OOO10c.Death. History.

May 20, 2013

O0010c  Wednesday, May 8th, 2,010.

What happens at death? Also Nibiru,etc.

It is extremely important to understand what I call the basic verities of life. In order to have a happy and successful one(life):-

What men call death is not the end of them. It is ONLY the end of our outermost vehicle(body) of SEVEN. Humans have SEVEN vehicles(bodies), each one encased within another, three-dimensionally AND five dimensionally. When we SO CALLED die, we ONLY shed and lose our outermost vehicle, – the physical body. We, a concentrica of SIX vehicles, bodies then exit our physical bodies(which die and rot away,unless destroyed immediately). We then CONTINUE to live in a finer and larger realm, namely The Spirit World, the lowest plane of which is The Astral Plane. The Spirit World is VERY different to the physical world we know so well, and find ourselves within at present. The prime difference is that the matter and energy composing it – are FAR finer and more expansive and complex. As we die physically we may THINK that that will be the end of us. Some WANT it to be the end of them, and some hope for a continuance of life some how. Whatever our wish, we DO continue. Initially becoming what are called spirits. If seen, as they are sometimes, – ghosts. Ghosts are merely entities that have lost their physical bodies. AT FIRST they live on in this replica of the physical world.

What men call death is ONLY the end of the most difficult part of our cycle of manifestations. PART of The Astral Plane of The Spirit World CONTAINS a world which VERY MUCH resembles our current world, the physical. It LOOKS very much like the physical, but functions extremely differently. Our current world,the physical, is in fact an almost carbon copy of The Astral Plane. Where we go in this realm depends upon our Behaviour during physical life. Some go high, but some low. Good folk go high. The others, they go low. However it is not, as a rule, ANYTHING like the religious heaven and hell we hear about. You only go to a low place for as long as you fall short of God’s requirement. After that you ascend to a higher VIBRATIIONAL level in The Spirit World. At first this is The Astral Plane – which is far finer than the physical in its material and energy composition. Heaven and Hell last for ever – but any particular person’s stay there is only until they have improved their Behaviour. Their conduct to others. There are degrees of heaven and hell, and we go to our place – which corresponds with the reward(good and/or bad) we are qualified for.

The Spirit World is a MATERIAL world, though finer than the physical. We don’t stay there for ever, AND we don’t suffer INFINITE pain. Only that which is commensurate with the degree of refinement necessary in each individual case. Some become earthbound and wander in the replica of the physical world, often thinking that somehow they did not die.THEY(meaning SOUL and personality)did not. But their physical body has. Some folk watch their own funerals, and can view their grave-stones. One should(for the BEST) ascend 3d AND 5d wise AS HIGH AS ONE CAN GO. When over there, head for the blue-white light, NOT the red-white one(which leads to Hell). Strenuously avoid any spirits that you might encounter who may try to drag you down into Hell. GO WITH the ones trying to get you UP!! Their appearance and demeanour should tell you WHICH persuasion they are of.

DON’T hang about! GET GOING!!

AVOID the temptation to watch your funeral and see your gravestone. Your physical corpse,now rotting away, is therein. THAT won’t hurt you. But what might, is YOUR GHOST! Your ghost is the etheric double, which is the energy field you used in life. In death it is your ghost – and will TRY to enter and possess your spirit form. Don’t let it succeed, or you may find yourself in what is called limbo for a long time. An unpleasant world. So get AWAY from your ghost as fast as you possibly can! A fog may fill The Spirit World you first encounter. And, if your ghost captures you, you may find yourself in an EXTRA FOG. Which makes life rather unpleasant. The worst feature of being earthbound is your inability to live in the physical world, despite being able to see it. People will not be able to see you, UNLESS they are clairvoyant. AND/OR – unless you densify your spirit form. You can only communicate with the living – by telepathy. Remember that! They can hear YOUR THOUGHTS. And you, theirs. You can see them, but not vice-versa. So use TELEPATHY to get heard. Speaking will not suffice.

Your ghost(etheric double) can only operate within a few feet of your physical corpse, perhaps up to 40 feet. ROUGHLY. Keep WELL outside of that range! Or you risk entanglement with your ghost, and all of the unpleasant consequences of that. So best GET GOING.UP!! If you stick around, you are inviting trouble. Animals too survive physical death. Everything does!!

