August 19, 2012

Sunday, August 19th, 2,012.

Prepare for Ascension and transition.

       Man on Earth is facing the worst crisis EVER. Prepare NOW for Ascension and transition. As few will be alive BY about six months hence. Due to Earth Wobble peaking, Nibiru passing, The Galactic Alignment, The world-wide rebellion against The Aquarian Age, along with MANY very nasty things – in addition to Man’s USUAL foolish agressions. These are the threats to the body.

       However, it is the dangers to THE SOUL that Mankind NEEDS to be CHIEFLY concerned about!!

       Plus the need to SPIRITUALLY ASCEND along with The Earth at this time!

      So we need to be LOCKED on to GOD and CHRIST, now – to the UTTERMOST!!

      Fullest REPENTANCE and ABSTENTION from ALL harmful deeds is IMPERATIVE!!

      Quite a CHALLENGE in these MOST TRYING days!!

      EXPECT economic and financial COLLAPSE. World wide. I fear it has already begun.

     The need is to raise our spiritual AND MATERIAL vibrations to the highest!

     Money,etc. and all material goods and achievements – are worthless.

     BE in the arms of GOD and CHRIST now!!

     Pray and meditate all out incessantly.


    Do minimum harm to ALL now. And the MAXIMUM good.

    That you NOT LAMENT the lowness of your place in The Spirit World AFTER the death of the physical body!

    Yes, perspire BLOOD – if you can.

    And BEAR every ill to the last DREGS!!

    The WORLD is egging and urging all on DOWNWARDS via its usual allures.

    RESIST them ALL OUT!!

    I refer to sinning and wrong-doing of the soul, AND the follies of the body. In particular, such as orgasms, drugs of ALL kinds, gluttony, ALL of the deadly sins. Including NO bad language. Not even IN THOUGHT!!

    Definitely  NO BLASPHEMY!!

    KEEP the ten commandments PLUS love God, and love Man!! To the very maximum!!  UNTIL YOU DROP!!!!

    Humans REEK with iniquity!! On EVERY hand!!

    WHAT is the use of a well-fed BODY, and MUCH money in the bank at your death?!

    You take NO THING MATERIAL with you!!

    You want to go to the VERY highest paradise and Heaven DON’T YOU?!

    Well,then, OBEY GOD and CHRIST!! Until you can do no more!! Even until you verily DROP!!!!

    So called death is only the end of the PHYSICAL body!  It is NOT the end of YOU! ALL creatures continue in a much finer vehicle – The Spirit Body.

    Average time in The Spirit world is about 50 years.

    After that you MAY strive to re-enter the physical plane.(Which YOU entered at the QUICKENING at your CONCEPTION. Usually LONG before your BIRTH!!)

   When you dived, jumped, slid – or whatever – INTO THE CHOSEN(by YOU or a spirit helper) foeutus!

   The hour approaches FAST when MOST of us(Within about 6 months.) exit the physical body. Head for the blue-white light AS SOON as you can! Go UP,not down!!

   Be WELL warned – and ADVISED!!

   Sin NO MORE!!

   Shun alcohol – like the PLAGUE – that it is!!  AND nicotonic smoking!!

   Shun psychelics also. THEY provide sensations which should come SLOWLY via spiritual aspirations!!

   Yes, FOLLOW Jesus(CHRIST)!!

   Embrace HIM unto THE VERY UTMOST!!

   Yes, SWEAT OUT your last REGRET(Of ALL the things you have done anti-spiritual, and anti-divine!!) BEFORE you reach your death-bed!!

   NO sex! Not even IN THOUGHT!!(THAT is WHERE it IS MOST REAL!!)(Sex,ETC. even in THOUGHT, – IS a SIN already!!)

   NO pornography!

   DEFINITELY no cleaving to flesh of your own gender!!(Either way.)(Give or receive!!)

   DO the GOOD things, – and LIVE!! Spiritually and divinely!!

   Yes, the world will HATE you. But have YOU SEEN where THEY GO after physical death??!!

   So BE wise,ACT,   not JUST THINK about it!!

   BILLIONS are in HELL PLEADING with me to RAM the MESSAGE HOME to you. That YOU NOT suffer THEIR DREADFUL fate!!

   My fear is failing to impress upon you ENOUGH the way to AVOID A CHRISTLESS ETERNITY!!

   Yes, dear brother, yes dear sister, THE END IS NIGH!!

   Attending church(or whateve place  of worship) WON’T save you!

   Jabbering Jesus all day long won’t save you!

   JESUS did not save us. He save HIS OWN SOUL – by going to the FANTASTIC lengths that HE DID – out of pure LOVE for us!!

   He wants US to FOLLOW him!!(Give your life and EVERY deed,ETC. for others, but ESPECIALLY FOR GOD!!)

   Will YOU do so??

   OR will you GNASH YOUR TEETH in Eternity AFTERWARDS? THINK about it WHOEVER hears me.

   The ONLY way to save your soul – is to TREAD in the FOOTPRINTS of JESUS CHRIST!!

   And make NO MISTAKE about it. Sweating BLOOD, if necessary!!

   Do YOU understand? What Jesus(or anyone)did or does or will do DOES NOT SAVE US! ONLY what WE do will!!

   It is NOT what we sacrifice of OTHER that will save you, but only what you sacrifice of YOUR SELF!!

   Yes, it IS hard. But the WAY is VERY forbidding that leads to HIGHER LIFE.(And the way to DESTRUCTION, is enticing and so VERY attractive. Do NOT be FOOLED!!)

   The DEVIL wears a PLEASANT face until YOU walk TOWARDS God!!

   They who laugh now – SHALL weep.

   They who have it easy now, shall have it HARD in The Spirit World!!

   There IS such a thing as KARMA(spiritual debit and credit) which befalls your EVERY act(thought,word,deed AND OMISSION) – ACCORDINGLY!!

   Which WILL affect your present life, your future live after death – AND your FUTURE LIVES!!

   Do not doubt. ONLY believe!!

   DO you want a pleasant Eternity, OR an unpleasant one?? THINK HARD!!!!

   Do NOT be deceived by the way The WORLD talks, acts and allures!!

   Sin NO MORE!!

   But turn back NOW, from The Pit!!

   WHAT is the USE of an easy, pleasant, ETC. life NOW. If you spend The Hereafter SUFFERING??!!

   Act from The Spirit of GOD and CHRIST, out of LOVE and the FERVENT DESIRE to uplift others!!

   The ONLY things you will take with you, after you pass on, are THE THINGS YOU GIVE AWAY!!

   FORGIVE and YOU will be forgiven.

   CEASE the hatred!! No matter HOW justified or not!!

   Go BACK in time(on a parallel time track) and DO the thing you SHOULD have done, and NOT DO the things you that you did!! DO IT!! It WILL work!! If you do it to your utmost IN YOUR HEART AND MIND. Just VISUALIZE IT!!  And KEEP ON doing it!!

   WOE be to those who offend GOD.




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