QQ7 The U.S. Dollar is standard.

November 16, 2011


U.S.$ Standard.

Are you following this? We got taken off gold standard – and put on U.S. Dollar Standard.

This is like cutting the anchor line or throwing the anchor away. And tying the rope to the biggest bouy found!

We got set adrift, and now we move faster and faster towards a waterfall’ edge, with rocks far below!

I recall when The British Pound had on it: We hereby promise to pay bearer the equivalent in gold on demand. But that promise vanished LONG LONG back! So The British bank notes are no longer PROMISSORY notes!!

That is what I meant in QQ6, redeem in GOLD(correction), not currency.

Now WHY would The Authorities switch from VALUE to VALUELESS??

Because they THOUGHT that LONG brainwashing and conditioning that bank notes and brass(watered down coins) WERE VALUABLE. They were only the FIAT money! NOT the real VALUE!!

The trick for the bankers,etc. IS – that you can print and PRINT, plus electronically increase bank balances WITHOUT LIMIT!!

The debt and deficits rose. The Dow went up. And gold and silver went up.

Ever since off gold standard!(1971)(Of course it took time to work through.)

Enough buyers switched into buying gold and silver! Because these few SAW that the new standard(The U.S. Dollar) was (without the redeem promise) worthless!! AND gold off standard!

But even gold is not the preferred standard. The best one is SILVER!!

We are asking the wrong question! What is the value of gold and silver in U.S.Dollar terms?

No! The U.S. Dollar has been MADE the standard now! An ARTIFICIAL one!!

So the right question should be: What is The U.S. $ worth in silver and gold!!

The answer is the converse! The RECIPROCAL of what gold and silver are worth in U.S.Dollar terms!

As gold and silver go up, The U.S. Dollar goes down.

The Banks THOUGHT that(They were the guys who collarred all the money.)(The Bankers, The Brokers, The Mortgage lenders, The Money Lenders and The Big Corporations.) the public had been conned sufficiently into believing that The U.S. Dollar was VALUABLE!! And the bankers,etc.being greedy and power mad, in their MONEY LUST and DOMINANCE, pushed GOLD OUT!!

Gold has no real value! The value came from its prettiness. In an era now gone.

So even gold will be a false standard!

The best material standard is SILVER!!

They made non-promissory PAPER, so pretty and dressed up, the STANDARD(Of VALUE!!)!!

Gold was no good. It had to be replaced. The U.S. Dollar was ARTIFICIALLY made so! As the STANDARD VALUE replacement!!

Silver was too bulky.

But the smart few saw that it actually was worthless, and that over time would collapse. So they invested in gold, and silver. They bought gold and silver!!

RED China has bought heaps of gold. And has gold rich Mongolia as its neighbour!

See the dominoes? Gold taken off value standard because industrially worthless. Silver too bulky. Artificially make The U.S. Dollar the standard value.

It was a ploy to get even richer that MUST fail.

So the dollar’s value went down. Down 10% now off its peak.

Sellers raised prices to compensate for loss of business.

Borrowing increased. Could not afford to trade otherwise.

Bank rates rose and bonds,etc.

Debt increased. And deficit.

The ROOT cause is replacing gold with The U.S. Dollar!

Reverse this and we may slowly recover.

Better still make SILVER the standard!

Failure to do these things means the slide to the waterfall’s edge MUST continue. Faster and FASTER!! And we hit ROCKS!! HARD. VERY HARD!!

The Fed’s(Top Bankers) plan is (via Bernanke at present, was Alan Greenspan) print more on demand. And electronically increase bank balances.

Sky is the limit.

The trouble is that eventually the debt creates a deficit that cannot be paid! And the percentage against the GDP rises too high.

Bankruptcies. Bail outs. But rebellions and governments toppled!

Mayhem. Via riots.(We have seen some already!) REBELLION!!!!

Goldman Sachs is one of the leading big corporations responsible.

Not Wall Street!

I see more an excuse to vent spleen over the world’s frustrations!

They have a point, but mayhem is only making matters worse!!

We are ALL guilty to some extent or other. Materially and spiritually. Especially SPIRITUALLY!!

GOD is being left OUT of the equation!

Because no longer fashionable in this VERY confused mixed up world!

The basic fault is not in the stars, nor our genes, nor glands, etc. But in OUR HEARTS!!(Hearts getting too small. Heads too big!!)

Europe is on the block, being the world’s weakest point in the links!

Greece, Italy. Now spreading to Spain and France.

The growing threat of having to default!!

Yes, we need to save, but CURRENTLY(in this $U.S. led system) HAVE TO spend.(What we haven’t got!)

If (WHEN!!) Europe collapses(Countries will exit The EU.), U.S. will be next. Then Japan. Followed by THE LOT!! Finally China. And Australasia!!

I have told you the cause of these dominoes. And pointed out the cure!

Make SILVER the value standard!!

Get back to Divine Will(That is SUPER love) and Love. Get right with God first, via repentance – and acceptance of CHRIST(GOD MANIFEST) into the heart!!

We must act IMMEDIATELY. Or ALL is lost!!

U.S. is being driven to initiate war to create sales!

Forget blame game. And going back into the past. Too late! Now.


