AAA40 Doomsday is IMMINENT!!

June 24, 2012

Monday, 25th June, 2,012.


Nibiru is at the gates!



PLEASE go to “2,012-Signs in Sun,Moon, and Stars-Just The First 3 Months” . Then follow the series,etc.

Also “Zeta Talk”. And “Earth Changes and The Pole Shift”. Etc.

On U-Tube videos,etc.


Men of Planet Earth! I know that I have touched upon this subject before. And MORE THAN once!!
I need your fullest ATTENTION.

AND co-operation!!
ARE YOU ready to be transported onto alien Mothercraft space ships??(As the better half of Humanity has this to look forward to. Unless you care to be be destroyed?!)
Yes, Caviar won by a nose. Should have been two lengths. But THE TRACK(so sticky) let her down!! The jockey did his best(But he under-estimated the track), but was FAR too complacent on the home stretch.(As it was she tore two muscles.)(And the trip de-conditioned her.)

The Stables,etc. should have studied track,etc.conditions better!
With that out the way, I DO hope you understand JUST HOW serious things are!
TWO groups of UFO’s are being prepared. Annunaki aliens on board. Two VAST armadas!! DO I make myself CLEAR??
Group one is VERY SOON to land and choose the best half of humanity.
Group two hovers far above waiting for the best half of us to be beamed aboard. But it will not be Scottie waiting at the other end!(I don’t think I need enlarge…)

We are talking TWO vast fleets(of many thousands in each) of UFO’s, ALMOST READY to spring into action. Little greys will perhaps, if not probably, precede them!!
You get my drift? But are you DIGGING?? If not, WHY NOT??!!


PEACE be with you, all.
Resistance will be futile!!
I understand that step one will be floating(FLOATING) the best half of Humanity into TENT camps. And then BEAMED UP from them!!(Better pack!!)(Yes. Bring your own toothbrush. AND tooth-paste!!)
Which one is your leader? Which lamp-post??


Bring him to me, please. You can leave the light bulbs in.(The brains??)


Disasters,etc. continue apace upon Earth. As Nibiru draws near.

Some of you may have noticed…


Comrades(IF any), I am DEADLY serious. But using a LITTLE humour to lighten you a bit for the trying ordeals ahead…


We are to be ABDUCTED en masse, – for our own good!!(The better half of humans,that is.)


Some of you may be met by your children. Hybrid children. Products of a merger being arranged by The Annunaki.
And now, men of Earth(and women), I shall conclude by hooking you on to some sets of data. For your edification.(Please see fuschia(this colour) above – under heading.)




Vic.(I seem to be relaying to you.)

O.K. you guys??
All right, chaps??



V. For Vic.









AAA36 A supplement. To Nibiru.

June 18, 2012

Monday, 18th June, 2,012.

More upon Nibiru.


It is coming towards us. But not DIRECTLY towards us. It is on ITS orbital trajectory. Earth is on its. The two orbital trajectories cross each other. Twice.
Did any of you SEE Nibiru? It was at about 11.00 against the sun.

It MAY not arrive to pass until early next year. Or some time in between.
A Pole Shift should start at ANY time.(Up until early next year.)







PP2 Cracks in the ground

January 6, 2012


Sunday, 9th October, 2011.








Cracks forming in Earth!




I can explain why!










In at least six countries, lately, the ground has been rising cracking open, preceded by a BOOM.


No earthquake. No volcanic eruption.


What is causing it??


I think I know why!




A decade or two back, I worked out how to get the CORRECT AND exact(two different things!) distances to the heavenly bodies and fields.


By so doing I discovered that our solar system, basically Sol our sun, is one of a group of many stars!(A closed stellar cluster.)(Because I was able to plot, with the aid of a student mathematician, all the astronomical fields: Stars, Stellar Clusters, Galaxies and Radio Sources,etc. Including The Quasars. Thus MAPPING, and in 3d, the ENTIRE universe!!)




