ZZ15b DO NOT MISS THIS!! Further points on Big Red Nibiru!!!!

April 13, 2012


Friday, April 13th, 2,012.










Further points on Nibiru.










1. Mr Jaime Mussan, at The Sixteenth UFO Congress, claimed that Nibiru would do something spectacular on May 20th, 2,012.


I originally interpreted this to mean pass us then. However, I think NOW that Nibiru would only APPEAR large to the naked eye of all(people) then. OR, that the first SERIOUS gravity and magnetic effects would be felt then!!




I THINK May 20th,2012 is too soon for a passing.(Though not by that much!!)(BECAUSE Big Red(Wrongly called Nibiru!!) is SO close!!)


His source is a crop circle – which he says he is able to read.


A date would hardly LITERALLY be in a crop circle, so he apparently is translating certain features in the crop circle!




He mentions(in this video of his)three dates: May 20th, 2,012., then 16 days later. He quotes 6th June, but 16 days after 20.05.12 is 5th June. Just a day out.


He is Mexican. And speaks very unclearly. Yet many are impressed by him.




He speaks of an eclipse(annular)(Which is SHOWN in the crop circle!)of the sun.




Or,rather, the aliens speak of an annular eclipse of the sun occurring on 6th(or is 5th?)of June.(The aliens are doing MOST OF these crop circles!!)




Am I to understand that Nibiru(Actually Big Red) passes us on May 20th, 2,012. And then followed a couple of weeks later by an annual eclipse of the sun??




I find it hard to believe that Big Red is THAT close! (23 or 22 days hence) In fact I question it.




Do you remember that preacher’s claim for six months later? The original date proffered was May 20th, 2,011.






2. (Correction: Tiamat is the name of The PRO Earth. The planet that got hit by Big Red Nibiru, creating Earth,Moon and some asteroids,etc. I mispelt it earlier.)




3. Now why did that preacher make the date of the passing November 20th, 2,011.(Are we to add six months(for some reason) to May 20th, 2,012. Giving a date of November 20th(or thereabouts), 2,012 for the arrival of Big Red.(Wrongly called Nibiru??))








4. The date of December 21st is simply the last day of the current LONG COUNT Mayan Calendar. Nibiru’s(Big Red’s) passing(of us) will be before that date!!






5. According to Frank Lake of World Weekly News, Nibiru(Big Red,actually) will COLLIDE WITH The Earth on July 21st, 2,012.(A number of sources speak of A COLLISION!! – Which would be WIPE OUT, of course.(Though the question arises: WHY did not a collision occur on one of Nibiru’s many other arrivals??!!)(Remember that it HIT the original Tiamat Earth!! – Creating The Earth!!(And Moon, and some asteroids,etc.)))






6. July 21st is 46(45 if from June 6th) days after Jaimie Morran’s prophecy.




7. I think it would make more sense for Nibiru(Big Red) to APPEAR large(Was ORIGINALLY in The Infra Red, but only in the RED,NOW!!)(Correction) to the naked eye suddenly on June 5th or 6th. 16 days(or 15) AFTER the annular eclipse of the sun.








8. I THINK that it will be a CLOSE PASS. Not a collision. But even THAT would create ENORMOUS gravity and magnetic TIDES – which would just about wipe out everything on The Earth!!








9. I am giving you these thoughts of mine now. As I am not happy with my original statement that Nibiru will pass us on May 20th, THIS YEAR(2,012.)(Big Red, actually)(Nibiru is our rescue ship!)(Big Red is the nasty planet which hits or just misses us!!)(Nibiru is Planet X. Big Red is Planet X1.)(I claim.)








10. It is STILL not very far ahead!(69 days)(A day under ten weeks!) Unless we are to add 6 months(like that preacher), making the arrival date December 20th(or thereabouts). (Yes, the sceptics SCORN all this. And The Orthodox Data is a VERY CLEVER mock up of the truth!!)




But then we are VERY CLOSE to the end of THE LONG COUNT Mayan Calendar date of December 21st, 2,012.A.D!!








11. We also need to remember that The Period of The Great Tribulation, and the fulfillment of all the other prophecies, requires another 3 years(or whatever it is) to be added on.




12. The ONLY thing I can think is that we have our year date wrong! And that it is not 2,012 now, but 2,009!(The Catholic Church changed the date of the year back and fore a number of times! They did this to confuse the public for some reason.(To stay in power.) Later on they corrected to the SUPPOSED true year date. But might they not have made a mistake. And of three years?!




I am SUGGESTING that it is now 2,009.A.D. And that the passing by us of Big Red Nibiru lies 3 YEARS and 69 days ahead!




13. But I could be wrong. And here is why: I was able to prove that 2,012 is the year of the end of this current age. I did this mathematically. Besides, MANY other sources are claiming that 2,012 is the date year of the end(of the age). But those other sources would also be out by 3 years(too advanced) as to THE DATE.






The thing is this: I was able to STATE WHEN every major disaster(up to date applicable) did indeed occur WHEN(to the YEAR) such disaster occurred!(During the 6,500 year period.)(THIS is HOW I PROVED that 2,012 is INDEED the year of Doom!!)








In OTHER words, it HAS TO BE actually 2,012.A.D. NOW!!








14. OTHERWSE, each and every(Of about THIRTEEN disasters occurred 3 years later than the ACTUAL prophecied(by mathematical formula) date!!) Which is just TOO unlikely!!!!






So we are back to July 21st!(THIS year. 2,012.A.D!)






