jjj3 Continuing Nibiru and Pole Shift,etc.etc.

December 12, 2012

‎Thursday, ‎13th ‎December, ‎2,012.

I was going to write on December 21st, 2,012, End of the world theme.

Two pieces of news give me pause:-

1. The Mayans refer to a raise in human conciousness, not doom.

2. The Pope declares that owing to a miscalculation it is now 2,016.A.D. and not 2,012.A.D.(I THOUGHT date was out by 3 years, but the other way. I thought it might be 2,009.A.D. But Pope should know best!(Though it MAY be a ploy for some end.)
While I believe that this(2,016.A.D.) may be so, in fact is so, – certain looming events do not depend upon dates.

1. Planets Herbuculosis and Nibiru are well and truly in our part of the solar system(I hear that some planet with a tail is heading rapidly for The Earth. Furthermore that this planet has satellites going around it. I have a number of reports of Nibiru being seen – from various sources.)

2. We could have passed the galactic alignment point.(If Pope right, and I expect that he is.) – some four years back.
3. Age of Aquarius should start 22.12.2,012.(I expect a severe re-action to it by world which will hate its high vibrations.) But if it is now 2,016, will Aquarius still begin on 22.12.2,012. Thus it has already happened seemingly.
4. The sun is increasingly playing up – due to proximity of Herbuculosis – which is off Jupiter. And may have struck it.(Jupiter would be a little larger than Herbuculosis.)

The scene I see is planets Herbuculosis and Nibiru doing figure eights during crossing from Arcturus(or is it Sirius?), Sol identical twin star. Being planets of the crossing. Thus doing one orbit of our sun before returning to Arcturus(or is it Sirius)(It may be that twin of Sirius is Sirius B. Possibly.)
We are dealing with TWO planets, not one: namely Herbuculosis and Nibiru. Two planets seem to have crossed over from Arcturus.

I further think that Alycone is parent of Sol and Arcturus. Whilst Sirius is parent of Sirius B, in Orion. Orion’s Belt region.
Regardless of dates, sink holes, cracks in the ground(and on ocean floor), plus strange noises(rumblings and groanings) are occurring and increasing. SOME of these are due to fracking and drilling mining operations, but I believe that the majority are caused by Nibiru(now coming out from behind sun?). being so close.
It is very hard to get a true picture due to wilful disinformation and non-information by NASA and JPL.

Sceptics ferociously make this worse.

Reports are being exaggerated and distorted.


Regardless, a polar shift seems to have either started on Stage 2 – or be imminent.
SOMETHING is happening(also higher tides). Due to crossed-over planets Herbuculosis and Nibiru. The former is near Jupiter. The latter near to The Earth.

Apparently Nibiru has been behind the sun until recently.
Nibiru could appear AT ANY TIME, like a large red full moon.(Terrifying many.)(Worst danger will be from Man and animals gone beserk!!)

We are heading into the most calamitous time ever, in the immediate future. Lasting through all of 2,013 and easing off in 2,014.(Expect bad solar flares,etc. around 14.02.2,013.)(Expect power grid to go down. THEREFORE be READY with generators and diesel,as well as petrol and oil,etc. Plus MANY BATTERIES. Stock up food, AND WATER, plus medical supplies, and have shipping containers to live in or shelter in!!)(EMP attacks possible to, as well as CYBER attacks, and even nuclear, biological and chemical attacks, along with conventional attacks by not only East, but West!!!!)

Collapse of U.S. dollar and global economic and financial collapse is apparently only a matter of time. U.S. cannot to into hyper-inflation for long – and get away with it.

Danger is of Red China not buying U.S. debt any more, and dumping THEIR U.S. dollars onto the world!!

China is financing The U.S!!(Because it pays them to AT PRESENT.)
North Korea is preparing to threaten U.S. California at least. With it latest long range rocket!
Things don’t look too good!
Obama is going to be well and truly tested this term!!


Numerous asteroids and comets stirred up (By Herbuculosis) from Oort and maybe Kuiper Belts are near to The Earth.

We are also in the tail, periodically, of Nibiru, – which is full of junk. So some asteroids could be from that.(Also red dust containing iron oxides(ferric and ferrous), along with alien microbes.

This red(it is not algae!) getting into water,ETC. is bad because it is poisonous!!
Both Herbuclosis and Nibiru, which are planets of Arcturus(or perhaps Sirius or Sirius B) – have crossed over into Sol’s solar system. And are causing strange effects.
Pole Shift stage one occurred 31.12.2,010.
Stage two is either on – or imminent.

Stage two may not begin until 21.12.2,012(or is it 2,016). I expect The Earth to physically and geographically invert – causing the first of A SET of catastrophes. Killing billions of humans,etc.etc.
The North Magnetic Pole is fleeing away faster and faster from Canada towards Russia.

I believe that this will,or at least may, cause a physical geographical shift.
Aliens massing above may rescue some.(Be ready for false flag aliens,too!)


I believe that physical geographical Pole Shift stage 2 has begun – or will start by about 21.12.2,012(or is it 2,016).

