ggg5 Nibiru,etc. continuing.

November 23, 2012


Nibiru or Hercubulosis??


We need to be very careful: There is Planet Nibiru, and there is Hercolubus, Nibiru’s Mother!! Hercolubus is that small second sun. Out around Saturn. Nibiru is much smaller and closer! Nibiru is the threat to us. Not Hercolubus, Nibiru’s Mother. Nibiru approaching us from near to Venus orbit. But MY question is: Has Nibiru gone by, perhaps in July,2.012 it still to come? Mother and son – and a number of other objects have been called Nibiru – so it is very confusing.

NASA found Nibiru back in 1983 when looking for Planet X. They found something, and then hastily denied it!! Saying a mistake had been made. I don’t believe them. They found Hercolubus and/or Nibiru – but are not confirming, only denying it. So they are hiding something. Plus we have the chemtrails up – which are hiding Hercolubus/Nibiru!!

The Authorities want to keep control of us, AND avoid mass panic and pandemonium, so they are covering up the find of Hercolubus/Nibiru(two objects).

Hercolubus is Planet X. Planet Nibiru is simply a satellite of Hercolubus! Used as a home for several alien races. AND is Annunaki Flag Ship of The Fleet!!

Those ALLEGEDLY in the know DENY Hercolubu/Nibiru.

Those ACTUALLY in the know KNOW that Nibiru exists. As does Hercolubus. But they would lose control of the people if they admitted it, and have mass panic and mass pandemonium. So now they deny having found what they originally claimed!! Thus we have confusion.We have claims of having found Planet X, and denials of this.( Claimed finding A mistake, they say.)

Denied or not, IF it has not passed by(perhaps in July, 2,012)then Nibiru will probably approach Earth – though not hit us. And wipe out this civilization. Killing about 4 BILLION humans. It could come to about 50,000 miles distant. And be like in the film When Worlds collide, but no collision in this real case. Though the current civilization will be wiped out, and 4 BILLION humans(estimated) will die.

For about 4 months now Nibiru(though not Hercolubus)has been conspicuous by its absence.

There is VERY DEFINITELY a conspiracy of silence on. By NASA,etc.(Including by JPl.)

NASA searched for Planet X, and found Hercolubus AND Nibiru, plus much else. SHOCKED, they dropped it like a hot potato – denying it immediately!!(Once they realized it would closely approach The Earth – and wipe out this civilization.)(Mainly to KEEP control of the people, and also to avoid mass panic and mass pandemonium.)

Because official policy has been to deny Hercolubus and Nibiru, many deniers have piled on the band-wagon DENYING its existence BECAUSE they believe Orthodox Science denies it.(Which it does.)

I think that the July, 2,012 passage, four months ago, of Nibiru is a falsehood. It is simply the story put out by NASA.

The trouble is: Once Nibiru, and probably Hercolubus become too clear to viewers, they will HAVE TO admit to both. And that will cause MASSIVE ANGER by the public – because then informed TOO LATE to do anything about it!!(Whilst the official people behind this conspiracy of silence will have their underground shelters and bunkers to flee into. Leaving the rest of us to fume in vain!)(Inside The Earth may not be a good place to go – considering what could be coming!!)(The unfortunate ones left the aliens to pick over – may be the lucky ones! Safe on Mothercraft high above!!)

OFFICIAL policy is to deny Nibiru’s existence. So the deniers go that way.(Whether the existence of Herbulocus is admitted or not.)

It is extremely confusing. Because we have Nemesis postulated(And Hercolubus may be Nemesis!)(But Nibiru is a child of Hercolubus. A satellite of it. One of six.)(Great confusion exists. With Nasa,JPL,etc. doing nothing to remove the confusion – since the confusion acts as as a screen to hide the truth behind.(The truth being that Nibiru DOES exist. And is A child of Hercolubus – which may be Nemesis.(Nibiru being Planet X.)

It is clear enough to any who have studied the matter closely and long that Nibiru REALLY DOES EXIST. My only problem is: Has it gone by. Or is it still approaching The Earth, when will it be seen by THE WORLD, and how close will it come to The Earth??!!

With no Authority prepared to confirm Nibiru’s existence – it has been toted as a myth, and denied. But is IT NOT A MYTH. And will destroy this civilization via a CLOSE PASS of The Earth VERY SOON. About 3 weeks after it first appears LARGE(Like a big full red moon), it should pass the Earth.

Because official science will not confirm Nibiru’s existence – the deniers cannot be confuted.

However! Once Nibiru appears, even in daylight, like a large full red moon TO THE WHOLE WORLD – we can expact massive anger. But by then those who should have informed us – will be safely ensconsed in their shelters VERY DEEP underground!!

Nibiru is hard to see. Was, and perhaps still is to some extent in the infra red, and at a sharp angle to the ecliptic, is going to be missed EVEN by astronomers. Who have been ORDERED not to speak of it!(Hercolubus is also hard to see. Other than as a small second son, which is DEFINITELY NOT a lens flare!! Nor a mock sun.)

This is my understanding. I shall be happy to hear of better understandings(Not slavish denial simply because orthodox science denies it, as it does many wonderful and marvellous things).

You can contact me via e mail

MANY people THINK that Orthodox Science is true. But it is anything but!!

It knows very littel about important matters. And what it does “know” – is often wrong.

The truth is strange AND HARD TO COME BY!!

It is NOT badied about in ortodox science circles!! Though many lies are.


