ddd12-3 Pole Shift,etc.details. DO NOT MISS. VERY LATEST INFORMATION from me.

September 28, 2012

Saturday, September 29th, 2,012.

Pole shift,etc. details.

There is a Pole Shift on. It is proceeding piece-meal. Stage one occurred around 31.12.2,010. The CRUST of The Earth slid south east(In U.S.) for 2.5 degrees(I think it was.). Simultaneously, there was a polar shift on the moon. I believe the cause is Nibiru.(This is why sun and moon,etc.rises and sets not normal in various places.)

The Earth is hollow, and there are two large hole entrances at each end. At The North and South Geographical Poles. So the crust of The Earth is sliding OUT of The Great Within – at The North Pole, and IN at The South Pole. Rock can bend over great distances. The Inner and Outer surfaces of The Earth – are back to back. There is an 800 mile thick crust in between.

It is not a circular movement(As would be the case were The Earth solid, but a Figure Eight movement!) Can you picture this?(Picture a ball with a thick skin. Nothing in the interior, except for a very small red core!)(Plus two big holes, one at each end, leading into the huge empty space!!)

Currently the main event is the peaking of The Wobble of The Earth. It peaks 21.12.12. This wobble is heaving the innards UPWARDS all around the globe.(This is why we are getting sink holes, cracks, strange noises(as the rock stretches),etc.)(The sound is coming from BELOW, not above!!)

A much bigger event centres on The Galactic Alignment of 21.12.12. The effects of this are increasing. And some of what is happening is due to The Galactic Alignment.

Solar flares,etc. should be terrible about 14.02.13.

In addition to these things we have the likelihood of World War 3 starting up.(Possibly by a sudden surprise attack by Russia-China-Iran,ETC. In which the U.S. gets damaged. Presumably there is then a counter-strike.

Plus Economic Collapse. And Financial Collapse. When Gold and Silver should be of great value.
Also from 21.12.12 on, I expect a re-action by the mob to the higher vibrations of The Aquarian Age.(The mob does not like the higher vibrations.)
And the increasing failure of anti-biotics. Plus the hot patch in space. And the proton belt entered.
ALSO the fact that EVERY DAY, the particle accelerator(the new one?) at Cerne is creating HUNDREDS of small growing black holes. These are creating huge explosions in space.
A number of frightening experiments are being conducted by humans. By scientists. For example: The creation of creatures part human, part animal.(ALSO aliens are creating HYBRIDS – half human,half alien. A new race.)

I think too will come World Civil War. Against The New World Order, presumably.


The ride ahead should be VERY rough. Especially over the next six months.


My main point here is to warn of Stage Two of The Pole Shift. Expected any time. As Nibiru planet pulls on the Earth – and all else in The Solar System.
I suppose as the PULL proceeds from Nibiru, this builds up, and then suddenly The Earth’s surface has to slide further south(In The West) and north(In The East).(South East in The West, North East in The East.)

I understand that there is another force too(forgotten what it is) that is ALSO pulling The Earth’s CRUST around.(It could be The Galactic Alignment – which is even worse than Nibiru!)(This could cause VERY severe problems.Be warned. Be READY!!)
The Solar Flares,etc. will knock out electric and electronic appliances, world wide, perhaps permanently.
Nor is this all. As a shift from the 3rd dimension to the fourth is ALSO occurring. This will initiate VERY strange happenings. Like some 3d objects disappearing, and weird 4d objects appearing. Plus the ability to FLOAT in the air. And for the dead to walk.(I believe this refers to spirits manifesting as ghosts, rather than corpses walking around!! But maybe some of that too.))
The next thing to expect is a mass landing of aliens.(To save us from the coming woes, by evacuating some of us to mother-craft above.)

Though some humans will think this is an invasion(which it is not), and attack the aliens. Perhaps starting a war.


Annunaki aliens, up to fifteen feet tall, are expected. They fancy our women.

Watch out, girls!!


Space wars should occur.


