BBB11 Red dust and red rain.

July 18, 2012

Wednesday, 18th July, 2,012.


Red dust and red rain!!


Red rain has been reported from India. Again.

Red dust,too, has been reported from time to time.

Red rain has been reported – from India – a number of times since the turn of the century.

Which is about when we entered THE TAIL of Nibiru.(The iron oxides’ planet. Rust is iron oxide/s too, but is it a planet of hot rust?? ) Much red dust in that tail, along with much other junk.

I think that the red rain(red dust plus water equals red rain!) ex the red dust – is from Nibiru – via its tail. It is possible. I think PROBABLE.
Now some scientists have analyzed the red rain – from about 2,003.A.D.(India)(Why is red rain only being reported from India?)(Other colours of rain exist too.)

They found CELLS. Which became active once the temperature reached about 220 degrees. C. (I don’t what their upper limit is.)(We need to find out!) These cells can reproduce. Are inert at Earth’s temperatures.
Nibiru is strangely absent from the general news. Is not much discussed by The General Public. Yet is high on the Internet Search list!
I think it should be banner news, and discussed everywhere.(I think it soon WILL BE!!)(Once Nibiru suddenly appears close up!)
What if this red dust or red rain gets into fire, lava, or into temperatures where it reproduces? – Then we should have an outbreak of salamanders. Strange alien forms. (There were some connected with The Oil Spill(Caribbean),too.) Demons and devils?? Isn’t this a danger that should be discussed??!!
Nibiru might be the origin of Hell and its creatures!
Authorities tell us nothing.
Public is apathetic.
We all need to wake up FAST. Or “go down the tube”!
It appears that Nibiru is pulling The Earth over at its North Pole. Though the pivot fucrum seems to be The South Pole. Not The Centre of The Earth. Pole Shift MIGHT only lead to Earth falling upon its side.

If so, then we have both poles melting in the equatorial regions!
Asylum seekers multiply.

The Rudds are multiplying too.


Julia(In Australia) still rules. But has a dismal record. And looks unlikely to win the next election.

So Labor looks to a replacement. Rudd again? He says No. I know of no other serious contender.

Which, I suppose, is WHY they let Gillard rot on – at the top! As The Unions argue – she is Australia’s best Labor hope.

On The Coalition side – it is Abbot or Turnbull. But Turnbull is far too pro Labor.
I think the sudden appearance of Nibiru close up should precipipate SOME action(of value)soon.


Definitely interesting days ahead!


If you punch in Red rain and red dust on browser, you should turn up some items on the subject.

VERY indicative that Nibiru EXISTS, and is CLOSE!!
Where is the red dust from – if not from Nibiru?













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