jjj8 Resurrection Mary and Space Time Portals.

December 23, 2012

jjj8 Resurrection Mary.

This is a true ghost story. There was a taxi driver who whilst driving out of town one day, noticed a beautiful girl walking outwards on the right hand side of the road. So he, being a gentleman and hopeful of a fare(and a beautiful woman), pulled up alongside of her – and asked if she needed a lift – no charge. Being poor she stopped – and hopped into the back seat. The taxi driver drove off. Where to? Just to the local cemetry. Strange place for a young woman to go at midnight thought the taxi driver, but dutifully he drew up alongside the cemetery gates, and the woman got out. “Wait for me!” She cried, and shot off towards the cemetery gate. To the taxi driver’s horror and surprise she went THROUGH the metal railings(matter through matter) – and soon vanished from sight into the gloomy distance. “My goodness, I picked up a ghost – and now she is returning home!”. Terrified he spun the taxi around – and shot off back towards town. NO WAY he thought, am I waiting for A GHOST!!

Resurrection Mary arrived at her tombstone, dived down into her grave, and merged with her corpse. She then willed the atoms of her corpse to fill up her ghost form. Soon she was full, and shot back up through the sod(De-materializing first.). She walked back down to the cemetery gate, de-materialized her materialized form again, and passed back through the railings. However, the taxi was not there. So she went back to “bed” for the night.(She wanted to get driven home, so she could resume normal life! But would her mother have appreciated it?)

Death, is simply the shedding of the physical envelope, the outermost skin or shell.(We have seven.)(Including the original physical.) While it is much lighter walking around in one’s etheric or astral form, for normal living purposes, one needs a physical body. All that Mary had done was re-absorb her physical components back into her astral form.(Which the taxi driver had mistaken for her physical body.)

Many humans are angry at God for not letting them live on. Not realizing that it is possible to re-absorb the corpse back into the astral,etc.(Besides one simply re-incarnates indefinitely after each interregnum(in-between-life in the spirit world) So it is Man’s oversight, not God’s lack of provision – that is to blame.(Anyway, WHO wants to live on in a decrepit probably diseased physical body?!))
We live for ever, and already have, growing and improving as we go along.(The Ancient Egyptians used to pickle the vital organs and wrap up the corpse(mummifying it) – to preserve it for the spirit to re-possess! As we pass up throught the mineral, plant,animal and human kingdoms.(I don’t know how the spirit managed to absorb the pickled vital organs too. But maybe they broke open the jars – and absorbed each organ back in turn.)

Modern humans are smart, and having observed that corpses simply rot slowly, decided to speed things up – via cremation and another process(I forget its name), where you put the corpse into a tank of acid – for it to be dissolved.

Earlier cultures were wiser than us, not more foolish. So. Do not destroy the corpse! Bury it – or keep it accessible to the departed spirit – for it to re-absorb! NO cremation. NO dissolving in a tank of acid!!

Burial(in a box)(e.g. in a coffin), a proper one, is thus VERY important. That the physical body may be easily accessed AND RE-ABSORBED.(Though it cannot again walk around,at least not normally, it CAN get RE-ABSORBED!!)(Do you follow reader? PRESERVE the dead physical body! DON’T destroy it! So that the spirit may re-possess it!!(If it wants to.)(Not to re-animate the corpse, but to RE-ABSORB it(the physical body) into The Astral form!)

Not everyone does this(re-possess their corpses), but they have the option IF the living humans don’t destroy the corpse!

Apparently few humans avail themselves of THEIR corpse re-possession, judging by the number of corpses that remain in their coffins!

Now I understand why the departed get angry when they have not had a proper burial.(It seems that the old garment has its uses after all!!)

Please inform all and sundry of this VERY important fact. DO NOT DESTROY THE CORPSE. Nor damage it AT ALL!!!!

Now WHY would one, or anyone, want to re-possess their corpse? That they might CONTINUE their PHYSICAL life!(Evidently few pull this off. Otherwise we would hear more about the strange return of the dead!)(In their old physical bodies!)(Does anyone have the answer to this??)(Let me know please:

The reason WHY one leaves one’s physical body – is because it is no longer habitable! So I fail to see the advantage of getting it to stand upright again!(Even if one could do so!)(Apparently the matter of one’s corpse is the matter most easily absorbed back into the astral. Otherwise one could use ANY physical matter.(The departed spirit can revert to any age. So perhaps it can – get young again AND THEN re-absorb matter. But how often do we hear of someone dying, and then see them again physically alive AS THEY WERE in the prime of life?! Or younger than they were when they died.)(Answers, anyone??)

Myself, I would have thought that it did not matter once you had vacated your physical body! You have shed the dense heavy stuff. And are now on a plane of lighter matter. Hence ghosts. Even if one could revert to a younger healthier time IN THE PHYSICAL, I do not see why it would be preferable to life in the astral!

It is Christmas Eve as I write this. Memories of Scrooge, as in A Christmas Carol, so appropriate.

It is like wearing a great heavy coat WHEN ONE NEED NOT!!
Given a choice of reverting to an earlier PHYSICAL condition, – or living in The Astral, – WHICH would YOU choose??!!

It is also possible to pass out through the apex of the great pyramid – and shoot for Sirius or Orion. OR, dive through A (space and time)PORTAL or vortex – and enter some different time period and/or place, by diving through one of the great rings we can see sometimes in space! Maybe this was only the latest pharoah’s option. There are no pharoahs today, but if we can dive through a space vortex portal(presumably alien) – then we can perhaps travel instantly ANYWHERE in the cosmos.(I don’t know. Just surmising.)

I would like to inform THE ENTIRE WORLD, but can only reach a handful or two. So ASK YOU to pass this one – to as many as possible, that MORE may know!!









jjj1 Death of The Earth and its re-birth.

December 8, 2012

Sunday, December 9th, 2,012.


New TIME SYSTEM for world!!
Time will end on December 21st; 2,012! And get replaced by some kind of Eternity. On 22nd or 23rd December, 2,012.

The Mayans have said that TIME will END December 21st; 2,012.

Originally I took this to mean that The Mayan Long Count Calendar PERIOD would end 21.12.2,012. 5,125 years, or whatever it is.(And then a NEW Mayan Long Count Calendar Period start!)(It will!!)