We are in for A VERY hard time on Earth, with or without Nibiru. Because even if Nibiru did not exist(but it DOES), then we have The Galactic Alignment of December 21st, 2,012. AND The Start of The Aquarian Age – on December 22nd, 2,012.A.D.

So there you have something. A great and growing fear of Nibiru,ETC. Threatening to wipe out this civilization.(This WHAT??)

If NASA is right, then Nibiru went by four months ago in July,2,012. Doing no damage to Earth, or anywhere else.

But maybe NASA is lying!(They are very good at dodging truths!!)



If Nibiru passes close by, then expect a physical geographical pole shift, via a magnetic shift. Stage one occurred December 31st, 2,010. I suspect Stage 2 is just beinning – or about to begin!!

SOMETHING(And there are a number of possible causes for a Pole Shift)BIG and nasty IS IMMINENT. And we can expect a Pole Shift – especially observing how haywire Earth’s magnetosphere has gone, PLUS the rapid and increasingly rapid travel of the magnetic pole towards Russia.


The trouble is that there is SO MUCH STUFF up there. A lot of it coming from The Oort Belt. And a lot from Nibiru’s TAIL. including this “red dust”.

Meanwhile it is still 29 days to the end of the Mayan Calendar. The alleged end of time. But is it MERELY the end of The Mayan Long Count Calendar – OR – is it the end of a CALM EARTH!!

We shall see, and SOON, VERY SOON!!(With, or without Nibiru!!)


SOMETHING VERY SIGNIFICANT evidently happened – for The Mayans to base their calendar ending on Decembe 21st, 2,012.

The calendar is atttached to THE EVENT, not the event to The Mayan Calandar!!


There are FAR, FAR too many indications to simply go into denial. SOMETHING is afoot. SOMETHING awfully BIG!!


The fearful will naturally try to hide behind the MANY follies uttered by various people in the past.

You know the story of the wolf being called. Only to find no wolf.

THIS time i think it will be a case of wolf being called, and Tyrannosaurus Rex LEAPING onto our pitch!! After a number of alleged but false starts.


Men of Planet Earth!! DON’T be TOO SURE that Doom is not around the corner!! Too many reliable sources have cried it for far too long – TO JUST IGNORE IT!!


It MAY be that Nibiru is a fizzer, meaning that it passed too far away to be any real threat. – But I don’t think so!!

I think MANY are hiding foolishly behind HASTY denials – in the vain belief that what they don’t believe in won’t hurt them. Which is crasses FOLLY!!!!


Not long to go now – to THE RESULTS. Though it MAY be that we shall have to wait until some time in 2,013 before anything REALLY DRAMATIC happens!!

WERE i a betting man, I would lay a 60cents postage stamp to your CASTLE(in the sky) – that we are FOR THE SHOP, AND SOON, VERY SOON!!!!

iF I am wrong I would lose 60 cents(Australian ones), but I AM NOT a betting man – so it is not on. Remember that.

If I am right, I would win a castle – but it would be IN RUINS!!!!



EARTH-MEN, PREPARE to meet the makers! The Annunaki aliens. They modified our genes.(Not the BASIC makers. Just the modifiers!)

You all get my drift!


Prepare then for THE CRUST of The Earth to SLIDE thousands of miles. First south, then north!!

For Nibiru will pull the crust around, AND topple The Earth. TWO crustal displacements. And one or two AXIAL TILTS.




This is IT, chaps. And don’t kid yourselves otherwise!!!!

I leave you with this thought: NOT ALL WHO CRY WOLF ARE PHONIES!!

Play safe. Invest in a castle in the sky NOW!! I mean by that: Doom is around the corner, by Nibiru, Galactic Alignment,ETC. DIFFERENT woes coming up VERY SOON.

Suffer death(as it can hardly be avoided!!), and go to your castle IN THE SKY. It is NOT pie in the sky!!










November 18, 2012

Monday, 19th November, 2,012.


32 days to the end.


The end of what? I am not sure. World or Age?! I am finding it VERY difficult to give an accurate assessment of the world situation.(Some say universe, some say galaxy, some say solar system, some say Earth,…)(The Mayans locked on to the date of December 21st; 2,012. Must have been a very important date to them. But it is to many other sources too.)

People are quick to say End of AGE,not End of world. But how to define WORLD? Universe? Galaxy(Milky-Way)? Solar System? Earth? SOMETHING IMMENSE is about to happen, ending this civilization. It may not wait until December 21st, 2,012!

This(My difficulty making an accurate assessment of the current situation.) is due to an annoying lack of news. Due to Chemtrails hiding what is going on up there. And to the strange disappearance of Nibiru!(Are The Authorities terrified to inform the people – that civilization about to be WIPED OUT??!!)

Nibiru has been awaited some time now. But it has VANISHED. Hercolubus AND Nibiru are close to us. Hercolubus is Mother of Nibiru.

Has Nibiru passed us – and is now heading for Mars? Around mid July, 2,012.

Hercolubus is out around Saturn, and is Saturn sized. A cold green monster. Shouldn’t hurt us. But Nibiru was expected to whizz by close to Earth destroying this civilization. But for months now no sign. Nibiru is more Earth-sized and red. With a million mile wide tail of JUNK. It is Annunaki aliens’ Flagship of The(their)Fleet. I incline to think no longer seen because already has gone by. Anyone got any ideas? Please contact me: WHERE IS NIBIRU??
Or is there a news blackout by The Authorities? Cutting us off from ALL news reports re Nibiru. And for 3 to 4 months now!

