fff12-2 Doom, and after.

November 13, 2012

Tuesday, 13th November, 2,012.

After doom, – what?
Please pass this on TO AS MANY AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!!!
Doom is coming, and is in SIX scenarios. And a number of very bad events: 1. Nibiru. 2. Galactic Alignment. 3. Re-action to start of Aquarius Age. 4. Solar flares,etc. 5. World War 3. 6 World Civil War. PLUS sundry horrors and terrors. Like Photon Belt. Hot Spot in Space. Viruses,etc. getting used to anti-biotics. Invasion by alien red microbes. Hundreds of growing black holes created by Particle Accelerator/s. Also mass landing by aliens, mostly Little Greys, Hybrids and The Annunaki.

Those Earthlings GOOD ENOUGH, may get evacuated to Mother Craft by aliens.

Some facts on Nibiru. Nibiru is currently conspicuous by its absence. (Maybe Huberculosis has gone behind sun! But Nibiru is a satellite. MAYBE gone behind sun too.)But it is around – Somewhere. It is comparatively small.(Do not confuse it with its parent dark star, brown dwarf like parent, Huberculosis. Nor with satellites. Nibiru is one moon(of six) accompanying Huberculosis.(Nemesis is a much more distant small star companion to the sun.) Eris is the main orthodox name for Nibiru. Sedna is merely another object of similar size – but from The Oort Belt(of numerous comets,asteroids, meteors,etc.).

Nibiru will almost certainly not hit us. But SOME of its entourage COULD!!(We are entering into a million mile wide TAIL, which is preceding it(blown towards us by the solar wind,etc.). Which is FULL of JUNK. Debris, dust, six satellites(up to Earth size), RED so called dust(but actually red alien microbes)(Though there might be red dust too. I had thought iron oxides, ferric and ferrous(oxide). Unsure.) However. Nibiru does not need to hit us to cause horrific damage. Like wipe out this civilization, and change the face of The Earth. Largely due to a sea-rise of up to 675 feet(in a few hours, I understand). Nibiru is about 4 to 5 times the size of The Earth. Voluminar(Volume wise.) It will approach to about 14 or 15 million miles on its first pass, due soon. Perhaps early in New Year, 2,013. The year to dread is less 2,012, than 2,013, AND 2,014! And beyond. As The Great Tribulation lasts 3.5 years. Followed by about 20 years of VERY HARD GOINGThough things may START to get bad any time up to the end of this year. Centre-ing on December 21st, 2,012.)(Nibiru is only, after The Wobble, the first horror. Galactic Alignment may be FAR worse!!)

Unless you can get into an EXCELLENT SHELTER, an horrific and terrible death IS ALMOST CERTAIN!!(UNLESS the aliens evacuate you). A FEW will survive. But anything from about 30 to 70 % of Mankind should die. Plus animals, plants, buildings,ETC.

Nibiru CANNOT be stopped. And there is little hope of escaping it.(Do NOT commit suicide! Awful penalty for this after death in The Spirit World.)

IF you can raise your spiritual vibrations, AND your physical ones up high enough, you MAY transfer to a parallel universe or another time track – and escape the worst, but you will need to be VERY GOOD – and SUPERB at meditation, prayer and ascension!!!! Not much hope I’m afraid. But you can try.(Look for GOOD shelter,too!!)

Yes, stock up with essentials. AND grow your own food. Stock up potable(drinkable) WATER too.(Nibiru may remove our atmosphere,or some(perhaps most) of it.) Tides will be oceanic AND atmospheric!!)

The red “dust” is poisonous. Do not drink water with it in. Nor foods OF COURSE.
It is going to get almost EVERYWHERE.(Some of it will I THINK be iron oxides(rust), and some(if not all!!) will be red alien microbes. Fatal for us,no doubt.

It will be AWFULLY hard to keep out the red stuff. It will be turning all waters RED. Increasingly. Might look like tomatoe sauce. Be blood coloured(scarlet) at first. And then vermillion.(“Milk is coming,too. And IRON.)(Big iron balls?)(Some found on beach/es recently.)

Will be difficult – as in the air, water, crops, everything.(Unless you bottle water,ETC. now – before too much gets in!)

There is also The Earth Wobble which is increasing. Peaking December 21st, 2,012.(That is when Mayan Long Count Calendar cycle ends.(A 5,125 year period.) But there are also the quarter cycles of Sun(6,500 years) AND Nibiru(3,600 years). And other cycles. All ending 21.12.2,012!!!!