Now, I suspect that something MUCH MORE PROFOUND was meant!

TIME ITSELF – is going to end! But, I believe, and HOPE – that this will only apply to The Earth and its inhabitants. Time ITSELF will end, but get replaced by ETERNITY – or some kind of ETERNITY!!

The OLD Earth will sort of DIE, and then get IMMEDIATELY RE-BORN!! Into ETERNITY!!

The Earth is an ENTITY.(When humans and animals die, they pass from Time into Eternity.) It can and will die. But get immediately re-born into ETERNITY!! THIS is what I THINK The Mayans meant. The ENTIRE EARTH will die, but get re-born immediately into ETERNITY. Into The Spirit World. And a new lovely beautiful Earth manifest!!
It won’t be the end of the world(whether Earth or Universe or whatever), but be the death of The Old Earth. Which, as with all creatures that die to the physical, will get born into The Spirit World!!
The Mayans did not mean The End of the world, but the end of the PHYSICAL EARTH!!

Julia Gillard(Prime Minister of Australia.) recently said “The world is going to end.”. Now whatever her faults, which I think are many, I believe she DOES know what she is talking about(When she says that The World will end.)(Soon). Sceptics have criticized her – but I believe that she is right!!
Yes, the world was going to end(billions of years hence), when the sun, then a red giant – would engulf the inner planets(Mercury, Venus and The Earth). But! The Mayans are referring to a SPECIAL EVENT! Which is that The (old) Earth, a living ENTITY, is going to die, and ascend into The Spirit World. Where it will change into a MUCH finer material form! THAT(THIS) is what we can expect TO START HAPPENING IMMEDIATELY after December 21st, 2,012!!

This is what I think The Mayans meant, and which will happen: The(old)Earth will die, and pass into its Spirit Form – in The Spirit World. (Like humans and animals that die do.)
We have been hearing for a very long time now how December 21st, 2,012 marks the END of TIME! And THE END OF THE WORLD!!(Because of The Mayan belief.) But Westerners(at least) have thought that ALL that this meant was that The Mayan LONG COUNT CALENDAR PERIOD(Of 5,125 years I believe it is.)would end on this date(21.12.2,012.A.D.). But that immediately on 22.12.2,012(Or for some obscure reason – 23.12.2,012) a NEW Mayan LONG COUNT PERIOD(Of 5,125 years) would begin!!
Some have thought that immediately after 21.12.2,012 – The Universe would disappear. Time is over. The World has GONE!!!!
However(this is what I think and believe): What The Mayans meant – is that TIME ITSELF would end. And THE WORLD(Even The Universe!) go out of existence!!

Most people don’t believe that.
SOMETHING BIG is going to happen immediately after 21.12.2,012!(Something bigger than all the cataclysms happening THEN!!) – On 22(Or perhaps 23).12.2,012 A.D!!(Nibiru seems to have vanished. For some MONTHS,now!)(It is a flagship – under intelligent control!!)(Annunaki aliens control)(And is(many cubic miles in size) carrying several alien races(who are LIVING in it).)
Now there are several possibilities here:-

(I think The Mayans ended their calendar on December 21st 2,012 BECAUSE the world will end then!)

This is a bit heavy for Westerners. However the video of the same name as iii3 or iii4(my previous article) explains it.
ONLY The Earth(and its inhabitants) is going to die! But it will(immediately) get reborn into The Spirit World(Where there is no time. At least as we know it.)

The Earth is a LIVING ENTITY. Subject to death. And THAT is what I THINK is going to happen!!

However, The Earth IMMEDIATELY gets born(death IS birth!!)(birth was our death!) into THE SPIRIT WORLD(Where there is no time.). And then all proceeds BUT IN THE SPIRIT WORLD!!

TIME will end on December 21st, 2,012.(Not just time as we know it, but TIME ITSELF!!) And be followed IMMEDIATELY by ETERNITY. Because after death, even of The Earth, it will THEN be in THE SPIRIT WORLD!!
In other words ALL of Earth’s creatures, as well as The Earth ITSELF are going to die(will die) on December 21st, 2,012!!
TIME, PER SE, is not going to end! No. But it will for The Earth AND its inhabitants. Who, along with The Earth, will all be dead!

Time will end for The Earth(A living ENTITY) AND ALL of its inhabitants, SIMPLY BECAUSE it will die on December 21st; 2,012.A.D!!

THAT is the only way that time can end for us, and experience Eternity INSTEAD!!
This happens EVERY Quarter Solar Period(Of 6,500 years). Apparently this(it) is the lifetime period of The Earth!

Earth dies, and we die WITH IT!! EVERY TIME. Not just THIS TIME!!
Not so mysterious now. The Earth is going to die! But then it sheds its physical skin(or shell), and finds itself in its SPIRIT SKIN(Or shell)!!(As will all of its inhabitants!)

That is what it is. And that is ALL that it is!!

The death of The Earth(A living creature!!)!!
I THINK that THIS is what happens.
However! Because this happens ONLY once every few thousand years, it is a noteworthy event – that needs to be communicated and explained to the humans on The Earth!!

In other words, The Earth has a life span of 6,500 years in the physical. And THEN a similar period in SPIRIT. – A much finer form of matter-energy!! We shall experience THAT 6,500 year period ALONG with The Earth!!(TIME ends. And gets replaced by ETERNITY!! Got it!!)(I think I have it.)
The Earth, ITSELF, is about to die!(And all of its inhabitants will die with it!)
So we are all(On The Earth) about to die – and enter a fantastic period of 6,500 years IN THE SPIRIT WORLD!!(Not MERELY some 50 years – which is the usual spirit world period humans experience!)

THIS would occur even were there no Nibiru, and no Galactic Alignment!!
What is killing The Earth – IS Planet Nibiru! Now close to The Earth.
We have just a fortnight left!!

There will not be a Christmas or a New Year this year – nor again now – (probably ever!) – for 6,500 years. When, which time, they may not celebrate Christmas! Nor New Years!! Got it??!!
Time is about to end(FOR US!!) IMMEDIATELY AFTER December 21st, 2,012!! And get replaced by ETERNITY!!(Simply because Earth(and its inhabitants THEN in THE SPIRIT WORLD!!!!)