I have just copied this out from my Google G-mail:-(What IS PAT? Stankov’s Universal. Stankov’s Printing Press. Ascension Law. Printing. – Make sense to anyone??)
PAT Comments on the Latest Post -November 17, 2012.
Posted: 17 Nov 2012 09:42 AM PST
On “”Four Billions Will Die in December…” November 17, 2012 George, It will take me time for all the information both my HS and yours have given us these past two days. It is a grievous situation indeed and I … Continue reading →



Four Billion Humans Will Die In December. Magnetic Pole Reversal, ID Split and Mass Ascension Will Occur Simultaneously Around the Last Portal 12.12.12
Posted: 17 Nov 2012 04:24 AM PST
by Jerry Richard James and Georgi Stankov, November 17, 2012 George, Thanks for your latest article and also the posting from Brenda Hoffman. I admire your ability to put together an article after this last wave. I started to … Continue reading →
I, Vic, cannot make any sense of this organization. Screwball? Or have they some legitimacy?? Are they OVER THE TOP. Or have the got something??)

However, they say FOUR BILLION humans will die in December, 2,012. 12.12.12. Due to Magnetic Pole Reversal,ETC.(Things ARE happening in relation to The Magnetic Pole. Is it going to take The Geographical Poles with it??)

Can anyone help, please? I cannot make sense of it. Attention had been rivetted on Nibiru. But now THIS from PAT(whatever PAT is(anyone know?)) is now dominating. To occur December 12th, 2,012. Then on December 21st, 2,012, Galactic Alignment occurs. With unknown results. A monster plasma wave has blown from the sun. 2 days ago. 17.12.2,012.

Powers that be have gone very silent. Though the chemtrails may be saying something? They HAVE BEEN trying to hide Nibiru. But Nibiru seems to have gone by – 3 to 4 months ago.

ANYONE got any answers? I am very puzzled.


The situation is very ugly. Between Nibiru(as was?), Magnetic Pole changes AND The Galactic Alignment of December 21st, 2,012. Especially with Israel attacking Gaza AND the dangerous Iran situation. All marked by a strange silence.

Also there is The Pisces Age ending December 21st, 2,012. And Aquarian Age starting up next day. 22.12.2,012. Higher spiritual vibrations will start then. World expected to rebel.(As they prefer lower vibrations.)

The sun is playing up.(Due to Nibiru? And/or The approaching Galactic Alignment.)

I have delayed comment – because trying to get A PICTURE, – but in vain! Hard to get a picture AT ALL, – let alone an accurate one!! SOMETHING GIGANTIC is imminent!!!! Get INSIDE of Shipping Containers, folks,asap!!
What caused the bad thunderstorms over S.E.Queensland,Australia??








ggg1 Doom, and after, continued.

November 13, 2012

Wednesday, November 14th, 2,012.

Continuing with Doom, and after.


Two other cataclysms I forgot to mention in fff12, Doom, and after.

One is alleged to be due to expanding objects. Saying sun will expand SOON, and swallow Earth up.

Plus one other, details forgotten.

Nostradamus predicted milk and IRON, soon. (In addition to Blood.(The red dust in water produces a liquid looking LIKE blood.))
How many have seen the films Knowing, Melancholia and 2,012? I believe all three show a planet approaching The Earth, causing a cataclysm and wiping out our current civilization.

THAT is the scenario WE ARE NOW IN. Because Planet Nibiru, the 10th planet, is approaching The Earth – and will cause a cataclysm, wiping out this civilization.
It is expected to get VERY close to us, PERHAPS as near as 50,000 miles! But not hit us. Probably not hit us.

However. Many people may wonder if it might!!(As it passes by.)

So there should be GREAT alarm!!!!






fff12-2 Doom, and after.

November 13, 2012

Tuesday, 13th November, 2,012.

After doom, – what?
Please pass this on TO AS MANY AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!!!
Doom is coming, and is in SIX scenarios. And a number of very bad events: 1. Nibiru. 2. Galactic Alignment. 3. Re-action to start of Aquarius Age. 4. Solar flares,etc. 5. World War 3. 6 World Civil War. PLUS sundry horrors and terrors. Like Photon Belt. Hot Spot in Space. Viruses,etc. getting used to anti-biotics. Invasion by alien red microbes. Hundreds of growing black holes created by Particle Accelerator/s. Also mass landing by aliens, mostly Little Greys, Hybrids and The Annunaki.

Those Earthlings GOOD ENOUGH, may get evacuated to Mother Craft by aliens.

Some facts on Nibiru. Nibiru is currently conspicuous by its absence. (Maybe Huberculosis has gone behind sun! But Nibiru is a satellite. MAYBE gone behind sun too.)But it is around – Somewhere. It is comparatively small.(Do not confuse it with its parent dark star, brown dwarf like parent, Huberculosis. Nor with satellites. Nibiru is one moon(of six) accompanying Huberculosis.(Nemesis is a much more distant small star companion to the sun.) Eris is the main orthodox name for Nibiru. Sedna is merely another object of similar size – but from The Oort Belt(of numerous comets,asteroids, meteors,etc.).

