ggg2 Switch to silver. And other matters.

November 14, 2012

Wednesday, November 14th, 2,012.

Disengaging from gold was a mistake.


In 1972, THEN President Nixon unhooked the U.S. Dollar from Gold. And, since then, the economic and financial rot has set in. And UP went prices,etc. He did this to try to get U.S. out of a growing fix. It succeeded. But at the cost of much worse later!!

Originally, we had BARTER. 6 Sheep for a cow sort of thing. But this was inconvenient, so bank notes and coins were introduced. And today we have Quantitative Easing(Q.E.) which is ad lib printing of bank notes. And the creation of electronic balances.

However, this is only works for a while. Eventually hyper-inflation sets in. And we have a Zimbabwe type situation. We are now in Q.E.3. With Q.E.4 on the horizon.
The Roman Empire collapsed similarly. We are simply duplicating what happened to The Roman Empire!! They disintegrated. Are we backing exemption from cause and effect?? ??
If you consider bank-notes, these were introduced for CONVENIENCE. Originally SIGNED PROMISSORY notes, PROMISING to pay the bearer ON DEMAND – the sum of so many pounds of gold. Very gradually we are being CONDITIONED into believing that these pieces of nicely designed prettty pieces of paper had value in THEMSELVES!! But they REMAIN bits of paper!!

Bank-notes will work ONLY as long as the OTHER PERSON ALSO sees some mysterious INTRINSIC value in those bits of paper. Which, of course, they do not have!!

VERY gradually we are being led up the garden to see these notes, bank-notes, as valuable IN THEMSELVES!!

But PAPER, however intricately designed and prettily coloured can NEVER take the place of gold and silver,etc! You HAVE TO make the TOKEN(e.g. bank-notes) to HAVE an INTRINSIC value of ITS OWN. Or people will not accept them – eventually. And hyper-inflation grows. As in Zimbabwe,etc.

This is what U.S. faces, and Europe. Which is leading to Western COLLAPSE!!
I recall when British Pounds bank-notes WERE promissory notes(Promises to redeem bearer ON DEMAND in gold! At The Bank of England. And similarly with all Commonwealth countires. AND in The U.S.Etc.) But VERY gradually the promise is being WITHDRAWN!!(Whilst hoping that THE PEOPLE won’t notice!!)
People KNOW the difference between paper and GOLD(Or SILVER – now a better substitute for wealth!!)(Though, of course, far less valuable than gold.)(Gold and Silver are about ready to GO THROUGH THE ROOF!!)(BECAUSE The OLD TOKEN of best value, The U.S.Dollar – is starting to COLLAPSE!!(Because of the insidious gradual slide into making it MERE pretty designed pieces of paper. GRADUALLY separating(EVER so subtly and gradually) the ERSTWHILE promise to redeem in gold – from an AUTHORITATVE SIGNATURE!!(From some worthy BANK!!)

You can’t do it! The STRENGTH of the value of BANK-NOTES – lies in a SIGNED PROMISE by SOME AUTHORITATIVE BANK’S CASHIER,ETC!!(To REDEEM in GOLD.)(But Nixon took that away in 1972!!)(When he unhooked The U.S.Dollar from GOLD!!!!) Take that away – as they are VERY cunningly and gradually doing – and all you have left IS WORTHLESS PAPER!!!!

If EVERYONE tried to redeem their bank-notes by GOLD – The Authorized BANK – simply COULD NOT meet the OVERWHELMING DEMAND!!!!

The ONLY VIABLE solution to the mounting debt and deficit – IS to STOP trying to divorce TOKEN from GOLD(Or SILVER,or some recognized TOKEN OF VALUE!!).

Though that would mean rejection from office – because too unpopular!!

You CANNOT evade your debts and deficits!! No matter WHICH way you TRY!!!!

CREDIT CANNOT replace bank-notes. Only be being VERY SEVERELY reduced per the debt and deficit!! – Which the people would not wear!!
So prices MUST rise – and society collapse!!

Rome fell. And now U.S. Dollar is heading same way. Leading to collapse of West!!!!
Otherwise known as “You CANNOT have your cake AND eat it!!”.
But NO leader would be allowed to reign UNLESS he PERMITTED having cake AND eating it!!