So I KNOW that our sun is among many stars in a Closed Stellar Cluster!


This stellar cluster has two spiral arms.(Do not confuse with the GALACTIC spiral arms of The Milky Way!)(Ours is one of many stellar clusters in our galaxy.)


Every 6,500 years, our sun, Sol, along with its solar system retinue, swings AROUND the one of these spiral arms it is upon.


Doing so produces Centrifugal Force, in sun – and ALL objects in our solar system.




Now no other cause is known.




This solar swing around is speeding up PARABOLICALLY, and should peak December 21st, 2,012.


This centrifuge which we are in is heaving the magma up against the tectonic plates – causing our growing disasters!


It MAY also be causing the sink holes.




I submit that it is also producing 1. The Polar Shift and 2. The cracks in The Earth! And possibly the sink holes,too. Along with other curiousities no doubt.


Centrifugal force is a force caused by something doing a circular movement.(Centripedal force produces a much smaller INWARD force, creating a core.)


Our sun, a star, is simply orbitting the original and base point it has on its spiral arm. Which we, and all the other residents of the solar system MUST follow.


Currently(as it does every 6,500 years) it is ALMOST back to where it starts this huge periodic orbit.






In other words this growing C.F.(Centrifugal force)will peak on December 21st; 2,012.A.D.


I think that these tools like Haarp,etc. are IN PART designed to make us think that the fact that the disasters caused by our sun rounding its STELLAR spiral arm is caused by Haarp,etc! They are TRYING to hide from us all the GIGANTIC DISASTER – which is just starting up. It will be spread over several years. A super duper colossal disaster which is actually about FIVE differently caused super duper cataclysms.(Namely Phaeton, Nibiru Complex, The line up with The Great Dark Rift at The Centre of our galaxy, the sun rounding its STELLAR spiral arm, the arrival of The Annunaki aliens, and Earth’d conventional disasters like world wars,etc.Along with economic and financial crises.)




I INSIST that our only way of escape(since we cannot prevent this cluster of MONSTER cataclyms) – is to flee down The North Geographical Pole(Or the south, but north much easier)! In order to enter The Great Within – where those living creatures there get protected from much of what is happening on top.(The Earth, like all heavenly bodies and fields and large objects(bolides) is hollow. And that there are TWO(at each end of Earth) one thousand mile wide tubular entrances leading down, YET NOT UNDER-GROUND!!)(The Earth’s surface is a double reverse helix. That is has a rounded surface which DOUBLES BACK upon itself. So inner and outer surface are BACK TO BACK. Down there is a huge ocean and land, VERY lush, with a temperate climate. ALMOST as much sea and land as the outer surface has!(It is ONE CONTINUOUS surface. Like a doubled back SANDWICH!!)(So that by pushing on over The Geographical Pole(either one), you MUST unknowingly end up(after hundreds of miles) on the INNER SURFACE!!(Which is NOT underground!!))




Note that what we call the magnetic poles are in fact THE RIMS or edges of these over a thousand mile wide tubular entrances. THEY in THEMSELVES do not move, but the observer, where-ever, THINKS that the magnetic poles is a simple point! When it is actually a 3,500 mile long circumference! And thus it appears to be moving, when in fact it is the observer that is moving!(What is moving is the tilt of The Earth!!)(Growing parabolically!!)




The MARKED poles(North and South) are PHONEY! They are NOT at the geographical poles!!(The actual geo poles are about 500 miles PAST the MARKED poles, and are 400 miles up in SPACE!!)(So, because of the tubeway, there is no land to contain iron,etc. Which is WHY the magnetic pole is not where the geographical pole is! NOTHING there but air and space!!)




Many humans and animals and plants “down” there. They are twice the height of surface creatures!!




So go there, but TAKE ARMS!!