Fed’s game is keep on with the Q.E.(Quantitative Easing.). So be ready for Q.E.3. And so on.

They cannot pay off THAT(massive) debt. So start war is option now!

Meanwhile print and print, and electronically create bigger bank balances.

If they raise interest rates,etc. Cut spending. Increase taxes. Then backlashes will ensue.

Man is in a fix that his anger prevents him from fixing!!

So he is doomed…(Via PROJECTING blame onto SOMEONE ELSE!!)

I give it UP TO about five months…

Trouble is too much taking, not enough giving.

Banks will seize up, blocking access to funds.

Welfare may collapse. Health Services will collapse. And then the Utilities!!!! We cannot afford it!

Bank runs. Banks close doors.

General Emergency. Martial Law declared. Police State.


Money thrown into streets.

Everyone to arms!!

Increasing home invasions and ASSAULTS. Rape to become common.

Too many people on planet. Too much traffic on roads.

Things long since too complicated.

2 into 1 WON’T go!!

Suck it and see!!

Society grinds to a halt.

Mental cases increase.(They decided to let nut cases roam streets! And now it is WELCOME ALL. Give each asylum seeker a tent! Have we ALL gone MAD??!!)

And suicides.

Armed robberies leap up.

ATM’s smashed open. Or dragged away.

I’d say we had LOST it!

Don’t know about you.

Hung parliaments hang their populaces!

Stifled by INACTION. No thing but bad actions!

And there you have it.

But where are we now?!

Chaos, bedlam, insanity, UTTER confusion!

And now comes the silly season pre Christmas.

Christmas is coming.

WHY is Santa Claus wearing HORNS??

Stop all this exaggerating and DISTORTING!!

The effect has LONG since been LOST!!


QQ6 Why are we in debt??

November 16, 2011
Wednesday, 16th November,  2,011.


WHY are we in debt?!

            Coming off The Gold Standard was a TRAGIC mistake!

         We have to have SOMETHING as a basic unit of VALUE. Human love not strong enough yet.

          We had gold as the standard.

           But, in 1971, The U.S. came OFF it.

           And things have gone downhill ever since.

           We have cheated ourselves!  It has taken 40 years so far for to plunge us into debt.

           I think that we are in debt BECAUSE very gradually traders had to raise prices to try to combat losses due to the subtle loss of business due to it slowly being re-alized that a banknote WITHOUT a promise to redeem in gold is ONLY WORTH the paper it is printed upon!(Gold has value. Paper HAS NOT!!)(Even if that paper is pretty coloured and with all sorts of jazz upon it!)(It is basically PAPER.)

           So buying goods and services,etc. DROPPED. This was met by prices being raised and currency values falling, along with bonds,etc.

           Seller raised their prices.

           People in general DID NOT REALIZE WHY there was this additional rise in prices. It was so SLOW and SUBTLE!!

           Very slowly business confidence was eroded!

            Sellers had to borrow more, and got into debt increasingly.

             Apparently no one connected the un-noticed rise in prices with the coming off from the gold standard!

             It was minor, gradual and un-noticed. The rise being lost amid other increases!!

             What the buyers unbeknown were trading on was THIN AIR!!

             But VERY SLOWLY the CRITICAL debt increase WENT ON!!

              Business NEEDS a unit of VALUE. Gold, in The U.S. Etc. WAS that value!

              It is like having an invisible lead ball tied to your ankle!  Conjoint with all the other drags., it VERY slowly pulls you down!!

             Very few realized that the reason for the excess fall was that there was no unit of VALUE!!

              People, by blind faith, TRUST that the pretty pieces of paper(bank-notes) will buy them goods and services they need!

              And because ALMOST everyone thinks thus, even blind faith turned up the goods!

              However, the few who reduced their spending weakened the buyers THAT much! Driving the buyers to borrow more, and slowly go into increasing DEBT and deficit!!

              Once we get back onto gold or silver or SOMETHING of VALUE, the problem will  START TO go!

              So it is necessary, IMPERATIVE, to get back onto gold or silver or something VALUABLE immediately!! IMMEDIATELY.   AT ONCE!! NOW. PRONTO!!!!

              Gold has little industrial use. So I am thinking Silver Standard!!

              But I suppose IF they do anything that gold will be tried first.

              A small few of the buyers realized that with gold no longer the standard that mere PAPER was of no value! Especially without the promise to redeem!  So they stopped or reduced buying!

              It has been so small and subtle that few have noticed and observed WHY the mounting debt!

              Hidden among other burdens.

              Better, I think, we get onto a Silver Standard!

              Because of its industrial uses.

              Without the anchor of VALUE, bank-notes were VERY SLOWLY losing THEIR value. And this dead-weight has been dragging the markets down - almost imperceptibly! But enough to make that CRITICAL difference. Between general survival and collapse.

              So collapse approaches. And few seem to know why!!

              Coming off the gold standard was IDIOCY!(Nixon, eh?  I thought HE had more sense!!)

              Simply because you CANNOT have a PURCHASE TOKEN of NO VALUE - and expect business to continue as usual! Humans simply do not trust MERE PAPER!!