Nibiru will almost certainly not hit us. But SOME of its entourage COULD!!(We are entering into a million mile wide TAIL, which is preceding it(blown towards us by the solar wind,etc.). Which is FULL of JUNK. Debris, dust, six satellites(up to Earth size), RED so called dust(but actually red alien microbes)(Though there might be red dust too. I had thought iron oxides, ferric and ferrous(oxide). Unsure.) However. Nibiru does not need to hit us to cause horrific damage. Like wipe out this civilization, and change the face of The Earth. Largely due to a sea-rise of up to 675 feet(in a few hours, I understand). Nibiru is about 4 to 5 times the size of The Earth. Voluminar(Volume wise.) It will approach to about 14 or 15 million miles on its first pass, due soon. Perhaps early in New Year, 2,013. The year to dread is less 2,012, than 2,013, AND 2,014! And beyond. As The Great Tribulation lasts 3.5 years. Followed by about 20 years of VERY HARD GOINGThough things may START to get bad any time up to the end of this year. Centre-ing on December 21st, 2,012.)(Nibiru is only, after The Wobble, the first horror. Galactic Alignment may be FAR worse!!)

Unless you can get into an EXCELLENT SHELTER, an horrific and terrible death IS ALMOST CERTAIN!!(UNLESS the aliens evacuate you). A FEW will survive. But anything from about 30 to 70 % of Mankind should die. Plus animals, plants, buildings,ETC.

Nibiru CANNOT be stopped. And there is little hope of escaping it.(Do NOT commit suicide! Awful penalty for this after death in The Spirit World.)

IF you can raise your spiritual vibrations, AND your physical ones up high enough, you MAY transfer to a parallel universe or another time track – and escape the worst, but you will need to be VERY GOOD – and SUPERB at meditation, prayer and ascension!!!! Not much hope I’m afraid. But you can try.(Look for GOOD shelter,too!!)

Yes, stock up with essentials. AND grow your own food. Stock up potable(drinkable) WATER too.(Nibiru may remove our atmosphere,or some(perhaps most) of it.) Tides will be oceanic AND atmospheric!!)

The red “dust” is poisonous. Do not drink water with it in. Nor foods OF COURSE.
It is going to get almost EVERYWHERE.(Some of it will I THINK be iron oxides(rust), and some(if not all!!) will be red alien microbes. Fatal for us,no doubt.

It will be AWFULLY hard to keep out the red stuff. It will be turning all waters RED. Increasingly. Might look like tomatoe sauce. Be blood coloured(scarlet) at first. And then vermillion.(“Milk is coming,too. And IRON.)(Big iron balls?)(Some found on beach/es recently.)

Will be difficult – as in the air, water, crops, everything.(Unless you bottle water,ETC. now – before too much gets in!)

There is also The Earth Wobble which is increasing. Peaking December 21st, 2,012.(That is when Mayan Long Count Calendar cycle ends.(A 5,125 year period.) But there are also the quarter cycles of Sun(6,500 years) AND Nibiru(3,600 years). And other cycles. All ending 21.12.2,012!!!!

A 26 MILLION year cycle is ALSO ending, making this event(It is CALLED THE EVENT.) – THE BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT event that will happen TO MANKIND,ETC. ON THIS EARTH!!!!(PLEASE read that again, slowly!!)
Some of us, perhaps many, got born now ESPECIALLY to witness and experience this once in 26,000,000 years event!

The equivalent of about SIX cataclysms will occur! All concentrated(their BEGINNINGS) within the next THREE MONTHS!!!!
The Wobble will bring its OWN problems, but less serious than the others. Like SINK HOLES, CRACKS, Strange sounds(from BELOW)(Only APPARENTLY from above.). From the stretching rocks!!(Wobble heaves up the ground via centrifugal force, stretching the rocks, creating sink holes and cracks,etc. due to higher ground level obliging earth and rock,etc. to cover a larger volume – and thus leaving GAPS in places!!)
There are three films,especially, on The End of The Age(iT WILL seem LIKE the end of the world!!)theme. Threads is about NUCLEAR (Thermo-nuclear mainly, I think.) WAR. Knowing and Melancholia involve a large planet hitting us.(However, it is MOST unlikely that Nibiru will hit us. It will merely pass closely, ENDING UP – after appearing like a large red full moon, about 50,000 miles from us(Earth).(I repeat: It is not Huberculosis(which is Jupiter plus sized, but is a mere 4 to 5 times Earth size, and having a MASS of 22x Earth(Due to great density.). Plus magnetism.) So it will be HORRIFIC and TERRIBLE.
A second later pass(By Nibiru) will not cause damage. Not to speak of, anyway.

I say again: Nibiru SHOULD NOT hit us.

AND it is the smaller of the TWO planets now approaching us. Huberculosis is safely ENOUGH distant. But Nibiru is going to come CLOSE, and finally VERY CLOSE.
Drowning will be a big danger. Due to bulge of sea at equator sweeping all coast lines as The Earth’s rotation slows – and finally stops.(But gets started again – by Nibiru – pulling(PUSHING, actually, as gravity and magnetism,etc. (PUSH, not pull!!)from the other side.(MASSES of gravitons,etc. will get pushed onto Nibiru. These will push start Earth.))

Expect about 6 days of stoppage. That means nearly a week of day in U.S. Nearly a week of night in Australia – and so on – depending upon your longitude.(Check on Internet for important details.)(Including sea heights. Watch rising tides,now.)

There will also be a PRE stoppage of about 3 days PRECEDING the slow down and stoppage of The Earth’s ROTATION.(See Nancy Leider of Zetans for details.)

Winds of 300 m.p.h. at least., will blow, for almost a day. Naturally MANY buildings and trees are going to be ripped out!(It is the vacuum created by high winds that does the main damage. This sucks trees OUT of the ground(And buildings,etc. And ANYTHING perambulating upon the surface.).
As I have indicated, even AIR will become scarce. And certainly food will. Plus all essentials.

