PP20 The Grim Reaper. A closer look!

October 29, 2011

Sunday, 30th October, 2,011.


What its like to die,etc.

Some more on death,etc.

Death is the best event in life! Provided it is TIMELY. You have finished. Your exile is over! It is usually the most pleasant event. Nothing comes even close to the joy experienced at dying. Your work in the mine is over. You are coming out! Going home.

Is death painful? Not in itself. What is painful is what occasions it.

On the contrary, when you die, all pain and fear vanish.

What is it like to die? It is like(the big sleep) going under a general anaesthetic. (Sleep is the little death.)

The only difference is that when you awaken(and you WILL) you awaken in another vehicle(body)(another one of yours). A vehicle finer than the physical one.

The physical body will rot away.

It served you whilst it was inhabitable – in order to contact this physical plane. Once it becomes uninhabitable – then you come out of it.

It makes as much sense to be concerned about your corpse – as to be obsessed with your DISCARDED garments!

The error Man makes is to THINK that they ARE their physical bodies!

Consequently, when the physical dies, they THINK that that is then the end of them!

But it is only the end of WHAT DIES! Which is the physical vehicle! ONLY.

The physical body, being SO immediate to the conciousness, it is a simple error to make, to jump to the false conclusion that one IS one’s physical vehicle!

Also, MANY people, fearing Hell after death,on account of wrongs done, REJECT any after-life – thus disposing of the structure which could create Hell for it!

But this is self-kidology!

It is a good way to dodge Hell. But only in DELUSION!!

Hell, like Heaven, is a STATE of mind, a CONDITION of soul. But if we have done wrong, how much better to PAY it off, because we only commit ourselves to HELL.(I am speaking re after death about the PLACE in the other world which your state of HELL takes you to after you die. A VIBRATIONAL place. Which is of matter, albeit finer matter than the physical.

We pay off our debt or karma in the material we made it of. If done in the physical, then the pay-off will come in the physical!(For instance, if you rob a bank, then in some future life you might find yourself being robbed often(Until scores are settled, and not just one for one, but MULTIPLIED!! (It does NOT pay to do wrong!!)). But it won’t be in in an after-life Hell. THAT arises purely and simply from our MENTAL vibrational state! It is ADDITIONAL to the karma incurred! So do not sin lightly!! Do not sin AT ALL!!!!)

It returns to The Great Reservoir of Matter. For re-use – by other creatures, possibly even yourself.

The thing about your corpse is that its matter is most easily de-materialized – for possible use in materializations. But not advised.

We have all died MANY times before. It is not new to us. Meaning our general conciousness.

You depart from your physical body(at death AND in temporary trips out of the body) in the reverse manner in which you entered it.

You entered your physical body when you dived into the foeutus created by the couple you chose as your parents – at your conception.

You entered somehow(once in – cannot get out again(not easily)), perhaps by mergence or descent into the suture in the skull of the foeutus.

And you leave by passing out through this suture. Which appears like a TUNNEL or somesuch. The light we see at the end – is the outside world, but the spirit world outside world!

The relief at this exit is enormous.

What happens is that your spirit component shrinks to the size of a small pea, enters the heart, passes to the pineal and/or pitituary gland, and then out through the suture in the skull passing through the brain.

You spiral out of the top of your head – and then down to the deck. Like a feather. Where you might bounce around a little.(Like a bubble.)

You may not be aware of this stage. Perhaps not becoming concious until you are in The Spirit World PROPER. Perhaps in some meadow. Somewhere near a Re-habilitation Centre.(Where you get signed in – and indoctrinated.)(Like going to a hospital.)

Nothing to worry about. But what IS important is that your vibrations are raised to the highest. That is done by Altruism, Philanthropy, Prayer, Meditation, Spiritual Yoga,etc.Good music,etc.Good company. And so on…and so on.

Raising your vibrations takes you to higher planes. If you are so foolish as to lower them(by doing bad deeds)(even by thinking low thoughts), then you will descend the sub-planes.