I am trying, you see.








So, annual eclipse of the sun on May 20th, 2,012. Then Big Red arrives(hitting or passing us VERY closely) on July 21st, 2,012.A.D!(99 days hence. A hundred days bar a day.)(Fourteen weeks and two days.)






That A.D. is very important.










To distinguish from B.C.(Or B.C.E.)












15. Now,then, gentlemen(and those of the rib), I have VERY DRAMATIC news to give!!


THIS is the killer:-












Now PLEASE go into THIS SITE!!(Put it in your top address slot!)








Whatever you do DO NOT MISS THIS!!












In short, it means that Big Red Nibiru is ALREADY affecting us!(It did back in 2,010 when sun and moon,etc. appeared SHIFTED!! And with the strange appearance of sun and moon!! Remember??)


Well, as I expected – and said – it HAS DONE SO AGAIN. Just a few days back!!(I think it was 8.04.’12.)








Which means(for moon to be seen angled over, and even displaced in the sky(!!)), one of TWO things. Either the axis of The Earth has MARKEDLY changed. OR, The Earth’s CRUST has shifted. If only(of both) VERY TEMPORARILY.(All is(I BELIEVE) back to normal NOW!!)












16. One more thing:-(WW3)




Iran is defying UNO directive and is creating an atomic bomb or device.


Now Israel, The Arabs and The U.S. KNOW – that if Iran is a menace to Israel, The Middle East AND THE ENTIRE WORLD now. It will be FAR MORE of a threat if and when nuclear armed!!


So Israel either attacks Iran – or faces FAR WORSE later!!(When it could fire an atomic missile at Israel’s nuclear arsenal.)


Israel cannot put up with that, and so it is OBLIGED to attack Iran, – ANY TIME NOW!!(Before the window of opportunity closes!!)(Note that the real culprit here is Iran!! For not complying with UNO orders.)








But if it does(and how can it NOT??), THEN World War Three starts IMMEDIATELY!!(With ALL of its HIDEOUS WEAPONS!!)




Because Iran will counter attack(of course), backed by Russia,RED China, North Korea, Pakistan and other nations!!




It would almost certainly close The Straits of Horuz(Hormuz?), blocking the world supply route for oil,ETC.(It has already stopped oil shipments to Greece. And now Spain. It is now threatening to stop oil to Germany, and to Italy(I believe)!!)


IT can also be expected to sink The U.S. Fleet(Of aircraft carriers,etc.)(With its fast speed boats(remember The Cole!!), attack Israel, TAKE Iraq, Obliterate all the U.S. bases. Maybe even attack U.S!! All, and more of these things.)








Now Obama is deliberately – with NATO’s AID starting war, called The Arab Spring, attacking Libya,etc. And now Syria.


NEXT for attack is IRAN. By Israel, with or without U.S.




U.S. will be obliged to support Israel when Iran counter attacks!!






Originally U.S. said “You are on your own!”(If you attack Iran.)






So The Jews threatened to cut off Monetary Support(U.S. is broke!!) to The U.S. IF they did not go to Israel’s aid!!






Now Obama is in Election Year, AND is having problems regarding his birth certificate(both his old form and new are forgeries!!).


He needs war because the people do not evict sitting War Presidents!!




Also to get out of U.S. ENORMOUS debt and deficit HOOKS!!














You follow??






Now we need to STOP Obama. Because he is launching illegal wars against The Arabs,etc. AND will start World War Three UNLESS stopped RIGHT NOW!!










World War Three would just about end all life on Earth!!










We have FOUR horrors at hand:-




(i) World War Three.


(ii) War against aliens coming to rescue us – from –


(iii) The Wobble Cataclysm.




And (iv) The Big Red NIBIRU cataclysm!!









PLEASE punch in and watch that address site’s report I spelt out a bit earlier!!



EXPLAINING how Big Red Nibiru, the horrible planet coming to wipe us out(just about), and how Earth’s AXIS or CRUST has ONCE MORE moved!!





When I looked into the night sky early one morning on about 8.04.12, I noticed that the MOON was in a place(in the sky)I have not seen BEFORE!! It was WAY OUT!!





Either The Earth’s axis or the crust had changed!!














































ZZ14. And more upon Nibiru,etc.(Big Red))

April 12, 2012

Thursday, 12th April, 2,012.




And more!(Upon Nibiru(Big Red))



1. A very disturbing thing about this event(The end of the age. Which will seem like the end of the world.), is that The Mainstream Media is saying nothing about it! Yet NASA,etc.KNOW!!(THEY FOUND Planet X! Which IS Nibiru. But Big Red, the big ugly planet 5 times size of Earth and 22 times the mass – is Planet X1! It is simply doing its orbital period of 3,600 years. But we sit RIGHT ON ITS TRACK!!(It HIT the ORIGINAL PLANET, from which Earth, Moon and some asteroids,etc. came!!)(It SHOULDN’T hit us…))

2. The mainstream media talk about the usual trivial and irrelevant POPULAR stuff. But an event like DOOM, – NO THING!!

3. The vast majority of people go by what the main-stream media says.The Internet considered by many to be Fantasyland. Conseqently they go on about the usual humdrum things.

4. Huge underground bunkers and shelters are being built in many countries. What for? WW3? But more than that! SOMETHING known only to A FEW up top!!(Aside from WW3 there is The Wobble and what is being called Nibiru. But which is actually Big Red. The IMMEDIATE future for the entire world heralds THREE monstrous cataclysms!!!