And thus we are DOOMED to lying failures. And hyperflation- leading to eventual COLLAPSE. Fincancial and economic. Unpaid debt and deficit has NO OTHER way out!!



The dilemma is irresolvable!!

2 into 1 WON’T GO. Never has, never will!!


OR have HYPER-INFLATION(Zimbabwe over again) and EVENTUAL COLLAPSE!!!!
So Politicians, world-wide HAVE TO lie -and make FALSE PROMISES. Which they KNOW that they CANNOT keep!!
The biggest liar wins UNTIL the final COLLAPSE!!!!


The people pay via higher and higher prices – HYPER-INFLATION!!!!

Then we get bank-notes of higher and higher denominations – until it becomes ridiculous AND IMPOSSIBLE!!!!(Like a bulge in the something. You CANNOT get rid of it! ONLY keep changing its position!!!!)(But WILL heat remove it??!!)

So WHAT is the ANSWER?? – There VERY SIMPLY – ISN’T ONE!!!!
The answer is EVENTUAL COLLAPSE!!!!

It MUST come!! So up go taxes. On the middle class and the poor. And prices.

U.S. CANNOT NOW pay off its debt and deficit. Long since become too great. FAR FAR too great!!

WHO is going to bail out U.S. – And Europe??

Stop grinning. We ALL are!! Via COLLAPSE, civil war. But they probably will try World War FIRST!! AND lose it!!
The answer is simple: Switch to SILVER!!(Gold is too expensive.)

Better still: Go onto My Rating System. Share out the wealth!! View it!!
Otherwise get onto SILVER – and suffer the higher prices!!

When the kitty, and finally the cupboard is bare, – then you just HAVE TO go without!!

Better than World War, and better than World Civil War. ISN’T IT?? ??

Get onto my Ratings’ System. THAT would save us. Save us all!!
But of course, good sense has never been Man’s Way. Belief in “magic” always has!!
Get onto SILVER, – or COLLAPSE!!!! And MAKE everyone carry THE LOAD!!!!
My Ratings System is easy. You assess The General Wealth – and divide it out AMONG ALL!!!!

WHO, but the rich, would complain??!!
CANCEL the current currency. Issue a NEW ONE. Divide THAT out among ALL!!!!

Do this annually. Repudiate all debts. Start AGAIN, from scratch!!

Pass an act. ENFORCE it!!

And then after U.S. and Europe, – do it GLOBALLY through UNO!!!!

The alternative is war in some form or other!!!!
NO objections sustained!!

Either that or SUFFER the higher prices!!!!

Or have WAR!!

You go into debt(and deficit), then YOU WEAR it!!!!

Do AWAY with INCOME TAX!! Have,instead, PURCHASE TAX!!(Tax at the shop, NOT at the pay-packet!!)(Tax at exit point, not entry point!!)(Tax on what you buy, not on what you earn!!)

Do AWAY with TIME PAY, have instead, PRODUCTION pay!!(You no produce, then YOU NO get paid!!)

STOP molly-coddling those destroying us!!!!



By SELLER accepting ONE FIFTH of the price shown!!
ONLY greedy sellers would object – and suffer!!

By slashing ALL prices by five, then you cure inflation over-night!!

The people would hardly object(do not reduce wages of course – or you go back to square one!).

Remember that the manufactures are going to have THEIR bills reduced FIVE FOLD too!!

I estimate that FIVE FOLD too high IS about the mark!!
WHY not?? Prefer World War??


But Human Nature HATES simplicity!!(SO revealing!!) Perhaps THAT is the trouble!!!!
Government ministers exempt OF COURSE. Otherwise they will not introduce this!!

Prices are FIVE TIMES too high. So ENFORCE an immediate five-fold reduction of ALL prices immediately. And annually.

WHO would object? Only those who keep raising prices. Those aiming to get rich.

They SHOULD NOT object BECAUSE – THEIR prices are going to be SLASHED FIVE FOLD TOO!!!! Get it??!!

GREED has stuck them(the prices) UP. So ENFORCE the compensatory REDUCTION!!!! By passing suitable act AND enforcing it!!!!