A 26 MILLION year cycle is ALSO ending, making this event(It is CALLED THE EVENT.) – THE BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT event that will happen TO MANKIND,ETC. ON THIS EARTH!!!!(PLEASE read that again, slowly!!)
Some of us, perhaps many, got born now ESPECIALLY to witness and experience this once in 26,000,000 years event!

The equivalent of about SIX cataclysms will occur! All concentrated(their BEGINNINGS) within the next THREE MONTHS!!!!
The Wobble will bring its OWN problems, but less serious than the others. Like SINK HOLES, CRACKS, Strange sounds(from BELOW)(Only APPARENTLY from above.). From the stretching rocks!!(Wobble heaves up the ground via centrifugal force, stretching the rocks, creating sink holes and cracks,etc. due to higher ground level obliging earth and rock,etc. to cover a larger volume – and thus leaving GAPS in places!!)
There are three films,especially, on The End of The Age(iT WILL seem LIKE the end of the world!!)theme. Threads is about NUCLEAR (Thermo-nuclear mainly, I think.) WAR. Knowing and Melancholia involve a large planet hitting us.(However, it is MOST unlikely that Nibiru will hit us. It will merely pass closely, ENDING UP – after appearing like a large red full moon, about 50,000 miles from us(Earth).(I repeat: It is not Huberculosis(which is Jupiter plus sized, but is a mere 4 to 5 times Earth size, and having a MASS of 22x Earth(Due to great density.). Plus magnetism.) So it will be HORRIFIC and TERRIBLE.
A second later pass(By Nibiru) will not cause damage. Not to speak of, anyway.

I say again: Nibiru SHOULD NOT hit us.

AND it is the smaller of the TWO planets now approaching us. Huberculosis is safely ENOUGH distant. But Nibiru is going to come CLOSE, and finally VERY CLOSE.
Drowning will be a big danger. Due to bulge of sea at equator sweeping all coast lines as The Earth’s rotation slows – and finally stops.(But gets started again – by Nibiru – pulling(PUSHING, actually, as gravity and magnetism,etc. (PUSH, not pull!!)from the other side.(MASSES of gravitons,etc. will get pushed onto Nibiru. These will push start Earth.))

Expect about 6 days of stoppage. That means nearly a week of day in U.S. Nearly a week of night in Australia – and so on – depending upon your longitude.(Check on Internet for important details.)(Including sea heights. Watch rising tides,now.)

There will also be a PRE stoppage of about 3 days PRECEDING the slow down and stoppage of The Earth’s ROTATION.(See Nancy Leider of Zetans for details.)

Winds of 300 m.p.h. at least., will blow, for almost a day. Naturally MANY buildings and trees are going to be ripped out!(It is the vacuum created by high winds that does the main damage. This sucks trees OUT of the ground(And buildings,etc. And ANYTHING perambulating upon the surface.).
As I have indicated, even AIR will become scarce. And certainly food will. Plus all essentials.

We can expect many humans and animals to go RAVING MAD. And do TERRIBLE DAMAGE to everything. Almost as bad as the main event!!

Fires will be everywhere. Plus earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and tsunami and tidal waves. Severe and every-where.

Nibiru can be expected to pull The Earth(push over)(As Nibiru will draw off everything loose upon the surface. Then Nature will FILL the vacuum!! At at least 300 miles per hour!! As air,etc. will move into the created vacuum.)

The Pole Shift will probably be 180 degrees(that is a full inversion, the poles changing ends, sky views reversing,…)(Geographical poles TOO!!)

Also expect a tremendous auric and lightning display, with gravity and magnetism GOING MAD.(Big danger of being struck by lightning!!)

Global emping. Permanent. So get GENERATORS!! (AND diesel!!)(Roads will become impassable, but handy to have petrol,etc.in vehicles!!)(So can drive on grass,etc!!)Batteries. Electric and electronic appliances. As a few will be able to communicate with the remaining few globally.

An immense bombardment from space as the wafting tail from Nibiru envelops us.

Duct up your homes,etc.NOW!!

TRY to get Shipping Containers – to use as shelters – and to live in!!

As caves,etc. will get packed with humans and animals.

All FRANTIC and DESPERATE to survive.

The Elite already have their shelters.

Expect General Emergencies, Martial Law, FEMA camps,ETC.

And the most RUTHLESS rule by Military and Police. All who disobey will be shot DEAD. At least tasered.