5. To say that it is DISGRACEFUL – is THE UNDERSTATEMENT of ALL TIME!!!!

6. I keep on, I KNOW. But very soon you will all see WHY I am keeping on!!


7. It will be the biggest event EVER. Past and Future. To hit Man on Earth!! THREE cataclysms simultaneously starting AT ONCE. Followed up by THREE more. All within a year or two.(A cataclysm is a disaster that sinks continents and raises up ocean floors, flooding the entire world. Smashing everything.)

I do not know what will be left CRAWLING upon The Earth’s surface after the four to six(cataclysms), but maybe another PLANET is the place to get NOW!! And THAT may happen to some!!



8. It is not a judgement, really. Just the confluence of natural events that occurs after each 26 MILLION years!!(Or one trip around The Milky-Way Galaxy.)


9. This is not the sort of news flash you can expect to see on The News. The people like to hear GOOD NEWS.(Jesus brough that!! Two thousand years ago.)

10. BASICALLY it is good news. But Nature and Man RE-ACT very badly to so many cycles terminating December 21st, 2,012.(December 22nd, 2,012.A.D. is simply the start of The Next Mayan Calendar.)(The ACTUAL DATE of the main event(The arrival of Big Red, wrongly called “Nibiru”.)is May 20th, 2,012. THAT is when Big Red is due to pass us. Just a few weeks ahead! However, there is not a sign of trouble brewing.(Not on main stream news.)(Nor YET in the sky,etc.))

11. The whole solar system will cop it, but none more than Earth.

12. Am I mistaken? Am I exaggerating? I don’t think so.

13. The year has started off good,too. But make the most of it!!


14. You will either need to be miles underground, or under water. Or, way out in space. But preferably on another planet! Or somehow die pleasantly BEFORE it gets too nasty!!


15. Do not commit suicide. As the penalties after death are very severe. We were given life FOR A PURPOSE. So stick it out, and SEE IT THROUGH – though it is ALMOST CERTAINLY the transition of just about EVERY creature upon The Earth!!



16. WHAT can we do? Very little, if anything! Even getting down The North Geographical Pole will not be safe ENOUGH.


17. I think the prime indicator is going to be the height of the tides! And the POSITIONS of the stars, sun and moon,etc.(Recall that oddity about a year or two back? When sun rose and set way east of usual?! Etc. THAT was due to a temporary shift of The Earth due to approaching Big Red.)(MUCH worse lies ahead…)


18. Am I SURE?? Yes, almost as certain as that the sun will rise tomorrow. But THAT is now decreasingly certain!!(The Earth is going to stop rotating SOON!! So we shall have days of night(day for some)for one half of the globe! After that the sun will rise in The WEST!!(It now rises in The EAST!!))


19. Why tell anyone if there is no recourse(If there is no escape.)? Well, there IS an escape route. Down The North Geographical Pole, where there is shelter(WITHIN The Hollow Earth!!)(Note! NOT within the SHELL of The Earth!)(Just picture a tennis ball. It has a shell or skin, and a big space within that. The Earth is LIKE that! Our shell is 800 miles thick. I don’t mean within THAT. I mean within THE HOLLOW interior BENEATH the shell skin!!) from the coming HAIL of boulders,etc.from THE TAIL of Big Red.(CALLED Nibiru. But actually Nibiru is Planet X. The Flagship of The Galactic Fleet.) However, there are other dangers, as from earthquakes and volcanic eruptions,smashed Earth(if it hits us),etc. You can prepare for transition and The Spirit World. MAYBE get evacuated by aliens. And stay on a Mother Craft high above. 50-50 chance. Some(the better half)will be lucky. Some not.


20. A number of people are stocking up.(The Preppers.) This may be all right for the initial woes. On the other hand many who have not stocked up may sniff out your supply and take it off you. Later, they may even take YOU too. As food and drink will be so scarce!!(Flesh is food. And blood is drink.)



21. You doubt what I say? Punch in Nibiru(Videos,best.) on The Internet. And learn something about it. But there is SO MUCH information there(and it is so varied), that it takes YEARS to sift it out.(So go by what I am telling you. I have already spent a good DECADE trying to make sense of all the reports. I have done the work for you.) Watch some of the videos. Punch in Second Sun, if you like. Punch in Nibiru or Second Sun to get the best information.(But in addition to Big Red(wrongly called Nibiru), there is The Wobble, World War Three warnings, and numerous other horrors, all growing and approaching.(Once law and order go, life will not be worth living!!)(I think one will be better off DEAD!!)(Do NOT punch in Big Red. That is just the name I have given it!)(Not the name known by others,except you now!)





22. We start with THREE cataclysms, virtually simultaneously. Starting up NOW!!! Then three more, and more VERY nasty stuff following STRAIGHT ON!!!


23. Make the most of the time between now and May 20th,THIS YEAR,2,012. After that will be a NIGHTMARE!!(With death being by FAR the better choice!!)

24. What will happen? Expect A VARIETY of things. The HEAT should increase.(The heat MAINLY coming from the EXTRA rising magma(Due to The Wobble.)(And from Big Red(Wrongly called “Nibiru”.).Cold spells increasing,too.(Downdraughts from The Stratosphere.)))


25. I think there(this) is too much for any ONE person to know. But what I can see coming, I am relating.


26. Where is The Ark? Plenty ABOVE. Alien UFO’s! Mother Craft. ArkS(plural) ABOVE,now!!



27. We may get Electric Arcs(Different kind of ark!) from the sun – when we get between Big Red and the sun, or vice-versa. As Big Red will act as a capacitator(Have I got the right word there? It is in Electricity. Leads to arcs between objects.)