The biggest enemy will be Man his self. Yes, PREPARE. Stock up. Especially gold and silver, and some money, also food, WATER, medical supplies, and so on…

Trouble is that some will be invading homes and otherwise stealing what has been stocked up by others.
I gather that up to SIX BILLION humans will die, very soon.
As Nibiru gets closer, it will WAFT up and down, and RED DUST will increasingly fall.

First it(Nibiru) should appear like a large red full moon in the sky, visible also in daylight, any time now!!


What I am telling you is not fantasy. So PLEASE be READY!! I am giving you the best picture I can. In the event, details may vary a lot. So don’t take me TOO literally.

Nibiru MOST CERTAINLY exists!!

Yes. These are The Last Days of this Age.(There are TWO ages, and many cycles terminating soon(21.12.2012.)(British notation.) There is the 6,500 year Quarter Cycle of The Sun(The sun is disturbed largely because of Nibiru, but also The Wobble and The Galactic Alignment!!).
There is too the termination of the 3,600 year cycle(Of Nibiru’s visits). Also on 21.12.2,012.

THE EVENT that occurs, centred on December 21st, 2,012, is a once in 26 MILLION years affair. and will be THE WORST EVENT to happen to Man on Earth,EVER!!(Future included.) It is CALLED The EVENT!!(Many got born now purposely to witness and experience THE EVENT!!)
The Earth will be greatly changed. Expect a rise of 625 FEET in sea level.

Get AWAY from THE COASTS and the river sides!!

Get away from the cities. As many will go BESERK!! I advise: Get into the wilderness. But take care as animals,etc. will be crazy too!!

GET ON TO HIGH GROUND!!(I advise at least a thousand feet. I advise 3,000 feet, AT LEAST!!)(Water is going to invade land for hundreds of miles. There will be ice melt water, SLOSHING water, and water hurled up by huge disasters everywhere. Thus WATER will be invading everywhere. TREMENDOUS RAINS and HAIL STORMS. Hail up to 70 pounds in weight!! AND rocks falling from above,…

Also what is happening, IN ADDITION to the crust slipping around the globe, is the tilting of various tectonic plates – all over The Earth. Creating peculiar view anomalies!!


Beware of the increasing(as soon as Nibiru appears large in the sky)RED DUST. It will get into EVERYTHING. Air, water, crops,homes(seal them up in good time!). It is poisonous. Being ferrous and ferric oxide. Two iron oxides!!

Much water will turn red. Poisonous water. Drink it and you risk death.
This red dust is coming from Planet Nibiru. Is present in a HUGE BALL around that planet, and also in a HUGE TAIL. This tail is PRECEDING Nibiru. And we have been in this tail off and on(because it WAFTS up and down) since about 2,000.A.D.
WAKE UP,now!

Some aliens are cannibals!!(They like human flesh.)


There is a HUGE OBJECT, a dark star, a miniature PROTO brown dwarf. A star that never took off to become a star. This is Hercolubus. AND there is Nibiru. Also there is Planet X AND the giant space ship being used by The Annunak aliens. Nemesis is another name for Nibiru. In addition to this lot there is a large asteroid. Eris is one name. Sedna,another.(I am sketchy on much here, but mentioning various points – which YOU may know better than I do.)(Hercolubus. Also 2003 UB 313.)(Names related to Planet X,Nibiru, 3,600 year orbit object. Nemesis and Tyche are two more. Also “The Destroyer” and “Wormwood”.)
Nibiru has six satellites, PLUS the star war ship.

Actually Nibiru is the small object. Herbulosis is the big one. Perhaps Nibiru is a satellite of Hercolubus. Being very tentative here.

However, there is A LOT of stuff of all kinds, up around The Oort Belt.(Not Oort Belt material, but from IN that direction!)(Nibiru is currently OFF Venus, and approaching us.)(Coming from Orion and Leo areas.)
Planet X may not be Nibiru!
1. Dwarf star. Brown PROTO star.(Hercolubus.)(Nemesis)

2. Nibiru.

3. The star warship. Flag ship, being used by Annunaki aliens.

4. This asteroid which is on a 3,600 year orbit.


I think a lot of this is being deliberately put up – to confuse us, – and try to keep Nibiru a secret from the people.

