QQ1b Secrets.

November 8, 2011
Wednesday, 9th November,  2,011.


Secrets.(See WordPress.vicon2000)(For much more detail.)

       I plotted a CORRECT picture - of the entire cosmos! And, in consequence, learned many things.(I spent about 20 years working out how to get the PROPER(AND accurate)distances to the heavenly bodies and fields. Which enabled me to get the CORRECT picture.)

       Here are some of those things:-

       1.  We live in a universe that is mathematically(including geometrically) PERFECT. It is MOST ORDERLY. Beautifully PATTERNED.

       I know it LOOKS chaotic from where we are sitting. The local stars,etc.for example. But this is because we view at an angle, and so close to the picture! We cannot see the wood for the trees!

       2.  Everything goes in SPIRALS!

       3.  Everything goes in twin pairs. Identical and less so. Pairs that stay on course are the identical ones.  The others are still twins, but less so.

       4.   Arcturus is our identical twin star.  Yes, there is probably an identical Earth in there!   Even a twin YOU!!(Arcturus looks red, but is a yellow dwarf like our sun. Which by the way is very close to the centre of our closed stellar cluster. That lies in The Rho Oppiochus.(Stars get born THERE. Red dwarfs at first, but the they grow, ex energy,etc. PLACENTA from the white hole at the centre of the field!)

      5.    The Andromeda Galaxy is our identical twin galaxy!

      THAT is how The Milky Way Galaxy looks from a distance!

      6.     Light,etc. travels INSTANTANEOUSLY!!(All electro-magnetic radiation does.)

              It only gets REGISTERED at c, 300,000 ks/sec!(186,000 miles per second.)

      7.      There is no  expansion on! We are looking at a LINEAR GROWTH in 3d, not a space-time growth in 4d!

      8.       Einstein is only HALF right!(He is looking at a higher level in Time TWO!!)(Everything is relative and comparative.)(We live in a universe where the centre is the circumference, and the circumference,the centre!!)

      9.       There was NO BIG BANG!! 

                Just a little pop! IF THAT!!

     10.      We live in an OMNI-verse. Which has NO BEGINNING and NO END!!  Not in space, nor in time.   Nor in many other things.

      11.      The Cosmological Red Shift is NOT due to any expansion or growth! But to our angled VIEW out onto the horizon of the field concerned!! We see almost half and half plan view and side view!!

      12.       There is NO Optical Doppler's Effect!

      13.       There is no FINAL GOD. Just an ENDLESS hierarchy of gods!(And similarly downwards - with DEMONS.)(God is our higher self!)

      14.       Homo sapiens sprange from genetically modified Cro Mags.  Born of a mass rape of The Neanderthals.

      15.       We were genetically MODIFIED(not created) by The Annunaki humanoid aliens.

      16.       We were hi-jacked. By aliens from Orion,etc. Who imposed evil upon us.

      17.       In addition to that we were spawned originally from The Planet Phaeton.

      18.       The Earth is hollow! ALL globes and fields are.  All the igneous bolides are. Fire fried rocks with cores!

      19.       All views are correct. Both right, and wrong.  Good and evil are two sides of the same coin.

      20.       Hubble's Law(Discovered by Slipher, his off-sider.) applies to ALL fields - not just the galactic!

      21.       We should unite our hearts with GOD and the godly. NOT our bodies with other humans!  Go for ECSTACY, NOT orgasms(which rob us of ecstacies!).  We are being FOOLED by the very crafty forces of Destruction. The Devil in the old nomenclature.  And Pan, the horned goat god,etc. Ikon for the lower desires.

     22.        Earth humans are evil. Obliged to be. Because of The Annunaki, and The Reptilians.

     23.        What is at hand is the end of many cycles and ages. NOT of the world! Though The Earth MAY perish, but not likely.

                   It is simply that we have(almost) completed one circuit of the spiral arm of our closed stellar cluster.

                   AND one circuit of the entire galaxy!! Riding our cluster.

     24.         Sol, our sun, a star, is but one of MANY in a closed stellar cluster.

     25.         It isn't  so much that words fail me, though they do.  But that the universe is so complex AND overlain with complications - that it is almost impossible to do it justice in description!!

     26.         Death is actually birth.(And birth was our death!)

    27.          TIME travel IS possible. Past and future. General and personal. Machine aided AND not.(And Space and Vibration travel,etc.)

    28.          The Earth(as are all globes and fields) is a (Double) Reverse Helix. That is, its surface doubles back upon itself!(The outer surface is duplicated 800 miles below by a somewhat smaller surface - with its own ocean and land!!)(Via two one thousand mile wide tubular entrances, one at or near each geographical pole.)

    29.          Everything is going to be reversed!!

   30           There is SUPER intelligent life upon Mars.(And on other planets,etc. IN The Solar System!(And CERTAINLY elsewhere in the universe!)(Mars has huge cities, lakes, forests, humans,etc.)(IN some of the craters!  Being wilfully HIDDEN from us by the rulers of this world. As are all the great truths - which WOULD save humanity.(From Hell. And destruction.)(Where we are headed FAST!!))

   31.          We are on the brink of a thousand year long ice age, preceded by an ice era.

   32.          WIPE-OUT is about to occur.(Within the next few years.)(Ascension, evacuation, mass transition, etc.(The Rapture, The Great Cleansing, Separation of The Sheep from the goats(or the wheat from the tares).)

   33.          There is both global warming(in the troposphere) AND global cooling(in the stratosphere). Neither is due to Man, nor even Nature!!(All globes and fields are electro-magnets.  The Magnetosphere is one pole.  And The Earth's core is the other.

                   Man-made global warming is a SCAM. A deliberate lie. (To get Margaret Thatcher's bonus for all who study global warming!)  It is foul, wilfully distorted, RUBBISH. Exaggerated and twisted beyond all belief by those ALLEGED to be scientists.

   34.          Sex, drugs,excess food and excess money - are Man's biggest downfalls.

   35.         The great BODY goal is to ABSTAIN from ALL of the lower desires(See 34.), in order to be ABLE TO indulge the higher desires in The Spirit World after SO CALLED death!!(The great SOUL goal is to become gods, - by obeying GREAT GOD!!!!)

    36.        Not all of this was obtained from my maps and charts,lists,etc.

    37.        We are not on the brink of Utopia, but of utter chaos and destruction.

    38.        We can time,etc.travel by entering HYPER-SPACE - which raising one's vibrations, permits.

    39.         Turn BACK from The Pit!!  NOW!!

   40.          Orthodox Science, the new "religion" is hopelessly WRONG!!





PP25 The jolt,etc. Approaching perils!!

November 8, 2011
Tuesday, 8th November,  2,011.


The Jolt. Etc.

Approaching perils!!

                  A scientist has said that there is a JOLT(Of The Earth) coming.

          How does he know? What makes him think this?

     On December 21sth, 2,012, The Sun reaches half-way around the stellar  spiral arm that it is on. Which means that on that date The HEAVE OUTWARDS ex the centrifugal force born of going around the spiral arm will be at maximum.

     When the sun proceeds around after hitting maximum centrifuge, then that heave outwards will start to decrease.(Like rounding a corner in a car.)(You hit maximum push outwards - and then the force begins to slacken off.)

      Now Earth and all the other solar planets,etc. will all be experiencing centrifugal force hitting maximum and then suddenly dropping off.(As the major portion of the bend has been accomplished.)

     This will produce something like a jolt (due to a sudden dropping off of that force) of the heave-up centred on The Hawaiian Islands, which will be passed on to all the places in the ring of heave-outs - which is also the ring of fire. Australia is on that ring. Or very near to it.

      The jolt will be felt all over The Earth, but around The Ring it will be maximal. So Australia should experience quite a jolt.

      Jesus said that not one stone of The Temple would be left standing.

      I think he was referring to the fact that NO buildings would be left standing, but because The Temple Building was of such importance, he spoke of that.

      The whole Earth is going to be jolted, but places around The Ring(Of Fire) will be jolted the most.

      This should level almost EVERY structure on Earth.