Though there is a friendly race of giant humans down there. Along with Neanderthals, pre-historic monsters – including Dinosaurs! And wild natives and dwarfs,etc. Plus a Nazi base. And, MAYBE, a very aged Adolf Hitler!! A huge volcano and ufo base there too.




Though this centrifuge we are in(Like if you are in a car tearing around a sharp corner, – you will find it hard not to continue in the original direction. And so it is with Earth and all other planets,etc.NOW!! EVERYTHING is trying to get flung OUTWARDS!!)






So these cracks opening up in the ground are the physical result of (increasing outwards!) the centrifuge HEAVING the ground upwards! Creating a BOOM as the rock,etc. underground tears apart.(Spin a top or anything, and any fluid within gets HURLED to the sides!)


The Nibiru Complex and Phaeton,etc. are still too far away to be the cause of this HEAVING upwards in everything, and I can think of no other so necessary major cause for the disasters, the polar shift, the cracks in the ground and the sink holes(maybe),etc.




So gentlemen, et al. We are in THE GRIP of a HUGE CENTRIFUGE embracing the entire solar system. It is THIS, I do aver, which is producing the parabolically increasing disasters, polar shift, sink holes,etc. AND now the cracks opening up in the ground.


Our best, and perhaps ONLY hope – is DOWN that North Geographical Pole!!(Though I expect cracks,etc. to appear in the lower(of the sandwich)(The meat in between is of course the double crust of The Earth)surface,too!






Now because our sun does not reach half way around its closing spiral until December 21st, 2,012; AND is increasing speed PARABOLICALLY, we are facing grim disasters over the next(It is now October 9th, 2,011.A.D.) 15 months!!(Parabolically increasing as the sun speeds up approaching its base, AND tightens it curl in as it goes around the spiral arm!)




THIS, not Nibiru,etc. is what is causing our PRESENT increasing big stuff(disasters,etc.). Nibiru,et al. and Phaeton,etc. are STILL, as yet, too far away to be responsible.(But later on they can be expected to hurt Earth,too!!)


So I see THREE months until it gets unbearable(due to Earth inversion speeding up). 3 years and 3 months to Phaeton and The Nibiru Complex. Including those cracks in the ground!! ETC. Due to gravity, magnetic, electric,etc. influences from Nibiru complex and Phaeton,etc.






We NEED(or die terribly and horribly!) to get those with money and means,etc. to ORGANIZE an exodus DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE. Of The best specimens of everything!! Or it will be the END of life here!!




I think going underground or inside mountains, and MAYBE caves will be fatal!! Though it may be even worse out on top – due to debris(boulders,etc.) falling from the sky out of the tail of Phaeton, AND Nibiru,etc. Etc.










I am enclosing some videos, especially on those cracks in the ground, which I urge you to study very carefully!!














You ARE being warned.


Right now. By me.


AND advised what to do.






There are about six or seven DIFFERENT major events occurring RIGHT NOW, simultaneously.


Which is very confusing.










I am TELLING you what is happening AS BEST I CAN.









I am an amateur scientist. Who is USUALLY right in his pronouncements!!



Get near to food and water, but above all SHELTER!! With first aid, and tools and batteries,etc. For computer,et al!(And, above all, PROTECTION against animals AND HUMANS!!)










All the very best to YOU ALL!!








We is gonna NEED it!!






Meanwhile grapple as best you all can with the economic and financial debacle AT HAND!!








The VERY minimum we can expect is permanent loss of satellites,GPS,etc. Electricity and all Electronics, plus all dependent upon these things, and electricity!!(Due to the increasing solar storms at hand!!)As solar sub-cycle 24 proceeds.(Back to oil lamps soon I fear!!)








It is the end POSSIBLY of the entire solar system!!




This IS a once in every 26 MILLION(sic!) years’ event!! With SUCH a CONFLUENCE of gigantic disasters!!




































RR18 The four coming EVENTS,ETC.

December 18, 2011

Monday, 19th December, 2,011.


