fff1 Details of the set of cataclysms coming,etc!!

October 25, 2012

Friday, 26th October, 2,012.


Prepare for end of age soon!


21.12.2,012 is the key date. Within two months time. Two doom years of 2,013 and 2,014 will follow.

Annunaki giant aliens(Up to 15 feet tall) will land en masse and rescue best half of humanity. Whisk aloft to Mothercraft above. They are massing above ready.

The wicked other half will be left to perish in a set of cataclysms covering the next 3 months or so! Sea will rise hundreds of feet, changing the face of The Earth.

Two gigantic events are imminent. First is Planet Nibiru. Second is Galactic Alignment. The CURRENT strange occurrences(sink holes, cracks in the ground, weird sounds,etc.) are due to Earth’s WOBBLE plus the approach of Planet Nibiru. The Establishment is STRENUOULSY trying to deny and cover up. So to have better control of us. And to avoid panic.

The Annunaki genetically modified our genes. To create a slave race to mine gold for them, which they need to particulate and shoot into space – to increase light and heat of the sun, because they go SO FAR out in a huge 3,600 year long looping orbit. They fancy our women.(Perhaps abducting the prettiest virgins. Just what I think might happen!)

They are providing Earth with advanced technology IN EXCHANGE FOR being allowed to abduct at will whoever they wish to. Not just prettiest women!!

They are creating a HYBRID RACE via inter-breeding. The Little Grey aliens are working with them.(They look like school boys. Wearing dark sun glasses.)

You are asked to prepare for all this.

An ENORMOUS number of alien craft now surround our planet.

For some reason cow blood is important to them. So they cut cows open and extract the blood.

They also siphon off some of our water.

ALL this is not a rumour, but almost certain fact!!

The Authorities REFUSE to tell us, so a few people like myself are trying to do so. Since it is better to be forewarned.

Sceptics scorn all this, but it is FACT!!

Nibiru is NOT a myth!!

Nibiru should arrive by about 21.12.2,012.(But PLEASE NOTE! It is NOT MERELY Nibiru!!)

Three tremendous events are either occurring – OR are imminent.

The peaking of Earth’s WOBBLE, Nibiru’s arrival and Galactic Alignment are all centred upon December 21st, 2,012.

On or about THAT DATE will occur what is known as THE EVENT. The Maya,etc. based their calendar on it. It will be the worst period of destruction ever(past and future)for Man on this Earth. Which will START on 21.12.2,012 – and proceed for 3.5 years. Especially 2,013 and 2,014. This is a once in 26 MILLION years event.

FOLLOWING all this will be the arrival of CHRIST. The Second Coming.

And the next GOLDEN AGE will begin.
Note that the wicked will be left on Earth by the aliens, and get destroyed!!(As VERY FEW can possibly survive THE HORRIFIC DEVASTATION – that is coming.)
What IS most important is that 1. You do more good than evil – to escape THE JUDGEMENT. 2. To avoid bad karma in future lives. AND 3. to avoid HELL!! AND 4 – to get rescued by the aliens!!!! . When in The Spirit World – which you WILL BE in immediately after your physical body dies – you need to know to head for the BLUE WHITE light, without delay, and head UPWARDS as fast as you can, vibrationally AND materially. Via PRAYER and MEDITATION,etc. Acceptance of GOD and CHRIST is ESSENTIAL!!!! But you need to do MAXIMUM GOOD,too!! The negatives(evil-doers)will strive ALL OUT to stop you doing these things!!!!

I trust that the foregoing paragraph is PERFECTLY CLEAR to you all!


What is happening is that a great quarter solar cycle of 6,500 years – is ending.(A new one begins on December 22nd, 2,012.(It is not the end of the world. Just the end of an AGE.)(Life upon Earth will be COMPLETELY CHANGED.)(Along with a 3,500 year cycle.Nibiru’s orbital period.)

VERY few will survive the SET of cataclysms STARTING UP on December 22nd, 2,012.


I am TRYING to warn as many as I possibly can. But various forces have obliged me to only reach A PITIFUL TINY FEW!! Despite all my efforts.(Such is the force of the wicked negative ones who are many and strong!!)(And exceedingly CRAFTY and successful.)
It is not JUST Nibiru! But Wobble, And Galactic Alignment. Plus the nasty re-action to the start of The Age of Aquarius – also starting up after Pisces ends – on December 21st, 2,012.

Also coming are the terrible solar flares,etc. of February 14th, 2,013. Which should knock out all satellites and electric and electronic connections – permanently.

Be READY to go back onto OIL and CANDLES,etc!!
Australia and New Zealand will be largely spared. I understand. Raised up a bit.

Stanthorpe in Queensland should escape well – bar for flooding if enough rain falls.(As it well might!)


