CCC5-2 Thunderstorms can produce poltergeists!

August 14, 2012

Tuesday, 14th August, 2,012.

Heat is producing poltergeists!

       Heat causes water to evaporate. This builds up clouds. Much produces thunder-storms. Friction between the water molecules creates electricity. Which often discharges to Earth(As lightning.). Plus rain, or some-such precipitation, of course.

       Where the ground has a sub-strate, copper for example, or silver or gold or any good conductor of electricity, then I BELIEVE circuits of electric current, flowing electrons, get set up. This creates an electro-magnetic FORCE FIELD.

       Magnetons get given off perpendicularly to the flow of electrons. The magnetons drive down-coming gravitons(which cause gravity) UP. Result is that objects below get reduced in weight.  Spirits can then move these objects more easily. VIA the force-field.  And we get POLTERGEIST activity.(Humans can levitate this way.)

       If you, or anyone creates an electro-magnetic field, you make poltergeist activity easier. Also, since 5D WITHIN The Force-field, is Hyper-space. If any party(One or more persons WITHIN such hub thinks, even sub-conciously of a distant space or time, then they may GO there! Via hyper-space’s higher vibrations ex the force-field.)

      This happened in The Philadelphia Experiment.  A ship, The Eldridge, was within a force field created by a powerful electric generator, causing it to have its molecular vibrations raised, such that the crew aboard the vessel could PERMEATE matter!! Arms and legs penetrating this changed vibrations got TRAPPED inside such matter, when the generator got turned off!! Many went mad as PARTS of humans broken up by the EM field moved around a bit, some getting PERMANENTLY trapped in matter!!  It was hushed up as much as possible.

      The ship, The Eldridge VANISHED not just from sight – but from existence in THE PRESENT and PLACE, travelling INSTANTANEOUSLY hundreds of miles – to where the crew were wishing to be!  Some were transported about 40 years into the future. One got back and switched off the generator – solving the problem!  Via a second generator IN THE FUTURE.(See film The Philadelphia Experiment)(Which is BASICALLY true.)

     The universe, and all its component fields, are globes or disks, with space-time surfaces, and vibration and higher density radius dimensions. In which lies HYPER-SPACE.

     It is not only POSSIBLE, but actually happened. Various experments have been conducted demonstrating this. Other ways too exist for travelling in space and time via HYPER-SPACE.  Other ways that create EM fields of some sort. One is called a Jacob’s Ladder I believe. Providing a PHYSICAL portal through which one can JUMP into a different place in space and time!!

     The trouble is you cannot come back, not easily, as you need to set up a fresh lot of apparatus! – Which takes money and time,etc. Perhaps years. So then people get trapped in the future, for example,  usually at another place concommitant with the distance travelled into the future.(The TWO usually go together!!)

     The principle is VERY simple. The higher your molecular vibration(which a force-field raises)(increases), the further up the vibration dimension in HYPER-SPACE you go(that is down its radial(radius)!

     I believe Criss Angel is a walking force-field. (A VERY powerful one.)(Permitting LEVITATION via his resultant lighter weight!)(When he OPERATES such field.)(Plus MANY other abilities.)All of us are encompassed with an electro-magnetic field to some extent OR OTHER.

     I THINK you can travel into The Past too.(Which could raise problems!)(Like having TWO of you,etc.)

     It DOES work. So please TAKE CARE!!

     Spirits can utilize the electro-magnetic field created. If a MEDIUM is present who can exude ectoplasm, then the spirits can appear, even MATERIALIZE. But this is difficult.

     Via Teleplasm.

     Spirts create the telesplasm. Mortals, mediums, can SOMETIMES create the ectoplasm.  Spirits do the rest, and operate through the medium!

      The Force-field provides ENORMOUS POWER, or it can do. Especially when you have many sitters.(Spirits do something similar on THEIR SIDE – that is in The Spirit World.)(Especially via raising their SPIRITUAL vibrations, perhaps by prayer, meditation, singing, music, incence,etc.)

      So, thus, thunderstorms can create ghosts!

      Which is why you get more of them then!

      HEAT is the basic ingredient!

      You just need that SUBSTRATE of some GOOD ELECTRIC CONDUCTOR, OR ley-lines, especially ley-line NODES(junctures).

      Or Pyramids!

     Standing stones, as at Carnac in France, and Stone-henge, can also provide POWER.  Sometimes power gets relayed from a pyramid in Orion(for example)(Best to contact The Pleiades or Higher Pleiades!!) to one say in Egypt, or some-where! Yes, ALL that distance. Via(used to do) the GOLD CAPS on top of the pyramids. Gold is an excellent conductor of electricity.

     Grids of power nodes cover the surfaces of astronomical globes. Some of them, at least.

     UFO’S employ this method for power(some do). An electric generator or some-such within the craft CREATES the field – which provides the POWER. Which is utilized to drive the craft.

    It is then easy for the ufo’s to travel anywhere in space and time!! – Via HYPER-SPACE.

   We could do the same. But there are dangers, of course!

   Curiosity is on Mars. Looking for Martians?  There IS life upon Mars.  (But this is covered up by NASA,JPL,etc!(So we are not likely to hear about it!))

   HUMAN life!  Sent to Mars about a million years ago FROM THE EARTH!!  Survivors from a close passing by Nibiru exist to THIS DAY in HUGE CITIES in SOME of the craters of Mars!!

   Take care! As aliens DO sometimes knock off our craft!

   The Martians do not always welcome us!(If ever.)





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