You will rise or fall according to the quantity and quality of your deeds(thoughts, words, acts and omissions).

Now THESE THINGS should be taught by the churches, synagogues, mosques and temples,etc.

However, thanks to evil pressure against, they are not taught as much as they should be! Because humans just don’t like the prospect of pain. (Which of course is understandable. But a small pain to avoid a larger one – is wisdom!)

This world is ruled by evil. Therefore its inhabitants IN GENERAL will strive all out to prevent you doing good. And they are only TOO successful, because they do it SO WELL!!

They deny it, of course!

You will pay for your ill deeds(and get rewarded for the good) in several ways: 1. By going to a plane in accord with the plane of your behaviour.(A plane is simply a vibrational LEVEL.) 2. By KARMA. That is you will suffer in proportion to your deeds. By getting born with some handicap. In some future life. 3. By having to experience the suffering or whatever you caused in your victim!(Karma occurs in this present life AND in future lives.)(It occurs at the level you instigated it.)(So if you murdered someone in this life, then you might expect to get murdered by them in some future life. Though things seldom are as neat as this.)(Just giving key examples which come to mind.)

Hence the VERY WISE injunction to do unto others(as you would be done by)!

During the pre-anaesthetic stage, you can feel cold and stillness falling upon your body spreading out from the heart. Going to the extremities.(As your spirit vehicle exits.)

You may THINK that it is the end of YOU. But it is only the end of the physical vehicle concerned. NOT of YOU. The Conciousness Unit.

Deaths,like births,etc. VARY greatly. I have only given the GENERAL run of things.

If you wish to learn more, punch in your questions with your browser on The Internet. With your computer.

Most people fear, even dread, death. Yet a TIMELY one is the best event in life. By far.

To be expected, as we do dislike loss of one’s life,body,loved ones, relatives, family, friends and so on, fearing the unknown,and expected nothingness, especially if guilty of wrong, – and so fearing Hell, Judgement, etc. Dreading the expected Fear and Pain in Death.

Final ends are so terrifying. But what about an ENDLESS life, especially if not happy!!

WHICH is preferable??

Anyway, we get what is DISHED OUT!!

Which is endlessness. Pleasant or unpleasant IS UP TO US!!

The trouble is that men believe what MAN tells them, rather than what initiates with GOD!!

And they have a nasty habit of believing bad things in preference to the good!!(Because in THIS world, bad things usually happen.(However that is not universally true. In Paradise it is nearly entirely good. But GETTING THERE requires that your good deeds EXCEED your bad!!)

It(what happens to us after death) is all needless as the reverse USUALLY results:-

Except the bit about where we go. Paradise or Hades! THAT is true. And to the extent that we have earned such.

What takes you UP, vibrationally, is GOOD DEEDS. Not belief in this or that. Your ACTIONS rather than your beliefs create the results!!

It seems that the only judge – is ourself!

However, there IS a LAW – The Spiritual Law(Or LORD) which EXACTLY measures our EVERY ACT. Playing back its converse to us at a suitable juncture. Not necessarily straight away. Thus NO THING that we do – gets missed.(Even things done when on your own.)(The ALL-SEEING EYE is ALWAYS there!)

The religious Hell of Christendom does not exist!

This is a horrid evil thing passed down into Christendom from Paganism!

However! There IS a Hell! And it is bad enough!(Perhaps even worse than the Hell of Christendom. WERE THAT POSSIBLE!! It is a contradiction in terms. Because God is GOOD!! And to award ENDLESS MAXIMUM PAIN on one who cannot bear it, in order to teach good behaviour(surely required!) would THEN necessarily DEFEAT itself, AND make The Devil stronger than God. (Yes, I am quite willing to accept that GOD makes the rules. But these EXTREME religious hells smack rather of some petulant MAN, rather than a wise, all-knowing, LOVING GOD!!)Which is not so.)(What gives it to us – is OURSELF! When we hurt others, even mentally(Mentally is the most important!). Usually through misunderstanding, but nonetheless DONE.)(That hurtful act pushes our MENTAL VIBRATIONS down!!)