Growing(in numbers and sizes)sink holes – and cracks in the ground, and on the ocean floor(Why no comment on these by the media?!)(Why the chemtrails?)(Why the denials by authorities and sceptics??).

The news we get from the media is propaganda, a mix of truths, half-truths and falsehoods!!

Shelters and bunkers have been built, and seed vaults opened – all over the world. And Martial Law set-ups and FEMA camps prepared, plus mass arming(including MANY tanks, and military personnel(to back police).

Evidently a civil war is expected in The U.S. Partly against Barack Obama.(Who gained the presidency via a faked birth certificate.)(He is a Muslim. Said so his self. Born in Kenya. Lived in Indonesia before Hawaii.) He could destroy U.S. from THE INSIDE!!!!

When cataclysms occur, the higher echelons in authority can flee into their shelters and bunkers.(Though obviously only a TINY FEW can be sheltered!)

Many will commit suicide(don’t!). Many will die. Some will be evacuated by aliens.
Be prepared! Get READY – for BIG, VERY BIG troubles!!!!





BBB5 Latest on Pole Shift, Nibiru,etc.

July 10, 2012

Tuesday, 10th July, 2,012.

Latest on Nibiru,ETC.(References?)(On Internet, check under Nibiru, Planet X, Pole Shift, Doomsday.)

I have been busy researching Nibiru,ETC.further. And learned a lot!!

I wish to share my latest findings with you:-
1. Nibiru(Planet X) should pass us end of October beginning of November, 2,012.(I have been studying the orbital trajectories of Earth and Nibiru, observing the PASSING by the Earth date of this Planet of The Crossing.)

2. It is clear that NASA KNOWS the details, but is TRYING to hide the fact!(This seems to go for other key authorities,too.(Like U.S. Government, The Vatican,etc.))
3. Nibiru’s effect is apparently only a PART of a much deeper source! Namely, when The Earth lines up with The Great Rift at The Centre of The Galaxy(December 21st, 2,012.)

4. Disturbances to the sun should provoke massive re-actions, some of which can be expected to hit The Earth.(When Nibiru gets between Sun and The Earth.)

5. It is now only 11 days to what was claimed to be the best estimate for THE PASSING.(July 21st, 2,012.)((MY Studying the trajectories of the orbits – shows Nibiru will still be a good way from us then. So maybe relax. But not TOO much! Just IN CASE!!(Someone else may have obtained a better insight into the date of THE PASSING.)(Bear in mind that reports difffer a lot.)
6. Apart from a whole crop of horrors coming up soon(over the next year)(POSSIBLY. Maybe probably.), there is:-(Like World War 3.)(And a false flag disaster at The London Olympics.)

7. The re-action by the public to the start of The Age of Aquarius!(When spiritual vibrations become higher.)(Which Earth’s humans IN GENERAL do not like!! So they should REBEL!!)


8. Shelters, bunkers, deep underground chambers and seed,etc.stores are proceeding apace in many countries. If nothing much of note is imminent, WHY all this preparation.(Apart from the number of PREPPERS!!)
9. We are in for the roughest ride EVER(future included) over the next few months! With RECORD – BREAKING destruction WORLD WIDE!!

Is there a good cave or cavern near to you? But others, including animals, with same idea. You will need A VERY STRONG shelter to survive. Ordinary house – no good. (Will simply fall onto you.)

Biggest danger will be flooding. Drowning.

Water won’t be the only problem. Fire(from the sky) and lavic springs. water will be bitter once Nibiru’s red dust gets into it. As will the crops. This red dust started to fall some years back. Mixed with water – it looks like blood.(Of which(blood) there should be plenty around.)

Ferocious(worst known) storms in ALL the elements will occur ALL over The Earth.

Some say 80% of humans will die.

Christendom Bible says ONE THIRD. Science says TWO THIRDS.

70 lb hail stones will be falling and meteorites of like size too. A steady DELUGE of both. Plus rocks and stones. Everywhere. Expect every structure on Earth to be flattened. Tremendous lightning storms. Non-stop. Continual aurora. And electric arcs rendering all electronic and electric equipment useless.(The Earth should MOAN for hours before The Pole Shift.) Both poles may roast and melt. Then new ones start up.

Increasing light and heat can be expected from Nibiru. Providing TWO sun rises and sunsets.(This has already begun!) One sun rising in East but further along. And one sun rising in West.

Earth will stop rotating for A WEEK! Then start to spin in the opposite direction. So one half of Earth will have a very long night of total darkness. The other half- sizzling day – for a week. A long dawn. And a long twilight(In some parts.).