The rest of the world will be largely PULVERIZED. VERY FEW surviving. Humans, animals, plants and buildings – flattened. By natural disasters rising to a crescendo peak around December 21st, 2,012.


Aliens in craft are massing above to rescue us,not to invade to take over!!
Do not fight them! Hopeless – and STUPID!!

TWO great cycles, and many lesser ones, are converging THIS TIME, centred upon December 21st, 2,012. THE GREAT DATE in history!!

One cycle is the 6,500 year one – which is the quarter solar cycle(one quarter of a precession), and the other is the 3,600 year cycle of the orbit of Nibiru. Cataclysms come with each, but this time BOTH WILL OCCUR SIMULTANEOUSLY, along with other cycle peaks and super disasters!!!!
Whatever you do, do NOT ignore this warning!!

Get next to a super-market, if owner permits you to do this, so you can shop(and leave money) AFTER the set of cataclysms!!!(Not too close so that it might fall and crush you to death or anything!!)
There is virtually nothing we can do. And to shelter all 7 BILLION humans – is just about impossible.

HOWEVER. Annunaki aliens,and little greys,I imagine,will land EN MASSE – to rescue the best of humans. So be ready for that!! One will be taken, the other left. Thus the wicked will be left behind to perish. Because they would not accept GOD and CHRIST, and do maximum good!!
I imagine that THIS (set of cataclysms) is The Great Tribulation(To last 3.5 years.).
We are talking about sinking and rising CONTINENTS!!
Finishing off with a sea-rise of HUNDREDS OF FEET!!


Screwball notions are numerous. But THIS is NOT ONE OF THEM!!!!

Our current peace should fade away over the next month or two!!


However, we are preparing for World War 3! And World Civil War, via global economic collapse and financial collapse.(Which is MADNESS at the best of times.)

That all seems to hinge upon Israel attacking Iran.

We need Israel to sacrifice this attack – in order to save THE ENTIRE WORLD!!(From WW3).


Not to punish Iran, – no matter how much they deserve it!!

Though ABSOLUTELY, principles SHOULD be KEPT!!(And it would be VERY strange were Iran not preparing nuclear devices!! Because they are behind so many other wicked things in The Middle East!!)(The Terrorists for example.)

The least that can happen – is Global EMPING. Caused by flares,etc. from the sun February 14th, 2,013.



Folks, don’t go to sleep, don’t close your eyes.





DON’T be caught napping now!

This is NOT mere scare-mongering! But REASONABLE fear creating – to get you to DEFEND against it!!

A frantic DESPERATE PLEA to all on Earth – to do ALL that they can to dodge this event, THE EVENT!!!!


You ARE being WARNED!!

Note that BASICALLY The Event is GOOD. It is THE GREAT ASCENSION(Rise of VIBRATIONS!!) of The Earth. Which all will share in! However, it does involve the close passing of Nibiru(To Earth), and The EVEN WORSE Galactic Alignment. Along with the re-action by the sun – via solar flares,etc. The Earth’s WOBBLE is also peaking – with dire results!!

WATCH the heights of the TIDES!!(And the progress of sink holes,cracks in the ground, strange noise of rock below being crushed after centrifugal force raises the ground. We have gotten used to bad earthquakes, but on a scale of 1 to 10, this will be as near 10 as can be got!(What we have experienced SO FAR is a TINY FRACTION of 1! But TEN is coming. HUNDREDS TO THOUSANDS of times worse than anything so far!!!!)



Bill, Vic, Vicon!!!!(I am usually right about these things. PLEASE HEED!!)(Yes, stock up. But be prepared to have it stolen! Also grow plants for food! And don’t forget POTABLE WATER. Because with the red dust(from Nibiru)falling into EVERYTHING(it is poisonous), we shall need food and drink free from the red dust! So bottle up as much water as you possibly can!)(The JUNK FILLED tail of Nibiru is growing around us – as the doom planet approaches. The worst danger will be the BESERK humans and animals, PACKS of them, – who will STOP AT NO THING – to get food and drink and ANYTHING ELSE they want!!!! Masses of them! OUT OF THEIR MINDS with TERROR and HORROR – once Nibiru APPEARS. Something like a red full moon – AT FIRST, and then expect it to close in. But should not hit us!! However, MUCH of the JUNK in its tail,and it has about six up to Earth sized satellites circling it, IS going to hit us. Be READY for THAT!! DO you GET the picture????)(Do NOT commit suicide!!)(Trenches will be best!)(Disasters should acceleratingly increase FROM NOW ON!!)(Be ready for about 3.5 years of this!!)(TAIL of Nibiru will hang around for a long time – even after Nibiru has gone!!)



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