There are DEGREES of Hades, and Paradise. You get back(multiplied) whatever it is you doled out in life!

GOD does not judge. We judge our selves.

Judgements DO occur. Ex The Great Spiritual Law. IT knows EXACTLY where,when and who to strike. And how hard,etc.

However, it is the infallible spiritual law that NEVER fails to exact the precise reward(good or evil) that is meet.

It is like a geiger counter in your skull – chalking up the points ALL OF THE TIME!! It relays(you CANNOT stop it) this information through to The Great Spiritual Law. Called in religious parlance – THE LORD!!

The Celestial Book-keeper.

Motive is the important thing.

Strange to say, INTENT IS the action that is REALLY chalked up.

Man’s Law punishes REGARDLESS of Intent. It goes by WHAT, not why!

However, I UNDERSTAND, that GOD looks at The Intention! And tempers every action ACCORDINGLY!!

At least I HOPE so!!

If you meant to kiss your girl friend, but smothered her instead(unintentionally), you still pay for the outcome. But the MENTAL content of the returning pay-back – is tempered by what was MEANT.(In some future life she might strangle you, but with a loving smile!)

I can only tell you what I have gleaned. The ACTUALITY may differ., and no doubt does!!

The last word must be held by the viewer.

What we THINK, and the truth, can differ.

I can ONLY give my opinion, OF COURSE!!

Remember that there are a thousand voices. All saying something different!!

The final view is necessarily YOURS!!

And THAT is a preference.

Which may – or may not – be true!!

We believe what we WANT(to be the truth), NOT the truth!!

But heck, how often are we wrong?? ??

We can only hope.

And REALLY sharpen our mental perspicacities!!(Because unless we ARE GOD, – we had better be right!!)


Anyone for tennis??(Sorry, I don’t have smileys. Gravity, not levity!!)(Living is a VERY serious business. Though LIGHT RULES not darkness!!)

I may not always be right, but am seldom wrong!

Anyone care to hold the mike for a while?…

I don’t expect to be with you much longer,…

Seriously, Man acts as though he doesn’t know…THINGS which he ought to!!

I mean just how many are TRYING to get IN TO

HELL??!!(Just watch TV, read the papers,etc. news – And SEE!!)

Am I on the right planet?

Or is my timing SOMEWHAT out??!!



PP19 Sequel to PP18.

October 28, 2011

Saturday, 29th October, 2,011.


Gloves. Sequel to PP18.

We face a number of huge crucial problems:-

1. The four COLOSSAL cataclysms, which are imminent.

2. Transition(death) for nearly all creatures on Earth.

3. Ascension. For those spiritual enough to achieve it!

4. The need to get down The North Geographical Pole(Which should protect us from at least the falling boulders,etc!) AND wear my SPECIAL HELMETS!!!!

5. Evacuation! By The humanoid aliens. The Annunaki, and maybe Reptilians!

6. The need to adjust to the rise in vibrations for Earth and its inhabitants.

7. The Coming Great Galactic Centre(Dark Rift) Alignment with Sun and Earth on December 21st, 2,012.A.D.

8. The new set of cycles, including The Mayan Long Count Cycle.

9. The start of The Age of Aquarius.(December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.)

10. The appalling consequences attendant on our solar system rounding the stellar spiral arm.(Causing the Earth to HEAVE UP.)(Because of Centrifugal Force!)(Which is producing our increasing disasters, heat,cold, sink holes, cracks in the ground, the moaning Earth,ETC.)(Be READY for the SUDDEN hyperbolic increase in rate AT ANY TIME,now!!)

11. The return to a Stone Age,etc.

12. The need for those evacuated(about half of humanity) to adjust to life upon a new planet around a new sun!!

13. The enormous economic and financial crash – which cannot be avoided. Due to occur in between 6 months and ten years. If only Earth could survive that long!!