Average length of time lived in physical – 55 years,about. Average length of time lived in the spirit world – 50 years. But in the spirit world, IF in Paradise, time will go fast. Don’t try to possess or obsess living humans. You might get stuck! And have to live THEIR life out(check on that possibility to appreciate the danger). Don’t bother with the opposite gender!(Or whichever gender you happen to prefer.)

WHEN, eventually, your time(your after-life) is up, one usually re-incarnates. As a rule one spends an appreciable period of time IN The Spirit World. When we re-incarnate, we enter the foeutus of some pregnant woman. Of our choice, or not. And we “hit the trail again”. Usually, if not always LOOKING VERY MUCH as we did in the previous life. Injuries get taken with us, if serious, and appear as BIRTH-MARKS and stigma.

Man’s frequent complaint that life is too short – is VERY wrong! I think we live FOR EVER. And never had a beginning,either!

To live for ever in our current physical body – would be Hell! Fortunately GOD has provided for the growth of a NEW PHYSICAL body each time. We usually FORGET our previous life, though SOME recall part and, sometimes, ALL, of it. So physical death (in due season)is A BLESSING, and should, I believe, be rejoiced over! Provided that one dies NATURALLY, and not violently. It is possible to learn who we were in a previous existence. Through hynosis, via age regression. Physical death itself – is like going into a very deep sleep. We can leave our bodies as we entered them, through the tops of our heads or sideways. Usual, is out through the top of your physical head. Which,too,is how we enter the new foeutus. So we do live for ever, and ALREADY HAVE, but not in the same physical vehicle.

Both Heaven and Hell ARE real. They exist! However, they are only commensurate with our conduct during life! And do not resemble(except rarely) the familiar religious paradigm.

The worst Hell is COLD, not heat.

After we pass on, friends and relatives, as well as unknown helpers may greet and welcome us – into the new land. We may initially need to spend a period in a spirit hospital. After that we get taken to a home provided for us, AFTER a period perhaps in the home of some friend or relative. But VERY definitely we DO survive physical death! It is WHERE we go AFTER that death that is so important(Heaven or Hell). Not so much the FACT OF physical death, itself.

Yes, these things are so!

The Spirit World is very NON religious! However, we can create a THOUGHT FORM WORLD – which IS religious – if we so choose, or even sub-conciously. We get met by guides and helpers, who get us started on our after-life. We MAY get met by Jehova and/or Jesus. But often a much lesser figure.(Who might resumble the higher personages.) We CAN, if we wish, stay in the physical REPLICA world. But this is not advised.(That is The Earthbound state.) In The Spirit World we may possess unusual powers. Rather like living in a magical world! It depends very much upon WHERE we go IN The Spirit world.

It IS possible to appear and even materialize in the physical world AFTER one’s daath. But, as a rule this may be rather disturbing to the recipient! So take care how you go about that!! Some folk are earthboud for centuries, and even millennia!!

Once dead, if you know it, get UP and OUT of it(this physical realm), as FAST as you can!!` Or you risk various VERY unpleasant fates!

You can die WITHOUT knowing it. But there are ways to determine whether or not you have died. As some(called FETCHES) leave their physical bodies temporarily. As Astral Projection and Near Death Experiences.

It is not possible to experience NOTHING. There should always be SOMETHING – to be aware of.

Birth marks are usually carry-ons from injuries in a previous life! Even moles are.(Of cancer, I believe.)

Death ITSELF is of small account. It is WHAT COMES AFTER death – that is important. WHERE we go in The Spirit World.

Once dead, you cannot come back.(Those raised from the dead – were not COMPLETELY dead!)

Some people speak of having died – and come back. This is not so! If you die, you CANNOT come back! But NEAR death experiences ARE possible.

If you yourself in the spirit world, or where-ever, and are not sure if you are dead or alive, FIND a MIRROR. And look into it at yourself. Can you see a silver cord connected to just above your shoulder blades?(Or into your skull) If you can, then you are STILL in the physical. If you see no silver cord, and no golden crown aura, then you are permanently OUT of your physical body. That is to say – what the world calls dead! You CANNOT get back. Just ascend 3d and 5d wise as high as you can in The Spirit World.(5d is vibrationally.) Head for the blue-white light and keep WELL AWAY from your ghost!! Don’t fool around. A lot depends upon it!!