CANCEL ALL debts and deficits. World wide. General AMNESTY!!!!


Now WHY aren’t I king??!!
I am being semi-serious NOW, of course. But can YOU think of a better solution?? ??

If prices are 5X too high(which they ARE), then SLASH them ALL five fold!! By LAW!! ENFORCE it!!

EVERYONE who sells ANYTHING MUST then reduce their prices five fold!!

We do this by SEEING TO IT – that all goods and services ONLY get ONE FIFTH of the marked up price PAID!!

Any objections – get the police!!

So when ANYONE buys goods or services priced at SAY five whatever, then buyer ONLY pays ONE – WHATEVER!!

WHO is going to suffer? No one!! The cause has been greed. The cure is anti-greed. SLASH those prices BY THE AMOUNT they have been raised. And get onto SILVER!!(Not gold!)

Do this annually. But remember to CHANGE THE CURRENCY each time,too!! Different designs each time!!

OLD bank-notes(of previous currency) for use by business people ONLY(To compensate them – and get them to agree!!)(So THEY do well BOTH ways!! Government ministers, all parties, to be exempt and enjoy both worlds!! To get them to agree!!!!)

THIS removes ALL debts and deficits. And solves THAT problem. THAT problem currently HANGING US all!!!!

WHO is going to object, and WHY????

Would the people who will only pay ONE FIFTH of marked up price? I don’t think so.

Would the government ministers – who will be permitted to have both old and new worlds? Hardly.
Would the business people – who would themselves ONLY be paying one fifth of what they are charged? BUT who would be ALLOWED to use THE NEW currency, AND the old(but the old for business only). THUS having BOTH WORLDS!!!!

NO ONE should object.

But SENSE has(so far) not been Man’s strong point!!

In any case business can raise selling prices. – The obvious move. But they do that anyway. And people will STILL only buy from the cheapest sources!! Business is obliged to price as low as possible(as usual) – to compete with their rivals. Of course!!

Business is OBLIGED to keep prices down. Or put themselves OUT of business!!

I don’t mind not being king!

I just want to see a better world.

WHY wouldn’t you play ball????

The bottom line is: We remove the inflation by SLASHING it. By LAW.

I don’t see the problem. Could someone point it out? Or otherwise accept my idea.

THAT would cure hyper-inflation. AND avoid WAR!!

What is the use of having LAWS – if they aren’t good?? ??

Don’t you want lower prices??

GREED is a bad HABIT. So try SENSE!!

Israel is thinking of hitting Iran. Using nuclear weapons!(Because Iran won’t toe the UNO line and NOT make atomic weapons. Also they are seat of Terrorism. Because(Iran is) about to produce atomic weapons. (As CONVENTIONAL weapons are not powerful enough – to reach far under-ground.(Why not just BLOCK entrances?!))

U.S. wants to use sanctions and diplomacy to make Iran NOT produce atomic weapons. But Iran is NOT stopped by sanctions and diplomacy!! However, alternative would likely bring about WORLD WAR!! As Russia and China would likely go to Iran’s aid if attacked. And if Israel attacked by Iran, U.S. would go to Israel’s aid. And WW3 that way. Hobson’s Choice. Best way – let Iran do ANY attacking. THEN world SHOULD not support them!! Because THEN Iran aggressor!!

Israel! DON’T attack Iran!! (U.S. not likely to, – unless in support of you. SUFFER Iran’s non-compliance. Better than world war. Isn’t it??!! Which would wipe out just about ALL life on this planet! MAKE the sacrifice, Israel. For sake of WORLD,AND yourselves – as well as U.S!!

All right, LIKELY Iran is misbehaving and making atomic weapons! Would be strange if they weren’t!!(Being rogue nation.)

However!! WHAT is alternative?? Surely not a move leading to WORLD WAR. And world annihilation!!!! – Would ONLY make things worse.
The time to have attacked Iran is LONG since past! About TEN YEARS past! Better NOW to suffer a nuclear Iran(North Korea went Nuclear. But no world war!(Yet!!)) So why not tolerate Iran TOO. For sake of saving entire WORLD!!!!(ALBEIT by letting Iran get away with it.)