It is very simple. But EXTREMELY CONSEQUENTIAL!!!!


Look: (The Mayans know – because The Annunaki aliens taught them on their last(previous)visit!!)

Many now know that December 21st 2,012 is a VERY IMPORTANT date.(The date of the death of The Earth!!)
When one man violently kills another man, what happens?? The victim dies, and his spirit rises into The Spirit World!! To have his after-life!!
Similarly with The Earth! The Assassin is Rogue Planet Nibiru, son of Herculubis(Eris(With an orbital period of 3,600 years!) is son of Nibiru)(And Sedena may be son of Eris.) So The Earth dies. 21,22 or 23.12.2,012!!!!LESS THAN A FORTNIGHT HENCE!!!! Just twelve days ahead, in fact. Ready?? READY????(Are you ready to die??)
TIME cannot end! It IS the series of EVENTS!

But what can(and does) end is Earth’s experience OF TIME!!(As with all creatures when they die. They shed time, and enter Eternity!!)(BECAUSE THEN in The Spirit World!!)


We are parasites upon The Earth, and will die WITH IT!!!!



DID you follow that all right??!!

No. There won’t be a December 22nd!!(The Earth will be dead!!)

Date of death will be 21,22 or 23.12.2,012!! A fortnight hence!! Now THAT is NOT long ahead!!
A simple process has been rendered complicated!!
The death of The Earth, and its passing into The Spirit World!!

Time only exists in The Physical World!!

ETERNITY(A HIGHER TIME) exists in The Spirit World!!
Follow this VERY carefully,now!!
As YOU are about to experience ITS CONSEQUENCES!!
On The Physical Earth, Time exists – which we experience SEQUENTIALLY. In a LINEAR fashion.

However, in The Spirit World(Where we all go after physical death.) THERE IS NO TIME. But there is a HIGHER TIME SYSTEM called ETERNITY!!

THE DIFFERENCE is – and I spell out to you all: That INSTEAD OF EXPERIENCING events in a linear fashion in this coarse physical world, we experience ETERNITY – which is TIME in a LUMP!!

Along with The Earth and its inhabitants, including us, we shall find ourselves in our super egoes, experiencing time – ALL IN ONE LUMP!! No longer in a coarse physical world, but in a FINE Spirit World. ETERNITY is simply TIME in one lump!!(Wherein we can go ANYWHERE(In space, time and vibration, IMMEDIATELY upon thought) – INSTEAD OF, as now, SEQUENTIALLY!! Got it??
The great event slated for December 21st,2,012 is the death of The Earth!!
It is NOT the end of Time! No!! But it IS the end of OUR experience OF time!!

Which, upon entry into The Spirit World(Where all go after physical death.), we experience IN ONE LUMP. Which means that we can go ANYWHERE in time(and in space, and in vibration,etc.) simply by taking THOUGHT to do so!!

No longer shall we be subject to events sequentially, but have all time(and space and vibration,ETC.) AT OUR DISPOSAL!!
In other words, – should you SO choose, – you will be able to return, immediately, to the prime of your life(or to ANY other point in your life(future too) and re-live it. Vary it- if you wish. And who does not want to improve upon what he has done?!
Got it? You guys!! Well master it – and GET READY.(I am speaking of YOUR PERSONAL TIME.)
THAT(THIS) is THE WONDERFUL EVENT that is about to occur!!

The entry into The Spirit World of The Earth AND ALL of its inhabitants!! Via the death of The Earth.

You can(and many do!) PLOD sequentially IF YOU WISH(From moment to moment.). But you no longer HAVE TO!!

Consider the possibilities!!

Many are angry at God for arranging things the way that God does. But God KNOWS BEST. And only over-rules us FOR OUR OWN GOOD!! Because God loves us,not hates us!! We have become too forward in our thinking!!
However! How many creatures are ONLY going to BOTHER to travel back into their past – when they can live the FAR BETTER life that awaits IN THE SPIRIT WORLD!!!!
It is silly to be angry at God for not doing things our way. Because we will incur losses which GOD WOULD SAVE US FROM!! We need to TRUST GOD!!


So enjoy the remaining fortnight(or less), and GET READY for FAR MORE advanced conditions!!(But any of us can(if we wish) go back(or forward) in the physical or spirit world to where-ever we like!!) Got it?? However we all have to deal with the consequences of our actions! FORTUNATELY, we CAN change them!! By going BACK in time, and doing the improved move!!
Nibiru, I believe, is ABOUT TO APPEAR. December 12th I THINK.(Like a big red full moon.) And then PASS US on or about December 21st, 2,012!!
I hope you all grasped all that!!


Now, I ask you. I plead with you: PASS THIS ARTICLE ON – to as MANY others AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN – as fast as you can!!





hhh1 The Red Tide,etc.

November 28, 2012


Thursday, 29

30th November, 2,012.




Nibiru,etc. situation.




        A red tide is in evidence at Bondi,etc.Sydney.


I think this is a mixture of red oxides and red alien microbes that have no nucleus and no DNA.


         Nibiru should appear – like a large full red moon – at any time within the next fortnight. Red tides and red skies indicate that Earth is in the gold-red halo of dust around Nibiru.


         It would start a magnetic pole shift followed by a physical GEOGRAPHICAL POLE SHIFT, leading to a full Earth inversion. This is expected to kill 4,5 to 6 BILLION people, and a corresponding number of animals, with a gigantic earthquake, days of darkness, followed by auraura, global grid failure, a MASSIVE electric storm, colossal winds and torrential rain,etc. Strange noises from underground(stretching rocks),etc. As well as red tide – which is not algae.(They are only SAYING that.)


      Many buildings and trees should be levelled. Volcanic eruptions. Boulders falling from the sky. Massive hail stones. World wide economic and financial collapse. MASS panic and pandemonium. So stock up. Also with potable(drinkable)WATER.(The red dust from Nibiru will permeate everywhere. The red tides are first indications of this.


       I do not know where Nibiru is. I GUESS on the other side of the sun. (Herbuculosis is out near Saturn,and is Saturn-sized.)


       World grid expected to go down.


       The red tide is poisonous. It is killing fish and shell fish,and can kill humans and animals. It is not algae.


       Prepare to die terribly and horribly.