I do not believe in dying and coming back. Once dead, it is permanent.(Though NEAR death experiences are possible)(But they are only NEAR, and not the full EXIT!!)

If you can get back, then you were not dead in the first place! To begin with!!

Do NOT commit suicide. Nasty penalty for that in The Spirit World. The Spirit World IS finer. But with any particular person MAY NOT be pleasant! So DON’T be foolish and kill yourself – in the MISTAKEN belief that it will be pleasant for you in The Spirit World!!(THAT depends upon the behaviour conduct of the person concerned!!)

There are two components necessary to live after death in The Spirit World. One is POWER. Which may come from ley line and ley nodes. Also from pyramids and stone-henges. The other is MATTER. Power supplies the energy. Matter(Ectoplasm) supplies the MATERIAL. Which some people called materialization(rare)mediums possess. You may THEN return, perhaps in a materialization seance.

DON’T dabble with communication with the spirits devices – such as ouija boards! Leave them STRICTLY alone! Or you MAY get possessed by a low or evil spirit! Plenty of them on the other side – just waiting for a chance – to POSSESS some unfortunate human! So to live again in the physical!! DON’T touch these devices! That includes using an inverted tumbler or wine-glass on a table or some-such!! Called The Alphabet. DON’T touch them!! Or you risk POSSESSION by an evil or low entity, human or otherwise. Possibly a demon. Yes, THEY EXIST!!

If you MUST dabble, then get PROFESSIONAL guidance from EXPERTS in the field!!

It is NOT a joke. And it is NOT fun!!

Many in mental hospitals are possessed by malelovent spirits.

The lower astral plane happens to be on the same level as the physical world! Which is WHY you get so many low spirits coming to ouija boards and The Alphabet sessions. The reason it is folly to try to contact spirits or the dead, is because not only are humans IN GENERAL so unevolved(spiritually), but most of them are low, and some – even evil. Of course, they may not announce that fact!! The point is THEY need a physical body to manifest in again!! Yours will do!! So leave spirit communication STRICTLY alone!! Spirits and ghosts exist alright. As do aliens and sprites. Some are good, but those(vibrationally) near to the Earth’s physical world – are almost invariably LOW. Very few would be demonic. But it IS possible!!

Communication with angels MAY come via temple and church meetings. IF one’s vibrations are high enough. Crude methods of communication would NOT be used!!

Yes, ghosts and magic verily exist. SHUN them!! Unless under PROFESSIONAL GUIDANCE!!

Aliens exist,too. I expect a MASS landing soon. To rescue us from Earth – which is about to be wrecked by the planet Nibiru. NOT invade us!(Though I also expect a FALSE FLAG alien invasion(humans disguised as aliens!)FIRST!!)

TWO planetary objects are close to Earth. There is Herculubis, and Nibiru. Both are unfortunately being called Nibiru. The large one is ice cold and green. Herbuculosis. The smaller, its child is Nibiru, a smaller red planet.(Where much of the debris, including iron oxides,are coming from. Some time this year, 2,013, or 2,014 should START the cataclysm, via a pole shift. At FIRST, magnetic, but later – geographical!! Be READY!!!!

Nibiru will return from Mars direction. And Herbuculosis from Jupiter’s direction. The latter has been appearing like a second sun. Nibiru, on its return will look like a second moon. The bright comet is only PART OF the scenario!! So folks DO BE PREPARED. The Nibiru menace is NOT over!! TWO planets, remember!! Herbuculosis AND Nibiru. Plus a host of junk in its tail. As well as flares from the sun. Let us hope World War 3 does not occur TOO!!!!

Got all that??

The yellowing grass(it is world-wide),etc. is due to METHANE getting released from the ground, slowly ending life on Earth.

Stock up!!

Heavy methane is going low killing grass, patches. Light methane(lacking H202 goes higher. Hydrogen sulphide goes high – and is killing the birds. Methane is getting into our air, under-water,too. Which is WHY many fish and crustacea are beaching themselves. Desperately TRYING to get OXYGEN, now being replaced by METHANE!! The reason so many ufo’s appearing! TO RESCUE US!! Take us to another planet, maybe. Perhaps Mars, or Venus. Earth is in line for a CATACLYSM,SOON!!