28. It is almost impossible to write coherently on THIS subject. Because it is SUCH a multiplicity of things. It has taken me TEN YEARS to get the picture I now have. Which I think is very accurate. Though perhaps not in every LAST detail!!





All the best!


See you on The Other Side?!



On an alien Mother Craft,or maybe another planet!!









Vic or Noah 2.














ZZ13 A sequel to ZZ12. On Nibiru.

April 11, 2012


Wednesday, 11th April, 2,012.










A little bit more!!(Nibiru,etc.)








1. Tides are caused(Sea tides for example.) by the gravity of Sun and Moon. As they change their distance from us, so their gravity force changes – producing THE TIDES. Heaved up masses of water, sea-water, roll around the world, rising and falling.


2. As Nibiru approaches, its big gravity will produce tides,too. So watch out for changes in the heights of tides!! That will be the beginning of horrors.


3. But FIRST, The Wobble of The Earth will cause The FIRST Cataclysm. THEN after that Nibiru will take over!!






4. Some will believe me. Some won’t. But since we KNOW about The Wobble of The Earth, AND the finding of “Nibiru”(Actually Big Red, Planet X1!!) – Then The Modus Operandis EXIST!! You are asked to REMEMBER THAT!!(The Earth does a Wobble every 6,500 years. Centrifugal Force FROM this Wobble IS(right now!) HEAVING up The Innards of The Earth. Causing Sink Holes, Cracks in The Ground, Booming,etc.sounds rising from the stretching rocks of The Lithosphere.(BECAUSE as the ground rises, its extent increases – which STRETCHES the rocks. And this is the cause of the strange sounds now issuing(in places) from BELOW!! Not coming from sky. (It is) coming from the ground!!)





5. Last time, Noah(Heard of him?!) WARNED the people of a coming FLOOD. And the rain fell. But increase in precipitation is only ONE thing that happens! You may regard me as Noah.2.if you like.(Though quite a number of people are warning of the approaching CATACLYSM(Several coming up, starting THIS YEAR!!))(As The HEAT from Big Red increases as it draws close each time, so of course the condensation increases – leading to the increasing precipitation.)

6. Aliens gave the date of May 20th, 2,012 in a crop circle. The Mexican expert(Mr Jamie Mussan, I believe.) read the crop circle – and gave us the date. May 20th, 2,012.(Which is 39 days ahead!)(Not long is it?!)(This is in respect of Big Red(Wrongly being called Nibiru.)(Nibiru is Planet X, Flagship of The Galactic Fleet. Big Red is the name I HAVE GIVEN to the planet now approaching us at 3,500 miles per hour. Which is Planet X1.)(This planet IS THE MENACE. Not Nibiru,Planet X, which is our Rescue Ship!!)(Bearded Annunaki aliens on board that.)(It is a huge space ship that goes on rescue missions. Was a war ship. Still is when necessary.))


I think that it is better to know than not to know, so I pump out this information. Also in the hope that some of you will get down The North Geographical Pole(Big Tubeway Entrance near there leading into Earth’s hollow interior!!)(This is where most go each time this occurs!))(It will be safe down there from awful lot of stuff falling from sky from THE TAIL of Big Red(Note we are already IN the tail, and have been for some time!!)(Nibiru, wrong name, but to avoid confusion!!))(Though not safe from tides! Etc.)(Deadly RED DUST also falling.)(Started some time back!)


Whatever you do DON’T say this is rubbish! The RUSSIANS,ETC. are TRACKING it!(It is already in sight. Still very small as yet. But of course will get bigger AS IT BEARS DOWN(upon us)!!)(It has been photographed and videod FOR YEARS!!)




7. Eclipse of sun same time!


8. After the cataclysm, it will be HELL ON EARTH!!




9. Listen: Lemuria, Atlantis, Poseidon. These are the names of the past great civilizations which sank beneath waves during PREVIOUS VISITS of “Nibiru”!!




10. Note that there are TWO great CYCLIC SERIES that produce cataclysms. One is produced by The Wobble(Every 6,500 years) of The Earth. The other(Every 3,600 years) is caused by “Nibiru” – which is actually Big Red, the ugly planet presumably captured by Sol, our sun, from Sirius B’s solar system!!(THIS is the nasty monster to fear!)(When it first arrived it hit Tamiak, The Pre-Earth planet, producing Earth,Moon and some asteroids,etc.)




11. After the cataclysmS there will be so little food,water,etc. Even AIR will be scarce(It is going to catch fire!).




12. UTTER CHAOS will follow. Of course!!




13. Ruins.


14. Few survivors. As few as one in a thousand surviving!!




15. And FINALLY, CHRIST returns.




16. Corpses everywhere. Human,animal,etc.




17. Order gets re-stored very gradually.




18. The after-math shall be worse than the event!!






19. A new Stone Age begins. And so on,…




20. Some may be taken to other planets.




21. Electrons from the sun EMP everything.(Put out all electric and electronic equipment.)




22. New continents after old ones vanish.




23. Remember! MANY satellites of Nibiru!(Big Red) As many as 34, I hear.






24. Even if one of THEM hits us, it will be wipe out!!






25. There will be a New Heaven.






26. And a New Earth!!










27. Last time it was Poseidon(In The North Atlantic). Wrongly called Atlantis.




28. The End of Civilization(world-wide) OF COURSE!!








29. Gods(Aliens. Annunaki aliens) will land and rescue the better half of us. Evacuate us to Mother Craft over-head.(We are their CATTLE, remember!! So will save the best.)