THEY are trying to solve the debts and deficits crises by GONG FURTHER INTO DEBT!!(Dressed up and disguised by waffling words! DON’T buy it. Only way out of debt is to pay it COMPLETELY OFF!! We ALL need to live WITHIN OUR MEANS, materially AND SPIRITUALLY!!!! OR ELSE!!)

14. The growing wrath of those who cannot bear the changes now speeding up. The Rebels.(The Rebels MAY have a point. But DO they have TWO?? Rebels complaints are so often MASKED covers for THEIR greed!!)(We NEED to suffer authoritative rule FOR THE BEST!!)(It being too costly to change it!!)

15. The increasing onslaught of The Forces of Negativity.(Old Nomenclature: The DEVIL!!)(Via Pan,etc.)

16. The soon to come Wrath of GOD!!

17. The Return of CHRIST!!(After The Great Tribulation!!)

18. Increasing BEDLAM.

19. Returning meanwhile to Dark Ages and PRE-Industrial Revolution.

20. Life in The Spirit World. Which I shall now go into:-

Because so many will soon find themselves in The Spirit World, I am going into this more:-

What we call Death is simply entry into The Spirit World. This for ALL creatures.

Be prepared to have to negotiate and navigate through ALL of the twenty points I have listed. Each one being enormous!!

With a wry grin I say, “Oh,yes, – end of life AS WE KNOW IT!!”. THAT is for sure…

Most of us are afraid of death.

The deaths we need to guard against are spiritual and soul deaths!! The body is irrelevant. Does not matter much WHICH world you are in!! Physical or Spirit!! Although VERY different to The Personality.(The ego if you like.)(Soul being the super ego.)(The temples, churches, synagogues and mosques,ETC. NEED to be TEACHING these things!!)(But to curry favour with REBELS, they often don’t!!)

Yes, you can stock up. Plant more in garden. But contemplating the frenzied INSANE RAGE of The Rebels. (All those unable to bear the incoming changes.) I doubt if many, IF ANY, of these precautions can survive even the first whiff of THE FURY to come(From Man!!)!!!!

Man will spearhead the great Onslaught in Four Waves by Nature.

Back to The Spirit World!!

Physical death is not the problem. That is Nothing!!

The problem is SOUL death, preceded by Spiritual Death. As we succomb to the dreadful onslaughts by Nature, via Man!! Just now starting up.

We need to love one another. We need to pray FOR one another, not PREY upon each other. Do unto others as YOU would have others do unto you. Above all, WORSHIP dear GOD,ABOVE!!(Above VIBRATIONALLY!! And 3d wise.)

The Devil is on a Rampage!! The biggest! As IT will be locked up after this!!

The weak are more than going to the wall, they are going THROUGH it!!

We are at the end of a 26 MILLION year AGE. Not of the world, but of so many ages and cycles. Though it will SEEM like The End of The World!! It COULD be the end of The Earth. So severe and savage will things become.

Rudd is being moved up prepatory to a leadership challenge to The Australian Federal Labor Party. Gillard fighting to the last ditch.

Labor has to change from Gillard to Rudd BEFORE April when Wilkie may force the government to fall via Pokies’ Reform. But in any case – as soon as possible.

And remove power mad Gillard from Throne and Lodge!!

Australia can expect ructions before that!! Not the type to go easily!!

Spirit World.

We are like seven gloves encased one within the other. As with Chinese Boxes.

Put seven gloves on your hand. Lubricate first. Red,orange,yellow,green, blue,indigo,violet and(make it eight) purple!

Lobsters and anthropods(spiders,etc.) shed their shells periodically. We do,too! But our shells are 3d, not just 2d!

Our bodies are vehicles. One is not the vehicle. One is THE OCCUPANT of the vehicle.

How many of you think that you ARE your car? When in it.

So it is with the physical body. It is a temporary GARMENT. Not YOU!!

Many people believe what they WANT, not the Truth!!

And many people do not believe in Survival(of physical death), because having sinned a lot perhaps are SO FEARFUL of where they will go in The Here-After! Deep down they believe. But their concious minds SHOUT DOWN what their subconciouses are CRYING OUT!!

YOU are conciousness. A part of GOD’S conciousness.