      Which solves for me the puzzle as to why so many forecasts speak of that one date December 21st, 2,012.A.D!(I use The British system of notation so don't use 21.12.12. (As this would confuse those on The U.S. system.(There is no 21st month!)))  AS IF one gigantic disaster would occur. And on THAT day!

      Now this is VERY important!

      This jolt will only be A PART of the many huge disasters occurring over the next 3.5 years!

      So EXPECT this jolt on 21.12.12!(That is if you are still alive and around by then...)

          What will be the next big event to occur?

         Stock market crash maybe.  Resulting in GLOBAL economic and financial CHAOS.

         Europe is MOST unsound at present.  Greece, and now Italy,  are so crucial.

        I am VERY unsure as to the ORDER of the big disasters, ONLY that we may EXPECT them!!

         What are we looking at?(Looming events. Imminent catastrophes.)

          By about Christmas, - New Year period. That period when so many things often reach a head.

          Let us LOOK at them:-(All starting up at about the same time!!)

          1.  GLOBAL financial and economic CRASH. I am talking about a sudden crash TO THE ROCKS!!(I think the current huge volatility is herald preceding it!!)(We are about to be THROWN BACK in the greatest CORRECTION of all time - to POSSIBLY even before The Industrial Revolution!!   The Dow could go to ZERO!! And all other markets similarly!!

          2.  Israel is pondering whether to strike Iran's nuclear re-actors. Though it has to find them first. And then reach down deep enough.

          They REALLY need to seal The Entrances, as being far more effective than hitting hard enough deep enough!!

          Israel is having second thoughts about a military strike(against Iran). The retaliation would be MASSIVE.  And disrupt the entire world.

          On the other hand if they do nothing, then we shall face IRANIAN nuclear weapons!  Which would be fatal for the world!!

          Unlike with Iraq, Iran will not be sitting on its hands!!(And they could do an AWFUL lot of damage...VERY quickly.)

          I THINK Israel is confident BECAUSE it(Israel) has nuclear weapons.

         Now if Israel attacked Iran's nuclear facilities, U.S. might OR MIGHT NOT come to their(Israel's) aid.

         If U.S. did not come to defence of Israel following a military strike, then to stop an Iranian counter attack, it would have to use nuclear weapons!

         Remember that Russia backs Iran!

         If Israel does not attack Iran. Then Iran( stronger later)will attack Israel!

        The U.S. is too battle worn,etc.  and in debt and deficit to do much!

        So U.S. so far is funking striking Iran.(Israel might funk it too.)(But that will mean Iran dominating The Middle East, and,later,the world!!)(So Israel is obliged to defend itself. (Ahmad is like Hitler was at the outset of WW2.)(Is Ahmad the dreadful FIEND that takes the world into WW3?!)(Ahmad is the right term too!)

        Pakistan is the current key here.

       So we are on the brink of World War Three!!

       If Iran is not stopped then we have the first of the dominoes(Israel)being hit! The final domino ignites World War Three.(Possibly North Korean missiles hitting U.S!!)(Or TRYING to.)(North Korea would attack South Korea and U.S.  Then RED China would attack Taiwan, taking it. Thus re-uniting China!!)(Taking back all that Chiang Ki-Chek had.)(The Communists rose up and defeated him.)(McArthur seems to be right. We should have gone on to The Yalu River,etc.whilst we had the chance!!)(But Truman would not permit using nuclear weapons.  So now THEY can use them against us!!)

        3.  Our anti-biotic defence against disease is being overwhelmed by anti-biotic resistant viruses,etc. We have about one good anti-biotic left!

       4.   We have a VAST ARMADA of UFO's overhead. Here to evacuate the best half of us. Not to attack us!

        However, U.S.etc. are not trusting that!!

        5.  The Hadron Particle Colliders.(New one to replace old.) are CREATING MINI BLACK HOLES, which GROW!!(Before vanishing(So the stupid ORTHODOX scientists HOPE!).)

        6,     Th sun is approaching a hot patch in space!(Which would FRY us.)

        7.      (Yes, folks, it is a good time to be getting off(The Earth)!!)

        8.      We have weapons like Haarp,etc. being honed.

        9.       Then there is the secret programme to reduce The Earth' 7 BILLION population.(Via Contrails,ETC.)

       10.        We have approaching Phaeton(world destructive).

       11.       And The Nibiru Complex.(World destructive.)

       12.      Then comes The Great Alignment with The Dark Rift at the centre of our galaxy.(Probably destructive. But far from sure.)

       All preceded by 13.   The HEAVE UP via centrifuge of the entire solar system, now readying itself to burst into an HYPERBOLIC increase of rate!(The cause of our growing natural disasters.)

          14.  World Civil War looms with the rebels rising to TRY to stop the rich staying rich! SOME HOPE!!

          You cannot stop evil. And certainly not WITH evil!!

          You cannot enforce an evening out of the wealth!! 

       This is just nameing out of the top of my head!

        Sorry, my grammar is not as good as it was.  But hope you can understand me well enough.

       THESE are some of the things we should be talking about!

       Not the idiotic petty things prattle we keep hearing about!!

       We NEED to unite all Mankind to deal with all these things. And IMMEDIATELY!!

       But DESPITE my finding out SO MUCH that would have helped us ALL on, I have been meeting ALL OUT resistance and opposition.(The world just does NOT like to be bothered. With ANYTHING unpleasant. NO THING must disturb its fantasy dreams. )(They refuse to recognize the need to endure SOME pain now - TO AVOID WORSE LATER!!) 

      Surely better to TRY to do our best to counter these things, than just ignore them!!

       So I can only get A LITTLE out - and to so VERY VERY  few!!

       This is only my view of course. And who am I to provide better solutions than anyone else?!

       On the other hand I am sure enough.

       Are YOU able to sit down and talk about the details of some-one's WEDDING DRESS??!! Knowing what is coming upon us????

       So I plug away.

      In the hope that SOME OTHERS are interested in saving this VERY LOST  world!!  Or at least TRYING to!!

       Come on world, the future life of this planet IS at stake!!

       It is NO GOOD being distracted by PETTY things!!

       Come along,now.

      VERY SOON it will be TOO LATE!!










PP24. Roundabouts!!

November 6, 2011
Monday, 7th November,  2,011.



       The sun goes around a spiral arm of the group of stars it is in. Every 26,000 years.  But our closed stellar cluster(discovered by me) is going around the galaxy, our Milky-Way Galaxy,  once every 26,000,000 years.(These figures are rough.) THIS is the great colossal rare event that we are NOW caught up in!

        Not only are we JUST completing a trip around our stellar cluster,but a trip around the ENTIRE GALAXY as well!!

        Because I mapped the cosmos,having worked out how to get the PROPER, and correct, DISTANCES to ALL astronomical objects, I found out that Sol our sun is one star among many in a closed cluster of stars. It is NOT solo.(Now Orthodox Astronomy does not know this. But I do!!)

      From my maps and charts,etc. I was able to see this VERY easily! And discovered MANY other KEY things as well.(For example: The velocity of light,etc. electro-magnetic radiation is infinite! It is only REGISTERED at c(300,000 ks.per second)!)

     Thus we see everything where it IS, not where it was!

     True, you have only my word for that, but I can ASSURE YOU ALL - that it is so. It IS right!! Alas I have lost all my maps,etc. THE LOT.(Moving around)

     However, I can remember the main features.

     During a cycle of the galaxy, all cycles terminate too, and new ones commence.

     Because various astronomical objects come so close to the sun(AND us on Earth, because so close to the sun), we suffer huge gravity, magnetic and electric,etc. TIDAL forces.

     These forces do tremendous damage. ENORMOUS!!

     However, what we are experiencing just now, currently, is merely the centrifugal force created by the sun going around its spiral arm of the stellar cluster it is in. Though of course solar planets Phaeton and Nibiru will ALSO take increasing effect from now on!(All the fuss is about two SOLAR planets!!)(Not anything extraneous to the solar system!!)