So it should get MOST GRIM.

I say yet again: Nibiru will not hit us. And it is the smaller of the TWO planets now closing in. Four,actually. If we count in 203-ub-313 AND Sedna. But Sedna is merely a large rock ex The Oort Belt.(Comparable to Pluto-Charon.)
The FOUR objects are: Nemesis, Huberculosis, Nibiru and Sedna.(Eris and 203-uub-213)(Scientific name) are merely orthodox names for Nibiru.)(Planet X is the name given(Tenth Planet and Dubious Planet.) to Huberculosis.(Which is out past Neptune.) (Whilst Nibiru is ONE planet of a complex of them, used as Starship of The Fleet(Annunaki) Nibiru is I THINK somewhere between Venus and Earth. Do NOT confuse with Huberculosis. And even less with Nemesis!

Planet X may not exist. THAT is the planet that may not be! Due to pertubations in orbits of Neptune and Uranus, it was hypthesized that Planet X existed. But not for certain. It may be Huberculosis.

There is an AWFUL LOT of STUFF up there. Which makes things much harder.

And now because of Huberculosis, much material is being dragged out of The Oort Belt.

So few can be certain of anything! Except that some VERY large THINGS are coming our way!!

Plus THE TAIL of Nibiru.

Nibiru is alleged to be Planet X. But that is not exactly true. Planet X is essentially HYPOTHETICAL. It is THOUGHT to exist. To account for said perturbations.

It could be that those who deny that Nibiru exists – are really saying that Planet X does not exist. Which may be true.

So we need to be very careful. A SECOND SUN(And/or a second moon.) will become VERY clear(or it is expected to!) by December 21st, 2,012. A.D. This is Huberculosis.(Nemesis,farther out again, may not exist. Or be Huberculosis. POSSIBLY!!)

One or two stars very closely resemble Nibiru. And are confused for it.

I say again: Eris and 203-ub-313 are orthodox names for Nibiru. As was Elenin, a mere comet which crashed into the sun some years back. Elenin was the Blue Katchina. But Nibiru is the Red Katchina(Of The Hopi Indians.).(But Elenin got mixed up with Nibiru, which it is not.)
Elenin may still exist! Because Nibiru is used as space star ship. Having representatives of many alien races on board!

Elenin entered the sun, PERHAPS did not crash. Maybe did not get destroyed!!
Earth: Chances of survival are so low – I doubt its worth bothering!!


You may get rescued, you may not.(By aliens)
Depends how well behaved one is!
The good can expect rescue, the wicked,not.

Those harming The Earth can expect to be cleansed out of it. The CLEANSING IS coming!!


So-called death is MERELY of the physical body.

We all have SEVEN of these vehicles or shells or skins or suit. Most will lose the outermost(the physical).

The other six are far lighter,finer!!


When you pass on, keep calm, do not panic. You are simply losing your outermost SKIN or shell!!

Expect to lose conciousness for some days, to awaken in your spirit body!

When you do, head IMMEDIATELY for the blue-white LIGHT. And CLIMB, spiritually AND materially. To escape the raving mad pack, AND those low spirits trying to drag you down into HELL!!

PLEASE listen to what I am saying.
Are we all with it??
The Final Count-Down is ON!!


38 days to go. 38 days to December 21st, 2,012. That is when this SET of CYCLES ends. New ones begin on the following day.

However, MANY will be MINUS their outermost suit(the physical vehicle we now wear).
ALL the best,

The best will be those cleaving closest to GOD,Jesus CHRIST, Goodness and KINDNESS to ALL!!!!

Peace be with you all,

I have TRIED to keep as many as possible informed. But there are MANY who oppose goodness!!

TWO races on. 1. Those who LOVE all. 2. Those in the rat race, dog fight,ETC.

Love is FAR less easy than those who scorn it THINK!!

It took TREMENDOUS strength to die on a cross! The fools are not those who go to crosses(etc.). But those who hate those who do!!

We shall ALL see once we cross over to The Spirit World. Some to joy. And many to an AGONY OF REGRET!!
How CAN money,etc. POSSIBLY compare with the joys of one who has the most good deeds done?! THAT is the TRUE TREASURE!!


What is the short life in the physical COMPARED to life in The Spirit World. Moonlight compared to SUNLIGHT!!!!

We shall ALL see. And VERY CLEARLY indeed!!!!