Let Iran do the attacking, IF they are going to! THEN blame would surely fall on Iran.
IF Iran attacks. THEN you can clobber them. Not before!!

TURN the other cheek.

But West has made war THEIR way to Prosperity!!
Isn’t it better to suffer a nuclear Iran(atomic weapons) than to produce World War 3??!! No prizes for correct answer!!(Ah,yes, I know not so simple as that!!)

Aggressors deserve to be countered. So WHY become aggressor?? And earn world condemnation, – and destruction!!!!
Iran has been naughty. But so had(and is) North Korea.

Better a world with a naughty Iran, than NO WORLD AT ALL!!!! Isn’t it????(WHEN do enforcing PRINCIPLES become a lost cause? IF they ever do!!)
Price for punishing Iran is FAR FAR too high!!(I am not saying they don’t deserve it.)(Let THEM do the attacking – IF any is to forthcome!!(They SAY nuclear power for Peace only. Give them a chance to DEMONSTRATE THAT!!)(They want nuclear powered electricity. Maybe they speak true.)

IS the price of correcting(IF needed!) Iran to be world destruction??!! EVEN IF Principles NEED ABSOLUTE retention!!!!

THINK!! NOW. Before going TOO FAR!!!!
If West NOW goes aggressor(on UNPROVEN contention(that Iran is going for nuclear weapons(they probably are!)) – then West open to GLOBAL CENSURE!!!!(Because we simply do not KNOW if Iran REALLY plans to wipe out Israel,ETC.)(Give them A CHANCE to work for Peace!! AND a chance for WORLD to SURVIVE!!!!)(ALBEIT a chance TOO to BLUNT West via Israel BEFORE West can maintain its advantage(over Iran)!!)

I know putting Iraq in its place worked for West. But Iran is FAR FAR different to Iraq!!

Iraq Arab. But Iran PERSIAN!! MIGHT make enough difference!!


Let us ALL pray for Peace. As global ALL IN, ALL OUT war – will be UNTHINKABLE – for us all!!!!(Principles DO need retaining. But West is CRAWLING – to KEEP Iran at bay!!)(I don’t know here.)

Has Principle become more important than those HOLDING the alleged principles??!!

Principle FOR EVER! Yes, of course. But!! Isn’t it better to die TRYING to survive rather than die TRYING to exterminate A ROGUE??!!

Comrades: WHICH is better? A world containing a naughty Iran. OR, NO WORLD AT ALL!!!!

Are you THINKING?? ??


Sleep well!!(IF you can!!)

Me simple human. You wake up TOO LATE!!!!

ANY comments?? ??

Ho ho. Fee fum?? Me think so. But who is Fee and who is Fum????


Are the righteous dead REALLY superior to living ducks?? ??

Me no know. But SOMEONE had better!!!!


Alas, PRINCIPLES DO support us.

Us souls.

But we BODIES, will be HARD PUT detached from those souls
!!!!(The answer IS a lemon. SUCK IT, – and SEE!!!!)
I am saying, rightly or wrongly, if West attack Iran, even JUSTLY, then Iran make West pay TOO HIGH A PRICE(comrads!).

Even in a world of KEPT principles??!!

Human nature is just too bad.

Alas, nothing for it, but THE CHOP. Whether West initiated, OR Iran punch West on nose – FOR DALLYING TOO LONG!!!!

I do not know.

I think Human Nature ABOUT to pay price OF BEING HUMAN!!!!












BBB2-2 World situation now. My grim warning to the world!!

July 6, 2012

Saturday, 7th July, 2,012.

World Situation now!

IS everything all right. And are we heading into a Utopia and Golden Age.

Not yet!
First, we must go through the mill. And WHAT a mill!!


Western Society continues to tell us that all is well. Amid their Conspiracy of Silence.
All is NOT well. In fact, things could hardly be worse!!

No sense in pretending all is well when its not – is there!!
SOMETHING is wrong. VERY wrong. Something big and bad is about to happen!! More than one thing!
I can only manage to reach a pitiful FEW.(Because of evil resistance and oppostion!!)

We have been warned for thousands of years by key important religious and spiritual groups that Big Change is coming. First must come Doom.