       Fires will be everywhere. Especially with arsonists at work. Chaos will reign. And complete confusion. Gangs will go around torching buildings and vehicles. Invading homes. Every imaginable crime and sin being committed on a MASSIVE scale.


       Do not commit suicide. Though better off dead under these circumstances.


       Expect giant Annunaki aliens(Up to fifteen feet tall)to land. To evacuate best of us.


       They are after our gold, and possibly genes.


       Like our women.


       Our true originating stock is in The Pleiades. But Orion stole Earth from them. Mostly Sirius and Sirius B.


       Forces out to stop me getting this out to you all.


       I can only reach a pitiful TINY few.


       Look after yourselves now.


       Every man for his self.


       Many will transition(die).


       But some will ASCEND(vibrationally) with The Earth.


        Aliens not invading, despite MASS landing of UFO’s. But to save and evacuate best half of Humanity.







eee2 The End IS nigh!!

October 8, 2012

Tuesday, 9th October, 2,012.

The End IS nigh!


73 days to the end of this age. This 6,500 year Quarter Solar Cycle. December 21st; 2,012. Remember the date? 22nd starts a new cycle. Within 3 months of THE END. Not of world, but of this AGE.

Maybe not on that EXACT day. And for The Universal Meridian.(The Old Greenwhich 0 Meridian line.) But no man knows the EXACT hour. However, EXPECT IT within the next year or two.(MORE LIKELY within THE NEXT FEW MONTHS!!)

TIME will go on, and so PROBABLY will The Earth itself. But not this SO CALLED civilization! That ends. And with the worst disasters EVER. Past AND FUTURE.

The equivalent of about 6,7 or 8 CATACLYSMS are closing in upon us. All occurring together. I have tried these past ten years, a whole DECADE, to warn as many as possible of this coming.(It will be followed by THE RETURN OF CHRIST. The defeat of evil. CHRIST is a SPIRIT, not a man! The Spirit of GOD.)

It is for sure.

And I shouldn’t be far out. – If out at all.

Not the end of any of you, only of your PHYSICAL BODIES. We have about SEVEN vehicles all encased materially and vibrationally ONE WITHIN THE OTHER.(Not MATERIALLY, but VIBRATIONALLY!!) We shall, simply shed the lower vehicle, and enter The Astral or Spirit World. At FIRST, a replica of this physical world. You should be able to float about(in the AIR!). Those who have preceded us, friends,relatives,aquaintances – will likely come to greet us- to welcome us into The New World. It is LIKE going to another country.

Crustaceans and arthropads shed their skins.(In this world) We shall be doing something similar.(But in a bigger way.)

It is actually no big deal. We have these SIX other vehicles.
Try to keep calm.
The Spirit World is made of FINER MATERIAL than this physical world, and is much grander.

Later on, you will be able to re-incarnate – if you wish to. Some people prefer the physical. And some – The Spirit World. Average length of time spent in the physical is about 55 years. Average length of time spent in The Spirit World is about 50 years. Happy landing!(Those who have done good, receive their reward. Evil doers get punished.)(All in appropriate proportion.)

It will seem strange at first, but you will get used to it.

It is a material world, but FINER than this physical world.

At first we find ourselves in A REPLICA of this physical world. But The True Spirit World we need to enter, lies higher(vibrationally).(Pray all out, and KEEP praying!!) Get up there asap. VIBRATIONALLY. AND materially. So you will need to both raise your vibrations AND shoot up 3d wise – as high as you can get – to where you feel most comfortable. Spirits may help you. They usually do. Friendly humans who have gone on before.

Death is not the end of you. Only of your physical body! But it will SEEM like the end of you! It is the BEST event in life!! You should experience feelings of release and JOY – in the highest degree you can bear. Nothing to be afraid of – unless you have done more harm than good!(In which case you will go DOWN, not up. And in the measure of what you have done!!)

Take it easy! You will find that you can float and fly in The Astral AIR. Something like being under water.

LOVE will freely apply in The Spirit World. You will be going HOME.

The TUNNEL you enter is the suture in your skull, THROUGH which your spirit set of vehicles will pass once you leave your physical body.(Not ALL are going to die, but several BILLION are expected to.)(I would imagine that just about every spirit in The Spirit World will be mustered to deal with THE AVALANCHE of humans(and other life forms)(We have done the trip before – and many times.(And will again) – Over the course of endless life-times) switching from physical to spirit matter. You could make it on your own, but spirits will help where necessary. GOD is good, and IS in control!!

You may be surprised to find yourselves still alive after death, but so it is. Your physical body will be dead(That goes back to The General Reservoir of Matter and Energy.), but you then find yourself in your spirit vehicle(which looks exactly like the physical)(no problem).

Get UP as high as you can AS FAST AS YOU CAN. Vibrationally(5d) AND materially(3d).

Keep well away from your corpse! The danger is of being engulfed by your ghost(etheric double) – which will cast you into a fog,etc. until your etheric double disintegrates – which can be a very long time! So keep well away.(Your corpse(dead physical body) is where your etheric double goes, but if it spots YOU(The SOUL), then it will leave the corpse and wrap itself around you. It has a certain range. Keep OUTSIDE of that range!! So DO NOT go to your funeral, or look at your grave-stone,etc! You HAVE been warned!!(The etheric double is encased inside of your body during life, and when you die, it will cleave to the corpse(your dead physical body)(Thinking that is you.) But if it spots YOU,THE SOUL, it will try to merge with you. Which is unpleasant.
The Spirit World is a MATERIAL world. But is finer in composition than the physical. Just don’t stay in The Replica of The Spirit World – any longer than you can help! Get OUT of it. And get UP!!(Safe only if out of range of YOUR GHOST(Etheric Double).)(The RANGE is about 30 to 40 feet, I think.)(Play safe – until you have learnt a few facts.)
GOD be with you. And Peace!!
Death is The Last Astral Projection.(At least until you get a new physical body.)(What’s the hurry??!!)

Projection is simply getting out of one’s body.