Compare configuration of Nibiru,ETC.(Especially as photograhed by an Australian woman from a jet flying above Melbourne not too long back!!) with the configuration in crop circle!(They are almost IDENTICAL!!)
After Doom comes what happens to life-forms who cross into The Spirit World(Just about all humans and animals!!)

The Earth planet should survive. But its surface be changed.

It will be many years before we can expect to return to anything like normal. Normal for the next Stone Age that is.












ddd14-1 How much pole shift.

September 29, 2012

Saturday, September 29th, 2,012.

How much pole shift?

2.5 degrees – so far. Will it go 30, 40, 90, 180 degrees – what??

I don’t know.

EVENTUALLY 180 degrees, I THINK.

Perhaps in a series of steps.

I only think that this mentally sleeping world will have a VERY rude awakening – any time soon.

The next few months should be HORRIFIC.

Maybe from Halloween on.


ddd8 STILL MORE on Nibiru,etc.

September 19, 2012

Wednesday, September 19th, 2,012.


Some more on Nibiru!

       Nibiru is a name(of an old Sumerian minor god)given to Planet X.(10) Twelfth object of Solar System.(Counting sun and moon.) Eleventh if we discount Pluto-Charon.

       Someone has said that Nibiru is not Planet X. Because it is a Flagship. IS that correct??

       We have Nemesis, a twin of the sun, way out.

       Other important objects, way out, are Sirius, Sirius B.(Apparently Nibiru is approaching us from Leo.) Then there is Alycone, central star of The Pleiades. Further out we have The Outer Pleaides.

       Coming in, nearer to us, there is The Dark Star, which may be The Brown Dwarf, then The Nibiru Complex, with Homeward one of its moons(Home of The Annunaki aliens?), one of its six moons, not counting Nibiru.

       Whether Nibiru is Planet X or not – it is approaching us, and will come VERY CLOSE soon. It will look like a large red full moon when it suddenly appears any day now. September 26th,2,012  is one date.  With a passing close to Earth on November 21st, 2,012 forecast! That will do TERRIBLE damage. Ending this civilization.

        I believe Nibiru is Planet X. And is being USED AS a flag-ship. Current mission to help out creatures on threatened worlds.(Though I find it strange that the rescuer IS the planet that is going to do the damage.)

        This is quite a complex subject.

        I only know that Nibiru and its satellites,etc. is VERY real.

        Earth faces Nibiru,November 21st, 2,012.  The Galactic Alignment, December 21st, 2,012.  The Re-action by humans to the higher vibrations of The Age of Aquarius, which STARTS December 22nd; 2,012.  Then there are the usual horrors and terrors Humanity manages to conjure up.  Plus the imminence of World War 3 – as Israel debates whether to attack Iran on not.   Also World Civil War and World Rebellion. Along with States of Emergency and Martial Laws!!!!   They THINK that they need to – to stop Iran getting nuclear weapons.  But I urge Israel not to. Because it will almost certainly lead to WW3 – and end this civilization. Where is the gain in preventing an attack by Iran – if it leads to appalling global damage. It(to my mind) would lose more than it gains(materially, anyway).  The time to have stopped Iran was ten years back. A bit late, now!  And, I think FAR too costly!!  Let Israel sacrifice itself rather than the WHOLE world do so. Though IN PRINCIPLE, Iran should be stopped!!(For not toeing the line!)

         Iran would do awful damage. Without Russia, RED China,etc adding to it!!

         The HIGHER principle is(to my mind): make the sacrifice by NOT attacking Iran(even if they deserve it!) – because of the colossal destruction of WW3 which would follow. Better one nation perish – than the WHOLE world!!(But MAYBE better whole world perish than Iran get away with it.)(It is up to Iran and Israel now. I do not think U.S. will attack – except to rescue Israel when Iran counter-strikes!!)(U.S. has already told Israel “You are on your own.” Haven’t they??.)(But I cannot of course see U.S. NOT supporting Israel if Iran counter-attacks(and so overwhelmingly.)(Remember that U.S. under George Bush junior, funked attacking Iran – and very wisely so!!)(It will be MUCH MUCH worse now!!!!)

       GOD HELP US ALL!!

       The next six months should be  INDESCRIBABLE!!




CCC4 More on Nibiru. 14.08.12.

August 14, 2012

Tuesday, 14th August, 2,012.


Nibiru, some more!

        It should START to get unbearable in a couple of months.  3 to 4 at the most.

        World needs WARNING! Please spread the news.

