSELY matches that pattern in the crop circle of four years ago – stretches my credulity a bit too far! Fellahs!!)

It was BROAD DAYLIGHT, that makes reflections about non-existent.


Lens flare(or SOME SUCH), yes, MAY BE. But! One that FITS SO CLOSELY the appearance of Nibiru AND RETINUE – as formed in that crop circle of four years back – stretches my credulity(in an alternative cause) a little too far…(I think the possibility that those seeking ALTERNATIVE reasons – are trying to AVOID it being Nibiru – is a MUCH more likely explanation!! What say ye all?? Speak up, these could be our last days on Earth, or – at least – alive!!!!
So what I am trying to do – is check on that DATE(July 21st, 2,012. Don’ give us much time do it(deliberate bad grammar to be colloquial!)?!
THEREFORE, I am trying to work out WHEN we may expect Nibiru to whizz by(or perhaps HIT US…)


A rough estimate is possible!

This is MY route. May I suggest YOU have a go. Nice to know our POSSIBLE date of death! Right??
Now I have seen the photograph she took. And note the size of Nibiru, and the FEW satellites curving leftwards and downwards behind it.

Next I found out size of Saturn(Nibiru is SLIGHTLY SMALLER than Saturn – by most accounts.(Alternatively Nibiru is FIVE times Earth’s diameter(8,000 miles x 5 = 40,000 miles)(I am assuming LINEAR diameters.))

Converting to kilometers is 40,000 x 1.6 = 64,000 kms.

Linear size of Saturn is 120,660 kms.(As closely as I can find.)

Linear size of Our Moon is: 3475 kms(roughly).

So Nibiru is(slightly smaller than Saturn) – say – 60,000 kms linear diameter.

Therefore 60,000/(divided by)3475 yields 17.27(linear diameter, times size of Our Moon(Is Nibiru).
But how does photographed image compare with size of object as seen through the porthole snapped through?

Telephoto lens?
IF natural normal size then we have an object(Nibiru) about 2/5ths diameter of our moon – which is 1390 kms.

These are all APPARENT sizes.
So Nibiru is 250,000 x 1.6(Is ABOUT 140,000 kms distant(x Our Moon diameters into 60,000/3475 =17,266) is(17,266 x 1.6 =2763, or 250,000/2763 is 9,048,000(But adjust if telephoto lens ITS value!).)kms away(at present). Which, as Nibiru is shooting straight for us at 3,500 m.p.h. – should arrive in 9,048,000/3,500 – in 2585 hours. Which is 2585/24 or 11 days.

Looks like telephoto lens, but unfortunately I do not know the power!
IF linear 4x – then we have 44 days to Nibiru’s arrival(The date(Of July 21st, 2,012, given, is 45 days away.)

Lot of ifs and buts about this.

IF that date(July 21st, 2,012) is right, then her telephoto lens had a power of about 4.

This is unsatisfactory!
But what I am hoping to do, is get SOMEONE who might have an idea of the power of her telephoto lens – to work out if Nibiru will INDEED arrive July 21st, 2,012!!
Her photo is showing an ENLARGED picture of Nibiru,etc. What I need to know is HOW MUCH enlarged.


It is hard to get an idea of telephoto lens magnification(Anyone know average value? PLEASE e mail it to me!).

I have checked on Internet. 4 times seems to be best value.

Which fits the bill! But I need CONFIRMATION of that!!

Now IF it IS 4 times(Linear?)(telephoto lens value), then I get 44 days to arrival of Nibiru – which is one day short of figure given(July 21st, 2,012.).
This is all VERY unsatisfactory OF COURSE. But it makes A START – at trying to verify(or otherwise)that date! 21st July, 2,012.(Doomsday!)(Anyone interested OUT THERE??!!)(Can you confirm my figures? I got 44 days(Assuming 4x for Telephoto lens)(Quoted figure is 45 days!)(Can YOU send me average normal telephoto lens, MAREE? PLEASE e mail it to me!)


We are talking about the day that Earth is slated to get WIPED OUT!!
No one interested OUT THERE??!!
Or, at least, undergo HORRIFIC damage – via a close pass!!


PLEASE e mail me any KEY data!


It is not EVERY day that we die – is it??!!


This time, just about EVERY creature ON EARTH dies!!(And nearly all structures LEVELLED!!)

Not interested enough to assist?


I have ONE gentleman showing interest SO FAR,…

Personally, I think DOOM is four times 45 days away, that is 180 days time, or thereabouts, which is December 3rd.,2,012. Now that is not all that far before December 21st, 2,012 – THE OFFICIAL Doomsday date!


Any comments?

That IS Nibiru out there,chaps!
Consider the main keys:1. 2,012 is THE year most presented.

2. MANY reliable sources warn of DOOM around now!

3. Nibiru and its 34 satellites HAVE been photographed, video’d, crop circled, drawn – reported MANY times.

4. WITHOUT the telephoto lens, it comes out VERY CLOSE to THE DATE – of December 21st, 2,012!!


But of course I NEED to go by THE TELEPHOTO LENS calculation, not without it!

As I say, working to a value of 4x, then I get July 20th, 2,012 as Doomsday. But my estimate of the VISUAL size of Nibiru was EXTREMLY ROUGH indeed!!


We need to work on this, chaps!


Now Christendom Bible and those one or two NASA scientists can be EXPECTED to be VERY RELIABLE!!


1. Will it hit us, or just pass closely?

2. WHEN??

3. Time was when WE were looking for Planet X. NOW, it is LOOKING FOR US!!
4. At WHAT distance??
5. GET DOWN NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE(Entrance of path to WITHIN Earth is centred on The North Geographical Pole.) Get DOWN there, IF you want to survive this!!(ONLY hope if you don’t is if aliens consider you worth evacuating!)





FACE the facts!!



We are not talking about the death of someone, perhaps a loved one,…



WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE END OF THIS CIVILIZATION, and if Bible and these one or two NASA scientists are to be believed – THE END OF PLANET EARTH!!

There won’t BE a bowling alley, sports ground, entertainment centre SOON, IF this report is right.(Our CORPSES will be OUT THERE floating along with the asteroids! Just THINK of it!!…. …..)
And I am failing to fault it much, if at all!!



You think I am killing myself sending out these articles for fun?? ??

I been on THIS 10 to 12 YEARS!!




PLEASE get with it!!



It IS The End of The AGE.




And it could be THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!











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