              And, lacking the PROMISE to redeem gold for bank-notes. Plus no gold standard.  Which I take is basically THAT promise!  Then the deadly erosion sets in. Via the few buyers who did realize that the problem was that paper, even prettily coloured,  is of no value!

              Banknotes and coins are PURCHASE TOKENS. Meant to replace gold(or whatever unit of value formerly applied).

              So it was a question of: How much faith does one place in PAPER, especially with no promise to redeem.

              The answer is none! Though if we DID place blind faith in the worthless TOKENS, then we could survive and carry on!

              But ENOUGH people, traders, buyers REALIZED that the paper tokens were VALUELESS, to very slowly drag the whole financial system DOWN!!  By their NOT buying!!

              What happened because of those FEW, was that a small un-noticed DRAG set in, hidden because lost in other burdens.

              Which is very slowly plunging us into DEBT.

               See the dominoes:  No gold standard - Distrust by a FEW - Lowered profits by buyers - Increased borrowing. - Debt grows. -  Deficit grows. Bankruptcies - Bail outs - Banks collapse. Governments fall. CHAOS. Riots. WIPE OUT!!

              For 40 years The Populace IN GENERAL has been UNAWARE of the REASON for our increasing DEBT!

              A debt that will be spread over EVERYONE. On Earth!!

              Italy and Greece are critical at the moment.

              Can they haul themselves out?(I cannot see Greece doing so.)

              Italy MUST.  Or the WHOLE PACK falls!!

              And a terrible domino sequence will set in!

              PEOPLE, leaders,etc. Get BACK onto (Silver better, I THINK.) SOMETHING of VALUE, IMMEDIATELY!!

              Or watch THE SKY  CRASH!!


              Vic.(Give me your hand!! NOW!!!!)




QQ5 Tail-ender to QQ4.

November 16, 2011
Wednesday, 16th November,  2,011.


Tailender to QQ4!

         I forgot to explain(In QQ4.):  I am giving here the solutions to material and spiritual living!  Accept GOD into your heart,and live from that via your higher self!  AND getting the leaders to get back on to gold and silver!  So we go via gold and or silver instead of PAPER!!

         Note what we have got now:-

         Bank notes originally were originally gold redeemers, sort of IOU's on receipt of gold. But note that the promise to pay money in return for gold has LONG SINCE GONE!!

         We DON'T know WHAT we are doing!

         Paper is no thing!  Plenty of that about.

         First there was Barter. Then they switched to coins and bank-notes.  Gold was the old base. But they left the gold standard!  And went down from there. Because no anchor!!

         The fact is YOU CANNOT live on thin air!

         But any leader who EVEN TRIES to pay off the debt,etc., - gets kicked out!!

         The Populace SIMPLY CANNOT and WILL NOT accept  that WORK is NECESSARY!!  AND no cheating!!

          TO SURVIVE EVEN, you MUST work! And not cheat!!

           Tokens (bank notes and coins) are necessary to provide a bridge to food,etc. What you need to continue living!

           Because we are not yet advanced enough to live by LOVE!

           Therefore we need the trusted TOKEN.(Currently banknotes.)

           But the point IS:  That whereas gold and silver had intrinsic value that the people could trust, BANK NOTES HAVE NOT!!  It is ONLY PAPER!!(Not even a promissory note now!!)

           We change the token(now banknotes) for the material wherewithal to LIVE!!

           The question is: How long can the people trust the paper token?!

           They KNEW gold and silver could be translated into food,etc. But MERE PAPER?  How long before people's TRUST in THAT erodes?!

           See what they have done?!

           With barter you exchanged something(a sheep or a cow)you could spare, for something you NEEDED!!

           But tokens are only good SO LONG AS they can be TRUSTED!!

           They(our leaders) took away THE PROMISE to redeem gold with money!

           And NOW they have taken away THE GOLD STANDARD!!

           Been gone in U.S. 40 years. Since 1971. When they went off The Gold Standard!!

           Now The Public is not THAT stupid!  For CONVENIENCE we changed from Barter to Tokens. Gold and silver,etc. - GOOD tokens.

            But banknotes WITHOUT a promise to redeem any gold you hand to bank with money, IS WORTHLESS!! Just PAPER!!

            Now how long, lacking love(Trust that the shopkeeper will supply you in return for a token(bank notes) NOW WORTHLESS with the goods you need??!!) will it be before others will reject your NOW worthless PRETTY PAPER??!!(Banknotes without a promise to redeem!)

            THIS is the bottom line that nearly all have not REALIZED!!

            We are standing on THIN AIR!!

            And people don't take all that  long to wake up!

            Do you see what I MEAN??!!

             We went from Barter(Sheep,cows,etc.) to Gold and Silver,etc.(Which was more convenient and had VALUE.)  But now that our tokens are NON-PROMISSORY pieces of PAPER, - how long before trust collapses??!!

             Non promissory paper tokens and BRASS(Coins that have been watered right down!) are almost valueless!

             We NEEDED the exchange TOKEN to be VALUABLE too! So we could TRUST them!!(When 6 sheep were given for one cow, I was satisfied. And when I could change gold or silver for fiat(banknotes and coins)money, I felt comfortable BECAUSE OF the PROMISE to redeem!