With physical death, you won’t be coming back(into it)!(Enjoy your spirit vacation!)(With The Spirit World, you will find life materially easier, but spiritually harder. With the physical it is spiritually easier, but materially harder.)(You will be a GHOST to those remaining in the physical world. So MIND how you go. A FEW will be able to see you,etc. And they will usually be scared stiff!!(Because so bizarre!)(Mortals look like ghosts to spirits, and vice versa with the incarnate.)(They will – as a rule be able to pick up you by TELEPATHY. So if you want to communicate – use THOUGHT. And you will be able to pick up THEIR thoughts.)(Just PROJECT your thoughts into their heads! They will hear them – as THOUGHTS. And they can do the same with you.)(So DON’T FORGET, once you become a spirit(so-called dead) they cannot see you,etc. But they can pick up YOUR THOUGHTS – if directed to them!!(They may think that the thoughts are THEIRS. So impress hard and often!!)(So,remember! No can SEE you(etc.) But can pick up your thoughts!!(If directed AT them.)(Idle thinking is no good).

Now have you got all that? As you will PROBABLY NEED it!!
I urge you all to learn as much as you can in advance, as the start of The Final Act is IMMINENT!!

Be clued up. And then you can help the others!(They will be lost spirits like you.) Learn what you can on The Internet.

Be on full alert,now!!!!

Next event should be the appearance of Planet Nibiru(The alleged tenth planet, Planet X), like a large red full moon in the sky(day as well as night)!

I am surprised it is not yet much more evident in appearance!!

Some say it will get to within about the moon’s distance from us.(And it is about the size of SATURN!! Noticed the red dust, red water, higher tides,etc? As well as the increasing disasters.(The rivers of blood will be mostly due to the red dust getting in.(Like with The Yangstze recently.))(So expect the gravity tides to REALLY HIT us. Next stage of Pole Shift should occur soon. It is going to be AWFUL,mind. INDESCRIBABLE in fact. So gear up!! NOW!!!!)(A small FEW should survive – to start the next stone age,etc. I think so bad, better off dead!!)

I just don’t rate the next few months!

I think this is what all the FEMA camps in U.S. are about

I think better if they were just open and truthful with us!!
Personally, I think that it will be SO bad, that it won’t much matter WHAT we do. DEATH will only be a matter of ANY TIME, ANY HOW. Unless in shelter or bunker – no matter WHAT we do!!

2,012 is the year of DOOM. And it is NEARLY the year’s end.

Don’t be surprised if aliens rescue you!

Otherwise only hope will be in a VERY strong SHELTER or bunker.

Just about all buildings should fall. Many,anyway.

In a trench will be best. But that feels too exposed!

Biggest threat probably rise of the sea. 625 feet!(Some say.)

Get well away from big urban areas and coasts and riversides.
I think better off dead!(Awful thing to say, but that is what I think!)

Do NOT commit suicide!!

Do ALL the good that you can!!

All the best!!











ddd9:Is this footage of nibiru approaching in the northern hemisphere,filmed june 2012,mirrored.mp4/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9qG_khCf2c&feature=related

September 22, 2012

is this footage of nibiru approaching in the northern hemisphere,filmed june 2012,mirrored.mp4/http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9qG_k


Extremely good evidence of Nibiru in this video!  Bill.

ddd7 STILL more upon ghosts,etc. Do not miss!

September 17, 2012

Tuesday, September 18th, 2,012.


Still more on ghosts.

              Death is nothing more than the shedding(like a shell) of one vehicle(like the physical) – in exchange for a higher one!(Unless you are stupid(unless for a SPECIAL purpose) – and go for a lower one, or one to a side!!!)

             Immediately after death, we will be in a replica world. On another material plane.

            Consequently, many do not know that they have died. And continue living as before!

            As a result of this, many try, often successfully, to scare off the new occupants of their former homes.  

           This is hard on the new residents. See it from the point of view of the former occupants. Imagine that YOU have just died, and find yourself, a ghost, living in a replica of your old home, on a replica plane!

           One day someone else moves in. Perhaps a family.  Probably you would be astonished and tell them to leave.  If they did not go you would try to scare them out. Which could easily be done(as a rule)!

           THEY(the ghost or ghosts)THINK that the place STILL belongs to THEM. Whilst you, the new arrival/s, KNOW it belongs to you now.

          You thus have a situation, where both parties(mortals and spirits)(each seeing the other as ghost/s!!), are claiming the same place as theirs.  A clash usually results. And one side tries to drive out the other. Maybe successfully. Though it is easier for ghost/s to drive you out,than vice-versa!!(But YOU, the new occupant, has the highest right. As a rule.)

           So, if you don’t flee after eventually learning that your place is haunted – by the previous occupant/s who has(have) died – but may not know it – you will probably get professionals in to evict the former tenant/s.

           Now, BEFORE getting drastic, hold a seance – try to communicate with the ghost/s.  You can do this by Ouija Board(or some such).  Or an electric meter designed to record messages from spirits.(Which IT will record even though you may hear no thing!)

           Tell the ghost/s that they have DIED!(They may not know it!) AND that YOU are the new legitimate tenant/s!  Tell them that – THEY need to MOVE ON. Move higher into The Spirit World. For their own good.  

           Tell them that they can move higher vibrationally, that being likely better than spending their after-life living in their old homestead!(At least not visibly,etc!)

           Note that many choose to live on in their old homes AFTER they have died. Sometimes though they KNOW they have died.

           THEY may not know that they have died!  Because both their new higher spirit bodies AND the REPLICA plane of the old physical world, may so closely resemble the prior – that they THINK that there has been NO CHANGE in their condition!

           THEY may not see you!  On the other hand, they might. And perhaps think that YOU are ghost/s!   Or by DOWNWARD clairvoyance detect you.

           There is a film called THE OTHERS.  Nicole Kidman is in it.   In her role she murdered her two children, and then committed suicide(Her husband had not come home.).  They became spirits. And the mortals that they saw they called THE OTHERS.

           This is the reverse case of mortals moving into a new home, and detecting ghosts.  For in THE OTHERS, it is the other way around.  The spirits who had recently died – saw mortals as ghosts.  Whilst living on as normally!!

           They eventually contacted mortals at a seance.

           My point here, is that there are SOME, who are now EARTHBOUND spirits.  Who are stuck in the ORIGINAL of Earth plane. Which is a REPLICA of the physical!

           Thus you CAN die – without knowing it. Or having known it, forget, and think it didn’t happen, and that you are STILL in the physical!!

