DDD4 Death, ghosts,etc.(I continue.)(Plus more on Nibiru,etc.)

September 14, 2012

Saturday, 15th September, 2,012.


How can the dead walk and talk,etc?(Continued)

                Let us look at the point of view of a ghost(or ghosts):-

    When we die, we may be Earthbound,and/or we may not know that we have died.(The only thing that dies – is the physical body!)(There is much more to us than that!)

         If Earthbound, we shall find ourselves in a replica(actually THE ORIGINAL) plane of the physical.(We may need to raise our material vibrations to live in the replica. Or lower them TO LIVE in the original physical.)(You CAN live(after death) at the OLD physical level(if you lower your vibrations enough). But it is not recommended.  Besides the living TAKE FRIGHT!!)

         This may lead us to believe that we are still alive!(We ARE still alive, but now indwell the spirit body NOT the physical. The spirit body is almost identical in appearance to the physical vehicle(now dead).

          I promulgate these things as it is SO IMPORTANT. And to HELP both dead and living.  How many of us are educated on these matters.  Yet how many things are more important??!!

          Some people live quite a while in the replica plane of the physical CONVINCED that they are PHYSICALLY alive! And CONTINUE to live there AS IF still alive in the physical!

          Let us assume(for a moment) that you have died, and are at home – or will soon return there. You may continue to live at your home – though in the REPLICA world.(In order to live in the ACTUAL physical world you formerly lived in – you would have to lower your material vibrations.)(CHECK to see WHICH world you are in!  Look in a MIRROR. Yes, a spirit mirror even.  Do you see A SILVER CORD coming from your back or neck or head?  If so, you are in the replica. If no silver cord visible, then you are either still physically alive – or have lowered your vibrations THAT FAR. So that you are MATERIALIZED in the old physical! NOT recommended.(The living are not keen.)  DID YOU lower your vibrations GREATLY?? You should know.

          Time passes, but eventually, probably or perhaps, new occupant/s(tenant/s) move in.  You will be able to see THEM. But they won’t be able to see(ETC.) you.(Unless clairvoyant and/or you have lowered your vibrations.)

          Only a small percentage of people become Earthbound. And A FEW of these may have low vibrations in their new bodies – and thus appear to the new tenant or occupant.  What a shock the new arrival at what WAS your house  will have!!(Most likely they will either have you removed – or flee.  But AS A RULE it is THE GHOST who should move on, not the new resident depart.(Some times even so hastily – that they leave EVERYTHING of theirs BEHIND!! Plus maybe door,etc.open.

          Are the former occupants so repulsive or what?   No. It is not that.  But because(if they have died!) dead, or diaphanous(translucent or transparent) or observed walking through walls,etc. And looking so peculiar!

         Now WHO should leave? The former resident – or the new arrival??

         Usually if not invariably the former occupant. The new resident arrival should stay.

         However! If it were YOU, and you did not realize that you had died, wouldn’t YOU be a little RESENTFUL at the invasion by stranger or strangers??!! Who proceed to LIVE in what you may STILL consider to be YOUR home!!

         So you try to scare them off – or somehow get rid of them.(Maybe even kill them.)(Ghosts CAN kill. By shock, electric shock, physical attack,etc.)

         Now it is not hard for a ghost to scare off new arrivals!(Which is very drastic.)(As leaving all one’s belongings, PLUS HOUSE, in SUCH a hurry – is quite a sacrifice – as is losing the house you may have just bought!)

         However, it is YOU who should move on, as living in the replica of the physical is not where you should be.  But UP(vibrationally) in the Spirit World Proper.(Which is VERY different to the Replica of the physical.)

         For various reasons, even when you know you are “dead”,you may not wish to move on, especially as it is WAS your home, OR BE UNABLE TO MOVE ON!!(You are not dead, but your old physical body IS, – indeed you may be MORE alive and have MUCH more power – than the physicals(mortals) have!)

         The secret of moving on is to raise your spiritual vibrations! You can do this by prayer, wish, will, receiving help from mortals and/or other spirits, – but SOME TIMES you will fail.  And be STUCK in the REPLICA of the physical.  They call this The Earthbound state.

         Many actually LIKE this state.