The AGENT for Doom is Nibiru. Planet X now nearing us.(AND The Wobble of The Earth.)

The modus operandi is gravity,etc. It is so big and MASSive.
Our orbit(Of Earth) and Nibiru, Planet X’s orbit, are approaching each other. Closest point lies only weeks or months away. And that closest point brings massive disaster.

Sink holes, cracks opening up in the ground – and the strange noises world wide – all due to Earth’s innards being HAULED up by Nibiru and Wobble.

As Earth’innards get heaved up, the surface area increases. So Earth has to crack open more and more. Also creating sink holes.

The strange noise is due to THE ROCKS below being STRETCHED by the rising INNARDS of The Earth!!


It will occur gradually. And build up.

Already there are signs that we are increasingly under Nibiru’s influence.
The North Magnetic Pole.(There is only one magnetic pole, and that is in The North. Which is why compasses are orientated northwards.)


Now I am not TOO clear on exactly what is happening. But SOMETHING is!!

Planet Nibiru(Marduk, Wormwood, The Destroyer,…)(To give a few of its names.)is about FIVE times the size of The Earth. But 22x as MASSIVE. Its MASS is 22 times that of The Earth.

Some say it will reach to just a few hundred miles from us. Another estimate is about 10 million miles.
Now one of the effects of Nibiru – is through GRAVITY, its gravity. It should pull The Earth over.(Pole Shift)(Leading to Earth Inversion!)

How many of you have heard about the magnetic pole moving 20 miles per year towards Russia? And increasingly fast.
One report has it at perhaps 40 miles PER DAY, and rapidly increasing.
Now WHY would the magnetic pole(Only one – The North Magnetic Pole.)move at all?(Earth’s iron core is not changing – is it?!

(Earth core is of PLASMA, not iron!)(But magnetism still exists.)
No reason I know of. The Magnetic Pole is not moving! The Earth is! Not the axis. The CRUST!!(Axis remains un changed.)
What DID move recently, a year or so back, was THE CRUST of The Earth! It SLID 2 to 3 degrees south to south east!
Nibiru, its IMMENSE gravity, has pulled the CRUST of The Earth down(a bit). Consequently, Earth MAGNETIC POLE has moved too(being part of The Earth!).
Now MANY creatures rely on their inner magnetic compasses to navigate! But this has CHANGED. Throwing many groups of animal species off course in their travels. Cannot find way home, nor anywhere else. And so we have mass deaths of various animals. Plus the MASSING of some different species, as they congregate together – completely at a loss as to what to do!!(Navy sonar affects many fish,too.)(But beachings could be due to lost navigation AND Navy sonar.)

TWO factors are at work: 1. Nibiru’s gravity,etc. 2. Centrifugal Force from The Earth’s peaking WOBBLE. Both of these are HEAVING everything on Earth UPWARDS. At ALL element levels. Not just land!



Humans and many other animal species don’t rely upon magnetism to navigate. Not in their bodies.
Transportation methods do, though. So aircraft runways had to be re-aligned to compensate.

Apparently GPS automatically adjusts for the difference.


Noticed THE CHEMTRAILS up above? Not contrails, CHEMTRAILS!
World wide spraying is going on, and has been for quite some time. By special aircraft. SECRETLY.

Authorized by a SECTION OF Governments. The Hidden Government.
Purpose/s?? To counter global warming.(Global warming exists.) Which is NOT SIGNIFICANTLY due to CO2,etc. man-made(nor Nature made). But is caused by Nibiru’s radiating HEAT, AND the heat coming from the RISING MAGMA. – Heaved up by centrifugal force ex Wobble!!

Influence now increasing apparently from our growing alignment with The Centre of The Milky-Way Galaxy!(And soon by start of Aquarius Age,too.)

The object is(one of them!) to REDUCE the temperature by reducing sun’s light – and heat.(But a Maunder Minimum,etc. is inducing Ice Era – and soon ICE AGE from a sun blotted about by DUST!(So chemtrails are making for EVEN COLDER conditions later!))

Gulf Stream has stopped.(Earth’s Magnetic shield has a hole the size of The Earth in it.) So Europe that much colder.

