XX9c World situation,now. 22.12.12.

February 21, 2012


Wednesday, 22nd February, 2,012.










World Situation. As per now, date above.












Greetings, all.


Especially towards those reaching out for GOD.




Great Keys: GOD, CHRIST, Jesus and The CROSS.






Can anyone else pick up the evil influence – now playing upon our minds??


Will you let me know(Do stop this silence!)(vicon2000@gmail.com)








Come out from among them!








THEM – is all those opposing GOD.


The people,etc. of CONSTRUCTION. Spiritual and Mental Construction in particular.






Now what could be causing the evil influenes??




Devil, Illuminati, New World Order, Left wingers.




Red and Yellow Communism, Socialism, Left Wing. Labor Party, The Greens, The two traitor independents. And the bloated rich. The BIG CORPORATIONS!!




These are SOME OF the evil groups.




Come to or back to God and Jesus, CHRIST and the high and the good.




And avoid the Destroyer(The Big Red Planet) now approaching.


We fight Powers and Principalities.




Trade Unionism and The Big Corporations!! These are very bad.




Middle Class is the way to go.






Rudd is rising, can muster at least 40 ministers. Against Gillard’s 60.


He is Labor’s best hope.


Their problem is HOW to get him back IN(WITHOUT upsetting the apple-cart.).






In the meantime they are moving up Bill Shorten.






As both Gillard and Rudd fail, – Labor(Is it LabOR?!)(No wonder they don’t work!) Camp is turning to the unpopular Labor Ministers. Bill Shorten says he supports Gillard. But that can quickly change!!




Labor will TRY to work up a Rudd come-back FIRST.


After that they will try to get Bill Shorten primed!!






Preferably via a Labour Leader Ballot!!






Other roads are too dangerous.




(I am speaking from The Labor perspective. I HATE Labor.(The slaves cannot rule! They are THUGS and degenerated.) And am PRO Coalition!!) Tony is much maligned – simply because he has sense and promotes law and order,etc. Which the ruling LAWLESS do not like, of course!! As they try SO HARD, and frantically, to MAKE TONY LOOK(Though NOT BE!!)(Please note!!) bad!!)




Labor has mellowed a lot. It had to to survive AT ALL. It is now VERY much like The Right Wing!!






Gillard is supremely confident. Rudd is pretty depressed. The Trade Unions are clawing back. Bill Shorten is not YET interested!!(Amazing,ha ha, that when you lack THE NUMBERS, you support The Incumbent!! Hee hee.)


All NOW back Gillard(officially). Though over one third DON’T – unofficially.




Gillard is trapped in her OWN delusions.




She is psychotic and paranoid. Temperal power at all costs!!






Not noticed?! Tut,tut.






The evil influences descending upon us are coming(In the IMMEDIATE.) FROM Gillard and Bligh(For those in Queensland). Throwing ALL they have got left into sending the public wrong!! Influencing our minds by RAYS,etc. Beams is more likely!! Dropping CLOUDS of misery and SEND WRONG WAY upon us!! YES.




About one person in five is now Laborite.




The Greens and Katter’s Party are taking over from Labor.(Will Turnbull take over from Abbot??)(I hope NOT!!)(He is half Labor!)




Unofficially just about all are obliged to be pro Labor!




One thing about Rudd. He does cheer you up – as he destroys you!!


Gillard kills both body AND soul!!






Islam is rising. Another evil.






The Church is stupid. THEY don’t teach what Jesus taught! THEY teach bondage to creed and dogma!! Jesus REBUKED The Pharisees,etc!!


Jesus does not save! He said “Save YOURSELVES!!”. Jesus saved his SELF, not us! It is for US – to save OURSELVES!!(By denying the lower self. And NOT going the worldly ways!!)(Of dissipation and degeneration!1)






By going OPPOSITE to the worldly ways.(Materialism, Secularism, Dissipation through booze and drugs,etc. And of course sex.(ANYTHING producing orgasm!)(Go for ECSTACY via high vehicles union WITH GOD!!, NOT the lower!!)(Unite TRUE HEARTS with GOD, not bodies with the debauched!!)






Sport, Skiffle, Sin, and wrong doing – are all evil.






We are STUCK with Labor and Gillard – for at least another year!!


And Queenslanders are stuck with Bligh(and co) – for at least another few weeks,yet!