         It is very handy being able to float or fly in the air, even ROCKET about INSTANTANEOUSLY.  (You can go ANYWHERE(pretty much) IN A FLASH!!) pass through walls,etc. And have IMMENSE powers.(All creatures have electro-magnetic FORCE FIELDS(created by the flow of their blood,etc?). But when you pass to The Spirit World, you usually find that the EM fields there are MUCH stronger than the physical ones. You can USE this force to do(pretty much)whatever you like! Move stuff around, almost regardless of weight. Even transport it(in a flash)great distances! OR, get stuff from afar moved in!(If you are thinking of bank-notes,etc. – FORGET IT!  Because they are no longer needed or used!!  They are worthless!!)(And soon will be here too!!)

       Your EM field will draw energy from the old physical world, – causing cold spots. OR vice-versa you can pass energy TO the physical world – and cause warm spots.

       You will have supernatural powers.

       When not materialized, you will appear as ORBS(if more than one of you) – to the living.

       The Spirit World is MUCH MORE INTENSE than is the physical. Hence these extreme abilities.

      You COULD take a pen and write, OR you can USE by WILL from wish – USE the FORCE-FIELD to pick up the pen – and write. Or do just about anything – instantly or very nearly – and so on.(If you use a computer, you might be able to use the spirit copy. But though the replica physical can copy the physical computer happenings, the reverse MAY not apply! So remember that!!   You probably won’t be able to tweet or facebook,etc.that you are now a ghost.

       Yes, you can COMMUNICATE – with the living.

       You can do everything that the living do(ALMOST) – plus VERY much more. But only if you know or believe that you can – and WILL it.

       NORMALLY you won’t be able to affect physical matter.

       You sometimes look grotesque due to the more fluidic nature of Spirit.

       Another thing – is that you may FLOAT a few inches above the ground – or higher if you choose.

       The living may exorcize you or force you to move on.(Which moving on IS what you SHOULD do!)(It would be akin to refusing to move to the next higher class in school AFTER you had qualified to do so!)

        You can eat, drink, etc. But you don’t HAVE TO!(Except that with breathing – you MAY have to.(I don’t know.)(You may not be able to. I do not know.))

        You can eat a spirit COPY of a physical meal. Though not the ACTUAL physical meal – UNLESS you lowered your spirit body vibrations.

        The living will not(unless clairvoyant or psychic)be aware of your continued existence UNLESS you lower your vibrations enough.

        As a rule this disturbs the living. Even to the extent of having them bolt OUT OF THE HOUSE. Often permanently!!  So TAKE CARE. Go easy!!(YOU can see them.  But they don’t USUALLY see you.)(So if and when they might – it could well really frighten them…)

        Animals and children are more likely to see you.(When I say SEE, I automatically include HEAR,FEEL,SMELL,TASTE, and SENSE.(Though not to the degree physically normal.)(Not as a rule.)

        YOU should move on, not the new arrivals(residents)!!

        They should stay.(But ghosts need to understand that they have PHYSICALLY died, NEED(as a rule) to MOVE ON, are usually SCARY, have immense powers, and abilities, and so on and ON…)

        Seeing others in your old home might indicate to you – that you have “died” – as the world puts it.(Keep WELL away from your corpse!(Because YOUR ghost, which is the sort of energy field the physical body ITSELF has, will rush you – and envelop you. Preventing you from seeing at all well. Like finding yourself in a THICK FOG!  In addition to that – there is a region in The Spirit World you have to pass through – that is very MISTY!!(So watch for these two things. Also a tunnel you travel through, maybe two. And spirits. Loved ones who have passed on before you. Helpers. And so on.  But CHECK them ALL out, in case of any enemies!!

        We must ALL(all creatures)die one day.(Especially these days, with the WORST SIX MONTHS FOR THE EARTH EVER – IMMEDIATELY AHEAD!!)(I expect 6 or 7 BILLION humans to die, plus nearly all animals and plants,etc. And fish in the sea, birds in the air, insects – and so on AND SO ON.  – DUE TO THE COMING SET OF CATACLYSMS – by Nibiru plus attachments, AND The Galactic Alignment of 21.12.12.(Which I UNDERSTAND will be far worse than Nibiru,etc!) After that we can expect SOLAR FLARES,etc. to knock out all our electronic and electric appliances around February 14th, 2,013.(Saint Valentine’s Day)(I expect Nibiru plus field and tail AND RED DUST)(Along with ALIENS!!) to APPEAR large to the naked eye ANY DAY NOW. – And to pass us about October 31st(Around Halloween time.2,012.)!! It is this coming CLOSE PASS that does the TERRIBLE damage.(Ending this so-called civilization.)(ALSO World War 3,etc.  And MOB UPRISINGS!! Marauding mobs and gangs will be about the worst danger!  Remember that food and drink will be scarce!  And YOU have flesh – and blood.  Yes, they will kill you for these!! NO PROBLEM!!!!)