Vic.(Bill Thomas).

May 6, 2013

Some of our history:-
Humanity, and the current animal kingdom began on Planet Phaeton.(Where the asteroid belt now is.) But blew the surface off in a thermo-nuclear war. We emigrated to Mars. Then when Mars got devastated by Nibiru and a world civil war, we moved to Earth. Moves of best(Or what was considered the best.) by space ship and re-incarnation. Our ancestors moved to Phaeton from The Pleiades. But The Annunaki from Orion appropriated us, and changed our genes.(Creating a hybrid race to preserve our genes.)(We were created a SLAVE race, but rebelled.) They created homo-sapiens to mine gold for them to particulate – and shoot into space – to reflect more light and heat to Planet Nibiru(Planet X). Planet X was shot off Herbuculosis. Nibiru is currently near to Earth, and APPROACHING. Herbuculosis is in the outer solar system. (Planet Herbuculosis is a giant green planet. Nibiru is much smaller, but still much bigger than Earth. It is red, with a red iron oxide halo and a gigantic tail of debris.)
(Earth is going to pass THROUGH this tail. The coming comet is one of the first entities in that tail to pass us. Tails precede their objects, remember.)Herbuculosis is in The Outer Solar System. And Planet Nibiru is near to Earth, and approaching. It will pass Earth later this year causing a cataclysm via a Pole Shift, and end this current civilization of Arya. Billions will die. Many straight off. Most of the rest gradually through starvation, thirst, cold and world civil war. Earth will suffer a Nibiru caused cataclysm plus a global world war, preceded by financial and economic collapse. First, of The U.S. Dollar. This happens every 3,600 years, which is the period of Herbuculosis and Nibiru. Australia will end up on the new equator. So it will be terribly hot in Australia.(And in New Zealand.) Both huge green planet AND smaller red planet are called Nibiru. Though actually the smaller one(the child) is Nibiru. The larger one is Herbuculosis. Red dust, full of alien microbes is what is turning Earth waters red. Nibiru is slowly approaching us. Should pass us by early 2,014. The new pole shift will create a new axial tilt, crustal displacements and an ice age. This ice age is already starting to cut in. It will soon be full-blown. Disasters on Earth and Mars and the entire solar system should increase, also from the sun, this year. Possibly emping the entire planet.
This is what I see coming up. PREPARE! Billions will die. When you arrive in The Spirit World head for the blue-white light! 2,013 is the year it all STARTS. Some time this year. Going to get VERY rough.(ONLY your physical body will die. This of about half of humanity. And many animals. Meanwhile METHANE, heavy and light(heavy if water laden, light if not), plus hydrogen sulphide are two deadly gases now escaping from below the permafrost(which is melting, releasing the methane)killing all life. Fish and crustacea frantic for oxygen are beaching their selves to get at the oxygen in our atmosphere, but their gills,etc. Cannot handle oxygen neat. Much of Earth life will die.(Methane is replacing the oxygen!)Birds are falling from the sky because they enter the hydrogen sulphide belt in the atmosphere. You ARE being warned, to PREPARE!! Yes, stock up. Keep away from humans and animals. Risk of being murdered – for FOOD!! Cannibalism. Notice the grass going yellow and brown as it starts to die. World wide. The NOISE is from the rocks being STRETCHED as Nibiru pulls The Earth’s ground UP!! Something like a trumpet sound. Hence, the last trump! The strange noise is thus from BELOW, but reflecting into the air. EVERYTHING is dying.(Sink holes – big worry.)(Rising ground creating huge caverns – which may break surface.) Right NOW.
It cannot be stopped. THIS is why huge zones are being hollowed out underground and why police and military world-wide are being prepared to control the masses, as they panic and riot. Pandemonium. The Authorities are not telling us, purposely to avoid losing control of us, AND to avoid panic. Now you know!! Authorities trying to hide all this by chemtrails. They don’t want us to know – so to keep control of us.