You WILL need STORES to last some time.
Australia and New Zealand will get the week long VERY DARK NIGHT.(Imagine being in TOTAL DARKNESS for a week!)(Western half of Australia expected to go under water – permanently.)(Hundreds of feet.)(Far Eastern Australia should stay above water. But coastal areas WORLD WIDE should be MUCH too dangerous to live in! Danger from rising water ways. But need to live near TO GET WATER!!(DISTIL all water after the shift!)(But check ALL FUTURISTIC MAPS on The Internet to find out where your local stands!)(Punch in FUTURISTIC MAPS!)(One map shows Britain going TOTALLY under hundreds of feet of water.)(In addition to a sea rise to about 500 feet, there will be extra due to SLOSHING ABOUT(of water). Plus TSUNAMI 700 feet high EVERYWHERE!!!! Back to THE STONE AGE, instantly!!

I repeat: No homes(houses)will be safe. You WILL need VERY STRONG shelter. – Until THE SHIFT is over. This probably will mean TOTAL INVERSION of The Earth. Physical. GEOGRAPHICAL.

Windows are going to get smashed in. By storms and raving mad gangs of humans.

I REPEAT: Only hope is DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE. Or hope aliens will evacuate you into a Mother Craft far above! Failing these two alternatives – (Little hope of The Authorities putting you into shelters!) – You WILL NEED VERY STRONG shelters!! Caves and caverns may become ESSENTIAL!! Buildings will crash down. Trapping thoese in basements.(Nowhere in your house will be assuredly safe!!)

You WILL need shelters like they had in World War TWO!(Even THEY may not be strong enough!!)
The Earth is going to TURN RIGHT UPSIDE DOWN!!

Already, Nibiru is tugging at The North Pole!

AND I think THE HEAT is rising(and the light increasing).

I expect(now)this to occur end of October beginning of November THIS YEAR! 2,012.A.D.(December 21st is simply the last official day of the cycles. Especially The Mayan one. The Long Count.)(Bad things come BEFORE that date(and after it)!)
The sea will rise about 500 feet almost instantaneously.

That is not counting THE SLOSHING ABOUT(hundreds of feet more!). AND The 700 feet high TSUNAMIS!!
Much ASH will come from volcanic eruptions(which will be big and everywhere). That is what darkens the sun – for a very long time. Along with DUST. Also THE RED DUST – from Nibiru.
Nibiru has a huge tail full of JUNK. We shall be entering THAT!! So it will be falling upon us increasingly up until about Halloween. And then die away – like it came – for months and years.(Once you hear The Earth MOANING – know that THE SHIFT is imminent(The Pole Shift). Earth should fall on its side in about ONE HOUR. So expect to be SUDDENLY TRANSPORTED at thousands of miles per hour.)(That should be QUITE a ride!!)

It is HARD to get an accurate exact picture. You will need SUPPLIES of essentials that have to last you for A VERY LONG TIME!!(Months,YEARS.)(Money will be WORTHLESS.)(But even if you survived and had a big supply of everything that you needed – hard to rate chances when just about EVERY human and animal on The Earth will be COMPLETELY MAD with terror and horror!! ALL law and order will go immediately – and permanently. After the heat will come cold and snow. Ice Era. ICE AGE. MARTIAL LAW will of course be in force – PERMANENTLY. MANY will suicide. But I advise DON’T!!

CRIME and WAR will become the ORDER OF THE DAY!!
Safest place will be in a Plastic Bubble on the surface of the sea.

Or SAFELY encapsulated in SOMETHING far beneath the waves(like a dome or submarine or submersible or some-such).
ALL organization SHOULD VANISH just as soon as Nibiru gets sighted(any time soon!). Looking like a winged red ball. A red dragon. A big red moon(in addition to our moon – which will also be red).

VERY little living forms should survive!(I mean VERY FEW.)


First comes great heat. And then great cold.


Everywhere will be UTTER DESOLATION.
Everything on the ground will be burning. Cities will be in ruins with crazed packs(humans and animals) crawling all over them. What few left CAN crawl!!

Diseases, old and new, RAMPANT.

Happy the dead in that day. Which I put as IMMINENT.(Within a few months.)(11 days IF that “best estimate” is correct. But I place about 3 months off yet. Though conditions will be worsening all of the way UP TO the day of THE PASSING.(Of Nibiru, passing by, with its huge tail and retinue), – and OF MOST HUMANS AND ANIMALS(Into The Spirit World!!) on Earth!!
DON’T expect The Authorities to be warning you!! They will(In The West anyway) be DENYING everything FOR AS LONG AS THEY CAN!!
Don’t expect a Christmas or New Year Festival THIS YEAR, nor again!!
Aboard a ship at sea may give you some extra time!(Unless it gets sunk!)(By the gigantic WAVES.)
VERY FEW know what to expect. Nibiru is still a taboo word(In The West.)
Weather at all levels should worsen – as Nibiru approaches. Of course.


Best off will be those who die quickly!!

Wind should reach 300 m.p.h. world wide. Sea to rise anywhere up to about 500 feet, and stay at that level.

I KNOW that many STILL poo poo Nibiru. But THEY are VERY mistaken!!


Having studied this for a decade or more, if you listen to what I am telling you, it should save you MUCH research upon The Internet. So listen!!(As The Internet is carrying MANY and varied reports, so hard to distil the truth from!!)



God be with us ALL!!
















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