By which time it may be TOO LATE!! The damage already having been done!!






We have the many DUPED STOOGES to blame.






We are the victims of Propaganda. Not The Truth. They tell us what THEY WANT us to believe!!(Wake UP!!)








WHAT is going to happen??


I think Gillard will sooner or later have to hold a Leadership Ballot.(The question IS: WHAT will she do, when she cracks?! Resign. Call an election. Go BESERK???? What??


But first they will try out Rudd.


Meanwhile dragging up Shorten!(AND the other unpopulars!)






Gillard is a loser. Rudd is ALMOST as bad. And Shorten,etc. are new and untried. As about a year to go.(All, of course, support Gillard in the meantime!! Ha ha.)






DON’T back a lost trade union cause, folks!!


Labor is DOOMED!!


Gillard is stuffed.


Rudd works up new strength – for his coup de grace(He HOPES!!).






Vote Coalition.(Better save the country with Abbot than lose it with ANY Laborite or Green!!)




Preferably via Campbell Newman!!






GOOD medicine is NECESSARILY painful. But the masses SIMPLY refuse the good medicine. BECAUSE it hurts!




There is NO other way!!






He who casts not with me, casts against!(Jesus)




Orthodox Science has got the major issues and subjects WRONG!! THEY spout the OPPOSITE to the TRUTH!!!!






So many people WORSHIP money and ratings,etc.




Man does NOT live by bread alone!(But by EVERY word that proceeds from the mouth of GOD!!)






No good sacrifing soul to save body!


Sacrifice body to save soul!


Soul IS you!


The body is just a GARMENT that we wear!






Don’t lose the substance FOR THE SHADOW!!(But THAT is PRECISELY what you ARE doing!!(Come BACK to the GENUINE guides!! Not the many lying cheating PHONIES!!!!))




By their fruits THEY ARE KNOWN!!





Boozers, smokers, wine guzzlers, drug addicts, bad dress, motor bikes, sex OBSESSED. Sport and Skiffle mad!! Gamblers. FOLLY Darers!!!!



The MATES path is the way to perdition!! Pals in dissipation!!




Tattoos.(Skin “art”) is abominable. It is UGLY,depressing,spiritual vibration lowering, the mark of a criminal or horrid person!!


Passive smoking(breathing in the smoke created by smokers)is WORSE than smoking!!(It is the REJECT of the smokers THEMSELVES!!)


Like removing the poison, they taking the nourishing part, you get the poison!! Something like that!!






We know them. “Cigarette? Have a cigarette? Come for a drink! COME ON!!!! One for the road. Have some pot, or weed!!!! Go on, BE a devil.(Devils are destroyers.) THIS is their hallmark!! They want YOU to join them in THEIR failure and MISERY!! And, of course, ANY WAY that induces an orgasm.


The failed dissipates LOVE these things. But are lonely – on their path TO HELL!!






Delinquency, Crime, Sin and Wrong-doing are OBVIOUS no-no’s. Yet how many of us indulge!!


Do as I say, not as I DO!!








Being high and good is despised and scorned – as somehow unmanly.


As if wallowing in gutter and sewer – is SOMEHOW proof of your cleanliness!! IDIOTS!!!!








Hard metal and rock “music” is of HELL, of COURSE!!




AND The Gate Crashers of Do’s!!!!









This new fashion of homo and gay, especially MARRYING, is INSANITY!!





ANY kind of sex is LOW.




But sex with one’s OWN gender is ABOMINABLE!!






How many of you watch Queensland’s TV Channel 7?


Laughing is clearly POLICY with them. Along with SPORT of course!!. Somehow constantly and continually LAUGHING is the way to go!


THEY can AFFORD to laugh – on THEIR pay!!






They pander to the common interests.(To boost their ratings.)




They DO appeal to the masses.




Mel and Koshy ride high. Have done so well.


Mel is beautiful and LOVELY. But EVEN SHE is sliding. Old age is getting to her.




I hate Humphrey and Cash Cow. Also the stupid Duck,etc. And even Santa is dubious!!






What approaches, the BIG red planet, is NOT Nibiru, but The Destroyer.


Due around end of year.




What approaches is The Destroyer. Which wipes out about NINE TENTHS of everything on Earth! Starting up within a few months!! Be WARNED!!