There is an AWFUL LOT of material moving around up there.
Plus an ENORMOUS NUMBER OF UFO’s. Armadas of them. BILLIONS of them. Right NOW, above us.(Going to evacuate every human on Earth??!!)(They can cloak themselves,too.)
Alien abductions are increasing!
They are there(here) to save and help us.

SOMETHING is happening alright. The full details of which, and the picture thereof – are rather hard to grasp. Due to various reports. And the confusion data put out by NASA,etc.

The skeptics are VERY wrong!

The policy of silence and denial by the world is making it VERY difficult to get a sound clear idea of what is happening. This is very sad. As the people definitely NEED this!
Prepare to VERY rudely awakened VERY SOON now!!
We are going to need SHELTERS, bunkers, trenches,etc.
Also to guard against the terrible uprising by The Mob – in fear and anger. Who will be RAVING MAD – and torching and destroying EVERYTHING!!!! Buildings, vehicles, people,ETC!!)


So there you have a better picture now, folks.
DISTIL(Zeta advises) this red water, as nearly all water will be red, soon.


Boiling it will not make it less deadly!(Only distilling)
Condensation should work too. Boil to produce the condensation. But drink the condensation, not the boiled water!
I think that The Yangstze,etc. were red due to this red dust from Nibiru.

Alas comparatively few people know anything about what I am mentioning.


Don’t get caught napping,now!


It is going to get UNSPEAKABLE.

The World Media,especially in The West, is silent or in denial.
The skeptics rave on about what they know NOTHING of!!

PLEASE be READY!! Not long to go now!!


Once in The Spirit World – head for The Blue White LIGHT.

Prayer to GOD is good!


Try to stay in constant Meditation.



And TRY to Ascend. ASCENSION. I mean, in particular VIBRATIONALLY!! RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS!! By prayer, beautiful music,etc.

Aliens and alien creatures should increase from now on.
Also more and more animals are going to get lost – disorientated – despite electro-magnetic guidance within – and die. Birds, fish, land animals, etc.



Compass bearings are going to change. In jumps.

A Polar or Pole SHIFT. Only of The Earth’s CRUST. And various TECTONIC PLATES!!
So different places will have different results!!


WATCH the sun.(Not physically!)


What is happening, in brief, I say again: Wobble, Nibiru AND The Galactic Alignment are all causing The Earth’s CRUST to slide out of Great Within up north, and INTO The Great Within down south!!(Sun too is getting it and hit. As is EVERYTHING in The Solar System!!)(Some plates are going to see-saw up and down.)


The TILT of The Earth, its AXIS, is not changing(at least not much). But THE CRUST is SLIDING RIGHT AROUND!!(Remember: HOLLOW EARTH, not solid!! Big hole each end.)


We hear about the north magnetic pole moving towards Russia, from Canada. 40 miles per year.(This could be per day.)
The Geographical Poles are not changing in their positions. It is a bit confusing.(But they are HOLES anyway. TRUE poles way out in space!!)

I am being patchy, I know. But getting it across to you as best I can.
We have The Earth tilted 22.5 degrees(is it?) on its axis, as usual. That is not changing.
But what IS altering. In jerks, periodically, is that THE CRUST of The Earth is SLIDING around. In and out of The Great WITHIN!!


I am concentrating on knowledge, not grammar,etc. here. So please excuse and allow!!
Sacrificing these things TO GET IT ACROSS TO YOU.


Then check on The Internet!
U-Tube videos, good!!(Videos good, U-tube very good. My opinion.)

Look up on Internet videos, get much information there. But allow for different angles of view. TRY to weave into one picture! IF you can!!

Getting things better now?


Keep ABSOLUTELY calm. Help those who know less.

Many, most, know little if anything about this. Remember that!!

Yes, many will go mad.




Vic, or Bill.







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