           PLEASE be READY for this possible eventuality!(During the next six months, on Earth, due to Nibiru, The Galactic Alignment,  World War 3(about to begin, I think), The re-action of low humans to the higher vibrations of The Aquarian Age, Terrible Flares from the son, ETC.ETC.(World Civil War,etc. Massive social unrest – and other things.)  I expect 6 to 7 BILLION humans to die!  So VERY FEW can expect to live much longer!!

           Not all who die become Earthbound. Though we all are for SOME period of time or other IN the replica world.

           Some are Earthbound for years, decades.  Even centuries!    There is literally NO LIMIT to the amount of time you may be trapped in the REPLICA of the physical world!

           You may continue STUCK until it dawns on you that you have “died”(your physical body is dead)(You may perhaps see your grave. And read your own tombstone!)(What a shock THAT would be!) Unless you can vibrate yourself out of it, UPWARDS!!

          You might get rescued by some friendly spirit – who has spotted your plight.

          Or you might re-incarnate. You do this by diving into some foetus. Which THEN becomes a new physical body for you.(I do advise human!)

          Prior to that you may try to possess various humans – in order to contact the physical again – IF you can get in(not so easy). But DO NOT try to do this. How would YOU like to get possessed and perhaps DRIVEN OUT by some other spirit!  (They would be using your body to live through on the physical.  And you would be floating around in the etheric world.)

          (Please note: That humans who haunt or possess  are not demons. Though in rare instances you CAN get possessed by one, or by a devil – or devils.  And demons and devils  are not humans.)(Demons are very evil entities of another species. Devils are evil, but not so bad as demons.)(Archangels and angels also exist. But the spirit plane parallel to the physical is a low one, occupied by unevolved mortals!)

          It is very important to understand the death process:  When you die, a cold and numbness spreads from your extremities – towards your heart.(Unless some EXTREME event kills you via suffocation, shock, injury – etc. Then the natural slow death won’t have a chance to happen! Or won’t(or may not) be noticed.)

          Your spirit body(which we all have NOW, VIBRATIONALLY within physical vehicle) is withdrawing – first to the heart, and then to pineal gland, perhaps via the pitituary(gland).  From there it proceeds(now the size of a small pea) out through the suture in the skull.(This appears like a tunnel or somesuch resembling that.) There will be a light at the end – which you travel to.(That will be the outside world, outside your skull!))

          (You COULD exit through the side of your physical body.)

          OUT you go, and then expand into full size – and float down to the astral ground – like a bubble.

          You will find yourself in the replica world(which is really the ORIGINAL of The Physical Earth Plane.).

          THREE possible planes exist IMMEDIATELY after death: 1. If you densify you spirit body, you will find yourself IN the physical world – but as a materialized spirit.(Usually only to a small degree. And also only for a very short time.)(You won’t be very solid.As a rule.)(Mortals will be able to see you,etc. To some extent.)

           2.  You continue to live as you usually do, but in the REPLICA world(of the physical).  Most of us do this for a greater or lesser length of time.

           At first we may have to pass through “the mists”.

           Also, if we get too near our corpse, our GHOST(etheric energy,etc.)(Which cleaves to the corpse until it(the GHOST energy) dissolves. Which can take any length of time. Because it occupied it during its life.)

          This sometimes gets seen in cemetries after dark.

          So, if you get too close to your corpse(after death), the ghost may pounce and wrap itself around you!(So DO NOT go ANYWHERE near to your grave, corpse or cemetery,etc. AFTER DEATH!!)

          Because, if it catches you, you will be in a FOG for an indeterminate length of time!!  THICK FOG!!   Your ghost will hang on to you – to give it life – as it dissolves – perhaps over CENTURIES!!

          DON’T do it!!

         Keep WELL away from cemetries and burial grounds after death. OTHER ghosts may try it!!

         IMMEDIATELY you know have died. Raise your vibrations – by PRAYER,ETC.  And climb AS HIGH AS YOU CAN, AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN, VIBRATIONALLY(AND materially), up into The Spirit World PROPER.(Which is not a mere replica of the old physical. But VERY MUCH more!!)

          Head for the blue-white light.

          Once as high as you can go, it will become easier for you. So DO that!!

          Friendly spirits may help you.(But WATCH OUT for unfriendly ones!)(Who will try to take you DOWN.(Yes,into HELL.))

          HEAR WELL my words. And take NO chances!!     Got that??!!

          Expect to spend an average 50 years in The Spirit World – during your Interregnum.(After-life period.)

          You will gravitate(vibrationally) to THAT LEVEL which will feel comfortable to you. Your home plane.

          And there you will live, perhaps ascending gradually as you evolve.

          You CAN contact the living. But AVOID this. In case you cannot get back up again.

          And with possessing a mortal, – DON’T.  You may get TRAPPED in that body! And have to spend ANOTHER life-time – as someone else!!

         Hear me, WELL!!

        Other dangers exist. So watch out for them!

        I care. So warn you.





DDD4-2 Death, ghosts,etc. Nibiru,etc.

September 14, 2012

Saturday, 15th September, 2,012.


How can the dead walk and talk,etc?(Continued)

Let us look at the point of view of a ghost(or ghosts):-

When we die, we may be Earthbound,and/or we may not know that we have died.(The only thing that dies – is the physical body!)(There is much more to us than that!)

If Earthbound, we shall find ourselves in a replica(actually THE ORIGINAL) plane of the physical.(We may need to raise our material vibrations to live in the replica. Or lower them TO LIVE in the original physical.)(You CAN live(after death) at the OLD physical level(if you lower your vibrations enough). But it is not recommended.  Besides the living TAKE FRIGHT!!)

This may lead us to believe that we are still alive!(We ARE still alive, but now indwell the spirit body NOT the physical. The spirit body is almost identical in appearance to the physical vehicle(now dead).

I promulgate these things as it is SO IMPORTANT. And to HELP both dead and living.  How many of us are educated on these matters.  Yet how many things are more important??!!

Some people live quite a while in the replica plane of the physical CONVINCED that they are PHYSICALLY alive! And CONTINUE to live there AS IF still alive in the physical!