The four coming EVENTS!!


1. The maximizing of The Wobble of The Earth. Should cause a Polar Shift. Some time next year.

2. Nibiru heaves into sight about Feb.2,012. And passes us(by a whisker)due about April, 2,012.(End of age and WIPE OUT.) I expect a JOLT. Then entire Earth FLATTENED.

3. The Great Alignment. Of Earth, Sun and Centre of our Milky-Way galaxy. Result: Unknown. COULD be a cataclysm(That would make the THIRD in 2,012.A.D!) Dead could walk. And people float in the air.

This could mean that creatures who have passed on(“died”)(human animal and plant,etc.) may materialize.(It has been said that the spirit and physical planes are going to MERGE!!)(This means we each see into each others’s worlds!(Hence we see dead walking around. And, because Spirit World so light in weight, we could float into the air!!))
4. Event four is the start of The Age of Aquarius. Bringing higher vibrations. And the re-action to them by those who cannot bear THE LIGHT!!(Of GOD.)

Pisces astrological era will end. And, with it, evil influences.



5. Humanoid Annunaki aliens to land EN MASSE and evacuate the best half of humanity – to another planet. To escape the terrible devastation about to occur!!
6. The Earth,etc. is splitting in half. VIBRATIONALLY. Thus those who love God will be separated from those who work for destruction.(Separation of the goats from the sheep.)


7. We all follow our OWN time tracks. Thus everyone will win!!

8. Expect strange things to happen increasingly quality and quantity wise from now on.

9. A great CLEANSING is about to start.
10. Earth’s population to be reduced from 7 billion, plus. To “a few million”. Animals, plants and structures,too.
11. North GEOGRAPHICAL pole and south will change ends.(Via a Polar SHIFT.)
12. The fact is it may only be 2,009 as yet. Due to Catholic Church altering Georgian calendar!(Advancing it 3 or more years!)(Vide R.C. Priest PEEBLES.)(Which they did to confuse the people. So to keep power!)
IN WHICH CASE, doom,etc. may not come for AT LEAST another three years. Possibly four, or more!!
13. CHRIST will land with The Heavenly Hosts.(To take his own away.)


14. THEN will The Great Tribulation BEGIN!!

Terrible persecution of the people.(By Church, Government, and all worldly authorities. Like Banks,etc. And THE MOB!!!!)

15. Money will become WORTHLESS.(It ALREADY IS!!)
16. After death MANY will be cast into HELL.(For dis-obeying GOD!!)


17. Expect increasing ALL HELL to break loose on The Earth from 2,012. ON.(But note that it may ACTUALLY ONLY be 2,009.A.D. NOW!!)

18. I believe now that planet Phaeton got destroyed completely. And is now the asteroids!!
19. CHRIST will return! Don’t know about Jesus(Jeshua).

Note that CHRIST is Son of GOD. (Jeshua was son of Man.)


20. Hell is VERY real. Take CARE, friends!!(I refer to that horrible place in The Spirit World, far down!)
21. They who do harm now WILL PAY A TERRIBLE PRICE!!
22. They who do good WILL get delivered!!


23. I am here to warn you ALL. TAKE CARE!!
Yes. The SKY is about to FALL!!


24. Enormous financial and economic CRASH is imminent!!


25. We CANNOT go on as we are!
26. Earth’s surface to be COMPLETELY changed!!


27. Monsters will roam The Earth.(Not just money sharks on Main Street!)

28. Man has FAILED the period of Grace!!
29. Men now marrying men? And women,women??

A way to reduce the population!!

Along with contrails and vaccinations!!!!