     In addition to forces shooting up to us from the centre of the galaxy during The Great Alignment with The Dark Rift in the centre of our Milky-Way galaxy. By an aligned Sun and Earth on December 21st, 2,012.A.D.(I purposely go by the old nomenclature.)

     Each one of these things produces a super-duper colossal CATACLYSM each time it comes around!!

     All of this is spread over the next 3.5 years!

     So our farmers(The Annunaki HUMANOID aliens who modified our genes long ago.)(They modified our genes to create a race SUITABLE to mine gold for them! (To particularize and shoot into space to increase the heat and light from the sun  which they get a long way from!) are not gathering in vain above. But to evacuate us out in good time! Those deemed worthy that is...

     Evidently the orthodox astronomers, NASA,etc. are trying to fool us Earthmen that these two approaching solar planets are asteroids or comets!! In the hope that we will not panic,etc!!

     Where the asteroids now are there once circled The Planet PHAETON. But it had its surface blown off, and became a wreck  which now has an irregular orbit around the sun, which brings it close to The Earth. This is now bearing down upon us.

     In addition to Phaeton, The Fifth Planet, approaching us, we also have Planet NIBIRU, Planet X(now ninth)  along with its satellites and THEIR satellites,etc. approaching us. It will pass us at 1 million miles!(A whisker by astronomical standards.) It is almost FOUR TIMES the size of Jupiter!!(Phaeton(what is left of it) is slightly smaller than Mars.)

     With a solar planet that size SO CLOSE, it is going to be a most FRIGHTFUL sight in the sky! Looking like a large red ugly moon. Something like a dragon.(It, and Phaeton, is due to appear SOON. And must terrify many.)

      Not a brown dwarf, NOR is it Nemesis our INNER twin sun. Just another planet of our solar system, also(apparently) knocked long ago onto a VERY elliptical orbit.

      Sun circles spiral arm once every 6,500 years. Nibiru comes around every 3,600 years.(Phaeton is a capture seemingly, as it too comes around every 3,600 years.)

      All these cycles are CO-INCIDING this time.

      Delivering us FOUR monster CATACLYSMS over the space of the NEXT 3.5 years!

      Very little will survive.

      We begin to see now, I hope, the reasons for the growing disasters,etc. They should peak about 14 months hence(December 21st, 2,012.A.D.) But these next 14 months should see an HYPERBOLIC increase in the RATE of the growing disasters. That means that a VERY sharp JUMP UPWARDS in RATE will occur - starting within the next about 6 months!!(Until then the usual slow increase.)

      The last time the sun went around its stellar spiral arm we had Poseidon(Wrongly called Atlantis.), a huge(it was)island(Only The Azores left now.)(And with Bimini in The Caribbean and The Canary Islands off Spain.) in The North Atlantic Ocean.(It sank down into magma and sea.) Poseidon was in a huge cataclysm. Which blasted through the gates of The Pillars of Hercules, off Gibraltar,and created The Mediterranean Sea, and then through The Bosphorous created  The Black Sea - which was a large fresh water lake.(THIS may have been Noah's Flood.)(But huge cataclysms are periodic.) 

     Contrary to the hopes and beliefs of the many, we are shortly in for THE WORST EVENT EVER(FUTURE INCLUDED)  TO HIT MAN ON EARTH!!

     The ASCENSION(A great jump in vibrations for Earth and its inhabitants.) should occur within the next about six months.

     The four great cataclysms may be expected over the following 3 years. So about 3.5 years to go.

     This should give us time for all the prophecies to be fulfilled.

      I hesitate to say "Stock up and grow your own" - for TWO reasons:  1. It will be SO severe and savage - that just about no precaution will suffice.(Other humans are going to steal your garden produce, and home invade to steal ALL that you have.(This in every home.)(So that they who were wise and prepared shall have to hand EVERYTHING over to those who did not prepare, but instead rely upon THEFT of every place - to survive a bit longer themselves!!

      It is not going to be a one day event. Though it will be CENTRED upon that one day of December 21st, 2,012.A.D.  But, instead, be spread over the 3 years following The Ascension(and Evacuation by humanoid aliens, and transition of NEARLY ALL).

      May 21st, 2,012 seems to be a big day. Maybe that is when The Polar Shift gets going.(What we had recently was apparently just a sort of prelude.)

      November, 2,011 also seems to be important.(THIS month!!) Perhaps Ascension and Evacuation month. I don't know. But that ARMADA of UFO's NOW massed above our heads - is not, I think, on a mere observational frenzy!!

        We have three choices, barring suicide or euthanasia(assisted suicide)(Which I do NOT advise!!),:-

         1.  We can go it alone, and hope to be members of The Next Stone Age.(But first comes The Next Ice Age - following hard on the heels of an ice era - ex a Maunder Minimum - following the paucity of sun-spots' spell in recent years.(Sun spots' paucity precedes an ice era.) A few million may survive the four cataclysms.  But how much better to have died!!(The surface of The Earth will be COMPLETE DEVASTATION!!)(With old continents become oceans, and oceans become new continents!!)

        2.  We can hope to strike lucky with the aliens, and get evacuated. To another planet circling another star. Until Earth is inhabitable again. - About a thousand years hence!

       3.    We can accept the dreadful coming terrible horrific END to just about every living creature on Earth. And just wait for a boulder to land on head. Or some lavic fountain, sink hole or crack to open between your feet.

       4.  Or get a job on a submarine or submersible and ride it out beneath the waves until all four cataclysms are over. But that means several years underwater.  Then row ashore to unutterable DEVASTATION. In a world with little breathable air, hardly any drinking water, and so little viable food,etc. Along with crazed BESERK armed gangs, destroying EVERYTHING they meet!! Plus packs of MADDENED animals.

        Visualize just about EVERYTHING levelled. Buildings and vegetable plants. With continents and oceans largely INTER-CHANGED!!

        I mean that many continents will have plunged to the bottom of the sea. And  subterranean land masses raised up.

       All words will fail!!

       AND into an ICE AGE!!

      Global warming exists, but so does global cooling!!(G.W. in The Troposphere and G.C. in The Stratosphere.  But rising air forces down the colder stratosphere periodically, in places.)

     Roving bands will find buried super-markets,etc. and live in them.  Little hope for those outside!

     Roads will be impassable. Few vehicles will survive anyway!

     As I say, the most reliable option is 5.  Go down The North Geographical Pole, meanwhile wearing my SPECIAL HELMETS.

     And GET INTO The Great Within!

     Though even the inner surface of The Earth(Which is a double reverse helix.) will be devastated.(But you escape the falling boulders down there!)

     The Earth's surface is DOUBLE. It bends back upon itself. Thus creating an inner one,too. One almost as large as the outer, and with an ocean and continents, temperate, lush, inhabited.

      There is an entrance at or near each geographical pole. Over a thousand miles wide.

       Funnel tunnels hundreds of miles long.

       No ice or snow down there!!

      And it WILL get cold on top!!

      Oh,yes, global warming exists(along with global cooling). But its cause is Nibiru plus the heat coming from the force-field at the surface of The Earth, along with increasing heat from the magma rising below!!

      Hardly ANY AT ALL global warming is ex Nature and Man.

      THAT is a scam LIE.

      Along with many others put out by those who rule us.

      From now on it should start to get REALLY bad.

      Things have only been teasing us  a trifle THUS FAR!!

     All the best!



PP23. When YOU are a ghost! A spirit.

November 6, 2011
Sunday, 6th November,  2,011.



When YOU ARE one!!

         There are mortals, and there are spirits. There are humans, and there are ALIENS!! And there are MANY other kinds of strange creatures that dwell on other planes.

         Some reports are phoney. But genuine cases DO exist!!

         My main point here is that the time will come when YOU are a ghost!

         But YOU won't see it that way. As ghosts will  look real(SOME will, those on YOUR plane.) to you. Whilst mortals will seem to be(and are!) THE GHOSTS.

         Naturally you may wish to continue living as you usually have done. And there is nothing to stop you!

         However, it is not good for you to hang about in the astral original of the physical world! Best to climb up(5d) into The Spirit World PROPER!!