             Are you following??

             They have removed THE PILLAR OF TRUST!!

             No good you see having a TOKEN that is not at least of equivalent VALUE to what it represents!

             Humans just do not have that level of belief in their fellow humans(traders,etc.).

             We have LONG lost sight of that fact!

             But it isn't long before that FACT overpowers humans!

             Which translates into RISING PRICES!! Inflation!

             And falling currencies.

             We forgot  that humans are HUMAN!! And WILL NOT trust that which has no value.(Our PRESENT TOKENS!!)(Non-promissory bank-notes!!)

             We THOUGHT that we could walk on the clouds. BUT WE CANNOT!!

              So get BACK onto the gold(or silver) STANDARD - or PERISH!!

              So long as banknotes were promissory AND tied to gold(or some token OF VALUE) we could TRUST!!

              But the mistake was MADE to hope that Man could trust MERE TOKENS. However, humans ARE HUMAN!!(MEANING - that they refuse to trust what has little or no value!! Like sheep and cattle or gold and silver!)

              So you see(I HOPE that you do!) that it is not just a matter of debt and deficit which we are FAST approaching the ability to PAY OFF, but that the VERY tokens THEMSELVES have become NON-PROMISSORY and ALSO ALMOST WORTHLESS!!

              Having taken SO LONG, and been done SO STEALTHILY, nearly all have lost sight of the basic FACT!!(Namely  that humans will not TRUST worthless NON PROMISSORY tokens!)

              They took away THE PROMISE to redeem. THAT was bearable SO LONG AS THE TOKEN HAD EQUIVALENT VALUE!(Gold and silver,etc!)(Because of the VALUE of gold and silver!!)

              But NOW by the most SLY sleight of hand, we have CONNED OURSELVES via leaders elected OR FORCED UPON US into what we HOPED was a good solution WHEN IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT!!

               One day we may be loving enough to trust worthless TOKENS, as token BRIDGES to the goods we NEED. But not today!

               We went onto gold, the GOLD STANDARD. But in U.S. in 1971 we came OFF it!!

                Very slowly the erosion worked through. And prices went up. And currency values went down. Also bonds,etc.

                In other words we believed in the MERE TOKEN as being a cheap way to something for nothing.   BUT OF COURSE it does NOT work!  No way can leaded boots walk ON AIR!!

                Are you following me?  Sheep and cattle,etc. - good. Gold, good. Silver, good.    But PAPER - WITHOUT A PROMISE TO REDEEM - to a loveless society - NO GOOD!!

               And THAT is the fact we ALL need to face up to!!

               They can PRINT all they like. And DO!!   But slowly the few who SEE the cunning treachery stop trusting.  And then UP go prices. Down go currency values, bonds, etc!

               And then the people rebel, riot, destroy,ETC!!!!

               And soon all perish!!

               We NEED to pay back ALL of the debt  -  or PERISH!!  FAST!!

                However, no leader who even TRIES to do that - will survive. People will NOT stand for it!

                Therefore, I say,  we have HAD IT!!

                Unless you become loving enough to trust the other humans!

                AND use tokens of EQUIVALENT VALUE!

                IF no promise to redeem gold and silver with MONEY!!

                You see, we are(nationally)(some nations) soon not able to afford to pay THE INTEREST on the loans!!

                 When THAT happens, collapse cometh!!

                 We either get VERY loving(trusting,etc.), OR get back on to gold (or silver) standard, AND have promissory TOKENS, that are made of gold or silver!!

                 We are nearly all guilty to some extent or other. Materially AND spiritually.

                 But big corporations and banks have taken so much from the people!

                  And are about to take MORE, to pay off debts and deficits!!

                 People will revolt, being human.

                 And then we all end up destroying each other!!!!

                 You see the dilemma?!

                 Not much chance get more loving!

                 So it reduces to get onto gold or silver standard immediately.

                 With PROMISSORY tokens and/or tokens made of gold or silver!!

                 Got it??

                  We HAVE TO HAVE money.

                  We are all tied so much into one.

                  So MUCH depends now upon EU surviving.

                  Similarly with U.S.

                  It is get back onto gold standard immediately, AND use gold or silver TOKENS - OR PERISH!!!!

                  Unless you have banknotes with REDEEM promises in exchange for gold and or silver!!

                  AND The Authorities do not confiscate gold or silver!!

                  The rich few got too greedy you see.

                  Even WITHOUT all our other  appalling woes, we head fast for rocks!!(ALL of us!!)

                   So SOMETHING has to give.

                   Can Italy,ETC. pull themselves  UP by the boot-straps?

                   In time??

                   Now there is one for Bernanke, or whoever!!

                   We ALL need to pull our horns in!!

                  Thank you for listening. IF you did!!

                  DO you get my drift??!!





QQ4 Salvation!

November 15, 2011
Wednesday, 16th November,  2,011.



        Doomsday is creeping nearer.  But Ascension is the way to go! Apparently automatic with the rise in vibrations of The Earth.  I hope so!

        I see Doom STARTING WITHIN a few months.

        Then The Great Tribulation proceeding for 3.5 years.

        I think we are on the big slide-down to it now.