30. The DEVIL has very slyly taken God’s place!(In The Human Mind!)
31. We speak with our ACTIONS. Not our mouths!!


32. He who has sinned in THOUGHT, has sinned ALREADY!!

33. Next year IS the year. But MAY need to add three(or even more)years!!


34. Vengeance is MINE, saith The Lord God of HOSTS, I shall RE-PAY!!(MULTIPLIED!!!!)




Vic.(They who have it good now, will NOT have it good after death. And VICE-VERSA!!)(The great divide is when we die. But our DECISION via our VIBRATIONS is being made NOW. And ALL through our lives!!!!)






RR17b Is 2,012,A.D. Doom, true or not??

December 17, 2011

Sunday, 18th December, 2,011.

Is it true, or not?! 2,012 Doom by Nibiru!!
I am an amateur scientist. With an I.Q. of 94%. I have studied this question closely and hard for about 12 years now. Are we facing imminent wipe out and end of the age??

If we are, I would have thought that The Authorities would know about it. And inform the people. Would you agree??
This business of 2,012 Doom caused by Nibiru began about 1983. ALMOST 30 years ago,now(come next year, 2,012.A.D)!

People carry on as usual. Sceptics angrily deny it. Government and media hardly mention the subject!

An event like “End of The World” and Wipe-out is MOST important. And should hit banner headline news world over. That goes without saying.
HOW can anyone find out for certain one way or the other? Now I don’t have a telescope. Buildings,etc. obscure my view anyway.

I struggle to find the answer by computer on The Internet. Clicking on “Second sun?”, 2,012,doom? Nibiru coming? And studying the many videos,etc. on these subjects.

Some unknown astronomical object is perturbing the planets Uranus and Neptune. Is there a tenth planet, Planet X?(Now named Nibiru after The Sumerian god Nibiru. NASA named it I believe.)

The most likely answer is that Yes,there is another planet out past Pluto-Charon. We have been finding planets strung out one after another for a couple of centuries. Why might there not be yet another planet(or more than one) out there? It surely is POSSIBLE!!(Especially with the perturbations!!)

It would now be Planet lX, because Pluto got demoted from planetary status, being too small, some time back.

Disasters increase, as did the heat. U.F.O’s become more numerous. And we have the crop circles.
We seem to be moving towards some great event which will severely damage The Earth.

It would surely need to be the close approach of some astronomical object large enough to savage us, world war or something REALLY nasty. We have had the strange phenomenon of a second sun appearing in the sky. About twelve reliable sources say that 2,012 will be the end of this age.

Putin says world war three is imminent.

Has God lost his patience with us, and is about to destroy us? Is it The Last Judgement??

IS some huge astronomical object approaching us??

I have found three videos from different parts of the world, plus a report from Britain, all showing a strange V shape at sunrise or sunset down south. Definitely approaching us. Allegedly huge. Reports vary the size between slightly smaller than Mars and four times as big as Jupiter. (NASA found an object in 1983. But then hastily denied it. Said a mistake had been made. Apparently some astronomical object, huge and approaching us.)

The obvious possibility is to conclude our increasing disasters and heat are due to Nibiru.(Though this year in Australia has seen an unusual cold start to Summer. Which I MOSTLY ascribe to a Maunder Minimum(A long lasting drop in temperatures – caused by the recent paucity of sun-spots!)
I think we can safely rule out lens flares, mock suns, reflections and refractions from most of The Second Sun videos. It is(or was)not exactly like our sun, and its size has varied.

Why cannot we(most ordinary people)SEE it?? Surely a huge object nearing us would be noticed by astronomers and reported?!

Yes, that is true. However, we need to bear in mind that this object is in the infra red, still only telescopically visible, and best seen down south, having just come up from below the ecliptic. Aside from the glare of the sun.(Few people would scrutinize the sun for any length of time! Unless you wish to go blind!!)(It is now between sun and us, so look for a BLACK SPOT silhouetted against the sun!!)(But also a V shape low fairly low down in sky near sun-rise and sun-set. Especially towards the south.)