The UFO’s are massing to LAND and rescue the best of humans. Take them to another planet. Venus is next in line. Later, ordinary humans will be evacuated. But first the good folk. The aliens will decide. NOT a UFO invasion! Simply a mass landing to evacuate us. Take us into their ships, thence to mother craft high above, and to other planet/s. At least until Earth recovers. Authorities are funking informing the masses. DISCLOSURE. Obama may OR MAY NOT make a dramatic announcement – at any time. I repeat: Many will die. Perhaps about 50%. But not the end of you. Only the end of your physical body. You will continue to live in your inner vehicles(bodies) in The Spirit World. The half that survive(humans and animals), it were BETTER that you die!! It will be SO awful. THE EVENT is IMMINENT. Best near to NEW EQUATOR.(Through Australia and New Zealand.)(Comet, a harbinger of doom.) You will eventually re-incarnate into a fresh foetus in some woman’s womb. According to your deeds, so will you gravitate to the upper or lower Spirit World accordingly. Like a glorified Earth. Nothing to fear, provided you do as much good AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!
Do NOT ignore what I am telling you!! Get well away from coasts and river banks. And to high ground!!(Get up to AT LEAST 3,000 FEET!!) Huge Earth changes will occur, due to start THIS YEAR, 2,013. PLEASE heed warning!! Get well away from URBAN areas. And from rural areas. Live on outskirts of towns,etc. Smaller, the better. The sea will rise up to 700 feet as the ices melt. And much sea will SLOSH about the continents!! Remember with little food or water, both humans and animals will regard ALL humans and animals as FOOD. AND drink, because water will get short. If you stock up, expect to have it FORCIBLY taken off you. Crime and sin will rocket. Own children at risk. Have gun and ammo, tent, sleeping bag,ETC. And get WELL away from ALL living creatures!!!! Money will become WORTHLESS. Best coins will be gold,silver,copper and iron. All forms of these metals will be valuable. Military will back police. Martial Law will rule. Disobedience will mean instant death!! Bullet in the back of the head. Buildings and trees will fall, and burn. Methane is inflammable and explosive. Silver, most practicable. Silver coins, especially. Need to keep at HOME as banks,etc.close. Keep absolutely calm. Unruly crowds act foolishly. AVOID them!! Coming comet to be VERY bright. 15 times brighter than full moon. He with least WILL BE BEST OFF!!!! As murder, rape, robbery and assault will be COMMON!!!! Old scores settled. Not a time to be unpopular!!
1 or 2 billion may survive, but to conditions so awful it were better to have died! If you go underground you risk being buried alive. Stay in the building you are in – it may fall on you. Go outside, get hit by everything moving. Under water best, but how long can YOU hold your breath?)(Best place – in a submarine or submersible. But the dead will be best off!!)Nibiru passes will pull south pole(its north will)around. This will start crustal displacements as well as pole shift. Crust will slide to and fro over The Earth. Collosal tsunamis(on seas), tidal waves(on rivers). Do NOT commit suicide! Or you are likely to go to a bad place in The Spirit World!! Just play it all out as calmly as you can. It will be many years, even decades, before Earth returns to normal. Aliens massing TO SAVE US, not to take us over!! A gigantic nuclear winter will occur. Crops will be few. Get near to super-markets!! Help self. Leave money by till. Food shops are going to be broken into! THIS is what all the strange happenings are building up to!! CATACLYSM!!!! THEY were and are just the warning signs. The main event should start up THIS YEAR, 2,013. Latest, – 2,014. And finish shortly after!(Watch tide heights and the positions of the stars,etc.)(The aliens are massing prepatory to landing to evacuate, first the best, then the ordinary folk.)(Do you understand now why UFO numbers increasing? Contact your local rep!)(Many LOOK like children, but ARE NOT!!)(Try to make telepathic contact with aliens! NOT invasion. MASS rescue!!)(Did you see COCOON film??)(Aliens are(some of them)from six inches – to ten or twenty feet high.)(MUCH smarter than us!!)
Did you get all that? I HOPE so!!
And the best of luck to you all. WE are going to NEED it!!
Toodle pip!!
I HOPE it keeps fine for you. ALL of you.
Please SPREAD this news to AS MANY AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!! World-wide!!
Bill Thomas(

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