        So one can at least PRAY!

       Not for life, but for a good death!!

      INCREASING red light in sky should confirm that Nibiru is nearing.

     As will the increasing RED DUST, and red rain,etc. INDICATE!!

    Authorities will naturally ascribe to RARE alternative causes!

    This IS The End of The Age. It will seem like the end of the world!!

    Nibiru should not hit us.

    It is not likely to.

     But some of its tail probably will. Asteroids,etc.

     Second moon, big, soon. Red.

     Nibiru is composed of iron oxides. Hence the RED.

     Polar shift.

     The Earth will probably invert.

     Tectonic plates affected.  So different views of sky seen from different places on Earth.  Which should cause much confusion. And mix-up.

   SOME days of darkness. Even by day!

   25 years of dim light – due to dust in the air – from many volcanic eruptions.

   6 days of total darkness – in Australia – due to Earth’s rotation getting stopped(more and more). Sun to rise in The West soon, after The Inversion.

   VERY FEW will survive.

    Most buildings flattened.

    TERRIBLE carnage of humans, animals and plants,etc.

    Fish in sea should fare best. Because surrounded by water.

   But a lack of oxygen expected to kill a lot.

   Afterwards, there will be(except for some Manna,etc.) VERY LITTLE food to eat.

   Very little water to drink.

   And very little air to breathe.

   Earth soil blackened.

   Distil ALL water!!

   Get Anderson(dig in garden) Shelters.  And Morrison shelters(for indoors).  Like in Britain in World War Two!!

    Strongly advised NOT to stay indoors. Many buildings will come crashing down.  Danger of being buried alive!!


    Especially BATTERIES. Try to have a BATTERY CHARGER!! And the usual ELECTRIC and ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT!!!!

   Unless opposed to violence, stock up with arms and ammunition. To fight off marauders.(There should be many!)

     Need electric GENERATORS!!

     As Normal Power Grid will go down.

     PREPARE to die!!(You may be better off dead!!)

    Ice-up for a long time.

   (Ice Era followed by ICE AGE.)

       Nibiru expected seen by world about September 15th, 2,012.

       Nibiru to pass us about November 21st, 2,012.

       Official Doom date: December 21st, 2,012.

      Terrible solar flares may hit Earth around February 14th, 2,013.

      MANY humans should die.(UP TO 7 billion?!)

      Whole world, most of it, should be flattened.

      Face of The Earth completely changed.

      Red dust is increasing from TAIL of Nibiru. Watch out for it, and red rain,etc.

     Petroleum product/s should fall into our atmosphere – and burn. Making it SEEM as if the AIR is on fire.

    It might be better to die!

    Humans, in gangs, will be roaming about, raving mad.

    Packs of animals,  wandering about, too. Will be BESERK.

    In search of air,food and water, – which will be VERY scarce.

   Many insects,etc. to come out of the ground. As in Exodus in Old Testament of Christian Holy Bible.

   All normals services will be gone.

(I believe in warning the people. Not lulling them to sleep.)

  300 m.p.h. wind, globally, – for many hours.

  Tremendous rains,etc.

  Terrible heat.

  Two suns(seemingly). So much more heat AND LIGHT.

  Two moons, later, a fresh big red one.

  Whole world will BURN.

 (My computer has been OUT for 6 days, so am having to condense – to catch up!)

  Need 20 feet of best steel  all around you!

  Many boulders,etc.  to fall from sky.

   HUGE tsunamis and tidal waves, – world-wide.  Up to 700 feet high.

   Everyone, and the animals, the survivors of the gigantic QUAKE, – will be OUT OF THEIR MINDS!!

      Lands will rise and fall tremendously.

     COLOSSAL electric storms.

    Volcanic eruptions everywhere.

    HUGE areas of land go under the sea.

    Australia splits in two, I think.  From top to bottom.

    Safest places: Rapa Island of south of New Zealand.

   And on top of The Great Dividing Range, Queensland, Australia.

   It will get TERRIBLY hot.

  Then,later, AWFULLY cold.

  Dust, everywhere.

   I think lack of oxygen in sea, kill fish. Due to magma break-outs through sea floor. Mostly in polar regions.  Where the crust is thinnest.

  Belted out fast. Poorly done, I know.

  To catch up now that my computer is working again!!

  Chin up!!




Special entry. Not mine! From Zeta talks. Please visit! Polar Shift SOON!! Ex Nibiru!