We can expect many humans and animals to go RAVING MAD. And do TERRIBLE DAMAGE to everything. Almost as bad as the main event!!

Fires will be everywhere. Plus earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and tsunami and tidal waves. Severe and every-where.

Nibiru can be expected to pull The Earth(push over)(As Nibiru will draw off everything loose upon the surface. Then Nature will FILL the vacuum!! At at least 300 miles per hour!! As air,etc. will move into the created vacuum.)

The Pole Shift will probably be 180 degrees(that is a full inversion, the poles changing ends, sky views reversing,…)(Geographical poles TOO!!)

Also expect a tremendous auric and lightning display, with gravity and magnetism GOING MAD.(Big danger of being struck by lightning!!)

Global emping. Permanent. So get GENERATORS!! (AND diesel!!)(Roads will become impassable, but handy to have petrol, vehicles!!)(So can drive on grass,etc!!)Batteries. Electric and electronic appliances. As a few will be able to communicate with the remaining few globally.

An immense bombardment from space as the wafting tail from Nibiru envelops us.

Duct up your homes,etc.NOW!!

TRY to get Shipping Containers – to use as shelters – and to live in!!

As caves,etc. will get packed with humans and animals.

All FRANTIC and DESPERATE to survive.

The Elite already have their shelters.

Expect General Emergencies, Martial Law, FEMA camps,ETC.

And the most RUTHLESS rule by Military and Police. All who disobey will be shot DEAD. At least tasered.

So it should get MOST GRIM.

I say yet again: Nibiru will not hit us. And it is the smaller of the TWO planets now closing in. Four,actually. If we count in 203-ub-313 AND Sedna. But Sedna is merely a large rock ex The Oort Belt.(Comparable to Pluto-Charon.)
The FOUR objects are: Nemesis, Huberculosis, Nibiru and Sedna.(Eris and 203-uub-213)(Scientific name) are merely orthodox names for Nibiru.)(Planet X is the name given(Tenth Planet and Dubious Planet.) to Huberculosis.(Which is out past Neptune.) (Whilst Nibiru is ONE planet of a complex of them, used as Starship of The Fleet(Annunaki) Nibiru is I THINK somewhere between Venus and Earth. Do NOT confuse with Huberculosis. And even less with Nemesis!

Planet X may not exist. THAT is the planet that may not be! Due to pertubations in orbits of Neptune and Uranus, it was hypthesized that Planet X existed. But not for certain. It may be Huberculosis.

There is an AWFUL LOT of STUFF up there. Which makes things much harder.

And now because of Huberculosis, much material is being dragged out of The Oort Belt.

So few can be certain of anything! Except that some VERY large THINGS are coming our way!!

Plus THE TAIL of Nibiru.

Nibiru is alleged to be Planet X. But that is not exactly true. Planet X is essentially HYPOTHETICAL. It is THOUGHT to exist. To account for said perturbations.

It could be that those who deny that Nibiru exists – are really saying that Planet X does not exist. Which may be true.

So we need to be very careful. A SECOND SUN(And/or a second moon.) will become VERY clear(or it is expected to!) by December 21st, 2,012. A.D. This is Huberculosis.(Nemesis,farther out again, may not exist. Or be Huberculosis. POSSIBLY!!)

One or two stars very closely resemble Nibiru. And are confused for it.

I say again: Eris and 203-ub-313 are orthodox names for Nibiru. As was Elenin, a mere comet which crashed into the sun some years back. Elenin was the Blue Katchina. But Nibiru is the Red Katchina(Of The Hopi Indians.).(But Elenin got mixed up with Nibiru, which it is not.)
Elenin may still exist! Because Nibiru is used as space star ship. Having representatives of many alien races on board!

Elenin entered the sun, PERHAPS did not crash. Maybe did not get destroyed!!
Earth: Chances of survival are so low – I doubt its worth bothering!!


You may get rescued, you may not.(By aliens)
Depends how well behaved one is!
The good can expect rescue, the wicked,not.

Those harming The Earth can expect to be cleansed out of it. The CLEANSING IS coming!!


So-called death is MERELY of the physical body.

We all have SEVEN of these vehicles or shells or skins or suit. Most will lose the outermost(the physical).

The other six are far lighter,finer!!


When you pass on, keep calm, do not panic. You are simply losing your outermost SKIN or shell!!

Expect to lose conciousness for some days, to awaken in your spirit body!

When you do, head IMMEDIATELY for the blue-white LIGHT. And CLIMB, spiritually AND materially. To escape the raving mad pack, AND those low spirits trying to drag you down into HELL!!

PLEASE listen to what I am saying.
Are we all with it??
The Final Count-Down is ON!!


38 days to go. 38 days to December 21st, 2,012. That is when this SET of CYCLES ends. New ones begin on the following day.

However, MANY will be MINUS their outermost suit(the physical vehicle we now wear).
ALL the best,

The best will be those cleaving closest to GOD,Jesus CHRIST, Goodness and KINDNESS to ALL!!!!

Peace be with you all,

I have TRIED to keep as many as possible informed. But there are MANY who oppose goodness!!

TWO races on. 1. Those who LOVE all. 2. Those in the rat race, dog fight,ETC.

Love is FAR less easy than those who scorn it THINK!!

It took TREMENDOUS strength to die on a cross! The fools are not those who go to crosses(etc.). But those who hate those who do!!