30. They did this last time – At Poseidon.






31. Even The Spirit World will be affected!!








32. THIS event is what JESUS was referring to!!(“Then shall the end come” – will be found in The Christian Scripture.)
























Vic.(Noah.2. My own appellation!!)








ZZ12 Are you ready?? Nibiru, he come!! May 20th due. THIS YEAR!!

April 10, 2012


Tuesday, 10th April, 2,012.










ARE you READY??!!










What for? For Ascension and Transition!!(Ascension through Meditation,etc.)(Aided by Natural raising of Earth’s vibrations at this time.)


Now I can only give you the view of my findings.


What is the big deal? Why the millions of Preppers in The U.S.(Those stocking up,etc.). Why the growing obsession with 2,012??!!(Big Red, wrongly called Nibiru is due to pass us on May 20th, 2,012. Which is 39 days hence.)




Are you ready to meet The Makers??(The Makers of our species.)


2,012.A.D. is The Terrible Year of THE LORD!!!!(Make NO mistake about it!!)




What are my qualifications? High intelligence. Long study(of THIS subject)!!


Can it be avoided? No!!(It will be safer WITHIN The Earth(Which is hollow.). Closest and easiest entrance is near to The North Geographical Pole. So get down there. At least get protection from falling boulders down there.)




What is the probability(Doom, STARTING UP May 20th, 2,012?(Psst! THIS year!!) And lasting about one year. Then fading away.(Will have multiple causes.)


It is PRETTY certain, you OUT THERE…




Should I TELL you? – Seeing as there is almost no thing we can do about it!(That is a question I wrestle with!)




Many(most) are not up to a decision!(If we fail, then we are with TWO routes: (i) Evacuation by aliens. 50-50 chance. For what it is worth. And it should save life and limb!!)(Fancy transport to a Mothercraft overhead by The Annunaki aliens, 14 foot bearded giants?)( But they will only take the best half of humanity. The rest, IF they survive the coming HORRORS, have the prospect of life in an icy cave amid uttermost devastation, an ice age, packs of maddened animals. AND mobs and gangs of BESERK humans!!(Who would be WORSE!!)(Human flesh eating and blood drinking mentally deranged horrid ones.)(They will be dying of thirst, and STARVING.)




I mentioned May 21st, 2,012 quite some time back. Now it is confirmed.


THAT is the date when Big Red(WRONGLY referred to as Nibiru) will APPEAR large.(It is ALREADY visible. And is being tracked by Russians,etc.)


Big Red, a big volcanic planet with a mass 22 times that of Earth should whizz by us 15 days(June 4th, 2,012.)after its FIRST big red moon appearance 20th May, 2,012. THIS year!! That is 39 days hence!! It is FIVE times the size of The Earth. It is a capture(alien planet) from Sirius B, by our sun, Sol!! Which is WHY some think that it is a brown dwarf(star). Or possibly a red dwarf.(It may be that Big Red passes us May 29th, 2,012.(A partial eclipse of the sun(annular?)around this time.))(If it is so close, then why not seen? Because in the infra red, far to the south, coming in at a sharp angle, news reports silenced by NASA,ETC. It should very SUDDENLY appear to all in a month or two. When it does there should be mass TERROR.)(Like in that film When worlds collide. Showing a planet approaching Earth VERY closely.)))




Warm for the time of the year? Noticed??(Due chiefly to rising extra magma AND to heat waves from Big Red(wrongly called Nibiru).)(Many countries are building bunkers and shelters,etc. I think(“Nibiru”) is the reason for the harsh measures now being taken in The U.S. To implement General Emergency, Martial Law,etc.)






Reason for the heat(and sometimes cold)?? TWO MAIN reasons: (i)Wobble of The Earth. (ii) The approach of Big Red(Wrongly being called Nibiru!)(No, Nibiru is Planet X, Flagship of The Galactic Federation FLEET.(It will rescue us, joining the TEEMING ufo’s now over our heads, been there some time now.)






Centrifugal Force ex Wobble is HEAVING UP the INNARDS of The Earth. Stretching the rock of the lithosphere(and the asthenosphere)(Upper and lower crusts). Causing sink holes, cracks in the ground, cracks in The Antarctic ice, and strange sounds and BOOMING sounds, from below!!)(A VERY complacent General Public is going to have an AWFUL shock soon!!)(It is VERY far south, and mostly in The Infra Red. Plus all news of it being PURPOSELY blotted out!)(But once SEEN close up, it will HAVE TO BE discussed by ALL!!)






Big Red is VERY hot. It is sending out heat to us by electric waves. Radiation.


These two heating factors will INCREASE until December 21st, 2,012. HYPERBOLICALLY. That is quite sharply.(Acceleration SQUARED!!)




MANY should perish from the heat.(Big Red PLUS Centrifugal Force from The Earth’s Wobble are the main causes of the growing disasters,etc.)




Death from ALL causes associated with Doom now only 39 days(start of) ahead(hence)! 30 to 100 per cent. (UP TO all bar about 7 million(from the CURRENT 7 BILLIONS. That, folks, is a population reduction of 99.9%.)




I expect the ENTIRE planet to be LEVELLED. (Many plants should survive.)




Been studying this INTENSELY for a long time, mind! All of TEN YEARS.




I am not given to hoaxes and practical jokes. And I am often right.