Try sunset and sunrise. Farther south the better.
There are more than a few who hoax of course. So we need to keep our eyes open against such. And also allow against lens flares,mock suns,reflections and refractions,etc.
It is getting serious. And we DO need to determine one way or the other regarding “End of The World” and “Wipe-out!” coming in 2,012. As NO THING could be more important!

Most of us face a terrible and horrible death! Some time in 2,012!(NEXT year!)
Basically because of the close approach of some huge astronomical object. Better known perhaps as Planet X(Now lX).

Why are bunkers being built in so many countries? Seeds stored,etc. Why all the talk about 2,012, doom? And Nibiru. Why are disasters increasing??
UFO’s and crop circles are increasing.

Could YOU calmly sit at home and wait for a boulder to crash down on you? Or some such dire event! THINK about it! We are facing the END of this civilization and age!!

In the most SAVAGE manner!!
Government and media have nothing to say.

Sceptics poo poo the idea.
Hardly anyone seems bothered!(MUST BE because they don’t know about it. Rather than that they do not care!!)
Yet, increasingly, for 2,000 years we have been so often WARNED about THE END coming soon!
REALLY important sources have warned against it.(Including Jesus,Nostradamus,Mother Shipton, Cayce, Einstein, Hawkins…!)

In DAYLIGHT, on videos, from three different parts of the world, there are videos showing a strange V shape in the sky.(Telescopic lens only.)

The shape is EXACTLY as described by The Sumerians thousands of years ago! The Winged Horus. A giant winged red dragon.
On the other hand, an elongated V shape seems to be the shape taken by some meteors! Could THAT explain it?

But the V shape on these three videos has been growing for YEARS. Hardly a meteor!
A comet? An asteroid? A UFO? (But these things don’t stay in the same position for years!)
Betelgeuse(expected to explode any time soon)has not happened yet! It is not that.
A star(or group there-of) or a galaxy or group of galaxies?? With a V shape?

The V is far too distinctive for any of these possibilities.

Besides, WHY only recently appearing?

And WHY getting larger?
Time to be thinking of wearing a tin hat!
Considering the threat, there is an odd lack of open discussion!!
SOMEONE is playing a strange game.
A psychotic,paranoidal avoidance of a subject which SHOULD be hitting front page BANNER head-lines WORLD WIDE!!
Hardly a murmur.
Just about NO THING!!

The Authorities would try to avoid panic,of course. Via a policy of denial. A conspiracy of silence.(But more likely to keep CONTROL of us!! Under their THUMB!!)

But how FOOLISH, considering that Nibiru or whatever is going to become increasingly OBVIOUS over the coming months!

THAT would create panic. Even PANDEMONIUM.
The most sensible route is to gradually inform the public. So to give them a chance to adjust to the idea, even the idea of a sudden terrible horrible death!! Which many if not most of us NOW FACE!!

Nibiru is going to suddenly appear in the sky. And be seen by just about all!!

A terrifying event that might stop more than a few hearts ON THE SPOT!!
Two suns have been seen for years now by a few. But for so many to suddenly see two moons, must be VERY disturbing!
People don’t want to know. However, if you know well enough in advance you have a CHANCE to get down the gigantic entrance to the interior near to The North Pole!(One near South Pole,too,but North FAR easier!)(There are about three entrances world-wide.)(One near to each pole, and another one some distance away from The North GEOGRAPHICAL pole. It is VERY important you head for The NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL pole, not any magnetic pole!! By gyroscope, head dead due north!! Keep going past old pole for hundreds of miles. And you cannot miss it!! Though will see and feel NO DIFFERENCE. Until you are within The Earth. Then suddenly all will be temperate and lush.)
The Earth will probably INVERT, physically!! Producing winds of up to 200 miles per hour and gigantic tsunamis.(Poor animals then all right!!)

EVERY imaginable unpleasant event can be expected.
I see February 2,012 for its appearance.