         Yes, you CAN stick around HERE, as a spirit, and MAY be seen as a ghost.

         I have found out MANY things, after a life time of close study. I speak as I find.(In addition to PERSONAL experiences.)

        My purpose is to make it easier for the rest of you to live. And so I share, pass on, what I have learned.

        After you "die", after your PHYSICAL VEHICLE(or body) dies, then you will find yourself STILL in existence. Which may come as a surprise to you. Even a shock.(And often(usually)to those you left behind!!)

        Your physical vehicle is DEAD. As a door nail!

        Forget it! Adjust to your new mode.

        You will STILL have a vehicle(or body). But it will be the next GLOVE or garment or shell 5d higher. A much FINER vehicle.  I mean less dense. And, so,  much lighter in weight.

        At first, many tend to haunt their old favourite places. Be these chairs, beds, gardens, places you like to visit, and so on.

        As a rule no one will be any the wiser. And will consider you now to be just a corpse in a grave somewhere. Or ASHES if cremated.

       You will KNOW otherwise.

       You may wish to contact the living to tell them of their grave error! Unfortunately, they will not be able to see you or hear you,etc. But they can RECEIVE your THOUGHTS!! And emotions. Just direct them to the person concerned - and BEAM them in. The thoughts will be heard as if spoken words IF send strongly enough. Though the recipient will often think that it is their imagination or sub-concious mind.(Allow for that understandable error.)

       A small few WILL be able to see you,etc. Mediums will, for example.

       You may be tempted to go to a seance and try to pass a message on to some loved one. And you can do this.(IF the person you wish to contact can be persuaded to attend! Which can be difficult.)  But by and large it is best for the living to forget all about you!

       To let you go on to the new super country you have entered. 

       So you can proceed to the next stage of your existence. Which normally is a good rest, if only mental on the next plane of existence UP.(5d up, AND 3d up.)

      Most of us, when we die, have "had enough of it". And need a good VACATION!!

      Naturally you may wish to inform loved ones that you STILL exist, and are all right. Though some times you may not be.(Perhaps being earthbound, in purgatory or limbo. Or Hades. Or some-such.)

      Deliver your message, and I advise - don't hang about!

      You CAN do all of the things (In The Spirit World PROPER) that you did in the physical. And so VERY MUCH more!!)

      UNLESS you get trapped Earthbound, in Purgatory, in Limbo, or some such. (Purgatory is that state where you are trapped at the astral plane level of the physical, but cannot indulge your desires.(Because unable to make contact with the object or objective desired.)(Which is torment.) Like eating for example. Or whatever.)(You don't NEED to eat. But you may THINK that you do.  Or you might just like eating!)

      You can do anything once in The Spirit World PROPER, but avoid indulging the lower desires.

      Life there will depend upon how you treat others. Once you start indulging, then OTHER SPIRITS can come along and TARGET YOU! So WATCH what you are doing!

      During life our mode of transport is usually(when not in some machine, like a car or plane) walking.

      In The Spirit World it BECOMES flying. You will be able to FLY. I mean unaided.

      You CAN still walk, and many do. But you can just take off too! And whizz about. As a rule.

      You may encounter aliens, and other strange life forms. Be VERY careful with these!

      Yes, sprites(fairies,etc.) exist. And you may see some.

      Also elementals. Which are Nature Spirits.  These are very weird. And can be terrifying. Monsters,etc.

      Learn the ropes, and venture slowly! As dangers DO exist THERE.

      You will be able to travel in space, in time  and also on other vibrations.

      Of course, you may disbelieve what I am telling you.

     A ghost is simply the partially perceived spirit vehicle of an ex mortal whose vibrations are temporarily lowered, thus enabling mortals to SEE them(Etc.) sometimes.(And thus mortals become ghosts TO the spirits!)(So REALLY ghosts are no big deal!)(Just unusual and disturbing.)(Disturbing often due to numerous STRANGE extranea accompanying DUE to the nature of the DIFFICULT perception. NOT that they may actually BE like that IN THEIR OWN DOMAIN!!(Viewing from one plane to another has to be across quite a GAP. And all sorts of extranea can get into that gap. So make allowances!!)(When viewing fish down from the surface of the water(through a glass), they will appear bent, because light rays gets bent as they pass from air to water. Similarly BUT ON A MUCH GRANDER SCALE, when viewing from one plane to another. So the perceived ghosts OR WHATEVER may not look,etc. SO grotesque on their OWN planes!!

    There is the case of a perceived spirit(ghost) who suffered badly from gout before he died.  He loved baking cakes.

    He died 400 years BEFORE the time of the viewing mortal.  And when he sent the mortal(they(ghost and mortal) became friends) a cake, it was received as a STONE.

    Remember that the spirit was STILL living IN THE PAST. So his cakes became STONES!!(After jumping the 400 years!) He didn't know that though.

   They could even touch each other!!

   We live in a universe that is not only stranger than we imagine, but stranger than many CAN imagine!!

   And THERE you are...

    All for now.


P22b Four big things coming.

November 5, 2011
Sunday, 6th November,  2,011.


Four big things coming.

         Something is very definitely wrong. But the world does not seem to know - or care!!  So it will just slam into us!!(Scientist are seeing asteroids and comets instead of the fifth and ninth planets now approaching us!! That way they hope many fools will see little danger!!)(Our OWN planets Phaeton and Nibiru are bearing down for near passes of us!!)

       The four big things coming, are:  1. Ascension. 2. Evacuation. 3. Transition. And 4. DOOM!!!!(In block capitals so it will hit your eye!)

        Ascension is a spiritual thing. How many will qualify????

        Evacuation will be of best half of humanity. Who will THEY be????

        Transition.  DEATH for those unfamiliar with the word transition. A VERY high percentage of humanity is going to pass on. - Into The Spirit World.

        When??  Well I see about 6 months. MAXIMUM!! So, WITHIN that time!!

        What is wrong?  Nothing is ACTUALLY wrong. It is just that a number of astronomical cycles are ending, - and new ones starting up!!

        So WHAT is happening??  

        A lot of things. Which  should be raising questions, but IN GENERAL, are not!!

        The sun is getting very active. (Has gotten!) The moon seems to have changed its orbit(very slightly).(The main causes are HUGE astronomical events. But aggravated by Haarp and The Giant Hadron Particle Accelerators,ETC.(Contrails,etc.)

        The outer gas giants planets of our solar system have had their orbits around the sun PERTURBED.

        There is an increasing amount of FLOODING going on.  Remember how Noah tried to warn the people of a coming DELUGE? Thousands of years back. They laughed him to scorn. But he and his family escaped in The Ark.  Riding out a GIGANTIC flood. Which submerged much of the land GLOBALLY.(The flood was actually but one of many horrors that occurred as Polar Shift,etc. hit us.)

         Disasters on Earth AND elsewhere in The Solar System - continue to increase. All kinds of disasters. Including SOCIAL, economic and financial.

         UFO's increase in number. ENORMOUS number, some HUGE, now over our heads!

         Crop circles continue.

         Now all these things should at least raise an eyebrow!  But governments and the media are STRANGELY silent.  And so the people IN GENERAL are. Trusting the authorities they continue to live as before. In increasing misery.  Though I notice SOME seem to be deliriously happy.  As in adverts on Television and the TV news presenters, especially on Channel TV 7 in Australia.(But IS laughing at everything the cure??)(Instead of gravity try LEVITY?  I don't think that will work either!!)

          The financial markets are increasingly volatile.

          Rebels camp out at strategic sites in protest at corporate greed. But this will largely only add to problems. Goldman Sachs seems to be the root problem.

          Increasing numbers of masses of ELECTRONS are hitting human and animal brains - sending them increasingly mad and bad.

          We seem to have a problem. Denied or ignored by MOST.  Yet all are feeling the growing pinch.

          FOUR ominous things are occurring: 1. The solar system is rounding the STELLAR spiral arm of the closed stellar cluster that it is in. The centrifugal force from this is heaving magma and ground upwards. Rising magma producing more and bigger volcanic eruptions. And earthquakes.