We wear these seven,eight gloves. The eighth is really a transition glove back to number one.

When we die, conciousness jumps from physical brain into the astral brain. A jump in VIBRATIONS.

By the way, when re-incarnating(if and when), just check out that foeutus of your newly chosen couple! Make sure it is satisfactory. Because THAT is going to be your next physical body! And YOU will be wearing it!!

A blank black out occurring for 2 to 3 days.(Between death and the after-life.)

In the analogy(analogue) this is equivalent parallel to throwing away the red outer glove.

Your outer vehicle now becomes the orange one. And you dwell in an orange world.(Speaking figuratively via analogue!)

You THOUGHT you were just the red glove. But,no. You are CONCIOUSNESS indwelling the full set!

After PHYSICAL death, you are in the next glove up(vibrationally up).

You don’t go instantly from physical to spirit but take time to get into The Spirit World PROPER.

Once in The Spirit World PROPER you go to Paradise or Hades. But enroute may pass through Earthbound(Purgatory) and Limbo states.

First of all we have to pass through Reception!

After death, you may find yourself in a(spirit world) meadow or somesuch. OR somewhere near to your now dead physical body. Or in or near your corpse(get out and away FAST)(That old overcoat is DISCARDED now!)(Get WELL AWAY from it!!)

The Earthbound state occurs when your low appetites, perhaps for sex, food, … whatever DEMAND gratification. You then find yourself chained to THE ORIGINAL of The Physical, and even to the duplicate(which we live in whilst alive).

If trapped in only THE ORIGINAL, then people on the physical will not be aware of you. Because THEY(us,now) are in THE DUPLICATE of the physical!

However, if your vibrations are very low, you may find yourself stuck in THE DUPLICATE physical to some extent or other.

You will then be perceived even by people without special perceptions to some degree or other.As Ghost(apparition), poltergeist, materialization(part or full).

And will frighten many.

Not intentionally necessarily, but because you have physically died, then you are no longer the rightful owner or tenant of your old home! You need to remember that!!

Going into The Spirit World is like going to another country! That’s all.

You may THINK your old bed is yours. Or your old room, or even house,etc. But you have GONE. PHYSICALLY left!!

So ascend spiritually, not hang about in your old haunts! Or you delay your progress!!

It is like entering a house, but remaining in the porch, foyer or even patio or garden.

Go to YOUR new room IN the house. Not dally at the front(or back or side)door!!!!

Those who preceded you, loved ones, family, friends, NEW friends,… AWAIT you.

Paradise is a pleasant place.

Hades is un pleasant.

Earthbound, I have just described. Trapped by your low desires.(Sex, drugs, food,your corpse, unfinished business, your will, hidden treasure for your descendents, revealing a murderer(if murdered), regrets maybe if suicide(because finding yourself STILL IN EX ISTENCE,though not alive, and so on. Also satisfaction as to disposal of your remains. You may feel the need to get a proper Christian burial, or have a cross above your grave,etc. All sorts of things can keep us earthbound.(Including saying last farewells and love gifts to loved ones.)

Any number of things can HOLD YOU down. Hold you back HERE. Partially or fully.

So ensure you finish your mission/s or whatever, BEFORE you die! Or you may be hanging about as a spirit or ghost!!

Limbo is when you get lost in the inbetween zone between the physical and the spirit worlds. A foggy, damp, cold, gloomy depressing place.

There is a second limbo which is due to your ghost capturing you.(Your ghost is the energy vehicle(etheric double) which kept you going for strength in life.

Either of these limbos is highly unpleasant. Especially both.

You avoid the second limbo by keeping WELL away from your corpse, grave, cemetery,etc. after death!(Don’t go to own funeral even!)(Keep WELL away from your old body form!!!!(It’s DEAD. A corpse!!))

You avoid the main Limbo by(you CAN get stuck in limbo indefinitely!)keeping your vibrations up via prayer, meditation, yoga(spiritual yoga,not physical Hatha yoga!),etc.