July 23, 2012

ZetaTalk: Last Weeks Countdown
written August 14, 2010

9 day Severe Wobble
4.5 days static Lean to the Left
2.5 days progression toward 3 Days of Darkness.
3 Days of Darkness
6 days of Sunrise West
18 day of Slowing Rotation
6 (5.9) days of Rotation Stoppage

What starts the process of the last weeks, with all their extreme gyrations, is a threshold being crossed. The dithering we have been describing – where Planet X, the Earth and the other planets caught in the cup (Dark Twin and Venus) are all bouncing around, reacting to movement in another, to crowding of magnetons or other particles – reaches an explosive point. During this time Planet X moves to the right as far as possible, to evade the ever increasing particle crowding, but is still outbound, steadily. Thus, visibility is enhanced, and Second Sun sightings are common. This is the start of the 7.3 week period we described, where it would be unmistakably visible to all on Earth. Venus escapes the cup. The Dark Twin escapes the cup. And the dance of many becomes a deadlock grip by Planet X on the Earth. It is no longer an issue of the Earth wobble or temporary leans to the left of into opposition sufficing. This is twitching about, compared to the last weeks. If the years and months of the Earth wobble were the wrestlers positioning themselves at the edge of the mat, then the last weeks are full contact, and neither can let go of the other. In this, of course, Planet X wins.

When Venus and the Dark Twin escape from the cup, the particle crowding is suddenly eased, allowing Planet X to come forward toward the Earth. The Earth’s first evasion is to tilt her N Pole away from the oncoming Planet X to such a degree, and so violently, that she leans all the way over to the left and then reboundsas a reaction all the way to the right. This is the severe wobble, for a length of 9 days, as a recent crop circle has depicted. Finally, the rebound is repressed, for a lingering lean to the left of 4.5 days or so. Then a progression where the N Pole of Earth is pushed away from the Sun and the approaching Planet X, until the point where 3 days of darkness is unmistakable. This progression is another 2-3 days in time. Then the 3 days of darkness and the 6 days of sunrise west, which is a momentum and turnaround for the swing into the 3 days of darkness.

Then the Earth rights herself, side by side with Planet X, and begins her rotation slowdown. It is during this time that the Earth is drawn toward Planet X, so that Planet X quickly increases in size in the skies and is the writhing monster of legend. Slowing rotation is not a linear matter, but exponential as the Earth is pulled closer to Planet X. The Earth moans, groans, and complains as the core pulls at the crust but the crust is gripped, increasingly, and held by Planet X. The slowing is a lurching matter too, as when the Atlantic Rift is exposed, the grip slows the rotation, but when hidden, rotation tries to return. All this causes earthquakes and stretch zone accidents. Emergency management teams are beyond exhaustion, government services are in disarray, and travel has become almost impossible.

The last weeks include, counting backwards, a week of rotation stoppage, some weeks of rotation slowing, 6 days of sunrise west, 3 days of darkness, a lean to the left, and a severe wobble.
ZetaTalk: January 12, 2008
We have previously stated that the Planet X complex would be seen in the skies, undeniably, 7 weeks before the shift. Nancy has computed the whole sequence to be approximately 7 weeks, and this is accurate enough.
ZetaTalk: March 22, 2008
We have stated that Planet X will be visible to all some 7.3 weeks before passage.
ZetaTalk: February 20, 2010
We have not put a time period, a day or week length, to this severe wobble but here you are given it – 9 days.
ZetaTalk: July 31, 2010
During the last weeks, the Earth changes from being in an end-to-end alignment with Planet X to being in a side-by-side alignment. It is during the end-to-end alignment, when Planet X is pointing its N Pole directly at the Earth, that the lean to the left and 3 days of darkness occur. But as Planet X continues in its retrograde orbit, its N Pole is no longer coming from the right, but is located to the left of the Earth, and the Earth adjusts by slinging its N Pole to the right. Thus, during the 6 days of sunrise west, the Earth still has its N Pole tipped away from the Sun and the approaching Planet X, but rather than a lean to the left, it has a lean to the right.
It is at this point that the Earth switches from being in an end-to-end alignment to being in a side-by-side alignment with Planet X. When Planet X is just at the Ecliptic, it stands upright in alignment with the Sun. As it switches from pointing its N Pole at Earth the Earth follows suit.
ZetaTalk: September 12, 2009

Source: http://poleshift.ning.com/forum/topics/last-trimester-event-timeline

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