          Plus increasing SINK HOLES and CRACKS in the ground. Also a MOANING Earth. Protesting the strain on the separating rocks.

          I keep trying to tell as many as I can reach.(A MOST PITIFUL FEW.) In the desperate hope that they(we) can get The Authorities to go down The North Geographical Pole! Because NEAR there is a THOUSAND MILE wide entrance to The Great Within.(Yes. The Earth is hollow. All the heavenly globes and fields are! Ex the ORIGINAL(don't confuse with CURRENT centrifuge ex sun going around its stellar spiral arm!) initiating centrifugal force! They HAVE to be. Simple laws of physics!!)(But nearly all STILL BUY solid Earth!)

          2. The planet Nibiru(and its retinue) approaches Earth(heading for the sun).  It is ALMOST four times the size of Jupiter. So many will have a shock when it appears soon.(It will look(when closest)like a big second moon, like an ugly red dragon in the sky!)(Nibiru is being blamed for the increasing disturbances. But the cause is our sun rounding its stellar spiral arm!)(Though Nibiru,etc. will add to the turmoil.)(Causing MASSIVE trouble to Earth, via gravity and magnetic tides.)(Plus electric disturbances.)

          3.   Phaeton, another solar planet is also heading towards us, as it shoots for the sun.( Causing trouble to Earth via gravity and magnetic tides.)(Plus electric disturbances.)

          4.   The Great Alignment with The Dark Rift at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy peaks 21/22nd December, 2,012.

          Perhaps THE GREAT TRIBULATION prophesied in The Bible of Christendom IS this great astronomical CONFLUENCE of FOUR gigantic COLOSSAL CATACLYSMIC EVENTS.  It speaks of a period of about 3.5 years,preceded by a 1.5 year spell,  which seems to be starting up NOW.


          I seek to alert you so that you might PREPARE. If only your minds.

          I see February 6th, 2,012.(Or is it Feb.26th?) as the date of Doom,etc. Or perhaps May 21st, 2,012.A.D.

          My geometric binomial sequence law indicates at ENORMOUS probability odds - that 2,012 A.D. is INDEED the year!

          MANY other great indicators also point to 2,012.A.D.

          Although there is a great expectation focus upon November, 2,011.A.D.(This month.)

          That preacher who named October 21st, this year, will not be very far out I do not think!!

           Some are predicting a JOLT, which will level many big cities. Being felt all around the globe.

           Wise perhaps to flee to RURAL areas now! As jolts do not disturb trees,etc. so much!

            Why would we experience a jolt in the rotation of The Earth?(Basically in The Earth itself, independent of rotation!)

            As the sun rounds its stellar spiral arm, it is approaching where it will be under most stress. Causing a peaking HEAVE UP(a sort of jolt). That is due December 21st, 2,012.

            As the solar system rounds the stellar spiral arm, the SUN will be affected FIRST. And the planets,etc. being more loose, should experience varying effects, later.  In any case the sun eventually passes on what it is suffering.

            A kind of jolt then is not too far out!

           We are still nearly 14 months from the main event.(Though some say 2,011 A.D. ends Mayan calendar, not 2,012.)

           Expect a polar shift. Geographic, PHYSICAL.

            Stocking up and planting your own MAY help. Though the forceful will soon deprive the many of their plans!!

            The indicators of growing woes are too clear and numerous to ignore.

            All the best!

            We are all going to NEED it.

             We need to help one another now! More than ever.

             Especially as The Spirit World will sort us ALL out after death!! Sending some down, and others up.

             Some will end up on a better planet. And some on a worse one.

             The Great CLEANSING is on.

             And the sheep are being sorted from the goats.

             The wheat from the tares.

             Humans and animals are going to re-act VERY badly!!

             That and panic leading to PANDEMONIUM will be among the biggest menaces!!(Led by the growing number of rebels.)

              Things will get SO severe and SAVAGE - as to beggar ALL belief!!

               The lucky ones will be those who die quickly!!

                I expect a gradual, but speeding up, descent into these horrors and terrors.

                We are STILL in the good times!!

                 Though the rebels clearly don't think so!

                  Go BACK in time and put things right! It can be done.

                   I find that Meditation, Prayer, SPIRITUAL yoga and saying The Lord's Prayer repeatedly, even if only in your mind, to be helpful.

                   GOOD music,etc. helps.(The kind of music more popular some decades back.)(Humanity has forgotten what ART is.)

                   Do NOT commit suicide! Nor seek Euthanasia help to do so!!

                   Penalties in The Spirit World.

                   Aliens may rescue you yet!

                   EXPECT COLLOSAL economic and financial TURMOIL,too!!

                   The Feds via Bernanke seem to have found the answer. Create MORE fiat(legal paper) money! As much as the pressing banks demand!!

                    People certainly have great faith in bank notes!(It certainly helps us to give and receive via TOKENS!!)

                    Europe teeters.

                    On the brink.

                     U.S. is being squeezed.

                     I don't rate our future!!

                     Bad times now? THESE ARE the good times!!

                     Danger of banks,etc. BLOCKING access to our money!!

                     AND of gold, AND silver, getting confiscated.

                     Those WITH it, taken off the public, will go for the rest,too!!

                      Many will go mad.

                      And SUICIDE become QUITE fashionable!!

                      CERTAINLY many will go BAD!!

                     That WAS the good news!!

                     Cheer up! You will SURVIVE DEATH!!

                      The question is WHERE??

                      Heaven or Hell??

                      And the answer to that depends upon our behaviour NOW!!!!

                       Don't drain super market shelves! PLEASE!!

                      Human race, please, not RAT,etc. race. Dog fight and all the rest of it.

                      But we can for SURE expect the WORST!!

                      In a submarine or submersible good place!!

                      Or underground(fatal there!).

                      Say SIX FEET down?!

                      You want the truth? Well just take the OPPOSITE of what The Media says on the important matters.

                      And you'll be about right.

                      Declared emergencies, martial law, police state, and curfews will be the order of the day!!!! Control and censorship of The Internet,too!!

                      Get READY!


                    Things should worsen acceleratingly towards Christmas and The New Year.

                   You ARE being told.

                   You are being WARNED...

                    Watch out for Nibiru!!

                    But remember that the chief cause of our woes is still centrifugal force from the solar system rounding its STELLAR spiral arm.

                    Though Nibiru complex and Phaeton will take over more and more as time passes.

                    Conjoint with that great line- up with the centre of The Milky

                     After 21/22nd December, 2,012 A.D. we are into The Age of Aquarius.(Better vibrations than with Pisces! Which of course the dominant humans and animals WILL NOT like!! And will RE-ACT VERY badly to!!)(You have seen how the rebels go on...)

                      U.S. is leading the action against(now with Libya pocketed!) Syria and Yemen.   Then on to IRAN!!(Which will NOT stop making nuclear weapons!)

                       We have reached the point - where either The West(probably Israel will do it) attacks Iran, or IRAN will attack The West!!(Face a stronger Iran later?)

                       Bush junior funked it because of Iranian torpedo boats threat to the aircraft carriers(now floating DEATH TRAPS).

                       What is coming is the domino sequence: Israel, in desperation, attacks Iran.(But no good without U.S.(Which is exhausted.) and U.S. backs them up.  Iran strikes left right and centre, closing Straits of Horuz, sinking U.S. carriers, oblitering many bases. ETC.   Reducing world to CHAOS.

                       Simultaneously, North Korea attacks South.(U.S. helpless.)AND The U.S.(tries to, at least) via their missiles.

                       Then RED China(taking advantage) invades Taiwan, taking it at last.

                       World War 111 has begun.

                       Israel on the block.

                       West, at bay.

                       Political East rises.

                        But NATO may attack and demolish the resurgent Iran.

                        Trouble is China backs North Korea. And Russia backs Iran!!

                        Shia Islam sweeping world.

                        And Leftism still holds the reins.

                        Pakistan will become the ROOT problem.(Along with IRAN.)(U.S. attacking Pakistan will apparently trigger domino chain.)