Attend to these matters WELL BEFORE you go, not when too late – or after you have gone!!

21. We may need to adapt to living with humanoids aliens!

They are different, that’s all.

Avoid Reptilians,etc.

So there you have it.

I am anxious that you get these big tips in good time. You need to understand them. SO important!!

After so called death, ONLY your PHYSICAL life will be over!

Take what I am saying VERY seriously now!!

I want you to have as few regrets as possible when you go!!


M48 Further points on world situation.

August 31, 2011

Saturday, 20th August,  2,011.





Further points on world situation.




             The world is in a mess. I am trying to lessen it. Get us out of the mess – if I can.


        I can only describe the world situation, and try to point out the way to improve things.


        Humans have confused God with The Devil.  And The Devil with God.

    They are extremely confused and mixed up.


    The way Jesus went – is the way to go. Bad human slew him. In particular The Jews, The religious Jews.(The Pharisees and The Sadduces??)  Caeser tried to save him. But he was obliged to save the life of a murderer, one Barrabas.  But hand Jesus over to the crowd(to the mob), who would kill him.  Caeser oversaw the operation. He had to.  He washed his hands of it.


    All those who try to go The Positive Way(Of doing good, of construction, not destruction.) have a hard time. In proportion to their efforts for good!!


   The Devil cannot destroy God, so it tries to destroy Man(God’s cherished species.), instead.


    God has a problem. God cannot force the evil doers to do good, as that would rob them of their free will.


    God would be doing wrong if IT used force.


    God has all power. But must not misuse it.


    Hitler tried to advanced Christianity!  But though he started off all right, his methods became leftwards(downwards).


   What a pity we exaggerate and distort things so much and so often!!


    This then paints a false picture.


    And how much better not to run others down. No matter what they MAY have done.


    Understand, and try to lift up(in spirits)!!


    Avoid judging others.


    We are all trying to work out our destinies(decided before birth), the business of only God and ourselves.


     Let others BE what they are.(We CANNOT be otherwise!!)


     We all would like others to be like ourselves.


      But ONLY WE can be!!





     I am unable to send this one out. Unable to work my e mail servers!!


















August 31, 2011

Wednesday, 17th August,  2,011.




M45(Go by THIS M45 article, NOT my previous despatch. Please CANCEL the earlier first one!!  VERY IMPORTANT!!!!(I had not edited sufficiently properly.))



The things that matter!!




Are you ready to die??





       The things that matter(And,  are you ready to die?):-


       1.  Dodging the approaching Nibiru.(It is expected by those in the know to kill nearly all life on Earth, AND some other planets! Three huge objects due to come close to us soon. These are Antoine, the second sun,The core of Planet Phaeton, and Nibiru. Nibiru is not due until 2,078.A.D. But Phaeton should pass us at a million miles around 14.02.13.  And Antoine, soon.(Huge compared to Earth.))(I propose to send you videos of these objects. So you can SEE for yourselves their reality!)(Nibiru is the name given to any or all of these.  But Nibiru is actually Planet X, visible now(About size of Saturn.). Antoine, the brown dwarf star is VERY visible(Very large compared to us.).  And Phaeton(slightly smaller than Mars) can be seen as a dark spot silhouetted against our sun, Sol.)(Our only hope is to get down The North Geographical Pole AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Best specimens of everything. So to relaunch life upon the surface after this SECOND solar system(with its six planets and their satellites,etc.etc.) has rounded the sun and is heading back out into space.)(Nibiru is the least of our worries.)


       2.  The fact of SUPER intelligent life on Mars.


       3.  Aliens soon to inspect us. Annunaki aliens.


       4.  Salvation.(NOT religieusity and going to Church! SPIRITUALITY and being DIVINE.  Repenting and accepting CHRIST SPIRIT into your heart, and letting it live out THROUGH you.)


       5.  The desperately urgent need for Australia is to get rid of Labor. And to vote in a Coalition Government under Tony Abbott.(Definitely not Turnbull!!)(Getting rid of current P.M. no good until you FIRST get rid of Labor. Which has let in The Greens!!  So we have the IDIOTIC policies of BOTH,now. Because the P.M. sold Australia out to The Greens(NOW ruling.), in order to win power! Danger is of the previous p.m. getting back in.)