I see April 2,012 for its arrival.(Nibiru)

POSSIBLY not until May 20th or 21st, 2,012.
I think the sudden appearance of the monster is going to throw the whole world into CHAOS!!(Some time in February, 2,012.)
End of the age is slated for some time in 2,012. PERHAPS a bit earlier or later.
That year is set(indirectly) in stone in The Great Pyramid.
Help me, please, to GET The Authorities to organize the evacuation of all key people,etc. down The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole – preferably by Cruise Ships, preceded by ice breakers!!!!
As life on The Earth’s outer surface will be indescrible! So bad it would be better to DIE than to survive!
Now these are strong statements. But STUDY the videos,etc!!

Once Nibiru becomes visible to the naked eye, it should hit world’s front page BANNER headlines THEN!!
But how hard THEN, amidst all the chaos, to organize best specimens of everything to get whisked down The North GEOGRAPHICAL pole!
You do this, or stand a good chance of dying folks!!
True, humanoid aliens will land, en masse, and evacuate many. To another planet.

A VERY disturbing prospect!(To be suddenly taken aboard a UFO and moved to another planet!!)
Or you may live, and find yourself in the most appalling conditions one can think of!

The great question if: IS this V shape being increasingly seen in the sky – due to some large astronomical object headed straight for us – or not??!!
Is it an asteroid. Or is it Nibiru??!!
WHAT is it??!!
STUDY the videos!!

NIBIRU is the name given by NASA to what was known as Planet X. The tenth planet! It is the name of a Sumerian god.
Wake up, world! Or be VERY rudely AWAKENED!!
Yes, world-wide economic and financial collapse is VERY likely due to fall of Eurozone.

At any time.

Yes, world war (3) is very likely close – due to Iran almost certainly building nuclear weapons. Threatened Israel is likely to attack the nuclear re-actor sites. Prompting MASSIVE retaliation by Iran. Hitting The Straits of Horuz(In The Persian Gulf.)(Choking off the main sea lane of the world!!) Sinking U.S. carriers. And smashing U.S. bases around Iran.
Plus attacking Israel. ETC…
And, of course, we have just about only one effective anti-biotic now!
So we have Nibiru(Doom, 2,012.A.D.), World War 3, diseases over-whelming the anti-biotics and numerous other terrors and horrors arising.
There is the likelihood of an attack by North Korea on The U.S. By inter-continental guided missile.

Knocking out nearly all electronics!!

Via EMP.

We have increasing cyber war.
And hacking against private individuals.

World civil war and rebellions, amid terrible revolutions,etc. are likely to result.
Along with General Emergencies, Martial Law, Police States and Military Rule, plus curfews,etc. World-wide.
Yes, I expect 2,012 to be the worst year to be experienced(past or future)by the human race – and ALL life upon this planet!!

Are you ready?
Absolute chaos,confusion,mix up,etc. is approaching. Expected NEXT YEAR, 2,012.A.D!!
Money to become worthless – and thrown into the streets.

End of electronics.
And of electricity – except suddenly AT THE END OF BROKEN WIRES!!

STARTING by us being thrown back 200 years!
Amid absolute BEDLAM. HELL on Earth!!

But DON’T commit suicide or go for euthanasia!

Understand! Loss of physical body will leave you in The Spirit World. Along with VERY MANY other new arrivals there!!
Expect to re-incarnate later.
Meanwhile alive on Earth, amid conditions conducive ONLY to death!!

Or a life of APPALLING misery!

Something to THINK about, isn’t it!!
These are SOME of my findings after YEARS of intensive close study.
GOD help us ALL!!

Enjoy your Christmas and New Year??!!
How interesting considering all the talk about Doom,etc. in 2,012.A.D!!
PLEASE, punch in on your Internet Browsers, Nibiru videos, Two suns? Videos; Doom,2,012? Videos; Or Planet X videos.(Important you put that word VIDEOS in!)(I find that they give the most graphic pictures!!)
ALL the BEST!!

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