       The point I am making is that MOST can expect to die. And THEREFORE what I am saying  about death,etc. Ghosts, and so on, SHOULD make life VERY  much easier for you. So LISTEN WELL!!

       Unfortunately, it is going to be(for many, if not most) a MOST unpleasant death. Terrible and horrible.

        I hope you got all that…

        Yes, you can stock up. And take refuge in a cave,etc…

        However!  What is coming(expected) is SO savage – that being buried alive – is much more likely.(In a super-market we can hope!) – Where between LOSING(buried or some-such) your preps. Or having them STOLEN by others who may not have stocked up. So I do not rate stocking up TOO highly.(But it MAY pay off.)

      Batteries is a MUST. And the various electric and electronic appliances.  Small batteries can be(many of them) got out of breaking open the 6Vbig rectangular torch batteries.

      As for finding a nice cave – well, many others(including animals) may have that thought too!

     So shelter  will be at a premium!!

     And, if you DON’T find shelter, you can give the ceiling a loving kiss – and get into an outside trench(I don’t fancy THAT either!!). As buildings are going to crash down on top of us.

    Death is not the end.

    And there is the possibility of re-incarnation.(If you want to come back!)

    I forgot to say, that there is the likelihood of world war, world civil war, GLOBAL economic collapse, financial collapse.(Yes, silver and gold great! Especially NOW. They are both ROCKETTING.  And likely to continue so for about a year. As Bernanke is now implementing QE3!  (Quantitative Easing 3.)(That is U.S. will continue printing(AND electronical balances!) bank notes(plus coins maybe)!)(Trouble is, if you do that HYPER-inflation eventually cuts in…) And Martial Law via Declared Emergencies. Police everywhere – enforcing EVERYTHING.   And THE MOB will be busy torching everything or blowing it up. Including humans – and animals.  As they think it unfair that they should die – but no one else!!

        Have fun??


        Ah,yes, the RED DUST. That red dust.

        Nibiru is composed largely of two iron oxides. It is emitting TWO columns of ferrous oxides(both kinds) high above itself, and into its IMMENSE TAIL.(It has 6 moons, plus MUCH junk,also.)

        Yes. This is what turned parts of The Yangstze River in China red recently. MOST likely.  And also in other places earlier. Like India(twice), A lake in U.S.  The Sea of Amoz, and so on. Mostly if not wholly due to the red dust ex Nibiru.

        We entered its TAIL many years back.

        So the red dust is now INCREASINGLY falling into our atmosphere.(As Nibiru gets closer. (It should appear large…SOON….)

        It(Nibiru’s red dust.) will get everywhere. It is poisonous. Getting into water and crops AND EVERYTHING.

       We can boil, condense water.(Merely boiling it is not enough!)(I MEAN condense it – BY BOILING it – somehow.  Or I suppose you could DISTILL it.(Might take a long time as it is like distilling TOMATO SAUCE!!)

      So it will  be tricky…

     This is why The Christendom Bible calls Nibiru WORMWOOD.   Its red dust mixed with water goes yellow, orange, red – vermillion red.(Blood is CRIMSON red. But it MAY go through crimson on the way…)

      We may have to duct up or otherwise SEAL our buildings, especially homes. To reduce the red dust inside.(I imagine breathing it in will eventually kill you too!)(Gas masks??!!)

      I repeat: The red dust is poisonous.

     So the red water will either be Nibiru solution or blood(which will also get rather plentiful – in the coming days…).

      Getting it out of the crops will be difficult. So I suggest plenty of TINNED or CANNED foods!!

    I don’t think there will be a Christmas this year…


    Bill.(Vic was my web name.)




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