            Yes, try ALL OUT to force the earliest possible election on the issues of Carbon Tax(Carbon Dioxide it should be. But CO2 is NOT the cause of global warming!!),and Mining Tax,etc.  The Asylum Seekers?(Nauru is best place.), Gay Marriage, Euthanasia, etc.  Don’t let in Islam, especially SHIA Islam, Australia!  And reduce immigrants(bar Brits.), not increase them!)



       6.  The likelihood of world financial and economic collapse.(Due to over spending and the EXCESSIVE printing of bank-notes.)



      7.   The danger of World War Three(and more after that).  From Iran continuing to make atomic weapons and threaten Israel.  And North Korea also making atomic weapons and improving the range of their missiles – so as to hit U.S.etc.



     8.    Anti-biotic resistant diseases!  Partly due to over use of anti-biotics.  Doctors are prescribing anti-biotics far too easily.


     9.    The reality of Hades in The Spirit World after death. IF you do more evil than good in life! The Hell described by Christendom is phoney. But Hell DOES exist. I refer to Hades, The Underworld. A material place in The Spirit World.(The Spirit World is GRADUATED. Punishment is graded PROPORTIONATELY!!)(If, as a scuba diver, you loaded yourself with too many weights, WHO would you blame?  Similarly, when we do more wrong than good, then we INCREASE THE WEIGHT OF OUR SOUL!  And like scuba divers  – will sink, via gravity, according to the AMOUNT of that weight!!  DOWN the planes of The Spirit World.  Whereas, if we do more good than evil, then we RISE UP!!)(Very simple. So shall we blame GOD if we find ourselves in an unpleasant place? Or face the fact that we did not make enough efforts to do more good than evil.)(Don’t do ANY evil!)


     The need is to get people to do more good than evil. So that they go to Paradise(a material place) and Heaven(a condition of soul).



     10.  The desperate need to beat The Devil. The king of Negativism.


     Negativism is creating misery. But we need happiness.  Via POSITIVISM!!


     Two kinds of Negativism(as with Positivism): a.  Mental. b. Emotional.



     We are being DELIBERATELY distracted away from the things that matter. By The DEVIL. Who works through the various powers and beings in the physical world!! As in life, and on Television!!


     We need to get back to GOD. Not the religious god. But the SPIRITUAL one!!



     Concern should be for SOUL survival and advancement. The physical body will perish and rot away to nothing. Once getting old, not much point preserving THAT(UNDULY, I mean!!)!!


     Soul survives and grows by developing DIVINE WILL(A SPIRIT in us higher than love, even!) and LOVE. And giving these out to the MAXIMUM – to those who need it.


     SPIRITUALITY and being DIVINE, are what matters, not religieusity! Church attendance matters little.  Helping the needy matters all!


     GOOD SPIRIT rather than rituals!!(Danger is of rituals blocking the good spirit!)


     Jesus knew the way.



     It does NOT lie in drowning yourself in alcohol and smoke, nor drugs.


     And certainly NOT in violence, sadism and war,etc.



     It lies in helping those who need help. To do GOOD, I mean. As per Jesus style!!


     And in giving out truths, instead of the lying propaganda with which we are constantly being bombarded via television,etc.



     Man’s religion today is Orthodox Science. Which is so very wrong about IMPORTANT things. Like survival beyond death,re-incarnation,etc.  We DO survive death, AND after an average 50 years in The Spirit World, do re-incarnate. Usually as humans.  Alternating genders. Man, woman.


     It(Orthodox science)(SO propagated by universities,etc.(After primary school,  teaching starts to go HAYWIRE.)) is WAY off course on these very important matters.




    Man is OBSESSED with avoiding physical death, and with safety.


     Up to a point, well and good. but not to the exclusion of all else!!




     We DO live for ever. But not in these PHYSICAL carcasses!!