BIG danger from Solar Storms(Sun and Moon,etc. disturbed by Nibiru,too!).

Plus deadly solar radiation,etc.getting through the broken magnetic shield!
Another purpose of chemtrails is to HIDE the increasing numbers of UFO’s and aliens,etc.

AND ALSO to reduce excessive world population(down to about one billion) by poisoning crops AND humans(and animals)!!


Also, we have the increasingly fast collapse world wide(starting in Europe), economic and financial. Spreading to U.S.

“Obama” is VERY smart. Osama Bin Laden IS Barack Obama!!
Clever forged birth certificate.
AND change of identities!!


Fourth Reich nurtured in U.S. And being built up BENEATH North Pole!!
NWO, New World Order run by Illuminati,etc. increasing grip on the population.

Soon, Annunaki aliens will land. To rescue their cattle(us).

From Nibiru, and Earth’s Wobble,etc.
Obama is destroying The U.S. And The West. He is a Muslim. And has taken over U.S.
Now engaged in illegal wars – via The Arab Spring.


U.S. trying to avoid WW3. But Israel could start it. Or even Iran.(Perhaps by DIRECTLY exploding nuclear device at London Olympic Games. Also chem/bio attack on London Underground.)


Fukushima is about biggest danger. If it collapses(and many earthquakes INCREASINGLY occurring), its radiation could wipe out Northern Hemisphere! Expect MASS MIGRATION into Southern Hemisphere.
Martial Law, Police State, Civil Rebellion, FEMA camps,etc. all threaten the people.

Arms being forbidden!!
IS Nibiru affecting our minds?? Could be!!

Notice anything, folks??


Many attempts being made to REDUCE the world population(From over 7 billion down to ONE billion, – as fast as possible. As world CANNOT sustain the growing numbers!)(Nor of the animals and plants!!).
Anti-biotics failing. Old diseases coming back.


Particle accelerator MADNESS at Cerne in Switzerland could create BLACK HOLES and WIPE US OUT. Solar system,too.


Hot Patch in space danger.

Also Proton Belt.

We are only weeks to months away from THE START of the complete collapse of Society.


Hacking, of course.

And Cyber Warfare.


Plus The Drones.
WW3 has already begun.


Russia has warned West NOT to attack Iran. It would start WW3!


But U.S. NEEDS world war – to get it out of debt and deficit!!(Like a bullet in the head!!)

Zion group in Israel could via hundreds of nuclear weapons destroy world if necessary!!(Iran is guilty, probably.)




Money to soon collapse. And SILVER and gold come in!!

Reptilians, shape shifters, invading?!

WAKE UP, world!! You ARE perishing. And not just spiritually!

Need to get down North Geographical Pole IMMEDIATELY. Earth is hollow. Safer below. Gigantic TUBE-WAY entrance NEAR to North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole!!


NO HOPE of saving all 7 to 8 BILLION people!!

It is over-whelming!

All I can do to catch what I am catching of what is happening.


End of world as we know it. AND end of world – very possible!



Devil,Satan,Orions,Reptileans,Annunaki,Illuminati, NWO is line of rule on Earth!!

Via Second Secret Hidden Government.

DO you DIG, folks??

DO you DIG??

If only mentally!!


Hope for Transition!!

Maybe EVACUATION(By aliens).









TT8 Money is just paper,now!!

December 27, 2011

Wednesday, 28th December, 2,011.

Money is just paper,now!


Money, Fiat by Government Decree, is just paper – because there is no promise to redeem in gold or silver,etc. (Non-promissory bank notes are WORTHLESS!!!!) Especially since U.S. came off gold standard in 1971! They threw away the ship’s ANCHOR!! To free up money(To get out of an impasse created by human GREED!!). Yes, it got freed, and now after 40 years it has no value. Whilst the savvy traders turn to gold and silver!! Which is WHY U.S. Dollar, world number one fiat money – has fallen(10% so far)!!

And whole world is keyed to U.S. Dollar. U.S. Oligarthy saw to that.

