CCC3 More on Nibiru,etc. A sequel to CCC2.

August 1, 2012

      Thursday, August 2nd, 2,012. 2,012.



Continuing Nibiru latest,etc.



       As Nibiru(Herbucilis) gets closer, disasters, heat, disturbances, etc. increase.


Axial tilt and crustal displacement can be expected eventually, but before then THE INDIVIDUAL TECTONIC PLATES WILL BE AFFECTED. Plates will be tilted, raised, lowered. Each one differently.


        In addition to this, other heavenly bodies will be affected, and differently.


        Moon wrong. Sun disturbed. Earth out of line.


        In consequence of this, people will find their sky view strange, those on each plate seeing a different strangeness. Sky, land and environment will change from normal, DIFFERENTLY for each plate!!



        This will of course, coupled to the effects from the escaping METHANE, plus the increasingly fast changing compass bearings, as Magnetic North speeds away faster and faster, produce growing CHAOS in the affairs of Man, the animals, and on other planets,etc!!


       Animals will be lost, completely disorientated, and crash and die.


       Navigation in the human world, air travel for example must go completely haywire – with the ensuing disastrous results!!


       Some plates will be tilted one way, and some another. So there will be disagreement from area to area on Earth.


       With satellites too affected, radio communications and radar,etc. will be SKEWIFF.


       This is going to increase – as Nibiru(Herbuculis) gets nearer.


       We are seeing signs of these things already.


       Sun, moon, stars,etc. will be rising and setting in unusual places, AND DIFFER in their displacement FROM AREA TO AREA(viewed from)!!!!



      I am hoping someone(or more than one) can take over from me.


     Shelters need to be as deep as you can get them. With a careful eye to being able to breathe – and to keep WATER OUT!!(As much rain will fall in some parts. Very little in others.)












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