        Oh,yes,I have MANY faults and short-comings. If you have too many it affects your future adversely. Hell and Hades,  AND perhaps a lower planet.  And no evacuation by aliens!

        Getting rid of one's faults and short-comings is of course far easier said than done. None can be taller than they are. But we can try stretching!!

        To help the rest of you, I recommend Salvation:-

        Get onto your knees. Accept Jesus Christ as your personal SAVIOUR.

        I did that. And it CERTAINLY paid off.

        Before doing that I tried to be perfect.

        AFTER doing that, I just went downhill!(Ethically and morally.)

        Though I do not think I went downhill BECAUSE of accepting CHRIST.(Accepting CHRIST is letting GOD into your heart. But you need to REPENT FULLY of ALL sins FIRST. To clear the way.)(You then receive a Higher Self and live from that.)

         I SAW my utter BLACKNESS. And yet had aimed for perfection!

         But living(or trying to) from The Higher Self brought in degeneration!

         NOT that the higher PRODUCES evil. But that evil ones make you go wrong more. That is what I think, anyway. You get better only to sink further!

         The Salvation Formula REALLY works!

         Today I understand Saint Germaine is the new Great Master.

         I find White Eagle(Look up on Internet!) and Summit Lighthouse to be VERY uplifting organizations.

         I point to these for you.

         Though actually I think the best are The Prayer, Meditational, Healing and Ascension videos.  All things UPLIFTING!!(You will KNOW you are going the right way, when people DESERT you!!)(GOD pulls ALL the strings. Not humans!!   REALIZE THAT!!   So the ONE to keep onside is GOD, NOT MAN!!)

         This is of supreme importance for any who want to ascend spiritually, get evacuated by aliens, go to a higher planet, and go to Heaven and Paradise after SO CALLED death.

         Don't look at it intellectually. Look at it from THE HEART!!

         With Doom so near and my exit so close, I point to these things in the HOPE that they may help you. /Take over from me when I go. BECAUSE the future of all life upon this planet IS at stake!!

         HGH(Human Growth Hormone. Obtainable from pharmacists,etc.) reduces your age by the way. Though it won't protect you from Doom!

         Evolution via endless re-incarnations steadily raises our spiritual stature.

         Many people HATE Christianity. But there is no future in that. Only the worst possible one!

         When I say Christianity I DON'T mean Christendom.

         ChristenDOM is Formalism.

         That is Religion.

          ChristIANITY is HIGHER LIFE!!

          It is like trying to compare a picture or photograph of food WITH food.(I am talking about SPIRITUAL food!!)

         Religion is a PICTURE of a meal. HIGHER LIVING is the meal ITSELF!!

         Eating photographs of food, no matter how many, will NOT save you! Of course not.

         However, it might POINT the way!!

         Seeing photos of food might lead you to GETTING food!!

         Now all of this is MOST important. Which is WHY I tell you.

         Which is greater? The Personality or The Policy??(Best POLICY falls short if not from BEST PERSONALITY!!)

         I am addressing those who are less advanced. I know the advanced are WELL past these elementary introductory things!!

         I am TRYING to reach the more ordinary persons IN PARTICULAR. Though everyone IN GENERAL!!(Which is why I am also colloquial!)

         We all need to stop knocking others. It does not elevate us !  Live and LET live!!(We all have faults!)

         We need to help others UP, not stand on their heads!!

          Many are lost.  And getting FOUND lies in getting closer to GOD.(Whatever NAME you allot to God!)

          Many more are lost but DO NOT KNOW it!

          It is VERY sad to see the world worshipping MONEY.(It HELPS. But is not the most important thing.)

          Yes, we need MONEY to keep body and soul together.

          And we need GOD to keep AWAY from HELL!!

          The world HATES this sort of thing. I WELL know.

          Too many are being punished not for being bad, but for being good!

          So many are envious - and cannot bear it(their own envy).

          However the ONLY WAY to get spiritually more advanced - is to DO good! Help those in need!

          Not just materially. But SPIRITUALLY!!

          LOVE and DIVINE WILL are the GREAT FOODS that we ALL need!

          That is not a mere mind improvement thing, but HEART IMPROVEMENT!!

           Humans on Planet Earth are more evil than good. They MURDERED the great hope: JESUS CHRIST!!(This is like drowning in the sea, and then SHOOTING DEAD the rescuer!)

          We need to learn to be human of course, BEFORE we can be DIVINE!

          There IS NO easy way.

          Just be as good as you can be. And help ALL who need help.

          Help those who are LIFTING UP, not those who are dragging down, of course. (They need WARNING of HELL!!)

          I KNOW many of you are better than I am.  And in all ways.   That is not the point.

          I scored by finding out TREMENDOUS ASTRONOMICAL truths!!

          But becoming DIVINE is the way to go.

          When we are READY.

          One needs to be READY!!

          No good entering a race you CANNOT win!!

          The world will HATE you - in proportion to how good you are.(I mean spiritually.) Because they are pre-dominantly evil!

          They cannot bear to have anyone better than them.

          So they attack the good. But it does NOT raise them up. But instead casts them DOWN into HELL, misery, lower planet, AND no escape from the coming DOOM!!


          Many minds are currently on Europe. And how it fares economically and financially.

