eee9 Doom in 36 days!!

October 16, 2012

Tuesday, October 16th, 2,012.


36 days to DOOM!!

Doom has begun. It peaks in just 36 days. I expect very nearly all life upon this planet,Earth, Mars(There are 300,000,000 HUMANS on Mars!) and our Moon(Millions on The Moon!) – to be WIPED OUT – ALMOST completely. People, animals,plants,buildings,etc. And for the survivors – it will be better had they too been killled. SO bad will it be.

The Great Day(Of The Passing(Of The Planet Nibiru, Planet X)) is – as near as I can get it – November 21st, 2,012. THAT is when woes climax. Biggest killer, apparently, will be the rising sea. One estimate I have is of well over a THOUSAND feet RISE. Over a short space of time. Maybe two inches an hour. Or something like that. Like a rising tide – that just goes on and on. For weeks, months,…So MAKE SURE you don’t get TRAPPED!! And ISOLATED!! Study CONTOURS on maps of land around you!! Helicopters will only be able to reach A FEW!!

I have studied this subject closely for 10 to 12 years. Tried all out to warn as many as I can. With VERY little success. And those tiny few who are taking(I am not the only one doing this.)me seriously – are hopefully PREPARING. Stocking up,etc.

There are too many negatives, who are too strong. Who kill out as much as they can of these warnings.

I feel extremely sad about this.

Either I am disbelieved, or thought to be exaggerating, perhaps distorting things.
I am ASTONISHED at the LACK of INTEREST! I am talking about the END of THIS CIVILIZATION!! Something that happens on some planet in our solar system every few thousand years!!(Lemuria or Mu, Atlantis, Poseidon, for example. Now US, Arya!!)

My warnings should end soon. Because of my physical demise. Likewise of other warners.

Doom is NOW in progress. It should get steadily worse and worse – until WIPE- OUT is completed(bar a tiny few – who pathetically struggle to start civilization again).

Yes, we ALL face a terrible, horrible, painful end – over the next few WEEKS!! Or months. Crushed by falling masonry, drowned by rising sea,etc. death by heat, cold, starvation, thirst, or at the hands of fellow man, or animals. Do NOT commit suicide!(Nasty penalty on that in Spirit World after death.)
This is NO laughing matter. I see Humanity continuing as before. VERY LITTLE warning reaching most. It is SO sad!!

No, it cannot be avoided, nor stopped.

What we have – is up to six CATACLYSMS – all happening SIMULTANEOUSLY over the coming weeks and months.

Are you stocked with tins of food, bottles of water, batteries, medical supplies, radios, and the essential electric and electronic APPLIANCES?? Also money,bank-notes and coins, or gold or silver.

Failing getting into a SHELTER or BUNKER, then seek out a good cave or some-such. You will need heat and LIGHT!! So many good torches, and PLENTY of batteries!!!!

How CAN 7 BILLION people be gotten into shelters made for more like 7 THOUSAND??!!

Little chance of surviving otherwise!

One hope is rescue by ALIENS. Taken aboard a Mothercraft up aloft.

All this sounds so bizarre – doesn’t it. YET IT IS TRUE!!

Try to have a vegetable garden going!

The tragedy is that people don’t REALLY believe. They APPEAR to believe you, but deep down – they do not.

It is simply too much for almost anyone to TAKE IN!!
PREPARE for physical death. PREPARE to meet your gene modifiers.
I believe they(the aliens)communicate by TELEPATHY. Be ready for that.
The PLANET will probably survive. But this civilization(so called), – NO!!

My advice: Get a TENT. And park it, with essentials, right next to a SUPER-MARKET!!

But not TOO CLOSE!!

Arrange with the manager for permitted access AFTER the building becomes non-operative!(He shouldn’t mind THEN.)(This gives you access, free access, to WHATEVER is on sale WITHIN.)(So have PLENTY of money or some-such – and put it into their TILLS!!)
The building will probably be damaged,at least. And access obtained.

I repeat: Do NOT drink the RED water! It is poisonous. Iron oxides. DISTIL it, maybe. Or CONDENSE it, and drink the condensation.

Detailed advice may be found on The Internet. I suggest you learn ALL that you can NOW, RIGHT NOW!! While the going is good!!