     The crying need is to get away from the DISTRACTIONS!!


     Things like over-concern with one’s weight.


     I think Policy is more important than personality.(Re: Politics.)


     Commercial advertizing is being overdone.


     We need to get our priorities in order. Put first things first.


     The most important of all is that we worship GOD.


     And follow Jesus.


     We need to keep in mind WHERE we will go after death.


     NOW is the time to plot the right or best course. NOT when it is too late, and we find ourselves LOST in The Spirit World!!


     Sex is Mankind’s downfall.(Though not the sole culprit!)


     With drugs next I suppose. Soft drugs are not so bad.  But HARD drugs are dangerous.(It is strange that marijuana is downcried, while ALCOHOL(Ban it! SO OBVIOUSLY!!!!  It IS our biggest deadweight!!)is allowed!!)


      Humans do far too much evil and wrong.(The things that take us to HELL after death!!)



      Pleasure and fun is NOT the way to go.


      What is the use of having a whale of a time HERE, in the physical, if after death we go to an unpleasant place?!



      Therefore, stick it out HERE, and have a pleasant life after death. The pleasant life AFTER death will exceed the dubious joy we get now after doing evil!  So, be WISE, – and make a PROFIT!! Do good!!(Doing good is THE OBVIOUS BEST route to go!!)




      Do as YOU wish, of course. I am simply pointing out what I think is the better way!!



      We NEED governing, otherwise Anarchy will eventuate.


      Which is good for NO ONE!!


      So law and order!!


      It is better to grit your teeth now, and smile later! Don’t you think?



      Get a LOVING heart, rather than money in the bank!  But make it gold,now.  As bank notes are PAPER.  (NO promise to exchange for gold,now, remember!) Can revert to nothing ANY TIME. But gold and silver, are rather more lasting AND VALUED!!(But DIVINE WILL and LOVE best of all!!)


      Promises are become pretty worthless. So what use hoarding those pretty coloure bits of paper(bank-notes)??


      SOME is necessary, of course.





      Nixon took us off the gold standard(In U.S.) back in 1971.  And so fiat money(Bank notes and coins THAT USED TO BE gold, silver and copper,etc. are now alloys worth FAR less!!)(Because our cash(bank notes and coins)is (not since 1971 in U.S.) no longer anchored to gold, it has floated free of a sound stabilizer – and has consequently devalued!! That is the basic trouble!  The Feds controlling The Markets is second in our downfall.  Though general greed by shop-keepers may be worse!(Shop keepers of all kinds. Those who trade sell.)



      Originally there was a PROMISE to exchange bearer with GOLD. But now that promise is no longer there!! OMINOUS!!



      So WHERE is the requirement to change paper for gold??!!




     Gold looks nice. But SILVER has more practical use. Industrially AND as money.



     The danger is of CONFISCATION, if people hoard gold and silver!!


     In other words, government TAKES IT OFF YOU!!




     Power appeals to us all.





     I watch Australian Television a lot. But find so much advertizing, trivia, hilarity and distracting subjects!    SOME of the subjects are not SO bad.



     The purpose of this article is to try to get us all back to the things THAT MATTER!!



      The important issues of life.




      But the world is the world, and will go the worldly way.



      Humanity is so spiritually UNEVOLVED.







      On December 21st, 2,012. we align with The Centre of The Galaxy. Earth Sun and Galactic centre line up(in a straight line).


      From the Galactic Centre proceeds massive energy. So we get best influence then.


      That,too, is when Age of Aquarius starts.(More good influences.)





      Aliens coming to inspect us.


      PERHAPS abducting us one by one.


      You see. So FEW have much idea about WHAT is going on!





      I am TRYING to save us all, spiritually and materially.  By telling you the truth.  As I see it, at least.




      Instead of uniting with other humans, we NEED to unite with GOD!


      Go the way JESUS went.




      THAT is the crying need.




       I do not seek Popularity.


       Approval by GOD is the thing to get.


       But not by trying to influence GOD.



       Just let GOD decide!






































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