BBB9-3 Nibiru,etc. Continued.

July 15, 2012

Monday, 16th July, 2,012.

Nibiru,etc. Continued.


Have I got news for you!


I continue what is more like a news letter:-
1. I have told you that a Pole Shift has begun. It began about 2 years ago. And apparently is proceeding. Earth has tilted about 2 to 3 degrees. Causing sun to rise and set that many degrees east of usual.(As Nibiru pulls The Earth increasingly over.)(What I don’t know is if it is axial or crustal(or both), and whether about CENTRE of The Earth or The South Pole!! Any ideas, anyone??)(I now think it is about The South Pole. Nibiru’s North Magnetic Pole is pulling on our North Magnetic Pole. While its South Pole is attracting our South Pole, but The North more than the south – because that is where the magnetisms lie. Thus about The South Pole.)
This then explains the great variances in the number of degrees OUT from usual(before). About 45 degrees out up north. And 0 degrees down south. Sky objects should seem to look the same. So I think Moon itself has been tilted too. Sun would not be affected much. Though some stars will have vanished. And new ones appeared. Just a TINY FEW!!

Illumination from sun to moon dimmed by ITS change of tilt, probably about ITS south pole. Perhap maximal down south.

Squashing and egg-shape effects due to light rays being bent out of shape perhaps by the mass of The Earth tilted over.
Noticed a difference lately? You check on where the sun rises and sets – and measure the angle. Also how it all compares against about 2 years back.
Similarly with the moon.

Both sun and moon, and stars – all look different.(To about TWO YEARS ago.)(The trouble is as the positions gradually change – we get familiar with the new positions – and think all is well. When it is not!)
Check videos on The Internet and see.

A disturbing feature is that the CHANGE in angle of sun,moon,stars VARIES greatly in different parts of The Earth. Up to 45 degrees in some places. Which is a lot.
2. Because of the change(I think Earth’s axis has changed.)(Though be that the crust has slidden. Or both axis and crust.)(Due to Nibiru’s approach.) – the sun, moon and stars LOOK different.

What is strange is that LESS light seems to be being reflected from the moon, which ALSO has appeared SQUASHED(Even EGG shaped!!)!!(View Internet videos and see. I looked at some U-Tube ones.)(Allow for odd wags and sceptics.)
I do not see how a change in angle of view from Earth can alter the amount of illumination falling from the sun onto the moon. Not to the degree seen.

3. I think that the moon ITSELF has had its tilt changed. Especially being so much smaller than Earth. This might explain the less illumination. Though would expect same amount of illumination, – just a different part of moon seen. Baffling.(BIG change in tilt of Moon to what was EXPECTED.)
4. The North Magnetic Pole is moving faster and faster towards Russia. About 40 miles per year currently.(Someone has suggested PER DAY.)

I think the reason for the changing(and acceleratingly) Magnetic North is due to the axial tilt – and not any change in the magnetic field. What has moved south(and west) is the surface of The Earth, making it LOOK as if Magnetic North is changing!(Due to a change in axial tilt and/or a crustal movement, but more likely the former(change in axial tilt).)

5. Many groups of animals from a number of species are dying. SOME Birds falling from the sky – for example.

Due I believe to their electro-magnetic guidance systems becoming dis-orientated.(Because of the changed North Magnetic Pole position.)(Humans have had to change runway markers at one U.S. airport.)
6. The U.S. and Middle East heat-waves I attribute to Rising Magma ex Earth’s Wobble, via centrifugal force. AND to Nibiru getting closer.

Currently, Nibiru orbit is running parallel to Earth’s, so no longer approaching. But this should change within a few days – and the two orbits get closer again – very slowly. Which means a gradual worsening of heat and gravity from Nibiru.
7. So far our problems have been due to Earth’s Wobble heaving the magma up – thus increasing heat. Nibiru still too far away. And currently not getting closer.
8. As the speed of the change in the position of The Earth’s SURFACE increases, we should feel increasingly peculiar. Anyone notice anything? Feel a bit weird in the head – due to motion of the ground!

9. Heat and disasters should gradually increase from now on.

Up until about October 31st, 2,012. When they should peak.
10. The main point of what I am saying here is that the change in Earth’s tilt(due to axial tilt change and/or Earth’s crust change in position) is intended to EXPLAIN why sun and moon look AND ACT different(ly). And why some stars are vanishing – and others appearing.

What is happening is that the Southern sky stars are being replaced by The Northern sky stars. And vice versa.
11. Grasping what I am saying might help you from THINKING you are going mad. Especially with weird feeling in head – due to increasing motion of The Earth’s SURFACE.

PERHAPS plus the fact that North Magnetic Pole is changing its position.(Though humans,etc. may not feel this.)

Earth’s core is PLASMIC, not of iron. I do not think that has changed.


12. The hilarity of many people, I find disturbing. When I think of the approach of DOOMSDAY. They are in for QUITE a shock and come- down. In particular Australian T.V. Channel 7, particularly Morning Sunrise News. Who spend SO MUCH time laughing.


13. We are experiencing heat ex Earth’s Wobble now. But SOON Nibiru WILL affect us.(Many wrongly thinking Nibiru is to blame for our woes. But it soon will be.)

After Nibiru, it will be The Galactic Alignment. Its effects are cutting in increasingly,now.

And finally Man’s re-action to the higher vibrations from The Age of Aquarius.

On top of the USUAL disturbances ex Man.(kind).

14. Increasing heat and disasters. But Ice Era and ICE AGE are coming up!!(Global Warming exists – and is due to rising magma ex Earth’s WOBBLE. Plus radiating heat from Nibiru. NOT Man-made(nor Nature made) greenhouse gases!(THAT is a SCAM.)(Deliberately falsified evidence and graphs – to collect Mrs.Thatcher’s bonus!!)


15. IMMENSE changes should be caused by The Polar Shift. Which leads(probably) into Earth Inversion.
16. Worst damage ever to Man on Earth is about to be wrought.


17. Meanwhile Man is coming up with WW3, deadly flu strains, nuclear radiation, Haarp,etc. Black Holes. And even THE PLAGUE!! Plus the fact that Orthodoxy has got the main key facts completely wrong!!

18. On top of the worsening horrors from Nature. Including the growing resistance to anti-biotics. The Proton Belt. And The hot spot in space.
19. The sun is increasingly disturbed(By Nibiru). Threatening to wreck our electronic and electric equipment,etc.etc. And satellites,etc.

And perhaps fry us alive.

Or Nibiru might – by way of electric arcs.

20. We shall need SHELTERS! Especially down The North Geographical Pole – to escape WITHIN.(Hollow Earth is a FACT.)
Otherwise, because little hope of packing over 7 BILLION humans into the shelters and bunkers being built. Nearly all HAVE TO BE excluded.

So we NEED our own shelters.

Best provided by our governments.(Who, however, deny(in The West) that Nibiru EXISTS!!)
YOUR LIVES depend upon hearing what I am saying – AND HEEDING!!


Nibiru is REAL – and true!!

As will effects from The Galactic Alignment coming up, 21.12.2012) be,too!!


21. Noticed The CHEM-trails?(These may look like contrails – but are not.

Possible purposes: Reduce the population by killing crops,etc. and people. Cool down the heat of the sun. HIDE the increasing signs in the sky!
THEY are trying to prevent people from seeing UFO’s and the strange behaviour and appearance of sun,moon,sky.

They don’t want us to know that there is a polar shift on. To keep control of us – as well as to avoid panic.
I think the more we all know, the better.
Though it is true many don’t know how best to act!














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