                        Nucler holocaust. Biological warfare.

                        Meanwhile in a desperate bid to reduce the world's population(Now 7 billion), CONTRAILS of deadly poisons are being dropped onto crops. To bring about mass starvation.

                        It seems Tubercolosis(especially Galloping and anti-biotic resistant) and not Influenza  did the mass killing in 1918,etc.

                       9/11 was evidently an inside job. U.S. with the aid of Al Quaeda and The Taliban,etc.(To get an excuse to attack Iraq and Afghanistan!!)

                       Iran is main root of Terrorism.

                       But West AS USUAL is delaying dealing with the problem. As with Adolf Hitler in Europe in the late 30's, so now against Ahmad, The Iranian leader, in these last days.(A very apt term!)

                        This time West loses.(But is being obliged to defend itself(try to)NOW.)

                        Big rise against Whites and Anglo-Saxons.

                        Revenge for colonial years.

                        Racism? Yes!  But it is Reverse Racism. Coloureds against whites!!(Who outnumber them by 6 to 1!)

                        We need to unite to flee Nibiru,etc! Not fight each other!!

                        West going into eclipse to The Political East.

                        U.S. is going down.

                        U.S. dollar too.

                        God favours ALL.

                        (Then there is the failing anti-biotics.)

                        CHRIST returns, subdues the lot, takes his own out.(After Asia rises and defeats Europe.)

                         We have HAD IT, chums.

                          Count our blessings!

                           And just hope we don't go TOO far down into HELL.(After death.)

                           And that life on a new planet around some distant star is an improvement!!(With a Spirit World hopefully!)

                           The meek shall inherit The Earth.

                           A FLATTENED one!!

                          Confusion shall reign.

                          Into a New Stone Age.

                          But an Ice Age, first!! A THOUSAND years long.

                          Why are so many so COMPLACENT??!!


                           What use denial against a falling boulder, or a sink hole opening up between the feet!!

                            Many scores shall be settled.

                            And blood mixed with what LOOKS like blood(but is fallen red dust mixed with water) shall run freely.

                            Yes, good to be positive.

                            But I think we need to put REALISM first!!

                             We have never had it so good MATERIALLY.

                             Nor so bad SPIRITUALLY!!

                              The rebels will of course deprive ALL of their possessions. With the most MURDEROUS abandon!!

                              I will spare you the BAD news!!

                              Vic.(STUBBORN DENIAL is fuelling the market rises!!)

PP21 Evil is currently winning.

November 5, 2011
Saturday, 5th November,  2,011.


Evil is CURRENTLY winning.

         I suppose many realize that evil is winning, hands down, on Earth, in the physical. As usual.And with such ease!(Those of you who think that GOOD is winning are obviously wicked!!(Tongue in cheek!))    A really hopeless situation which hardly anyone can end. They invariably do win down here in the physical. And how!! Being so canny, smart, quick and wicked. This is because the heavy dull vibrations on Physical Earth favour the destructive outcome. Material and mental. Physical and spiritual. This is to permit the children(the unevolved) to complete their lives,successfully(in THEIR terms),too. It is not what Man is(iniquitous throughout, so extremely), but what he will become - that is so important!

         It is so easy for the wicked to win in the physical, without even having to to "get physical".

         It is like penguins and seals,etc.  on land   compared to penguins and seals,etc.  in the water!(So clumsy on land, they can do very little to get anywhere. But once in water, they perform so well!)

         In The Spirit World, it is the good people who win. Because THERE the lighter(in weight and more illuminated) conditions apply, and the powers of CONSTRUCTION win.  So that the more evolved can regain lost ground - and advance.

         FORTUNATELY the good folk DO regain all that they lost, and gain more, in The Spirit World. Because THERE, once they rise to their homelands(more or less where they were before birth), they easily defeat the wicked.   Turning the tables via reversing everything.(WHO is being most destructive in the world just now??!!  Think HARD now!!)(The West is driven to become increasingly evil to survive!!)

         This is why it is so VERY important not to get hooked on low material desires. But to cleave to SPIRITUAL desires.

         Once you pass on, once you learn how, it is easy to gratify your low desires.(For example gluttons can possess some human and drive them to eat and eat! The possessing spirit getting all the sensations that the possessee is getting!!)(But then losing the higher desires.)(The price you pay for gratifying the lower desires - is the loss of the higher desires!)(The lower supplanting the higher.)

         Possessing is what happens to mediums. Some spirit wishing to contact a loved one in the physical - to tell them they are all right - possesses the medium's body, and then is able to use it as their own. And speak.(This is in trance mediumship.)

         Materialization mediums are endowed with much ectoplasm.  The possessing spirit exits the medium(after entering) again but with lots of ectoplasm. Which they use to materialize their spirit vehicles!

         Thus, in due season, both the backward destructive types  AND the more advanced CONSTRUCTIVE people, make progress.(As anyone can be made into a medium.)(I mean that any spirit can IN THEORY enter the physical body of another!!)

         On land(analogue of the physical) the land animals outmatch the seals and penguins,etc. But once in the sea(analogue of spirit world), things are reversed.

         So why not stay in The Spirit World?(Pleasanter and more amenable.)  Because despite the inability to win in the physical, one gains immensely in POTENTIAL abilities to win.)

           It is almost impossible on physical Earth  to do much if any good. Because the evil ones know EVERY MOVE being made. And counters mentally so quickly and efficiently!! Good folk have about zero chance.  EVERYTHING is given to the wicked.(Fortunately this set-up and situation is reversed completely in The Spirit World.)

         WHY does God allow this? Because evil doing is only the current behaviour of about half of humanity. They eventually learn to behave.(The hard way if necessary!)

           I am PRESUMING a lot here though.  So take what I say carefully!!(We have all died many times before, exiting numerous physical bodies we used temporarily.  However, I(as do many) have FORGOTTEN my entry into this current physical vehicle, and so calculate what happens. We forget, you see, our prevailing  conditions that existed before we left The Spirit World last time.  Both birth and death causing really bad AMNESIA!!(On top of that many parents so foolishly drive their children to snap out of that "nonsense"(spoken by many a child, who is often speaking TRUE).)(And so we forget, plus get those so important memories of previous lives and interregnums(lives in spirit world) wiped out!!)

           Births are actually deaths. And deaths, births!!

           When we "die", we  get BORN into a much vaster realm of much finer matter and energy, where we(on the average) sojourn almost as long as we lived in the physical.

           Then when(via re-incarnation) we DIE into denser matter WHEN WE GET PHYSICALLY BORN again. It is a DEATH to The Spirit.

           And now, here in life, SO MANY have FORGOTTEN the true 
situation, and what it was like prior to birth!!

           Physical life is the true GRAVE!!

           We THINK we are alive.  No!  We are in DEATH, now!!

           We are in a (comparatively) DREAM, a bad dream, right now.

           When we die, we wake up!

            Though that is not STRICTLY correct.  When we PHYSICALLY die, we fall into an UNUSUALLY deep sleep and have dreams. Then after about 2 to 3 days, we wake up and find ourselves in our spirit bodies. Astral vehicles.(Which we had ALL ALONG.  It is merely that we do not become cognizant of our spirit vehicles UNTIL we shed our physical ones - which of course we do at SO CALLED DEATH!!)

            We may think that this is yet another dream, but,no, we have TRULY awakened. Not just from sleep. But from THE PHYSICAL plane!

            Awakening from SLEEP, is merely exiting our AURAS!(Where our dream images,etc. are embedded.)(Which we do nightly(or whenever).) Awakening from THE PHYSICAL PLANE, we are exiting our PHYSICAL BODIES!!(When we wake up from sleep, we exit out AURAS(where our dream images are)and naturally - having shed our outermost shell(or hand glove)are like a proverbial lobster which has just shed its shell, only in OUR case, we have seven(or eight) 3D SHELLS! What we call dying is shedding the outermost SHELL!!  How many lobsters(and anthropods) break their hearts? Not many.   And how many humans do their nuts whenever some physical body dies?! Well those who don't, at least FEIGN loss!  A lot of HOOEY!!   How we PRETEND - in order to placate FOOLS!!  Mind you, it IS a big loss to those that were closely associated with that particular being.  But they have ONLY gone to another country! Albeit a SUPER country!!  I am not saying Don't miss them!  I am SAYING keep a sense of PROPORTION. They have gone ahead of us for a while.(They have not gone out of existence!) KEEP your cool!   You will catch up with them later!  (Provided they want to see you of course.(LOL!))