          The FACT is in GENERAL we are in DEBT. Spiritually and materially.

          We need to CLEAR that debt and deficit, and moral and ethical bankruptcy!!!! 

           And HOWEVER you dress it up, UNLESS DEBT IS TACKLED, we shall NOT recover, but go from bad to worse, until CRASH SMASH!!!!

            We NEED to live WITHIN our MEANS!!(Which SHOULD GO without saying!!!)

             That means do NOT spend more than you HAVE!(Materially AND spiritually.)

             Otherwise you let YOURSELF down, AND those who depend upon you!!

             Two things ruin us. Our weakness. And the dragging down(of the good) done by evil-doers.

             The COST will be INDESCRIBABLE!!

              Not only to The Good Folk, but to the evil-doers THEMSELVES!!

              Any gain to them will only be TEMPORARY!!

              The Bible(Christian) puts it:  "Man does not live by bread alone(but by EVERY WORD that proceeds from out of the mouth of GOD!!)".

               Failure means that THE WHOLE WORLD will collapse financially and economically!!

               In a CRASH worse even than The Great Depression. The Slump.

               In our present financial system, the need is to SPEND.(But the people have long since been trained to SAVE!!)

               Spending is keeping the blood(money)flowing. Saving is coagulation of blood into blood-clots!!

               Money of course is the BLOOD of The Economy. The need is to keep it FLOWING!!

                To complicate things further, money is not  bank notes and coins!! It is not even gold and silver(though will become superior to the fiat money).  But PRODUCTIVITY!! Ex Humans,etc. and RESOURCES.

                The trouble is that The Banks and The Big Corporations have cornered the money!(De-coupling money from gold was a mistake. Now we have NO ANCHOR!!)

                 It is easy to produce more and more banknotes of course.  Printing, electronic bank balances, loans and bonds.

                 So governments will simply rob more off the people, via higher taxes,etc!

                 This will lead to riots and rebellions, orgies of destruction, and sabotage.   Culiminating in civil war and wars,etc.etc!!

                 What is the answer?

                  I am speaking mostly from the point of view of The U.S.  And Britain.

                  Get back onto gold standard!!(Silver, better!!) And THEN THRIFT!!(Gold is too valuable. Silver is so heavy.)(But time coming when silver will be better than bank-notes to translate into food,etc!)

                  THRIFT on the present not anchored to gold system will only give us a financial heart attack!!

                  As it HAPPENS, I do not think that the world will LAST much longer. Thus obviating the NEED to get back on to gold and silver!!

                  I MAY have a few points wrong. But I think I am pointing in the best direction here.

                  THRIFT. But get back onto gold and silver FIRST!!

                  Otherwise thrift will finish us all off!!

                  Alas, THEY cannot(will not - because so unpopular with THE PEOPLE!!) reduce THE DEBT!  

                  ONLY way to reduce debt is to PAY IT OFF!!

                  But people turn against those who even TRY!!

                  There are worse than Belesconi!

                   In order to SURVIVE even, we NEED to adopt measures that get our leaders EVICTED!!(Because so un popular.)

                   So I see no hope. Humans SIMPLY refuse to bear the very measures needed to SURVIVE!!

                   Sorry, my standard falls on account of my age.(But still good enough I HOPE...)











QQ3 Further cycles. And WHY 2,012?!

November 14, 2011
Monday, 14th November,  2,011.


Further cycles.

And WHY 2,012?!

        There is The 26,000 years' Precession Cycle. And the sets of these, plus The Hindu Age of Kali Luga, The Dark Age(The Iron Age) AND the cycling around Alycone, The Central Sun.

        All of these cycles,too,are ending.

      WHY 2,012?

      Why 2,012 and not any other year?

             It is the year of the ending of The Long Count of The Mayan Calendar.

            (Note,too,that the DAY might be 22.12, not 21. And/or even 23.12.12.)

           A Christian arrived at the date of 4488 B.C.(Not Bishop Ussher!)

           The Mayans use that date TOO.(4488.B.C. PLUS 6,500(an applicable Earth Wobble period), a QUARTER of the full precessional term, Earth having FOUR equally spaced in time, WOBBLES.      Equals 2,012.A.D!!

            Plus I see that that is about the date of the start of THIS CURRENT Creation.

            PLUS, if I DOUBLE disaster(worst up to applicable date) intervals, I end up with 4488B.C!

           Thus it is that 2,012.A.D.(ALSO as confirmed by many reliable sources.)is SO accepted!

          AND Jesus said "I shall return in  TWO DAYS." .

          Jesus began his ministry at age 12.

          A day with The Lord is as a thousand years.

          Now Jesus did return in about 2 days from tomb(grave)!

          However, as usual, he meant something much deeper.

          Like the oft accepted ONE THOUSAND YEARS long day!

          12 + 2,000 is 2,012! A.D.(Took arithmetic, you see.)

          Doom was originally scheduled for  999 A.D.  Then 1,999. The famous Y2K date(The year 2,000.)

          Using the 999 SUGGESTS the next zeroed number up.  As being THE ENDING.

          I believe that 2,000 was an APPROXIMATION for 2,012!