Government/s can do what they like! But bank notes now worthless paper! Which the people will gradually see through. Why now into debt and deficit,etc. You CANNOT ENFORCE value into what is now WORTHLESS!! Bank notes!(Fiat money)
The idea was to hoodwink and browbeat the public into thinking that the NON PROMISSORY fiat bank note(and coin) money was valuable!! But, of course,without the PROMISE (AND the gold and silver to back it)(Banks have loaned out and invested to other banks,ETC. Such that only about 10% of what they have is available back to the public!!)

It can only works SO LONG AS THE PUBLIC trust it! But people are VERY distrustful!!

So it won’t work!!


Psychology! People been walking on clouds and air, and NOW – beginning to realize that it is ONLY clouds and air, and OF COURSE – MUST fall!!

Of course world economic and financial system will collapse!!
They need to replace the system. Put us on Silver Standard!!(At least get back to GOLD!!)

Government CANNOT FORCE the people to see value in what is now WORTHLESS. The Bank notes.(And the coins, long since watered down!)


Pay off your debts and deficits!!

Live WITHIN your means!!


However much you hide the situation through confusing issues,etc.(And artificially producing wealth that is not real NOR THERE,ETC.) THE FACT remains!!
Money is supposed to be a convenient Purchasing Token!!(But you NEED to make the TOKEN of VALUE – to prevent the public losing faith in it!!)

And you NEED to make the notes PROMISSORY notes, with a PROMISE to redeem in gold(or silver, or whatever OF VALUE)!!

But they have LONG since given away most of the gold!
There is NOTHING left now to back up the fiat money!
Artificiality has drained the current bad system of its wealth!!
Powerful humans tried to make paper into value.

And electronics trusting blind faith of gullible public.
But savvy traders and investors seeing through this.
So gold, and silver, should rocket.

And Dollar PLUNGE!!


Markets will COLLAPSE!!!!

Otherwise(Unless on silver(or at least gold)standard. But they have given away the gold and silver!!)(Because it threatened their ARTIFICIAL PAPER!!) the fiat money, bank notes and coins becomes(as now) WORTHLESS!!

As more and more see this, gold and silver goes up(China has much of it!)(US. gave most of theirs away!)(To curry favour with RED China!!)


The idea was to very slowly and stealthily switch people’s faith in gold TO FIAT MONEY, bank-notes and coins. It has worked DECREASINGLY for 40 years! And will collapse altogether soon!!


And MANY other huge FLAWS in this current make the Feds and Banks rich BAD SYSTEM!!


You SIMPLY cannot escape the fact of DEBT and DEFICIT!! Even by fiat!(No matter how much you try to disguise the fact!)(Prices are going to rise first,then fall about 25% in this ON GOING correction, the first of many. Taking us to the rocks!!

The U.S. dollar falls.

There is nothing to BACK the world’s debts and deficits!!


IF we all believed in blind faith, yes, it would work.
But we don’t!
The Big Experiment has failed.


And NOW The U.S. Government is left hanging from the edge of a precipice!!
The U.S.(deliberately) got rid of its gold and silver,etc. To enhance the fiat DOLLAR!


Printing(cannot borrow much more!)(No one has wealth to provide!) and electronic printing is no good – because prices will rocket and then COLLAPSE!!


Debt is DEBT. Banks and Fed have done this by The Oligarthy(The ruling few already money BLOATED!!)!!(And next they will fleece the public for ALL that they have left!)

By Government Decree.
Of COURSE the people will rebel!!
And overthrow their governments!!



The people are being robbed, and will get robbed MUCH more soon!!

Too many are on the make. Zombies sinking the ship(A zombie is one employed in NON-PRODUCTIVE work!!)
Unemployment must rise!

Welfare,etc.schemes to hangers on is sinking THE SHIP!!


Bureacracy via too many in government, red tape and blue paper do the rest. Sink the ship!!
You NEED capitalism!!


Even Socialist and Communist,etc.etc. countries ARE capitalistic!(Via PHONEY ideas installed into the VERY gullible public!!)

Get on to Silver Standard.(Or at least back on gold!!)




Non-promissory bank notes are worthless PAPER!!


Fine if we ALL had blind faith you see!
Not ready for FAITH yet!
We simply are not IDEALISTIC ENOUGH!!






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