We shall ALL see once we cross over to The Spirit World. Some to joy. And many to an AGONY OF REGRET!!
How CAN money,etc. POSSIBLY compare with the joys of one who has the most good deeds done?! THAT is the TRUE TREASURE!!


What is the short life in the physical COMPARED to life in The Spirit World. Moonlight compared to SUNLIGHT!!!!

We shall ALL see. And VERY CLEARLY indeed!!!!

Compare configuration of Nibiru,ETC.(Especially as photograhed by an Australian woman from a jet flying above Melbourne not too long back!!) with the configuration in crop circle!(They are almost IDENTICAL!!)
After Doom comes what happens to life-forms who cross into The Spirit World(Just about all humans and animals!!)

The Earth planet should survive. But its surface be changed.

It will be many years before we can expect to return to anything like normal. Normal for the next Stone Age that is.












fff8 Red alien microbes invasion possible.

November 5, 2012

Monday, 5th November, 2,012.

Red alien microbes,etc.


The red waters are due to infalling red dust from Planet Nibiru. From its tail.

The red dust is actually red alien microbes. No nucleus. No DNA.

This is the second reported alien microbes invasion. The first was during The Big Oil Spill.

Louisiana is sinking. At least PART of it is. This could be due to oil removed from ground. It is POSSIBLE that this collapse below Louisiana will spread right up through U.S. To The Great Lakes.

Obama looks like winning again.

And Turnbull may replace Abbott as Coalition leader. In Australia.

Meanwhile Labour under Julia Gillard marches on to a possible victory at the next election.
Nibiru should appear like a large red full moon soon. Causing mass terror world-wide.

Between Earth’s Wobble, Nibiru and the coming Gravitation Wave,etc. from the centre of the galaxy(which recently had an explosion),at The Galactic Alignment, a continuation of the pole shift should result – wiping out this civilization. Causing 5 to 6 BILLION human deaths, terribly and horribly.

Cataclysms occur via two cycles. The 6,500 year one, and the 3,600 Nibiru period one. The Gravitation,etc. wave should produce a THIRD cataclysm. A world war now would be the equivalent of a fourth cataclysm. And a global mass uprising of the people – could produce a fifth(World Civil War.).

Myriads of alien space ships above are preparing to mass land Annunaki aliens. Partly to evacuate the best half of us.

Also huge Earth Ascension expected, including its inhabitants. Plus a mass Transition.

Strange things will happen. Like floating in the air, perhaps. And the appearance of sprites. And appearance of spirits of the dead.

The Annunaki aliens may require our gold, and us to dig for it. Also want our genes.

The red alien microbes COULD be The Predecessor of it all.
We all need to prepare for these eventualities.
46 days to December 21st, 2,012.A.D. The last day of the current Age, AND of The Age of Pisces.


There you have it.

All the best to ALL!!!!





fff2 More again on Nibiru,etc.

October 27, 2012

Saturday, 27th October, 2,012.

Further on Nibiru,etc.


Get your minds on Transition, Ascension,The Blue-White Light, and GOD!!!! Get your minds off anger, violence, sex and drugs! This is advisory, not an order, – IF you want to escape Judgement, Hell,Hades and despatch to a worse planet. The choice is YOURS. Not by your statement, – but by your ACTIONS!!!! Watch your THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS – which LEAD into the things that drag us down, here now, increase our bad karma and kill our desire to do good, and even the power to do good!!!!

Nibiru, The Destroyer, The Planet of Doom, The Terrifier – and what ushers in The Great Tribulation – IS coming.

A Great Revival should start up – born out of FEAR, once Nibiru SHOWS itself(as it will very soon – like a big red full moon) to the whole world! Quickly followed by The Galactic Alignment, World War 3 and World Civil War – following global economic and financial collapse. Then comes collapse of society. In The West,anyway.

Flares from the sun around February 14th, 2,013 – can knock out electric power world wide. Global EMP!!

It will mean back to OIL LAMPS – and CANDLES. At the least.

Stock up POTABLE(drinkable)water, food, electronic devices and batteries. I advise GET AN ELECTRIC GENERATOR!!

Grow your own food.

And get close to a Super-Market.

Dig a trench SOME DISTANCE from your home and super-market.
I am telling you how to survive the coming Great Tribulation!

Meditate and Pray, do maximum good, NO harm AT ALL to any creature. Not just physically, but emotionally too!!!!(The emotional is far worse than the physical, though does not feel so.)

It is not a judgement. I mean that Nibiru,etc. is not a judgement. It is a natural cycle event(Though one that was unfortunate via Sol,our sun,capturing one of these brown dwarf stars and its satellite Nibiru)(There are MANY brown dwarfs in space.). The brown dwarf star is Hercolubus. It is in the natural order of things.

Expect GREAT civil unrest.

And home invasions.

Plus Declared Emergency and Martial Law.

Also FORCED removal into FEMA camps. Be like concentration camps.

Those resisting will be shot.(Dead!)

Not noticed the number of people going missing lately??

A world population reduction is on. Via chemtrails, secret bump-offs, vaccines and abductions.

When The Annunaki land – we may HAVE TO mine gold for them, give them our genes, be subject to VERY painful probes into all of our orifices, and have to mate with aliens – to help produce their planned AND ON-GOING HYBRID RACE!!!!
No Utopia and Golden Age is coming otherwise, VERY MUCH the reverse. Prepare now. But do NOT commit suicide. To avoid terrible penalty for this in The Spirit World.
Worship God, repent of all sins, and accept Christ into your heart, then spread the message. And this message of mine. Christian teaching. Basically from Jesus CHRIST.And GOD.
To fail means Hell, Hades, Judgement – and death.

