iii1 More on Nibiru,etc.

December 6, 2012

Thursday, December 6th, 2,012.

iii1 The latest on Nibiru,etc.
A new possibility has arisen: Most heavenly bodies and fields are binary identical twins. Either Arcturus or Sirius could be Sol’s binary twin. Planet Nibiru may outer planet of Sirius(I believe, as Arcturus is NEAREST star(According to my find using BETTER distance – via charting the cosmos!).).
Nibiru is called “The planet of the crossing”. What I think NOW is meant is the crossing over from Sirius TEMPORARILY to orbit our sun. Every 3,600 years, Sol gets close to Sirius -(Or perhaps it is Arcturus, our nearest(SIC) star.)(I suspect Arcturus is Sol’s binary identical twin!)(I mapped the heavens using MY distance finder(after proving it). And find that Arcturus, not Proxima Centauri or Alpha Centauri – is our nearest star!)(I worked out the CORRECT distances to the heavenly bodies and fields.))and crosses over from Arcturus(or whatever) to Sol.

Apparently what happens is that every 3,600 years, Sol(which with this hypothesis is circling Arcturus(or perhaps it is Sirius – or even Alycone) but I THINK Arcturus, the nearest star, the outermost planet of Sol’s binary twin crosses over and circles Sol – before returning thence.(Arcturus is yellow like our sun, ACTUALLY. I KNOW not SEEN as yellow, but intervening dust,etc.changes true colour of light to that SEEN.)(Herculubis is a sort of brown dwarf circling Arcturus, Nibiru is a planet circling Herculubis.)(The outermost planet of Arcturus(I am only stating an hypothesis of mine.) presumably.).)

Old age is causing me to fail more and more, but I am hoping any reader can get my main drift!

Originally I had thought that Nibiru was a space wandering sort of brown dwarf, but now I incline to think that every 3,600 years, the outermost planet of Arcturus(or perhaps it is Sirius or Alycone) CROSSES OVER and circles the sun.(It is called “The Planet of The Crossing”. Because it does a figure eight between Arcturus and Sol every 3,600 years. The Annunaki aliens of Nibiru knew – and informed the ancient Sumerians. Arcturus is the star which should be important.(Sirius lot is thief.)

First we found Uranus(when looking for Planet X), and then Neptune. After that Pluto. But Pluto-Charon is no longer recognized as a planet – being too small, so a dwarf planet. The search for Planet X was resumed. I THINK(I SUSPECT) that Arcturus is Sol’s stellar binary twin, but that Herculubis circles Arcturus, and that Nibiru is a satellite of Herculubis.(Eris,which also has a 3,600 year orbit, seems to be son of Nibiru. Maybe Sedena is another. Speculating, trying to get the true picture.)(Best I can do THUS far.)

Very important: People speak of Nibiru, but apparently it is not simple. Herbuculosis(now out near Jupiter is Saturn sized). Planet Nibiru now near Earth is 4 to 5 times the size of Earth, but 22 times as massive,being very dense.

I do not think that Sirius is Sol’s twin, nor Alycone. I vote for Arcturus.

Alycone is central sun of Pleiades. The Pleiades is our TRUE origin. But The Annunaki aliens of POSSIBLY Sirius(or Sirius B) stole us off The Pleiadeans.(I am speculating.)

Sirius is important, being evidently the star of The Annunaki aliens who stole us. WE NEED TO GET BACK WITH THE PLEIADEANS!

I refer any readers to this report: “Proof of a major event video” and watch that. Excellent stuff.





AAA38 Nibiru, continuing.

June 20, 2012

Wednesday, 20th June, 2,012.

Continuing on Nibiru.

Cause of the coming Pole Shift.

Nibiru IS approaching, and its gravity is pulling on The North Geographical Pole, straining to pull it over. Because Nibiru is 22x as massive as Earth(Though only 4 to 5 times as big), it will succeed. Eventually.
VERY little time is left for us all to PREPARE. MANY of Earth’s life-forms will die. Including BILLIONS of humans. Anywhere from 3 to 6 BILLION humans. Prepare to die – unless aliens evacuate you.

Nibiru IS in sight. NOT a lens flare! Close examination of many videos,photos,etc. renders this clear enough!!

This Pole Shift is physical, geographical. Will mean the switching of the poles.(The physical geographical ones!)(Including The Magnetic.) Yes, I know that the physical or geographical pole is unrelated to the MAGNETIC pole. BOTH will switch ends.(The Earth is going to TURN RIGHT UPSIDE-DOWN!!)(Or, POSSIBLY, AT LEAST, lie upon its side, but TOTAL PHYSICAL INVERSION is the most probable result!)

This occurs EVERY 3,600 years! And is due to Nibiru passing(on ITS orbital trajectory) close to The Earth! THIS is WHY the great continent civilizations of the past got destroyed!!