         2,000(or 1,000 for 999) being an easier mouthful  for most people!

         There is an awful lot of DENIAL going on, about 2,012.

         Which is actually quibbling over being a few years out!

         Some are saying "Roll on 2,013, so I can say Ha ha, you were wrong!".

         Two things:  1.  2,012.A.D. is the end of(2,012 is the end of time date in The Great Pyramid,too! So it is set in STONE!!)MANY astronomical cycles and ages. 

         2,012 is actually just a calendar date. A Mayan/Aztec calendar date.

         I think Doomsday,ETC. is CENTRED upon that date.

        But may not actually OCCUR until up to 3.5 years later. I should say FINISH.

        2. Starts on 21,22 or 23.12.2,012.(I understand 21 or 22, because The Earth having 24 hours of time zones, needs another day to cover everyone!  Don't understand why 23rd as well though!)

        And finishes 3.5 years later.

        Ascension started 11.11.11. 

        Basically 21.12.12 is when The Earth  and its inhabitants GET RAISED IN VIBRATION!!

        It is not about doom. Doom is what Nature, Earth and Man,etc. express, not what Vibration Uplift is being given us - from on high.

        Many humans and animals,etc. will go beserk, as this vibration continues.

        How many of you felt it?(The rise in vibrations.)

       Noah's Flood occurred in 3,113 A.D.(Gilmesh's Flood occurred on the PREVIOUS cycle, 8,363.B.C.)

       Poseidon(Wrongly called Atlantis!) went down that year!(Which CAUSED The Great global flood!)

       Atlantis went down  in a PREVIOUS cycle!

       There are THREE,3, Lesser Sequences of cycles, you see.

       A. Our sun, Sol, returning from its maximum wobble out - every 6,500 years(one quarter of a solar cycle of 26,000 years)(As there are FOUR equal Earth wobbles. And each one goes over into an Inversion of The Earth!!)(Note too that the sun goes around Alycone every 26,000(years).  It does its four great wobbles ON THE WAY AROUND!!)

        Sol also goes around our GALAXY every 26,000,000 years, riding its closed stellar cluster!

        There is also a greater cycle of 3 to 4 HUNDRED million years, as our galaxy goes around the CLUSTER of galaxies that we are in. The Virgo Cluster.

        And so on.

       DO check out what I am saying!


       (How do you guys who say IT WILL NOT happen, arrive at this knowledge??!!)(WHERE is YOUR proof!!))

        B. There is the 3,600 year periodic return of The Nibiru Complex AND of Phaeton.(I think Nibiru IS Planet X.)(IF it is something EXTRANEOUS AGAIN, then we ARE in for a trip!)(IF both are approaching. Which I do not believe.)(Antarctica got damaged then.)

        Some speak of a Brown Dwarf. Others of a Carbon Star.(No, it is not Nemesis, Sol's DISTANT twin.)(THAT is about 2.5 light years away!)

        Comet Elenin (which vanished) may have been a gigantic alien space,etc.ship. that simply dimmed its lights!

       Yes, we could well have entered The Photon Belt. Maybe this is the ALLEGED hot spot in space.

       The Photon Belt is a dense belt of photons that surrounds Alycone, Our Central Sun.

        And C, there is The Mayan 5,250 year cycle!

        There are many other greater cycles!!

        Earthmen have NOT allowed for the astronomic CYCLES, and the AGES!!(But oft times see these events as JUDGEMENTS, which they are not really.  A projection of Man's GUILT perhaps!!   It is primarily a scientific issue. Man has to PERSONALIZE, and so raises Religion.  Let him PHILOSOPHIZE ex TRUE Science.(Orthodox science is not sound re the TOP issues!)(Just where it is at.))


        (We are soon to enter the next SUN period(being called worlds by some).)

        Strictly speaking they are periods.

        I notice too that the word DIMENSION is being used for what actually is only PLANES.(A plane is a level WITHIN a dimension(which is a WAY in HYPERSPACE.))

        Earth goes around itself(It rotates(spins)). Once every 24 hours. But is is slowing!

       Moon(The third?) goes around Earth once every month(Of 28 days).

       Earth goes around Sol, our sun, once every year.(Bit like the two times table. 

       Sun, Sol, goes around its stellar spiral arm ever four wobbles. So every 26,000 years.

       Sol also goes around Central Sun, Alycone(In The Pleiades.) Every 26,000 years. So perhaps Alycone is on the spiral arm, where we go around.

       And then our closed stellar cluster goes around our Milky-Way Galaxy every 26 MILLION years(26,000,000).

      Then we have our INNER Sun(The Earth's core.).

      It goes around THE INSIDE of The Earth. It is a small red sun about 50 miles wide.

       My point here with this red - is to show you all that the causes of the giant disasters that hit us from time to time are simply due to ASTRONOMICAL CYCLES.  And not the whims of some gods!!

       But Man has to PERSONALIZE POLICIES he does not understand or know about.

       And often thinks that he is guilty(unduly, or even at all) to incur such.

       That would be equivalent to feeling guilty every time winter came around!

           I hope I have CLARIFIED  a few points!!


         My aim is to give you a bigger picture in front of(before) The Infinite.

         A larger canvas picture on which to paint the lower back-drops!!