Our only hope is GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!(It is hollow within, with livable conditions.)(Huge tube-way entrance near to North GEOGRAPHICAL pole!!)(Go in by boat or plane or submarine or submersible.)(When I say WITHIN, I mean within The Earth, not within The Crust! Imagine a hollow globe with a thick shell. Now there is a vast difference to being within the HOLLOW and being within the SHELL!! When I say WITHIN, I mean within the HOLLOW, not within THE SHELL!!)(Therefore inside the YOLK of the egg, not inside THE WHITE!!)(The SHELL, yes, is mostly ROCK, with some MOLTEN rock. But The HOLLOW WITHIN, beneath The Shell is air and space. And the INNER surface, upside down to us, is LIKE OUR OWN SURFACE!! But with Gravity pulling UPWARDS!! We would be safer UPON that INNER surface!!)




Why haven’t The Authorities, Governments and Media informed us, warned us?? Because besides to avoid panic leading to pandemonium, THEY WANT TO KEEP CONTROL of us.(I mean oppression.)(Being in The Infra Red the thing is nearly invisible!)






How far away is Big Red now? I estimate about 4 million miles.(It is coming straight for us at 3,500 miles per hour.) Big Red comes around every 3,600 years. Causing a CATACLYSM each time!!)(The planet I am calling Big Red is more popularly known as Nibiru, Planet X.)






If so big and close – WHY cannot we SEE it??(We can!!)(But governments and news media are astonishingly quiet on the subject! Certainly The West is! But not talking about it won’t cause it to vanish!)




And why no perturbations from it?(There ARE!!)






Big Red, WRONGLY called Nibiru IS affecting SUN(increasingly disturbed), Saturn and also Uranus and Neptune.


What is complicating matters is the fact that The Earth is orbitting the sun. Thus though Big Red is shooting straight for us, we are moving along ON OUR ORBIT!! So there will be variations of influence.




A year or two back, Earth’s axis moved sufficiently to cause sun and moon to look queer FOR A WHILE. AND to cause sun to rise and set much more east than normal!!(Big Red caused that.)




Big Red is Planet X1. Nibiru is Planet X.(Though both planets are down one now due to Pluto-Charon beign demoted from planetry status!)(But may be TOO confusing to say planets 1X and X now. So I will quote old nomenclature.)






It can only be seen in INFRA RED. It is surrounded by an INFRA RED haze, TOO.(Because of particles of iron oxides shooting off it, causing two COLUMNS. Hence THE WINGS(Of Horus)!!) Is coming up from below The Ecliptic at a VERY sharp angle., – and FAR to the south of Earth. It is also DENIED by NASA,ETC. And sceptics, of course.




Astronomers are FORBIDDEN by ORDER to mention Big Red(wrongly called Nibiru)!! So VERY little leaks out now!!




Summo result, we(the masses) fail to see it!!


Heed, or suffer!!




You DIG better,now??!!



Prepare NOW for its SUDDEN APPEARANCE in the sky!! Looking like a full RED moon!!(With two big wings!!)

THEN will the disasters,etc.become TERRIBLE!! And NEARLY all life forms on The Earth will perish!! All structures FLATTENED!! But many plants should survive.


Yes, Pole Shift, increasing into a FULL PHYSICAL EARTH INVERSION!!!! Preceded by collosal shifts in The Earth’s CRUST, as it slides first north, and then south!!


Naturally the population will go BESERK!!




The aliens will MASS LAND. And evacutate the best half of humanity.(I mean the best behaved half!)(That is WHY they are MASSING above!!)(Why we are seeing an increasing number of ufo’s!!)


I am one of the few frantically TRYING to warn the General Populace.(But against the strongest resistance and opposition!! Because it is a TABOO subject! To KEEP CONTROL OF US, not just to avoid panic!! I mean OPPRESSIVE CONTROL!!!!)


There should be no GENERAL HUMAN announcement. Just a sudden evacuation by alien ufo’s to high above!(Pack a take-away bag!)Until things normalize after years…Bearded giants up to 14 feet tall!! Be warned!!


Expect it to get AWFULLY HOT!!(Killing many.)(As well as cold in places!!(It is beginning now!!)




There is the truth, being issued by people like me. There is the usual fatuous denial by sceptics. And there is the DELIBERATE policy of silence and denial by The Authorities!! Be ready! There is not long to go now… Just watch to the south. Around Orion, I believe. For that big new RED moon!!(Surrounded by about 34 satellites, I understand. A few big MAIN ones.)




















(To have your mind blown through the ROOF!!)(And possibly your brains blown out through your ears!! PREPARE NOW!!)



STARTING up JUST A FEW WEEKS HENCE – according to Mr.Jamie Mussan at The 16th UFO Congress!



















ZZ11. Sequel to THE EVENT.

April 1, 2012


Sunday, 1st April, 2,012.












Sequel.To ZZ10.








Some points I forgot to put in last time:-




1. Jews got dispersed by THE LORD for sinning, 2,000 years ago.


In 1948 it was agreed to give The Jews a Homeland. So they put them back in their OLD territory. But The Palestinians oppose.(The Palestinians are Nomad Arabs from Jordan. The Ancient Romans hated The Jews – and created the NAME of these wandering arabs ex Jordan to hurt The Jews!)


2. The Palestinians(a non-existent race!) ceaselessly fire rockets into Israel.


3. Iran WANTS war! It believes that The Immam(The Messiah as per Iran.) is about to return. So, thinking they are doing good by hastening its advent, they WANT war!!(Anyone laughing??!!)