Note that if you raise your spiritual vibrations, you can switch to parallel time tracks – where good things start to happen.

Another thing you MAY qualify for is the ability to change to better time tracks – which necessitates meditation and prayer, good deeds and the doing of NO HARM WHATSOEVER physically or emotionally to ANY human or animal. Nor even plants and minerals. Insects, included!(The command to NOT kill applies to ALL creatures,not just humans!!)

It is YOUR choice – and call. You have free will.
The aliens will land en masse.
We are under the rule of The New World Order, under The Reptileans, and The Illuminati. And I BELIEVE The Free Masons(I am not sure about this last one.).

God is returning to Earth. But FIRST, the wicked must be removed! Through physical removal from this planet, and via death.

We should be under the rule of GOOD, ex The Pleiades and The Outer Pleiades. Where we are originally from. NOT these invading Orions and Sirians!!
We first were sent to Phaeton, the planet that once orbitted between Jupiter and Mars. But we blew the surface off via a thermo-nuclear war.(Understand that new creations occur periodically.)(On Earth Genesis occurs repeatedly. Because Nibiru,etc.happen periodically.)

Survivors landed on Mars. Then there was a general passage there via re-incarnation.
Mars got terribly damaged by Nibiru and angry aliens.

The remnants struggle to survive, and had a war with each other.

There is alien humanoid and human and OTHER life everywhere. Including on Moon.

300 MILLION humans NOW living on Mars. Huge cities,etc. there. Including pyramids, sphinxes(I think.), Faces and other monuments.

Millions are living on Moon,even. Mostly far side.

Possibly Nazis right now on Mars and The Moon.

UFO’s are everywhere.

Yes, we have been, and STILL are, being lied to – as to the true state of EVERYTHING!!
The Nazis got favoured by the aliens. And were given very advanced technology. Including how to levitate, space and time travel INSTANTLY,anywhere(teleport), and to pass through matter!!!!

They opened bases in Antarctica, Underground,too. As well as on Mars and Moon…(They went to Mars over half a century ago.)(There is life WITHIN The Earth,too! I do not mean JUST underGROUND and undersea!!)(The world within has its own inner small red sun.)

There is a parallel race of sprites. Including fairies.

Also a race of mini humans. On moon.

Yes, we survive death, and re-incarnate. Death is the most joyful event in life! It is nothing much. Just a shedding of the outer envelope. A permanent exit from the physical brain.(OOBE’s are temporary exits.)
Death is simply the loss of the physical body. Which is the outermost vehicle of SEVEN bodies that we are in!

Yes, it is possible to leave the physical body temporarily, and also to pass through matter.(We all do this at death. Even animals survive death.)

We can enter the original replica of the physical, and we can enter higher planes.
We have lost our once incredible psychic powers. Due to materialistic living.

We need to unite with GOD divinely,etc. NOT humans,physically!
The sighting of Nibiru(coming soon) will oblige MANY to convert to good. In sheer terror and horror.

We must stop wars. ALL WARS. Stop destroying our beautiful planet. And live in PEACE!!!! Tolerating ALL evils done to one. NOT avenging them!!
We risk blowing up The Earth.

One of the reasons the aliens are now massing around us – is to stop us spreading our evil into the rest of The Solar System. Humanity is VERY unevolved. Is very VERY iniquitous.

Jesus Christ showed us the way to live. FOLLOW HIM!!
Note, advisory, NOT compulsory. But note that failures die,go to Hell and Hades – and risk ex-communication to a lower planet!!!!
Sex and drugs are our downfall. Along with anger and violence!!!!
We have LOST our way, and our marbles(minds), as well as our hearts and higher wills!!!!

We are AT The Cross Roads. We change IMMEDIATELY – or perish!!!!


Renounce ALL evil!!


Evil is doing harm to others. Retaliation is not justified. SUFFER it!!

Certainly punish evil, but not as an act of revenge. Punish via physical pain, not incarceration and death!!!! Nor deprival of funds. Flog felons(criminals). Yes,those in power and office, execute murderers. We need to get back to an eye for an eye,etc. We have FAILED the way out offered by Jesus CHRIST!!!!
Humanity is VERY unevolved. It is young in soul. But it NEEDS to LEARN!!!!
Alas, if you MUST have sex, then marry! Self abuse is sex with one’s self. Shun it!!

If you want good heart feelings, get them by doing GOOD.

Love and help one another. Not take advantage of others!!!!

Drugs is the cheap easy way to good feelings. SHUN it!! As it will lead to loss of all feeling!

God exists. QUITE invisible,etc. And keeps lowest profile. We have free will, but DO NOT abuse it! Or we will lose our freedom, and even our lives!!!!
Public worship is helpful. As many find it too hard to worship adequately alone. So GO TO CHURCH(or whatever your place of God worship).
Earth is not a playground!

And living is not a sense indulgence SPREE.(It has become so for many. But is not meant to be that way.)(Because an easy life USUALLY incurs a painful hereafter!!)

The Annunaki aliens are obsessed with orifice probing(without anaesthetics)(EXTREMELY painful.But THEY don’t mind!)Gene extracting. Slave gold miners. And abducting. Also cross-breeding procedures.Mostly NOT by sex!