Which lets in all manner of ills. In THIS life. In The Spirit World, after death. AND in future lives(Through karma)!!!!




Licence is freedom for the lower self.(LIBERTY is allowing The HIGHER self to live!!)(DENY the lower, that THE HIGHER in you, might LIVE!!!!)




LIBERTY is the way to go. NOT licence!!






Hell is REAL. It EXISTS!! In The Spirit World!! YES!!!!




Actually HELL is a condition of soul or state of mind. Hades is the lower Spirit Word. But we call Hades, Hell!!




It is WHERE those of low spiritual vibration GO!!!!






After death!!






Do you WANT to learn THE HARD WAY??!!




MILLIONS there, beg me to warn YOU. Not to be IDIOTS – like them!!


Do you HEAR, reader??!!








I am NOT trying to scare you. Just trying to SAVE you!!






Yes, I shall be unpopular. I KNOW that!!


But the name of the game is “Go to Heaven and Paradise”. Not be an IDIOT and go to Hell(Hades)!!


AND find a MEASURE of Happiness in the here and NOW!!!!




Yes, you will lose your “friends”. Your MATES, as you call them!!




But make NEW wiser ones!! Friends, not “mates”.


A mate is someone who takes you to the pub! To get you to be LIKE THEM, and get HOOKED(to be a failure LIKE THEM!!) on booze, smoking, sex, sin, debauchery, sport,skiffle, wrong doing, crime and delinquency, hooliganism and vandalism.(“Let’s have a few drinks, and knock a bank or an ATM off!!”. KNOW the type I mean?! KNOW them????




So many are AFRAID to offend these CLOTS and CLOWNS!!




They go for fast hot cars, and fast hot women. Drugs,etc.




THAT is a path to PERDITION!!(Hell and all that!!)






Yes, you WILL get HATED for taking the GOOD HIGH path. Despised, mocked and scorned. Derided.(AT LEAST that!!)


But on your deathbed, you will be at better peace!!








I see so much degeneration going on in The Media. And in The Public.




Each influencing the other.




The Church is not the answer.(I am referring to the meaningless twaddle so many dish out!!)(Park your brains at the door when you come in!!)




Orthodox Science is not the answer.(It teaches THE VERY OPPOSITE to The TRUTH!!!!(In the important issues AND SUBJECTS!!!! YES!!!!)








Forsake bad company!!




Those who urge you to be like them, and indulge the lower!






Do you hate being told? Then you hate your OWN SOUL’S






Many are losing their souls and going to HELL!!


Few there be who find LIFE(Higher life), and walk that lonely path!!


Which looks SO forbidding.




But leads to HEAVEN!!!!




















One chap said to me once: “You think you are better than me(us), don’t you?!”.






No, misguided one: YOU THINK that I think that!!






I was TEMPTED to say: ” I don’t think I am better than you, I KNOW that I am!!”. But that is no longer true. IF it EVER was.




Don’t drag the high and the good DOWN to your PATHETIC level. But, rather, rise to THEIR level!! And TRULY GET SOMEWHERE!!!!


But THAT takes TRUE Inner Strength.


Body size and Muscles may help! But it is INNER STRENGTH and SIZE that matters MOST!!!!




Learn OF THEM!!






Yes, the high and the good get HATED out of envy and jealousy for their goodness and happiness, and even their efficiency(where it exists).




Note I say THEM, not US!!






I,too,have done MUCH wrong.




Does THAT make you happy??










Fear is what impels me.


Fear of the coming Big Red Planet and HELL!!!!Yes, doom – and THEN Hell after death!!!!












It IS yourselves you REALLY hate!


For lacking THE GUTS – to be better. Fearing scorn and ridicule,etc!!!!




WHERE are YOU going after death?


To an eternity of SHAME?


Or to an eternity of joy??




The price is SIMPLY – to do your BEST, LEVEL BEST,




At being good, high and efficient,etc. NOW!!




This ticket of entry DOES NOT COME FREE!!








Or are you whacky????








DARE to be a Daniel. BE a lion,too!!




SHOW ME YOUR lion-heart!(Hey ho??)






No! This is not GUTS.


I am SIMPLY more afraid of The Big Red Planet and Hell after death, than of you!!


But the question now arises: Can YOU see the writing on the wall??


As The Big Red Planet APPROACHES – to cut us ALL down to size!!






















































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