Let us assume(for a moment) that you have died, and are at home – or will soon return there. You may continue to live at your home – though in the REPLICA world.(In order to live in the ACTUAL physical world you formerly lived in – you would have to lower your material vibrations.)(CHECK to see WHICH world you are in!  Look in a MIRROR. Yes, a spirit mirror even.  Do you see A SILVER CORD coming from your back or neck or head?  If so, you are in the replica. If no silver cord visible, then you are either still physically alive – or have lowered your vibrations THAT FAR. So that you are MATERIALIZED in the old physical! NOT recommended.(The living are not keen.)  DID YOU lower your vibrations GREATLY?? You should know.

Time passes, but eventually, probably or perhaps, new occupant/s(tenant/s) move in.  You will be able to see THEM. But they won’t be able to see(ETC.) you.(Unless clairvoyant and/or you have lowered your vibrations.)

Only a small percentage of people become Earthbound. And A FEW of these may have low vibrations in their new bodies – and thus appear to the new tenant or occupant.  What a shock the new arrival at what WAS your house  will have!!(Most likely they will either have you removed – or flee.  But AS A RULE it is THE GHOST who should move on, not the new resident depart.(Some times even so hastily – that they leave EVERYTHING of theirs BEHIND!! Plus maybe door,etc.open.)

Are the former occupants so repulsive or what?   No. It is not that.  But because(if they have died!) dead, or are diaphanous(translucent or transparent) or observed walking through walls,etc. And looking so peculiar!

Now WHO should leave? The former resident – or the new arrival??

Usually if not invariably the former occupant. The new resident arrival should stay.

However! If it were YOU, and you did not realize that you had died, wouldn’t YOU be a little RESENTFUL at the invasion by stranger or strangers??!! Who proceed to LIVE in what you may STILL consider to be YOUR home!!

So you try to scare them off – or somehow get rid of them.(Maybe even kill them.)(Ghosts CAN kill. By shock, electric shock, physical attack,etc.)

Now it is not hard for a ghost to scare off new arrivals!(Which is very drastic.)(As leaving all one’s belongings, PLUS HOUSE, in SUCH a hurry – is quite a sacrifice – as is losing the house you may have just bought!)

However, it is YOU who should move on, as living in the replica of the physical is not where you should be.  But UP(vibrationally) in the Spirit World Proper.(Which is VERY different to the Replica of the physical.)

For various reasons, even when you know you are “dead”,you may not wish to move on, especially as it is WAS your home, OR BE UNABLE TO MOVE ON!!(You are not dead, but your old physical body IS, – indeed you may be MORE alive and have MUCH more power – than the physicals(mortals) have!)

The secret of moving on is to raise your spiritual vibrations! You can do this by prayer, wish, will, receiving help from mortals and/or other spirits, – but SOME TIMES you will fail.  And be STUCK in the REPLICA of the physical.  They call this The Earthbound state.

Many actually LIKE this state.

It is very handy being able to float or fly in the air, even ROCKET about INSTANTANEOUSLY.  (You can go ANYWHERE(pretty much) IN A FLASH!!) pass through walls,etc. And have IMMENSE powers.(All creatures have electro-magnetic FORCE FIELDS(created by the flow of their blood,etc?). But when you pass to The Spirit World, you usually find that the EM fields there are MUCH stronger than the physical ones. You can USE this force to do(pretty much)whatever you like! Move stuff around, almost regardless of weight. Even transport it(in a flash)great distances! OR, get stuff from afar moved in!(If you are thinking of bank-notes,etc. – FORGET IT!  Because they are no longer needed or used!!  They are worthless!!)(And soon will be here too!!)

Your EM field will draw energy from the old physical world, – causing cold spots. OR vice-versa you can pass energy TO the physical world – and cause warm spots.

You will have supernatural powers.

When not materialized, you will appear as ORBS(Plural if more than one of you) – to the living.

The Spirit World is MUCH MORE INTENSE than is the physical. Hence these extreme abilities.

You COULD take a pen and write, OR you can USE by WILL from wish – USE the FORCE-FIELD to pick up the pen – and write. Or do just about anything – instantly or very nearly – and so on.(If you use a computer, you might be able to use the spirit copy. But though the replica physical can copy the physical computer happenings, the reverse MAY not apply! So remember that!!   You probably won’t be able to tweet or facebook,etc.that you are now a ghost.

Yes, you can COMMUNICATE – with the living.

You can do everything that the living do(ALMOST) – plus VERY much more. But only if you know or believe that you can – and WILL it.

NORMALLY you won’t be able to affect physical matter.

You sometimes look grotesque due to the more fluidic nature of Spirit.

Another thing – is that you may FLOAT a few inches above the ground – or higher if you choose.

The living may exorcize you or force you to move on.(Which moving on IS what you SHOULD do!)(It would be akin to refusing to move to the next higher class in school AFTER you had qualified to do so!)

You can eat, drink, etc. But you don’t HAVE TO!(Except that with breathing – you MAY have to.(I don’t know.)(You may not be able to. I do not know.))

You can eat a spirit COPY of a physical meal. Though not the ACTUAL physical meal – UNLESS you lowered your spirit body vibrations.

The living will not(unless clairvoyant or psychic)be aware of your continued existence UNLESS you lowered your vibrations enough.

As a rule this disturbs the living. Even to the extent of having them bolt OUT OF THE HOUSE. Often permanently!!  So TAKE CARE. Go easy!!(YOU can see them.  But they don’t USUALLY see you.)(So if and when they might – it could well really frighten them…)

Animals and children are more likely to see you.(When I say SEE, I automatically include HEAR,FEEL,SMELL,TASTE, and SENSE.(Though not to the degree physically normal.)(Not as a rule.)

YOU should move on, not the new arrivals(residents)!!

They should stay.(But ghosts need to understand that they have PHYSICALLY died, NEED(as a rule) to MOVE ON, are usually SCARY, have immense powers, and abilities, and so on and ON…)


Please note, I believe that if you have an electricity conducting substrate under the ground,like copper for example, then lightning strikes will create an electro-magnetic field – which can provide spirits with additional power. Thus you could have a haunted town, or whatever area is covered by the substrate. I think this is why some areas have a higher percentage of hauntings than others. Spirits are everywhere that mortals have died, but they cannot manifest unless they have access to an electro-magnetic field. The difference THEN – is that you can see them more often – and better. Check on what conducting metal lies beneath you! You MAY be on potentially manifestation ground!