We live in a very beautiful world. But we risk destroying it, as well as ourselves.

We need to go in THE OPPOSITE direction. Starting IMMEDIATELY!!!! Which we SHOULD have done ALL ALONG!!
Yes, we have lost it.

But The Annunaki aliens are about to land EN MASSE. They will soon put us right!!
Science is fine. But is meant to be HAND-MAIDEN, not master!
Look after your SOULS!!
Even if it means loss of physical body!
Got the message??!!


Well apply it ALL OUT, IMMEDIATELY, – or get the BOOT!!!! By The Guardians.


We are WITHIN two months of the LAST CALL!!
Yes, live WELL for GOOD – even in your THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS!!!!


Life is SACRED.


Go TO IT!!

We are here to GLORIFY GOD, not exploit everything!!


Alas humans have reduced love to the sex urge!

Sex and love are TWO ENTIRELY different things!! You can have either without the other.

We need LOVE, NOT sex! Not drugs either.

Drugs is cheating.

PUNISH evil doers, not let them off!
However, IF you can do it, FOLLOW JESUS!!!! And DIE TRYING!!

This is not a joke or a sky-lark.
Money is material valuables, not paper and brass!!

Nor is it an electronic bank balance!

Doing good should be a pleasure. A delight to the soul.

Instead, evil doers are WILFULLY blocking others from doing good, not just not doing good themselves!!!!

They do this via force and fear.

Animals are FAR nicer than many humans!
There is a penalty mind. So watch out!!

Yes, do unto others – as you would be done by!

Love GOD.

And love one another!!

Yes, too many people on the planet.

And FAR from enough resources to last long!

Water shortage coming,too.

AND maybe air shortage. Due to Nibiru sucking off our atmosphere. Partially, presumably, as it has done this MANY times before. Perhaps it removes air each time, only to have replenishment later. From plants presumably. But where will they get carbon dioxide from? Their air!

Most of us are guilty to some extent or other.

It is not enough to repent. STOP doing ALL evil!

TURN the other cheek.

Share what you have.

Go for GOD’S JOY, not easy pleasure!


Don’t avenge. Avoid punishing. THAT is God’s prerogative! Leave it to GOD!!

Forgive others, and you will be forgiven.

Reprove wrong-doing though!

PRAY for those who do you evil! Don’t reply in kind!!

Love those who hate you.(Not hate those who love you!!)

Do good to those who do you evil!

HELP those who need help!

I care for your SOULS.

GODLINESS comes before even cleanliness. Though we should be both.

There are holy books which teach these things. Gathering dust on shelves!!

Do NOT sit in judgement upon others!! For we DO NOT know the circumstances and conditions that beset them!!

The judgement that you mete out, IS the measure that you yourself WILL GET BACK!!

And, as they express it today, what goes around COMES AROUND.

MEANING what you dish out, will come back to you, good AND evil.

Therefore BE KIND.

To the UTTERMOST!! Not just in token show!!

Peace be with you!

And LOVE to ALL!!

This is really from GOD, not me. I am simply relaying.
Watch the tide levels. The sea is going to rise. As the ice melts. OF COURSE!!

Nibiru is very hot. Many will die from heat. The sea will boil. ETC.

The three months or so ahead will be bad. But the two years or so(3.5 years or more.) following December 21st, 2,012 will be the worst known!!

LET others do good, even to you!

Not prevent them doing so, that your pride may be exalted and your position improved!!

GOD commands these things. I am only ADVISING.

Commanded FOR OUR OWN GOOD!!
A word of advice. SHUN alcohol and smoking – like THE PLAGUE!!!!

They are drugs,too. WHY so hard on drugs, but not on alcohol and smoking??!!

SHUN them all!!

Ah, how EASY to SAY these things. How hard to do!!



Love everywhere is waning.

Because being materialistic and smart is SO conducive to an EASY life.

However! Easy living leads to DEATH!!!! Of SOUL, not just your body!!!!

WHO is God? God is the person doing the good deeds. Best exemplified in Jesus CHRIST.

Who is The Devil. The Devil is the one who encourages you to take the easy path. The broad way that so MANY are following!

Be comfortable in soul. Even if it means physical discomfort. Even physical death!!

I plead. NOT command! I ADVISE, not try to FORCE!!!!

Re: Sport. Getting balls into holes is not my idea of fun!!

The world is OBSESSED with sliding down hill!!

The Devil is sitting on the throne, you see,…(Put there by SO VERY foolish Man!!)




Bill, Vic, Vicon.






eee13 Strange occurrences to come, soon.

October 24, 2012

Wednesday, 24th October, 2,012.

Vibrational jump is coming.


I understand that there is going to be a jump in the vibratory rate of The Earth, and, presumably all its occupants. May be because of The Start of The Aquarian Age, and/or of The Galactic Alignment.

In consequence of this jump, which may occur in one leap, or a gradual rise, we need to be aware of strange things that can happen to us.

For instance we may find that we float in the air.

Or we may see our long dead grandmother.
Because our spectrum of vibrations is moving into new territory – involving things like those I have mentioned. I am only assuming that it is possible.

Certain LOWER manifestations may also cease to occur.
Some material objects may disappear. And new unusual ones manifest. Your television set may vanish. And a statue of some entity appear, though probably not as a replacement.

All creatures should experience this.

So, if you see a troupe of fairies dancing down the road as you are walking along, try to just accept it.

I am putting this badly, I know. But how else can I describe so strange a possibility?



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