           We have got it wrong you see. We are not bits of clay suspended between womb and tomb for a while!   But units of conciousness, parts of God's conciousness, between two eternities(and infinities), with unlimited power. Learning to unleash our vast potential by being constrained temporarily in a physical body. Which we THINK we ARE!!

            If you want to think that you ARE the car you are driving, that is your pre-rogative.  But I know that I am going to exit this car one day...  ONE DAY!!(Or Night!!)

            (By the way:  Did you know that you can time travel by simply raising your vibrations?  With the aid of a machine, an electrical Jacob's Ladder or an electrical Generator. Great energy raises your vibrations, then you go down the cosmic radial to some extent, from where you can shoot back up and out onto the time, space and any other group dimensions!(Each group dimension has four dimensions.) Anywhere!!  A million years hence. Or on the other side of the cosmos!  Or even into some weird PARALLEL universe!!  And so on, and on.)


            (The trouble with indulging in sex and drugs, in the psychedelics, in food and drink,  (gluttony, I mean),  and so on(ESPECIALLY in indulging in alcohol and nicotonic smoking), is that we lose our abilities to gain the REAL joys and pleasures that lie in the HIGHER gratifications!! We need(as Jesus has bid us)to DENY OURSELVES daily.(Sex, that leading temptation, IS Man's downfall!!(Masturbation and all forms of self-abuse - is self sex, and thus ALSO fatal to the higher joys and pleasures. Just get OFF orgasms(and on to DIVINE ECSTACIES!!   and the like!!)(It is like going to a great banquet, but dropping in at McDonald's on the way - for a few hamburgers and cokes. You aren't going to enjoy that banquet at all well!!)(So it isn't that God hates us to enjoy ourselves, and have joys, pleasures, fun and play, etc. BUT,... that God SO desires us to ENJOY FULLY The Great Banquet of FAR superior delights than this physical plane affords! And is merely ADVISING us NOT to stuff ourselves on junk food and drink on the way!! KNOWING that our stomachs will have difficulty(being so full already)in enjoying the FAR FAR  greater things,  LATER ON!!(We have SO greatly misunderstood, you SEE!!)(Hamburgers,etc. may be fine. But NOT if you are going to a great FREE BANQUET!!)(GOD is no kill-joy, MUCH, VERY MUCH, the reverse!!)(SHORT sighted over-critical fools have spoiled the picture!! In their HASTY misinterpretation!!)

           THAT is how I see it,anyway. MAYBE wishful thinking on MY part. But I truly believe that GOD will actually ENJOY US enjoying these things, THROUGH us!!  And so I spread a bigger and better canvas which I hope will not be gainsaid!!

           God simply wants us to USE OUR HEADS!! And not fill our stomachs with JUNK, at great expense, when by delaying things a while  - we can have A FREE HUGE SPLURGE!!(Yes, I know it takes a lot of faith to abstain from all these attractions whilst alive, for the sake of a much better BINGE or SPLURGE after we die! - But do you all see a truer picture now??)

           He who denies his self TO THE END, shall be saved!(Saved from the hell of not being able to enjoy a MUCH better feast afterwards!!)(Not I HOPE(is MEANT!!)(Be nice to be saved from Hell, but there are worse things than body indulgence!! We NEED saving from that(soul pollution) too.)(When ALL shells shed, we put down a new personality from the soul! And so on...) saved from endless maximum FIRE(HELL!!) for not obeying the boss!! I mean out of vengeful SPITE(I can picture some human fathers being like that! But,...)) at our disobedience.(No!  God is not saying OBEY ME, or I'll burn you MAXIMALLY in indestructible bodies for EVER!!   But,rather, as A GOOD FATHER, advising us not to be stupid and spend our money RUINING our ability to enjoy THE FREE BANQUET FEAST later!!)(If the whole purpose lies in INSTRUCTION, what gain is there in subjecting(OUT OF SUCH LOVE!!) his CHILDREN to SUCH endless AGONY - when with no time left to be good, how can we possibly LEARN(to do better)??!!)(Would not make sense!) 

           But how FEW of us - succeed!!(In enduring unto the end. I take end to be end of life. Hopefully not the end of TIME!!)(So many of us go for those NIBBLES on the way!!)

            Am I making sense??

            Don't spoil your appetite!!

            Yes, of course, there is MUCH more to it than loss of a banquet!!



            Jesus beat them though.  He died, but his soul bounded to godhood!

          The way to win is to let GOD work through you.

          DID the good folk NOT recapture their lost ground, then soon there would be no good folk(Nor any at all.). But there are. So evidently they do win back what they lost.

          Apparently this back and fore struggle goes on indefinitely.

          So once you are back in the physical - you are on a loser.

         The wicked do not like The Spirit World.  Of course not. It favours the good.  So they are SO glad to return to the physical - to prosper again, while the good rot. They would therefore favour re-incarnation. In the meantime their best hope is to dwell in Hades.(The unpleasant nether regions. DESPITE  the unpleasant conditions there.)

         Low types would therefore try to possess the living, in order to continue physical living THROUGH them. But then this stunts their evolution. There is also the danger of getting TRAPPED in the possessed vehicles.(Unable to get out again.) Plus the penalty for possessing others without their permission.

        Sorry, I put it badly last time.  When dying we retreat FROM the extremities(of course), which then go cold and numb  as we retreat and shrink back to pea size, prepatory to leaving the physical body.

        All of what I am saying(all along) is logical deduction from knowledge gained.



PP20 The Grim Reaper. A closer look!

October 29, 2011

Sunday, 30th October, 2,011.


What its like to die,etc.

Some more on death,etc.

Death is the best event in life! Provided it is TIMELY. You have finished. Your exile is over! It is usually the most pleasant event. Nothing comes even close to the joy experienced at dying. Your work in the mine is over. You are coming out! Going home.

Is death painful? Not in itself. What is painful is what occasions it.

On the contrary, when you die, all pain and fear vanish.

What is it like to die? It is like(the big sleep) going under a general anaesthetic. (Sleep is the little death.)

The only difference is that when you awaken(and you WILL) you awaken in another vehicle(body)(another one of yours). A vehicle finer than the physical one.

The physical body will rot away.

It served you whilst it was inhabitable – in order to contact this physical plane. Once it becomes uninhabitable – then you come out of it.

It makes as much sense to be concerned about your corpse – as to be obsessed with your DISCARDED garments!

The error Man makes is to THINK that they ARE their physical bodies!

Consequently, when the physical dies, they THINK that that is then the end of them!

But it is only the end of WHAT DIES! Which is the physical vehicle! ONLY.

The physical body, being SO immediate to the conciousness, it is a simple error to make, to jump to the false conclusion that one IS one’s physical vehicle!

Also, MANY people, fearing Hell after death,on account of wrongs done, REJECT any after-life – thus disposing of the structure which could create Hell for it!

But this is self-kidology!

It is a good way to dodge Hell. But only in DELUSION!!

Hell, like Heaven, is a STATE of mind, a CONDITION of soul. But if we have done wrong, how much better to PAY it off, because we only commit ourselves to HELL.(I am speaking re after death about the PLACE in the other world which your state of HELL takes you to after you die. A VIBRATIONAL place. Which is of matter, albeit finer matter than the physical.

We pay off our debt or karma in the material we made it of. If done in the physical, then the pay-off will come in the physical!(For instance, if you rob a bank, then in some future life you might find yourself being robbed often(Until scores are settled, and not just one for one, but MULTIPLIED!! (It does NOT pay to do wrong!!)). But it won’t be in in an after-life Hell. THAT arises purely and simply from our MENTAL vibrational state! It is ADDITIONAL to the karma incurred! So do not sin lightly!! Do not sin AT ALL!!!!)