        If you create an electro-magnetic field. Via a generator – or however – then I believe you have created a POTENTIAL for super-natural activity!  Reason being that gravity is caused by downfall of gravitons.  And when you create an electro-magnetic field – then magnetons can block the down falling gravitons – and thus make objects lighter – even weightless. It is then easier for spirits, and even mortals, to MOVE OBJECTS around WITHOUT TOUCHING THEM!!  Poltergeist activity!  Not so mysterious after all! 

          Another thing you can do via powerful EM fields – is BY THOUGHT and WILL from WISH – TRAVEL into the past or future(As happened during The Philadelphia Experiment.). And also travel through space!  Dangerous, as you might not be able to get back to your own time, or space; generating equipment not being sufficiently available at your destination!!

         Note that you don’t have to be dead physically to utilize force-fields. And to manifest!  It being sufficient to be out of your body. Phantoms of the living!



Seeing others in your old home might indicate to you – that you have “died” – as the world puts it.(Keep WELL away from your corpse!(Because YOUR ghost, which is the sort of energy field the physical body ITSELF has, will rush you – and envelop you. Preventing you from seeing at all well. Like finding yourself in a THICK FOG!  In addition to that – there is a region in The Spirit World you have to pass through – that is very MISTY!!(So watch for these two things. Also a tunnel you travel through, maybe two. And spirits. Loved ones who have passed on before you. Helpers. And so on.  But CHECK them ALL out, in case of any enemies!!

We must ALL(all creatures)die one day.(Especially these days, with the WORST SIX MONTHS FOR THE EARTH EVER – IMMEDIATELY AHEAD!!)(I expect 6 or 7 BILLION humans to die, plus nearly all animals and plants,etc. And fish in the sea, birds in the air, insects – and so on AND SO ON.  – DUE TO THE COMING SET OF CATACLYSMS – by Nibiru plus attachments, AND The Galactic Alignment of 21.12.12.(Which I UNDERSTAND will be far worse than Nibiru,etc!) After that we can expect SOLAR FLARES,etc. to knock out all our electronic and electric appliances around February 14th, 2,013.(Saint Valentine’s Day)(I expect Nibiru plus field and tail AND RED DUST)(Along with ALIENS!!) to APPEAR large to the naked eye ANY DAY NOW. – And to pass us about October 31st(Around Halloween time.)2,012.!!  It is this coming CLOSE PASS that does the TERRIBLE damage.(Ending this so-called civilization.)(ALSO World War 3,etc.  And MOB UPRISINGS!!  Marauding mobs and gangs will be about the worst danger!  Remember that food and drink will be scarce!  And YOU have flesh – and blood.  Yes, they will kill you for these!! NO PROBLEM!!!!)

The point I am making is that MOST can expect to die. And THEREFORE what I am saying  about death,etc. Ghosts, and so on, SHOULD make life VERY  much easier for you. So LISTEN WELL!!

Unfortunately, it is going to be(for many, if not most) a MOST unpleasant death. Terrible and horrible.

I hope you got all that…

Yes, you can stock up. And take refuge in a cave,etc…

However!  What is coming(expected) is SO savage – that being buried alive – is much more likely.(In a super-market we can hope!) – Where between LOSING(buried or some-such) your preps. Or having them STOLEN by others who may not have stocked up. So I do not rate stocking up TOO highly.(But it MAY pay off.)

Batteries is a MUST. And the various electric and electronic appliances.  Small batteries can be(many of them) got out of breaking open the 6Vbig rectangular torch batteries.

As for finding a nice cave – well, many others(including animals) may have that thought of that too!

So shelter  will be at a premium!!

And, if you DON’T find shelter, you can give the ceiling a loving kiss – and get into an outside trench(I don’t fancy THAT either!!). As buildings are going to crash down on top of us.

Death is not the end.

And there is the possibility of re-incarnation.(If you want to come back!)

I forgot to say, that there is the likelihood of world war, world civil war, GLOBAL economic collapse, financial collapse.(Yes, silver and gold great! Especially NOW. They are both ROCKETTING.  And likely to continue so for about a year. As Bernanke is now implementing QE3!  (Quantitative Easing 3.)(That is U.S. will continue printing(AND electronical balances!) bank notes(plus coins maybe)!)(Trouble is, if you do that HYPER-inflation eventually cuts in…) And Martial Law via Declared Emergencies. Police everywhere – enforcing EVERYTHING.   And THE MOB will be busy torching everything or blowing it up. Including humans – and animals.  As they think it unfair that they should die – but no one else!!

Have fun??


Ah,yes, the RED DUST. That red dust.

Nibiru is composed largely of two iron oxides. It is emitting TWO columns of ferrous oxides(both  kinds) high above itself, and into its IMMENSE TAIL.(It has 6 moons, plus MUCH junk,also.)

Yes. This is what turned parts of The Yangstze River in China red recently. MOST likely.  And also in other places earlier. Like India(twice), A lake in U.S.  The Sea of Amoz, and so on. Mostly if not wholly due to the red dust ex Nibiru.

We entered its TAIL many years back.

So the red dust is now INCREASINGLY falling into our atmosphere.(As Nibiru gets closer. (It should appear large…SOON….))

It(Nibiru’s red dust.) will get everywhere. It is poisonous. Getting into water and crops AND EVERYTHING.

We can boil, condense water.(Merely boiling it is not enough!)(I MEAN condense it – BY BOILING it – somehow.  Or I suppose you could DISTILL it.(Might take a long time as it is like distilling TOMATO SAUCE!!)

So it will  be tricky…

This is why The Christendom Bible calls Nibiru WORMWOOD.   Its red dust mixed with water goes yellow, orange, red – vermillion red.(Blood is CRIMSON red. But it MAY go through crimson on the way…)

We may have to duct up or otherwise SEAL our buildings, especially homes. To reduce the red dust inside.(I imagine breathing it in will eventually kill you too!)(Gas masks??!!)

I repeat: The red dust is poisonous.

So the red water will either be Nibiru solution or blood(which will also get rather plentiful – in the coming days…).

Getting it out of the crops will be difficult. So I suggest plenty of TINNED or CANNED foods!!

I don’t think there will be a Christmas this year…

Bill.(Vic was my web name.)

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