We are urged to PREPARE. But SO LITTLE can be done. Why bother??!! We are looking at Nemesis, Herboculosis, Nibiru AND Homeward passing near. (Actually ONLY Nibiru passes close by.)(But that is ENOUGH!!)(To end this civilization.)All heavenly bodies as large OR LARGER than The Earth.(Nibiru is Planet X.)

It is for sure. And it will be SOON!!

VERY little will survive.

Not likely to hit us.


It is possible that Nibiru is a captured wandering planet, and not a planet of Sirius B. Apparently these are common, and when caught – wreck havoc in whatever solar system they get trapped by.


We are NOT looking at another fantasy notion here. This is real. The Nibiru report IS true!!


It is true that many humans fantasize some weird things. But THIS Nibiru,ETC. is NOT one of them!!


It is a planet FAR out beyond Neptune(Pluto-Charon no longer qualifies as a planet. Too small. Perhaps just an Oort object.)
Neptune is the only planet that does not fit Titius Bode’s Law. I suggest that the reason for this is that Neptune got struck by Nibiru – and knocked way back off from its original orbit.(Leaving(possibly) a double satellit Pluto-Charon behind.)
Nibiru does not fit the usual Gas Giant,etc. category – and is therefore likely a capture by Sol, our sun. Perhaps an outer planet of Sirius B – or maybe one of the planetoids or planetary space wanderers that happened to get too close to the sun.
These captured alien objects wreak havoc because NOT fitting the original solar lay-out concerned.


Our accelerating wandering magnetic pole is one of the first signs of a pole shift.

Note that a pole shift is not a matter of a few inches – but of TOTAL INVERSION!!
The Southern Stars will interchange with The Northern Stars. The Southern Cross will hang over London, perhaps. And The Plough,etc.(A Northern Constellation) will hang over Austalasia!!


All SORTS of weird things will happen!!


The increasing disasters and high temperatures are due to Nibiru’s approach.
I am not fool-proof. But am giving my best estimates judging from the picture I get – as I go along.
We stand more chance of dying than of surviving this. Every creature on Earth does!!


I have warned for ten years now. As I have watched Nibiru get closer and closer.

The Authorities are trying to hide it.(To keep CONTROL of us.)

And the sceptics fear it.

A Conspiracy of Silence exists to TRY to hide it from The Public.
It MAY resemble(at face value) an unlikely notion. BUT IS NOT IN FACT so!

Unusual things DO SOME TIMES occur!!
It is not a case of LOOK DEEP, but LOOK DEEPER!!


Do NOT make the facile mistake of assuming that ALL coins not conforming to the usual parameters – are in fact duds!! That is the lazy man’s rule to save him looking more deeply!! Thus he takes the easy route of ASSUMING ALL coins not EXACTLY conforming have to be duds!!(And therein lies your mistake at times. And, I suggest, THIS time!!)
The line between dud and UNUSUAL genuine can some times be too narrow to distinguish easily!!


Though all duds are not genuine, not all dud looking coins(ETC.) are in fact duds!!

DESPITE the some-times genuine looking duds!!
I hope you know what I mean!!
The Nibiru notion – though it SUPERFICIALLY may have a number of fake properties – is, in fact, genuine DESPITE the APPARENTLY fake areas!!
In your eagerness to have Nibiru booted out, take CARE you do not eject a GENUINE ARTICLE!!!! Simply because of phoney FAKE superficia!!!!


Phoney fake equalling GENUINE!!!!


Not all dud coins are INFALLIBLY dud!!


The weakness here may be YOUR erroneous(in this case!) wish to classify Nibiru as a foolish notion!!
A case of DOUBLE bluff!!(If you see what I mean!!)

Dud coins can look genunine.

And sometimes genuine coins can LOOK dud, – when they are NOT!!

Even though genuine coins USUALLY look genuine!!

Those calling Nibiru phoney, are betraying their wish that it NOT be genuine – rather than that they have exposed yet one more phoney!!

Upon the altar of their wish that Nibiru BE a fake!!

Simply because fakes USUALLY bear tell-tale non-genuine SIGNS!!!!
Don’t let the SIMILARITY in appearances fool you here!!!!


I would ask these questions of the sceptics:-
1. Why MUST Nibiru BE phoney?

IS it phoney because you WANT it to be(so)?(In order to preserve YOUR error!!)

OR, is it genuine, but YOU cannot BEAR that??!!

Are YOU not being fooled by Orthodox DRIVEL?!
Which SO MANY have swallowed HOOK, LINE AND SINKER!!!!


2. WHEN you so viciously attack any who disagree with you(who have been fooled by orthodoxy).
3. Is it not possible that Orthodoxy ITSELF is fooled??


4. And even if you are correct(IF you are!!), WHY such INTENSE anger and HATRED??

Is no one else allowed to make a mistake? But you CANNOT??!!(CANNOT make a mistake.) – and DO NOT??!!

Are YOU so infallible??
WHY are you so ABJECT to Orthodoxy??!!









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