It returns to The Great Reservoir of Matter. For re-use – by other creatures, possibly even yourself.

The thing about your corpse is that its matter is most easily de-materialized – for possible use in materializations. But not advised.

We have all died MANY times before. It is not new to us. Meaning our general conciousness.

You depart from your physical body(at death AND in temporary trips out of the body) in the reverse manner in which you entered it.

You entered your physical body when you dived into the foeutus created by the couple you chose as your parents – at your conception.

You entered somehow(once in – cannot get out again(not easily)), perhaps by mergence or descent into the suture in the skull of the foeutus.

And you leave by passing out through this suture. Which appears like a TUNNEL or somesuch. The light we see at the end – is the outside world, but the spirit world outside world!

The relief at this exit is enormous.

What happens is that your spirit component shrinks to the size of a small pea, enters the heart, passes to the pineal and/or pitituary gland, and then out through the suture in the skull passing through the brain.

You spiral out of the top of your head – and then down to the deck. Like a feather. Where you might bounce around a little.(Like a bubble.)

You may not be aware of this stage. Perhaps not becoming concious until you are in The Spirit World PROPER. Perhaps in some meadow. Somewhere near a Re-habilitation Centre.(Where you get signed in – and indoctrinated.)(Like going to a hospital.)

Nothing to worry about. But what IS important is that your vibrations are raised to the highest. That is done by Altruism, Philanthropy, Prayer, Meditation, Spiritual Yoga,etc.Good music,etc.Good company. And so on…and so on.

Raising your vibrations takes you to higher planes. If you are so foolish as to lower them(by doing bad deeds)(even by thinking low thoughts), then you will descend the sub-planes.

You will rise or fall according to the quantity and quality of your deeds(thoughts, words, acts and omissions).

Now THESE THINGS should be taught by the churches, synagogues, mosques and temples,etc.

However, thanks to evil pressure against, they are not taught as much as they should be! Because humans just don’t like the prospect of pain. (Which of course is understandable. But a small pain to avoid a larger one – is wisdom!)

This world is ruled by evil. Therefore its inhabitants IN GENERAL will strive all out to prevent you doing good. And they are only TOO successful, because they do it SO WELL!!

They deny it, of course!

You will pay for your ill deeds(and get rewarded for the good) in several ways: 1. By going to a plane in accord with the plane of your behaviour.(A plane is simply a vibrational LEVEL.) 2. By KARMA. That is you will suffer in proportion to your deeds. By getting born with some handicap. In some future life. 3. By having to experience the suffering or whatever you caused in your victim!(Karma occurs in this present life AND in future lives.)(It occurs at the level you instigated it.)(So if you murdered someone in this life, then you might expect to get murdered by them in some future life. Though things seldom are as neat as this.)(Just giving key examples which come to mind.)

Hence the VERY WISE injunction to do unto others(as you would be done by)!

During the pre-anaesthetic stage, you can feel cold and stillness falling upon your body spreading out from the heart. Going to the extremities.(As your spirit vehicle exits.)

You may THINK that it is the end of YOU. But it is only the end of the physical vehicle concerned. NOT of YOU. The Conciousness Unit.

Deaths,like births,etc. VARY greatly. I have only given the GENERAL run of things.

If you wish to learn more, punch in your questions with your browser on The Internet. With your computer.

Most people fear, even dread, death. Yet a TIMELY one is the best event in life. By far.

To be expected, as we do dislike loss of one’s life,body,loved ones, relatives, family, friends and so on, fearing the unknown,and expected nothingness, especially if guilty of wrong, – and so fearing Hell, Judgement, etc. Dreading the expected Fear and Pain in Death.

Final ends are so terrifying. But what about an ENDLESS life, especially if not happy!!

WHICH is preferable??

Anyway, we get what is DISHED OUT!!

Which is endlessness. Pleasant or unpleasant IS UP TO US!!

The trouble is that men believe what MAN tells them, rather than what initiates with GOD!!

And they have a nasty habit of believing bad things in preference to the good!!(Because in THIS world, bad things usually happen.(However that is not universally true. In Paradise it is nearly entirely good. But GETTING THERE requires that your good deeds EXCEED your bad!!)

It(what happens to us after death) is all needless as the reverse USUALLY results:-

Except the bit about where we go. Paradise or Hades! THAT is true. And to the extent that we have earned such.

What takes you UP, vibrationally, is GOOD DEEDS. Not belief in this or that. Your ACTIONS rather than your beliefs create the results!!

It seems that the only judge – is ourself!

However, there IS a LAW – The Spiritual Law(Or LORD) which EXACTLY measures our EVERY ACT. Playing back its converse to us at a suitable juncture. Not necessarily straight away. Thus NO THING that we do – gets missed.(Even things done when on your own.)(The ALL-SEEING EYE is ALWAYS there!)

The religious Hell of Christendom does not exist!

This is a horrid evil thing passed down into Christendom from Paganism!

However! There IS a Hell! And it is bad enough!(Perhaps even worse than the Hell of Christendom. WERE THAT POSSIBLE!! It is a contradiction in terms. Because God is GOOD!! And to award ENDLESS MAXIMUM PAIN on one who cannot bear it, in order to teach good behaviour(surely required!) would THEN necessarily DEFEAT itself, AND make The Devil stronger than God. (Yes, I am quite willing to accept that GOD makes the rules. But these EXTREME religious hells smack rather of some petulant MAN, rather than a wise, all-knowing, LOVING GOD!!)Which is not so.)(What gives it to us – is OURSELF! When we hurt others, even mentally(Mentally is the most important!). Usually through misunderstanding, but nonetheless DONE.)(That hurtful act pushes our MENTAL VIBRATIONS down!!)

There are DEGREES of Hades, and Paradise. You get back(multiplied) whatever it is you doled out in life!

GOD does not judge. We judge our selves.

Judgements DO occur. Ex The Great Spiritual Law. IT knows EXACTLY where,when and who to strike. And how hard,etc.

However, it is the infallible spiritual law that NEVER fails to exact the precise reward(good or evil) that is meet.

It is like a geiger counter in your skull – chalking up the points ALL OF THE TIME!! It relays(you CANNOT stop it) this information through to The Great Spiritual Law. Called in religious parlance – THE LORD!!

The Celestial Book-keeper.

Motive is the important thing.

Strange to say, INTENT IS the action that is REALLY chalked up.

Man’s Law punishes REGARDLESS of Intent. It goes by WHAT, not why!

However, I UNDERSTAND, that GOD looks at The Intention! And tempers every action ACCORDINGLY!!

At least I HOPE so!!

If you meant to kiss your girl friend, but smothered her instead(unintentionally), you still pay for the outcome. But the MENTAL content of the returning pay-back – is tempered by what was MEANT.(In some future life she might strangle you, but with a loving smile!)

I can only tell you what I have gleaned. The ACTUALITY may differ., and no doubt does!!

The last word must be held by the viewer.

What we THINK, and the truth, can differ.

I can ONLY give my opinion, OF COURSE!!

Remember that there are a thousand voices. All saying something different!!

The final view is necessarily YOURS!!

And THAT is a preference.

Which may – or may not – be true!!

We believe what we WANT(to be the truth), NOT the truth!!

But heck, how often are we wrong?? ??

We can only hope.

And REALLY sharpen our mental perspicacities!!(Because unless we ARE GOD, – we had better be right!!)


Anyone for tennis??(Sorry, I don’t have smileys. Gravity, not levity!!)(Living is a VERY serious business. Though LIGHT RULES not darkness!!)

I may not always be right, but am seldom wrong!

Anyone care to hold the mike for a while?…

I don’t expect to be with you much longer,…

Seriously, Man acts as though he doesn’t know…THINGS which he ought to!!

I mean just how many are TRYING to get IN TO

HELL??!!(Just watch TV, read the papers,etc. news – And SEE!!)

Am I on the right planet?

Or is my timing SOMEWHAT out??!!



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