4. Ahmad(AH, MAD!!) is the name of the Iranian hot-head leading the charge. The super-hero helping in The Immam??(This is like expecting your house to catch fire, assist the fates – and set it alight!!)




5. Now The U.S. leader is PLEADING with The RUSSIANS(!!)(AFTER having given them THERMO-NUCLEAR SUPREMACY!!) to LET The U.S. defend itself, and the world, by having missiles in Poland to protect against(IRAN!!)(The microphone was on again, but they didn’t know it!!)(Arkansas is protesting about this guy’s forged birth certificate(short and long forms).Supreme Court in U.S. says it is suspicious(or words to that effect) IRAN, and defend The U.S. – and the world!!(And NOW U.S. is engaged in an illegal war against The Arabs there, especially Syria.(In The Continuing Arab Spring – as they call it.))(How many need PERMISSION to DEFEND themselves????)(Read any good comics lately? This is about THIS CIVILIZATION remember!(But is that a good name for us????)




Is this a mad world? For it is the equivalent of lighting a cigarette at a PETROL BOWSER. You do the math!








Meanwhile North Korea has fired(or is about to) a missile TOWARDS Australia(To land near The Phillipines/Indonesia.).


Gillard, Australia’s heroic P.M.(Hoping to get poll support?!), has told North Korea to back off.(Can YOU picture THAT FANATICALLY MAD AGGRESSIVE LOT cowering in terror at Gillard’s words??!!(Well I have difficulty!!)




Fortunately, Kim Jong Un seems a more reasonable fellow than his Dad!(Kim Jong Il.)


But has Gillard saved Australia – OR condemned it to later missiles aimed AT us, not just TOWARDS Australia.












Listen in later to learn how The MAD Earth fares after these recent episodes!!








IS Earthman TRYING to die??








UFO’s are MASSING above.


Are they going to intervene?




Is Jesus on board?




Remember that CHRIST will descend after things reach exploding point!!


And stop it all.(We hope??)






Any comments??!!








O.K. you guys, – be SERIOUS now!!































April 1, 2012


Sunday, 1st April, 2,012.










Will Israel attack Iran. And, if so, – when??










The position is this: Iran is strongly suspected of making an atomic bomb. And by the end of the year(2,012). Which is breaking the nuclear weapons policy.


Now Iran is behind Terrorism, Hamas, Hezbolla, occupation of Lebanon, threat to Israel, and threat to the world. Syria is allied to them.


Has stopped some supplies of oil to a country in Europe.(Greece, I think!!)


Is threatening to block The Straits of Homuz,etc.(The big important oil and other supplies channel to the world…)




If a non-nuclear Iran is this much trouble, WHAT will a nuclear one be??






Israel observes its choice: Attack Iran before it(Iran) can safeguard its nuclear development(Which is July 1st, 2,012.), or wait for Iran to attack Israel.(It has long threatened to wipe Israel off the map.)(Israel may have nuclear weapons.)


IF Israel attacks Iran, it will have great difficulty finding all of Iran’s nuclear plants. Plus the fact that the facilities are very deep down!!(Bombing the ENTRANCES would seal them off!!)




Israel is not equipped to do this job AT ALL well!!(And U.S. does not want to!!)




IF Israel DOES attack, then Iran will counter attack, not only against Israel, but against The U.S. too.(As they are so much in league.)(Doing HORRIFIC damage. And starting World War 3.)(Which would end this civilization.)(Making Cataclysm 3, so to speak, as TWO other cataclysms are about to start up any time now!! Namely Wobble of The Solar System creating Centrifugal Force heaving up Earth’s INNARDS – including MAGMA!! AND the close passage of Big Red to The Earth(just about destroying nearly all life and structures upon the planet via gravity,etc.TIDES!!).




If Israel does not attack Iran, then Iran, with nuclear bomb, will almost surely attack Israel.(Because it would target Israel’s NUCLEAR arsenal,ETC.ETC!!)




We hope Israel will make the sacrifice and NOT attack Iran!






U.S. has told Israel – if it attacks Iran, it will be ON ITS OWN!!






BUT!! I cannot see U.S. keeping out of it!!


U.S. is more or less obliged to support Israel, and I believe will do so.(As Jews support so many financial,etc.functions of U.S,etc!!)






U.S. etc are in APPALLING debt and deficity. WORLD Economic and Financial Collapse can be expected…any time.


However! Obama is a Muslim. And I doubt very much that he will attack Iran!








Cache 22?








If U.S. goes to Israel’s aid, then Russia and China, Pakistan and North Korea,etc. will pile in AGAINST The West. Then we have WW3. With every imaginable weapon ALL IN!!!!






The equivalent of a CATACLYSM would almost surely result!!






Will Israel make the sacrifice OR funk out??




I think neither. We can expect Israel to attack Iran AND inadequately some time over the next 3 months. The sooner the better is believed!






YOU do the maths!








I do not rate the next three months. More likely THE NEXT FORTNIGHT!!(Israel is not known for dragging its feet. Nor for inefficiency. And their leader is strong willed!!…




After that we can expect Wobble Cataclysm and then Big Red cataclysm. (These are all wipe out(of world) events!! Or nearly so!!)








North Geographical Pole anyone??








Unless you prefer death, POSSIBLE rescue by bearded giant aliens OR get down The North Geographical Pole.(Failing rescue by Authorities, who have limited room – for their blue-eyed ones!! In their long prepared underground,etc. CHAMBERS!!)