         Astronomy is SO important.

         Pity Orthodox Astronomy is so wrong!!

         The Abo's,ETC. know a lot deep down. But are unable to easily express this.

         Especially in our materialistic, alcohol and drug addicted(not to mention ORDINARY smoking) society!!

         As we START to ride out the roller -coasters of economic and financial collapse,ETC.

         We NEED(or perish horribly!) to LIVE WITHIN our means!

         And to PAY OFF, not DISGUISE and fool ourselves(which is what we ARE doing!), our debts and deficits,etc!!

         Spiritual as well as material.

         Karma!(We need to pay that off BEFORE we can enjoy the higher vibrations, or they will convert to troubles.)

         As the higher vibrations move in, we are becoming spiritually undigested!

         Obliging us to GET RID OF IT(the indigestion I mean, not the higher vibrations!), or die terribly!!

         But our leaders are failing to do this!

         So the MOB is going to do it for them!!

         Occupy Wall Street,etc?

         No.  Occupy Goldman Sachs!(But IS that right?)(The big corporations are greedy. Aren't SO MANY!!)(So many parties I mean, though the deprived naturally find it harder!)

         I am saying that the guilt lies rather with Goldman Sachs rather than Wall Street,ETC!!

         Printing more coloured papers is not the prime error.

         The prime error lies in GREED.

         And the lust for POWER!!

         No.  We NEED those pretty tokens!

         To give us the confidence to believe in the tokens,and THUS to TRADE rather than hoard gold and silver!!

         We need to SPEND!! Not save!!

         Let he who has most give to they who have least!

         (Let he who has two cloaks give one to the one who has none!)

        Ignorance of the TRUE facts is driving many to violence and theft,etc.

        The BANKS are not SO bad!(Cough,cough...)

        No.  They loan us what we need later...

        They are most generous with the money they have squeezed from the people!

        Via loans they HOPE to get re-paid!

        The trouble is, you see, part of the trouble  -  that we have LOST THE PLOT!!

        Being overwhelmed with so many COMPLICATIONS!!

        The young of today have not been taught.

        How can we blame them, for their parents' omissions?

        Dad left, leaving Mum to do it all. When she could not cope with what she already has(on her plate)!

        Judge not, that YE be not judged!

        And there you have A VERY TINY bit of IT ALL!!

        Alas so many of us confuse what we WANT to be the truth - with THE TRUTH ITSELF!!(We often don't believe the truth. But what we WANT TO BE the truth!!)

        Let he who is without sin CAST THE FIRST STONE!!

       Yep! I'm a hypocrite.

       I am also a RACIST! I prefer my colour.(One lot has superior minds(?). The OTHER lot has superior hearts. But a heart not checked by mind - is in for trouble!!(HEART colour is what matters, not skin colour.)

      Well, don't the rest of you??!!

      CHECK what people say! Don't just BELIEVE it!

      How many of you check out what I say??

       You SENSE I speak true(well more than not)?!

       In any case, we should believe the other chap - it being a better card than NOT believing the other chap!!


      See where DISBELIEVING everything we get told is getting us?


       If we believed all that we were told, we would be FAR better off than DISBELIEVING all that we get told!!

        1. Because most people speak true(we are not all schoolyard fibbers!(ARE we??!!). Especially retail business folk!

        And 2.  Because though we would be fooled NOW and AGAIN, that were far better than living in the vacuus vaccum of SCEPTICISM!!  And THUS starve ourselves SPIRITUALLY to death!!

         Question everything, but that is not the same as DOUBTING everything!!(Questioning leads to enriching answers.  DOUBTING leads to an inner DESERT.)

         Do YA see??

         So much exaggerating and distorting going on!!

         If we suspect that all food we buy has been poisoned, then we would STARVE.

         On the other hand by eating all the additives, we might only get a bit discoloured from time to time, now and again!!!!

         Yes, LOVE ALL is the way to go.

         LOVE I said, not sex!

         Poor Man(kind), he has got so much wrong!

         Unite(I ADVISE) SOULS with GOD, not bodies with other humans!!

         We marry to avoid promiscuity! I see this now.(If only marriage WERE HONOURED!!)(And WERE WE rich enough - to support a spouse.  But WHO should support who??!!)

         But we live in days when the married are as those who are not!!(As Jesus said. The Christendom Bible anyway.)

         Can you see where we are going wrong?

         We are PROJECTING OUR misconceptions ONTO those we meet!!

         Instead of BEARING the others' poorer mental eye-sight!!

         We have made the mistake of thinking that the easy way is the best!

         Too many people on Earth!! Too much traffic on the road.

         Too many cooks spoiling the broth.

         Too much tax ation.

         Too much COMPLICATION!!

         Give, and we shall receive.

         Not take and get smaller!

         Man is lost, and getting loster.

         But the way to find yourself is not to kill all you meet.

         But to HELP UP!!

         Love is not weakness. Love is feeding others what they need.

         So that ONE DAY, they will not bury us!!

         The only things you will take with you


         Now where did I put that padlock?!


         The end is nigh.

         Because when I look in the mirror - I see the back of my head!

         If I use TWO mirrors. One behind, one in front!!











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