We are going to need FOOD,POTABLE WATER,BATTERIES and APPLIANCES, MEDICAL SUPPLIES, sleeping bags and tents,trenches,in the open,to lie in(!!)(to lie in).

Enough to last months, even YEARS. Possibly DECADES!!

Be READY for the VERY BIG come-down in your standard of LIVING.
The problems are the close-passing Planet Nibiru, World War 3, World Civil War, TERRIBLE social UNREST, Rebellion at the higher vibrations of The Aquarian Age, The Galactic Alignment(of 21.12.2,012), and MANY OTHER horrors and terrors.(It is best to KNOW what to expect!)

General Emergency and Martial Law will exist.

Obey – or get shot(dead) sort of thing.
Keep CALM. Do NOT panic!!
The Authorities are not warning about it – YET. Because wanting CONTROL over us, AND to avoid MASS PANIC – and MASS PANDEMONIUM!!!!

What is IMMINENT is the WORST EVENT Mankind on this Earth has EVER KNOWN!!(Or ever will know.)

It is called THE EVENT.

Not just ONE cataclysm, but about SIX – all rolled into ONE!!
You handle it – or die!!

This is NOT a joke!!
From time to time, these cataclysms come!!
NOW is one such time! Be WARNED. Get READY!!!!


VERY few know. But I am ONE – who DOES KNOW!!

Get USED to the idea of its coming.
The line being taken by The Powers that be – is SAY NOTHING, and hope that the General Populace can die quietly – and without protest!!

This is IDIOCY. They SHOULD have started warning us YEARS back!!
As it is – it is going to be TOO LATE to DO much – if anything! Roads will be CLOGGED. There will be hysterical madness. And many shootings. DEAD!!

Often having to dig own grave first!
It is no good MINCING WORDS – is it??!!


BASICALLY the problem is the CLOSE APPROACH of Planet Nibiru. Which is Planet X. A huge planet with DREADFUL influences upon ALL it comes near.

It is not called THE DESTROYER for nothing!!

I know what is coming, a good idea. So would be remiss not to warn you!! As many as I can reach. A MOST pitiful FEW.
I am not doing this to pass the time away!!

I am doing it because I, for one, KNOW what is coming, what to expect. But I care, so TRY to warn AS MANY AS POSSIBLE!!
I am aware that some would prefer not to know. But I do not know who THOSE are. So I tell ALL I can reach!!

Why tell if there is NOTHING we can do to stop it coming?! It IS a good question!
I THINK most people would rather KNOW what is coming – so they can at least prepare mentally. Physical death is NOT a small thing!!

SOME will survive! The people of Stanthorpe, where I am, are BEST placed!!

Biggest danger there is the creek. Depends how much rain falls. But the town could flood.
So be READY to vacate your premises AT A MOMENT’S NOTICE!!


It is NOT a joke. And I am NOT dreaming all this up!!
Wakee,WAKEE!! NOW!!!!


It is no good having a little(or big)snigger – and forgetting about it!!

It IS coming. VERY soon!!
In any case, we have the solar FLARES,etc. due Feb.14, 2,013.

OIL is next best thing. So,THEN, BACK TO the OIL LAMPS!!(Oil, candles, matches and lighters.)


Oil will be a big come-down from electricity. But GET USED TO THE IDEA!! We shall PROBABLY need it.

IF we survive!!
Overnight, expect to get thrown back 200 years!!


The PREPPERS are NOT wasting their time!!


Carry on as best you can. EVERYONE else will be in THE SAME BOAT!! And TRYING to do the same thing. Yes, love one another!! But above all, – GOD!!!!


Now WHICH would you prefer? I say NOTHING, or I tell you what I can??!!



Been doing this 10 to 12 years now. As long as I have known the threat! Not a threat, a CERTAINTY!!


Am I coming across clearly enough??



Vicon!! /NIBIRU IS COMING!!(Putting it BASICALLY.)(In The U.S. they used to cry Sherman is coming. Now,world wide, it is INCREASINGLY The PLANET NIBIRU is coming!!

We could not find Planet X! NOW, it is FINDING US!!
EXPECT your peace to be increasingly shattered – FROM NOW, ON!!


GOD help us all!!








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