There it is, chaps!!






I see that Anomynous did not(this week-end,anyway) disable The Internet! It was a possibility!!








Anyone for Mars??












I hope you ALL see some of the challenges of this Terrible Year of The LORD, 2,012!!






And all the above is without mentioning Galactic Alignment(Possible Cataclysm)(December 21/22, 2,012.).




And The Start of The Aquarian Age(Which a negative world would start a World Civil War over!!)(You know where half the world goes around blowing up or burning down EVERYTHING standing, including humans…




There are,too, The VERY HOT patch in space ahead,the deadly particles cloud we are entering, the mini black holes being created at Cerne, the growing resistance to anti-biotics,(The world is in blissful ignorance SO FAR, preferring their usual sport, celebrities functions and what they wear,etc.,booze and so on AND SO ON…)(LATER ON they will KILL those who did not warn them!!)(I am frantically TRYING to warn you all, but meeting GREAT opposition and resistance.)(But world is mentally ASLEEP, as usual!!)








We have too Haarp, and Blue something(U.K.)(AND The Russian equivalents…)(Without even mentioning RED China!!…), New World Order, Growing Anarchy, vanishing oil, rocketting petrol prices, and so on AND SO ON!!!!(There are very many awful things in the offing.)








Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise? Ah,yes,maybe. But what about when a boulder or something lands upon YOUR head??!!








Aye! THERE is the RUB, you see!! Well, I hope you do!!










World is living in a FOOL’S PARADISE!!






It THINKS that things will go blithely on as usual.








Poor things.










Me? Well DEEP in the sea in a plastic bubble is IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!!














Sorry, SUICIDE is out.(Penality in Spirit World after death is very great…)












There it is, CHAPS. Just the tip of the ice-berg for you!!












Think I’m joking?




I been studying these things for DECADES. MANY decades,…….)






I am SIMPLY calling a spade a spade!!












You would rather not know in advance????








Well, I THOUGHT I had better tell you, than not!!






Shall we PRAY, or discuss a CRUISE SHIP to The North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!








YOUR call!!






I am TELLING YOU what I see!




And I have a VERY high I.Q.




AND am not known for telling untruths!!(Not on THIS subject!!)










Pass the mustard, Judas.






Only THIS TIME we are ALL going to THE CROSS!!!!








Nails in the hands or wrists, will be FLEA-BITES compared to boulders on the skull!!…




Nothing we can do about it??




1. Flee down The North Geographical Pole!!(SafER down there!!)




2. Opt for Ascension.(Raising of spiritual vibrations, and escape via 5 or 6d!!)(D is for DIMENSION)






3, Persuade your local bearded Annunaki alien GIANT to take you aboard his flying saucer!








4. Or get a WELL-equipped Plastic Bubble – and get deep into the sea,…












5, OR,… survive against all odds, and live out your life in an icy CAVE somewhere!!










Just showing you your options!!








Well, I TRIED…








MAN!! Do you believe in ghosts? Nearly all of us will be one SOON.


But, you see, WE are the ghosts. Watched by The SUPER living (In The Spirit World,ETC.)(MOST people are without A CLUE – as to WHAT it is all about,…) in HORROR at the way we carry on,…














For now, at least!!








Many of us PURPOSELY got born at THIS time, to WATCH and paticipate in – what is called




To EXPERIENCE the most exciting and DEVASTATING event to happen to Earth, and the rest of our solar system, sun included!!


A once in a 26,000,000 year event!


For us it will be our worst time ever, by far.(Future included!!)






Glad you came,now??







































March 30, 2012


Saturday, 31st March, 2,012.










Some very important issues


in Situation Now!!










1. The first thing Obama did when he got into office was hand nuclear control to Russia, after Russia now has strongest nuclear force. By not insisting on missile defence in Eastern Europe. And by depeting missiles and general defence force.


Since he is a declared Muslim, I am VERY concerned. I doubt he has ANY intention of attacking Iran.(Though that may now be a good thing!)


He is engaged in the wrong offensive.


The U.S.is in terrible debt and deficit.(Notice how they attack weak friends, not strong enemies! And are always THREATENING, but not attacking(the REAL foes)!!)(It is good to fight starvation, poverty, disease,etc. But the big enemy remains WAR!!)(World population is too big.)(But Nature and Man will take care of that the hard way, UNLESS we reduce via birth control!!)


Political East is on top now. Russia and China rise.


Bush failure marked the end of U.S. world rule!


Within a few years Political East will be dictating to The West!!


INDULGENCE is the cause of the debt and deficit. Only the printing press saves West and world now. But that cannot last for ever!!


Spending money they won’t have.


U.S.Dollar must collapse.


Gold and SILVER to rise.






All the great empires have met failure. And because of excessive indulgence.








Obama is actually PLEADING with Russia! Some hope!(No hope!!)


One thing about Germany, under Hitler, they did try to defeat The Russian bear. But failed.


Russia is the big menace in the world. Them and China. Via Iran-Pakistan and North Korea.


Iran threatens westwards, and North Korea – eastwards!!






2. Man and Nature threaten Man. I do not see HOW we(West, if not world.) can survive next few years!!


Nature, through disasters, and Man via War – are the twin big menaces.






Obama’s weakness is his birth certificate!


He was born in Kenya, NOT Hawai!!








3. Christianity AND Christmas are going out of the window!! ISLAM rises!!








4. Excessive Political Correctness and various activisms are destroying us!!



























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